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Peace Corps
- -- from '60's to the '90's
As the Peace Corps of the United States celebrates ils cenainly...lessexpensive." ~atse~torwasPrescouSheldon
30th birthday, the time seems appropriate to reflect on how it Bush, father of the current president of the United Slates.
has made the world a better olace while lookine ahead to ils By August of 1961,just six months after creation of the
Peace Corps, Sargent Shriver kept his promise to the presi-
mission for the 1990s and Gvond.
If I may begin at the beginning, I'm sure most of you I dent of Ghana --Ihe first PeaceCorps Volunteers were on
know that ihe Peace their way to that West African nation. Within two years,
Corps was s m d in 6,000 Volunteers were serving in 47 nations. The Peace
1961 by then Presi- Corps was well established--but was still not without critics.
dentlohnF. Kennedy. Respected commentator Eric Sevareid observed: While
What you may not the Corps has something to do with spot benefits in a few
know is that the Peace isolated places, whether in sanitizing drinking water or
Corps was not an building culverts, its work has, and can have, very little to do
with the fundomental investments, reorganizations and re-
original idea of the f o r m upon which the true and long-term economic develap-
senator from Massa- men! of backward countries depends.
chusetts. In actuality, Andafew Liberals. suchasProfessorMarshallWindmiller
the concept and namc of San Francisco ~ t a & ~ o l l eargued
~ e , that "thePeaceCorps
"peacc corps" were
first suggested by
- -
is hiehlv,'wlitical and an instumentof American foreien
policy ... (whose) essential role is to aid and abet Amcrican
Kennedy's chief rival expansionism."
for the Democratic In spite of these criticisms, the Peace Corps has, for the
nomination for presi- most part, had an excellent imagc both here and in other
dent. Scnator Hubert countries. "From the front porches of the U.S.," said Time
. . of Minnc-
Hum~hrev maeazine in 1963. "thcview of thcPeaceComs 1s beautiful.
sou. ~ h k i m a is
~ that
e of a battalion of cheery, crewcut kids who
As early as 1957, Humphrey s m e d talking to college two years ago hopped off their drugstore stools and hurried
graduates about a "youth pcace corpsnand he actually into- out around the world to wage peace."
duced a "peace corps" bill in the Senate in Junc, 1960. As so In the 30 years since the Peace Corps got its slart, more
often happens in poliGcs. Humphrey lost the battlc for the than 125.000mcn and women have waged peace in more than
nomination, but his idea fora peace corps was adopted by his 100 nations around the world. From Ghana to Guatemala,
opponent and became a major componcnt of Kcnnedy's from Togo to Tuvalu and from Belize to Bolswana, thcse
"New Frontier." You can credit Humphrey with originating Voluntcers have made a difference lo millions of people.
thcideaand Kennedy and hisbrother-in-law,SargentShriver, Measuring or quantifying the conwibutions of three
with mak~ngit 3 rcilily as thc f'rst Peace Corpidirector.
Todav the Peace Corns IS & woularand
. Idccadesol~ekeCoipss e ~ i c e i no1 s easy. Wedo know that
non- wc are thc world's lareest teacher of Entl~shas a second
I language -- teaching Lore than five m~llionpeople thc
was not theease, howcver, w h e n ~ e n n e dsent
- I
~ legislation to language of comme%e and international communication.
Coneress to orovide it with ema anent status and funding. We-know
- that our Volunteers have made sianilicant conti-
Some dibbcd it "~cnn'edy'sKiddic Korps." ~ o & e r butions to improving agricultural tcchniqu&and productiv-
President Richard N~xonsaidthccorps would beaMhavcnfor ity.AndweknowLhatmillionsofadultsandchildren have led
-~ ~~-~ Formcr President Dwieht Eiscnhowercalled hwlth~erlivcs becausc our Voluntcers tauaht nut~tion.cave
it a "juv&ile experiment." U.S. ~ e i John . H. Rousselot vaccinations and helped provide sources Gpotable dri&ng
opposed it as "an extension of socialism because it is con- water.
trolled by the colleges." Others ridiculed it as a "children's In all likelihood, however, the real essence of Peace
cmsade." Corps'success may never be quantified.After all, one cannot
A respected carecr diplomat, Ellis 0. Briggs, called the quantify the long-term results of improved health and better
Peace Corps a movement "wrapped in a pinafore of public- nuuition.Onecannottabulatcall ofthcbcnefilsofeducation.
ity." One cannot place a value on happiness, friendship, hand-
And, the Washington corrcspondent of the respected shakes and smiles.
Times of India expressed this concern: As I have said in this column before, trying to quantify
One also wonders whether American young men and Peace Corps' contributions is probably as meaningless as
tender young girls. reared in air-conditioned houses at a trying to judge the value of an impressionist painting by the
constant temperature, knowing little about the severities of number of colorsor dabs of paint. Likean artist, we know we
nature (except when they pop in andout of cars or buses) will have been successfulbecausc other people admire our work.
be able to suffer the Indian summer smilingly and, if they go If that is the criterion, we can feel pretty good about
into an Indian village, whether they will be able lo sleep on PeaceCorpsasweenterthe 1990sbccauseourVoluntecrsare
unsprung beds under the canopy of the bejeweled sky or serving in morecountries than at any other time in our history
indoors in mud huu, without writing home about it. --and there an:more new countries requesting Peace Corps
But, in the end, the supponcrs of this bold new cxpcri- assistance Lhan at any time since the early 1960s. In fact, in
ment prevailed. Those supporters, by the way, included the the 18 months from April, 1990 through September, 1991,
Republican senator from Connecticut who thought the Peace Peace Corps will start programs in more new countries than
Corps "a sounder approach than our foreign aid program and in the previous 18years -- including the first ever in Eastem

Peace Corps Times 2 30th Anniversary Edition

They understand how people live in many diversecultures. and perhaps wiser - much too little attention during the last 30 years and which . the indivldual writers and do not necessarily represent the ing smaller with each passing day. disease and We have s u e d a program called World Wise Schools ignorance.. massive deforestation in Latin The Peace Corps in the 1990s will work in more America and Africa. abandoned or neglected. Coverdell add to o w own country's supply of trainedpersonnel and reachers.. It will attack new problems. also are staggering. ThePeaceCorosTimes baau~rterlvoubiicalionof i n Liu I the partner here at home in the United States.destruction of or work in other difficult situations. thecoremission of PeaceComsremains ofthe UnitedStatesandrhepeopleofscoresofo~herna~ions. An estimated 50 percent olthedevel. home.and sent them Volunteers is working to provideeducation. in what is becoming a single worldwide economy. to make the Peace Corps Times Editor----------------James C. most of its critics havc been silcnccd.C.C. D. We must learn that we don't have a comer on the Inquiries and letters should be addressed to: Peace world's knowledge -. loneliness and in June as he gave a Rose Garden scndoff to the first Peace despair.000 new alumni bring home Peace Corps Times to America this valuable international knowledge. was$ngton.. Peace Corps can help.... sooftcn quoted by Roben F. It is estimated that there are nearly 100 The American men and women who have served as million who are help pca61e in other As the Peace Corps prepares to celebrate 3 0 years of counurcs buildbettcr lives for thcmselvcs&idtheir fam~lics.. it has the potential for The UnitedStatesPeace Corps built its reputation the old- getting much worse. Corps Volunteers ever to scrvc in Poland and Hungary: As frightening as this picture is. ButthcrcisanothcrPeaceComsmiss~onwhich has received Kennedy's Kiddie Korps is older now. Peace Corps Times 3 30th Anniversary Edition . 205%.. but its remarkable Volunleers continue to heed the chal- I bclieve is more imponant in the 1990s (han ever before.. 8th Floor. and devastating air and water pollution countries than ever before... And for nearly 30 years. 1990 K Street XW. . Its alumni speak more than 200 languages and dialects. wiU continue to recruit older Volunteers who havc wisdom cems.~lhas been a ~ o r o v e dh! the Director of the 0-flice of Management and Gdget. . .. For nearly 30 years it has drawn before the fourth grade.. They will return better able to assume the respon- sibilities of American citizenship and with greater under- standing of o w global responsibilities. Coverdell Our job in the the decade ahead is to put knowledge Deputy Director------------------------------ha Zartn~an gained in Haiti to work in tough high schools in Harlem. In response. Flanigan Fdilorlal I\~$istan[. master's degrees if they teach in inner-city and rural schools Challenging environmental problems -. It will work hard to recruit more working as natural resource professionals in other countries minorities and more lower-income whiles so that America's than anv other environmenlal or conservation organization .. Peace Corps Director----------------------Paul D.bringing the world a bit closer together. The Peace Corps is literally the world's largest interna- tional university. cut Volunteers of the 1960s. the Volunteers of the 1990s also face a new which links current volunteers to elementary and secondary generation of challenges such as reversing environmental schools in this country. of the developing .world's men and women of America's Peace Corps have built -ppulatioi bridges of understanding and good will between the people As vou can lell. one all school-age children in the developing nations drop out friendship at a rime.are global con. Washington. And While facing many of the same challenges as thecrew. Kennedy -... And w e are providing opportunities deterioration and helping care for millions of homeless and for returning Volunteers to receive scholarships to pursue neglected children. In order to eaL they must reson earned an important place in America's history. waging peace. the samk as it has bken since 1961 -. 'Why foreign lands. The new generation of Peace Corps idealislic Americans from all w a l k of life -. our own young men and women will be enriched bv the exnenence o f livina and workrna i n nn17' " - lenge ofGeorge Bernard Shaw.. to cany the torch of volunteerism from Thailand to an elementam school in Topeka. We Live at a time when official position of the Peace Corps of the United States. Views expressed in the Peace CorpsTlmes are those of Why is this so important? Because the world is becom. 3. ~ i i t e d in a few minutes. Each year... village by village... Here is how John Kennedy described this mission: The benefitsofthePeace Corps willnot be limitedto the countriesin iluchit .The computer networks can flash information from Tupelo to Dlrector has determined that Dublication of this ~eriodical Tokyo in secondsand whereFAXmachinesmakeitpossible tomove wholedocumen~sfrom New Havcn toNew Zealand II I Is neceuary lo the transaction bf the public h u s l n k ...and we must learn how to participate Corps Times. to Director of Creative Sewlces------------------Felice Pelosi out theskills acquired in Poland to use in Peoria. Europe and possibly the Soviet Union at some point. face abroad will be more reflective of America's face at in the world.. Many Volunteers in the Pcace Corps of the United States have are in desperate condition. An alarming number elegantaccomplishments were described by President Bush turn to drugs to deaden the pain of hunger... It lhroughout Eastern and Cenval Europe -. D. Use of funds for orintine t h k oerIodic.step by step. We want to make Peacc Corps a fuil II Peace Corps. fhey wiil have a&uirei new skills ond experience which will aid them in theirfuture careers and w Paul D.. sealing or prostitution."to dream things that ncvcr were and say. including hunger.. States CovernmenL. Peacc Corps now has more persons and skills to share. farhioned way -.... iessons learned in Malawi of value in Montgomery. '20526.. Their to begging. And it will encourage the Volunteers to bring the The problems faced by children in thedeveloping world knowledge they gain hometosharc with therest by oping world's population is under the age of 18 and half of family -. the world's rain forests.serves. health careand to the far corners of the Eanh.. the iob uaininp Tor this vital scpment .

and often traumatic . At that time. Asia or Latin America." our nation has witnessed war.000 American Peace Corps Volunteers have returned to this country. the end of the Cold War. streamlining ofcommunications and infor- mation management." college student from Downers Grove. In thc threedecades that havc elapsed since Kennedy's call to "Let the word go forth. the Peace Corps has been a thrilling and ambitious undertaking. the Berlin Wall was going up ." she said. the telecommunications revolution was in its infancy. On the following pages.. of the Peace Corps Volunteers who have served or are serving now. knew what it was like to live and work in the remotc villages of Africa. * A w h o will graduate in May 1991.000 Americans have served in over 100 countries around the world. and more than 125. amazing advances in medical technology. Kennedy created the Peace Corps of the United States 30 years ago. But we. President Bush says: "From the time it was first launched in 1961. riots. other than missionaries.symbol of a divided world. Kennedy signed the presidential executive order launching the Peace Corps. more than 125. you will read about all of the President and Mrs. Change today is swift. and a world grow- ing more compact with each passing day. Today. As the Peace Corps of thc United States of America marks its30thbirthday. Peace Corps Times 4 30th Anniversary Edition . chunks of the Berlin Wall are k i n g sold as souvenirs in department stores of a united Germany. For the Peace Cows. FAX machines transmit messages instantancously from Topeka to Thailand. as anation. have also witnessed men walking on the moon.1961 when John F. lofty in principal andyet in its day-to-day struggle with challenging circumstances around the world. and few Americans. theworld isdramatically different from the wodd of March 1. the rise of thc drug culture and increasing deterioration of our environment. Ill. recently wrote to the Peace Corns that she was a interested in joining. thelastdetadeof the idth Ccntuly presents opportuni~es to renew friendships in countries where Volunteers pre- viously served as well as to make new friends in faraway places where Peace Corps has never before been invited. A Peace Corps parade of nations Since President John F. "The Peace Corps has been reborn and I want to be part of it as it begins its fourth decade. bringing back with them invaluable information about people throughout the world from Afghanistan to Zaire. Bush visiting morc than 100 countries in whichpeacc Corps has served Peace Corps Volunteers in Africa -a virtual parade of nations -as scen through the eyes when he served as vice president.but with change comes oowrtunities. as practical and down to earth as government ever gets. political assasinations.

Oppenheim. material. ~p Peace Corps Times 5 30th Anniversary Edition . 1. Afghani- stan. education. Af- ghanistan. 'Do not charge that man for those drinks. Our primary assignments were in health care.Economicclassesvariedfromthe volunleers."' Altogether. It also taught me that friendship and trust can develop between diverse peoples when a little effort is ma& in that direction. From one home World countries. showing Nepalese farmer how t o monitor 1978 growth of fish in his pond. -.PCV Leonard J." .. I know him. Middle Eastern culture adapt and transcend into the 21st Ga. "Just as I was about to pay for the drinks. He is ow guest.739 Peace Corps Volunteers served in education and health programs in Afghanistan.49of the56membersof that Peace Corps group held a reunion." -PCV Robert Philip Walker. an attorney in New Jersey. He said: 'When I was a Litlle boy in Kandahar you were a teacher there. I used to see you riding your bicycle past my father's shop when you went to school. He isinchargeofdesign andconsmctionactivities.Bahrain.25yearsafterVainingatarural sitein Vermontin 1964 forassignments in Afghanistan. vast deserts and rugged mounlains populated with fierce but friendly people OI math the landscape. You didn't forget us. equipment and funding to refurbish megarich Arab nations to poor immigrantsfrom other Third homes of low-income elderly families. isseen in this picture by Bill Strassberger century. and I asked him how he knew me. and I haven't forgotten you. Oppenheim was among them.' I had never seen this fellow before. Our experience was very urban since lhe - majority of the population of 350. and helped me to understandand respect the differences among various cultures andpeople.000 livedin or near major urban areas. On the cover housing. a bimonthly newsletter now in iu 19th year. A1989 Emory Uni- versity graduate." Oppenheim recalls. as far as I knew.Oppenheim developed with Afghans during two years he spent in their counuy have continued to thls day. "a man pushed his way into the center of the crowd and shouled. In August of 1989. helps edit the Afghanistan Forum. Oppenheim. 1976. They remembered a land with fertile plains. Afghanistan 1962-1979 "My Peace Corps experience opened my eyes to the world beyond our shores. 1964-1966 Friendships thatLeonardJ. Oppenheim tells the story of the time he and a compan- ion were visiting Afghan refugee settlemenu in Pakislan a few years ago and stopped ata roadside bazaar to buy some chilled drinks from a vendor. when he was a PCV. The husband and wife were his newlywed next-door neighbors in Kandahar. architect with Bahrain's Ministry of Housing to design and Bahrain oversee construction of low-cost housing for a national housing program. He also currently is the sponsor of an Afghan refugee family. Now living in Texas. Now you are here with us again. "Bahrain was a melting pot of diverse cultures from Walker also is founder of a private non-profit organi- both Eastern and Western societies compressed onto a tiny zation known as Hearts & Hammers which brings logether islandin the Arabian Gulf. Walker is vice president of a firm specializing in health care facility devel- opment. We had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a traditional PeaceCorpsVolunteer Greta1 AbadofDublin. agriculture and business. she is helping make protein Peace Corps Volunteer Bob Walker worked as an available to residents in r u r a l a r e a s of Neoal.

With thehelpofthe Smithsonian that you will never learn things if you are secluded from Institution. Located in the Persian Gulf. Barbara. the PCVs also worked in public health and nursing education." . and his wife. me- chanics. presidcnt of ENTECH Engi. One clinic set up in the 60s by Peace Corps Volunteers in community de- velopment con- PCV Cinda Wall gives tips on ways to improve cacao farming in Belize inT88. have taken the Belizean Creole adage about involve- He taught school and later helped organize and administer a ment to heart They are both active in environmental causes second Peace Corps group assigned to an irrigation and and church activities. we learned to appreciate the indomitable spirit of the individual American with a sense of humor.painted by 24 volunteers thefmt year. sent were nurses. During thoseearly years. who enjoyed Bengalis against a backdrop of beauly that few weslerners working with them and taking them onfield trips throughout stayed long enough to appreciate. Our Peace Corpsyears were great learning years that urban areas to explore environmental projects. Infants and Children (WIC) pro- Pcace Corps Volunteers in Bangladesh (thcn East Pakislan). kr volun. have helped us to stay off the river borrom and keep active in socialprojects. Pa. gram. Bangladesh Belize. Among those. served in the first group of 29 directs a federal Women. McMahon. facility anddairy program at one of the village development teen. commu- nity develop- ment specialists. American Volunteers also ventured outside the them. academies. I h o w I didn't save the world in Belize. but I learned "The people of Bangladesh struggle against forces of a lot about myselfand about how Americans are viewed by nature and lack of narural resources. yet mosl survive with citizens of other countries. They delivered social services and rhe river bottom never knows when the sun is hot-meaning gave agricultlualassislance. While education and Belize health were h e primary program areas. PCVs John and Barbara Anderson. The goal chis thousands of refugees in the capital district area. Other year is to complete more than 40 homes in the Dallas programs with lasting impact included a par-boiled rice melropolitan area with the help of more than 1. Peace Corps ex- plored several different ap- proaches to de- velopment in se- lecting volun- teers. Belize. a dietician who neering inc..000 homes last year. power project on ihc Ganges River. 1972-1974 McMahon. Peace Corps Times 6 30th Anniversary Edition . Bangladesh. PCV Thomas Belize.theproject hasgrown tinues in operation today and has grown to serve tens of to include more than 1. engi- neers. He was in a rural 240during the f o ~ country. Central Minnesota. The Andersons also were active in Belizc when they PeaceCorpsVoluntcers in Bangladesh numberedabout served as Peace Corps Volunteers here. They wrved in all regions of the country.200volun. an agricultural sales representalive in Thomas M. students remember but I hope they remember me as an teers. PCV Linda Borst. 1981-1984 #. carpenters.They taught English as a foreign language and provided vocational "There'saBelizeanCreoleproverbrhatsaysastoneon education instruction.Bahrain hosted 87 Peace Corps Volunteas over five years.I am not sure how much math my grace and charm in spite of unbelievable odds. teachers. in Reading. 1961-1963 John Anderson. bricklayers." ." . farmers and irri- gation special- ists.

small grain storage and ter their arrival. Belize has been host to with (he lowest per capila income in south lhan 1. lo be . one of the few thingsshe knew about Benin friends. water sanitation. From 1962 through 1971. 1964 lo 1966 --hosted a welcoming barbecue for them in La A decade ago. s ~ i n g c o u n U y in Bolivia. . for- Belizean Minisuy of Health. Peace Corps trainees who came after her." was it was about the size of Pennsylvania.. wbe some kids are learning &. Linda Borst.The initialPeaceCorpsprogramin Benin included locales in Latin is about My vital contribution was the confidence that things could culrureand tradition-andnor . renewed enthusiasm for having PCVs assist the Beninese in Projects in which PCVs are active today areagriculture. Nikki Vanasse is director of promotions and experience how real community de- publications for the Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network velopment is made up of building (C-SPAN) which brings the world closer through transmis- blocksof what the peopleaccomplish sion ofsessionsof 1heU. formerly Dahomey.Belize. "By the second week in 'my village' we were digging a 1968-Present wench to build a subterranean irrigation diversion dam. implementing the counuy's new development plan ." he said. "By the third week the project was hung returnfor such a rich experience. The fust group of returning PCVs Since 1968. small busincss development. I saw my in our narion. whichisjustslightly larger than Massachusets. 1964-1966 Thatwas thenicestcomplimentanyonecouldpay usandone of thebiggestaccomplishmenlsofPCVsaroundthe world. a Bolivia. small business promotion. After nearly 16 years.. l That i experience ~ ~ me to appreciate helped ~ ~ a very foundout1wasaPCV. ~ "Peace Corps is very well known in Belize because many Belizeans have either been taught by a Peace Corps "Rerurning as ambassador lo Bolivia. He was a member of the Bolivia I1 group of Peacc Benin Corps Volunteers to go lo this South American republic.agriculture program. PCV Ken Rustad. Gelbard -. more than 650 Americans like Vanasse was made up of experienced Volun- have served in Benin.opmenr in cultureandconservation.S.uniry deve. ~~~~t " on my firs1 Bolivian w e r i e n c e as a Peace Corps says. 1. It features a spectacular 175-mile-longbarrier rccf Ken Ruslad. is now head of the Mitigation and Natural Bolivia Hazards Group of the Federal Emergency Management A~encv. iusr its relative sire toastate get done in spite of bureaucratic enmglements.par. U.549 After aniving here. Gelbard. I wasn't there to see it and I could recite numerous pcrsonal success stories but I learned by Today. estry and education..100 PCVs. Vanasse quickly learned much Peace Corps Volunteers served in moreabout Benin. Volunteers also worked as secondary served as a Peace Corps Volunteer himself in Bolivia from school English teachers. Bolivia..-whenever I would new peopleand the ~ ~ Volunteer. bur Inow realize reaching UPin the midst a water righ& English wasjurrpart of thepurpose. and editor of the newsletter La Llama. development. She was a dietician assigncd to the Benin is on community development. When she left to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer in West with just a little help from their Africa in 1976. thc largely traditional people who nevertheless place a high government of Bolivia madea formal valueon progressand theonly E n g l i s h . and the Benincsc." "1 fee/ humble I was able ro give in Rustad recollects.. "El Tajamar was completcd about a year later by the 1979 people of Chilimarca.who health education. That'sbecause myDad "I and my village became involved in lots of other srill uses my lerrers from Benin in his hmaniries classes projectswith varying degrees ofsuccess.lessom' aresrilla[iveand the people immediately lost conlidcnce in thc dam projcct.' way. president of Amigos dc Bolivia and Peru along the Caribbean side of the country. She also gave cross-cultural training lessons for went back to the country last year." . "Many of ~oday. who returned to Belize from 1982 to 1984 asapeacecorps staff memberand laterbecamechiefofstaff of the Peace Corps Africa Region at its headquarters in Washington. I have reflecred teacher or have relatives who were taught by a p ~ v . the government of Benin expressed Paz. lives in Farmington.M. 1962-1964 Central America although Spanish and Mayan also are spokcn. I was in an agriculrural group rhar was picked assistance in education. Ambassador Robert S." . Benin. Shortly af. Volunteers teachers. 1976." -PCV Nicole A. reforestation and rural and fisheries.hefirst in rural co.~~akeprideinknowingmy . N... agri." "Bolivia has a richness that belies rhe image of a Formerly British Honduras. The have provided America. Vanasse request in late 1987 that the Peace tutored her students and conducted special workshops for Corps return to Bolivia. role as keeping their chosen project alive and extended. Gelbard projects such as animal traction. Vanasse. AnEnglish teacher.PCV Robert S.S. Bolivia.. a small country located on the Bight teers who had been serving in other of Benin. natural resource development ticularly in the areas of education...Congressand BritishParliament. they would usually smileandsay that complex cullure [hat I Could not have achieved in any orher they liked the Peace Corps people as we had 'good ways. Today the Pcace Corps' program emphasis in Peace Corps Times 7 30th Anniversary Edition .

where he was lasting mark through providing many with the skills and director of marketing. Botswana. dynamic environment has proven to be one of the greatest "I don't regret for a second having been a Peace Corps challenges of my Peace Corps tour. I am very lucky to retail. but past uaditions still blend with present expansion. During that time. 1989-1991 Peace Corps continues to provide agricultural assis- James T. honiculture. doing some cooperative research. there. who was also a Peace Corps Volunteer. formation of a farmers marketing association. farm. Learning to function efectively in this ings. operating an agri- Peace Corps Times 8 30th Anniversary Edition .marketingandresearchas wellasassign- September 1984.S." . agricultural coordinator of the Mahalapye Development Educationandsmallenterprisedcvelopmentareothermain- Trust concenmting on vegeuble production. Banas. Banas says that more than a generation ago. Spindler. Gaborone. The casual and operations research analyst for the U. takingplace over generations. Spindler was a Peace Corps Volunteer in the tance by expanding its programming to include drought village of Mahalapye in Botswana from July 1982 through relief. Banas. 1982-1984 Milwaukee Returned Peace Corps Volunteers group and president of h e Friends of Botswana which he helped form." he says. modem office build- traditional culture. has laken on an increk- but underneathpeople still operate very much according to ingly developed appearance with tall. Last December come back from the experience feeling I actually made a he left the Milwaukee Sewerage Disfict. about agentlepeople who taught me the importance ofbeing markets fenilizers manufactured from sewage sludge to sensitive to other ways of doing things. to join Enviro-Gro Technologies to tools to support themelves and their families." . doing some teaching and assisting in wasone of themost influentialpartsofmy life. who is scheduled to complete his "I've learned during my tour that development is a service as a PCV in Botswana in May. professional and agricultural markets. Botswana 1966-Present Botswana PCV Jan Taylor learns African way to sift flour using winnowing basket in 1987. "MyexpenenceasaPeaceCorpsVo~unteerinBotswa~ cultural supply store. Volunteer. PCV serve as marketing manager. Appearances may be western. thecapital of Botswana. Botswana. Army's Natick observer in Botswana may wonder if we really belong in Research and Development Engineering Center in Massa- such a prosperous country. who lives in the Milwaukee area. Spindler worked as the ingsomePCVsasagricultureteachersinsecondaryschools. Joseph T. was projea officer long-timeprocess. He is a past president of the James J. I learned Today Spindlcr. running a stays of the peace Corps program here. Imetmy wife. PCV Joseph T. But very little of this was here chusetts before joining the Peace Corps.

increase postal service. Less quantifi- were established providing thousands of jobs and financial able. will be the enhanced level of benefits. the group's for mining newsletter. Bulgarian Resident Zhelyu culture. 1973-1975 Director Paul D.220 PCVs served here in agri.S." Volunteers helping to form youth groups. business. organized vaccination campaigns. Brazil Bulgaria 1962-1981 summer 1991 "In Brazil. CoverdeU led a Peace Corps delegation here in April of 1990 todiscuss the possibility of beginning Joan D. renovate houses.seated in the historic Treaty Room of the large South American nation. art andrecreation as well as devised an in-service uaining sysern for supc~isors. Rarnos. They also established small medical postsand trained local staff.j managers. PCV Kathleen Healr attends to child at Yako hosoital center in Uooer Peace Corps Times 9 30th Anniversary Edition . the first Peace Corps iorreordedchildrenanduain ~ ~ ~ i l i ~ ~ ~ here project ~ involve i will ~ l ~teachersof ~ i ~English. Volunteers who were at- tached to health programs worked with therapists on re- habilitation pro- grams for chil- dren who re- quired special atention. education and health proWmS. Thisled to rclationship. year. State Department. In the business sector. ~ lIn Juneoithis work.They will tcach English tural economy trainc. PCVs as- signed toeduca- tional sectors trained primary school teachers in reading.. When she was a Peace Corps Volunteer in this By Septembcr. Coverdell and Bulgarian Vice For- development program in which she specialized in nutrition eign Minister Stefen Staikov were signing an agreement to educa6on. Ramos.S. and increased Since the Bulgarian Ministry of Education announced the public's awareness of conservation methods. Of Peace Corps' cffons in Brazil uban present forthe briefceremony. that the study of Russian would no longer be projects werethemost importantto their citizens. Bulgaria s m i n g this year. if Zhelev. 20 Peace Corps Volunteers will leave for Bulgaria to Volunteers who worked to improve Brazil's agricul.iseo-presidentofFriends emerging democracies in Ihat regi0n lo call on the Peace of Brazil and editor of the Jornal da Amizade. . Coverdell called thecventUa communitiesby assisting community leaders todecidewhich magic momento in and beginning of a long. build a Under terms of the agreement. send Peace Corps volunteers to the People's Rcpublic of From 1962 to 1981.4. build community centers. she worked in a community U. many industrialization projects students have rushed to lake English classes. Most. Brazil. identified flora and fauna. Volta in 1974.cannor even imagine. It is fourlh country of the workeratafamily serviceagency. I witnessed the indomitable spirir of the ordinary people in the face of adversity and obstacles rhat As Bulgaria found i&lf swept up in the democratiza- mostpeople in rhe U. but of equal value. begin thefustphascof theprogram. built throughout the country. was not all. Their contribu- tions helped stem student dropout rates. Peace Corps D. rcs-hers and and train English teachers at colleges and secondary schools extension agents. a Seaule free-lance writer and social a Peace Corps program." -PCV Joan tion movement taking place in Eastern Europe. latrines and wells. who was in the Unilcd States on a state visit.

C. silver pins and earrings from Thailand andMali. Burkina Faso is in Wea Africa. was featured not long ago in the Washington Post's Sunday magazine. education. "Thecountry of servicegroups that grew out of the25th anniversary (of thc Peace Corps) offer returned Volunteers a forum (for) maintaining contact with their country and (a way for them) continuing to serve. While Peace Corps Volunteers no longer serve here. He maintains his interest in and connection to the people of Burkina through Friends of Burkina Faso. Burundi. Sneed was a well-digging F'CV in the village of Sangha. community reforestation and water management. its development efforts remain geared to meeting basic human needs of its ever growing population.Maryland. A group of 10 Peace Corps Trainees and a transfer PCV from Swaziland John Sneed iscmrdinatorofTeleleamingat Catonsville joined him in September of that year. the fvst PCV in Burundi Burkina Faso. The Peace Corps contin- ues to oversee UNV members from the Unilcd States who are serving in 23 nations amund the world. Because Burkina Faso continues to rank as one of the poorest countries in the world. Currently.Cohnhasestablished business development to assist Bulgarian transformation to her own small street-side business in which she sells neck- a market economy. Peace Corps experience at its best is a valuable giff PCVs in Burundi now work with groups of women who both to the host and to the Volunteer that far exceeds the areinvolvedin profit making ventures. She isamongagrowingnumberof individuals who have made a mid-career break to serve overseas. What they don't realize is that you gain a lot more than you could possibly give. one American is working as a United Nations Volunteer in the country." . the Peace Corps expects to send 20 additional erative. worked in aschool forchildren disabled by polioand helped - cans and the Bulgarians a traditional Peace Corps goal. Cohn worked in marketing. foresuy. Washington. PCVs to work on agricultural projects andlor in small SinceretumingtotheUniledStates.communication and mutual understanding between Ameri." -. In July of 1983. Burundi. but she left to join the Peace Corps after nearly 10 years in the business world. an organization which he founded in 1986. Peace Corps Times 10 30th Anniversary Edition .. to set up a highly successful women's embroidery cwp- In 1992. Her tiny vendor stand in the nation's capital. Volunteers here also work in education. 1967-1969 began work in a catue tick control program . where he tries to apply what he learned in the Peace Corps about education and change to adult learning. Their main activities included projects in agricultural manage- ment. fmance andquality control at Hewlett- Packard in California. More than 1. where she I neighbor and holds baby in ~ a m e r o o nin 1979.village health. She rein- 1967-1985 vests part of her profits in the countries she buys from to help "My experience in what was then Upper Volta shaped smalloverseas entrepreneurs establish andexpand theirown my life as a young man. A member of the Upper Volta I class of Peace Corps Volunteers. and continues to do so over 20 years small businesses.smallenqrisedevelopment. 1987-1989 l o Anne Cohn represents a new trend in Peace Corps volunteerism. Cohn was assigned to Bujumbura. green malachitejewelry fromzaire Burkina Faso and jackets from Guatemala. Community CollegeinBaltimoreCounty. D. inland fisheries." Sneed says.000 Peace Corps Voluntecrs followed in the footsteps of the fust ones there in November of 1%7. laces and bracelets from Kenya. Formerly Upper Volta. conservation and value of the projects undenaken. later. PCV Jo Anne Cohn. Burundi "Thefunny thing about being a Peace Corps Volunteer is that everyone think you're so nice trying to help other people. PCV John Sneed.

Mass. original emphasis was on education and rural development. Peace Corps/Camcroon has diver. becauve I waspart o j a peace ~ o r ~ s ~ i o hream. 1965-1967 the tirsr PCVs assinned ro Caue Verde Secondlv. 1988-1990 two childrcn in Ridgefield. Gulnea Bissau. a group of dedicated professionals taught at a nursery school and organized West Cameroon's who would be an asser to any counrry.primaryschool economic development sector of a low-income housing teacher training. sandy beaches in the Allmric Islands and year-roundsun- shine. The Verde when they wcre sworn in on Oct. science and English. Peace Corps Volunteers first came to Cameroon A Chadian drills holes for pump handle as PCV Ron Fiscus holds board steady. Audet also be&einvolved with a sister city program between Mindelo and New Bedford. "My greatest sense of accomplishment came from Cape Verde helpingagroupof local carpenters rmm thepmjectestablish their own woentrv coo~erative. and hospiraliry to spare. She worked "Ilook backon my Peace Corpsexperience as rwo of the closely with the mayor of Siio Vicente on chis project and best years of my life. She will have a short story included in an an- thology of fiction and essays written by Peace Corps Volunteers called "Tales From the Center of the Earth" to be published this spring. developing or nor.-we eer wcre PCV Mary-Ann Tirone Smith. Cape Verdeans have managed Bedford.books. ir will surely Verde through her work with the U.Theseincludecooperativc 60. PCV Lisa hl. as a more '&ture8 ~ o l u n t e &( i n age i n F a y ) 1found r/& my skills and experiences as a reacher gave me an edge infitring i n As a Peace Corps Volunteer.000 make ir an unforgertable place to visit. warmth and humor. at the request of the government when about 20 volunteers group of Peace Corps Volunteers to ever serve in Cape were postcd in the Anglophone region of the country. sear of government. a city of about sificd~ntoawidemgeofactivities. 'ThePortofMissing Men.000 on the island of Sho Vicentc. "La- ment for a Silvcr- Eyed Woman. I n fact. Conn." is now avail- able in a paperback edition.-Cape Verdc Business Peace Corps Times 11 30th Anniversary Edition . maternal and child care. become one of the 'hor' rourist spots within a few years." fmtpublic library. Audet and Dorothy Ganu wcrc in the first Smith says her second novel." . coupled with Afro-Porruguese cuisine. businessmen in management skills. community program. conducting economic sadies and uaining small health education. Cape Verde. and engineering.aquaculture. where I "I truly loved my experience in Cape Verde. Mary-Ann Tione Smith with my counrerparu. Buea. 1988-1990 lovely mountainside. 1988. Luckyme to be srarionedin the Audet. where shc headed the managemenlandcreditunions. Shelives with herhusbandand - PCV Dorothy Cantz. "Mount Cameroon is an acrive volcano rising 13." was the first long fiction lo come out of the Peace Corps.S. some of rhe best music in all of West Africa. That." . Her most recent book. 8. teaching of math. young farmer uaining. Cape Verde. Despite a poor resource base and a accompanied a sister city mission from Mindclo to New series of recurrent droughts. feer out of the equatorial sea. Today she teaches atFairfield University inconnecticutand isawriter."Audet savs. Audct arrived in Mindelo. foremost broughr the thing I love most ro the Bueans. Smith is a member of thc writ- en' group PEN and a volunteer in their literacy program. to compensatefor their lackof material wealth through rheir The former PCV still is very much involved with Cape intelligence. Afterthrcc monthsof languageand technical training in Twenty-nine years later. Her duties included administering a housing loan vocational education. whire. project. due Cameroon ro rhefacr rhar itpossesses some of rhe mosr beautiful. Lisa M. Cameroon.

I Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Ellen Brown swyed i n Chad for three vears after 1970 doinc field work in vilbec but it remains a land of natural beauty. Health before assuming her present position. The CAR also was one of the first target countries to adopt the Peace Corps' African Fwd Upon completion of hcr Peace Corps service. 1968-1970 As its name imolies. English and social studies to be put into effect for the 1991- 92 school year. Smith-Romocki provides technical assistance to national AIDS control pro- grams in Africa and is helping implement AIDS prevention Chad programs. a new tax-exempt Wade association set up to promote uade and investment activities. The CAR is the first country to confront the threatening problem of AIDS. Health Volunteers are also working to combat public health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel childhoodcommunicablediseases undera project funded by Hill. also a Peace Corps Volunteer. which offers rural training African Republic as the associate director for health. designed to promote all phases of food Romocki returned to the United States to seek a master's in production. Central African Republic. After in oral rehydration therapy.- (CAR). launched my career in inrernarionol health.PCV Ellen Brown." . Peace Corps has sent English teacher trainers here along with PCVs who work in urban extension. in its national AIDS ororram. which is swecping the Afri. treatment of malaria. Thecouncil's goal is to establish a model through which other African nations can auract foreign invesunent to address debt and unemployment problems. She then remrned to Peace Corps and the Central the Centers for Disease Conuol.It is consideredoneofthe leastdtvclopedcountries in the world.~ . ~. can continent. She is an information I PCV Rick Bradshaw of Hawaii exolains visual aids to CAR health agent Joel ~ i k in a 1979. Smith. PCV LaHoma Smith-Romocki. I mer the mosr wonderful man in rhe world. - hcallh volunteer in the Central -~ ~ African Re~ublic ~ ~ r ." shesays. Ark. Central African Revublic ""Ididnor realize ir ar rhe rime. lishculture.D. opment and education.. who is now my husband. by inviting Peace Corps Volunteers to assist I've never left Chad. agricul- Cameroon and worked for the North Carolina Deparunent of tural education and foresuv. the Central African Reoublic is I located just about m'idpo/nt on thc Afncan con~iienf.Smith. .tion techniques and other accepted child survival practipes. and Trade Council." A small Ponuguese-spaking archipelago about 400 miles off the coast of Sencral in West certainly evident in her career today. com- munity agriculture programs and community health. Gancz currently is leaching seventh grade social studies and eighth grade American history in Liule Rock. bur my decision roserve in rhe Peace Corps wasprobably the smarresr rhingf would ever do. nor insignificanrly. C a ~ Verde e is the only African nation tv-have a c o r n m ~ n &ing i ~ ~ in the United States roughly the size of the current population in the islands. Chad. "I'm alsoinvolvedaspartofateam that is wri~ingcurriculum for integrated education in the core areas of math. I discovered a whole new world. Systems Initiative. Romocki served as a health consulmt for two years in Otherprograms hereincludeeducation. 1980-1982 LaHoma Smith-Romocki's memorable experience as a . Peace Corps in the I and family srmitureamong the ~ a r a N a for r he1Ph. As an associate for AIDS TECH. education and communication associate for a project called AIDS TECH with Family Health International in Nonh CAR is continuing its long-standing efforts in rural devel- Carolina. science. .. developedan appreciarion of orherpeople and cutruresand. "I work with thegifted and talented program." . learned rwo languages. from w Peace Corps Times 12 30th Anniversary Edition . vaccina- aihree-yearstintonthePeaceCorpsstaffintheCAR..

. fertile valleys. has since worked as a consultant anthropologist for many "I've spent the last 20 years working in more than 25 African countries for World Bank. remote waterway Indiana.Her work takes hertoChad several since the fust PCVs came here in the mid-1960s. PCVs serve in education." and Agriculture Organization as weU as various non-gov. "Someday I will. During "My greatestjoy. the U." She experience raising chickens for a school poultry project." Brown's husband. A group of Trainees are due by summer Lo work in foresuy and small busi- ness development. however. the Peace times a year. to leave the United States and most of the volunteers had agriculture. aPCV in Chad from 1968 Today. andthe organization to carry on initiated programs after the rest my skills. of Rural Education. PCV MaryEllen Craig. Chile "Chile is a counrry of beauriful exrremes . the private sector. 2. Chad received assistance in education.CambridgeUniversity in anthropology. Since leaving the Peace Corps.S. wells con- even for development agencies. " N o h les Gens. He began his development book in French. It's a challenge. culture.majesricbeen recruited directly from colleges and universities in mounrains. dry deserts.025 Americans served in Chile as PCVs in agri- . struction and forestry." he says. Nourrir les Haines."ismeeting former students the fust 13 ycars that American Volunlcers were in the who are now working in government. Jonathan. have grown a lot. Chile.. From 1961 to 1982. Hogg studies coastal rocks for barnacles in Chile in 1976.This was the founh Peace Corps project The work of the Chilean One group of PCVs in hcalth. Those contributions were remcm- when they expect me to remember their names immediately bcred over b e cight years the Peace Corps was out of Chad since they were 12 to 14 years old and 5 feet tall in 1970. Cur- rently shcis an attorney in general practice in N o h - em Virginia and is active in various community or- ganizations. I was anrious tureof the Institute of Rural Education and to uain peoplc in ro explore rhe world. Craig's ca- reer has taken a very dif- Ccrcnt path from intcrna- tional development or roo& and nuuition. rural dcvcl- opment in Chile."shesays. Agency for countries in Africa but never once have 1k e n able to return International Development and the United Nations' Food to Chad. Her thesis becamea Eastern Afnca Department. neattn projec~s Peace Corps Times 13 30th Anniversary Edition . 1961-1963 area of food service at the Institute's schools and teaching basic nubition and food handling in theclassroom. Despite the civil smfe in Chad for much of the time ernmencalorganizations. discover new things abour myself. ir is the two most remembered years of my PCVs l e f ~Craig was a home economics graduate from Purdue University. Its people were welcoming The Volunteers' mission was to work within the suuc- and eager to receive Kennedy'sPeace Corps.". Later she MaryEllen Craig was one of 45 Peace Corps Volunteers worked with the rural population through the community togo to Chile in October of 1%1 to work with the Institute workers trained by the Institute. education and Texan PCV Dorothy M. and country. passages and mystical islands. nulrition and cooperatives conlributed to the growthandsuccessofthis I I Chilean organization in working fo.and and resulted in an invimtion to return in 1987. Afternearly a 10-yea absence. The first group oftransferPCVsissched- uled IOarrive in spring. Peace Corps plans to return to Chile this year. water rcsource man- to 1971. is currently a division chief in the World Bank's agement and forestry programs. Her assignments were working in the life. Corps has maintained a presence wherever it could.

living conditions in rural areas through vegetable gardens. I am still trying to meet some of the needs of my commu- "1 grew up in East LA. Meanwhile.Letters had beenexchanged in April 1989 between then U. Colombia "I remember the coldshowers. Colombia.840 Peacecorps Volun- Peacecorps Volunteers togotothisSouth American republic.C." he says. secretary general of the Chinese Education Association for International Exchange.1 billion people as United Nations Vol- unteers.. I srill live here wilh my family nity. on behalf of the Peace Corps. served in Colombia as a physical education their vegetable.S.admenU. but mosr of all I remember sharing in a great adventure-andit warthefines1 lhinglhaveeverdone" . and in a today is theCenual East DistrictmanageroftheLos Angeles variety of other ways. M. catle. removes mist net in Colombia. poultry and swine production. Ky. D. action and public health programs. was undergoing intensive languageand cross-cultural uaning at American University in Washington. China 1989 (Suspended) China One. the warm beer.PCV area of 1 million residents. vice presidentanddirector of marketing "There are a lot of things people don't realize that the for theKFC National Cooperative AdvertisingProgram Inc. They had planned to teach English at various teacher training colleges and institutes in Sichuan Province. M y Peace Corps experience As the head of Red Cross operations in a metropolitan helped me develop an interest in world affairs. the decision wasadisappointing one. Salinas is helping deliver a wide Rudy Salinas. Small instructor and volunteer leader." . 1962-1964 variety of services to a culturally diverse population that includes many nationalities. in Louisville.S. cided it wouldbeinappropriateat this time to have American Peace Corps Volunteers enter lhe country. In addition. when events in China brought a halt to this program. For 22 candidates for the pioneering program. 1961-1963 while wife. Peace Corps still hopes to establish a program in China atafuturedate. teers over a20-year period. who nutrition classes. Peace Corps' sponsoring agency in China ." Salinassays.h e Chinese Education Association for International Exchange . FCVs also helped farmers increase Red Cross.Willson. Red Cross docs. They workcdto improvegencral He worked in a rural community development program. the first group of Peace Corps Trainees designated to go to the People's Republic of China. 0. was a member of thecolomb~aI groupof Colombia opened itsdoor to 4. Sherry. the heat of the costa and the warmth of the people. bilitation program for "street children" in Colombia. 19. setting the program in motion after years of discussions. Former Peace Corps Volunteer Rudy Salinas.. Terry Johnsun holds specimen PCV Mike Willson. Volunteers taught disabled youngsters "In many ways what I am doing now is a continuation through special education programs and developed a reha- of my Peace Corps service. After theTimanmen Squareincidentempledin Beijing. uaining nurses and nurses' aidcs. he networked with otherFCVs involved in community businesses and cooperatives. the cold of the altiplano. During the two years he was business owners were shown new methods of running their here.2. and Ge Shouqin. Peace Corps Times 14 30th Anniversary Edition . 1." and I work in the community.citizensarescrving in this nation of 1. Ambassador Winston Lord. "AttheRed Cross.

Those initial PCVs were assigned Comoros to projects in vocational education. formed forestry cooperadves and to serve in this west central West African nation. Gandy was contracted to program of its kind in the world and could be an imponant develop a natural resources program.. the Peace Corps. Some ment planning and presentation of environmental education key neighboring countries are Anglophone and English is programs. we both ~ . For Volunteers to work in fisheriessraning in July. We celebrated the birth of their babies.S. I taught literacy classes and Roben helped programs to include countries never before served by the agency. This phenomenon has created a Corps Volunteers than thcy could have cvcr given. who are from Birmingham. The fust mining group arrived in July of This summer.. where culture programs in Africa.We came in the name of the Peace Corps.butacoup inFebruary of that yearbroughtabout Costa Rican Education Ministry to spearhead a national a change in government and subsequently a cancellation of campaigntocombat functional illiteracy and to helpraiscthe the Congo's request for Peace Corps Volunteers. The Comoros is one of the poorest countries in the world. which staned with six resource for the fish culture program in The Congo.. soil preparadon. fertilization. promotion of horticultural development. - had some c r d crops. are completing a six-month stint in Panama.Anonymous Jennifer Greer. a journalist. It occupiesa slmtegic position at the northern end of the Mozambique Channel between the east coast of Africa Costa Rica and Madagascar. olanttrees. English education is a high priority in the Comoros." . executing forestry develop where the primary language of all students is French. level of secondary education among Costa Ricans. Republic of the Congo. health education and wildlife protection and management. Agricultural development has been given the fusr pri- ority in the Cook Islands." sworn in at a ceremony in Brazzaville. future programs may also include natural forests. Volunlcers here are currently The Comoro Islands program is one of the newest for working as agriculture extensionists on three outer islands. It is a former French colony. Robert proverb Gandy. Other programs include rural development. extendee PCVs last November. essential to establish business relations. planted the PeaceCorps paved theway for thefustgroupof Volunteers demonstration plots. several months." shesavs. teachers of English in junior high schools. Now they're convinced thcy got more in return as Peace tions between nations.. and her husband. "The Costa Ricans rook us into their homes and their hearts. One of the goals Some of the past accomplishments of PCVs in the of the Peace Corps is to replace all Peace Corps Volunteers agricultural arena have been diagnosing plant diseases and withqualifiedComorian English teachers by the year2000. Gandy and Greer. urban youth commu- 1988-Present The fust group of Peace Corns Volunteer candidates II nity services. May of the previous year. In the process. showedus how important-andhowpossible-peace is in Summer 1991 Central America. The current lisheriesprogram in they have workedto help re-es~ablishaPeaceCorpspresence neighboring Zaire is the biggest and best Peace Corps there after a 20-year absence. While the counseled small farmers in the use of sound forest man- fust K V s will uain Congolesecitizens in fisheries produc.. Gandy An agreement signed last April between thecongoand and other forestry extensionists started nurseries. K V s also will smrt a new small business 1988. hoped they had something to offer when they left their established careers and went to Winds of change have swept the globe over the last CostaRica to work in adult literacy and forestry extension. agement practices in a country that is rapidly losing all of its tion and maintenance. Volunteershere teach English asa foreignlanguage in development program working with the Development Bank high schools andsewedaspedagogicaladvisorstoComorian of the Cook Islands. a consulting forester. Greer wasamongagroupof PCVs who worked with the Peace Corp originally planned to enter The Congo in early 1979. we were the U. Costa Rica 1988-1990 "Give a man afish and he'll eat for a day. Peace Corps has a 25-year success rccord with fish Ala. "Fortunatelv. energy planning and small business enterprise. we made friends with the entire town ~ AmongthenewPeaceCorpsentries will beThePeople's of 900 people. teach a man tofish and k ' l l eat for a lifetime. many p o p l e hcrc still live in poveny and Peace Corps continues to show ways for improvement Peace Corps Times 15 30th Anniversary Edition ." -PCV Jennifer Greer and Roberl Gandy. They will be many Ticos. but they Congo . insect problems.. opening doors for new and renewed rela. favorable atmosphere for the Peace Corps to expand its "Basically. Today. agriculture and small entcrprise developmenrwhile Costa Rica has one of the best educa- tional systems and the highest standards of living in Latin began training-in March of 1982 aiter a Peace Corps agree- ment was signed with thegovernment of theCook Islands in I America. Environmental and education programs remain two Cook Islands areasof major focus for the PeaceCorps in CostaRica. and helped bury their dead. It will welcome 15 Peace Corps danced at their weddings.

.&eaun&t &d new leprosy I treatment techniques. as thefirst large group Lonsway isnowanenvironmentalconsullant for Dames of school-educated young people. 'Korhogo est un trait d'union entre la ville engineerlmechanic with the Rift Valley Pilot Irrigation et la brousse' -Korhogo is a hyphen between the city and Project which was funded by the U.~~ for . While sening in Tanzania. a multinadonal earth and environ- Peace Corps Times 16 30th Anniversary Edition . The lvoiriens were incredibly tradition of theeducation of the village.S. outgoing. lasting friendships quickly and because lvoirien tradition places As an agriculture engincer fresh out of college. he worked as a research photographer at a leprosy its issues. MyPeace Corpsexperience hadaprofoundimpact in what was then known as the Ivory Coax During his free on my 1ife. 1970-1972 life to the fullest . CBte d71voire. were now being asked to operole in. "Living and working in the Ivory Coast was an exciting education of the school was to be integrated into the long yet challenging experience. It was easy to establish strong. Jill Garber. an language. On reflection. and was assigned as an agricultural Ivoirien toldme.from my career to myperception of the worldand time. When the ivory Coast Peace Corps program unexpcl edly shutdown in 1981.~ . at the time a small had U. Agency for interna- the burh. Kun great value on the immediate and exlendedfamily.PCV William Dant. (Kouassi is one that comes (0 center -. my job as a PCV teaching high tional Development (USAID). He learned to speak a new northern town far from the bright lights of Abidjan. animated and accustomed to enjoying it. complete traditional Ivoirien names. lhey L~~~~~~ worked for the lvoirien Minisu of Agriculture readily made me a Part of their families. It was clear to me the & Moore International.thesecondiargest~ty mind. in Costa Rica in 1980.). start mining all over. CBte d'Ivoire and I center to document ongoing . a rescarchfm localedeast ofBouake.." -PCV Kurt A.Lonsway transfered 10Tanzania and "When I was sent to Korhogo.. . who was scwing as a bridge that 'hyphen' and mnke sense of the two worlds they forestry Volunteer. - iqechanizine lvoirien Aericulture suwwisine.and not to obliterate dynamic. a Penn State agronomy graduate.. school students was mostly about helping that generation Lonsway met his wife. Kiswahili." . Lonsway. Fields swirl behind PCV Valerie Barzetti.

100 Americans served in the Ivory from the village women as he travelled lmm village to Coast (now CBte d'Ivoire). has maintained a link in at U. wherc their closest lricnds included Savvas Tollas. improving nursery production and demonstrating dairy machinery. Twenty-one new Peace Corps Volunteers were sworn One of those PCVs. he and his wife. Nicosia. development and protection.mental consulting engineer- ing fm with ofices world- wide. some of feeling. this being a new.. multi-na- tional studentexchangeorga- nization." . Regina. merchants.PCV Cynthia Some of the 28 Peace Corps Volunteers who served here over a two-year period worked with the Cypriots in an C z ~ h o s l o v a k i a1990-1991 . remembers a grati- fying experience when he re- turned here seven years after fmishing his tour as a Peace Corps Volunteer. - Country Director Steven Hanchey. In 1966. From 1980 IO demonstration centers for health education and child sw. 23. butfrom the very beginning the reception we have received In its shon time.. . who now works for a large. Pcace Corps Volunteers are now helping develop Greek and Turkish coffee shops of thc area. I bumped into an old friend who knew several of my students.including their three sons -movcd IO vival activities at local health centers and maternity wards. She learned Greek operations. From a social point of "Two Volunteers made short but moving speeches in view. the Peace Corps experienceshifted my Republic professional emphasis to ground-water resources explora. Turner. whose main assignment was to map the Kar~as in understanding bur a tremendous reservoir of good will Peninsula Completion of the map enabled other workers toward the United Stares. andalmostallofthe assis. 1962-1964 and completely diferent kind of Peace Corps assignment. The historic event m k placc one year of Cypms named him as a Cypriot counterpart for a United alter the ambassador met with Peace Corps Director Paul D. Dant spent a stint on the Peace Corps Turner. I learned that many of my smdcnts had moved on IO positions of re- sponsibility as teachers. "Atfist I wasn't sure what to expect.. thegovernment Prague on Jan.along with his largc extcnded family. in 1968. William Dant.. "Over the weekend I spent visiting. Forty-five years with nopeople-io- terranean island were quite successful.. has led me lo lhe of program and both the Czech and Slovak languages to the delight of the housing for low-incomefamilies and ruralfarm labor. hundreds of expamiate 'technical tants' wen: gone. more than 1. Cyprus Czech and Slovak 1962-1964 "As a geologist.. exchange programs. doctoral dissertation.. At the time. Cyprus." to finish the geological mapping of the western Paphos In addition to working with several different cultural Dishict which he began under the Peace Corps. "Five minutes after ar- riving in Korhogo.Czechoslovakia. Bill Turner.1 think Peace Corps is a way of begin their jobs in a national economic development plan. egg marketing moperadve. From 1962 until 1981. having been replaced by Ivoiriens. Peace Corps' programs on this Medi. The program was reinstated last village and on Sundays conducted seminars on water in the year. included fornard to be worn in by the adassador. PCV William M. has been overwhelming.S. Afler which the Volunteers were Peace Corps' aperience also set me on a path of 30 years ofinternational technicalossistancewhich. 1991 preliminary specification of Peace Corps' waier supply projects in Honduras and Zaire. Ivory Coast.infact. gov- ernment workers. The host country audience. Nationsdevelopmentprojectandprovidedhim with support Coverdell in Washington IJJ delivcr an invitation from thc Peace Corps Times 17 30th Anniversary Edition . Ambassador Shirley Temple Black's home in with Cypmsover thelast26 years. 1990-Present tion. especially for the peoplecontact b e n v e e e n o u r r w o c o u n t r i e s ~void geologists. the former secretaryorthePeaceCorps." Dan1 recalls. teaching English. when Peace Corps closed its lived in Stroumbi in thc Paphos Dismict.PCV Christopher Hartzell teaches gardening in Gagnoa. used his work for his staff in Morocco. the Turners. 1981.a residentof New Mexico.

"". "The welcomc thev eave President Bush was only a samole of the warmth anda'ifection which I have felt here since r.testifying to the of the Peace Corps. first day. Pastel-colored houses . . > . Vincent. It taught me that our p e r S 0 ~ 1choices also were highly commended by the Dominican p p l e for cannot be separated from the political decisions of nations. Lucia 1961-Present Dominica 1967-Present St. the scene of the rnomentus events that led to a new. 1966-1968 . having previously served as ambassador in Ghana.S. Even during the positive expression of the American spirit.They embrace idealism. very. reachers.DoddofConnecticut lmed over the last thrcc decades in the Dominican Republic in a number of lessons as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the such diverse programs as agriculture.. Eastern Caribbean Anguilla 1967-Present Montserrat 1967-Present AntiguaIBarbuda 1967-Present St. Ik Two weeks after the f i s t group of PCVs arrived here last November.." recalls PCV Cynthia Hoff from Milton. Beyond the colors.000 Peace Corps Volunteers have served l+derick in 1979. I learned to speak Spanish. N. KittsINevis 1967-Present Barbados 1961-1990 St.. burfar.H." which provided vignettes of 1965." . natural resource conservation.". democratic government I under the leadership of playright and human r i g h ~activist Vaclav Havel.. opment. U. small enterprise de- "The Peace Corps was intenlionally designed to be the velopment.bright-eyed kids .SenatorChristopherJ. Dodd. Dodd served two years IE POIPOr n v .llearned rhar oneperson can makea felling difference i n rhe lives of those around him." -PCV GraceM.powdery Peace Corps Times 18 30th Anniversary Edition . PCVs remained in the DR . an event witnessed by the Volunteers." assisting. I learned ro organize people ro help rhemelves. rhe language of our neighbors. Vincent/Grenadinesl967-Present Grenada 1963-79 1984-Present Turks & Caicos Islands 1980-1985 "The mirage oferotic beauty..... and we came as Peace Coros lo work ro reach them some of our skills. bur mostly I learned.reliefefforts in hewakeofhurricanes ~ ~ ~ i d ~ More than government of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic for American PCVs to help train English teachers. far away from our understanding.PCV 1- . raughr us ro slow down. sea-washed rhythms of life.. Most imporranr. health and teacher training... their Czechoslovak host familiesand more than a half million people in Wcnceslas Square. on6 i. live in rhe present and feel rhe rhe people of many shades a l l i n rhissun-kissed. "It taught me to reject cynicism and vibrantpeople-to-peoplebondshey haveforgedhcre. the fist country to accept a Peace Corps program after the Peace Corps started in 1961. Somerimes I rhink [hey were the berrer volcanic island guided my experience. Ambassador Blacknoted her pleasure in renewing her ties to the Peace" Dodd wrote in suspension of diplomatic relations in 1963and the civil war the book "Making a Difference. "Seeing our president standing together with President I bi HavelonNov. I learned about the complexity of a culture that rs close ro us geographically. I learned ro reach orhers some of rhe skills most of us rakefor granred. 17andsharing thejoy oftheoccasion wilhmy host families was an incredibly moving experience for me. while rhev I . urban and rural devel- Dominican Republic. 1984- - one beains ro see [here is much lo be done in rhe Caribbean. Dominican Republic.A n Volunteer in Dominican Republic. -- I saw the srruggle and rhe injusrices. President B u s h b e c h e the first American A president to visit the counuy. of vibrant calypso runes. Spillane." I5 Dominican Republic 1962-Present "I may have done some good.istopher J. In welcoming guests to the swearing-in ceremony.St. Christopher J.

fisheries says SpiUane.. -.. they spent two years help ing people living in nearby mountain communities adapt traditional handi- Dr. Volunteers serving as small business and housa...white hospital wards.a five-ycarprogram technology to alleviate this problem." - PCVs Pat and Sue Sheridan. small enterprise development health and num.g insmcmrs and Auktion pro- ShecoorbatcdaGirlGuidespmjectfor young womenages . marketing and appropriate St..starry nights. Peace Corps Times 19 30th Anniversary Edition . and as oped skills by creating craft items for sale in local shops. working with youth.Ecuadnr.friendly through teacher training. which resulls in Caribbean wasdividedfor the two islandgroups with offices high food prices. and waterlsanilation projects. concenuating on agriculture and marine resources develop- Other PCVs are helping upgrade the quality of educa. Claudio Malo Gonzalez shows Ecuadorian masks to Pat and Sue Sheridan. somework as nursir.. spom and recreation programs.wooden school means of support. Both came into the Peace Corps with business backgrounds...." librarians. Recently. and community development programs. that opportuniryisnuly themost imporranr ingredient of success... cooperativeadvisorsare providing managerial and technical Peace Corps Volunteers like Grace SpiUane... Peace Corps operations were centralized on tion.. Originally. thera~v... Currently.. a large city in the southern Sierras of Ecuador. and ~hannaceuti- I inandonalpgram tofosterjobskillsandselfsufficiency.. who now resides in Maine. Several years ago. Lucia. Ecuador "Our two years with rhePeaceCorpsin Ecllodor lefr us with an intensely personal realization that even in seemingly the bleakest of conditions com'hnent andcaring can effect positive change. who have services to institutions offering credit to small enterprises. where they were assigned to a small enterprise develop ment program as Peace Corps Volunteers.~. education.p ulverizing hurricanes . TheTurksand CaicosIslands.cold tion in the islands by enhancing the skills of local teachers running water . was run from the Dominican Republic. so agriculture-oriented PCVs are working in Antigua and Grenada.... livestock and again consolidated with Peacecorps headquarters placed on agricultural extension services.. 9 to22 who haddroppedoutoischoolandwereunemployed...". ment. FCVs are "Participanu in the project earned an income anddevel.. Taking a mid-career break. occupational therapy. served in both the Leeward and Windward islands of the PCVs in the health and nutrition program are involved Eastern Caribbean. can conjure up these images and more.wann uade winds. Volunteers also are involved in forestry. administration for the Eastern The islands depend on food impom...sugar cane fields. in various nursing tasks. the operations were once in the fields of horticulture and soil research. curriculum development and other handshakes .amund 150FCVsareworking in agriculture.. 1987- 1988 Patrick and Susan Sheridan lived incuenca. and rhat gratify- ing rewardforone'sefforrs can be as simple as a smile and a handshake..medical and X-rav technoloav. Barbados. physical While she was a PCV on S t Vincent Spillane was involved .beaches.. In the area of community development. music and dancing. cals.

Lotin America. as ---. aradcrnic -. While sewing in Ecuador. receivedfunding to build health centers and more. we saw tour. not is central ~ ~ Volunteers ~ to serve r in Equatorial i ~Guinea. Guinea." . healthier living conditions for the people by improving their income and lifestyles. Equatorial Guinea Assigned to work in a school inthe easkrn of 1988-Present Usulutan by the Salvadorean Ministry of Education. tangible results. about two-thirds of them in mral locations and a third in urban areas..About200PCVs are presently sewing here.D. Honduras.. humi[ityandsood humor made my the smallest countrv in the continental northern hemisohere stay there a wonderful learning experience. conflict there has been of great concern to me as I have lost it is acountry ofgeographicdiversity. developed huge swtaimble in the country forced the peace corps to evacuate agricultural farms.. Many of h e 1. r n then Peacecorps Director~oretMiller~uppe balance of power in the area during the late 19th and early PreSnEd President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of Peace Corps Times 20 30th Anniversary Edition . She is currently vice president of F i t City National Bank in its Austin branch..on the Pacific Coast of Central America. While he is finishing his course work. Pump wasoneof the first-everPeaceCorps ~i~ area of study.Prado. The Sheridans are now back in Texas.-. is t k r e and their kindness. Pump.rnunselnr~ the Sheridans expressed the hopc that working with rural artisans could create better. an undergraduate academic coun- selor at the University of Californiaflas Angeles. PCV Bob James explains salvador mode a lasting impression on me. Current programs are in the arms of agriculture. She staned and heads the bank's international di- vision. obtained a greater awareness of myself as I learned about 20th centuries... He currently is in the process of researching his dissenation tocomplete his Ph. Australia and South America. The present -about 160 miles acrossat its widest point..PCV Raymond G. was a Peace Corps Volunteer in El Salvador from January to October of 1979 in a school vegetable garden program. H~ transferred to projects. 1988-1991 tained a maser's degree in Latin American studies from UCLA. in Latin American history. built roads. Prado has ob. started market renovation and water all wvs in the fall of 1979.-. where he spent the remainder of his two-year AS We ~ t r ~ g g [ e(0dspread tk Peace Corps nome. Raymond G. -. 1979-1980 in agriculture. When ~ her group history.Iwasoverwhelrningly accepted by t k p e o p l e El Salvador.fisheries. focusing on the dynamics and the development ofa w a ~ ~ w oin. education and fisherics programs lived in rural communities whcre there was no running . he is [he diversiry of the Spanish language and the peoples of artin. Since 1962. El Salvador "The beauty of tk countryside and the people of E l In El Salvador in 1978.--. But I know that tk Salvadorean ranges of mountains.. . Prado "We were like thefirst Volunteers to touch African soil was helping improve thenumtional lives of the people in the community where he sewed. rural and urban youth development. Despiteits size. With sometraditionalartfomsbeing lost over time. to young student outside of Osicala. yet in owfirst year here Volunteersfornred coop- hado's assignment was intempted when the erative-run stores. with responsibilities for the Far East.watcr and electricity was a sometimes thing. a ~ ~ 1[ i ~cultivation ~ .. a plateau of fertile volcanic soil laced people will survive and teach us that an unbreakable spirit with rivers and vallcys is where most Salvadorans live.000 Peace Corps Volunteers have served in Ecuador in projects that have been continu- ally adapted to mcct Lhe changing needs of the counuy and its people. cannor be broken by civil conflict. Equatorial Since returning from the Peace Corps. more than 4. El Salvador. Texas. Nicoletu: L.forestry. in 1961.crafts to modem market demands and expoll requirements. -. the Peace Corps couple was able to inspire family members of all ages to work together on small-scale enterprises in which straw was dyed and woven into various art forms for expon sale. He is an international controller with Convex Com- puter in Richardson." -PCV Nicolette L. Im- portant initiatives are k i n g undertaken now in urban youth developmentandenvironmentaIeducation..231 Peacecorps Volunteers whosewed here Prado. Between two separate friends to the violence. rural infrastructure expansion and spccial education.

Ethiopia After settling into the new culture. business. Connecticut. Primarily they coordinate activi. 1962-1977 Shays recalls how the children wcre awcsuuck by the "lendedup ina villagein Ethiopia withfive otherpeace books and magazines. Agency for International De. plus one transfer PCV. Christopher Shays.Equatorial Guinea letters from George Bush and Ronald alone in isolated areas. They November of 1987. Corps Volunteers. with the help of his smdents." -PCV Paul Tsongas.S. The people referred to them as Europeans. members and village communities. in health. Fiji.S.hoping fields of agriculture. Most of the activities focus on women's cooperatives. and I didn't go anywhere on vacations. a congressman from in bookkeeping systems and recommend marketing tech. Rice chronicled some of Tsongas'sexperiences in Ethiopia in his book 'TheBoldExperiment"aboutthePeaceCorps launched by President John F. And. Fiji Placementof thesevolunteers followedyearsofexploratory talks with the government of Equatorial Guinea. Betsy. in marketing their home-made anifacts to teaching thou- Equatorial Guinea is the only Spanish-speakmg nation sands of students a year English.S. he was elected to the U. They would look at the set up house by myself. but they quickly madeaneffortto blendin with thelocal community." - eas. "They looked at all the pages. "In Ethiopia.cutdowntreesand builtfoot-bridges over muddy streams and ditches. Gerard T. Rep. business trades in Africa and is also unique in that it is both an island and and electronics. Kennedy. education. after graduating from Yale Law School. and they would take it project funded by the U. 1962-1964 Paul Tsongas. In later years. I broke away from the others and them were just learning English. nothing I've ever done before or since hasgiven me thesamefeeling. Tsongas. 1968-1970 ties between farmers' pre-cooperatives and cooperative ser- vicecenters. with my students.isplanningongoingtograduateschool. who served in this East African country in the waukeearea.likemany other Volunteers working Peace Corps Times . "Somc of just stoyed in the village. arrived in this West Afiican nation in Seplember of 1988. nothing happened and they treated it like a treasure. they joined the Peace Corps and went to Fiji. niques and new services employing cooperative concepts. During his vacation he remained alone with his students toconstructa school dormitory for the village of Ghion. Senate from Massachu- sells. including Pump. PCVs assist with vainingcooperative leaders. They would cover them up to make sure velopment with pre-cooperative groups in rural village ar."Rice wrote. education and community development. "Paul Tsongas not only taught math but. Ethiopia. There were 2. who only recently returned home to the Mil.just a total immersion in their culture." he recalls. continental country. carpentry. spent three years teaching math and science in Ghion. Ethiopia. home and read it. who had never been more far alield than New Eneland and o m of the East Coast when he signed up f& the Peace Corps." program. Together. they wrote for and obtained donated textbooks and copies of National Gco- graphic. They didn't kidsin rhe schooiand lived w i h them. took these book like rhey were the most cherished thing in Volunteers have worked as cooperative educators on a the world.908 Peace Corps Volunteers. The first group of 10 uainees. I took the ten best pictures and they would talk to all their friends. An evaluation report noted that Tsongas. where they were assigned to a site in the middle of an island Planning also is underway now to introduce programs for two years. health and urban to earn a dual degree in international public health and development They did everything from assist tribal women international public adminisaation. you know. married his high school sweetheart. PCV Christopher Shays. had achieved 'a close relationship' Reagan expressing theirdesires fora successfulPeacecorps with his hosts.They alsoassist andvaincooperativemembers U. They were given a book. Diplomatic 1968-Present notes concluding a country agreement were exchanged in "These children had never owned a book before.

urban and health programs since the fmtgroupanived in Fiji. The next two years were spent in Mali. Gabon "My experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer i n Gabon stripped my eyes of its parochialfilter.gossip tion program was rather loosely organized in those days. issuedby the governmentof Gabon in 1973and. I came to appreciate the drfticulties of subsistence school designs. herein 1963worked in rival school construction. An invitation to return was school construction projects in small and remote villages. Two years after inviting the fmt Peace Corps Volunteers. The schools ranged from one building with two rooms LO Peace Corps Volunteers were again teaching English and three buildings with three rooms each.400 Americans have served in education. From 1983to 1986. and university consmction. Peace Corps as a secondary school teacher in the Harambee I Y'"~'"." . His wife. Gabon. Gabon. PCV Dale Jensen. A health program also started last year. Through their eyes I also got a difficult and challenging environment. of New Jersey. imects of all descriptions. administrative liaison officer for the Af.. building primary schools. in the end schools and houses got built in a make a life for rhemselves. physics and chemistry education. I emergedfrom Gabon with engineering.. Madi Silverman. construction methods and work habits." glimpse at my own country.400mileseast of Australia. poisonom s ~ k e sroaming .. the country gained its independence from Great Britain in 1970. Oahnn~ LieRiley and in tradition and culture. right. and on the bantaba while waitingfor the heat of the doy to pass. ." Located about 1..about athirdof which are inhabited. h secondary math- a Volunteer leader and logistics coordinator for school ematics.have television. Peacecorps left Gabon in 1967as a result of strong continent. PCV Robert Riley. the more many-threaded and complex it turns out to be.. seemed rural to ear with the women each evening. Ifeel lucky to have livedandexperi. a year later. Henow works forasmall f m in Hawaii called a lifetime full of incredible experiences. Since 1977. He has been in his present position since 1989. the program has His last two years in Gabon as a PCV were spent being grown to includc freshwater f ~ culture. followed by Volunteers teaching English in secondary oversees the budge& for 35 host countries on the African schools. the fust groupof PCVs toarrive Robert Riley.. As we came ro know each orher it only Ogoou6 LoLo Province. 1979-1983 "Peace CorpslGabon is the American image of the African jungle brought to life.. This made for some interesting ing them. Volunteers operated largely independent of 'management' and watch the many children struggle to grow up.. many new friends Makai Ocean Engineering. They were rica Region at Peace Corps headquarters in Washington.In know- in Libreville.-. Gabon is towering dense tropical rainforestscovered witha steamy currain ofclouds. I have found that the longer I live i n another culrure. Ten years later. More than 1. The Gambia Prior to joining the Peace Corps' school consmction .. where he held a similar position. "In Gabon I helped build two three-classroom schools rural Gambia.-.also left behind anda new respect for the modvariomlpower of is a former Peace Corps Volunteer who taught English in the mud brick!" . the capital. came to my Peace Corps Times 22 30th Anniversary Edition . PCV Mark Mariotti.-.000 miles north of New Zealand and about 1. feel that way when I was there..-d ale Jensen served in Kenya with the "While I expected to face many challenges working in . 'The school construc. 1977-1979 --.. my compound owner. teaching.he was theadministration officer on the Peace Corps staff in Gabon.. . rural develop- ment. wild animalsandtkefrend~Gabonesepeoples. I ' l l never forget the November Jensen's consuuction experience led to an interest in morning when Luntang. farming and how Gambians pulled together to get by and ~"< from~the forest ~ and ~ rheirsmall ~ - f a r m .. As a Peace Corps Volunteer.. and allowed mefor thef i s t time to see things i n a lruly global fashion. served enced such a place although I mmt admit I did not always as science teacher in The Gambia in 1990..- program in dabon.eking " out a ." he recalls. I did not anticipate the love and carinn that would be extended to me when I became a member if the and three teachers' houses in small isolated villages in the Manneh family. Riley supervised French insistence at the time.Fiji consistsof some 300 islands. And they would look at the pictures and ask questions.

thenumber of American village woman in Tassor. hut and said. for example. These Volunteers are involved in beekeeping and improved wood stove production as secondarv omiects. the fledgling Peace Corps' respect and concern for the fmt country it was to serve. Health remains one of the primary programs for Peace Corps Volunteers today.a 10-by-10-foot in this West African country of nearly 10 million. Peace raised platform which served as an "outside bed. More than any official speech or statement. three coopera- tive omanizers. the second group arrived here and in- cluded the fmt education Volunteers. Ghana. more than 2. education programs at University Research Corporation in 'Taoganylka was to soon bemme Tanwnla.forestry.They hadn't pawed to absorb the daunting fact that they would be absolutely the first Volunteers (Tanganyika* I had started and finished its training program earlier but would trail Ghanalto Africa by a few days). they are involved in diverse as Guatemala gave me a greater appreciation for functional literacy and educational materials development. our global natural advisors and one electricaj engi- neer. had become 'one.'. Peacecorps' presenceisamplyjustified inTheGambia. two camenters. however. "Living and working in a country as beautiful and tion to ceaching math and science. PCV Marty Pipp. the capital of The Gambia.500 PCVs have successfully and proudly served in this country. &cattle ." -"Come As You Are: The Peace Corps Story" by Coates Redmon O 1986 Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Ghana was the fmt country in the world to welcome Peace Corps Volunteers. Nurse tutors.numbering50. vocational. Twi.1961. Ga. FTVs presently are working in nursery management and extension. Alrlcan nation to gain Independence after World War n. and they sang the Ghanaian national anthem in the Ghanaian language. Conditions quickly improved. In addi. there was an unspoken sense of being special . water sanitation and ruraldevelopmenLMore than 50 uibal languages are spoken Memories of chatting on the bantaba . The Cambia. During the 1960s. 30. helps political and economic difficulties.. deputy director of health Corns members can converse in manv of these dialects. This West African nation is ranked by thc United Nations as one of the least develo~edcountries in the world. Md. his simple gesture of friendship and understanding signaled to Ghana- ians and to the world. 'What a wonderful place America is. Smaller than Connecticut it has'been inhabited since ancient times. Peace Corps Volunteers stepped off the plane at Kotoka International Airpoll in Accra.. 1979-1981 training and employableskills. ~evinie&FTVs were in the first group to arrive here in 1967. men and women sewing here dropped below 100 for the first Lime in 22 years." remain etched on the mind of Many Pipp. in 1980. Since then. the size of the Peace Corps program in Ghana reached 415 Volunteers. teacher training. most of whom served as science and malh teachers in Ghana's secondary schools. In late 1969. Pipp was a health volunteer in the Peace Corps. In 1983. else coulda peanutfarmer like me become president?' . because of Susan Caster. and in Mansakonko. That number included livemechanics. " The principal areas on which PCVs concenmate in Ghana aresecondary education. The mle of education PCVs is shifting. Where and a core group of around 100 serves here at any one time. On Aug. four consrmction s~ecial- ists. Other key current projects are education and forestry extension. this nation's capital. In the forestry area. Ghana "The Ghana Igroup. the 22nd Bethesda. a PCV from Roswell. My Peace Corps experience Peace Corps Times I 30th Anniversary Edition . are teaching basic nursing skills to students enrolled at nursing schools in Guatemala Banjul..

the determination and dedication o~. a marine biologist with the U. while senring as a Peace Corps Volunteer. was Guinea -~~~~. Anotherrange. Some PCVs are working in soil conservation in order to mental treasurehouse with lush rainforests. parallels the Pacific Ocean and includes a include reforestation and resource management education. Guatemalaisan environ. wilhother PCVs. and back. agricultural extension in the Oriente region of Guatemala health and small business development. Environ. Richard Duttlinger.PCV Tim Kasten. who spent from February 1965 to I Duttlinger'sprimary work wasin alargepo~ltryproject that required extensive cooperation wirh other pans of the Peace Corps Times 24 30th Anniversary Edition . 1965-1967 and the people I worked with in Guinea. 1983-1985 More than 2. community development assistance in rural and poor areas. Guatemala. Locatedjustsouth of Mexico.000American men and women have served as Peace Corns Volunteers here since 1963 includlne about 150 assigned there today. worked in n e y are currently specializing in agriculture. instilled in me the importance of international cooperation peakincentral America. Guinea "From rural Indiana to rural West Africa to rural November 1966as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guinea. chainofactive volcanoes.LakeAtitlinis and understanding to meet the environmental challenges one of the most spectacular inland bodies of water in the facing our planet. mental Protection Agency based in Washington. where he worked farmer knows no dflerence or language. world. Apprehensive youngsters watch as Ohio PCV Bob Furillo gingerly handles bees in Guatemala in 1990. Volunteers have long provided Tim Kasten. A small group of PCVs has been working in development of lacks the speclacle of Live volcanoes but boasts the tallest national parks and in wildlife management.S. 12." he says. Conservation effons Sierra Madre. One mountain range. ogy to do rhe best andstrive to do better. skills or technol.theCuchumatanes. ~ f the I assinned lnthenonhem town ofTelimele." -PCV Richard "I was born and raised on a farm in lndiana and was often smck with the similarities between my background Duttlinger. Guinea and Togo. the and forest acreage from severeemsion." .conservation.417-footZemal. cool mountain restore and preserve potentially valuable agricultural land highlands and rich coastal plain.

They are open. math and science. 1. have srayed forever.N. adding. and (they) primary role for the American Volunteers. forever making me aware of and sensirive ro rhe my woes and seck advice from the wisc old headmaster. the people werefriendly.. he served as the Peace Corps Conakry who would normally not be eligible for credit from recruiter and liaison. Volunteers also are working in rural Since then. I wasa rhird-year Volunreer and1 could country. After being lerminated twice previously because of After leaving Guinea. Guinea-Bissau "We werefirst year country rhere whichcan be hardbur English as a second language.J. and remarked.1973.300-acre fann.pointed tome-theonly white lo making some individual lives berrer. 1. Most of the nation. I expected hosriliry and ir was just rhe Her last year she was teaching in thecapilalcity. a program was re-eslablished here in 1986. toscwe in Guinea-Bissau. dreams of going back to this former located south of Senegal. PeaceCorpsmcmbers focuson community agriculture. Dutllingcr went on to Togo. marshy terrain. some life-long friend. breeding stock to upgrade the local chickens. DuttlingerattendcdPurdue purpose was toestablish aprocessof providing financial and University.' realify over rime.1988. sometimes 1966 after a long period of negotiations. found myself being taken 6 the cleaners by some adorable ' Peace Corps Times 25 30th Anniversary Edition . worked for two yearsas a high school teacherinaruralGuyanesecommunity whilesewing independent nation meant wesurcly had tobeonour toesand as a Peace Corps Volunteer.PCV Robert face in the crowd . but the 6ct that my prcsenc&d thatof theother PCVs was given such a varied interprclation in this newly Star-LedgerofNewark. 1968-1970 imperialist spy in their midsL "I neither thought of myself as a gift horse nor as an Roben Cohen. Dutllinger has returned to farming. the Washington correspondent for The imperialist. laugh1 English in a rural also to provide both feed for the chickens and a market Thcy have three sons. consists of low. m k o u t his bull horn. of 20 years. When I went to explain my life. 'Boy. discussions are now underway about resuming "After one week as a meen but enthusiastic teacher. He healthcentersandsettinguptreenurseriesat thevillagelevel produces corn and mint and raises cattle and buffaloon his under a foresw program. With half of the country's population under 20 years of age. It has since that time been struggling to creak a national infrastructure to deal with the myriad problems left to it after the 13-year Californian Mary Schmida.Theprogram's 1967. Schmida. enrolling in its international agriculture pro. On the Purdue campus. is a professor at Purdue. Bur I lefi with an undersranding and "A few wccks later. who hasa bachelor'sdegree in linguisticsand community health and education with emphasis on mining planstoenrollasagraduatestudentsoshecanstudy teaching English kachers. Following 527 ycarsofPortugueserule. I'm not going to look a gift horse grand visions that certainly became grounded in a harsher in the mouth. Hegot upon topof ships and a feeling rhar I conrribured in or leasr a small way hiscar." the time he spent here. 24. who was in ihe Fusl group revolution for national independence. Cuinea.Bissau. hc worldoursiderheshelreredexisrenceofmiddleclassAmerica. the Marxist candidate for prime appreciarion of a differenr culture. Because rhere weren'r very many wesrerners cbmmunity in Guinea-Bissau her fust two ycars as a PCV. put his arm around me. Several years ago. 1988-1990 declared its independenceon Sept. Peace Corps entered this South American country in "For the most parl. The receprion was incredible. technical assistance to the landless poor in arcas outside of gram. suggeslcd that time would show the I enrered rhe Peace Corps with a sense of idealism and some way. Linda. When hecameback home. in rhe counrry.PCV Mary Schmida. He still has indelible images of sensitive to all situations.and accused me of being a CIA Cohen." . Presently. also helping write Lhe national English curriculum for thc judgmenralpeople. I a Peace Corps program here. Guyana. Portuguese province of West Africa. Other PCVs arc teaching English. a small where hecompleted hisPeaceCorpsservicein December of businessassistancepmgramwaseslablished." . Guinea-Bissau Bissau. "But there were some varied experiences. education was a just curious about this American white man. political factors extraneous 0 Peace Corps. Guyana 1967-1971 "The Peace Corps was clearly a defining experience of but mischievous 12-year-old boys. minister campaigned in thecommunity. banking institutions. of Peacecorps Volunteerssworn in on Oct. A major emphasis of the project was to provide person for Friends of Guinea. but opposire. After an absence welcomed me and made me feel at home. non." Cohen recalls. His wife. Duttlinger is the contact for the eggs.

The conch divers could free dive Michael TuUey has Lived ona couple ofothercontinenv. I was immersed in rhe most horrible. Pitzgerald. Illinois Volunteer Jackie Macdonald helps boys and girls with their homework in Haiti in 1987. 1962-Present ity of the Haitian boat people left. thar loved served until December 1987. They were 1977-1979 skilled at tying and mending nets.Trainees in thereturning Peace to re11 jokes 'bay blag' and laugh. the poorest counlry in the Western Hemisphere. then went U. "The last rimelsetfoolin CenrralAmerica wasin 1979. yet surrounding me were happypeople. Honduras. save the denim of their sails. leer in Haid. It is a beautiful. Haiti. Tulley. 1982-1985 teacher training and youth dcvelopmcnL Later groups have worked in agriculture. Their ingenious fish uaps yielded bountiful catches. E. I had an opportunity to help develop a marine fisheries projcct with the Haitian government and Peace Corps. and from there air freighted to Miami. health adminismtion.' " .PCV Michael S. a research assistant at Johns Haiti. Haiti "One of the most significant aspects of the Haitian Peace Corps Volunteers returned to Haiti in early 1990 people was their ability lo laugh." Fitzgerald says looking back.grofores~y ."hesa~s. whcre he stayed unl~l1985. As a Peace Corps Volun." -PCV Matthew April and set to work in health care. dominatcd by moun- 1983. "These fishermen wereabsolutelyremarkable. bur 1 still tell my Spanish-speakingfriends rhar I am 'medio "Their boats were built by hand and rigged with only locally Hondurerio. . a. Ecuador and Haiti. was aptly named "high land" by its early Arawak Indian served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ecuador from 1982 lo scttlers. "This entailed living and fishing with the Honduras fishermcnof Haiti'snorthwestrcgion. afteratwo-yearabsencecaused by instability in thecountry. They had such a srrong Corps group in January 1990 took their oath as PCVs in spirir wirh brighteyesandbrighrsmiles. Fitzgcrald. This isby far thcmost destitute region in Haiti and the zone from which h e major. to601065 feet withease while1s~uggledtoget down m40. available material. lains which cover nearly 80 percent of its landscape." since he completed his Peace Corps service in Honduras as Fitzgerald remembers thal lobswand red fish was iced a mckcoach and leader in a communitydevelop and sent down to Port-au-Prince by "UP tap" (Haitian bus) mentprogram. abject PCVs first arrived in this island nation in March 1983 and poverty. rugged land. Hecurrently is personnelofficerinBelgrade. Peace Corps Times 26 30th Anniversary Edition . and small busincss de- vclopment. Matthew E. "Towards the end o l my service in Haiti. Hopkins School of Hygicneand Public Health in Baltimore.

The PCVs serving in the English E ~ ~ ~ ~ . lndia. Kennedy hanging from the sup- one of the Peace Corps' largest Inter-America Region pro. When I entered a regional diversities. A few weeks before Tulley left Honduras as a PCV. "Our goal. Peace Corps Times 27 30th Anniversary Edition . countries.Yugoslavia. They wcrc assigned to agricultural training. helping Hungarians reach be- yond their borders by understanding the international language of commerce. portpoles.was being achieved. Brian Hernon. who is a leader of there are no mud huts. there is no malaria. if you lookfor it. to help develop a sponing infrasuuclure outside the major cities -and incidenlillly. in secondary schools and with the U. Cameroon. each day will bring its own adventure. R U I S . "You simply cannot compare this program with any other . in California and in Pennsyl- "My strongesr feelings about India were not related to vania in cersonneland labor relations. agriculture. in primary classrooms. from mine that each day will bring its own adventure. PCV Michael Por- ter. we grams.413 PCVs served there in agriculture. "I think it's time we ditched our preconceptions of what Peace Corps should be.give kids a spon option other than futbol . geographicaland off the main road to visit a teacher. No. Hungary During the years the Peace Corps was in India. nuuition assistance. "Miz Lillian. Hereceived amaslet's degree 1" international management from Thunderbid m our work but ro a bond that I perceived between our two 1984 and jo~nedthe Foreign Sew~ccin 1986.Ohio. I remember traveling to a very small village well ~onduras is acountry of vast cultural." -PCV Brian a wide variety of projects. All hype aside. is a member of the initial group to go to Hungary. Hernon. State Depamnent in Yaounde. Peace Corps' close partnership with the people of projects in the Punjab. One of the poorest counuies in Latin America. when an American landedon the moon." "I know my li/e will be infinitely enriched by the servedas a nurse with the Peacc Corps in lndia from 1966 to experience. he was mining colleges and universities. Some of Peace Corps' most successful programs here have been in forestry. Peace Corps Ihat he participated in as an official." In July of 1989." Poner says. this Central American country has played host to R a m . remember that we are pioneers here.S. The fust 24 Peace Corps Volunteers anived in lndia in rural healthcare. through the do so is pointless. President Caner's mother. But indeed. with the Foreign Service. With the opening of a regional environmental center in there was a national grammar school sports championship Budapest to serve Eastern and Cenual Europe. where Americansareteaching English in schools throughout the counuy. education. Hungary. I live and work in a cultwe so radically d~fferent 1968. 4. Volunteers also will now be able to work in environrnenial "Every city and town where I had helped develop an management and education using the resources available athletics program sent representatives. Tulley worked for five years for Campbell Soup Co. Later. I felt and feel preuy good about chat" India After leaving the Peace Corps. President Bush announced the historic decision to send Peace Corps Volunteers to Hungary whilehe wasvisiting Budapest Thefust American men and women toserve there arrived in the summer of 1990. Nehru and John F. health and 1990-Present nutrition programs." . education and teacher December of 1961. C ~ L I I I education programare working in teacher PCV David Billet of Los Angeles teaches English in Budapest suburb. Their initial efforts led to the signing Honduras is now beginning its fourth decade. From its jungle lowlands to its western thatched tea hut to wait for the return bur1 saw apicture of highlands. Previously.0fCopley. were congratulated by Indians who seemed to be even more Honduras has requested Peace Corps Volunteers to work in proudof theaccomplishrnenr than we were." he said. 1990-1992 Michael Poner. No. of Philadelphia. Volunteers have served in urban. in law 1962 of a formal intergovernmental agreement cov- ering future operations in India. 1969-1970 semi-urban and rural settings.

Even today. - President Carter's mother. Friends of India." .' served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in India in 1968.rather than in rerms of a concern for my personal safe9 and well being.. my inrerprerarion was i n t e r m of universal ideologies . I hear of teaching efforts in India along the lines where we had worked. Recently. preliminary discussions have been held about the possibility of PCVs returning to India someday. the more incredible rhe experience seems. Whar amazesmeasl reflecr back is that in ihemidsr of thepolirical srruggles during my service i n Indonesia. - Former Peace Corps Volunteer Judy Heinig Herriff. Indonesia 1963-1965 "The older I ger and rhefurrher distance i n yearsfrom my service. says that "a numbcr of olher (Peace Corps) Volunteers "feel a strong link to India" still.ruraldevelopmentandpublic health.- good dental hygiene in Honduras in 1989." Volunteers here served in a wide range of development projecls scattered across 15 states. working in various agriculturalprojects. "My experience in India in the Peace Corps may not be typical of a lo1 of volunteers. 'Miz Lillian. Indonesia. 'The science teachers workshops I was a part of were well organized and suppolled by an Indian state agency.nuuition. The majorily of these PCVs served in villagesand small towns. 1964-1965 I PCV Jacaueline Bender of Texas encouraees . a Peace Corps Times 28 30th Anniversary Edition .PCV Judy Heinig Herriff.democracy versus communism ." Hernon says.

limited licensed psychologist living in Michigan. the need work in youth development. daughters.'' she says. they taught Missouri PCV Elaine Willoughby shares special English. and undertake urbanJnuaI community development pro- grams. Efforts to expand the program using more technically oriented PCVs were ultimately unsuccessful. coming home in 1966. Sincc 1962. Shalala." Herriff says of Peace Corps service.when theprogram closeddown. because of increased following year a community services sector was created to indusuializadon and changingemploymentuends. "Out of Many. in physical comforrs andeven necessiries. "I feel there is no better experience to hclp a person put his own beliefs and the policies of his nation into a clear focus. A small Volunteers assigned to vocational education were placed in enterprisc development sector was established in 1987. The PCVs serving in this Persian country worked in education.Ir was an e x l r a o r d i ~ r yeducarion in humility and humanity. products." Peace Corps Volunteers are 1962-Present carrying out the first mandate of the original Peace Corps "When I think ofJamaica1 thinkof a land that isfull of Act by helping this island nation meet ils needs for uaincd pulsaring life. Wisse went with her husband to Malaysia. chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. thar ir was diqicult lo think of few shon months after finishing her Peacc Corps assign. myselfas parr of a developmenr effort. lhc Volunteers were liked and respected. To help fulfill Jamaica's national motto. During the 14 years that PCVs were in Iran. in the areas of and agricultureprograms. where they parr of rheir lesson to me -!hat rhey may lack in material spent two years working in a Viemamese refugee camp. spent her two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in "In the 'bush. oneof the first hoslcounlries on the Peace Corps' roster. Now there is a possibility for a second generation Peace Corps member in Heniff's family. agriculture and education. Wisse has two methods. who is living in Pennsylvania and raising a 1965-Present family. then.' Kenyansshowedsuch a genial. Iran. 1962-1964 Donna E. Herdaughter has applied to go overseas as a Volunteer. agriculture and architecture moment in 1973 with a young Jamaican girl. PCV Donna E. unemploy- mentand illiteracy.PeaccCorps Volunteers have been working gram emphasis shifted From urban to rural development. And this. They also designed and built schools. to more than 70. yet they Peace Corps Times 29 30th Anniversary Edilion . with just 47 PCVs sewing there in the several years the program was in operation.parksandbuildings.863 Peacecorps Volun- teers to go toIran. Iran was a country of great complexity and sophisticarion - particularly in ihe villages. A atrachmenr to their way of life. Peace Corps' experience in Indonesia was brief. smiles of the people and rheir animated conversarion. Ir's evidenr in the sea. the green frees. Shalala. And who can resist moving ro rhe bears of [he reggae rhyrhm?" --PCV Lisa Wisse.Jamaica. in [he manpower. the country's needs and pro. In the field.andinuoducdnewagricultural "I'm now a full-time mother. She was among those Peace Corps Volunteers forced to leave Indonesia in the spring of 1965. arrived in Indonesia in the fall of 1964. vocational education. The small rural towns and villages where.was oneof 1. Jamaica Behind the tourist facade here lies povcny. provide services to thedisabled for training became essential. One People. was ment. innocenl Jamaica working as an occupational therapist in Lucea. And how (hey loved their chil- dren!" .000 students. They worked with youth as insuuctors in both physical education and sports programs. Iran "ThePeace Corpsmademe a citizen of the world. 1984-1986 Kenya Lisa Wisse.andshecompleledher service overseas in Thailand. As the years progressed.

We are forever changed by the people of Until 1979 Kiribali was known as the Gilbcrt Islands. Other volun- host to thousands of Peace Corps Volunteers like Steve tees have taught basic accounting and management Pmc- ~ ~ twho h taughtbiology ~ . that 'tiny nation' who taught us to expandour consciousness formerly a British colony. 1979-1981 bearded man whodriftedashoreat Beru in a boat shaped like - PCV Jim Kelly of Issaquah. Volunlccrs also have worked in a malaria research now is an environmental resource specialist with the U. red-haired. PCVs Michael chains were discovered by white-skinned. Peacecorps programs in Africa. t ~ K~~~~ has d played been provided to rapidly growing small towns.rrica. PCVs have panicipaled in youth experience. o w thoughls return to much pcople of the sea. ala rural govcmmcntschool and tices. red- Herpel a n d Darcy Miller. A high of PCVs sewing in the counUy has fluclualed belween 180 priority has been placed on Kenya's need for math. science and 300at one time.makingandsailingcanoes.t. Corps of Enginwrs in Omaha. sounds. Kiribati "Our livesandour minds were e ~ r m o u s l y impacted by The residents on the rural islands of Kiribati are very our experience in Kiribati. the Kiribati people. observes mechanics workinz on car in Maseru. In recent years. the source of coconut oil. Rothe. cultivatingbabai. One of the most beautiful and varied placcs on the Young. and smells we is copra -dried coconut meat. Wash. in 1973. Kiribati. the other Peace Corps Volun. I envied them that.are spiritually and culturally rich beyond my previous and English teachers. Kiribati: to the life-long friendships forged between our. the number bringing the "lessonsw heyhave learned back home." -PCV Steven C. fish is the staple of the islanders' diet. Lesotho. They have helped Kenya. came to cherish. Assistance has ~ ~ on he~ coast ~ . middleaged and older volunteers representing African continenl. O w senses relive the sigho. and the major cxpon teers.S. Kenya is the site of one of ihe largest hediversity o f ~ m e r i c ahave served in a ofways .. development and technical training. p~ Peace C o r p s Times 30 30th Anniversary Edition . Traditional skills include fishing. Local tradition claims the island to encompass a global perspective.Locallycaught selves. Ofien. 1976-1978 implement a multi-faceled program designed lo help Kenya meet itsgoalofpotable water forall Kenyans. ~'oJec1in westem Kenya." .

one year Lesotho after thecounuy gained indcpcndencefromGrcat Britain. statis." Peace Corps was invited to Lesotho in 1967. while the Basotho have won a lot general areas of marketing. Wichhart.S. Wimber was a science tcacher at Holy Cross High government ministries and high schools. Hisvisit wasthehighest level U.LoriL. Lesotho. Peacecorps Director Paul D. of elecfric light bulbs. works in the graduate advisor's office at American phasis of Peace Corps be primarily for language training so University's School of International Services. here have asked for assistance at teacher training colleges." . tians have also expressed a strong interest in obtaining help "Pcace Corps has garneled a lot of supporters over the in trainingforsmallcnterpriscdevelopment-includingthe past22 years in Lesotho. the Lao. "To me it felt good to bc there. mountainous counuy. whopresently isaconuacttraining ber." he says. Coverdell set the stage for an historic agreement when he went to the Laotian capital of Vientiane last Decem. the Republic of South Africa. Lesotho. while ihcy the pioneering PCVs here will be teaching English. PCV Thomas S. I remember (Continued on page 34) Peace Corps Times 31 30th Anniversary Edition . and reaching srudenu. abour the marvels A training group of 15 Peace Corps Volunteer candi. chasing riny herdboys around in games of tag. wirh country. A dramatically beautiful. 1985-1987 everprogram in thisancientAsian land. Most of the nation's its small cafes.Olficials both were serving as Peace Corps Volunteers in Lesotho.from January 1985toDcccm- Because of their desire for economic reform. the post ofice. Wimber.-Laocontactsincethe oflicer for thePeaceCorps. School in Mekaling. Maybe it'ssimply a practical expression of thc belief that we are all citizens of planet Earth and can live togelher. promoting foreign trade. tics and management. ber 1987. Thomas S. the bus stop. Wimber.Lesotho is the 1967-Present only coun!q in the worldcompletely surrounded by another "I can srillpicrure my village in Lesothoperfectly. who used candles for Summer 1991 illuminarionwhile doing their homework.calls Colorado home but lives in end of the war in Southeast Asia thewashingtonarea. Hemethis wifc. of friendships. watching deeporangesunsets wirh my Basorhofriendsas we Laos discussed local gossip.who The Laotian government has asked that the initial em. dates is expected toanive here in June to establish the fust.

who is a Pittsburgh clcmentary schwl leacher. "Brotherly love" In Mali. The display of brotherly affection inspired h i s photograph by California K V Leah Newell. Peace Corps Times 32 30th Anniversary Edition . hcse three Honduran children in El Nispero. Santa Barbara.." SchoolchildreninSicrraLmneconcspondwith fourthgraders in Pennsyl- vania as part of a pen pal project inilialed by PCV David O'Neill and his sister.. Faces of the World - Best Photo Contest Edited by Brian Liu '%lm Sundav" . "Dear Pittsburgh. ~~~ ~ . Ewa Diallo eagerly accepts the respon- sibility of canying his new baby brother. low off their Sunday best for PCV Herman Hinnenkamp.

Peace Corps Times 33 30th Anniversary Edition .

at lhc southwcstm gradualing with adegrce in American history from Harvard.PaulB. discornforrsare more than offset by h e overall satishction culture and health. wirhour Fifth Congressional Disuict. He still speaks today of the ever seeing a f e m l e or ralking in English. includccducation. Marshall Jr. Bur I don't want to overly romanlicire this 1966-1969 experience. "Thirteen years before. extremity of the western bulge of Africa and ils coastline (Continued from page 31) runs for 370 miles along the Atlantic Ocean. Robert P. Many localcs where they were in health and nuuition. was a time of legacy of Peace Corps service. were involved with fisheries. thanks to (Libyan leader Moammur) GadhuJi's revolurion. associate general counsel for encd with a more comprehensive and empathetic under. forestry. withour electricity orrunning water. Husband-and-wife PCVs David Alpin and Susan Gardels train diver at Monkey Bay in Malawi in 1988. while a1 the same time having been pcrsonally broad. Liberia and hoursa week learning English.S. Thirteen yearsafier. sizeo f ~ h i oLiberia ." . it is a good and the minor activity. Peace Corps Times 34 30th Anniversary Edition . Rep. two with a sense of forever. Current projects. U. Libya was described as the nowed out of frustrations i n trying to adapt to different world'spoorest country. But nine months in is a fourth-lcrm congressman from aSaharan oasis." Volunteers were called home from Liberia last year Liberia when civil unrest p s c d conccrns for their safcty and sccu- rity. moment in 1968-69. courresyofthePeace Corps. rural de- Education was the primary focus with the majority of vclopment and health among otheractivities. Butfor one brief shining liness from being away from morefamiliar surroundings." -PCV Paul Henry. of the kingdom's landscape. who in bothLiberiaand a minorfootnore in thal nation's history. il wasconsid- cultures. agri. Accomplishments in the Peace Corps are win.. however. eredthe capital of world terrorism. Close to 4.PCV Bob Marshall. every Libyan fourth grader spent 12 But somehow it works. thc rust 6 0 PCVS in Lesotho serving as secondary teachers In the rural areas. Throughout the time that Peace clccuicityor running nibbledat has been lhere have been numerous program houses wherethey lived." Henry Observes.000 people live in the lowlands which constitute about a fourth Corps Volunteers served there over years. strange food and lone.Thcsecircumslancespromptedonc shills but education remains the cenlcrpicce of Volunteer to nolc: -All in all. solitude and beaury and learning that will affect my life "One comes home. 1968-1969 having contributed knowledgeand skills toone's hostcoun- try. joined Peace Corps standing of the Third World. 1962-1990 "The Peace Corps experience offers a great opportu- nity for aperson to broaden his or her understanding of our Libya global village while at the sume time addressing basic humun needs. in York. Libya. of my work. PCVs found life difficult but rich in were deve'o~mcntworkersand expem persona[ challenge. 1963-1965 lnrreadofreshuping Libyo'ssystemofed~~cation. dgerent concepts of time. webecame. Ethiopia. education.

After 21 years. Millette was a member of the Nyasaland I group of Dillerences with h e host government over che role Volun- PCVs made up of 42 teachers. Md.'For wouldpmvidePCVswith theskill levelsrequircdby Malawi.Millettespentayearandaha1fhit~hhik- have. teers should play prompted theearlier and business managcmcnt. Volunteers work in health. Malawi was then known as shesays. Linda and Europe. con- of me. The Peace Corps has been in Malawi three times. Nyasaland.Marshall served as a Peace Corns Volunteer in both Libya I 1.. Thc lives I ment. spent lhree D.C. After leaving this small landlocked African nation in Peace Corps Times 35 30th Anniversary Edition . ." puter programming. education. We were the American Peace Corps 'pioneers' ro Malmvi. area where I am again looking for something with the years "in the bush at a teacher mining college in Mlanje as challengeand reward I felt so long agoand an ocean away. touchedandwhotouehedmewiUforeverremainavividpart They also provide technical assismce in accounting. "We are now married and living most happily in the Linda Milleue of Upper Marlboro. so much more than I gave. and water and sanitation development. in 1989. she was reunited with another Peace Corps Volunteer with whom she socialized while in 1963-1965 her host country. I 1963-69 1973-76 1978-Present PCV Mark Chamberlain samples beef brochetles "The cliche of the erafir meperfecrly-I felrl received from Fanta Koita.. a Bamako vendor. enterprise develop person I wanted to be as I ventured through life. the Middle East arear." a Peacc Corps Volunteer. and because of that had op- porruniriesandexperiencesrhnrgroupsrofollowwerenever Decembcrof1965."shesays. it was in Malawi that I solidified my own values and the Presently. but the "The Peace Corps gave me the opportunity for the fmt Peace Corps returned in 1978 with the understanding it most importantgrowthexperienceof my life. for those few who into ing bough East Africa and North Africa.

Some PCVs in Malaysia worked in rehabilitation and Luery. in whose Third World. Officially known as the Federation of Malaysia. "I wouldsay that I'manambassadorloday inpart. Conn. PCV Joe Wirbicki. a fisheries specialist. ambassador to Nepal. who is a development education coordinator for psychiatric pmgrams. 1983-1986 was still a novelty.whoiscurrenLIy serving as U. was among the first of 4. Still otherstaughtstudenis America want to know and understand and learn about math and scicnce and vocauonal education. they developed projects in poultry raising.concenuatingon helping handicapped Technoserve in Nowalk.. Malian host. Malaysia '7 went back to my (own inSabahalmost20 yearsafier I was a Volunteer there and I never expected to see so many ofmy former srudenrs. "Com- mitment and the act of volunteering Timbuktu is typical ofthe thousandsof small towns and - often were enough to cam the volun. 'You taught us to think and to bedifferent. is that it doesn't end with the completion of two years of long interest in development and the service.S.243Peace Corps Volunteers who served in Malaysiaovera span of nearly 21 years. because of my Volunteer experience.ifnot in large part." they have discovered it's a small world after all. villages in this landlocked African country. They said. The countries that we went to Bloch ary oulpost becamc synonymous with cnd-of-the-world were vcryreceptive. Malay Peninsula and two on the island of Bornco. education and health programs. Mali. 1964-1966 The Honorable Julia Chang Bloch. but the Iegend- teer.hassincemy deparrureopened my own personal interest in interna. 1971-Present bassador in U." . Luery. I think today developingcoun&ieshave rcmoteness. Thc first Peace Corps Volunteers arrived in Bamako. in the spring of 1971 to help lessen the Southeastern Asia country consists of eleven smtes on the hardships inflicted by asevcrcdrought. joined when shc was 21. even rhe local language i n which we communicated. Malaysia. be more professional in the sense of having more skills. the thing that they kept telling me was that some ofthe best days of their lives werespent withme. they worked in agriculture. "I'm the rust Asian American am. the Peace Corps Andrea D.' " -PCV Julia Chang Bloch. For the hundreds of Peace Corps Volunteers become more sophisticated. Mama Fornba. her doors to AVO other Volunteers. was able to help show her children. taught architecture and civil engineering.PCV "In those days. the connecrion of two Corps is different than the one she worlds. history. strolls with Malaysian man in 1980. MamaFomba..From the capital up to my village and bock. The latest of these tional affairs. M y closest friend in Mali.S. f a n ." Am- Mali bassador Bloch says.. They'reexpecting volunleers to who have gone to Mali over the years like Andrea Luery. In this tropicallandofgreatconmis. this the capital of Mali. vegetable pm- Peace Corps Times 36 30th Anniversary i3dition . Reuniting Thc former PCV who became a wilhMamainmy homein Connecticut thisfallreinforcedfor diplomat believes that today's Peace me the knowledge that thefriendship. Others inagricultureprogramsassisteddaj.S. and I say this " A remarkable trurh about the Peace Corpsexperience bccause Pcacc Corps gave me a life. Twenty-fivestrong. Volunteers also peoplc in faraway places. It also really reaffirmed fumilyllivedeightyearsago. is still strong and will remain with meforever." she says." Volunteers brought Mama with her to the U. thatpeoplea halfworld away in ers impmvelheir milk production.

and handicraft producdon and marketing." . but the Peace Corps returned in 1990. The program in this Mediterranean island is small. Mauritania. In an effort to increase milk and beef produc- tion with the specificaimofensuringadequatefoodsupplies at relatively low prices. a Peace Corps Volunteer. one vowtional education teacher. com- munity development. Currently. Some sccondary projectshaveincluded youthdevelopmen~agriculture. Reynold Derrer. a librarian. water resource management. Despite being one of the poorest countries on therequest 1967 1971-1991 of the hostgovernmen~. A change in the political climate led to Peace Corps' departure from Malta in 1977.flies. The first dozen Peace Corps Volunteers arrived in Peace Corps Times 37 30th Anniversary Edition . Other Vol- directsthepaloAltoInslituteforGroupTherap~in California. assisted in the eradication of an outbreak of hoof and mouth disease. the area was administered as part of a Peace Mauritania Corps presence in all of Micronesia. Peace Corps has been in the Marshall Islands since 1966. 1966-1968 I dents in outer island elementary schools. vegetable gardening and small en- terprise development. Victoria Persinger Lee. unteers teach scienceor vocational subjects in a high school served in a community development program on the island in ~ ~ j ~ ~ ~ . 1974-1976 teach English and health to seventh and eighth grade stu.anindependent PeaceCorps/Marshall Islands post was created in 1986. In the spring of 1975." .twoarchitects. PCV schools and their communities. Malta 1970-1977 1990-Present The firstPeacecorps Volunteers. I could look our concenuate on education and health. and Peace realize how forrunare I was lo be able to experience flus Corps Volunteers work on health education projects in the scene that could have happened 1. Islands. Mali is generally thought to have suffi- cient underexploited resources to allow substantial im- provements in the srandard of living. "When rhe hear. Marshall Islands 1966-Present "The Peace Corps made us a generation that believes in peace throughperson-to-person contacts across national boundaries. PeaceCorps/Malta will conduct a pre-feasibility study on whether to establish an environmental education program in 1991. Mauritania.". secondary education. Initially. ~owevei. but effective. a clinical psychologist who . one of the high points of Pcace Corps service in Malta came when Dr. improved woodsloves. As a result of massive tourism and limited land space. and endless meals of camel Today the Peace Corps' programs in the Marshalls meat and rice would start lo ger tne down. forestry. there are 150 PCVs working in the fields of integrated rural development.arrived here in 1970.000years ago. a mathlscience teacher and a linguistics insuucmr.PCV Vicky Persinger Lee. Most education Volunleers Byrun Morris. of Majuro. in 1984. thegovernmentrequested assistance in theareasofvelerinaryscienceand largeanimal husbandry. dust.duction. see a group of Nomads riding their camels and problems in the islands are largely preventable.Ithinkthat visioniscrucia/tothesu~ivalofthe California Volunteer Erik Vidstrand weighs child plane1 now. an atoll of the Ratak chain in the western Pacific. water resource management and agricultureexten- sion. Most common health my door. Malta has many environmental concerns which must be addressed. Marshall using sling in village of Dr.

. . pest control and cross-breeding and the whilc scrving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mauritius. -. -.-. upper high school levels across the entire island. Peace Corps Times 38 30th Anniversary Eiition . Sauderisa senior television produccrand direc- along wiihequalamounrsofpoveriy. In the fall of 1988. a forestry project s m e d with five Volunteers. Mauritius "Mauririlrswnracorurtry of conlrast:incredible beauty Today. Speaking of experience. . adding. and work as nurses and social workers in maternal and child health care centers. Becauseofpresenttensions in theMiddleEast.-. a rnvlt~~re..Peacc Corps Volunteers wcrc brought home earlier Lhis year.I repr&uction and growth pauems. a small number of Volunteers bcgan teaching English around the counny." Moms says. The maternal and child care and preventative health education programs werecombined. plant rice and vegetablcs. Agency for Intcma- tional DevelopmenL Thcnext year. Later. teaching English in lycees (high schools) and a teacher training college.VPN -. . 1970-1972 The construction of salt and drvine .PCV Joseph Sauder. helped towards indurrrializarion. These studies led to have ro say that ir changedeachof &.'The friendships and understanding that I was able to share with -- .J." ' I nutrition class in Micronesian village in 1980. focusing on preventative health care: education. . in which PCVs worked on oasis and river basin extension projecrs: commu- nity health education. a second PCV came who also workcd on a poultry project." . wherenew pumpsdonatcd through USAID were introduced to the rural area. thepeace Corps returned with one Volunteer working in a regional poultry project sponsored by the I PCVs Vicki Anderson and Steve Dosh conduct lasting conuibutions from the P a c e Corps..wnnlr -. He establishmentof an agricultural youth club werealso imple- broadcast educational programming covering all subjects to mented by Volunteers.. "The project was notcontinued after my term ofservice bccausc war in the Spanish Sahara made it toodangerous for Volunteersto remain in h e area. it.. Looking back 20 Years..Thepeace Corpseforr tor at a community college in S p m . Mauritius.frnm .some waysfor Ihe and production. Morris was first in A m . teach English and mathematics. staff the Nouakchott Hospital in Mauritania's capital city. The most recent program emphasis in this historic homeland of thc Moors was on agriculture. orhers for rhe worse. In response to na- tional priorities. Byron Moms.. F.. Peace Corps provided PCVs to dig wells. PCVs workcd in various areas ofovster and shrim~ island has ~ r o s ~ r e din.more !hanwe changed expanded or the island's fishing industry. worked for thc Ministry of Agriculture on a project lo irrigate small vegetable gardens while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mauritania. the Ocean. Programs toimpmveheraisingofanimals Joseph Sauder was an education television specialist through feeding. In 1971. where hcset up ashop to repair and mainlain irrigation pumps. stations h e l d many fishermen.-Wmferners .S. and reforestation and dune stabili- zation. Peacecorps in 1984doubled the number of PCVs working in agriculture. . clnced In . Over the next 10 years. N. During Lheir brief stay on this island in the Indian men1 away from simpliciiy. an: . who is a senior estimator for a large construction company in Atlanta. By the fall of 1986. Mauritania in 1967 to build roads and dig wells. rechnology and develop. but Peace Corps' initial presence in this harsh land was less than a year long becausetheentire American mission wasaskedtoleave when the Arab-Israeli conflict broke out. including studying life styles: feeding habi. he worked in Tidjikja.

who teaches youngsters with behavioral In past years.. an Associate Volunteer. she sonnel.smallbusinessadvisorsand larded children. Yapstategovernment's Division of Marine Resources since They live with her mother in kecping with the uadition of 1985. Pollution dur- agreement with the Peace Corps was drafted. The Republic of Palau. more than a third of these PCVs in this disorders and learning disabilities in St. Serving ar a Volunteer helped me to gel considered P m of Micronesia but the Peace Corps program my priorities of life in order. when thc Mongolia Compact of Free Association with theunited Statesbecame effective for the Federated States of Micronesia providing Summer 1991 the FSM with authority for self-government. Karen Edwin. teacher vainer and program coordinator for deaf and re. architects. Peacecorps' f u s t a p m e n t to serve in Micronesia was signed in the fall of 1966. ing rhe day is quite light. where Puce Corps Voluntcers a changed~erson. recreation leaders and asssistants to l ~ a govcrnment l pcr- Six months after returning to the United States.' of 1987. Mo.aPohnpein. living together as an extended family." -PCV Karen Edwin. where she was a special education Many havealso served in professional roles such as lawycrs. is administeEd from Pohnpei along with the Micronesia. Palau remains the last vustee- ship in the world.surveyors. That agree. a country "Even Floridians can enjoy the winter. While serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer public health nurses.forthe better. Louis. handicapped children.They have thrcechildren. on the island of Pohnpei.engineers. rather than 'I can't. A small group of PCVs has been working with the married Dony Edwin. also serve. Volunteers additionally have bccn in the west Pacific. probably a little more tlun Peace Corps Times 39 30th Anniversary Edition . I returned to the United States for the Marshalls is now operated separalcly. she s m e d a program for severely involvedinothercommunitydcvclopmentrolesasadvisors. 1979-1981 Peace CorpsIFSM program. I learned to say 'I'll try. study slide in Morocco in 1990. Exactly 20 years later. served island group have bcen involved in upgrading education. Micronesia and Palau 1966-Present "I learned two valuable lessonrara result of my Peace men1 wassigned inaformal ceremony in Pohnpei in January Corps exprience in Micronesia. Veterinarians Senhaji Mohamed and Mia Hay. the Marshall Islands were also extendedfamily is.' and I learned how important one's Until January of 1986.

women and development in North Africa. She also has writkn books on women and personally vivid images reborn each rime I hear 'Living in adolescence in Morocco." In<- 17" I .(Washington)D. Mongolia. the weather should bc more inviting. bur much less than LA. diet and language.C. mY was on the faculty of Trenton State College in New Jersey effor~sinhi~hereducationhavefocusedonbothmu~ticu~twa~ and a visiting professor at Haverford college outside of and classroom climale issues on college campuses. trying to understand why Volunteer in the foyer feminin (women's centers) program.the temperaturehovered between minus 30 degrees and zero Fahrenheit. sew on treadle machines and to make cinnamon rolls and pizza in theferran (public oven) certainly changed mine. Morocco. in late January to establish a Peace Corps office in advance of 15 American men and women who will begin m i n i n. 1974. I Many things have changed since Susan Schacfer Davis returned to graduate school in anthropology. "I feel Moroccan women today are moving closer to reaching the potential of their contributions to society.Mongolia boasts an extraordinary culture and a history going back 3. bur the Moroccan women we taught to rural Nicaraguan electrification route in 1970. It still remains one of the most inaccessible of all the counfries in the world.' I am still rarely seen in Rabat.000 years. who will serve as counuy director in this remote land. Mormeo. 'Ibis is related to t Ling. Ulan Bator. Davis educarion a life-long commitment for me. On one of his first shopping outings.much like those in the Midwest of the United Slates. He was told in advance that winters here are cold but dry . The 15 first Peace Corps Trainees who are sent to Mongolia this summer and the 15 more who follow them in the second year will have to adjust to the isolation." she says. there are challenges. Upon Howell's arrival." - Country Director Charles W. with "Wirnessing Stevie Wonder's lyrics come 10 life in greakracccssthan in the pasttothetoolsthat willallow them third level English class of Morocco's Lycee de la Prison a full range of choices. Stewart. Covering 604. The Mongolia One group due in June will include 13 English teacher trainers who will beassigned to thcNational Institute of Foreign Languages and twocomputer specialists who will work with the Minisfry of Health. Summers in Mongolia are generally mild and pleasant. I their lively.' " . heassistantdeanofjournalism atthe 1976 UniversityofMaryland inCollcgePark. PCV Greig M. taught English Peace Corps Times 40 30th Anniversary Edition . As a result.~as Peacecorps Volunteers in Ulan Bator s m i n g in June.. Stcwart. and wrote my I fust went to Morocco in 1965 to work as a Peace Corps dissertation on Moroccan women. 1965- I the factthatwomenalsoareplaying~increasingeconomic role in Moroccan society.Nightsare worse due to the burning of sofr coal in the gers (tents).247 square miles. and Philadelphia. the country's capital. WcdgedbetweenChinaandtheSovietUnion. Bv the timc the fust KVsarrive. the City. Greig M. and helped 10 make lescence. Md.000 feet to vast deserts and llat unlimited spaces in the counuy's steppes. Howell. hidden to the outside world.proudbehaviordidnotfittheWesternstereotype Urban women's dress has changed and veiled women are of 'downtrodden submissive Muslim women. its landscape ranges from mountain areas with peaks that tower above 10. Howell found barc shelves and long lines. Civile in Casablanca made our perplexing language a Now an independent scholar and a consulmt on ado- p e r s o ~ ladventure for the studenis. Mongolia has been a Soviet satellite for nearly 70 years. Like othcr Peace Corps countries. 1991 Chuck Howell arrived in the capital of Mongolia. Morocco I "The Peace Corps program may or may M I have Pennsylvania PCV Charles Resnick rides along changed their lives. PCV Susan Schaefer Davis. went about his duties finding office space and housing bundled up against the cold. Howell.

also More than 2. finally free of all colonial yokes. religious and ment. 1990- 1991 A bilateral agreement was signed on Sept.800 Peace Corps Volunteers haveserved in made up of educators with skills in math. Two ministries have made overtures to Peace Corns. These first Volunteers.S. "For those few it was a chance - I ass~slanceto stllrr a program hcre. e granted independence in 1975 since ~ o z & b i ~ uwas A native of Syracuse.parks man. down to mysey. we all have The Ministry of Education participated in the rust posiive the same aspiralions for ourselves and our families.. sense of national unity. last December.. natioml differences behveen people are great.What is known is that thoseLyceestudents were capital. I learned that while ethnic. Progress has been made in both areas.. ' ' agreed that English instruction was the best form of and was an instructor in a penitentiary the second. science.only 327 doctors worked in Mozarnbiquc.Jt'sfascinating watching a country trying to grow. The moa recent PCVs were involved in a number and teacher training.agriculture. than a veal old. 1990 - shortly after Namibiagained its independence-eslablish- ing the firstever Peace Corps program in this new African nation. ~eaceCorpswasablcto~uickl~~ullto~ethcra~rou~o . endangered species protection and working with desirc to"promotc thedignity of the individual and thc unity the handicappedin programs suchasa blindmobility project. What lay in store for the successful students is year teaching in Namibia. In the last 15 years the social policy has k e n based on free access to health care and education. teers spend overseas." - discussions of Peace Corps' entry into Mozambique fol. "The Prison Lycee was an opponunity for a limited few. Rep." Stewart savs. health As Namibia continues to build on its new freedom and and sanitation. official language. from Reedley. more than 90 percent of the nation was illiterate and most people went without medical services. less than 40 percent of whom were Mozambican. However. Before a regular school his fist year as a Peace Corps Volunteer I Ndm~b~a .this African country has faced endless oroblems in develooment. in 1989. The same problcms existed with regard to education since the slate system was reaching only 40 pcrcent of primary-age children. Their splashy entrance was the privilege of teaching. Walsh from its Portuguesecolonisrs. PCV James T. the Peace Corps and government of street shops in Pokhara. Namibia." quickly followed by a second group of 15 Volunteers. Nepal. PCV Ted Plosser. from the world all the way from thc Peace Corps in its unending pursuit for dcvelop.. holding a banner with the Namibian flag and Peace the best prepared and most conscientious (I) will ever have Corps emblem sewn on it.. Peace Corps Times 30th Anniversary Edition .eswb- perhaps the first Ad only -at a future if they passed the lished programs in other countries to serve as English national baccalaureate examinations. Because Namibia has decided to make English its Volunteer Rebecca Enns. village water supply. Calif.. and integrity of the Namibian nation among and in associa- A group of nine American veterinarians also was working tion with the nations of the world. and develop as an independent stare. U. one of them in En.Y. 14 exoericnced Peacecorns Volunteers ~~~~-~ from alreadv . 1970-1972 lowed by a formal letter of invitation born the office of the Ministry of Cooperation. James T. N. the national unknown . The lareeorivatecomna- nies which hadplacedtheir~mphasisonm~nglargcpr~fits neglected thc development of Mozambique's infrastructure. English Morocco. its national constitution declares a agement. " . Walsh." Volunteers like Ted last ycar as Associate P a c e Corps Volunteers under a ncw Plosscr are helping achieve this goal as thcy rcmind thcm- animal care program. who are sewing a third glish. Nepal Mozambique ~~ - Tentative 1991 "The nvo yearsthat Ispent in Nepalcompletely changed The government of Mozambique is seeking support the way I looked at everylhing. Nepal. Namibia "Most of my energy in the classroom is directed to- wardsbuilding corJi&nce wilhineach student rhar rhey can succeed. The Associate PCVs were sewing a selves thcy are serving in a nation of high hopcs that is lcss one-year tour instead of the normal two years most Volun.arrived in Windhoek. 19. of major areas of development including education. instructors.

Himalayas. became the Nicaraguans are such loving. urban planning and nursing education. he was a telephone company executive. cur- rently is a clinical research coordinator at the University of a willingness on the part of Nicaraguans to help the Washington Medical Center Deparunent of Radiology in Noneamericana with a bad accent to leam to practice those Seattle. farmers with irrigation. The Peace Corps continues to enjoy the favor and respect of Nepal's monarchy as it strives to meet its devel- opmcntgoals in the 1990s. who sewed as a health and nutrition I PCV Walter Pickett inspects flowering onions with agriculture oficial near Maradi. planned and consuuctcd community water syacms. ~ k a r a ~ u1973-165 a. Her appreciation of the value of cultural and language helped families with pre-school children and assisted new differences was rcinforced by the visit.marketingsystemsandcropproduc- "I felt like I had come home: she says.andacomfort. It helped me to understand that my own country is as multicultural and ethnically diverse as the world iuelf. remain smong for the 43- year-old federal lawmaker whoserved hereasaPeaceCorps ~oluntecr. thisenvironmen- ol concern also is being addressed. Walsh is one of more than 2. Peace Corps Volunteer in remote areas of Nicaragua. Nicaragua 1968-1979 Spring 1991 "(Serving ar a Peace Corps Volunteer) taught me the value of appreciating cultural and language drfferences. the punitivecircumslanceswasa wonder.. this Central American country education programs. SomcPCVshelpedmarkels Three years ago. Others tion. I Sharon Elliott.. She also kceps busy these days volunteering in two things in her dealings with the world. and vibrancy of the people under extremely hazardous and In the wakcof thedcmocraticelection here last year. hostedPeaceCorpsVoluntwrs." domestic work with early childhood bilingual-multicultural For nearly a decade. 1980. A recent Peace Corps Times 42 30th Anniversary Edition . Events last ycar led to reorganization of the government and a political resmctur- ing of the country continues to evolve. and I know that I will always struggle to facilitate maintaining cultural and lan- guage expression among people here. With rapid deforestation taking place. rural suspension bridges. Patriotism and revolution have been a woy of life for them for many years(not just in recent hisrory) andthey proved to me that these conceotsare notmutuallvexcluive. sales and record-keeping methods. 3 '" . delegation from the Seatle-Managua Sister City Associa. storage. display. Peace Corps' endeavors today include such diverse pro- grams as forestry. and helped me to recognize the essential importance of a languaxe and culture to a rich andfull life." -PCV Sharon Elliott. 'The courage uon. PCVs have designed. The first PCVs in 1962 uained their national counterparts in basieprogramsofagricultureandeducation.Being in Nicaragua also taught me to maintain my revolutionary spirit. vital people &di- cared to building a sociery which benefits its members. In onc of Peace Corps' most accomplished programs in Nepal. ~ i k rin. Mostly new Nicaraguan government is calling for fresh opponuni- I took away feelings of love and a sense of acceptance. a small Hindu kingdom tucked between Tibet and India. . Before coming to the House of Representatives. hill irrigation systemsand muleuailsthroughoutthe hill arcasof Nepal. open.Western-educated King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev's family has ruled since Nepal was first opened lo foreigners in 1951. and ties to esrablish relationships with its neighbors. Elliott returned to Nicaragua with a improve sanitaryconditions andgave adviceon purchasing.was elected to Congress in 1988.700 Americans who have served in this picturesque land locatcd in the shadow of the II . The memories of Nepal.

a new government telephone system. awareness and technical ability. programming centered On director of a business scrvices company in Columbus. women with seven children and men with multiple The lid had just come off their containment and they were wiveswerethenom and theonly telephoneavailablet o h e vacillating between these two worlds. "Nigeria was such a vibrant and exciting country that Watersanitationanddiseaseconml wereother projects it wasimpossible not to want toget to know about everypart where Peace Corps involvement conlributed to Oman. were parlicularly successful.000-mile-long san&~ ~has been ~ ~ for i AT&T e for ~the last coastline. 1973-1983 When Beth Whitehouse was 23. The "In my village. Nigeria The Peace Corps provided assistance to rural areas and tribes in the delivery of health care services. facing Nicaragua. programs. sionalstoes(ablishassoc~atlonsthroughwhich they couldall 1962-Present benefit by the availability of equipment and traiiing.N. uncient and modern. people. and received our advice old student with whom she had developed a close relation- ship put his hand to his chest and expressed his sadness by and methodologies with a lot of good humor. there was no electricity or running Omani world view was influx and somewhat incongruent. volunteers tentatively scheduled to be in place in the fall. it was a society these sudden changes suspended between two eras. Cunently. 1966-1968 diseases bough clinics and outreach programs. Forestry and agricultural activities have been Deborah Beny. the Peace Corps has consoli- dated community agroforestry programs. education.sign of the country's nun from inreanal conflict to both FTS2000 program. such as the one in which Frazicr opment. spring. Business-ICI~~C~ FCVS worked with groups or profcs. worker with the Public DepanmenL guage. internal and external development is its invitation to the During the four years she spent as a Peace Corps Volunteer Peace Corps to begin sending Volunteers this year. Mountainous in the north. 1984-1985 I Niger is a country dotted with small villages. she was an English teacher trainer in Kaduna. Nieer.PCV saying. Oman hasa 1. small enterprise Situated on the Arabian peninsula. Education programs. Oman hostcd Peace development nurseries and fuel-efficientstove projects into Corps Volunteers for 10years. Peace Corps will initially provide FCVs Volunteers assisred Nigerians in several key ways. There areplans to reinstitute bowtdsofculruresandlearna[lof~arethesa~-isw~t a peace Corps program here later this year. They worked to afrer all of the Years that have passed. cross-cultural marketing of farm products such as maize and kola nuts. My heart. In technical schools. Ohio." she sais. be 15 experienced individuals who have been serving else establishing cooperatives to help in the production and where and already possess language skills. Today there is still emphasis on teacher mining spent her two years as a working as a medical social programs that focus on teaching English as a foreign Ian.wheresheisasraffwritertoda~. a partner and database management expanded.s of it. especially in second- that development priorities at this time includejob creation. Volunteers also Fall 1991 were involved in training local medics and medical person- nel. More than anything villagers was in h e post office.. Peace Oman Corps Volunteers here abruptly come face-to-face with adjustments to climate. 170Ameri- anenvironmenralprot~tionandeducationpr~g~. Deborah Oman*1975-1977 Over the past few years.V~~u~. omanis are dignified Whitehouse prepared lo leave Niger. in math and science. respectful and hospitable. "My experience therescrved as fodder for therestof my life.Over thatdecade. the fvst group of American Volunteers will PCVsalso worked in developing fmingcommunities. in the 1960s. she quickly experienced "At the time I experienced Oman.. It isboundedon thenorth by theGulf ofOman and 10 years. steps with them imo the 20th century. tuberculosis. During 1960s. to work in vocational educationand micro-enterprisedevel. . a 16-year. In response to the severe problem of unemployment a large city in one of the northern provinces of Nigeria. English and liberal studies. Peace Corps Times 43 30th Anniversary Edition . they taught in- Peace Corps' re-entry into Nicaragua will begin this dusmal ans. living conditions and a new culture." His message was a universal one. vocational uaining and health. ary education where PCVs alleviated a shortage of teachers income generation. "Miss. malariaandearlv childhood Frazier. After sewing in this central African country for 10 "That rare chance-to touch another heart across the years.J. I agricultureeducationand working with youth through Young Farmers' Clubs." . PCV Sandra contml trachoma. can men and women spent two years of volunteer service teers also have initiated new math and science education here.pea." she recalled in a n d c l e in else.Press. The new government of Nicaragua has indicated served. Nigeria. she is a training insuuctor with the O n the east and south by the Arabian Sea. water. Initially." . with 15 heallh the Peace Corpsmeant tome." -PCV Beth Whitehouse. The people were so warm andfriendly a n d I h a v e f o ~ d economic and social development Volunteers built sanilw that the wonderfulfeeling of hnving been there still lingers facilities in remote of the counw. -Niger -. the job of the Peace Corps was to take a few friendly the Asbury Park.Corps left in 197 1.

a resident of Arlington. After the program was resumed. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in Washington. 1990. In May of 1988. for the 25th annivenary of this some of our results. in rheprovince who worked in community development as a PCV. Paki. of Balochislan. During the 1960s. We also felt rich in our understanding worldwide volunteer organization. A Peace Corps represenlalive remains in place in anticipation of resuming the progam at a later date." -PCVs William "mere was little contact from 1964 to 1986. when Volunteer service was suspended for security reasons. Va.promoting a better under. seeing rkpeople. agro-forestry. is Pakistan how they stay in touch and involved with their hostcountries long after they have left. Recognizing the universal Industrial Bank of Japan before joining the Peace Corps. of anIslamic culture-especially now. A Six ex~eriencedPeace Corns Volunteers transferred to WVIIU. ro walk around. which means ro pass around. was so much more vital because we were Afoundation waslaid forstayingintouchwhenSpangler closer ro rhe people there. T k r e ' s a Spanish word. Maryland. PCVs here will wasbroughtbackhomein January becauseofthecrisis in the work in agricultwc extension. Schauffler. "It had been 20 some years since all of us had been 'LBim"Schauffler and Jennifer W. I remember walking around." according to Spangler.small business development Bank in Washington.. By theendof thatyear. were in Pakistan for about a Panama following the overlhrow of theNoriega regime and year when the entire contingent of Peace Corps Volunteers installation of a new democratic leadership.enjoying theevening air. 1990-1991 seven names to over 400. an agreement was finalized forpeacecorps' return toPakistan. aftcr an absence of 21 years. Schauffler ment in February. a second group of nine Voluntecrs in special education completed training and assumed posts at institutions for the handicapped in several of Pakistan's urban areas. We were able ro learn about helped organize an alumni group of returned PCVs. The program rapidly swelled to more than 99. Panama "lfelt a sense ofsmall town life inPanama even though I grew up in a small town. Peace Corps Volunteers served in Panama last fall to form p a n h a 21 . forestry exten- Persian Gulf.bringing number of PCVs by the end of works projects. our group has grown from six to stan.R. Amcrican Vol- Thcy say they now hope to dedicate their time to fulfilling unteers will help show the Panamanian people ways to stem the Peace Corps' third goal . ~kPanamanians." -PCV Steve Spangler. and she was working at the and community development.PeaceCorps wasre-eslablished in the counuy with a small group of English tcachers working in teacher training colleges and universities." Spangler said. He had been a teacher uainer at the World sion. "The politics. environmenlal education. thc 21st group of East ('low American men and women to serve in Panama since 1963." Peacecorps wasconracted by the Panamanian govem- WiUam"Bim"SchaufflerandJenniferW. the culture. a managemcnl analyst for the This cartoon is as topical today as in the 1960s. imponanceof the Panama Canal watershed. "Serving as reackr trainers in Quetta. such as small enterprise development and community health. D.C.. about resuming a program in from Brookeville. natural resource degradation under an integrated agricul- standing among Americans of others in other parts of the ture-natural rcsources program. Peace development work at a very human level and we could see Corps Panama Friends. 1964-1966 One of the things about Peace Corps Volunteers that I impresses Steve never goes 1961-1967 1988-1991 away. there. Panama. to around 200 before strained relations between Islamabad and Wash- ington precipitated the withdrawal of PCVs from here in 1967. R. In the last four years.pasear. the people . and West Pakistan' Peace Several training groups are schduled to be sworn in during Corps rust entered Pakistan with 60 PCVs skilld in public the year. Peace Corps Times 44 30th Anniversary Editinn . Peace Corps was planning to increase the complement of Volunteers in the country and exploring programming in othcr areas.

and theprogrammingand training officer in the Peace Corps Times 45 30th Anniversary Edition . We miss the Guinea provides Peace Corps Volunteers continuing challenges. I often Corps Volunteer in Paraguay. Raftcry sewed as a Peace h o ~ rand . acr. Paraguay forced me to see myself 'up close andpersonal. a Peace Corps vainer in Cosla dream of what the world would be like if each RPCV Ricaand El Salvador.' Paraguay. the programming and training officer practiced at home the acceptance which they felt in the in Paraguay." .long before I had deserved that sions. for which I will forever be in their debt.PCV Kate Raftery. Carleen Pantano helps bathe malnourished baby in PNG in 1988. Paraguay "Mye*perienceosaValunteerinltacwlrbidelRosario. Papua New Guinea "This fledgling democracy has diverse difficulties and wssibilities.failandsucceedright out therein rhe central plaza! The people of Paraguay opened up their Kale Raftery has seen Peace Corps from many dirnen- hearts and homes to me. countries where they served. Between 1973 and 1984. 1976-1979 Isaw myselfreact.

" was one of 2. forest and wildlife resources. 1963-1964 was offund running as soon as I gor there." - srruggled for a shorr lime wirh ihe language and cullure. Peru "My Hispanic background served as a bridge for me me wirh rhe insighr and sensiriviry to connecr differing when I began my Volunteer service . destruction of various soil. The reunion was the first of its kind In the natural resources arena. PCV Susan Wier notes special occasion as she makes periodic visit to Paraguayan village of Chacarita in 1980. The people of Paraguay have Raftery returned to Peace Corps in May of last year as worked with FCVs in the areas of agricullure. my Peace Ron Arias. heart of South America. Peace CorpsParaguay has had a well received program . D. health. She also was co-founder of the and non-government organkations and Peace Corps Vol- Friendsof Paraguay andserved ascochairofa 1987reunion unteers to address challenges facing thecountry. small chief of operations in Washington for the Inter-America business. Now. senior writer Tor People magazine and au- Corps experience serves as a bridge in my work.while my peers culrural backgrounds between my subjecr and readers.'s Inter-America Region in Washington. Peace Corps has bccn ever held and a poster hanging in Raftcry's office is a working with various host country to slem the rcminder of the sentimental gathering.PeaceCorpshasbeen Region after almost seven years as the vice president at the catalyst for forming creative coalitions of government Parulers of the Americas.470 pcace Peace Corps Times 46 30th Anniversary Edition . such as the of former PCVs whoscrvcd in this landlockedcountry in the environment.C. for well over two decades. equipping thor of "Five Against The Sea. I PCV Ron Arias.

Today Pfankuch Bakken. but she is on sabbatical leave this academic yeGwhileshe sludiesat Mar~oriePfankuch Bakken was a member of the Phil. Over a 13-year span. Other PCVs were involved in training el- ementary school teachers and working with handicapped re- habilitationprograms. crop cultivation and rural planning. Philippines "Nothing in my life has been the same since I war a the Philippines. "There appear to be no bigordramaticproblems. she served as one of the first educators there. Her group staned what became one of the Peace Corps Volunteer in rhePhilippines30years ago. I am indebted ro In the fall of 1961." a 1963evaluation re- port noted. Peace Corps Volunteers were there to pitch in as re- covery effortsbeganandto help rebuild the country's infra- structure. the program in the Philippines shifted to areas Peace Corps Times 47 30th Anniversary Edition . and housing." Volunteer Bob Loew takes break from Peruvian earthquake relief in 1970. In general." Thereponconcludes:"We are in Peru. When Bakken went overseas as a PCV. Peace Corps Volunleers assigned to agriculture pro- grams worked on livestock projects. the government of the Philippines President Kennedy and the Peace Corps for being able to invited Peace Corps Volunteers to lacklc assignments in serve my country as a peacemaker. most successful Peace Corps programs in terms of indebtedro the PhilippinesandFilipinosfor my understand. self wirhour sacrificing the hunan spirit. carpentry. PCV Marjorie math and science education.Corps Volunteers who served in Peru. masonry and architecture helped redevelop roads. the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. water and sewage sys- tems. the economy of this South American republic was nota- bly improved. When Peru was shuck by a devastating earthquake in 1970. FCVs worked in agriculture. The Peace Corps idea is working.Peruvian agencies involved them in feeding thousands of school children. Philippines. I am oldest. we are accepted and we are wanted. "The community devel- opment program in Peru is healthy. Because of PCV efforts. 1961-1963 sheisacademicdeanofWheelockColleecinBoston. the program exhibits vitality. the first to go to In 1970.maturity andstability." . measured successes and hrgest in the world in terms of ing of the meaning ofpoverry andmy awareness of giving of numbers of FCVs who served. ippines I class of Peace Corps Volunteers. Volunteers with backgrounds in civil engineer- ing. education and urban develop ment programs.

.andwaterandsanilation/healthacdvities. to do the Peace Corpsafter teach English -the language orcommerce and technology college.There government. PCV Catherine Peebles. Using donated textbooks. and plans to launch an environment manage- something special. I guess il was February or January when . Philippines Volunteer Ronald Ratner coaxes his pet water buffalo. signed to respond to the needs of Filipinos by working Last summer the program in the Philippines was sus- primarily at the gnssroou. deaf education. 11is hoped that the longslanding and ecological development. 1990-1992 "I th~nkthat the Peacc Corps -our presence here - will change the quality of English education for the beucr. of coicrse." where in the pastonly outdatcd cans who were in the first group of Peace Corps Volunteers language textbooks have been available. The Peacc Corps has men and women feel about that?' Well.. before there was any." Peebles says. program. Then . fisheries. to work with local governments in Poland on economic "You forget in the daily grind of work that this is really development." says ~ w b l e s who . 'Ifyou got Poland. Specific ProJcct areas where ~ i can relationshipwith the ~ i l ipeople ~ ~be renewed i n the PCVs worked included agro-forestry. elated lo have the chance assigned to both teacher training colleges and secondary to go to Eastern Europe. rural level for social. PCVs like Pecbles are Polish students who have ncver heard native English someone called andsaid. The The Peace Corps has started a small business program Poland "pioneers" range in age from 21 to 70. scnt to Poland to serve as English teacher trainers." . Poland "I applied in October of 1989.agricultureandincome-generationas ondary and primary levels with emphasis on English. schools. economic pended for securityreasons. how would you speakers before now. Program objectives more recently were de. was almost no limit to the tasks PCVs could assume.ofhealthandnuuition. agriculture produc- future. is one of 60 Ameri- English teachers in Poland. Va. tion. math a result in the change in the priorities of the Philippine andscience. Peace Corps Times 48 30th Anniversary Edition . Poland. adds that Ll~cre's"a horrible lack of Catherine Peebles of Reston. ing lo nourish new ideas in this fledgling democracy as they thing announced about Poland. teacher training at the sec- Wading ankle-deep in a rice paddy.

applicable to schools throughout Romania. PCVs will also
Romania work to create a more normal atmosphere that will better
preparc the children for life outside of the institutions by
Spring 1991 encouraging morecommunity participation in thechildren's
In Romania, IhePeaceComs will work in collaboration
Fairytale settings often found in storybook; about Ro- with the ncwly formed ~atizc&Democracy Corps created
mania belie the deep social concerns -particularly among by Presidcnl Bush. Volunteers will bcatmched tothe Roma-
children - as this European republic pushes toward new nian Min~suiesof Hwlth and Education.
democratic horizons.
Fifteen Americans thismonth will form the first team of
Peace Corps Volunteers ever to serve in this European
nation. With backgrounds in early childhood development,
special education and community development, their ob-
jective will be to help improve conditions in the counby's "As a reacher. I am accuttomed to helping people
institutions for children. understand and master new conceprs. As a university En-
The dire need for humanitarian assistance became a p glish insrrucror in Rwanda. I felt as i f 1 spent my days ar a
parent after the fall of the 24-year-old Ceausescu regime. It student, consranrly rediscovering English language and
was determined that Peace Corps Volunteers would be lirerarure rhrough rhe minds of my srudenrs. I hope some of
welcomed and could provide much needed assistance in the rhe connecrions I found between languages and culrures
orphanages that had been created during the Ceausescu help me reach now that I ' m back in the U.S..working with
years. srudenrs who h a v e d ~ i c u l r yimagining life infaraway lands."
The work that the first group of PCVs will do in - PCV Patricia Henson, Rwanda, 1989-1990
Romania will have a powerful impact here. By providing a Pamcia Hcnson, an English instructor at Louisiana
solid educational foundation for Romania's orphaned chil- Slate University, laught English as a foreign language at the
dren. Peace Corps Volunteers will help restore hope for a Nationaluniversity or Rwanda when she wasaPeaceCorps
brighter future for the entire nation. Volunteer. She is one of nearly 100 Americans who have
While Peace Corps efforts will focus on children in served here.
institutions, theeducational models,oncedeveloped. will be PcaceCorpsenteredRwandain 1975 with threevolun-

Virginia Volunteer Catherine Peebles teaches English to Polish students in Bialvstok in 1990.

Peace Corps Times 49 30th Anniversary Edition

tcers in university education and one assigned as a home
economics teaehcr trainer. Later, programming expanded
into fisheriesandagriculture.Today there alsoare programs
in health, forestryand envuonmcntal education. In addition,
PCVs have worked as markcting coordinators for youth
mining centers and acted as agricultural cooperative advi-
With the highest population density in Africa and a
shonage of land, Rwanda is struggling lo obtain self-suffi-
ciency. To improve agricultural trade opportunities with
English-speaking nations in East Africa, Peace Corps Vol-
unteers provide English mining. Last year the Peace Corps
also sent its first math and science teachers here to work in
secondary schools.
In the health field, PCVs combat childhood malnuui-
tion by helping Rwanda's Ministry of Health staff and
operatenutritional programs at many of the 170 rural health
centers in thc counvy. One volunteer, a physical therapist,
worked with disabledchildren,most of whom are victims of
Known on the African continent as "Land of a Thou-
sand Hills." Rwanda is located only 2 degrees south of the
equalor. Rwanda's high elevation - most of thc country is
at an altitude of over 5,000 fcet -contributes to its tempcr-
atc climatc. Some PCVs have helped creatc a national park
- the Parc de Nyungwe - in the highlands of this small,
landlocked country in eastccntral Africa.

Sao TomeIPrincipe
Pcace Corps Volunteers came to this West African
island nation for the rust timc in Octobcr of last year. These
six Americans are living and working on the main island of
Sao Tome. providing greatly needed help lo this small
nation's health sectors.
Voluntcers are focusing on the areasof nutrition cduca-
tion and providing technological answers appropriate to the
health nceds of the people. The goals of Peacc Corps' health
sector program are to assist in the education of school
children and rural communitics in the areas of nuuition,
hygiene and primary health care; to improve the general
healthcare infrastructurcby aiding in theconstruetionofand
instruction in the use of latrines, wlable watcr systems and Pennsylvania PCV Steve Berger retrieves water
school kitchens; and topromotc small communiiydevelop- I from well in Senegalese ;illage in 1977.
ment projects at the grassroots level.

"Peace Corps teaches how interconnected the world Stephen Leisz, who worked as a forestry extension
really is. Development is not somerhing which is done QXZ agent in and around Tehingue, Senegal, for his first two
u, rather it is something which is hopefully done every yeas of Peace Corps service, spent his last year acting as
day in every country. Whether we believe it or not, our daily depanmental coordinator for thcPeacc Corps' African Food
acrionsin rhe UnitedSfates, theamount of resources we use. Systems Initiative (AFSI) in Nioro du Rip, Senegal. He
etc.. do ifluence the life of the people living in Tchingue, presently is working as an assistant cditor for Educational
Senegal. I realized this thefirsr time I tried to explain ro Services Corp., a publisher of foreign language courses on
Bathie Ngom why the price offered for his peanuis was audio cassette, in Washington, D.C. He also has been ac-
decreating while the prices he had lo pay for his fertilizer cepted to srart work on his Ph.D. in land resource manage-
ment at the Institute for Environmental Studies at the Uni-
andother inputs was increasing." - PCV Stephen Leisz, versity of Wisconsin - Madison beginning this fall.
Senegal, 1986-1989 As apeace Corps Volunteer forestryextensionist in this

Peace Corps Times 50 30th Anniversary Edition

West African country, Leisz worked with community and of a young nation. A group of islands widely scattered over
privatenurseries,successfullystaning six. Healsodiscussed the western Indian Ocean. the Seychelles has hosted Peace
natural resource management issues in formal classes at a Corps Volunteers since 1974. Peace Corps' program is
local primary school and informally in the community. aligned with theSeychellesgovemment'splansto helpmcct
While he was involved with AFSI, Leisz worked with the basic needs of its people in education, water and sanita-
seed storage mals, millet variety Vials, and did forestry tion, road construction and traffic engineering. and health.
baseline data research to prepare for the stan-up of the nutrition and maternal child care.
foresuy component of the food initiative program. Noted accomplishmentsinclude thedevelopmentofthe
"In Nioro. I worked throughout the whole department fmt occupational therapy program at the counuy's nursing
home. the publishing of a Ministry of Health newsletter, a
with a wide range of people. t?om government officials to calories count pamphlet and the establishment of an on-
local farmers," he says. going weight reduction clinic for hypertension patients.
Senegal is about the size of South Dakota with seven
times the population,almosthalf ofwhom areunder 19. The
fust 15 Peace Corps Volunteers who anived here in 1963
were English teachers. Today the priority of Peace Corps
programming in Senegal is placed on rural development.
small business development, natural resources. rural health
and university education with a focuson training Senegalese
English teachers.

"My rime in the Seychelles was a r e a l p e r s o ~awak-
eningfor me and has remained significant in that I followed
through with something I really wanted to do." - PCV
Mike Jensen, Seychelles, 1980-1982

"The Peace Corps was not my first overseas experi-
ence.Ihodtravelledbefore.butit didopen up thepossibilities
in ~ermofinternatio~ldevelopment work. We hada widely
diverse group of people from all over America and I'd like
to think that we ma& a significant impact on the develop-
mentoflhisyoung~tion."-PCV Kofih u , S e y c h e l l e s ,

Mike Jensen built mads in the Seychelles. Now he is
building bridges in Montana
Jensen, who was an engineer attached to a national
public works program while sewing as a Peace Corps
Volunteer here. is a swctural engineer in Missoula these
"Peace Corps/Seyehelles was a very unique, rewarding
experience that has made me thecnvy of all Montanans," he
says. "There's no other place on the planet I'd rather return
Kofi Owusu, a media specialist and consultant in
Washington, D.C.. was involved in audio-visual produc-
tions as a PCV in the Seychelles.
"I am very proud of some things I did," he says. 'There
was no television when we were there but we helped lay the
foundation for what is now their national television system.
"As an African American," he adds. "I recommend the
Peace Corps highly to any black students or young profes-
sionals who want to start out doing something which will
have a lasting, positive unpact on their own lives as well as
others who are less fortunate. It's a once in a lifetime
opponunity that you can grow with."
The Seychelles is a tropical paradise. largely isolated
from the rest of the world, but not immune to the problems

Peace Corps Times 51 30th Anniversary Edition

" RobinsonJr. health "It's hardly possible that a quarrer-century has passed and food production. Martin Puryear has become an award-winning artist. In addition.conser- education made the greatest l e a ~ s d u r i n gthose two years. Elwood different point of view at a relatively early stage in my life." vation education and resource management. whcrc she Puryear. Despite its fierce and economic data for government planning purposes. 1981-1984 (serving in ~ k i c aas-a peace Corps ~01unteer)wasthe opportunity to see my country and its beliefs from a vastly Margaret Chency served with hcr husband." . rarher than my srudenrs. workcan beseen I 1971-Present today at the Donald Young Galleryin Chicago. They now live in Norfolk. biology and art. Sierra Leone republic gained its indcpendencc from Britain in 1961.. while in the Peace Corps. ment Volunteers. Braj. the people here have been hospitable to the Peace unteers also served as small business advisors and primary Corps ever since the fust Volunteersarrived shortly after the education instructors. Sierra Leone. The principal areas of focus are education.D. IlalY.whose program with projects in naGonal parkdevelopment. Vol- name. Peace Corps provides approximately 125 Vol- unteers to predominantly rural settings throughout the 1962-Present counwy. Hiscreations "Peace Corps was absolurely rhe mosrprofound expe- also have been seen worldwide in such diverse places as rience in relativity: how people are all related and how ~ ~ Mexico. Peace Corps Times 52 30th Anniversary Edition . 1964-1966 Solomon Islands Since leaving the Peace Corps. As a and Sweden as well as the United I drfferenl life can be lived.Ifcel thegrcatestprivilcge Snlomon Islands..a~tiveofWashingmn. French.. liferime relationships. A noted sculptor who maintainsa studio in New ~ o r k~wyear's . in thesolomon Islandsascommunitydevclop- Puryear says.or "lion mountain" .C. Sierra Leone. gan in 1971 with the placement of six Volunteers. Solomon Islanders build temporary houses and Slates. four of Sierra Leone . Today.PCV Martin Puryear.. collecdng reliable population nation D I the roar of the great jungle cat. and I have very few absolures anymore.recentcommitments by the since I worked as a Peace Corps teacher in Sierra Leone. PCV Margaret Cheney. he was p m o f a group exhibition in Freetown. while he was a PCV in 1965. Volunteers were in- thunder rolling over the coastal hills of this West African volved in the national census. I government of Sierra Leone have established a foreswy have alwaysfelt rhar ir w a s l . "Frommy presentpcrspectivc.was given its whom worked with the World Health Organization on name by Portugucse explorers who likened the claps of malaria eradication cffom. Va. he was a secondary Peace Corps' involvement in h e Solomon Islands be- school teacher of English. . In 1976.leameduaditional is an interviewer with the Virginia Employment Commis- techniques of wood craftsmanshipfrom African carpenters sion and hc is a theauical designer.

Peace Corps/Solomon Islands initiated a community set up Korea's Special Olympics program. not the SPA (small project assistance) funding and water scheme.. In both in- a rural health program stances. her host country was going lllrough and human spirir that ro nor grow and change myselfwould troubled times. agricultural and natural resource de- sist paticnts living in the 96 "lcprosy villages" around thc velopment. For those 15 years. in cssencc. faking the population had a roletoplay in thisrcsplcndent isle dcspitc the conflicts census."sherecalls. pa~cularlyin the academic The Hansen's Disease (Icprosy) program provided a subjects of science.. In January of 1983. assigned to tuberculosis and leprosy control ment priorities. dramatically sinccthcsummerof 1989and Lcgowski would 1978-1981 bc among the first to tell potential PCVs to go there. Petri. srudent who honored me a! graduation exercises wirh the math. were successes. gardening. area of secondary education. adcntand hadancxperienceofalifcdmetrying. I look back and remember. it was asked to leave when there was a change in "I didn't rid the country of tubcrculosis. Somalia. hcr first civil language of insuuction. you're white!' And I srill recall the ThefirstwaveofPeaceCorpsVolunteersuughtEnglish. PCVs their reasons for being thcrc but Legowski felt Pcacc Corps were involved in building windmills. self-reliance and local determi. 1966-1967 "Was I ever able ro really accomplish anything [here? U. And Volunteers development project as a response to government devclop. Other pro- mmendous oppoflunity for Peace Corps Volunteers to as- grams include health. 'Miss. worked for three yean in Corps had k e n in the country twice before. counlry.. As an English language teachcr/advisor.PeaceCorpsaltered its program focus who served in South Korea. Korea. Thc Peace of the Peacecorps in Washington. special assistant to the chief of staff pressed interest in having the Pcace Corps return.155 Pcace Corps Voluntecrs guageskillsand agricultural productivity at thc villagclcvel. Later groups were assigned to all three edu. Peace Corps Times 3 30th Anniversary Edition . these diate schools. we forger you are American. Rep. ThomasE. 1962-1970 "Sharing in the problem rhe Somalis found as they airempied to build their new nation gave me enormous Sri Lanka (Ceylon) appreciarionfor the vision and wisdom of our ownfounding farhers. "Thus." programs here are concentrated on improving English lan- Pollack was one of the 2." -PCVMargaret Pollack." .000 students in both day and cvcning classes. Sri Lanka. cational levels starting with primary students. and appropriate technology. however. and underlying troubles. universities." . 'Auniy. The Peacc Corps experience has improved have beenimpossible.' For me. PCVs sorting lhcuserviccin 1965acceleratcd theEnglish languagc Volunteer Margie Lcgowski cxpericnccd her first curfew. the prcsent Peacc Corps thing. war. and maternal and health care programs. math and business studies. no. blind and other handi- ernment decentralization. program where Italian had previously been the exclusive her first anti-govcrnmentstrikcand. some PCVs wondered at limes When not pursuing thcu teaching assignments.directedandnurruredby a cultureso richin tradition was in Sri Lanka. At the timeshe eyes. worked in rural Today. wrisr to exclaim. adult education and school construction. capped students in special education programs and hclped nation. while Peace Corps programming continues to health centers supported by the Korean Ministry of Health emphasize community development. the Solomon Islands and Social Affairstoidentify and ueathcalth needsofpeople program has substantially increased its involvement in the throughout the country. They worked with deaf. In the late 1970s. I do Americans who served in the Somali Democratic Rcpublic know.S. Against this backdrop. With the current situation now stabilized in areas of the "I hope the Koreans who I worked with would say the same country where PCVs are assigned." 1966-1981 Today Legowski is an education specialist with the "Korea seemed to grow and change before my Peacecorps' World WiseSchoolsprognm. thcy taught inresponse~thedevelopmentplansofthenewlyindependent English to thousands of Koreans in middle schools and government The plans placed special emphasis on gov.they also helpcd lo organize incomc-generating projects in thc vil- Somalia lages. but my daily encounters with my colleagues and friends-thepeople who had becomemy firstpriority. Their work increased the attention given this special population by the Korean medical profession. words. Petri ofWisconsin wasoneof418 I n t e r m of measurable and susrainable projecrs. but I did make political parries. The PCVs not only provided trea~mcnt. not the lessons and South Korea exams. They came in 1987-1989 regular conuct with more than 7. scicnce and social studies in sccondary and interrnc. the government of Sri Lanka cx- Margaret Pollack.PCV Margie Legowski. rharI deeply cherish rhe memory of rhc lirtle (also known as Somalia) in East Africa. PCV Thomas E. Education was the girl in my Brownie troop who suddenly stoppedstroking my main program emphasis. Peacc Corps Assigned to thc southern region of the country.1 like Pollack.

bur every once in a while rhe distance berween me startcd a trec nursery: Kcvin McNally workcd with and where I was born and raised creeps up and pays a visir stovemakcrs. ThePcaceCorps' stay in this Northeast African country Expansion into agricultural development and rural ex- was brief. Jim Adams comfort. PcaceCorps has been involved in its development since the Sudan.S. Let me leu you. thc Peace Corps also is directing more programming atten- inuoducing lhcsedesigns to producers and monitoring their tion to technical education to build the country's pool of use. has got to be the bombing ofLibya. March 26.and you feel thc incredibledepthof lhc lake. but the programs touched imponant areas of tension work has begun. Steve Hill. I can remember driving over miles of unpavedroads. as it rose up to meet thccar window on a sweltering lateafterncan? Or saw Victoria Falls for the fust time. and down Swaziland.PCV I . all alone.and workshops taught complcled his two-year term asafish cultureextensionist on nursery workers and stovemakers new techniques. the mountains give way totherollingcoastalplain with the lake and the mountains of Malawi as a backdrop. A national agro-foresuy seminar spurrcd dia. uics in brickmaking. No othcr Volunteers have been scnt here 15-mile walk from Litembo to Mkili on Lake Nyasa. About halfway thcre. your butt drags. enrering a serriemenr. Peace Corps Volunlccr Steve Hill. aftcr a rcst. Pcace Corps Volunteers worked on improved kiln design.000-homesurvey monitored theacccptanceofncw stovcs." . Jon Dorrc teamed with charcoal-makcrs. The Volunlcers. wonderful things to do while in evacuated out of Sudan in April 1986. but remains a slow process. Shc was one of five Volunteers sent to Sudan in 1984 as part of "lguess rhar at different rimes we have allfelt mighryfar a Peace Corps expcrimcnt. b source of excireknr. ThcKVs also addressed somc of theconccms over radidly disappear- ing stands of forest by working with farmers through agrc- forcstry projects to halt the dcsmction of fuelwood." . where the tried ro do and how we lived. The di/ference in our lives here is usually for me scparate office in the country. along with othcr Americans. "Who but a Peace Corps Volunteer body of water with three German women who spoke their would have the audacity to hitchhike across much of Africa: language three-quartersof the timcand WHAMMO! You'll Peace Corps Times 54 30th Anniversary Edition .Charcoal isan i m p o m t fuel in Sudanand the cooperativerelationship with thegovemmentof Swaziland. Take one years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in one of his syndicated extremely long walk. a reporter for The Hays Daily News in Kansas." called "a recipe for reality" while on an outing. then . oraccomplishmenr. Improved woodfuel combustion systcms helped indus- skilled labor and improve its economic standing. chief of the Washington bureau of the far you've come. have the only serious relationship columns. vocational and adult education. Pa. but also theadventuresof fanlastically isolated spot beside a huge and treacherous a lifetime. workedon the Sudan rcncwableenergy project. loguc between foresters and farmers. and ro rhe back of my brain. from Mozambique to Tanzania? How many Americans ever Sudan got to confront a mamba snake. heedilcdaKV "We tackled projects that scemed. face to face.." he wrote. 'The path winds bcsidca tumultuousriver which has Swaziland grown in soength by the mile. they were our of rhis "Wedidget thereeventually and. after you have walked those 15 miles and as a gentleman who immediately became my pupil in rhe crafr you look up into thesouthern sky and over to Malawi and up of modern bookkeeping. at the outset. A move when you look downfrom a rerrific heighr. Thar part which makes your coccyx Brad Tyndall and Clarkin promotcd fucl-efficient stoves. one of the best." which mcans "maybe ambitious. Corps Volunreer. 1989-1990 . bc in a "There was tedium. but underrated.PCV Christopher Matthews. and lunch. the lake toward Mbeya.. some maji world.1990. I rhink they respected what we wedged into theeasterncornerofsouthern Africa. In a dcvelopmcnt. from Euers. too newsletter called "Labda Kesho. 1984-1986 country gained independence in 1968. Tan7ania.PCV Mary Clarkin." -. By other standards. From there the bone-tired exhaustion climbson board and. following the U. invisible in the distance. 1968-1970 thclaketowardMozambique. we all stumbled down to the lake and collapsed. - and a book later chroniclcd the stove oroaram's successes and failures. cenainly. recalled his memories from two "So I guess his is son ola recipe forreality. were "Of all the beautiful. Tanzania. you've had for 18months disintegrating around you.then you realizejust how Chris Matthews. baking and lime production. San Francisco Examiner. ai night. or even All fivc K V s worked on the same project." he wrote. The agency did not sct up a from home. Tanzania Mary Clarkin. even though the "My experiences were ~ r h i n gspecial for a Peace way is downhill. also invisible." Clarkin says. a liny nation villages or neighborhoods. One weekend he discovered what he our counterparts felt to see something succeed. introducing myselfro astartledtrader. "And I rcmemberlhepride weand tomorrow" in English. Volunteers now per- form a number of functions in academic.. on a 1984-1986 walkway above the gorge?" "The Slrdanese werenorf m ' l i o r with Peace Corps and Memories like this can be cited by dozens of men and cerrainly not accusromed ro seeing Americans live in their women who served as PCVs in Swaziland. Whileserving inTanzania.

pmgram again. Both times there an international emphasis.roughly 3. Her students also discovered that a new language - "Upon arrival in my town as the only American afer English -can "come alive" for them. "Theself-development journey will no doubt continue." . three m o n t h in training with only Americans and English. Then it was off to a beauty parlor where head agriculture. 1974-76 national organizations in Thailand. Peace Corps Times 55 30th Anniversary Edition . I wasfimlly faced with an ovenvhelming in January of 1962. dessert of fresh mango slices on warm coconut-milk there has been increased emphasis on programming in stickyrice. SincethefmtPeaceCo~psVolunleersarrivedinThailand speaking Thais. The Vietnam of three children. Historically. rural development and rural health care. The Peace Corps is h e largest of several inlet- Thailand. ally." crisiscontributed to a decision early this year to suspend the she says. thc Then." PCVs have served twice in Tanzania. she and her family are about to leave the War contribuled to worsening relations between Tanzania Unitedstates for2-112years in Mongolia. came vast majority of Volunteershave taught. Thailand. as relations returned to normal. who invited me to join herin a delicious of English and as teacher uainers. I felt at home and few rears ever fell unril plan is the foundation for Volunteer project activities in leaving Thailand two years later. Those she lived and worked with learned that American women are highly inde- Thailand pendent and friendly and yet willing to adapt and respect a new culture with different emphasis on women's rights. who served as an English teacher in secondary Ruml developmenthasbeenoneofthemajorobjectives schools in Thailand. especially as teachers a teacher-colleanue. PCVs John and Nancy Wilkinson visit Temple of Emerald Buddha in Bangkok. said she learned to "really concenuate of the Peace Corps in Tanzania Another concern has been on specific skills and develop my own capabilities" living in general health care on the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba. The current Middle East only with aricher element through theeyes ofourchildren. a new culture and new surroundings. Day. she says. massages take a half-hour! M y initial fears were perma. however. where her husband and the United States in the late 1960s. In recent years. A five-year national economic and social development nenrly allayed. PCV Charlene Day.intomy sparse room lacking warmthorprivacy. in 1968." is about to begin a new world adventure. Thailand. Volunteers returned is country director of a new Peace Corps program.know exactly how far from home you really are. the request of the royal Thai government. The mother where havebroughtprogramsuspensionshere.500 PCVs have sewed hcrc at sense oflonelinessandawe at what I hadgotten myselfinto. both professionally and person- have been "recipes for reality" as overseas conflicts else.

For the last Illinois PCV William Wallace does welding for well repair in Togo in 1976." says Elmcr.. Elmer is extremely proud o l the animal traction program in Togo. "Despite the fact IheNew York Timesreported I was 39-years-old. Today the Togolese successfully breed and raise their is on the southwest coast. 1983-1985 In 1983. passing up a tempting promotion. three years." -PCV John Elmer.5 million people. Assisring wirh rhar training is rhe besr thing we can dofor rhemriglu now. necessary lo rcccive and work colored prints cany baskets on their heads to market. "In the early 1970s. It is an inlriguing blend of ancient own cattle while Peace Corps Volunteers provide farmers African and modern western influences.Only asrnall unrealistic. Togo tried to use mechanized approprialc technology. "I was36yearsold when I joined the Peace Corps. he has been a mining consultant for the Peace with a pair of oxen. Togo 1962-Present "There is definitely a portion of the farming com- munityoroundthe worldand certainly in Wesr Africa.LomC.From 1987-1990. "The cost of machinery. Elmer was an animal traction extension agent in Togo. a small West African nation about thesize of West Virginia. but it was unsuccessful. where animal rracrion will be imporranr in the foresee- able future. to work in forestry. Elmer is one o l the growing number of mid-ca- reer individuals who have lakcn a break from the fast- uackloserveasaPcaceCorps Volunteer ovcrscas. inland fisheries." because Togo is a rural nation.J.Women in brightly with the lcchnical support . credit for backing this program. Peace Corpslrogo also provides PCVs Corps. where he scrvcd as a Pcace Corps Volunteer. community health. The country'scapilill. maintenance and the size of the With approximately 2. tion. I'm excited to be aparr of it. From 1983-1985.John Elmer left an affluent 10-yw-long ca- reer in insurance sales in the Midwest. however." saysElmer. cooperative promotion and educa- farming methods." hc adds with a smile. N. he served as the lead trainer in animal traction at the Howell Living History Farm in Titusville. Togo. Togo is the average farmer landholding made the use of tractors in Togo mostdensely populatedcountryin West Africa.inorder to tackle his "toughest job" -hejoined thepeacecorps. The Togolese government deserves a lot of percentage of the people live in cities and towns. Peace Corps Times 56 30th Anniversary Edition .

Volunteers teach at govern- ment and church-supported schools. Tonga.PeaceCorps Volunteers were primarily engaged in teaching in primaryand secondary schools lhroughout the country. who taught biology and science in sec- modem richnessofthecapitaland the timelesspoverty ofthe ondary schools as a Peaee Corps Volunteer serving in Tonga. FCVs in theeducation sectorhave beentakenoutof all primary and most middle schools. program suength has grown as high as 100 and has mainlained an average of 70 PCVs until recent years. Since the program began. N. PCV Rick Touchette. Tonga. One of the most conflicting images Tunisia has to offer is the diversity between the Ellen Wiczer.." ..M. I n Tonga you're born inro your life. Over the last five years. That gave me a feel for what it really meant to be outsiders. and they're very eager to show outsiders abour an American. One quarter of the Volunteers work with d ~ f - ferent government agencies on technical development. is comprised of an archipelago of about 150islands. Louis. Peace Corps is the only official U. One is their life. 1989-1991 takefor granted in terms ofphysical possessions. Tonga Tunisia 1967-Present "I thinkmy Peace Corpsservice hadapretty significant "Tunisians have one foot inro their traditional culture influence on the way I see life. what we Welborn. I t bas nice to see that o w lifesiyle and what we accept as the norm is not the norm anywhere else. the lola1number of FCVs to serve here exceeds 1.nor should it Lisa Welborn of L a w n c e . Tunisia. PCV Ellen Wiczer.Nukualofais thecapital. Also. PCV Lisa Kristine expected to live out their life a certain way.S. alsoknown astheTongaIslandsorFriendly Islands. Forthefiust 15 yearshere. particularly in fisheries and agriculture. My first year. 1974-1976 to farmers and rural women in a small agricultural town not far from the capital of Tunis. Today mosteachingassignmentshave teacher mining components with the goal of having each education PCV spend a significant amount of time teaching coun- terpans. They're very eager andopen lomeeting dizerenl. I n many ways they're having a hard rime well. they don't need. In 1982. Peace Corps Times 57 30th Anniversary FAition . here still is a lack of trained teachers. theirfwd. of St. Kansas. taughtbeekeeping be. indus- trialansandaccounting.Itried hard tofit into rheir culture and Ifit inpretty Western ideas. is today aspeech and language pathologisl in private not-so-distant rural regions. but there were just some cultural things that were too assimilating the two.100. a major country review and evaluation recom- mended that h e Peace Corps focus on more technical assistance to government ministries and sponsoring organizations. which fewTongan teachers are qualified to each at the sec- ondary level. inspects well in Tunisia in 1979. Education remains the backbone of the Peace CorpslTonga program. While Tonga's school system is expanding. The program is now concenmted on technical subjects such as science and math.". The people of this tiny North practice in Albuquerque. Since the Peace Corps fun entered Tonga in October of 1967 with 60-plus Volunteers. presence in this Pacific kingdom. I tried to be and the other fool dramatically jumping into European and Tongan. their donces.

Turkey.. Peace Corps 1964-1966 now recruits skilled volunteers to mecl a spccific nccd through individual placements." . It continued with Volunteers working as island com- munity developers until 1982. found very rewarding. eastern coastal region where olive groves flourish to more teaching English in secondary schools and universities re- mountainous regions of h e interior. left in 1972. They worked atsitesranging from the Throughout the time that the Peace Corps was in Turkey. Turkey embassy wasestablished in Suvain 1979. Welbornsaid. Peace Corps has helped this Arab nation grow in agri- cultural fields including fisheries. who wished ro serve hisfull rerm. Another V o l u n w is serving as a marine fisheries advisor uyside. director a1 theagency's headquarters in Washington. "Everyone mountains and long coastline. $1 hadn'r gone ro Turkey. a writer and film-maker living in Santa term emphasis on training and transfer of skills lo local Barbara. Ir gave usa lor of e n r a help and support. Marianne. Vicki and Leland Dilley worked in acommunity devel- rhe two governments by mutual consent agreed that rhe opment Program as Peace Corps Volunleers here. by researchlsurvey cruises and commercial fishing opera- Jeny W. It wasa sadbut wiseendforaprogramrhat wasmuch loved Thepeople wcievery rcceptive. [he single afective Peace Corps Times 58 30th Anniversary Edition . The contingent of Peace Corns Volunteers in Turkey Everyone wanted to be my brother. They included me in grew quickly kprogramming expanded over the years & their lives without resuaint. it 1974-Present focused its efforts on higher education.PCV Jerry W. when we lefr. From1%9onwardsinrer~lterrorismfrom placcmenls. served with his wife. Leach. Peacecorps Volunteers have Tuvalu. but thememoriesof establishingprocedurestocollectdataonbottomfishcatches his service there remain vivid." . and they and to island communities. American history and graduate-level English in was the veryfirst time rhe Peace Corps had worked along- Tunisian universities.African nationareequally diverse."Everyone women who served in this diverse counuy with i l s high wanted to include me in their family. The most recent placement was an a r c h i a t . developers who were the fust lo live in the Turkish coun. when that portion of the experienced. or death was widely expected. Volunteers laugh1 "One unique rhing about o w assigntnenr was rhat rhis literature. At the request of the Tuvalu govcrnmcnt." include community development and health programs after Welborn was oneof more than 1. "Our Peace Corps experience was one of the most life- occur rhroughou[ the 1970s. When a regional U. Corpsexperience-even lhoughit was20yearsago and the Green and Leach were *477American and derails are now fading . in Tunisia since 1962. ch"gingcxperiencesI'veeverhadSwVickiDillcy says.500volunteers to serve initially concentrating n' education and agriculture. has been lo respond to individual needs through single gram to an end." by the Volunreers. who is now a Peace Corps regional tions. Because of Tuvalu's unique geography andgovernmcntrequircmenls.PCV Vicki Dilley. Leach. Sports programs such as baskelball also proved popular.a more subsmtial Peace Corps program was developed here. workdidnsrfallaparr.S. About 10 PCVs "If e l r l was helping the viliagerstoget in touch with the I were on board in 1980. m e ProPam w* develo~ed were helping me get i n rouch a very basic and Lhroughdirectcollaborationwith SavctheChildrcnFounda- way of life I would never hove much less tion. I n 1971. This Special education was also pioneered in Tunisia by PCVs. mained a priority. wanted to be my father. Minn. poultry raising and crops. Tuvalu bcckccping."We The last PCV. wasgreat because. Each placement has along- Harlan Green. left. More recently. M~~~volunteers left in 1971. staning in January of this year. Many such eventsdid. Turkey. who later spent time in Papua New Guinea and 1964-1973 Summer 1991 speaksTurkish and Kiriwinan. lefc and right became more and more threatening. two Peace Corps Volunteers were serving in Tuvalu.A kidmpping live in NOnhfield. Bcforegaining independence in 1978. infact. Thousands ofTunisian studenls have side anorher non-profit organizarion. one came lo mind was my Central Europe and the Mediterranean. He hasn'tbeen backsince 1%7. PCVs began providing &~s(anceto government agencies modern world that they were so hungry lo enter. workedon the forei~naffairs staff at the White House before becoming head of ihe Peace "Irecenrly me1 a Ugandan who came ro dinner. Calif.PeaccCorpspolicy "People always ask me whar brought the Turkey pro. We worked with Save learned English as a second language through Volunteers. We a t a very good lime. Uganda Leach." . of the buildup in tensions in the ~ i d dE~~ l ~ I t continued ro grow andprosper. the Children. After he Corps region which includes countries in the Pacific. They now Volunreers'sqferycouldnolongerbeassured. and taught at Adama Boys High School and Gazi National Teachers Training in Ankara." she said. was part ofa contingent ofrural community counterpam. Everyone wanted to be my sister. PCV Harlan program was cance~ed of the of air Green. 1964-1966 service to the outer islands. Asia. Once the Peace Corps program was expanded in 1980. 1980-1983 temporarily left Tunisia. large-animal husbandry.andableand willing to work with us.

arranged clinics.PCV Jim Courter. Twelve years adult education. Bounded by Brazil and Argenlina. who decided not toseek re- to them. Small business operators werc trained in management ment and agriculture.S.S.Thmugh theirefforts. opened city planning of- enterpriseactivities. Aftera breakof 17 years. laundry systems.mught science.Congressandasmyparty'snomineeforgovernor community health and gardening. Hospital assistance was another imporIan1 effon. Rice 01985 University of recently was nominated to head a presidential commission Notre Dame Press created by Congress to study mililary base closures and realignments. They years the Peace Corps was in the counay. completed census studies. dialect." . Vol- Uruguay is a land of rolling grass plains and low hills with unleerstaughtmaintenancepersonnel. including plazas. He was one of the 447 PCVs here over the nine Americans were sworn in as Peace Corps Volunleers. in the U. PCVs helped set up regional agencies to provide similar to 4-H clubs. Thomas Schrwr. For nearly a cedures at medical care facilities throughout Venezuela. Formerly the New Hebrides. Volunteers taught classes. James A.. the Peace Corps is returning to Uganda. - Peace Corps Times 59 30th Anniversary Edition . NJ. interior of the counuy. placed in chis Latin American republic. It is located 1. uanspona- Peace Corps Volunteers wiU focus their efforts in the tion terminals. my Jersey. FCVs helped establish youth groups skills. FCVs who have been serving in other countries will be education.anddevelopedsuch closerelationsthat they referred election to Congress after running for governor of Ncw 10 their honfamily members as 'myfather. no more re- warding. 10 experienced South American counay over a 15-year period in business. Depart. 1970-1972 Spons programs also were encouraged. but the Peace Corps Vanuatu suspended its program because of political unrest. Thomas Schroer.The 150. Bislama. textbook development. an island republic in the Pacific. Courter wasassigned 10the 1963-1974 Spring 1991 Venezuela Municipal C o w in Valera while serving as a "Volunteers in Uruguay lived with the 1ocals. Another 25 Volun.'The Bold Experiment: JFK's Koben Laufer Purcell & Cohen in Hackettstown. Volunteers also involved themselves in "MyexperienceasaPeaceCorpsVolunteerin Venezuela extracurricular activities throughout the country. mental sectors.670 square miles. Mostof thePCVs will servein thenual fices and reformed the budgetary systems in several cities. 1%3. signed public works projects. ' -PCV for Young People in both rural and urban areas. indeed. They dcveloped city beginning on development of natural resources and small plans. science. Their efforts will suppon the Uganda gaining independencein 1980.348 miles northeast will work with the Ugandan Ministry of Education. such as remains one of my most cherished memories.designedmechanical abundant pasturelands. markets and parks. Rep. Uganda. health and urban dcvelopmcnt projects.e~ollmentinsecondaryschools 1962-1977 more than doubled. Initially. through the Peace Corps office in the Solomon Islands. More than 320kilomerersofbeaches systems. fashioned and installed air conditioning systems. Peace Corps Volunteers will Comer was among 2. Courtcr. Vanuatu is a Y-shaped archipelago of 80 islands cov- gmunds in agriculturaI. are teaching math and science in secondary schools here. planned tournaments and coached teams. they concentrated onexpanding educational opportunities for the Ugandan people. math andmusic in Vanuatu. whoserved Venezuela as instructors of English. introduced new methodsof cultivation technical assistance.e*periencel'veeverhad. and contributed to social programs .paidrent Peacecorps Volunteer. When the f i t Peace Corps members served here. Approximately 10 volunteers with back. Venezuela. youth develop. the Pacific island ment of Technical Services and several of the country's chain was governed jointly by France and Britain before technical colleges. He Peace Corps" by Gerard T. run along the Rio de la Plala and the Atlantic Ocean. Twenty-five new schools opened as a resultof theavailabilityofPeaceCorps teachers.201 PCVs who scrved in this return to Uruguay this spring. U.llreally changedmy 1 . math. 1967-1969 U J Former U. In urban development projects.Volunlcers de- teers will enter Uruguay in the summer. who worksin regulatory affairsfor Du Pontin Wilmington. my molher. The first gmup of Volunteers in the reinsrated program The Peace Corps program in Vanuatu is administered in Uganda will work in vocational education and environ. working in rural community development.S. of Aus!dia. After an 18-year absence. and animal husbandry. language study. is now the senior partner in the law Cum of Cowter brother or sister. mechanical and civil engineering ering4. Del.000inhabitants hcre government's commiunent to educate students with the aim speak a mixture of English and French as well as a native of reconstructing the nation's deteriorating inhslructure. became a a secondary school program in which he was also involved Peace Corps host counuy in January 1990 when three with sports. almost 200 Peace Corps Volunteers served here. history and geog- raphy . of New Jersey were challenging but.' " . equipment maintenance systems and pm- The government of Uruguay and the Peace Corps f i t cedures. and established adminismativeandaccounting pro- signed a joint agreement on July 31. Peace Corps Volunteers served in this Cenbal African nation fmm 1964 to 1973. decade.

part of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. "But I know that my being there did touch a few lives -just as surely as my life was changed forever as a result of this experience. Over the years. Trackman. I was responsible for supervising the junior grades in the school. about thesize of Rhode Island." she says. but the program evolvcd into around 75 to 80 PCVs sewing at any one time in the 1970s. were withdrawn. and fevers. Yemen 1973-1990 ~ndowminl. Radelet also worked with the Western Samoa Red Cmss organizing a national public awareness campaign on disaster preparedness. who taught in the village of Vaito'omuli in the Palauli Disuict of Savai'i in Western Samoa while sewing here as a PCV. PCV Carrie Hessler Radelet. when Peace Corps Volunteers - (suk)oftheold cify of S a ~ a . "The lives of most of my smdenls were not irrevocably changed by my presence in Samoa. went to yemenin 1973. " . Although I was supposed to be a m a h leacher. PCV Dean Trackman. PCVs worked on evewthinr! from earlhauake Samoa. " PCV Michael A. she taught English and social studies. is now an editor at the National Museum of African Arl. infections. peace corpsv initially I was deeply touched and very gra& to be P r l of their focused largely on health-related pmgrams. John Snow Inc. Western Samoa "It was the hospitdify of my Samoan friends and neighbors that impressed me the most. byproviding impromptu basic carefor sundry cuts. Western however.Inmy second year.097 squaremiles. The pots of rich cocoa Samoa we receivedin return still lingerin mymemory." . however. 1987-1989 education." he says." Located 2." according to Carrie Hessler Radelet. who now man- ages the Boston International Group. Jasso. Peace Corps Times 60 30th Anniversary Edition . We didfar more valuable work for those in our village.IalsotaughtEnglishandsocialstudies. communiw.600 miles southwest of Hawaii. 1981-1983 "Three other PCVs and I tough at a secondnry school on the island of Savai'i. I was a newcomer. Peace Corps Volunteers in the w l y years numbered around 150. Today the main program emphasis is on agriculture and educadon. "Colleges are similar to our high schools. Western Samoa. a When the fmt small group of Peace Corps Volunteers stranger in their village. As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Western Samoa. My ability to be active partners in community stability and primary dufy was the as-built documentation ofa culturally development and historically significant building within ihecentralmarket From 1985 until 1990. The project's goal is to assist congrega- tions with older urban religious facilities in dealing with the "I workedas a preservation architectfor the Executive management of these facilitiesas a means ofenhancing their Ofice for t k Preservation of the Old Ciry of Sancfa." While in the South Pacific. Western Samoais an independent nation with nine jewel-size islands covering 1. andyetl was welcomedlike family.Inc. 1982-1984 "Peace Corps still remains very near and dear to my heart. the main Peace Corps emphasis was on Yemen.. "I taught at Ulimasao College. a public health organization.

Peace Corps Times 61 30th Anniversary Edition . adjusts telescope for student in Apia in 1977. a science teacher. PCV Jonathan Barner.

Tidwell is now busy writ- g e t 4 for some time in 1992.developingfishculturemanualsanduaining teachers of English through undergraduate mining and in.20 to 50 ocrcent ~ ~ Possibly 1992 oftheirksh. but Volunteer input wascancelled in 1986 meet the immediate needs of undergraduate instruction and because of strained relations between Zaire and the United to assess the needs and possibilities of in-service training States. D. Peace Corps Volunteers Volunteer numbers in Zaire have run as high as 400 at would work with members of educational departments to a lime in the past.. health and water sanitation pro- grams. wrote about his experiences in a book titled ''The Ponds of has one of the continent's most prosperous economies. despite my fears.Thegoal of such a project here would be to increase todatehave been involved in thousands the number qualified primary and school offishfarmers. Inaddition to fisheries. materials. needs of undergraduate inslruction.000 square miles of west central Africa.andselling&eresttoeammoney fortheir wives and their children. If this program is established. Kansas PCV Ray Siebert shows Zairian farmer low-cost implement in 1974.relations with thegovernment ofZaire haveimproved and Peace Corps has once again staned expanding its pm- Zaire gram there. weregivingawaypartof their harvest torelativesandothers. formerly knownasRhodesia. The educa- within the department." -PCV Mike Tidwell. 1970-Present "it'shard to imagine another country in the worldmore needful of the kind of help that Peace Corps offers than Zaire. "Farmers went on - building and harvesting wnds.. sharing didn't destroy the Yugoslavia fish project. Zaire has bcen Yugoslavia is the latest European country to ask for the host for over 21 years to close to 2.500 Peace Corps Peace Corps' assistance in the area of English teacher Volunteers. sworn in as a Peace Corps Volunteer in ~ c b m of q 1985. "In the end... That dropped the PCV count to only 70.ThegovernmentofZimbabwehasex~ressed ways and learn accepmce.PCVshave recently k e n assigned to agriculture." Peace Corps' entry into Yugoslavia is presently tar. uaining. Tidwell had to adjust to new ing~~pulation. -. science and vocational education.Ovcr thelast several years. 1985-1987 . Kalambayi: An African Sojourn. I taught villagers how to raisefish SO they could ear Zimbabwe firh forever on their own. Volunteers would work with ing another book about his experiences as a counselor to members ofeducational departments meet the immediate homeless crack addicts in the nation's capital. 905. Amid simple collections of mud huts and barefoot people. lion program wasdiscontinuedentirely. search and extension training center. They also would assess With apopulationof more than 30 million andcovering the needs and possibilities of in-service training.. Farmers who he was helping an interest in Peace Corps Volunteers to teach mathematics. education is a pressing need for its rapidly grow- Like others before him." he wrote in his book. Since 1974. and consmcting and renovating a national re- service training for current teachers. Zaire. PCVs have worked with fish farm- ers teaching methods of inland fish production. Living in Washington. ThisSouthern Africannation.C..-eivineawav . It was aprocess I simply couldn't change and eventually I stopped trying." However. Peace Corps Times 62 30th Anniversary Edition . I Fall 1991 The Peace Corps hopes to sign a counuy agreement to Mike who spent two years in Zaireafier being send up to 25 Volunteers to Zimbabwe by the fall of 1991.


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