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The Phenomenon & The Gift

The Phenomenon and The Gift is a unique two-day course that accesses psychological/spiritual
principles to help participants improve relationships, reestablish connection to a Higher Self, and engage
in a more joyful way of living.


In this course participants will learn that the root of unhappiness lies with our
difficulty creating and maintaining an authentic connection with the deepest
part of our self, called a Higher Self.

This lack of connection creates certain self-perceptions that eventually lead to
problems and conflicts in our relationships within families, workplaces and

Attendees will have opportunities during day one to participate in experiential
exercises that help look at how the mind creates these problems. One will
learn how to make a connection with a Higher Self that enables us to see more
clearly, to heal, and to bring joy back into our lives.

During day two participants will learn simple steps to creating an effective
intention using a combination of positive psychology, visualization, and
connection to a Higher Self, often referred to as a Higher Power. One will then
have the opportunity to create an intention that is deeply and personally
This course, l ive streamed from Oneness meaningful.
University in southern India, is interactive
and experiential. The goal of this course is to enable participants to experience the joy and
happiness that is our birthright, learn how to recreate it outside of this setting,
It is being taught in several locations
and then share it with others.
across North America in 2017.


July 1 & 2 ❖ To identify the root cause of individual unhappiness/suffering that prevents
Chicago • Cincinnati • Houston • Los healthy relationships and the ability to live more authentically
Angeles • Orange County • Wichita •
❖ To learn the activities of the self and the games the mind plays that create
a sense of separation

September 9 & 10 ❖ To learn a threefold system that can reduce our human suffering and
Boise • Burlington VT • Denver • increase our sense of connection
Fort Lauderdale • Toronto
❖ To apply the Art of Awareness practice that illuminates limiting thought
patterns and enables emotional healing
December 1 & 2
Las Vegas • Los Angeles • San Diego • ❖ To learn a 9-step method for creating an effective intention
San Francisco • Seattle • Phoenix
❖ To learn a unique meditation that easily accesses a Higher Self to bring
about a state of inner calm, peace and joy

❖ Practical tools for improving relationships
❖ Practices that access a Higher Self for enhancing everyday life
❖ A unique meditation that calms the mind
❖ An effective method to help create the life you want

Who would benefit from attending this program?
G. V. Narasimha Kumar (Kumarji) is
Director of Curriculum at Oneness University ❖ Alcohol and Drug Counselors
whose courses have been translated into
❖ Social Workers
over 20 languages. He has instructed well
over 50,000 mid-career students from ❖ Mental Health Counselors
myriad countries in the experiential
❖ Marriage and Family Therapists
exploration of deepening levels of
consciousness at Oneness University in ❖ Pastoral Counselors
India and abroad. Kumarji has touched
many thousands of people from around the And anyone interested in living a more fulfilled life!

world with his engaging and inspiring 16 CE hours are available to Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors
teaching style. offered by the New Mexico Credentialing Board for Behavioral Health
Professionals, a Member of IC & RC.
10.5 Continuing Education Contact Hours are available to social
workers through the National Association of Social Workers.
S. Bhavani (Tejasaji) has taught courses in
Psychology, Philosophy and Mysticism at For other mental health professionals check your state’s licensing
Oneness University and other colleges board of registration to determine if the CE hours will apply.
throughout India since 2007. She has
conducted workshops on healing TO REGISTER:
interpersonal relationships and mindful-
living to business leaders and government Contact information:
officials in both India and Hungary. She Brenda Cooper, LICSW, and Oneness Trainer
teaches online courses with Kumarji that 76 Summer Street, Suite 145
reach well over 17,000 international Fitchburg, MA 01420
students annually. A well sought after Email:
instructor, Tejasaji has an innate ability to Tel: (978) 314-7301
teach complex concepts.