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ACTIVITY 3 Report-writing guidelines

Task 1 (50 minutes):

Use the following step-by-step guide to generate a report. In the process, you will help
readers to understand your efforts to help students improve. You will also gain an
opportunity to reflect on what you have learned by undergoing this process.

Step ONE:
Writing an Introduction
Include the following:

The objectives of the School Support Plan approach in fostering student

The importance of fostering students improvement in the reading
comprehension & summary section.

Step TWO:
Describing the context
Describe the context of your school (location, a general profile of the school
and the students in the school).
Describe the students you have included in the School Support Plan.

Describing the Pre-Test, Results and Data Analysis
Describe the pre-test you administered and the results.
Describe how you analyse the students performance data.
Report the results of the analysis. What gaps emerged from the data? What
gaps did you select to treat and why? (A brief description. We will deal with
this more thoroughly in the later part of the report).
Step FOUR:
Describing Intervention Activities
In order to develop this section of your report, answer the following questions:
What was the duration of the intervention plan in your school?
What gaps did you identify in the students reading comprehension and
summary performance data?
What activities did you design to address the gaps?
How did you conduct these activities? Provide a brief description.
Did you formally or informally assess your students while you were carrying
out the interventions? How did you assess them?
What went well and what could have been better?

Step FIVE:
Reporting Outcomes of the Intervention
When was the post-test administered?
Describe your post-test. It what way was it parallel to the pre-test?
Describe how you analysed your post-test.
What did your analysis reveal?
Compare the pre-test and post-test reading comprehension and summary
samples. Have the students improved? Present the results of your analysis
descriptively (words) and also graphically (frequencies will do).

Step SIX:
Writing a Conclusion
Did you find any patterns of new gaps in the post-test which you may need to
address with a further cycle of interventions? If yes, what are they? And if
no, then, what are your plans for a new cycle of teaching and learning?
What did you learn from applying this particular approach in helping to foster
student improvement?
1. Facilitators to collect hardcopies (reports an appendices) from sisc+/teachers.
2. SISC+/Teachers submit softcopies by emailing to
3. Front cover of appendices: A4 sheet clearly marked in LARGE LETTERS
SISC+s Name:
Teachers Name:
Teachers School:
Title of Report:

Report Format:
between 8-10 pages, excluding appendices (the Reading Comprehension and
Summary Questions used for pre and post tests.
Font: Calibri 11 points
Spacing: 1.5