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Title : structural and vibration analysis of Bellow system for gravitational loads


Vibrations are the sources for unexpected structural failure in the system. Now-d-days due to
the advances in technology in all the fronts, engineering problems are also becoming
complex in nature. Products are manufactured at one point, and transported to different
places across the globe for final assemblies. So during transportation road vibrations plays
important role in raising the stress levels in the structure and weaken the structures. So
during transportation, vibration isolation Is also important aspect in design for transportation
of the members.

In the present work, a bellow system is failing during transportation. So here work is to
identify the reason of failure and finding the solution. From the initial work, it is identified
that the structure is failing due to vibrations during transportation. From the literature it is
observed that maximum 6g loads are acting on the system in the extreme bad road condition
and pit and hump formation on the roads. So the system is modelled using Catia software
and meshed using hypermesh. The meshed object is imported to Ansys for analysis. Only
static anlaysis is carried out under 1g loads.

The results shows deformation of 0.277mm and stress level of 140Mpa. Individual
component results shows higher stresses on the member showing minimum factor of safety in
the problem. Also cantilever type arranement of bellow system is also the main source of
vibration and higher stresses. So system is analysed with different support conditions to take
6g loads at the weld region. Additional end support is reducing the displacement from
0.277mm to 0.07mm and stress from 140Mpa to 90Mpa. Further support at the first bellow
the deformation is reducing to 0.04mm and stress level at bellow weld to region to 1.7Mpa.
The fluid splash effect is also considered directly with 6g loads showing maximum stress of
26Mp with cantilever arrangement with out supports and 7Mpa with 1and 3 bellow support
with left end fixed with damper supports. So support conditions are required for safety of the
structure. Also modal analysis results shows very near applied frequency value of 4.418Hz to
the natural frequency value of 4.599 showing vulnerability for resonance. But the results
with support conditions shows improvement of first natural frequency value to 5.437Hz,
away from the applied vibration frequencies.