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V: 1.2


[Haamed Kouhfallah]
The SmartFink lets you see detailed IPPBX activity, who is talking and to
whom, call durations, queued calls, etc. It lets you control your phone
and perform transfers, launch call spying and whisper, monitor queue
activity and even more.

com Last Update: 16 Aug 2014 1 ElastixEasy by Haamed Kouhfallah .com by Haamed Kouhfallah ‫حامدكوهفالح‬ Email: k. FreePBX … http://www.smartfink. Elastix.haamed@gmail. SmartFink For Asterisk.

com  Official trainer of Elastix Engineering (ECE & ECT) in Middle East.elastix. he also provide package of Persian converter of Elastix per each copy provided from Elastix in 2009.  Manager of the biggest VoIP Group in IRAN.  Community member of Elastix website on December 2010 and among the top ten members of in .voip-iran.  Author of Elastix in Persian as the only Persian reference and Free PBX which is introduced as reference book in www.  Produce Vaak telephone system that is the translation of Elastix system into Persian. www. About the Developer [Haamed Kouhfallah]: His experience in the field of VoIP includes:  Elastix Engineering (ECE) from Palosanto Group.  conducting training courses of Elastix and VOIP in Iran.  Community member of Elastix website on June 2009 and among the top ten members of Elastix. More about me 2 ElastixEasy by Haamed Kouhfallah .

SMARTFINK FEATURES 12 Extension Status 13 Queue Status 13 Queue Entries Status 14 Drag & Drop 14 Record. Barge and Whisper 14 Number Dialing 14 URL PopUp 15 3 ElastixEasy by Haamed Kouhfallah .1 Install Elastix Module and Define SmartFink User 5 2. 1.1 Add Your Astreisk Server in Configuration Menu.1 SmartFink User Menu 5 3.1 Install SmartFink Desktop Application 9 6. HOW TO USE 4 1.1 Licensse Menu 9 5. 9 How to Buy Pro Edition 11 2.1 Asterisk User Menu 7 4.

 The total steps are:  Install smartfink addons on elastix  Define smartfink user on elastix  Define asterisk manager user on elastix  Install smartfink application on your windows  Configure smartfink application and enjoy it 4 ElastixEasy by Haamed Kouhfallah . 1. How To Use There are few steps to connect and start monitoring your elastix ippbx server.

1 SmartFink User Menu After Installing SmartFink Addons On you Elastix Server You Will Find Smartfink Menu on 1. It will Have a sub Menu with name "Define User". 5 ElastixEasy by Haamed Kouhfallah .html" and Easily Copy RPM to temp folder of your Elastix Server (It is easy to copy with WinSCP). After Installing this addons just refresh your browser you will find SmartFink Menu.0-1.1 Install Elastix Module and Define SmartFink User Install SmartFink Module on your Elastix System and Define SmartFink User and Pass via that.rpm" 2. You can define the first user by click on "Define User" button. "http://smartfink. B) Download RPM From SmartFink Website. Now Install it with this command "rpm -i smartfink-1.noarch. to Install it You Have 2 Options: A) Install This Module via Your Elastix UI and "Addons" Tab (Recommended).

After define user you will have a list of them like this. you should choose an extension from your extentions list as user name also define a password and set the permissions status. 6 ElastixEasy by Haamed Kouhfallah . As you see. Here you can choose witch parts and funtions are accessible forthis user and can use on smartfink application.

config.255 read = system.agent.config.0.dtmf.originate  [ami-user]: This is User Name  secret: This is the Password  Deny: Add Specific IPAddress or a Range of IPAddress to Deny  Permit: Add Specific IPAddress or a Range of IPAddress to Don't Forget to reload your asterisk after Any Changes By Pressing “Reload Asterisk” Button.command.0.command. 7 ElastixEasy by Haamed Kouhfallah .1/255.verbose.1 Asterisk User Menu SmartFink Need Asterisk Manager User and Pass to Connect Asterisk.0.log.cdr.0/0.0 permit = 127.agent. Note: Do not Change these User and Pass if you are not Familiar with Asterisk Manager.reporting.dtmf.0.255.di alplan.verbose.originateconfig write = alplan.255. [smartfink] secret = sm@rtFink deny = 0. by Default User: smartfink and Password: sm@rtFink is defined.user. 3.reporting.

8 ElastixEasy by Haamed Kouhfallah .

1 Install SmartFink Desktop Application Now every this is ok to Install and user your SmartFink. After Installing SmartFink On your PC.1 Licensse Menu By default you have 10 days free. 4. 5.1 Add Your Astreisk Server in Configuration Menu. but you can enter license code and have unlimited time to use SmartFink. Open it and go to Configuration Menu. 6. Make Connection to Your Elastix Server. Download it From Here and Install it on your Windows like every Program. 9 ElastixEasy by Haamed Kouhfallah .

Num: Your Extension Number on Astreisk Server  Smartfink Password: You Should Difine this Password Via SmartFink Module On Your Server (We Made it on Part1). 10 ElastixEasy by Haamed Kouhfallah . These are Parameters that you should Fill  SiteName: as you wish !  Asterisk IP Address: Your Asterisk IP Address  Port: It is 5038 by Default so Do Not Change it  Asterisk User Name: Asterisk Manager User Name (by Defaukt it is smartfink so don’t change that if you don’t familiar with Asterisk Manager)  Asterisk Password: Asterisk Manager Password (by Default it is sm@rtFink)  Ext.

We will gerenate License for your Machine and you should Enter that License in SmartFink Web Module in License Menu as you see in Image 11 ElastixEasy by Haamed Kouhfallah . How to Buy Pro Edition You should buy Pro Edition form Elastix Addons Store.Buy SmartFink Pro Edition form Elastix Addons Store . You can fine it in SmartFink Desktop App and in about part as you see in image . As You know SmartFink Pro License will be generate for specified machine so There are the Steps to get License: .We will ask your Machine Hard Code.

2. SmartFink Features 12 ElastixEasy by Haamed Kouhfallah .

Available  Show Extension New VoiceMail Notification  IM is omitted  Call Recording Button  Call Barge Button  Call Whisper Button  Dial Number Button Queue Status  List of Avilable Queues  Number of Queue Entries  Averege of Hold Time  Number of Complete Calls  Number of Abandoned Calls  Percentage of Complete Calls Under Defined Time 13 ElastixEasy by Haamed Kouhfallah . Speaking (outside Call). Ringing. Speaking (Internal Call). Extension Status  Show Extension Call Status such Ring.

Barge and Whisper  Record any Active Extension  Record Your Main Extension Speak  Barge Any Active Extension (You can Hear Conversation but Can't Speak)  Whisper Any Actice Extension (You Can Hear and Speak With Agent at Same Time) Number Dialing  You Can Dial a Number for any Extension (It is very usefull for Agents)  Your Can Dial a Number for Your Main Extension 14 ElastixEasy by Haamed Kouhfallah . Queue Entries Status  Entry Position  Wait Time in Sec  ENtry CallerID  Queue Number Drag & Drop Do Drag and Drop Easily on many Objects  Drag Extension and Drop on Another Extension  Drag Extension and Drop on Your Main Extension  Drag Queue Entries and Drop on Any Extension Record.

URL PopUp  You Can Set an URL. SmartFink Will PopUp that also You Can Use Variable Like "[callerid]" To Enhanced Your URL (For Example Use URL to Search Your CRM to Find Caller's Name) 15 ElastixEasy by Haamed Kouhfallah . as Your Main Extension Recieve Call.