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Loan Accounting Reveals True Creditor

John Henry Doe (JHD)
TRANSACTIONS United States Treasury (UST) - General Ledger
1. JHD pledges birthright labor to
USA worth $200B and receives a
Certificate of Live Birth as CASH - Asset Accounts Payable - JHD
evidence of equitable title to ====================== =======================
same. This is the asset-collateral
known as the credit of the nation. 200B1 200B1
2. JHD signs a loan application
100K3 100K2
which ABC Bank uses as a
consent form to assign a portion
of said equitable title to the UST Accounts Receivable - JHD
as a perfected security interest ======================
(lien) and an account receivable.
3. UST sells said lien on the Open
Market to receive cash from

ABC Bank – General Ledger

Cash Accounts Payable - JHD
4. ABC Bank receives said cash
from UST and debits its cash ====================== ======================
account, and then credits the 100K4 100K4
borrowers transaction account
for same amount to show the
source of funds. 100K6
NOTE: the borrower never
receives a deposit slip receipt for Accounts Receivable - JHD
this amount, which eventually is ======================
considered “abandoned” and is
therefore claimed by the bank, 100K5
perhaps on a IRS 1099-A Form. 100K6
5. ABC Banks pays a seller said
funds from Cash account, and
then debits an Accounts
Receivable account that JHD
must pay the bank as the loan.

6. If the borrower would simply
claim said deposit slip for #4
A/P account, its funds could
setoff the loan for this same
amount posted in this #5 A/R