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MECA 2016

Annual Report
From the Director MECA Financials
Fiscal Year July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016
Individual Donors 1,173,814.08 52.1%
Dear Friend of MECA.
Foundation Grants 131,120.00 5.8%
As you look through this MECA Annual
Benefits & Fundraisers 233,158.81 10.4%
Report and see all the remarkable work Sales of Palestinian Crafts 142,788.80 6.3%
our partner organizations have done, please know that what makes Childrens Circle (monthly donors) 80,248.50 3.6%
it possible is the support of generous individuals like you. Were all Events 47,694.21 2.1%
prepared to work even harder now, as Trump cuts more aid, drops Bequests 405,178.29 18.0%
more bombs, and turns away more refugees. At a time when children In-kind donations 39,080.22 1.7%
in the Middle East, the US, and around the world are growing up in TOTAL 2,253,082.91
conditions no child should ever have to face, all of us are deeply grateful
for your commitment to Palestinian children and refugee families Expenses:
Humanitarian Aid 289,561.03 14.0%
from Syria.
Projects for Children 699,646.48 33.8%
Scholarships 186,317.00 9.0%
Education 182,245.99 8.8%
Maia Project 83,850.00 4.1%
Barbara Lubin Shop Palestine/Bazaar 149,467.58 7.2%
Founder and Director Administration 198,709.22 9.6%
Fundraising 278,568.47 13.5%
TOTAL 2,068,365.77

Income: Expenses:

Individual Donors Foundation Grants Humanitarian Aid Maia Project

Benefits & Fundraisers Sales of Palestinian Crafts Education Fundraising
Childrens Circle (monthly donors) Events Administration Scholarships
Bequests In-kind donations Projects for Children Shop Palestine/Bazaar

Audited Financial Report available from, 510-548-0542

Projects for Children
Education for All for Syrian Refugees Let the Children Play & Heal in Gaza
We are dealing with children who lost their homes or relatives. Its still
very hard. They isolate themselves. Some are very angry and some
cant focus. Others have night terrors and most are not doing well in
school. We work closely with the whole family.
We work with these children and help them to taste childhood again.
Khulud Salam, Play & Heal psychologist

In 2016, MECA supporters provided:

Art, music, drama, and games that encourage children to express
themselves and support each other
Psychological help for children and families
Workshops in child psychology for parents, teachers, and social workers
Educational support for children with trauma
Staff training in psychological support for children at all MECA partners
in Gaza

MECA Partners: Never Stop Dreaming, Afaq Jadeeda (New Horizons),

Union of Palestinian Womens Committees, Red Crescent Society, Community
I feel proud and happy whenever I wake up from sleep to go to the center Training Center and Crisis Management, Palestinian Music Center for
to learn something new every day. I hope to get an official certificate so Culture and Art
I can continue in Syria, enter the university, realize my dreams, and
help the rebuilding of my homeland.
Shafak, Syrian refugee, age 13

In 2016, MECA supporters provided:

Classes in Arabic reading and writing, English, math
Workshops in human rights and childrens rights
Weekly field trips
Music, dance, theater, and art

MECA Partners: The Children of Al Jaleel Center (CJC), Bekaa Valley,

Lebanon; Palestinian Womens Humanitarian Organization, Beirut, Lebanon
Projects for Children Support for Children Arrested
Arts, Media, and Advocacy for in East Jerusalem
Palestinian Refugees

Watani (My Homeland)

Original song by the Shoruq Girls Hip Hop Group
Watani, when I can meet my friend without going through an Israeli check-
point policy
Watani, is not being controlled by everyone in the name of democracy
Many people have sang for homeland but my story is different
I speak a story of belligerence
In hopes of potential difference
I live in a world where Im banned to move
In 2016, MECA supporters provided: Imagine a five-, six-, seven-year-old child being arrested. The impact on
Youth debka classes and performances
the childeven if he is eighteenis very big. The child, his mother, his
Girls Hip Hop song-writing, recording, and performances
Media training and equipment
father, his sisters and brothers, even the neighbors are affected.
Sahar Abbasi Baidon, Deputy Director, Madaa Creative Center
Art and creative writing classes
In 2016, MECA supporters provided:
MECA Partner:
Lawyer to protect and represent the children
Shoruq Organization, Dheisheh
Psychologist to work with the children and their families
Refugee Camp, Palestine
Academic tutor for children under house arrest
Library with daily activities
Videographer and researcher for legal evidence and advocacy

MECA Partner: Madaa Creative Center, Silwan, East Jerusalem

We Love Reading in the West Bank Projects for Children
and Gaza New Playgrounds in Old Villages
The families of Beit Iksa suffer from the unrelenting efforts of the
Israeli occupation to force them from their village. The playground
is located in the historic village center, in a beautifully designed public
space for families, youth, and kids to spend time in.
Shatha Safi, Riwaq
In 2016 MECA supporters helped build:
New Playgrounds in Palestine: West Bank villages of Beit Iksa and
Rantis; Khuzaa Kindergarten, Gaza

MECA partners: Riwaq Center for Architectural Conservation, Khuzaa

Kindergarten, Gaza

And More
In 2016, MECA donors also supported these childrens projects:
Homemade, healthy snacks for schoolchildren
Community kindergartens and pre-schools
Who is this strange man who goes around, alone and humming? Summer camps and sports teams
Flowers grow out of his coat sleeve and everything he reads in books Classes for children with learning disabilities
Cultural heritage education
turns into questions that fall on the town. Together, these questions
Youth activism for refugee rights
form a blue pond. Outdoor gym for young people with disabilities
from the book Berkat Al Asela Al Zarqaa (A Pool of Blue Questions)
Theater and music classes
by Maya Abu Alhayyat and Hassan Manasrah

In 2016 MECA supporters provided:

Five new Arabic picture books by contemporary writers and illustrators,
of which two won the prestigious Etisalat Awards for Arabic
Childrens Literature.
Read-aloud training and free books for women
Story-telling and book clubs in schools
School libraries

MECA Partner: Palestine Writing Workshop

Aid for Gaza The Maia Project:
& Syrian Refugees Bringing Clean Water to the Children
of Palestine
Food, Health Care, and Warmth
MECA supports childrens health
through donations of medicine,
warm clothes, food, and many more
things. Your support and your
solidarity reach us across the
blockade and the closed borders. It
lets our children know that there
are people who care about them,
who can be their friends.
Dr. Mona El-Farra,
MECA Director of Gaza Projects
Children of Al-Jalil Center found a great partner with MECA based on
our shared goals of helping displaced people and those in need. Togeth-
er, we are meeting basic needs of families from Syria, helping them to
survive and live with dignity.
Ali Taha, Executive Director, Children of Al Jalil Center, In partnership with the Middle East Childrens Alliance, we will bypass
Beqaa, Lebanon
the inhumane Israeli blockade to reach the lives of nearly 10,000
In 2016, MECA supporters provided: children. Together, we will help relieve the chokehold of Israeli
6,000-pound medical shipment for Gaza occupation.
Ramadan food parcels for 400 families Yusuf Nessary, Founder, Zam Zam Water
in Gaza
Warm winter clothes for 909 children In 2016, MECA supporters provided:
in Gaza New units, with funds from Zam Zam Water, installed in Beach Camp
Vouchers for food, hygiene supplies, warm Boys Elementary School and Deir El Balah Girls Preparatory School
clothes, and heating fuel for more than Testing, maintenance, upgrades, and repairs for 71 water purification
2,000 refugees from Syria (in Lebanon) units in Gaza kindergartens, elementary. and middle schools.
Water engineer on MECA staff in Gaza
MECA partners: Red Crescent Society of the MECA partner: Afaq Jadeeda, Gaza
Gaza Strip; The Children of Al Jaleel Center
(CJC), Bekaa Valley, Lebanon; Ard Al Insan
Child Nutrition Center, Gaza; Medical Teams
Investing in Womens Income
Palestines Future: Generating Projects
University Scholarships
In 2016 MECA supporters provided
scholarships for 139 students at eleven
Palestinian universities.

After graduation, I want to help people Embroidery takes me from

who are ill or injured, who have to a miserable reality to a
endure the harsh conditions of life in magic world.
Gaza. Samar, Gaza
Ahmed Abu Hajjaj, medical student,
Al Azhar University, Gaza, Palestine

During the last war on Gaza, our house

was completely destroyed. The most
horrible moment in my life was when we In 2016 MECA supporters:
Helped dozens of womens collectives and businesses produce and sell
had to flee. I almost had to drop out
their goods
because of my familys economic situa- Provided materials, equipment and training for a womens sewing
tion. The MECA scholarship was a lifeline business in Gaza
for me to continue my studying. Spent $142,788 on items made by Palestinian women, including tex
Mona Abu Yousef, education major, tiles, ceramics, olive oil soap, and more
Al Aqsa University, Gaza, Palestine Attended MECA and Joining Hands 14th Annual Palestinian Crafts
Bazaar, which included Arabic food, book-signing, henna, kids
activities and Arabic calligraphy
MECA partners: Al Ahlia University College,
Al Aqsa University, Al Azhar University,
Al Quds Open University, Al Quds University,
An-Najah University, Arab American University Jenin, Bethlehem Universi-
ty, Birzeit University, Hebron University, Palestine Polytechnic University
MECA scholarships funds: Elly Jaensch Memorial Scholarship Fund, Mary
Bisharat Memorial Scholarship Fund, Ramzy Halaby Education Fund, and
Tree of Life Education Fund Ceramics, Olive Wood, Keffiyehs, Embroidery, Jewlery, clothing, Books, Prints, rugs, Olive Oil and more!
Teaching Palestine
Resources for Educators and Students 2016 EVENTS
The cultural exchange with Palestinian refugee youth artists Performance poet REMI KANAZI and his book Before the
particularly resonated with our students, giving them an opportunity Next Bomb Drops: Rising Up from Palestine to Brooklyn with
to connect in a meaningful, creative and critical context. Inspired by the Arab Resource and Organizing Center (AROC)
our collaboration, students have created a public art action project EYES OF A THIEF
to raise awareness about the impact of the Israeli occupation on Film Screening
Israeli Dissident and
Tara Asciutto, Oakland High School teacher
Historian ILAN PAPPE
In 2016 MECA supported provided: on Why Palestine is Still
Workshops for teachers on how and why to teach about Palestine the Issue
A website on resources for teaching Palestine (in progress)
CHIVVIS MOORE and her memoir
Support for teachers in developing and implementing curriculum on
First Tie Your Camel, then Trust in
Palestinian history and current issues
God: An American Feminist in the
Collaboration with other educators on evaluating resource materials
Arab World
on Muslim and Arab history and issues
Electronic Intifada Director
ALI ABUNMAH on Turning
With Many, Many Point for the Palestine Solidarity
Thanks Movement: Can Israeli Apartheid
Really Be Defeated?
Activist, scholar and human rights attorney
Donor list omitted for
NOURA ERAKAT on From Occupation to Warfare: How Israel expanded its
online publication use of force and diminished Palestinian resistance
Board of Directors Founding Advisors
Sherry Gendleman Sen. James Abourezk Ying Lee Remember the Future!
Howard Levine Maya Angelou Riyad Khoury with a Planned Gift to the Middle East
Barbara Lubin Childrens Alliance
Anan Ameri Prof. Mel King
Osha Neumann Dr. Swee Chai Ang Felicia Langer There are several simple ways to make
Gus Newport contributions through your will.
Dr. Fathi Arafat Jerry Levin
Jos Sances For further assistance, please
Prof. Naseer Aruri Ibrahim Abu Lughod contact Deborah Agre at
Michel Shehadeh
Rabbi Leonard Beerman Bill Means, 510
Prof. Joel Beinin Holly Near 548-0542.

Staff Jeanne Butterfield Prof. Hilton Obenzinger

MECA also welcomes: Employee
Zeiad Abbas Shamrouch, Prof. Noam Chomsky Jack ODell giving, employer matching gifts, car
Program Manager for Ramsey Clark Father Bill ODonnell donations, gifts of stock, gifts of time
Cross-Cultural Programs Dr. Charlie Clements Matti Peled (volunteers), and donations by phone,
Amal Abu Moailqe, Antonio Rodriguez mail or online at
Dr. Davida Coady
Maia Project Coordinator
Friends Raising Funds Hon. John Conyers Michel Roublev
Deborah Agre,
Angela Y. Davis Prof. Edward Said
14 Friends of Palestine, Development Director
San Rafael, California Ossie Davis Rev. Gus Schultz
Wafaa El Derawi,
Big Ride for Palestine, UK Gaza Projects Assistant Hon. Ronald Dellums Pete Seeger
Charlies Caf Bluegrass Prof. Troy Duster Prof. Hisham Sharabi
Dr. Mona El-Farra,
and Other Music for Syrian Refugees,
Director of Gaza Projects Kathy Engel Stanley Sheinbaum
San Francisco
Constanza Jewelry, San Francisco Nancy Ippolito, Samih Farsoun Samir Totah
David Rovics Benefit Concert, Berkeley Finance Administrator Lawrence Ferlinghetti Leah Tsemel
Friends of the Jenin Freedom Theater, Barbara Lubin, Max Gail Marc Van Der Hout
New York Founder and Executive Director Allen Ginsberg Alice Walker
From Ireland to Palestine with Penny Rosenwasser, Ph.D.,
Damien Dempsey, Sligo, Ireland Hon. Jackie Goldberg Prof. Dick Walker
Special Events Coordinator
Joining Hands Palestinian Cooking Yvonne Golden Sharon Wallace
Classes, Oakland Jos Sances,
Art Director Bluma Goldstein Hon. Maxine Waters
Mission of the Atonement Fundraiser
Josie Shields-Stromsness, Susan Goltsman Leonard Weinglass
for the Children of Gaza,
Tigard, Oregon Program Director Khader Hamide Brian Willson
New Mexico Friends of Khuzaa Susan Silva, Rabbi Burt Jacobson Leon Wofsy
Recitation of World Poetry, Administrative Coordinator Hon. Grantland Johnson Tawfiq Zayyad
Rumis Caravan, Oakland Nawal Tamimi, June Jordan Howard Zinn
Justice Grace Winery and Sanctuary Volunteer Coordinator
Bistro, Berkeley Casey Kasem Jim Zogby
Tom Neilson Benefit Concert, Berkeley
WILPF Challah for Gaza Brunch, Tucson
Zam Zam Water Gala for Gaza,
Fremont, California