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The Manager,
Customer Service Centre
Bank Alfalah Credit Card Division
Dated: August 1, 2017

Respected Sir,

Subject: Request for reversal of Extra visit charges (Complaint no 201707260043)

The undersigned is using Alfalah credit card for the last twelve years or so and in the mean while
I have never missed any payment due upon myself. Undersigned upon receiving text messages
from bank contacted your help line for information. I clearly asked about free visits but she
herself was not clear. I was conveyed that apart from free visits upon spending of 30,000/- I can
avail extra free visits and nothing regarding cancellation of free visits was conveyed to the
undersigned. I contacted your help line twice or thrice regarding the same but none of your
representatives did not mentioned that from now onwards free visits have been bound upon
spending. Therefore the undersigned being a responsible customer as can be verified by my
record humbly request the authorities to review it and wave off these service charges in the long
run of customer and bank relationship.

It is therefore again requested that same may please be reversed. If the undersigned had been
conveyed correctly then it was impossible to happen as I am a responsible person who abide by
the rules. I shall be highly grateful for this favor and quick response from you. Thanking you in