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Poetry Exercise: Cinquain Poem

The word cinquain is derived from the French and Spanish words for five. This form of poem
always has five lines. The form may be based on syllables, which is the most common, or on words.
The pattern is as follows:

Lines Parts of Cinquain Poem Syllable Word

Line 1 Title 2 syllables 1 word
Line 2 Description of the title 4 syllables 2 words
Line 3 Some action about the title 6 syllables 3 words
Line 4 Feeling about the title 8 syllables 4 words
Line 5 Synonym (similar word) for title 2 syllables 1 word

Brainstorm Ideas:
What is your topic?____ __________________________________________________________
What does this look like?__________________________________________________________
What can this (your topic) do (what action)? ___________________________________________
How do you feel about your topic? __________________________________________________
What are some other words that have the same meaning as your topic?_______________________

(Title) Example:
(Description) Sea Foam
_________________________________________ Salty water
(Action) Blowing over the boat
_____________________________________________ The wind makes me feel so relaxed
(Feeling) Oceans
Poetry Exercise: The Diamante Poem

This type of poem is written in the pattern of a diamond. This form shows that words are related
through shades or a spectrum of meaning that flows from one extreme to the opposite extreme. For
example: Hot/Cold, Life/Death, Love/Hate, Natural/Artificial. The poem follows a specific word
pattern as follows:

LINE 1: one word subject (noun)

LINE 2: two adjectives describing LINE 1 noun
LINE 3: three participles ending in -ing or -ed to describe LINE I noun
LINE 4: four words - related to both the noun in LINE 1 and the noun in LINE 7
LINE 5: three participles ending in -ing or -ed to describe LINE 7 noun
LINE 6: two adjectives describing LINE 7 noun
LINE 7: one word growing out of or opposite to LINE 1 noun (another noun)

Adjective, Adjective
Participle, Participle, Participle
Word, Word, Word, Word
Participle, Participle, Participle
Adjective, Adjective


Winter Life
Frosty, Bright Vital, Expanded
Skiing, Sledding, Skating Growing, Blooming, Changing
Icicles, Snowflakes, Vacation, Family Evolved, Ended, Love, Unique
Swimming, Tanning, Sweltering Dying, Withering, Humbling
Steamy, Sunny Weathered, Aged
Summer Death
Poetry Exercise: Color Writing

Color is all around us, and our eyes allow us to make countless distinctions among colors. And there
are an infinite number of shades, and variations of colors throughout the world. We encounter
hundreds of these each day of our lives.

What are some of the things you see that are blue? Jeans? Ink? Guitars? What type of blue is the sky?
How would you describe a cool fall morning's blue sky? What about a hot, summery blue sky? What
does it look like? What does it remind you of?

Sometimes colors inspire feelings within us. Take note of those feelings. How does green grass make
you feel? How about a bright red flower? Sometimes actions can make us think of colors. What
color is the wind rustling through the trees? What color is the buzzing of a bee?

Choose a color, and be fairly specific like olive green, or burgundy, or steel gray. Take a 10-to-30-
minute walk, noticing everything of that color. If you can't go outdoors, look out the window or
look through field guides or magazines. After some time for observation, write a poem, using lots of
strong imagery.

The following template may help you get some ideas to jump-start your creative process:

(Selected color) is .... Example: Light gray is...the color of serene.

(Selected color) tastes like .... Light gray tastes like....chalky grit of dry, hot winds.
(Selected color) smells like .... Light gray smells like....rain showers on hot concrete.
(Selected color) sounds like .... Light gray sounds like... electricity crackling in the air.
(Selected color) feels like .... Light gray feels breezes brushing my cheek.
(Selected color) looks like .... Light gray looks like...cement footpaths in the park.
(Selected color) makes me .... Light gray makes me...pensive
(Selected color) is .... Light gray is...the sky just before sunrise.

Dont feel obligated to adhere to this template. If you find some comparisons and descriptions that
appeal to yougo for it!