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Late Assignments

Course Objectives
The primary purpose of this course is to help Work not turned in by the assigned due
students understand themselves as Americans date will be accepted, without penalty, up
through the study of United States history and to two weeks beyond the due date. After
geography. Another goal is to understand the two weeks, no points will be given.
historical and geographic processes which affect If you miss class, you are responsible
our lives today. First semester students will be for materials covered during your
able to discuss how the major trends, events absence. Please, contact either
and individuals from 1877 through 1946 helped Mrs. Mitchell or Mrs. Ramales to find out
exactly what was covered and what work
shape modern America.
you need to complete.
9th Grade
U.S. History & Geography with Grading:
Mrs. Mitchell & Mrs. Ramales
All grades will be based on a total point Classroom Expectations
Contact Information: system. There will not be weighted
Here is what we expect of you: Grades are calculated by the semester - 1. Follow the rules outlined in the student
not by the marking period.
810-984-2611 ext. 1551 handbook, as they all apply to this classroom.
Students will be graded in three primary
categories: (1) minor assignments and You know what actions are appropriate for a
quizzes, (2) major assignments and classroom setting and what actions are not.
Course Description
This course focuses on the history of tests, and (3) participation.
The standard Port Huron Area School 2. Help create a classroom atmosphere of
the United States from the late 1800's
District grading scale will be used. respect. The study of the past requires us to
to our modern era. It is a continuation
of the U.S. History course taken in 8th investigate numerous topics and consider varied
grade. Emphasis is placed on effective 70% Rule: opinions and perspectives. Every individual in
reading, writing, and thinking skills this classroom should feel free to express
that are key to accurate historical Anyone that gets below the minimum his/her ideas without fear of ridicule or
analysis and to thinking and problem expected grade of 70% will have one week judgment. Respect yourselves, your peers, and
solving skills important in the from the day they are handed back the
your school.
assignment to re-do the assignment for a
workplace. The content of this course
maximum grade of 70%. This is optional
will include the development of the and is the student's responsibility! Failure
3. Be responsible. It is up to you to take charge
industrial United States, the emergence to re-do the assignment within one week of your own learning and behavior.
of modern America and World War I, results in forfeiting this option. This
the Great Depression, World War II, privilege ends one week prior to the end of
post-war United States, and each marking period.
contemporary America.
4. Come to class prepared. Please bring your Here is what you should expect of us: I have read the class syllabus and understand
notebook/folder, pen/pencil, and completed what is required of me for U.S. History.
assignment(s) to class each day. 1. To provide you with timely, detailed and
constructive feedback regarding your work. Student Signature:
5. Be aware. Before leaving class for the day,
make sure you have recorded information on 2. To maintain organized grades and classroom _____________________________________
materials. Date: ______
the board regarding homework and long-term
assignments as well as other important I understand what is expected of my child for
3. To respect your ideas, opinions, viewpoints,
announcements. U.S. History
and needs.
6. Actively participate in classroom activities Parent Signature:
4. To provide you with clear directions, rules,
and lessons.
and expectations to guide your learning.
7. Be confident. Each one of you is capable of Date: ______
5. To be available for communication and
experiencing great success in this course.
collaboration with you and your
Believe in your abilities and your potential to be Email_________________________________
a successful learner!
Preference for contact:
8. Come talk to us! If you every have any ______________________________
questions or need help, do not hesitate to stop Supplies: Preference for time:_____________
by and see me. We will be available both binder/ folder
before and after school to discuss any issues or highlighters Please, return by Friday, September 08, 2017
questions. We may also set up a time that is Spiral notebook
convenient for all involved. blue or black pen
9. Electronic devices, including earbuds and/or colored pencils
headphones, are not allowed in class unless glue
specifically stated by the teacher.