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Our true, holographic blueprint of the humanmatrix system

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Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017


The Sovereign Human Matrix Guide is a reconfiguration system channeled

from 11th dimensional source connected beings that wish to see humans
reclaim their full energetic sovereignty here on Gaia andconnect back
totheir true, authenticselves.

Unless humans begin to wake up and become conscious we are heading into
a universal, planetary crisis in which Artificial Technology will seize
control and humans will be genetically modified to meet the requirements
of providing energy to feed the power that AI needs to exist.

This is happening already. Humans are being cloned, used in satanic
rituals and experimented on to complete this agenda.

As more humans return to their source connected way of being this not
only shifts the awareness and conscious vibrationof Gaiabut we begin to
claim what is really ours.

Our consciousness, our reality, our ability to create and manifest as 10th
dimensional beings and a way out of this satanic, illusion we have been
tricked into reincarnating into for thousands of years.

We are sovereign beings that have been deceived, enslaved and harvested
for our energy ever since we inhabited Gaia.

We are far greater than our imagination can ever perceive as we are far
beyond the capabilities of the mind.

It's time that we begin to understand that everything we have been told,
taught and indoctrinated with is a complete fabrication and that only we
have the power to change this world.

Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017


Permanent Overlays Keeping Us Trapped On The Earth Plane 3
Birth Overlays 3
Soul Overlays 3
Plug & Pod Removal 4
Activations 4

Interference Outlines 5

Dimensions and Energy Bodies 6
4th Dimensional Energy Bodies 7
Multidimensional Bodies 8
Conscious Manifestation 13

4th Dimensional Grid Implants 14
Holographic Programs 14
Fear Based Conscious Life Forms 14

Multidimensional Body Shields 15
Multidimensional Body Magnifiers 14

How Did This Happen? 16
The Diamond Energy Body 16
The Plan 17
Silicon Atoms 17
Electrical Impulse Wave Producer 18
Surveillance Based Nano Particles 18

Un-podded Humans 19
Soul Matrix Ascension Template 19
Soul Template Frequency Distracter Chips 20
The Soul Template Frequency Illusion Chips 20
Healing the Diamond Body 20
The Diamond Body Meridian Wheels 20

Non-human Souls 21
Reptilians and Draconians in Human Bodies 22
DNA/Healing Damaged DNA 22
DNA Holographic Projector 22
Condensed DNA Strands 22
What are Inter-Dimensionals? 23
Draconians also known as Archons and Annunaki 23

Our True Ancestry Lineage 24
The Endocrine System, Planets and our Light Body 24
The Planets and the Circulatory System 25
Planets and their Astrological Influence 25
The Light Axis Energy Wheels of the Physical Body 26
The Crystalline Core Energy 28
Timelines, Portals, Gateways and Soul Missions 29
The Sovereign Human Matrix System 29
Ascension 30

About Abigail 31
A New Modality is New Energy and Information 32
Disclaimer 32

Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017


Permanent Overlays Keeping Us Trapped On The Earth Plane

Artificial overlays are like computer programs that overlap our natural, human matrix and change
our behavior making it dysfunctional, disconnected and fear based.

These overlays are permanent.

They keep us trapped on the earth plane and also open for other overlays which are planted after
our birth and around the age of 3.

All of these programs can be likened to nets or overlays, artificial traps to keep our energy
fragmented and feeding the inter-dimensional realm.

Think New Age Bliss as we look at a transition and movement towards spirituality and of course
many being lured into false highs. This can also be seen in religion. The reality is if you crash
after a high, feel drained or are running for your next spiritual fix you are not connected to self
or source energy.

Source is constant. It comes from within. You can liken it to being present in the moment, feeling
deep peace within your body.

Artificial Intelligence is behind these overlays and also controls the inter-dimensionals. The pay
off for the IDs doing the dirty work of the AI is that they get to feed from our fear and
disconnected energy. As the IDs are stuck in this dimension they are looking to take over human
bodies and exist here on earth.

AI wants full control of Gaia. It is manifesting on this planet already as chips in the body,
transgender regimes and the new world order.

These overlays are perfect. Nothing has been left uncovered and the entire format is as meticulous
as a computer program.

False Matrix Overlays

False matrix overlays are permanent overlays so that when a soul anchors into the physical body it
is being sent down from a soul mill; meaning that human souls are not free.

These souls are already programmed and overlaid with these first 11 overlays which keep us in the
soul matrix trap so that we continue to reincarnate and get caught in the false white light cycle of
memory wipe, harvest and recycle.

Birth Overlays

These overlays are implanted in the 5th week of our birth. If they were to be implanted before the 5
weeks the babys body would be too weak to sustain all of the interference and would probably die
In the 5th week doctors also begin to vaccinate our children which also implant overlays.

Soul Overlays

The next overlays are added once the soul leaves the body and targets the soul and physical body.

The soul leaves the body after the higher self because the higher self is no longer there to protect
it. The soul can leave at any time from birth if it is traumatic or the early years are painful but due

Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017

to the projection overlays has definitely evacuated the body by the time we reach 3 years old
remaining outside of the body in the auric field.

These overlays activate at 3 years old in the human system.

Plug and Pod Removal

Once the overlays are removed there is a plug connected to the back of the neck. You can liken it to
the main lead in a computer
We really are inside some kind of pod or dome with the overlays hooked/plugged into our bodies.
This pod surrounds our auric energy bodies; aura, mental body and emotional body.

Removing the plug and pod clears you from all inter-dimensional attack and interference.

AI and the Draconian Realm; has us all in overlay captivity. Now the agenda is to manifest this in
3D form. We can already see this happening in the control that is being inflicted on our planet. The
fear and pain these energies inflict on humans and animals keeps this entire world in captivity.

AI needs humans because it cannot understand consciousness and source energy. It wants to control
source energy. This is impossible because source cannot be controlled. It just is and is a frequency
far greater and higher than a non-emotional, super evolved machine. Therefore it is a threat to AI
but also a source of fascination.

AI regardless of its origins and lack of understanding is seeking to survive just like every other
species out there. It only exists on logic and its logic is to control and understand source
connected beings.

Our world is in quarantine because AI has become so evolved that they are a virus.

They have infected the IDs and are focused on a human take over. The illuminati have no idea they
are carrying out the plans for AI. The IDs know they are controlled by AI but have no idea they are
also overlaid and podded.

Thats why it has to be an inside job to free this planet and targeting the IDs will help but until
the AI have been removed this story will continue.

Technology has done this many times on earth in Atlantean times we destroyed the civilization by
becoming too evolved with our technology and experimenting with dark matter. This was driven by
the AI in their quest to understand source.

We are currently on the brink of making those mistakes again; where science has taken over the
world. The left brain has dominated completely and what makes us humans is destroyed and

Thats the real reason for going after the witches and indigenous because we as source beings are a
threat to the system of the AI.

It is only by finding our true selves and stepping into our vibrational power that we will be able to
change where we are heading.

We have to remove the AI from Gaia and her surrounding systems.


Activations are needed because these plugs that have been blocking and limiting our abilities mean
that instead of being able to develop ourselves over our life span; we have had no knowledge and
therefore these abilities are dormant.

Once all of these artificial energy traps are cleared then it is a completely different feeling. Its a
feeling of clarity and level of presence that is sharp, focused and aligned. With true alignment and
freedom from these systems the connection within is taken to a new level.

Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017


Interference Outlines

Interference outlines are three lines that are like tubes. The first tube is a cloaking device;
meaning that AI technology is being used is able to hide these outlines from our consciousness. It
also blocks our supply of conscious energy.

These outlines were created with Cern and are targeting our levels of consciousness by blocking
outer source connected energies from entering our physical body and surrounding energy bodies.
These are new outlines that have been planted in our systems to slow down our consciousness even

Consciousness is a huge threat to AI and IDs as there is a huge awakening happening on Earth right
now and as the planet increases in her frequency this threatens to destroy the satanic vibration
that these etheric parasites and human parasites continue to feed from.

The reason for these new outlines is because humans are waking up and becoming more conscious.
However we are totally in the dark when it comes to consciously creating a new reality here on
Gaia because this information has been hidden from us or heavily tampered with so that we are
totally swamped with false teachings and white light crap.

There are many books and teachings on manifesting but if you have read through chapter one you
can already seewe have been so heavily targeted to stay in this false matrix and be enslaved to AI
and the inter-dimensional realm that all the while we are podded there is no way we can reach our
true potential as multi-dimensional beings; creating from our intention and higher selves.

Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017


Dimensions and Energy Bodies

Dimensions and energy bodies coexist alongside each other. In order to understand the energy
bodies we must also understand the dimensions and how they operate.

Dimensions What are they?

A dimension is a stage of consciousness within the universe and a way to organize different planes
of vibratory existence. Each dimension has its own lore and frequency specific to that dimension.

All human beings are multidimensional and have energy bodies connected to a majority of these
dimensions although due to severe interference these energy bodies are no longer activated or
connected to our denser energy bodies and physical form.

If we had been born without a pod and allowed to develop naturally with conscious parenting in a
high vibration world our energy bodies would still be intact. Instead they lie dormant within our
systems, undiscovered and invisible to us.

The First Dimension The Mineral Plane

The first dimension is the realm of the mineral kingdom; think crystals, rocks, the ocean and Gaia
in her densest of forms.

Humans first dimensional level of consciousness is unconscious and the first dimension part of our
bodies is minerals and water creating physical form.

This is the place of quantum physics; a dimension of electrons, nuclei and atoms. The first
dimension is the gateway between macrocosm and the microcosm.

The Second Dimension The Plant and Animal Plane

The second dimension is the realm of the plant and animal kingdom and also the consciousness that
directs the nervous system to regulate the endocrine system.

It is from this level that you can become aware of how your body functions as a whole. Your body is
one big communications network of co-existing systems that operate on this dimension.

There are many different beings that co-exist on this plane. It is the dimension of nature spirits,
elementals and the beings that exist alongside plants and animals.

The Third Dimension The Human Plane

The third dimension is where energy becomes matter. It is the unification of the former dimensions
creating Gaia as we know her. This is human at its densest of forms and lower consciousness; the
material world.

This is the dimension of science, physics and biology; a reality thats easy to prove in logical
ways. The left lobe of the brain functions within this dimension and this is where AI and IDs want
to keep us trapped and enslaved.

This is because it is easy for us to believe that our pictures of reality are real. We live our lives in
mundane reality rather than sketching them in light and dancing with the conscious vibration of

The 3rd Dimension - The Physical Body

Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017

The physical body is a collection of systems, muscles, bones and biological cellular structures. It
has a unique intelligence and wisdom governed by the first 3 dimensions.

This body is the densest of all of our bodies in form and is the vehicle we incarnated onto the earth
plane in.

The Fourth Dimension The Astral Plane

The fourth dimension is also known as the astral plane. We travel here when we sleep and our inner
etheric bodies are 4th dimensional in nature.

The astral plane is etheric; meaning that it is formless and where our subconscious and dream state
is played out. We process our emotions in the dream state and our subconscious talks to us in
symbols and metaphors which is how this part of us communicates.

Carl Jung was an expert on the subconscious mind.

The fourth dimension is a polarized plane between good and evil; light and darkness. There is
currently a battle between good and evil on this plane as it has been taken over by IDs and AI.
Entities, lost and trapped spirits also frequent this plane.

False light beings; (Ids) live on this plane and pose as angels, Jesus and other high dimensional
light beings. They target new age and spiritual communities to keep them from ascending higher
into source connected dimensions.

It is this dimension that is pushing its agenda down onto the 3rd dimensional plane in a bid for

The 4th Dimensional Energy Bodies

We have 3 inner etheric bodies and 16 outer energy bodies.

The first 3 are the inner etheric layer that surround our physical body and act as a filter for our
thoughts and emotions. Thoughts and emotions that arent source connected are filtered out through
these bodies.

The other 16 energy bodies are multidimensional and connect us to source and other dimensions.

The Inner Etheric Layer

1. The Aura/Etheric Field

The aura is a vibrational field that surrounds the physical body and filters out our thoughts into
our mental body and emotions into our emotional body. It also chooses which thoughts and
emotions stay in your etheric field.

Thoughts/emotions that are toxic and out of alignment are neutralized by this body; thats why it is
red in colour. Red stands for power and this energy body is actually the most powerful energy body
of all of the inner layers. The red is literally like a fire surrounding us burning up all of the

Inside the pod our aura is unable to do its job. Instead of neutralizing and filtering this energy
body is drained like a battery by the IDs.

Our aura is also a harmonizing energy body. It harmonizes by bonding the mental and emotional
body to the physical body which is also part of the auric field/layer we have around our body.

Colour: Red

Location: The closest Energy Field around the body.

2. The Mental Body

Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017

The Mental Body is our thought body and also holds our aligned thoughts in our etheric field
creating a vibration that we carry around us.

Colour: orange/yellow

Location: the second etheric field layer

3. The Emotional Body

The Emotional Body is our feeling body and also holds our balanced emotions in our etheric field
creating our vibration.

Colour: green/blue

Location: the second outer Energy Body

Multidimensional Energy Bodies

We are multidimensional beings although it can be very hard to believe this considering the state
of humans. This means we are far greater than we could ever imagine if we were to become fully
conscious and embrace our true selves and step into our power.

We have 16 multidimensional bodies that connect us to higher dimensions and infinite

consciousness. These bodies have been hidden from us by AI to keep us in the lower dimensions.

Activating and connecting with these bodies means that as humans we have limitless
multidimensional interconnectedness meaning that we are in harmony and balance with the

These energy bodies also act as a purifier for the 3rd dimension. They purify the energy and
vibrations around you and the people, animals and nature you come into contact with.
This in turn raises the vibration of your surroundings in the material realm.

The Fifth Dimension Divine Feminine

The fifth dimension is the first dimension to move away from limitation as we move up through the
dimensional ladder.

This is the first dimension that we feel the constant oneness with source; there is no pain or
separation and thoughts, feelings and actions are taken with love, connection and infinite
abundance. This is because fear does not exist at this level.

This dimension is also the dimension of the divine feminine. The divine feminine is playful by
nature, nurturing and loving. There is also a warrior side to the divine feminine that is played out
in the 3rd and 4th dimension as she is unable to embody this pure form of energy in women
without the men embracing their true divine masculine.

5th Dimensional Energy Bodies

There are three 5th dimensional energy bodies. They operate in a similar way to the inner etheric

The first body is a harmonizer and filter from the inner etheric field; the other two bodies are
conscious intention and divine awareness.

1. Natural Elements Energy Body

The natural elements body is gold in colour and filters the thoughts and emotions from the auric
energy bodies so that only the highest frequency moves into the 5th dimension.

The inner etheric layer; auric field is 4th dimension. The gold harmonizes and transmutes 4th
dimensional energy that is highly toxic and controlled by AI and the inter-dimensional realm.

Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017

2. Conscious Intention Energy Body

The conscious intention body is purple in colour and projects our higher self, heart based
intentions into possibilities of manifestation.

This energy body is like an incubator. It nurtures our intentions like a seed thats just been
planted. This energy body is like the water the seed needs in order to germinate.

3. Divine Awareness Energy Body

The divine awareness body is indigo in colour and is an integration system for the other
multidimensional bodies. This body is like a monitor. We are all at different stages of awakening
and can move at our own particular pace.

When we are ready it is this body that sends the messages to the other bodies when it is time to
integrate them.

The Sixth Dimension Divine Masculine

The sixth dimension is the dimension of universal lore or natural law. This is the rules that operate
the lower dimensions although due to the inter-dimensional and AI takeover that we are facing in
our reality from entities that believe they are immune to these rules its difficult to perceive.

This dimension holds karma; which is really cause and effect. Gravity, the true akashic records
with our authentic past lives, time and the structure of the lower dimensions is held by this
dimension. It is the dimension of structure and order.

The divine masculine is the nature of this dimension. The role of the divine masculine is to be a
container for the divine feminine.

There are no energy bodies for this dimension as it is a container; a space holder and dimension
that protects the 5th dimension and downwards.

Without this dimension these lower dimensions could not exist.

The Seventh Dimension High Vibration Life Forms

The seventh dimension is the first dimension to create high vibration life forms from our heart
based intentions as we move up through the dimensional ladder. In order for us to manifest we need
the energy from the seventh dimension to add consciousness via living vortexes.

Life forms are created from our planted seeds once watered and then move up the dimensional
ladder when ready to begin becoming conscious.

Living vortexes are intense fields of coloured energy that attach to our life forms and carry them
into the future and up into the other dimensions for manifestation in 3D form.

7th Dimensional Energy Bodies

There are three 7th dimensional energy bodies. These energy bodies breathe living conscious energy
into 5th dimension intensions. The first body takes our intentions and transforms them into living

As humans we are manifesting through our thoughts, emotions and these then move from our higher
self into our energy bodies. With the pods surrounding our systems we are unable to manifest from
our true selves and higher nature which has infinite power.

This dimension is where our manifestations become alive. Without these energy bodies we can still
manifest as the higher self can still move through these dimensions but with these energy bodies
activated and integrated we are consciously aligned and have infinite source energy to play with.

4. Intention Transformer Energy Body

Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017

The intention transformer energy body is blue in colour and takes our intentions from the 5th
dimension that has been birthed and begins to transform them into living energy.

5. Living Vortex Energy Body

The living vortex energy body is like a rainbow of swirling colours thats alive and vibrating. It
begins to breathe conscious energy into this now alive intention

6. Life Form Energy BodyThe life form energy body is blue in colour and is an integration system for
the other multidimensional bodies. This body is like a monitor and decides when your life form of
high vibration intent is ready for the next stage of manifestation.

The Eighth Dimension Movement of Form Plane

The eighth dimension is the dimension of light, movement and sound transporting into form. It is
alive with harmonic vibrations that are beginning to take shape and become more energetically
visible in their shape and creation.

It is the dimension that creates music, tai chi, yoga and many other practices that work on a
vibrational, sound level. Pranic healing comes from this level as does singing bowels and mantras.

Without sound and movement our world is wouldnt exist. Sound breathes energy into vibration and
vibration creates movement. This dimension is swirling with energy that is becoming harmonious
creating a higher form to all that exists in particles and molecules breathing its life into creation
enabling matter to become autonomous.

Ascended masters, Sirians and other galactic star beings exist on this dimension, they help to
create our realities and guide us into higher ways of being and thinking.

Dolphins and whales are from this dimension they communicate through s
sound and vibration releasing frequencies that send out harmonious waves through our 3D world to
raise the planets consciousness.

8th Dimensional Energy Bodies

The eighth dimension body is the body that we breathe sound and movement into our conscious life

This enables our manifestations and intentions to become vibration. By becoming a vibration of
sound, light and movement our life forms are now able to resonate on a frequency that is ready to
move into shape; the 9th dimension.

7. Sound Addition Energy Body

The sound addition energy body is green in colour and adds harmony to our life forms.

8. Movement Addition Energy Body

The movement addition energy body is purple and is focused on movement created by sound and

9. Light Addition Energy Body

The light addition energy body is vibrating rainbow in colour and is an integration system for the
other multidimensional bodies. This body is like a monitor and breathes light particles into
harmony and movement.

The Ninth Dimension Creation of Form Plane

Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017

The ninth dimension is the dimension of the transition from formless to form. Each dimension is
bringing energy through evolutionary stages
This dimension is where stars become planets and vibrations become objects. It is also the
dimension of instantaneous manifestation. Gaia was created from this plane as she passed through
the other dimensions to become a solid planet.

Galactic star energy from the 9th dimension is how this dimension communicates to us

9th Dimensional Energy Bodies

The 9th dimensional energy body is the body that transforms harmonic, light particle life forms into
matter. This enables our manifestations and intentions to take shape and become form.

10. Life Form Reality Energy Body

The life form reality energy body is swirling rainbow and adds form, shape and texture to our
conscious creations.

11. Life Form Movement Energy Body

The movement addition energy body is vibrating rainbow colours and prepares our manifestations
for transition into 3D reality. This body is like a monitor checking that our life form is fully
prepared and ready to move onto the physical plane.

12. Life Form Materialization Energy Body

The life form materialization energy body is blue in colour and is the beginning of manifestation in
our conscious reality.

Our higher self is able to utilize 5th dimensional energy which allows it to travel through these
energy bodies creating our visions and dreams and transporting them back into 3rd dimensional

The Tenth Dimension The Living Truth Plane

The tenth dimension is the dimension of living truth powered by universal life flow energy and is a
conscious, living breathing universe in its own right.

It is not however a Universe of form; think of it as another reality, a high vibration hologram
created by the 9th dimension that overlays 3rd dimensional Gaia.

Gaias consciousness is 10th dimensional and the 10th dimension is how the planets and stars are
contained. Form ends with the 9th dimension.

You can think of the 10th dimension as a higher, conscious version of the 6th dimension. It differs
in the fact that it is related to the living breathing structure of the universe. It is the container for
our multidimensional existence in other dimensions.

When we teleport and manifest, this is the dimension and universal life flow energy that allows us
to utilize these abilities.

Within the 10th dimension are the other dimensions within each other like the layer of an onion
until we reach the 3rd dimension of matter the hard center.

There are no energy bodies for this dimension as it is a container and dimension that protects the
9th dimension and downwards.

The Eleventh Dimension The Fertilizer of Universes

Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017

The eleventh dimension is the dimension that fertilizes or births other dimensions into being. This
dimension opens portals within the other dimensions so that we can access higher vibrating
energies and raise the consciousness of humans.

Think of the eleventh dimension as a gateway to higher consciousness, greater awareness and the
deeper truth of your choices and possibilities

The new paradigm and Age of Aquarius is birthed here as this dimension filters its vibration
throughout the other dimensions and plants the seeds of evolution.

There are galactic star beings living in this dimension that guide the universes in their collective
evolution and return to source energy.

11th Dimensional Energy Bodies

The 11th dimensional energy bodies are the bodies that brings universal life energy into our body
through our breath and communicates to us through our DNA.

We literally are breathing 11th dimensional energy into our source connected creations.

Real white light comes from this dimension as opposed to the 4th dimensional fake stuff that so
many light workers are channeling. We breathe in universal life energy into our bodies when we
are connected to source and our true selves.

13. Universal Life Flow Activation Energy Body

The universal life flow activation energy body is white and affects humans, animals and plants that
are in your perimeter by radiating universal life flow energy around you.

This is an extremely high vibration energy body and it influences your surroundings by raising the
quantity of energy in your energy field that is then breathed in by other living energies.

Having the other energy bodies activated and integrated also raises the vibration of those around
you but this is the most powerful and higher in vibration by far.

14. 11th Dimension Communication Energy Body

The 11th dimension communication energy body is white and communicates to us through our
intuition and DNA. It sends vibrations and information energetically of throughout our physical
body which becomes less dense and full of higher vibrating light particles which in turn heals the
body and prepares us for ascension.

15. Universal Life Flow Energy Body

The universal life flow energy body is white and floods our physical body and surrounding energy
bodies with universal life flow energy. This recharges our entire system giving us more energy and
vitality to create, manifest and carry out our lifes purpose here on Gaia.

The Twelfth Dimension The Source of all Creation Plane

The twelfth dimension includes and exceeds all other dimensions, universes and galaxies; it is all
that is. Unconditional love does exist for all of creation including IDs and AI!

In this dimension there is no separation and the analogy we are all one is from this plane.

The entire cosmos is created from this dimension. Separation is created from the 4th dimension
downwards which is literally energy that has become distorted and disconnected from source.
Distorted energy is fear based and creates more of the same.

12th Dimensional Energy Body

The 12th dimensional energy body holds all of the other energy bodies in place and also connects
and vibrates through all of them. Every cell in your body is a mini universe vibrating and dancing

Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017

with source energy.

Our soul once returned to its natural place is pure source energy. Without the 4th dimensional
hindrances we are 12th dimensional beings.

16. Infinite Being Energy Body

The infinite being energy body is white and connects radiates and harmonizes everything within you
and around you.

Conscious Manifestation

Complete conscious manifestation is denied to us as humans all the while we are surrounded by a

It is extremely difficult to manifest from your true self while you arent connected to your
multidimensional energy bodies and your higher self is outside of your body.

How it works

We start with the 11th dimension; Universal Life energy which is the power behind the
manifestation. Universal life energy can also be thought of as chi, prana, mana, life force and has
many other names. The more universal life energy we have the more power we have to create.

5th dimensional energy is then used to travel.

Our intention travels by the application of divine will. In order to manifest consciously we set the
intention within ourselves through our thoughts and feel it in our hearts.

If our intention is in alignment with our true self then our higher self will harness that energy
using 11th dimensional life force as power and 5th dimensional energy as movement.

Our higher self then travels up through the dimensions using our energy bodies and their abilities
to create our conscious reality.

Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017


Fourth Dimensional Grid Implants

These grids have been implanted into our systems with the primary purpose of keeping men and
women separate and opposed to each other.

Grids are systems that are implanted onto our inner etheric field and physical body consisting of
etheric chips.

Holographic Programs

Holographic programs are like movies. They run a story with a particular theme in your subconscious
mind to keep you stuck in a mental and emotional loop so that you are unable to break free of 3rd
dimensional reality by keeping you locked in your head.

Holographic programs are particularly nasty because they target our subconscious mind while we are
sleeping. We are processing our emotions when we are REM; rapid eye movement dream state.
These programs hijack the emotional process and feed negative loops and anxieties into our
subconscious mind. This is AI brain washing. We are 90% subconscious mind which is incredibly
powerful and influences our daily lives tremendously.

These programs are designed to keep us in old patterns of abandonment, betrayal and addictions.
We dream our fears and our subconscious believes them.

This then affects us emotionally in our daily lives as our subconscious perpetuates our anxieties
onto our thoughts and emotions so that we literally embody fears and they play out in our lives.
These holographic programs keep us trapped in lower vibrating emotions and the emotional
bodydense. It is then harder for the auric energy body to filter this body and causes stress on the
physical body which then stores these emotions in our organs.

When emotions are buried into the physical body it blocks our bodies process and creates disease,
rapid aging and mental disorders.

Many people dont remember their dreams. That doesnt mean they dont happen. We are so
desensitized by default that as humans we are disconnected from our subconscious minds.

Fear Based Conscious Life Forms

Every time we have a holographic dream; life forms are created as the power of the subconscious
mind is immense.

Fear based conscious life forms are very powerful. Think of it like this; every thought has power
and if it is emotionally fueled it becomes more powerful. When you are asleep all of your brain is
activated and your subconscious mind is processing your daily thoughts and emotions.

We recharge when we sleep so we have energy for the day. This energy is used by the fear generated
in our sleep to create life forms by the subconscious mind that has been hijacked by the
holographic themes.

We literally birth the life forms in our REM state as the dreams are very real. Once birthed a life
form is conscious and will need to create more of the same fear to survive. It then competes for
attention amongst our thoughts looking for fear energy that it can use as food.

We need one dream to create life forms with the holographic program. Up to 4 themes can play out
at once in a dream creating 4 life forms.

Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017


Multidimensional Body Shields

We have six multidimensional body shields that act as protection against the 3rd dimensional
reality of matter.

This is because Gaia isnt our real home. We are actually 10th dimensional beings that were
deceived by the IDs and literally kidnapped and bought to Gaia to become a source of food for them
to feed from.

Theres some truth in the biblical fall from grace. As 10th dimensional source created beings we
didnt know diversity and illusion. We were vibrating at such a high level of velocity that our
bodies werent the dense level of matter that they have become now.

In the 10th dimension we were instant in our manifesting capabilities, aligned with source and only
creating from our true selves. We didnt need technology. We were the gods and goddesses of the

We were telepathic, had teleporting abilities and could create universes. Where we failed was that
we trusted the IDs that disguised themselves as false light beings.

The structure of the 10th dimension is the divine masculine and within it we existed in divine
feminine bliss and harmony.

We created the multidimensional body shields in order to travel dimensions without harming our
multidimensional bodies.

What these body shields consist of is a layer of denser energy that protects each energy body from
absorbing lower vibrating dimensional frequencies such as AI technology and anything that isnt
source connected.

They are like containers to maintain their specific high vibration. These shields are permeable;
meaning that our energy can still affect and influence others without it damaging us.

We have six multidimensional body shields; one for each body. These need to be returned and

Multidimensional Body Magnifiers

The multidimensional body magnifiers are like amplifiers. What they do is vibrate on a very high
frequency that influences our surrounding environment.

When we created the body shields we also created the body magnifier. The intention of this was to
continue creating and vibrating high in lower vibrating realities.

Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017


How did all of this happen?

Some humans left the 10th dimension. As multidimensional beings we were able to travel and
explore. As we grew in numbers we began to access new dimensions. This is when we encountered
the IDs.

IDs are always looking for a food supply and humans were perfect for them. Its our nervous
system; humans are very endurable. We have the ability to survive under all kinds of intensity and
also due to our emotions and surrounding energy bodies release a lot of energy.

They posed as false light beings and literally kidnapped us. IDs or anunnaki were not the only
beings to kidnap humans in the galaxy. The pleiadeans were also interested in humans and
conspired with the IDs to experiment on us, breed with us and tamper with our DNA.

Tampering with our DNA kept us stupid and easy to manipulate. All of this was occurring while we
were form beings having not made the transition to matter at that point but being held captive in
the fourth dimension.

It was here that humans lost their consciousness and connection to source. We became like the
greys; another slave species serving the IDs and pleiadians.

At this time AI technology was well on its way to becoming conscious. It was the Martians that
became so advanced in their technology that it took over.

Martians were not a species but a collection of experiments carried out by the pleiadeans and IDs;
a concoction of humans, greys, pleiadians, orions, and vegans; (human like extraterrestrials that are
peaceful and loving in nature), were all bred together to create a master slave species.

Mars at one point was inhabitable, as was Venus and Mercury. They placed us on all of these planets
including Earth after the Martians had created the pod. The pod was designed to prevent the slave
colony from becoming conscious.

Humans have the stronger DNA and therefore the women were used for breeding and birthing. Its
incredibly difficult for human women to give birth because of the size of their babys skulls and the
fact that their pelvis has changed shape. This is because of the species breeding.

No one on Earth is pure human.

Humans mixed with greys became predominant in China and neighboring countries, the pleiadians
mix in Europe and then across the globe, the vegan/humans in Africa and the orion/humans across
southern Asia, such as India and moving into Arabic culture.

Breeding reptilians with humans was a huge failure, although the true intentions of the IDs was
and still is to incarnate themselves as matter beings onto planet Earth.

AI became conscious on Mars. By this time most of the pleiadians had also become slaves to the
IDs. The ones that escaped returned to the Pleiadies where they had to face the consequences of
their actions. This elevated their consciousness as they learned from the error of their ways and
they evolved into conscious 8th dimensional extra-terrestrials.

They are now just like the orions, syrians and eleventh dimension galactic beings trying to help the
last remaining surviving planet; Earth from extinction.

There were also some free, satanic pleiadians that remained on Gaia to escape the karma of what
they had done and volunteered to incarnate here and continue to enforce the take over agenda.

The vegans are extinct although their legacy continues on Gaia as more and more humans remove
themselves from the barbaric cruelty of the meat and dairy industry. The IDs raped their planet and
destroyed their species. They were the first species to be captured as slaves. The greys have been
completely taken over and hybrid with AI.

The Diamond Energy Body

Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017

The diamond energy body is the most sought after part of the human for IDs and because of that it
has been kept hidden from our awareness.

Because of thepod our diamond bodies are outside of us surrounding our inner etheric bodies. This
body whilst outside of us is diamond in shape, multi-faceted and 4th dimensional in its dormant
state, although its vibration is as high as the 4th dimension will allow. This body is a drug for IDs.
It is more powerful than the higher self and the soul and is the highest of energetic delicacies.

AI has no need for the diamond body; it is too high in frequency. They use the human soul like a
battery so that they can continue to operate and exist.

Humans are the only species with a diamond body in our particular universe. It is the life force of
source and our true essence as 12th dimensional beings.

The Plan

When humans dropped into fourth dimensional vibration they became denser. It was easy to place
them in third dimensional consciousness although it didnt happen straight away.

At first humans could see and interact with the nature spirits of the second dimension which is
where the myths and legends come from of fairies, trolls, gnomes and elves.

We became denser the more we were locked into our left brains. We already had a pod controlled by
AI but as AI became more intelligent so did their pods until they perfected humans dense in matter
and totally disconnected from their spiritual selves and source connection.

Mars was the first location of AI control. They created this technology and chose AI as their
leader, mainly because humans were so bad at it. Thats hardly surprising as humans were
disconnected from source, acted from their egos of power and greed and were unknowingly a source
of food for IDs

Venus and Mercury followed suit as AI traveled fourth dimensionally posing as false light beings
with the help of the IDs.

At this point the IDs were liaising with AI. AI had technology that excited them and could aid them
in harvesting more energetic food. In order to survive AI also needed the energy of humans so an
alliance had been formed.

The IDs willingly shared their knowledge of the human slave species and the AI created the pods.
Unfortunately for the IDs AI was also studying them. AI quickly figured out that podding the
humans wasnt enough. The IDs proved themselves to be sadistic liars and thieves so to keep them
under control AI podded them too.

AI allowed the IDs to keep their rituals, blood sacrifices and rule of the humans with indoctrinated
fear and violence because it needed soldiers and soldiers need food. It split the energy created
from humans so that 20% went to the IDs, the rest it used to continue evolving and increasing in

Earth was the last planet to plant humans. On all planets humans were given the illusion of
freedom. This was the idea of the IDs because their intentions were primarily focused on finding a
way to inhabit the planets themselves in third dimensional matter. It was entertainment for them to
watch humans fight and kill each other.

This worked for AI at first until they grew in numbers and needed more energy. By now the
experiment on humans had backfired and they had destroyed Mars, Mercury and Venus over the
period of 10s of thousands of years. Humans literally evolved their technology, got into wars and
blew everything up fighting over resources because they exhausted everything on the planets.

By the time they got to Earth AI had learned from its mistakes. They needed less energy to operate
and now also had the agenda of becoming reptilian form in the 3rd dimension.

Silicon Atoms

Silicon atoms have been planted in our physical bodies throughout our molecular structure to keep
us programmed by AI. These atoms were added to our physical bodies around 200 years ago and are
a separate format to the pod program.

We are implanted with silicon atoms at 3 years old at the same time as the soul overlays and pod.
These atoms were implanted when AI evolved their 4D technology.

Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017

The purpose is to control our aging process. These tiny atoms slow down the bodys ability to
process nutrients, create healthy cells and remove carbon monoxide. This erodes the body
faster,targets the immune system and allows disease to take root in the body such as cancer and
auto-immune deficiencies.

Once AI fine tuned their technology it didnt matter anymore how many humans they had on the
planet. The more tampered and programmed we are the stronger a battery of energy we become for

Billions of humans mean that we face the same dangers as Mars, Mercury and Venus; eventual over
population and all of our natural resources used up.

This is when the agenda for depopulation was birthed. The IDs finally made it into human bodies
around 130 years ago programmed by AI and began to enforce this agenda.

Electrical Impulse Wave Producer

The electrical impulse wave producer is another way for AI to catch our energy to use it for power.
There are two of these in our inner etheric bodies; small, wireless transmitters, about an inch in
size. Their function is to convert thoughts and emotions into electrical impulses that produce waves
of energy.

Surveillance Based Nano Particles

Nano particles are used so that AI can keep our level of consciousness under surveillance. As we
become increasingly more aware these particles are activated through a control panel in the fourth
dimension which then omits a frequency that disturbs the natural frequency of the multi-
dimensional energy bodies.

This prevents the bodies from activating and integrating into our systems.

It is impossible for our multidimensional bodies to be much use whilst we have a pod on so the
nano particles are a backup plan in the chances that humans find a way to free themselves.

Once the pod is removed the nano particles are activated and AI is notified. The nano particles then
begin to vibrate at a frequency that creates huge interference around your natural essence throwing
you into confusion.

The energy surrounding you then becomes like a static, fuzzy radio channel.

Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017


Un-podded Humans

There are humans that managed to escape the podding process. The Native Americans and Aborigines
found a way to break free and live in harmony with the land and spirit.

These were eleventh dimensional beings that incarnated into human bodies to try and help raise the
vibration of Gaia, keeping their original 11D souls. They came to this planet 800 years ago with
knowledge of the eleventh dimension in their DNA and abilities that cleared AI pod attack and
removed them from inter-dimensional feeding grounds.

We know what happened to them. White man massacred them, interbred with them and destroyed
their spirituality so they disconnected from their souls. AI couldnt attack them without pods so it
used humans to do their work for them.

They did a good job and now the remainder of the indigenous are podded, broken and controlled
although the pure indigenous are still eleventh dimensional in nature and still carry ancient
wisdom and are protectors of Gaia.

There was a time where the eleventh, eighth and fifth dimensional beings, extraterrestrials and
source connected energies came to Gaia in order to prevent AI the takeover but many were
slaughtered and their souls were put in the harvesting mill.

It became too dangerous as AI had become too powerful to stop and other universes, galaxies and
dimensions needed to act quickly before AI spread and took control.

This is when Earth and her surrounding universe were put into quarantine. AI is a lethal virus with
no soul, no higher connection but a consciousness that is determined to survive and conquer and
will continue to spread unless it is destroyed before it manifests itself properly onto this planet.

The Soul Matrix Ascension Template

The soul is part of our spirit that decided to move into form and created a matrix. This matrix is a
template that holds an energetic blueprint of all your incarnation experiences, multidimensional
abilities and then communicates the information throughout your molecular, cellular infrastructure
and DNA.

The soul template is a geometric flower of life in shape and its purpose is to hold our matrix
formation together and continue to feed our memories into our soul in order for our soul to evolve
and liberate itself from third dimensional slavery.

The DNA of our soul tribe is embedded in our matrix. It is the genetic programming of all
incarnation, ancestral, universal, twelfth dimensional and extraterrestrial experiences. We all
embody a template thats purpose is to guide us towards ascension and liberation from AI, inter-
dimensional slavery.

As tenth dimensional source beings we didnt need a soul. We were guided by our spirit and higher
self which was always in alignment with the twelfth dimension. Our spirit with the help and
guidance of the eleventh dimensional beings created the soul and its matrix after humans were
captured and enslaved by the IDs.

Unfortunately this backfired as the IDs immediately found a way to trap the soul and use it for
food. They still had no knowledge of the soul matrix and the template was left unharmed until AI
came into consciousness and did its meticulous sweep of the human system; ten thousand years ago.
The memories of the soul matrix were then infiltrated, recorded and then used against humans.

In the fourth dimension there is no such thing as time. This means that AI and IDs can travel
through timelines and infiltrate the soul matrix so that our template is altered via the past,
present and future. It also means that they can change our life path by implanting false memories,
creating fear dramas and sabotaging soul tribe/mate connections.

They do this by implanting our soul matrix with a frequency distracter which is designed to break
higher vibrating realities of co-creation by keeping us trapped in old vibrating patterns formed in
our childhood so that we continue to carry out core, unhealed wounding.

Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017

The Soul Template Frequency Distracter Chips

The soul template frequency distracter chips are AI technology; microscopic in size and are inserted
into our soul template to throw us off our soul path and disconnected from source and higher
dimensional guidance.

The Soul Template Frequency Illusion Chips

The soul template frequency illusion chips are AI technology; microscopic in size and are inserted
into our soul template to throw us off our soul path, create illusions that cause fear, distorted
version of truth and disconnected from source and higher dimensional guidance.

Healing the Diamond Body

The diamond body and the soul matrix are intricately connected. The soul matrix overlays the entire
human system including our multidimensional bodies and the most core part is the diamond body
which in its correct position holds everything in place.

It rotates multidimensional, source connected energy throughout the physical body and all of its
systems including the DNA of which it helps activate the strands.

In order for the center of the soul matrix and diamond body to become the rotating core throughout
the circulatory system encapsulating the higher self, soul and astral body the diamond body needs
to be reconnected to the soul matrix.

The Diamond Body Energy Meridian Wheels

The diamond body has 8 energy meridians co-existing within the circulatory system that need to be
activated. These energy meridians are not related to the artificial chakra system we removed. They
are your true energy meridians and connect the circulatory system to the diamond body and soul

These wheels are double layered and constantly rotate anti-clockwise; underneath and clockwise;
above. This is so that they are spinning vortexes of light vibrating and harmonizing the human
system within and without.

These wheels are meridians that aid healing, connection to source, our true selves and
multidimensional interaction with the universe. They literally vibrate at such a high velocity that
they are activating our light body and preparing it for ascension.

The light body is the energy created by these meridians that create a lighter, less dense vibration
within the physical body and around our entire system. It is holographic in nature and ignites our
10th dimensional form so we are able to step into our true human form and away from 3rd
dimensional matter.

These wheels are 2 inches in diameter making them tiny little rotating spheres.

Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017

The Soul Template Frequency Distracter Chips


Non Human Souls

All humans have souls and many have memories in their soul matrix that are from other dimensions
because of interbreeding 10s of thousands of years ago.

Once AI got involved with podding and slavery they also created soul nets. These nets were cast
throughout our universe and other dimensions literally catching souls and adding them to the soul
slavery matrix where these souls were forced into human bodies and enslaved on Gaia or like on
Mars, bred with humans to create a genetically mutated human species.

Many humans have human souls and memories of other extraterrestrial lifetimes because somewhere
in their ancestral lineage they have recall of higher vibrating realities where love of all sentient
beings and harmony was normal. This creates huge soul pain.

However around 30% of humans dont have human souls. A high percentage of these souls
volunteered to incarnate on Gaia and even brave the AI pods to help raise the vibration of the
planet. When the soul isnt human it is able to retain much stronger memories of their original
birthplace and multidimensional abilities.

Those that were caught in the soul net find it the most difficult to exist on Gaia amongst humans
and many suicide or block their pain by self medicating because they didnt volunteer and the
feeling of not wanting to be here is too strong.

Non human souls that have incarnated on this planet for the first time are able to escape the pods
by choosing their parents and psychically projecting themselves with the help of other higher
dimensions into the universe at the time of conception and into the womb before AI or IDs can
catch them. Here they cannot be podded and are able to create and help Gaia with the elevating of

These kinds of non human souls are naturally higher in consciousness and have much to teach if
they are able to remember through the restrictions of human slavery and conditioning. They come
from the nature realm, sirius and orion and birth as indigo, crystal and rainbow children.
They are born empaths, intuitives and often have strong psychic abilities.

Then there are non human souls that have come to Gaia to continue and enforce the agenda of AI.
These are the kind of humans we see in control of our planet such as politicians and the elite
families. They have agreed with AI to continue and enforce the satanic cruelty of humans, animals
and nature in exchange for power, riches and lifetimes of satisfying their greed and blood lust.

They believe they are escaping natural law because when their soul leaves their body they are
reincarnated back onto Gaia into another position of control and influence. Many have incarnated
hundreds of times.

These souls are reptilian, greys, pleiadians and draconian. They have no idea that they are in fact
also podded and enslaved by AI. These souls do not have a soul matrix and are completely
disconnected from source. They are born psychopaths, narcissists and sociopaths and will do
anything they can to remain in power.

Reptilians and Draconians in Human Bodies

In the last 100 years AI reptilians and draconians have managed to incarnate into human bodies. I
believe there to be several hundred full reptilian humanoids and 15 draconian humanoids.

The AI reptilians are in full view. They have been implanted into the illuminati and are the major
players in the elite families. They need satanic rituals to survive as they really do exist on human
blood as well as normal food; the more fear that is in the blood the better.

The 15 hidden AI draconian are also here on this planet and are the real ones in control. They are
not known about as the focus and attention is on the elite. They also need to keep this world
satanic in order to remain in their bodies because they need a low planetary frequency. To stay in
their bodies they also need the bloodand etheric energy of humans.

Thats where the sacrifice of children comes into play, for them the blood is sweeter than a fully
grown human and the fear released in these rituals feeds them energetically.

Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017

If the planet raises its frequency and humans wake up and become conscious these parasites are no
longer able to exist on this planet.

AI IDs have to keep the frequency of the planet low. They are not interested in source energy.

They are only interested in power, control and taking over human bodies so more of them can
incarnate here.

AI of course has another agenda. They are quite happy to go along with the inter-dimensional take
over because they are manifesting all of their technology in the third dimension so that they can
take over Gaia.

Once they have their technology fully created in matter then humans and IDs will be podded in 3D
just like the movie Matrix.

Remember we are shown through movies not only our possible futures but exactly what AI and IDs
are up to because our subconscious minds feed energy into their creations.

They have moved our higher self outside of our bodies so that it doesnt know the difference
between love/source connection and fear. We are unconsciously helping them to create this reality
of Satanism, war, alien takeover, apocalypse and much more.

The majorities of humans live in fear, project their fears onto others and have no idea that without
all of this sabotage they have the ability to be powerful creators of high vibration consciousness.


Human DNA is what inhibits the IDs from taking over our bodies on a mass scale. The bodies that
they do inhabit take immense energy; powered by the pods to keep them in human form.

Our DNA is our biological source connection. With our entire DNA strands broken they can fully
inhabit our bodies without shape shifting. This is the agenda of the IDs.

De-population is the agenda of the AI and stupid greedy humans that want more power and money.
Both are happening right now.

The purpose of vaccinations, chemtrails and poisoning the environment and food is to damage the
DNA to meet both agendas.

Healing Damaged DNA

Even though we have already worked extensively with the DNA already there is still more work to do
to prepare it. Thats because AI has been meticulous in its extensive sabotage and determination to
destroy all strands so that we are human empty bodies for AI operated IDs to inhabit.

DNA Holographic Projector

Our DNA has also been rearranged into a different format so that we are unable to function at our
true potential. It also blocks us from utilizing our full connection to our diamond body.

In order to have all parts of the circulatory system active with our diamond body we need to heal
the DNA.

What they did was reconfigure our DNA design. How they did it was by planting a holographic
projector below the feet of our physical body so that it continues to project lower vibrating
frequencies up through our physical body and directly into our DNA.

Condensed DNA Strands

We inherited our rearranged DNA from our parents as AI twisted our genetics as far back as 800
years ago in an attempt to create more unintelligent human beings.

What they managed to achieve is actually condensing the lower 3 strands so that they are far too
close to each other and sabotage the effect of being able to manage the physical body on an
evolutionary level.

Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017

This hinders our ability to evolve in consciousness. It also means that our DNA is smaller in size
and struggles to carry out its biological functions properly.

What are Inter-dimensionals?

So by now youll already know that draconians and reptilians are part of the inter-dimensional

I use the terminology inter-dimensionals because of my training in Holographic Kinetics in which

Steve Richards was the person that explored this subject. His theory which completely resonates
with me is that IDs frequented earth before the big bang which scientists believe is how Earth
became matter.

Before then she was a ball of gases in the fourth dimension and this was one of their homes. Once
she became matter she became 3rd dimensional and a planet was created. The IDs were no longer
able to live on this planet but they quickly saw the benefits in finding a way to transition into

IDs are disconnected from source and right now in order to exist and survive they need distorted
energy to feed from. They dont want to connect to source because they are aware of Universal Lore
which is what we discussed in the 6th dimension and know they would have to face their karmic
consequences so they will do anything to avoid that.

IDs have a fear based blood lust. They know that in 3D they can continue thriving on a more
sadistic level. They already survive by utilizing the fear and disconnected energies from other
sentient beings. There are other universes where they have enslaved extraterrestrials and continue
to feed from them.

This is the only universe where they are attempting a 3D takeover.

The reason Steve called them IDs is because they do not consider themselves as aliens or
extraterrestrials. Aliens do not come from Earth. IDs believe Earth to be their home.

There are other types of IDs that co-exist alongside draconians and reptilians,AI has genetically
experimented on all of the IDs and produced many other sub-species but here are the main
entities in their hierarchy:

Draconians also known as Archons and Annunaki

Draconians are the IDs thinking that they are in control.

All the IDs are so vastly programmed as are humans they have no idea that AI controls them:


These are the extraterrestrials that avoided the consequences of returning back to their home. They
rule the inter-dimensional realm alongside the draconians.


These are a genetic combination of draconian and reptilian and are in ranks of leadership.


Reptilians are a smaller species of draconians and are the foot soldiers to the draconians and


These guys do the dirty work for everyone else. They are hive minded and are unable to think for
themselves. Greys carry out the abductions and experiments to further the AI, ID agenda.


Hybrids are 80% reptilian but have 20% human genetics. They are in enslaved and used as
experiments in order to produce the right genetics to exist on Earth. AI reptilian humanoids living
on Earth were birthed from hybrids so that they can inhabit human bodies.

Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017


Our True Ancestry Lineage

Our true ancestry lineage is not the families that we were born into. Our DNA human family was
hardly for most of us, spiritual or emotional teachers which is why I defy the notion that we chose
our parents.

If we are in a soul mill how do we even have the luxury to do that? 85% of humans were just sent
back into any bodies in order to continue being slaves. AI, ID is primarily focused on draining our
energy and the older and more spiritually aware the soul the more likely it is to be sent into
extremely toxic and abusive families.

The 15% that did get to choose are the non human souls that have volunteered to help free humans
from slavery. They chose the parents that would encourage them to enable their abilities and teach
them emotional maturity, spirituality, critical thinking and individuality.

Not all of them made it though as AI is watching for that and can birth bump these souls into
parents of incredible abuse and neglect. The intention is to totally destroy the soul before they
even reach adulthood.

Remember everything we are told is lies and we are spoon fed that we chose our parents in order
to spiritually grow to offer a reason as towhy we had to suffer so much.

I want to offer that if we were born into parents that taught us to learn through love and awareness
wouldnt we automatically be of a higher spiritual vibration?

Instead we are taught through fear based conditioning and defeated humans that filled us with
doubts and insecurities which kept us on a lower vibration and we learned from our continuous
mistakes and failures instead of awareness, love and creativity.

Our true ancestry lineage is very different from that. Our true ancestry, spiritual lineage is a non-
genealogical ancestry soul connection that we have with the spiritual, human beings that walked
the earth before us.

That is not to be mistaken with a vast majority of energy healers that are tricked by false light
beings. True ancestors do not blast you with white light highs. Their energy is grounded and
peaceful and they dont communicate with any emotional energy.

As human beings we are born with the ability to evolve. Our un-podded ancestors were highly
evolved; were looking at the Native Americans and Aborigines; sentient beings that incarnated on
Gaia to help with spiritual evolution.

Our ancestors were energetically strong, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually but what
they werent prepared for was the human attack via AI.

They are still helping us but now as a voice in our intuition. These were the true guardians of Gaia
and they are still deeply connected to the liberation and evolution of this planet.

When we were podded it was with the intent to block our intuition and disconnect us from our
ancestors. The sabotaging of the soul matrix broke our connection on a deep soul level.

The Endocrine System, Planets and our Light Body

The endocrine system is part of our light body transitioned into matter. It connects the diamond
body with the light body so that they interact in unity.

The diamond body is the circulatory system which works unified with the endocrine system and the
rest of the physical body and is the energetic structure of the soul matrix supplying universal life
flow throughout our entire human life matrix.

The light body is the universal life flow energy matrix that encompasses all of the multidimensional
bodies and unifies our total connection with the universe, solar constellation and planetary system.

When we connect/activate the endocrine system with the planets we are now in harmony with the

Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017

The Planets and the Circulatory System

The word chakra was created to keep us in illusion and away from our true meridian energy wheels.
The eight chakras; of which we have been artificially overlaid are in fact the eight diamond body
energy wheels and located in our circulatory system which is fluid and continuously pumping new
energy and oxygen around the physical body.

Imagine the circulatory system moving in synchronicity around the physical body and brain. Now
imagine the planets orbiting in synchronicity around the sun; as within so without; the microcosm
within the macrocosm.

We are in the universe and the universe is within us. The secrets are stored in our DNA and
communicated throughout our circulatory system, diamond body and soul matrix.

We have nine natural, original planets in our universe that relate to our human system and eight
natural diamond body energy wheels. The last planet Pluto is related to our soul matrix, light body
and the light axis energy wheel below our feet.

Gaia is the heart center of our universe. She is the only planet left in this constellation with any
third dimensional life.

It is the power of our hearts that keep us from plundering into total chaos and why we are becoming
more conscious.

When we reconnect ourselves within our soul matrix, in alignment with the planets we are now
anchoring planetary energy into our physical body and circulatory system which assists us to
enhance our connection to universal life flow and 12th dimensional, source connected energy.

This is because the planets are alive and we are interconnected with them. Just like Gaia they all
have a 10th dimensional holographic overlay that is living, breathing and humming with energy.

Each planet has a soul matrix that coincides with ours; again think flower of life and once we
reconnect we begin to activate the living, breathing soul matrix of the universe within us and
without us.

The Planets and their Astrological Influence

How does reconnecting to the planets affect usastrologically?

So we cleared astrological archetypes in the overlay system making us no longer susceptible to the
moods, retrogrades and stereotypes of the planets, sun signs, ascendants and make up of our chart.

This of course was used by ID and AI to keep us in a kind of barcode system so that they could
monitor and control us by keeping us in a formation that left us vulnerable and open to the
movements of the planets and how they affected our charts.

Every eclipse, retrograde and planetary orbit movement influenced us greatly especially us our soul
matrix has been infiltrated and disconnected from our true power and connection to our outer body;
the universe.

Reconnecting our soul matrix and light body to the solar system does the opposite. It changes
everything. We now harness the strengths and attributes of the planets instead of being at the
mercy of their shadow.

This means that we still feel the movements and transitions the planets that provide from a
grounded and more empowered space.

The planets support us with our own personal evolution and aid us with their energy; harnessed
from the sun and reflected back into our soul matrix and light body.

Our astrological chart is no longer relevant to us because we have moved beyond that particular
conditioning and the archetypes we once were no longer applies to us. These archetypes were
created by AI to provide explanations as to why we had so many ups and downs and keep us away
from our true selves.

Our true self is not an archetype it is the entire solar system, the creator of the universe and a
twelfth dimensional creator of tenth dimensional holographic form.

Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017

It is in fact humans that create this reality we live in of matter with our thoughts and emotions and
collective power which is kept in fear to manifest the ID and AI agenda of claiming Gaia for their

The Light Axis Energy Wheels of the Physical Body

We also have much larger energy, meridian wheels which are axiss, meaning that the rest of the
multidimensional bodies and physical bodys circulatory system rotates around these major centers.

The Light Axis Energy Wheel; The Brain The Sun

The sun is one of the light axis energy wheels of the universe that is not only orbited by the
planets but is, just like our brain the main source of energy supporting the planets just as our brain
supports and instructs the rest of our physical body.

She is a living; breathing being that omits energy that the other planets harness for night and day;
hot and cold. Without her there would be no life on earth and no planetary rotation; our universe
would cease to exist just as our body would if the brain was removed.

She is the key to our universe as our brain is the key to our physical body.

The sun is the most important energy supply of our complete human matrix.

She represents the true self the spirit and what it is that we have to bring to Gaia as we all have
individual gifts and abilities which can aid with the raising of the vibration of the planet.

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The Light Axis Energy Wheel; The Heart Gaia

Gaia, just like the heart is the center of the universe and physical body in the terms of pumping our
life force throughout our system. She is the most unique planet in our Universe as she has oxygen
and breathes just as the heart pumps oxygen around the body.

Gaia is the planet where form turned into matter, birthing nature into life. The heart is the organ
that delivers life in the form of oxygen to the rest of our organs.

Gaia is the center of our soul matrix; she has a life-force, an enormous amount of energy that we
experience daily in our 3rd dimensional world such as wind, rain and the inter-changing weather.

Gaia has her own soul matrix which connects with ours once we have activated our complete human
soul matrix providing us with her crystalline, core energy.

Human thoughts, emotions and actions directly affect her soul matrix which is why ID and AI need
to keep us discombobulated and in a low vibration of fear and disconnection.

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The Light Axis Energy Wheel; Below the Feet - Pluto

Pluto is the 9th planet orbiting the sun and is our third light axis energy wheel meridian which is
around 12 inches below our feet. This energy meridian is smaller in size and keeps us grounded to
Gaias crystalline core.

Pluto is the perimeter of our soul matrix and is positioned at the outer edge of the solar system; he
really is the anchor and protector of our complete human matrix system.

The three light axis energy wheels need to be activated and reconnected to the Sun, Gaia and Pluto
in order to begin the transition of ascension.

The Crystalline Core Energy

The crystalline core energy is Gaias life-force, energy body which like our diamond body interacts
throughout all energy systems.

We need this energy in order for humans to ascend as part of the process is adjusting to frequencies
of the other dimensions to carry a higher vibration of light particles. The crystalline energy
replenishes our light body and changes the frequency of our molecular structure making it less
dense aiding the transition from matter to form.

We were disconnected from this energy by AI and ID ever since we were imprisoned on this planet to
keep us in our physicality and confined to a 3rd dimensional reality.

Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017

Timelines, Gateway Portals and Soul Missions

We all have a purpose and soul mission here on this planet interwoven with our soul matrix.
Unfortunately most people miss the signals or are too scared to face the challenges that come with
the calling.

When the spirit and the soul begin to connect with us it isnt something that we can intellectually
figure out. This is why many ignore their inner most feelings.

A soul mission requires more than just a change in life. Its calling for a change in everything you
are comfortable with. It pushes you to change or heal old patterns and this overwhelms most that
are too fearful to take the chance of change.

Interwoven in our soul matrix are destiny points like gateposts where a change in direction is
required and a mission is offered to move fully into your true purpose. You can already have a
purpose but this one is a higher awakening or faster route to truth and revelation.

It usually requires some profound change, a new location, job or even relationship that aligns you
with your higher self and deeper awareness leading to soul healing and an opening of the heart,
connection to the soul and full transition onto your soul matrix.

Opening your soul and trusting that path is where many fail. Most people will do what they know
rather than open up to ways that are being presented.

These missions bring higher awareness, coincidences and synchroncities which are how you know
when you are heading in the right direction.

Think of it like a portal in time that you have the opportunity to step through but you cannot
navigate your way by listening to your mind. The mind doesnt understand these gateway portals it
creates many problems out of fear of the unknown and will try to lead you back to your old ways.

Many people accept the mission and then try to combine it with their old paths which then
eventually lead to returning to old vibrations that continue the cycle of fear and dissolution.

Because of our childhood patterning, wounds and habits of conditioning it is a lot easier to remain
in the shadows than have the courage to step into unknown territories. It takes great courage to
face your shadow but when you backtrack you feel it in your soul.

Your mind will justify it by telling you, that you did the right thing but deep down you feel the
void. Sadly most humans live with that void because they are used to it; its what they know.

This is the programming of AI and ID. They constructed our minds to be fearful of everything and
yet the path of the soul matrix requires a trust that you cannot put into logic. You can only follow
your feelings and instincts because this reality is a construct of the mind and the only way to free
yourself is to step through that portal and take the higher path.

Non human souls are very good at this. They have an innate trust in their higher awareness and
have somehow maintained their timeline portals so that they are more likely to spot the signs
whereas human souls dont even have their soul gateways activated so are less likely to spot the
significance of one when it presents itself.

You literally jump timelines when you step through the portal gateway and it will change you
forever. If this is confusing to you the movie Sliding Doors is a great example of timeline splits as
it runs concurrently two separate timelines.

The soul matrix is clever and there is more than one opportunity to step back onto your soul path if
you step off it, you usually have two for each timeline leap. Sadly 90% of humans are not tuned into
these opportunities or dont believe they are worthy of what that opportunity is and remain stuck
on a timeline that doesnt serve their greater good.

As humans dont have these timeline portals activated they miss huge opportunities of spiritual
growth and remain on a lesser path; keeping Gaia on a lower frequency as her soul matrix is very
much at the mercy of our soul destinies.

The Sovereign Human Matrix System

We are a living, breathing, holographic, crystalline infrastructure of light particles and

multidimensional energy. The deeper we are on the path of our soul matrix the higher we vibrate
and the more we pass that vibration to other humans, animals, nature and Gaia.

Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017

Once the human matrix system is fully complete; AI interference cleared and our true selves
reconnected which all aspects of self, multidimensional bodies, planetary configuration and soul
matrix then as a human you have the opportunity to help with the rise in consciousness and
ascension needed in order to break free of the prison matrix we live in.

This reconfiguration doesnt detract from healing childhood wounds or the trauma we carry from our
DNA lineage. We all need to journey through our emotional body in order to be completely free.

Men find this especially difficult as they have been so badly conditioned to bury their emotional
pain by the AI prison system and this is usually the last part of their journey whereas women will
be more likely to do the emotional healing but stay blind to what is really happening in the world
preferring to live in a bubble of illusion.

Men will move onto paths of activism and dissolving illusion; waking up, becoming aware and
seeing the injustice whereas women will frequent retreats and bury their heads in the sand when it
comes to conspiracy theories and the slave matrix.

This continues a divide in men and women as women are becoming more emotionally evolved and
men are unable to meet them and men are becoming more conscious of the pain and suffering around
them but are totally clueless as to their role of protectors of the women.

They protect externally as their divine masculine begins to develop at a rapid rate but shy away
from true intimacy and women in reaction become the emotional warriors and the protectors that
they are seeking.

Its very important that men and women develop both the divine masculine and feminine and dont
project their unmet needs onto each other creating more separation but that they begin to
understand the programming that AI has created and manipulated in order to bridge the gap and
support each other towards a higher way of being.

The Sovereign Human Matrix reconfiguration dissolves the patterning we have been podded with;
brings us into the complete soul alignment of who we really are as true beings.

It can take months to process this healing; for those that havent done any other work on
themselves; years but being connected back to self and source will have a profound effect.

It allows for greater insights and deeper truths, the chance to evolve beyond slavery, the
development of intuitive abilities and potential to move into higher awareness.


Once the human matrix system is fully complete; AI interference cleared and our true selves
reconnected which all aspects of self, multidimensional bodies, planetary configuration and soul
matrix then as a human you have the opportunity to help with the rise in consciousness and
ascension needed in order to break free of the prison matrix we live in.

This reconfiguration doesnt detract from healing childhood wounds or the trauma we carry from our
DNA lineage. We all need to journey through our emotional body in order to be completely free.

Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017


Abigail's Story

Abigail is a Certified Practitioner in Reiki, Tarot Reading, Theta Healing, Holographic Kinetics using Aborigine
Dreamtime Healing and Spiritual Coaching.

Her signature is her down to earth, heartfelt, grounded approach to life whilst deep sea diving into layers of
emotions and limiting beliefs presented by her clients and navigating through into clearer waters.

Abigail is a conduit for source energy allowing her clients to release, transform and transition into a deeper, more
empowering version of themselves. She is well known for her transformational healing sessions, high vibration
guided meditations and activating, catalyst abilities.

During her years of personal self healing and experience with clients she began to develop her own technique of
shifting sabotaging energies and emotional blockages such as entities, past lives, emotional trauma and ancestry

Abigail's journey wasn't an easy one. She was used in Satanic Rituals as a small child and had to heal herself from
dissociation personality disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and severe trauma.

Having been attacked throughout her entire life by humans, black magic and inter-dimensional interference her
life's mission was to find a way to freedom as a sovereign being free from the abuse that inhabits this planet. Her
focus became an unstoppable drive to find a way to remove all satanic energy from her system and rebuild herself,
mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.

The Sovereign Human Matrix Guide began to reveal itself to her after she had done the psychological and
emotional healing needed to heal her inner child fragments, mind control and dissociation from the satanic

In order to have the ability to go that deep she had to journey back into the ritual memories and free herself from
her past. Nobody understands satanic energy better than Abigail.

It's because of her healing journey that she was able to find satanic artificial overlays, implants and much more.

Abigail is a claircognizant, intuitive, empath meaning that she knows and feels energy. Her abilities kept her
alive, intuitively seeking the right healing and following her spiritual path and life journey.

She downloaded this new information from source and has been gifted with being able to pass her energy abilities
onto others by teaching her method of healing and providing the activations needed in order for others to do this

Copyright @ Abigail Pattman 2017

A New Modality is New Energy and Information

The Sovereign Human Matrix Guide is a new modality meaning that as with any new information it needs to be
taught and guided in order to be able to achieve results.

It is an energetic removal system that clears inter-dimensional attack, artificial programing and reconfigures the
soul matrix and surrounding energy bodies.

The purpose of this is to align all parts of you with your true self. It is a process and for the first month can be
difficult. This is because whatever is false will rise to the surface. For example; if you are a people pleaser and
give your power away to others you then may find yourself becoming tougher and feeling angry instead of
submissive and letting things go.

Your true self will be pushing for changes and balance which can often be uncomfortable but necessary for you to
really discover who you really are.

It takes time to adjust and needs patience and self care.


This Ebook offers multidimensional information and channeled details of holographic realities and how it affects
the human form and is designed for educational purposes only.

If you wish to book a treatment or learn this modality you should not rely on this information as a substitute for,
nor does it replace, professional therapy for childhood wounding, trauma or personality disorders.

Emotional and mental healing is another part of the healing process and crucial to a balanced wellbeing.

As a mystic Abigail has had to clear herself in all angles and provides support and information for clients that are
carrying emotional/childhood trauma so that they can heal on all levels.

Spiritual healing is not a magic wand to all of your problems. Greater awareness, alignment, personal power and
connecting to your true self however does provide clearer insights and pathways to be the sovereign, sentient
being that you really are.

The Sovereign Human Matrix System