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Volume 135 IIssue
ssue 22 Friday, August 18
18,, 2017 90 cents plus tax

INSIDE Sandy Lake Celebrates

this week


Fall Flower
Photo by Darryl Holyk

By HILLARY MILLER ed with a merchants bar- a second display lighting including floats, horses, 800 people at this as well.
beque supper, which was up the night sky across the music, vehicles and other In conjunction with this

W estern Days in Sandy

Lake was a huge suc-
cess again this year! Les
very well attended, to the
point that they nearly ran
out of food, Lewandoski
lake, which ran simulta-
Saturdays festivi-
more unique entries! It
went over great, and ev-
erybody really enjoyed
traditional Ukrainian
lunch, the Sandy Lake Fire
Department hosted a hot
Lewandoski, chair of West- said. This was followed ties began with an early that, said Lewandoski. dog and hamburger booth
If your label reads ern Days was more than by a family-fun bingo, and morning pancake break- As usual, there was lots of for those not interested

17 /08 /31 thrilled with the turnout of

the weekend-long event,
and was more than grate-
Lewandoski noted that ev-
eryone had a riot.
After bingo, there was
fast hosted by the Cot-
tage Owners Association.
About 800 people were
candy tossed out for the
children along the parade
in the bread and borscht
and served free food and
drinks to the little ones in
Its time to renew ful for all of the hard work a fireworks display over served pancakes and sau- After the parade came attendance.
your subscription! that went into it. the lake, and to celebrate sage at the outdoor kitch- a tradition that many at-
It was a pretty jam- Canada 150, they doubled en. This was followed by tendees look forward to Continued on
filled weekend, said Le- up on the fireworks this the parade, which was year after year, the home- Page 8
204-867-3816 wandoski. Friday evening, year. They had one display exceptionally big this made bread and borscht
the festival was kick-start- on one side of the lake and year, with over 55 entries lunch. They served about

2 Friday, August 18, 2017 The Minnedosa Tribune

Golf Club Champions Busy Summer For

Minnedosa Campground

Facebook photo

SUBMITTED The 2017 Junior Club man (80 / 75 = 155). Run-

Champion was Zane Mac- ner Up was Gary Garbolin-

T his past weekend,

Minnedosa Golf and
Country Club hosted its
Donald (75 / 74 = 149).
Runner Up was Hugh
Corne (72 / 82 = 154).
sky (76 / 80 = 156)
Mens Club Champion
was Dallas Kreller (73 / 74
annual Club Champion- Ladies Club Cham- = 147). Runner Up saw a
Photo By Hillary Miller
ship. The format was two pion was Trudy Adamson two-way tie between Zane
rounds of stroke play, first (91 / 90 = 181). Runner Up MacDonald (75 / 74 = By HILLARY MILLER two were smaller groups affected business, but it
round Saturday, August was Cindy Grant (91 / 90 = 149) and Derek Cameron with 30 and 15 people in has just meant that camp-
12th and the second round
Sunday, August 13th. The
two-day combined total
181). Trudy beat Cindy on
the first playoff hole to de-
termine the winner.
(71 / 78 = 149). The Juniors
played from the blue tees
and were eligible for Mens
T he Minnedosa Camp-
ground has had a terrif-
ic season so far! According
each group.
There have been no is-
sues that have arisen at the
ers are shutting down ear-
lier at night, but starting
up their bonfires earlier as
was used to determine the Senior Mens Club Division as well. to this years campground campground throughout well.
winners. Champion was Ken New- manager, Rick Chorneyko, the summer. Chorneyko The last week that the
the campground has been noted that during the re- campground will be open
full for most weekends. cent August long Rockin is that of September 9th.

7 2 8&+
As you might expect, the Fields weekend, we Chorneyko noted that
during the week there are had no issues at all. We there are still sites avail-
more vacancies, but most could hear the music, but able between now and
weekends have been very it wasnt overpowering. then, for those who wish

successful. He noted that During RFM, they were to get in some last-minute
even for the upcoming few booked solid, with only a camping.

7 5 8&.
weekends, they are at full couple of campsites avail-
capacity. It has been a re- able on the Friday night.
ally fun, family friendly For the most part, the
If your label reads
summer, and it has been only noises that have been

really great all around.
Throughout the sum-
heard at the campground
were the cheerful sounds
17 /08 /31
mer, the campground of children playing, and
Its time to renew
A interactive, outdoor, has enjoyed three bicycle there were no party sounds your subscription!
family fun experience September 2nd, 2017 groups that have come at night to disturb sleep.
allowing kids and adults 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. through. One was the Sea- Now that it is starting to get 204-867-3816
to Sea group, and the other colder at night, it has not
alike to explore and Rockin the Fields of Minnedosa Site
discover all kinds of Admission $10
different vehicles, 2 & Under FREE
including construction Advance tickets available from the


Minnedosa Beach Enhancement Committee
trucks and equipment,
farm equipment, 6SHFLDO*XHVWV
emergency vehicles DPSP BUSINESSES SUPPORT
and more! Q %RXQF

P D Q FHE\ When you support the businesses in your
3HUIR QG$QQD home community, those businesses can
L]HV (OVDD return the favour by providing donations
and sponsorships to events, attractions,
programs and athletics in your
$OVRRQVLWH community. Without your support,
%%4OXQFK)DFH3DLQWLQJ those businesses cannot give
9HQGRUDQG&UDIW0DUNHW back to the things which make
a community a great place to live!
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, August 18, 2017 3

Invasive Species Awareness Month

SUBMITTED tionally transported inland boats, docks, piers, etc.) mussels readily attach to
and colonizing more than and can reach densities the hulls of watercraft,

T he Invasive Species
Council of Manitoba
(ISCM) has declared Au-
700 lakes and rivers mostly
in eastern North America.
The microscopic early life
exceeding 10,000 individu-
als per square meter. Other
bivalve mussels (outside
trailers, and aquatic plants
(often tangled on water-
craft trailers) and can sur-
gust 2017 as Invasive Spe- stage (veliger) and capacity of the genus Dreissena) do vive out of water for several
cies Awareness Month. In for adults to attach on wa- not attach to hard surfaces, weeks.
an effort to foster aware- tercraft, watercraft trailers, or grow in such high densi- Preventing the further
ness of invasive species in or on aquatic plants (that ties, making Zebra Mussels spread of Zebra Mussels
Manitoba and to highlight snag on trailers) makes (and other species within requires all our efforts, and
the environmental and this species a very high the genus) unique in terms in fact it is the law in Mani-
economic damage they risk for overland transport of their appearance and toba to clean, drain, dry
can cause the ISCM would between unconnected preferred habitat. boats, trailers and other
like to share the below in- lakes or rivers. Hundreds equipment being moved
formation on an invasive of scientific studies have Preventing between water bodies. The
plant which is spreading in described the ecological introductions of Zebra Province of Manitoba has
Manitoba. impacts, and in some cases Government of Manitoba Mussels detailed information on
The ISCM is con- the economic impacts, of how to clean your boat,
tom) algae that foul beach- How do You Identify
cerned about invasive spe- Zebra Mussels. Their eco- Zebra mussels have trailer, and other equip-
es, fishing nets, water Zebra Mussels?
cies and plays a unique logical impacts are highly spread quickly through ment to prevent the spread
intakes. When large quan-
and important role in pro- variable depending on the eastern North America for of Zebra Mussels.
tities of the algae decay, The identification of
moting awareness, coor- type of waterbody invaded several reasons. They have
they can release noxious adult Zebra Mussels is
dinating cooperation and and the population density a very high reproductive What to do if you find a
odours and promote po- quite easy. They are rela-
stimulating action to pre- established. output, with females pro- Zebra Mussel?
tentially harmful bacteria tively small (about the
vent the introduction and In a review of their ducing up to 1 million eggs
such as E. coli. length of your fingernail)
spread of invasive species impacts on lakes and riv- per spawning event; early If you find Zebra Mus-
bivalve mussels with a
in Manitoba. ISCM ers Dr. Scott Higgins (IISD life stages (eggs, sperm, sels, particularly if they
Where is it found brownish black or striped
The Zebra Mussel Experimental Lakes Area veligers) that are micro- occur outside of Lake Win-
in Manitoba? pattern and a flattened
(Dreissena polymorpha) and ISCM Board Member) scopic and can be easily nipeg please report by call-
side where strong byssal
is a small (0.6-4 cm) fresh- concluded that the intro- transported if water is not ing 1-877-867-2470. More
Zebra mussels were threads allow the attach-
water mussel that was first duction of zebra mussels drained from live wells, details can also be found
first reported in the south- ment to hard surfaces. The
introduced into North led to a profound trans- bildge systems, and other by visiting
ern Lake Winnipeg in Oc- species commonly attach-
America in 1986. It is an in- formation of the structure compartments that hold StopAIS.
tober of 2013. They have es to aquatic plants, rocks,
vasive aquatic species that and function of whole eco- water on watercraft. Adults
subsequently been identi- and infrastructure (e.g.
is causing considerable systems.
fied in the U.S. and Mani-
economic and environ- In general, Zebra Mus-
toba portions of the Red
mental damage in Manito- sels reduce the quantity
River, the northern basin
ba. Zebra Mussels are na- of phytoplankton, which
of Lake Winnipeg (and the
tive to the Ponto Caspian serve as the main energy
connecting channel be-
region of Eastern Europe, source for many aquatic
tween the north and south
but began invading other species and set off a series
basins). A single detection
European regions in the of cascading impacts to
of veligers identified the
mid-1800s as trans Euro- higher trophic levels such
potential for Zebra Mus-
pean canal systems were as aquatic invertebrates
sels in Cedar Lake (locat-
developed. The initial in- and fish. Zebra mussels
ed west of Grand Rapids,
vasion into Lake Erie was also overgrow native mus-
Manitoba). A suspected
almost certainly associated sel communities, lead-
single adult Zebra Mussel
with Trans-Atlantic ship- ing to dramatic declines
was detected in Singuish
ping. Once established and in some cases local
Lake (located in Duck
in Lake Erie, the Zebra extinction. In the Lauren-
Mountain Provincial Park),
Mussel, quickly spread to tian Great Lakes they have
however subsequent mon-
other locations around the also been associated with
itoring has not confirmed
Laurentian Great Lakes, severe blooms of benthic
the presence of additional
eventually being uninten- (growing on the lake bot-
adults at this location.

4 Friday, August 18, 2017 The Minnedosa Tribune


Around Canadas Aerospace Industry

Is A Giant Pyramid Scheme
Town... By Darryl Holyk
Canadian Taxpayers Federation
builds planes. Those planes need parts. So Bombar-
diers demand for parts sustains a whole bunch of sup-
pliers as well.

Another Busy Weekend

Minnedosas biggest summer weekend, Fun Fest
R ecently, federal Innovation Minister Navdeep
Bains announced $10 million in funding for
the Center for Aerospace Technology and Training
This logic sounds great on paper but theres just
one small problem: it isnt true. Far from Bombardier
sustaining its own supply chain, Canadian taxpayers
and Rockin the Fields are behind us for another year (CATT)located in Winnipeg. CATT describes itself as are forced to subsidize companies in the aerospace
but that doesnt mean that the weekend attractions are a perfect example of a partnership between industry supply chain as well, through regional development
over. In addition to the regular lake, beach and camp- and research/education. funds, provincial funds, and the recently launched
ground activities, this coming weekend will see some While theres nothing objectionable about govern- Strategic Innovation Fund.
additional festivities being hosted by various local non- ments funding a public good like education, its nota- In fact, the aerospace industry in Canada resem-
profit groups. On Sunday, August 20th, The Minnedosa ble that the industry partner in question here is aero- bles a giant pyramid scheme, with taxpayers at the bot-
District Museum and Heritage Village will host its annual space an industry that seems to perpetually receive a tom of the pyramid. Based on the aerospace is special
Heritage Day celebration (see ad elsewhere in this edi- disproportionate amount of politicians attention, not argument (often backed up with the sage every other
tion). Sunday will also see the return of the Valley Fun to mention taxpayer money. country does it argument), Canadian taxpayers have
Colour Run which was advertised on the front page of Superficially, this isnt surprising. Airplanes are the privilege of subsidizing an entire industry top to
last weeks edition. The Colour Run is being sponsored by impressive to just about everyone, from small children bottom. Theres the aforementioned subsidies to Bom-
the Beach Enhancement Committee, Minnedosa Rotary to politicians, and for obvious reasons. Theyre big ma- bardier; subsidies for Bombardier-led consortiumsto
and Minnedosa Lions. Also happening this weekend are chines that fly. Even the word aerospace conjures up do research and development; subsidies to the buyers
longboard races and re-opening of the Rivers Edge bike positive imagery of sophisticated technology and engi- of Bombardiers planes (in the form of cut rate loans
park. This will be one of the last big event weekends of the neers in lab coats. For anyone who laments industries through Export Development Canada) which are in
summer so get out and take in whats happening! like cutting down trees or extracting oil out of the many cases already priced below cost; and subsidies
ground as boring relics of a bygone era, aerospace ticks to Bombardiers suppliers.
all the exciting boxes that signal economy of the future. If this sounds like a crazy business strategy, its
Smooth travelling Unfortunately for Canadians, that future never because it is. And if we were to replace the word air-
It doesnt matter where you drive lately you will quite seems to arrive. Bombardier, Canadas most planes with candy canes, no sane person would
probably run into some road construction. Although the prominent aerospace company, is the national poster take the pseudo-economics of aerospace seriously.
reduced speed limits and waiting in line for a pilot truck child for corporate welfare, having received $4 billion But because it is about airplanes, and airplanes are
can be frustrating, in the end, it is worth it to have our since 1966. sophisticated machines, politicians, industry execu-
roadways resurfaced. In addition to the ongoing project Last year, after receiving $1.3 billion in aid from tives, union leaders and more than a few otherwise
on Highway #10 between Rapid City and Minnedosa, Quebec taxpayers, it proceeded to fire 2,000 Canadian intelligent people buy into the whole absurd charade.
work is also underway on Highway #16 in the vicinity of workers. Not long after, the Trudeau government came And why not? Its not their money at stake. Its merely
Basswood. New pavement has also been placed on 6th along to give them a further $372 million in repayable the broader taxpaying public, and those working in in-
Avenue N.W. out past the MREC and Ag grounds out to loans. It is no exaggeration to say the company has dustries to which the normal laws of economics apply,
the Industrial Park, 4th Street S.W. out to 9th Avenue and essentially been kept on life support for decades by who end up paying the price.
the north entrance to Minnedosa on Highway #16A. We Canadian taxpayers. And if Bombardier sold brooms Its far past time we accept the obvious: aerospace
also welcomed some new pavement patches along Main instead of airplanes, the market would have put it out isnt special, and its perpetual coddling by politicians
Street this year. of its misery decades ago. soaks Canadian taxpayers and hurts Canadian busi-
Naturally, aerospace boosters are quick to insist nesses in other industries. If the aerospace industry
Classes around the corner... theres more to the story. Often this takes the form of
what are usually referred to as economic spinoff ef-
cannot survive in this country without Canadian tax-
payers propping it up forever in countless ways, its
Summer holidays are quickly wrapping up for school
fects. The pitch goes something like this: Bombardier time to let it go.
staff and students. New teachers in the Rolling River
School Division will undergo orientation August 29th
and 30th. Once September hits staff and administration
will be back to work preparing for the 2017-2018 school Letters to the Editor can be sent to or Box 930, Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0
year which will kick off with the first day of classes on Fri-
day, September 8th. Views expressed in Letters to the Editor are those of the writer and
are not necesarily the views of The Tribune, its owner or staff.

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The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, August 18, 2017 5

Safe Effective Changes For EMS

Dear Editor,

Letters to
call is not as important as
the care they able are to
Ye O l d
O n June 29th, Health, deliver once on scene, the

i b
Seniors and Active planned realignment of

the Editor
T r
Living Minister Kelvin Go- paramedic stations does
ertzen announced plans aim to improve projected
to transform Manitobas overall response time cov-
emergency medical ser- erage in rural areas.
vices system based on The proposed restruc-
recommendations that re- But the uncertainty of be- Manitobas provincial land turing of paramedic ser-
sulted from a comprehen- ing able to provide pre- and air ambulance dis- vices will take time. No
sive and large-scale review station will be closed or
completed over four years
dictable and professional patch facility in Brandon,
consolidated before the 1887 A sample of yarn was brought to town from the
paramedic service to rural has improved timely ac- Rapid City mill last week. The sample shows that the mill
earlier. Manitobans without this cess to paramedic resourc- system has achieved the
turns out a first class article in every respect.
The 2013 Manitoba reform should be cause es across the province. Not staffing and infrastructure
EMS System Review was for even greater concern. only can dispatchers en- necessary to manage that
authored by Reg Toews, a Ambulance service in sure that the closest avail- change safely and effec- 1897 Minnedosas Brunswick Hotel is to be sold by
respected leader in Mani- Manitoba has undergone able ambulance is sent to tively. public auction September 11th as is the Ray House at
toba health-care planning significant growth over the emergency calls, regard- EMS throughout rural Newdale the day previous.
and delivery, following ex- past 20 years. The respon- less of where it is stationed, Manitoba is steeped rich
tensive consultation with sibility has shifted from but they can also relocate in history. Many com- 1917 A footway under the Main Street of the CPR
frontline paramedics, land primarily transporting pa- ambulances from one area munity members and po- would be a real convenience and could easily be put in
and air ambulance service tients quickly to the near- to another to ensure ad- litical leaders take great now that the bridge is under construction.
operators, regional health est hospital for treatment, equate regional coverage pride in having built and
authorities, municipal to the delivery of acute based on current availabil- maintained a local ambu-
and community leaders, and advanced health care ity and anticipated need. lance station for decades. 1937 Work has commenced to hard surface Main
and many others. The re- But as the demand placed Street. The Town and provincial government will bear the
by paramedics. Ensuring Response times cannot
port concluded that Mani- on our paramedic servic- cost on a 75-25 percent basis. The 25 percent share from
all ambulances in Mani- and should not be mea-
tobas EMS system was es continues to increase, the Town amounts to apprximatley $1,200 of the $5,000
toba are staffed 24 hours a sured by proximity to an
fragmented with mini- so too does the need for total.
day, seven days a week, by EMS garage.
mal coordination across well-educated and highly The proposed new these system changes to
the province and should skilled paramedics is nec- station configurations ensure that we are able to 1947 First reading has been given for a by-law to pro-
be reconfigured to en- essary to ensure patients have been developed us- deliver those services to vide $12,500 to finish the building of the Minnedosa and
sure resources met future have access to the right ing mapping data, popula- all patients in a predict- district community rink. The rink committee has already
service demands in a re- care at the right time. tion figures and historical able, responsive, sustain- raised more than $21,000 for the project.
sponsive and sustainable Call volumes across call volume information able and safe manner.
manner. That report was
released publicly in April
the province have in- not available to us just
Eric Glass,
1957 Parking rules are being considered by Council. A
creased dramatically, ten years ago. We are now yellow, no-parking strip will be placed in front of the ceno-
of 2013, recommending placing a strain on am- able to more closely align taph and parking is to be restricted along the river bank
the realignment of EMS bulance services that rely available resources with Administrative Director,
opposite the block where the bowling alley is located.
resources, and was widely mainly on local volunteers service demand. Al- Paramedic Association
accepted and supported and on-call staff. Many though the time it takes of Manitoba
by industry representa- stations operate with staff paramedics to arrive at a 1967 The Tremont Hotel is about to undergo a mas-
tives and system stake- that are on-call for periods sive $140,000 renovation. It will now be called the Alpine-
holders across the prov- that can exceed 96 hours, Tremont and will be extended seven feet in front for a
ince. not only posing significant new entrance while the beverage room will be enlarged,
In the weeks follow- safety risks for paramed- dining room changed to a coffee shop and a complete
ing Minister Goertzens ics, their patients and the renovation of the top floor.
announcement, concerns public, but also resulting in
have been expressed re- temporary station closures 1977 Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau and his
garding the closure and and service outages due to three sons Justin, Michel and Sacha, spent a quiet but
consolidation of ambu- fatigue. To continue pro- enjoyable 48 hours at Cleark lake and Riding Mountain
lance stations in some viding service in this man- National Park.
communities as part of ner is unsafe, unpredict-
the restructuring plan. able and unsustainable.
The uncertainty that ac- The creation of the
1997 Erickson Royal Bank has been closed since Feb-
companies this proposed ruary due to the identification of a fungus. Renovations
Medical Transportation
change is understandable. are continuing and the re-opening is scheduled for early
Coordination Centre,

1 year

Jean Garbolinsky on behalf of the Minnedosa & District

1.7%* *Rates subject to change
Certain conditions may apply

Dr. Derek Papegnies 3 year 5 year

2.0%* 2.4%*
Foundation presents Wes Barrett from the Minnedosa
Youth Soccer Assoc. with a grant of $4,000 to assist
OPTOMETRIST with the nets on the 2nd field that is being developed
at the MREC site. Since 2011 we have contributed
$33,500 to this organization Call For More Terms & Rates 867-3946
129-2nd Avenue S.W., Minnedosa, MB For more info or to make a donation to the Foundation go to
6 Friday, August 18, 2017 The Minnedosa Tribune

Four Generations

Great-Grandmother Margaret Kowalick,

Great-Grandmother Jean Kuzniak, Grandmother Grandmother Janet Kowalick,
Mary Ann Bullock, Mother Rebecka Great-Grandaughter Sophie Ann Kowalick, Great
Father Scott Kowalick and Great-
Kowalick (nee Bullock) and Great Grandma Grace Bullock, Grandfather Mervyn
Granddaughter Sophie Ann Kowalick.
Granddaughter Sophie Ann Kowalick. Bullock and Mother Rebecka Kowalick.

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The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, August 18, 2017 7

Incredible Experience At Kens Island

SUBMITTED cluded. of the highlights were: the
We drove to Nestor loons, the amazing meals,

R emember back on June

10th at the Minnedosa
Arena when we all went to
Falls, ON (575km from
Dosa) where we met Matt
Rapsky and the pilot at
the fishing, Muskies and
Bass and then the Fish Fry,
hiking on other islands,
support the Turners at a North West Airport for our kayaking, paddle boarding,
Benefit Social? Ken Kane five minute flight on a float the swimming, the sauna,
had donated his Fly-in Is- plane to Kens Island, thats Happy Hour in the hangar,
land, all-inclusive for four what it is called on the map Beths Kishketila Cocktail,
nights to be auctioned off ; of Kishketuna Lake. Brians pontoon excur-
Marie Smith was deter- Beth and Brian Bruce sions, music by Steven and
mined and won the bid! and Tamra and Matt Rapsky Matt, starting every day
Steven Smith, Neil and Ro- flew down the day before; it with Yoga on the dock in
berta Galbraith, Mary Ida only took them two hours, the sun and getting to know
Herbert, Mark Donohoe, as the crow flies! They were old and new friends on a
Stacie and Andy Cardy amazing hosts, making sure new level. An incredible ex- Photo Submitted
were so excited to be in- we experienced it all. Some perience!

Around the Region

Dauphin Herald Two brothers have been sentenced to R.M. office. The bright yellow piece of machinery made Elm trees on Cresent Avenue will soon be removed due
15 years incarceration for their involvement with a fire in its re-appearance in the Reston 125 celebrations parade to extensive damage from Dutch Elm disease. Quite a
Dauphin in August 2013. The incident sent a 17-year-old last month. few trees on the western side of Souris will meet the
to hospital with almost 95 percent of his body burned same fate.
and destroyed a 6th Avenue N.E. dwelling. Melita New Era A search warrant was executed on a
residence in Melita and as a result, RCMP seized more Carberry News Express Lesly Feldman, author of
Roblin Review the Buick Drive For Your Students event than 24 ounces of Methamphetemine, five ounces of the book, I Am Just Like You was at the Sidney gen-
was a huge success with 293 test drivers helping to raise a Marijuana, 56 grams of Shatter, a small amount of co- eral Store signing her recently published book. With the
grand total of $5,860 for the schools new band program. caine, hash, a firearm and money. book, she wants to help teach children at a young age to
respect and celebrate the differences in people and stop
Reston Recorder An antique grader, the first used in Souris Plaindealer The view looking south over Victo- the bullying.
the R.M. of Pipestone is now on display just outside the ria Park is about to get a little less beautiful. Three large

8 Friday, August 18, 2017 The Minnedosa Tribune

Weather Great For Western Days

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The Fire Department also hosted a pie eating con-

test, which was new to the festival this year and held in
place of the previous perogy eating contest. This was a
lot of fun for the spectators and participants, said Le-
wandoski. With a few pies leftover, they were even able
to auction off the remaining pies, some selling for over
$50 each!
Another event that was keeping the crowd busy was
the Show and Shine car show at the Rec Centre grounds.
There were nearly 90 entries, and the show featured
some beautiful classic vehicles. The same people who
put on the car show also put on the Car Stall raffle, in
which people could buy tickets to guess how long an
old, beat up Jeep would run for once it was revved up.
Photos by Darryl Holyk The catch all fluids had been removed from its engine!
The Jeep was generously donated by Wesman Salvage
of Brandon and ran for two minutes and eight seconds
before stalling out. This attraction generated a lot of
enthusiasm and excitement from Western Days specta-
On Sunday, the final day of the busy western Days
weekend, there was a splash park for the kids, which
was well attended, and according to Lewandoski, the
kids had a riot.
Like any event, Sandy Lakes annual Western Days
weekend would not be possible without volunteers,
sponsors and those who come out to attend the many
events. We really appreciate all the volunteer help that
we got this year, it was terrific, concluded Lewandoski.
This is the major community activity in Sandy Lake, and
without the help of the volunteers and the Fire Depart-
ment, it would not be the success that it is.


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12 pack Bic Pens 10x10
*Glue Bottle/Stick
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$7.29 $21.99 $5.99
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, August 18, 2017 9

Fall Flower Show CADURCIS NEWS

By DOREEN TROTT and Cameron Dykeman, The Jacksons visited
Reid, Sophie, Elliot, Julette on August 9th with the

C ongratulations to Earl
and Freda Thompson
who celebrated their 70th
and Thomas Hallatt.
Joan Trott hosted a
baby shower in honour of
Fehr family in Brandon.
Murphy Fehr celebrated
his 1st birthday. Happy
wedding anniversary on great niece Mabel Pasiech- Birthday Murphy!
August 7th. The Thomp- nyk of Kimberly BC. Sev- Eva Graham of Bran-
sons are a remarkable cou- eral members of the Trott don visited on Sunday with
ple who still reside in their family attended this event Muriel McManus.
own home. in Hamiota.
Running on
On Saturday eve- Shawn, Christine
ning the McTavish family and Hunter Greer of Ken- Empty?
hosted a gathering of fam- may and Sarah Martin of Print jobs can take up to
ily and friends and neigh- Guelph, ON were Sunday 2-3 weeks to complete.
bours to celebrate the es- visitors with Jim and Nan- Fill up before you run out!
tablishment of the cabin cy Greer. Minnedosa Tribune
at Butterfield Lake. The Brian Moore of Lon- 204-867-3816
Photo by Hillary Miller
cabin is in a most pictur- don ON is visiting with
By HILLARY MILLER exhibitors at this years plants, and came after the esque setting with the lake relatives in the area.
show, with a total of 325 Peony Show, which was and the trees in the back- Sidney Dueck of

O n Tuesday, August
15th, the Minnedosa
Community and Con-
exhibits. Albert Parsons of
the Horticultural Society
provided a list of some of
held earlier in the sum-
mer. Coming up, the Hor-
ticultural Society will host
Doreen and Eileen
Trott have returned from
Boissevain visited recently
with his grandparents,
Glen and Loreen Jackson.
ference Centre came the awards that were won the Annual Produce Sale, a holiday in Ottawa. While Dennis, Angelica and
alive with fall fruits, veg- earlier in the day, during which will hopefully be as in our nations capital we April Jackson spent the
etables and flowers, as the the judging portion of the well attended as the Fall visited with Bill and Leona weekend with Glen and
Minnedosa Horticultural exhibition. The best ar- Flower Fruit and Vegetable Peters, John, Jill, Georgia Loreen.
Society showcased their rangement was won by Show.
beautiful work. They event Parsons himself, as well as
began in the morning, with the award for Best Foliage
exhibitors bringing their Plant and Best Lily Spike.
work to the MCCC. with Best Gladiolus Spike was
the showcase portion run- won by Donna Dillabough.
ning from 2 to 4 p.m. Best Flowering Plant and
There were many peo- Best Rose were both won
ple in attendance, and tea by Audrah Caughell. Au-
and other refreshments drah is a long time mem-
were served to guests. The ber and supporter of the
hall was set up to allow for local Horticultural Society
a seating area for visitors to and continues to be in-
sit and enjoy their refresh- volved. Amazing for this
ments, while also enjoy- grand lady who celebrated
ing the beautiful aromas her 100th birthday a few
that came from the multi- years ago!
tude of flowers around the The event included
room. vegetables, flowers, succu-
There were thirteen lents, and other beautiful



 Pioneer Church Service (11:00 a.m.)
 BBQ lunch (12 noon) 
 Tour the Historic buildings 
 Live Music 
 Pioneer Demonstrations  {
 Open Air Market 
 Classic Cars and Steam Engine

Admission by Donation with all proceeds benefiting the

Minnedosa District Museum and Heritage Village
Minnedosa Heritage Village is located 4+ blocks east of Main Street on 3rd Avenue. N.E.
10 Friday, August 18, 2017 The Minnedosa Tribune

Fall At The 50+ Centre

By MAXINE WOODCOCK afghan stitch. Come and getting started in late Sep- to follow along with, for tendance was declining at an activity or class that we
Services to Seniors Co-ordi- learn with them! There is tember/October. Is it hard both programs. Yoga is be- the pot luck lunches last could offer please call the
nator always room for one more. to bend? Do you have bal- ing offered by a private in- year so it was decided to office. New ideas are most
Last year this group made ance problems or vertigo? structor this fall. try monthly catered lunch- welcome.

L ooking for something

to keep you busy this
fall/winter? Stop by the
68 items which they do-
nated to the homeless in
a nearby town. Wool had
You can still curl because
the rocks are pushed with
a stick. This may be done
Card players meet at
least three afternoons each
week to play various games
es, starting in September.
Watch for posters and ads
in The Tribune or stop by
Come and sign-up for
any activities you wish to
participate in.
50+ Centre! Have coffee, been donated to the group from the standing position such as Canasta, Spades, the Centre and pick up Services to Seniors
meet new people, partici- and countless volunteer and there is no reason you 500; we are bringing back a monthly calendar and continues to offer Victoria
pate in an activity! hours were spent creating cannot use the back of a Cribbage and Whist. newsletter. Lifeline, medical equip-
The knitting group will items. chair for support. Come We are planning to We are always looking ment rental for short term
be meeting again on Tues- Are you interested in and give it a try! The more add a few new activities for folks to share their trav- use, service providers,
day afternoons. This group playing pool? We have a people, the more fun. to the calendar this year els, hobbies and interests. ERIK kits, Foot Care, etc.
is always learning a new beautiful pool table here Indoor walking and - game days (Scrabble, Do you have something Plans are underway for the
skill and this fall it will be and the men usually play chair exercises will be of- Crokinole, board games, interesting to tell others annual Fall Information
Tunisian Crochet, or more most afternoons. fered if there are enough etc.), Birthday celebrations about? Fair, Be A Santa To A Se-
commonly known as the Floor Curling will be interested. We have DVDs and music afternoons. At- If you have an idea for nior, and more.

BASSWOOD NEWS Removing Mothball Smell

By ZELDA FIRBY of Brandon were Sunday, er rock? It has discoloured rine gas (or chloramine
August 6th visitors with over the years with dirt and gas) was used as a chemi-
Solutions and
S ympathy is extended
to Margaret and Ol-
ive Templeton, families
the Stan Firbys.
The Donohoes, Gal-
braiths and Cardys joined
I wonder if there is a solu-
tion I can add to the power
sprayer. Terrie
cal weapon during World
War I and later by Nazi
Germany in World War
and relatives on the re- Steven and Marie Smith By II. Bleach and ammonia
cent passing of their sister
Gertie Templeton of Bran-
for an awesome adventure
to Ken Kanes Island in
There are many popu-
create chloramine gas, a
deadly combination!
don. Kishketuna Lake in Ontar- lar commercial products
Cheery wishes to Mar- io last week. Many thanks on the market, manu- Feedback from
ion Ogibowski who is a to Beth and Brian Bruce, Dear Reena, smell such as airing it out, factured specifically for Friendly Reader
patient in the Minnedosa Tamra and Matt Rapsky; Can you help us with a stuffing it with newspaper power washers. Here is a
Health Centre. their gracious hosts. grout problem in our bath- and leaving lemon juice homemade formula that Re: Smelly dishcloth.
Paul and Jean Curtis room? We want to clean soaked cotton balls in it, was submitted to me, I For dishcloths and face-
the grout between the one and nothing has worked so have not tried it but was cloths, I add one cup vin-
inch tiles. What can we far. We wonder if we didnt told that it works well. egar to the rinse load. It
use to clean the yellow- try these tricks for a long Into a bucket combine: has helped prevent smelly
ish grout? I have tried a enough time or if there is four gallons bleach, three cloths. Submitted by R.M.
commercial cleaner and it something else we can do. ounces dish soap and one Measure and Serve
Thank you didnt do anything. I used It really is a beautiful old gallon water. Spray the
to all the Minnedosa and Area businesses and individuals a spray cleaner; it was gar- trunk! Eleanore stones, being careful not to Did You Know?
that supported and donated to the Minnedosa bage I will be taking it back hit anything green with the
to the store. Joyce Dear Eleanore, solution. Three teaspoons equal
Community Child Cares Packed Playhouse Draw. Another option is to one tablespoon.
The key is to over-
Alexander Jackson Law Dear Joyce, power the mothball smell make a wooden frame. Four tablespoons
Four Seasons Repair Spray the grout with with another smell which Cover it with wire mesh equals one quarter cup.
Enjoy Salon (Nadine Sharpe) 3% hydrogen peroxide and will eventually disappear similar to chicken wire but One gallon of ice
LegArt (Teresa Guillas) then gently scrub with fine on its own. Find a tray and with smaller holes. Find a cream feeds 10 to12 adults.
Discovery Toys (Teresa Guillas) sandpaper and dish soap. place it on the bottom of large, empty bucket and For mashed potatoes; pre-
Epicure (Kristine Loomis) Another option is to scrub the trunk, sprinkle the place the frame over the pare one and a half pota-
The Fashion House with sandpaper and whit- tray with either a gener- bucket. Scoop the rocks toes per person.
Farmery Brewery ening toothpaste. Be per- ous amount of kitty litter onto the wire. The dirt will One large pizza feeds
Kingdon Electric sistent and it will pay off. or even better dry coffee fall through the wire. Pour two to three people.
Dalrymples Greenhouse grounds. Leave for two the rocks sitting on the
The Dari Isle Dear Reena, days and then remove tray. wire into a separate bucket Note: Every user as-
Discover Minnedosa We were given a beau- and wash them with dish sumes all risks of injury
Minnedosa Credit Union tiful old trunk that smells Dear Reena, soap and water. Rinse with or damage resulting from
Minnedosa Rec Commission of mothballs. We have tried Do you have a solution water. This is a long pro- the implementation of any
Poplar Ridge Golf Course many ways to get rid of the for cleaning weathered riv- cess, perfect for very small suggestions in this column.
Prairie Mountain H/VAC amounts of rock. Test all products on an in-
Minnedosa Pharmacy Be sure never to com- conspicuous area first.
Parkline Automotive bine bleach with any prod- Reena Nerbas is a
SunSun Restaurant
Wilson Wheels
7KXUVGD\1LWH uct. Sometimes people
may look at a bottle of
popular motivational pre-
senter for large and small
Burgess Electric
Mary Kay (Heather Lewis)
0HQV*ROI bleach and wonder, Why
shouldnt this be mixed
groups; check out her web-
site: Ask a ques-
Pampered Chef (Yvonne Chambers) with ammonia? The an- tion or share a tip at reena.
$XJXVWWK swer? Huge danger! Chlo- ca
Raechells Hair & Nails 6KR
Sheila Carter SP

Congratulations to Beth McNabb
for winning the Packed Playhouse! Tuesday at 12 Noon
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, August 18, 2017 11


BY PHONE Call 204-867-3816
Hours to place, correct or cancel ads: PROVINCE-WIDE CLAS- For rent or sale: 2 bed- Wanted to rent hay or Ready to Travel Back in
Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. SIFIEDS. Reach over 400,000 room cabin located in Minne- pasture land suitable for grain Time? Vacation Bible School
readers weekly. Call this dosa. Fully furnished with production. Top dollar paid. at Minnedosa Covenant
BY MAIL CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING newspaper NOW 204-867- new washroom and 5 minute Call 204-841-1508. (18-5) x Church. August 21st to 25th
The Minnedosa Tribune, P.O. Box 930, 3816 or email classified@ walk to the beach. Available from 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. For
Minnedosa, Manitoba R0J 1E0 for details. immediately. $75 per day or
$395 per week or for sale for
COMING EVENTS kids aged four to Grade six.
BY FAX 204-8675171 For more information call
Custom cabinetry for $24,900.00. Contact Barry at 204-867-2810. x
BY E-MAIL the whole house! Cancelled, 204-871-2224 Portage la Prai- The Elphinstone Lions
mismeasured and incorrectly rie. (9-tfn) Park annual Flea Market. Sat- Driving Safely Workshop
ordered. Top quality cabi- urday, August 19th from 10:00 Monday, September 11th,
The Minnedosa Tribune Ltd. reserves the right to nets. Build your home to fit a.m. 2:00 p.m. Lunch avail- 2017 at 11:00 a.m. at the 50+
delete any words or phrases deemed by The Minnedosa 3 bedroom bungalow for
and save 75% off retail. Fehrs able. Tables are $10.00 each. Activity Centre. Presented by
Tribune Ltd. to be objectionable, or to refuse to publish any rent. 3 bedroom, 2 bath. Seri-
Cabinet Warehouse 1-800- For table rental call 204-625- Transportation Options Net-
advertisement. The Minnedosa Tribune Ltd. shall not be ous inquiries only. Call 204-
758-6927 office@fehrscabi- 2423. (20-3) x work for Seniors. (22-2) x
responsible for any loss or damage to any advertiser or third 867-7834. (22-2) x
party resulting from the failure of an advertisement to appear Minnedosa Heritage Lunch at 50+ Activity
in The Minnedosa Tribune Ltd. or from any error or omission Parts and full trailer re- AUCTIONS Day. Sunday, August 20th at Centre, 31 Main Street South.
in any advertisement which is published. pair, trailer safeties and Au- Minnedosa Heritage Village Catered lunch at 12:00 noon
topac Trailer Repair. Sales, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Admission on September 11th. Sign up
RATES Leasing and Financing of flat-
Meyers Auction by donation. Pioneer church and pay for lunch by noon on
deck, dumpbox, cargo, goose- service in Hunterville Church September 5th. (22-2) x
$9.00 for first 40 words, additional words .10 each. 10 am Sunday August 27
neck and utility trailers and Neepawa, MB at 11 a.m., BBQ lunch starting
Repeat ads - Half Price. truck beds. Kaldeck Truck at 12 noon. Other attractions: The Valley Fun
Geordie Vincent Colour Run
Classified Display - $9.00/col. inch each insert. (Incl. logo, box and Trailer, Hwy #1 Mac- Collection classic car show, steam engine
& bolding, and centering). Gregor, MB. 1-888-685-3127. Over 200 Antique & display, pioneer demonstra- Sunday, Aug. 20
Vintage Car Bodies & tions, live musical entertain- Minnedosa
Happy Snaps: (Birthday, Engagement, Wedding, Birth, & Back to School Mattress Parts ment, open air market and 7K course around
Graduation) - $16.00 for the first 20 words and the picture. Sale! August 11th to 20th, Packards, Volkswagens,
more! All museum buildings Minnedosa. Open to
Obituaries: - $6.50 per col. inch. 2017! Blowout prices on all will be open to tour. Bring all ages and activity
Fords, Austins, Dodge, levels. Register as a
mattress sets including floor Model A & T Fords, the kids! Bring Grandma and
Reach the entire province (50 weekly newspapers) $189.00 team or family and
model clearance. Hot spe- British Perfects, Grandpa! Make it a family day!
Westman and Eastman: $119.00 receive special rates!
cials include queen pillow top Huppmobile, Hudsons
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edition. All classified advertisements must be prepaid
cial on twin 6 inch memory
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BEFORE insertion.
foam mattresses with remov- Service Ltd BIRTH
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typographical errors published AFTER the first insertion, nor 50% on regular pricing on Doug Semchuk Come and meet Charlie
does it assume responsibility for errors published as a result of floor model double, queen Sunday Aug 27 @ 1:00pm Elizabeth Bullock on Satur-
an advertisement placed, changed, or cancelled, by telephone. and king mattresses. Queen Beausejour, MB day, August 19th. Parents An-
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Let The Tribunes readers (204) 886-7027 at 2:27 p.m. 7lbs, 15 oz. and
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204-585-5227. (22-2) x
12 Friday, August 18, 2017 The Minnedosa Tribune


NEW 2017 MANUFAC- In Loving Memory of
TENDER Rolling River School Division under $90,000 DELIVERED! May 30th, 1923
Best Buy Homes Winnipeg/ August 18, 2016
Ducks Unlimited Canada invites tenders to Rolling River School Division is located in Brandon/Grand Beach -
WWW.BESTBUYHOUSING. A little tribute
install 62 small and 29 large DUC southwestern Manitoba, Canada in close proximity to
Riding Mountain National Park and Brandon, MB. COM - Canadas largest in- small and tender,
Identification Signs. All structures are within stock home selection, quick just to say we
a 100 km radius of Shoal Lake. 0.5 FTE Term Teacher Required
delivery, custom factory or- still remember.
ders! Text/call 204-813-9023.
Elton Collegiate - 7-12 Band/Choir
The contractor will be required to coordinate and (Afternoons)
Lovingly remembered by
Terry and Family.
supervise pre ground disturbance locates, then CARD OF THANKS x
install and mount signage on predetermined DUC For more details and application information,
property and Easements. Signage materials and please visit our website at select Employment We would like to thank
locations are supplied. then Teaching Positions. the Newdale and Sandy Lake
fire departments and neigh-
Approximate starting date is September 15, 2017 Thank you to all applicants for their interest in bours for their response to
and completion date is November 30th, 2017. Rolling River School Division. our recent baler fire. A special
thank you to Rob Pollichuk
Tender packages may be picked up at the and family for all their as-
Ducks Unlimited office in Brandon. Tender Frontier Trading Company sistance. Wes, Dianne and
closes at NOON September 1, 2017. All bids to Box 1467
Morley Usick. x
be submitted in a SEALED envelope marked
Minnedosa, Manitoba R0J 1E0 ACCOMMODATIONS
Lowest or any bid not necessarily accepted. For Executive Director - Residential, Day Services
further information please contact: and Retail Operation
BU and ACC
Jodi Fallis Frontier Trading Company of Minnedosa is a not for profit Agency
545 Conservation Drive providing service and support in a community setting for over 20 years.
students: In Loving Memory of
Brandon MB R7AR 7L8 We are seeking a motivated individual to lead and manage the operation BU Residence has space a wonderful
Phone: 204 851 3625 and programs. available. Single and Double Husband, dad
Occupancy for 2017-18 year. and Grandpa.
The person for this role:
Secure, comfortable, BOB THURSTON
has a Degree, Certificate or Diploma in Public or Business passed away
Management, Social Sciences or Human Resources. furnished rooms
Hundreds of events and August 21st, 2015
proven, progressive management experience, strong leadership
and communication skills, recruitment and performance Delicious, nutritious food Were sending
management. program. a dove to Heaven,
experience in planning, implementation and evaluation of with a parcel on its wings.
HELP WANTED programs with funders, staff and participants; proposal writing. Call 204-727-9761 be careful when you open it,
has worked with financial systems (budgeting and record keeping) or 204-727-7394 Its full of beautiful things.
Inside are a million kisses,
and Conflict Resolution.
wrapped up in a million hugs,

Competitive Salary and Benefit Package based on education, skills and
GARAGE SALES to say how much we miss you

and to send you all our love.
 Apply with resume and references to Hiring Committee We hold you close
Estate Sale. 179 2nd Ave. within our hearts
 S.W. (back lane) Household
+HULWDJH&RRSLVSUHVHQWO\LQYLWLQJDSSOLFDWLRQVIRU Frontier Trading Company Box 1467 Minnedosa, Manitoba R0J 1E0 or and there you will remain,

email your application to items. Friday, August 18th Walk with us throughout
3$577,0(*52&(5<&/(5.&$6+,(56 For further information call 1-204-868-6111 and leave a message. from 5:00 9:00 p.m. and Sat- our lives
)RURXU*URFHU\'HSDUWPHQWORFDWHGLQ0LQQHGRVD0% urday, August 19th from 8:00 Until we meet again.
 Closing Date- August 16, 2017 a.m. 1:00 p.m. (21-2) x
)8//7,0('(/,&/(5. Very sadly missed by
EMPLOYMENT Donna and family.

18th from 2:00 to 7:00 p.m. and x
4XDOLILFDWLRQV Saturday, August 19th from
8:00 a.m. to 12 Noon. 179 3rd
Rain or Shine! Antiques, Col-
lectibles and more! Over 75
Wanted Requirements - Self-
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ber 3rd, 2017, Fair Grounds,
Boissevain MB.
wages. Apply by resume to The
Dauphin Herald P.O. Box 548, Call Terry for paint and CLIENTELE

Dauphin, MB R7N 2V3 Atten-
,I\RXDUHLQWHUHVWHGLQMRLQLQJRXUWHDPSOHDVHVHQG\RXUFRYHUOHWWHUDQG Heritage Village Flea tion: Bob Gilroy Email: bob. Washing exterior siding and
UHVXPHWR CLOSING hauling miscellaneous items.

Market/Craft Sale at the
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 September 24th 10 a.m. to 2 MEDICAL TRANSCRIP- 204-868-8088

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The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, August 18, 2017 13



August 2nd, 1926 February 15th, 1926 June 5th, 1920
July 31st, 2017 April 21st, 2017 December 21st, 2016

It is with great sadness Florence Usick was Hildegarde Summers of

we announce the passing of our an incredible Mom, devoted Minnedosa, MB passed away at
beloved wife, mother, grand- Baba and beloved Baba Baba. the Minnedosa Personal Care
mother and great grandmother, She was a Sister, Aunt, friend, Home at the age of 96 years.
Winnifred Wynne Goudie. farmer, hotel owner, bingo fan- Hildegarde was born on the
Born in Birtle, Manitoba, the 4th atic and gardener. Florence family farm, in the Municipality
child of John and Florence John- was born 91 years ago on Feb- of Odanah.
son. ruary 15th, 1926. Her parents Her education was re-
As a young girl, her family were John and Mary (nee Paul- ceived in the one room school-
moved to Walpole, Saskatchewan. achyshyn) Bachewich. house Hazelwood in the R.M.
At 18 she struck out on her own, Florence grew up on of Odanah.
moving to Winnipeg where she worked the family farm at Sandy Lake and then On December 28th, 1960
in Eatons mail order department. Later she joined attended grade nine in Winnipeg then Hildegarde married Jack Summers.
the Manitoba Telephone System. Realizing that city life was not worked a variety of housekeeping and then factory Hildegarde was predeceased by her parents Fred and Es-
her cup of tea she returned to Walpole in 1947 and secured a jobs in Winnipeg and Toronto. Those were adventurous times. ther Alex, husband Jack Summers, Siblings: Goldie, Felix, Hild-
position with SaskTel in Wolseley. Not only was this a good Florence married Adam Usick on October 18th, 1947 and they ing, Carl, Marvin, Norman; Sisters-in-law: Irene, Ann, Therese,
career choice but it was there she met the love of her life, the farmed together north of Basswood until 1975, when they built Mary. Hildegarde is survived by one brother Lloyd Alex of Sas-
handsome railroader Robert Goudie. They married in Winni- and operated Leisure Inn, in Newdale. After they sold the Lei- katoon, SK, sister in-laws Irene and Ruby Alex of Minnedosa,
peg on July 8th, 1949. The railroad found them raising their four sure Inn in 1996, they moved to Minnedosa. Mom and Dad MB. She is also survived by many nieces and nephews and their
children in Estevan, Souris and Minnedosa. When the children enjoyed being retired and finally had time to relax and take time families. Hildegarde stayed in touch with a niece Celia and
were grown Wynne managed the Robinson store in Minnedosa to spend with their children and grandchildren. Dad passed nephew Ken (Pat) on Jacks side of the family both residing in
for many years. In their retirement, they moved to Dauphin and away on January 13th, 2015. Florence passed away on April 21st, Parksville, B.C.
were active members of the Royal Canadian Legion. In 2016, 2017 with children at her side. A special light in Hildedardes life these past few years
they made the biggest move of their lives to Powell River, BC to Florence is survived by siblings. Lillian Usick, Ruth Usick, has been her great-great nephews from Winnipeg, MB: Soren
be near family. Elizabeth Gregorash, and Bob Bachewich, Brother in-law, Law- Dueck, Thomas and Benjamin Doerksen.
No matter what Wynne did she did it well! You never rence Usick and sister-in-law Olivia Bachewich. Her children, Hildegarde was a life long member of her family church
went to her home that you werent made to feel welcome and Debbie (Bill) Andruniak, Donna (Brock) Alexander, Brenda Minnedosa Evangelical Covenant Church being very active
served an incredible meal or a delectable dainty. Wynne loved (Ron) Belisle, Brent (Mishell) Usick, her Grandchildren, Sean and supportive in her church, teaching Sunday School for many
to garden, was an avid curling enthusiast and a loyal Blue Jays and Colin Andruniak, Samantha (Mark) Bourdeau, Ryan (Can- years, and long time member of the ladies church group, and in
fan. Predeceased by her parents, brothers Walter and John dis) Alexander, Chantal (Dean) Beischer, Colette Belisle, Joel her later years she became famous for her two dozen or more
Johnson, sisters Clarice Halland and Delta Cameron and her Belisle, Sydney Usick, and Dalton Usick. Her great grandchil- Deviled Eggs served at the many Sunday pot luck dinners.
daughter in-law Fay Goudie; she leaves to mourn her husband dren, Cara Andruniak, Maya and Brigit Bourdeau, Zachery and Hildegardes main 32 plus years of work was working for
of 68 years Robert (Powell River, BC), daughter Janine (John) Mia Alexander, Gunnar and Colin Cummins Stan Dearden at Stans Dry Cleaning (Minnedosa) using the hot
Welsh (Powell River, BC), sons Greg (Marlene) (Calgary, AB), We each grieve in our own way on our loss, but we all smile steam pressing machine (no air conditioning in those days).
Brian (The Pas, MB), Garry (Jane) (Crossfield, AB); 7 grand- and gather strength on the lessons she taught us: the import- Hildegarde was a self taught seamstress, very gifted knit-
children, 12 great grandchildren, sister Lillian Frazer, brother ance of sticking together as a family, working hard, and remem- ter and passionate gardener. She was always sewing or doing
Clifford Johnson and sisters-in-law Ida and Verna Johnson. bering to take time to laugh! alterations for someone for many, many years.
Rest in peace knowing that you are cherished and through Mom and Dads cat Missy has now moved to Winnipeg to If she got tired of sewing she would take a break and switch
us will live on forever! live with Moms grand-daughter Chantale. to her knitting projects, always having four to five projects on
Mom, we miss you now and we will miss you always. Mom, the go. For many generations any baby that was coming into
CURTIS RAYMOND JOHNSON may your journey take you home to family that you loved and the world would receive a white knitted set from Mary Maxim
February 18th, 1945 laughed with. Wool (the best) a baby sweater, bonnet and booties.
August 12th, 2017 A private family service was held on April 29th, 2017. (22-2) It was by knitting matching 100% wool curing sweaters for
curling teams that she met her husband Jack.
Curtis Raymond John- After retirement Hildegarde became a loyal baseball and
son, beloved husband of Carol
Community Newspapers hockey fan. Enjoying every game she was able to watch on T.V.
Johnson of Penhold, Alberta, of her teams the Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto Maple Leafs.
passed away at the Red Deer
Have Reach Hildegardes gardening skills were awesome, one example
Regional Hospital at the age of The Minnedosa Tribune reaches far beyond the is she would grow rows and rows of gladioli flowers, picking
boundaries of our community.
72 years. them early Saturday evening, filling two big white baskets to put
He will be dearly When you advertise with The Tribune at the front of the church for all to enjoy at the Sunday morning
missed by his daughter Jennifer your ad reaches subscribers in these service.
(James) Spiller of Edmonton, Al- Manitoba communities: We know Hildegarde is in Heaven now walking hand and
berta, grandsons Aidan Spiller and Arden MacGregor Russell hand with her beloved husband Jack, stopping quite often for
Nathaniel Spiller, sister Carolyn Argyle McCreary Sandy Lake a good-ole cup of Swedish coffee, with all her family and
Johnson (Larry Rawlings) of Nebraska City, Bethany Melita Shoal Lake friends who have gone before her.
Nebraska, and brother Clare Johnson of Calgary, Alberta. Brandon Minitonas Souris A graveside service will take place on Saturday, August
Curtis was born in Minnedosa, Manitoba, to Johnny and Brookdale Minnedosa Ste Rose 26th, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. in the Smoland Cemetery with lunch-
Gladys Johnson. As a young man he joined the U.S. Navy and Carberry Morden Starbuck eon to follow in the Evangelical Covenant Church Basement.
Cardale Mountain Steinbach
attended dental technician school. In 1970 he married Carol Minnedosa Funeral Service in care of arrangements.
Carman Road Stonewall
Zink and in 1978 the family relocated to Penhold, Alberta. Clanwilliam Neepawa Stoney Rest in Peace Hildegarde
Curtis was very active in the community, serving as councillor Dauphin Newdale Mountain Your work on earth is done.
and then mayor of Penhold for two terms. He enjoyed meeting Douglas Oak Bank Strathclair Lovingly Remembered
and working with people, which helped him excel in his careers Eden Oak River Swan River (22-2)

in sales and as a realtor. He always had time to chat and felt the Elphinstone Oakburn Virden
people in his life mattered, no matter whether they were close Erickson Olha Winnipeg
friends or acquaintances. He was known to track down people Franklin Onanole
Gladstone Pilot Mound
he hadnt seen for years just to reconnect, or drive through Did You Know?
Great Falls Polonia We also
snowstorms to visit people, and touched a great many lives. He Hamiota Portage la have a number
looked forward to travelling and spending time at Carefree Re-
sort, and especially enjoyed spoiling his grandchildren.
A celebration of life was held. In lieu of flowers, the family
High Blu
Rapid City
of subscribers
across Canada
and the United
Rubber or
has requested a donation be made to The Lung Association or Lac du Bonnet Rivers States.
the Salvation Army.
His final request was, Dont touch my stuff. Im reincar-
Lake Audy Rossburn
nating. 7+(2/'(67:((./<1(:63$3(5,17+(&$1$',$1:(67

Condolences may be forwarded to the family by visiting 7KH 0LQQHGRVD
Arrangements entrusted to 6LQFH

4820 45st Red Deer, Alberta

14 Friday, August 18, 2017 The Minnedosa Tribune


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T: 867-3884 C: 867-0190 Specializing in water & sewer
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16 Friday, August 18, 2017 The Minnedosa Tribune

Frontier Artists Showcase Their Creativity

By HILLARY MILLER They were able to see how drawing, and Sherman
impressed the visitors to made sure everyone was

A group from Frontier

held an art show at the
Minnedosa Beach Centen-
the art show were with
their work, and they happi-
ly answered any questions
kept entertained by his
music selection, as the in-
house DJ.
nial Pavilion on Monday, that viewers had for them. Soltys was extremely
August 14th. The purpose Throughout the course proud of each of her art
of the event was to show- of the program, partici- students, noting that dur-
case the fruits of their la- pants learned how to cre- ing the six-week program,
bour over the course of two ate many different styles of my favourite part was the
six-week programs. The art. They did watercolour, relationships that I built
two programs allowed the drawing, canvas painting, with everyone, by far. Ev-
participants to learn differ- alcohol ink-on-fire, played ery one of the participants
ent styles of art, under the with clay, created collages, was so much fun, and
tutelage of Marlies Soltys, painted rocks, and painted they were so enthusiastic.
from Inspire Studio. Marl- on fabric. According to Even though something
ies provided the course at a Soltys, they revisited the may have scared them,
discounted price because alcohol ink-on-fire and the they did it anyway. She
of the importance she sees clay, since those were the thoroughly enjoyed work-
in the Frontier program. real crowd favourites dur- ing with each of the par-
The group consisted of ing the program. She also ticipants, because they
Linda, Donna, Sherman, noted that it was a favou- were so kind and genuine.
Orville, Jason, Devron and rite amongst the visitors to The group met once
Jordie from Frontier, how- the art show as well, they a week, and the art show
ever, Devron was unable to are so vibrant. was a momentous way Photo by Hillary Miller
attend the show. During During the art show, to wrap up the program.
the first six-week program, Jordie showed off some They are so proud of all Linda Bailey displays some of her art including tulips, a colour
there were seven members of her drawings, which of their work, and they de- mosaic and a sparkling purple canvas.
participating, and in the were inspirational and serve to have their artwork
second six-week program extremely detailed, while shown, said Soltys, it
there were about five par-
ticipants. Each of the art-
Linda proudly pointed out
her purple sparkly canvas
was so much fun to show-
case everything that they TRIBUNE DEADLINE
ists sat proudly by their
own table full of artwork.
painting. Orville said that
his favourite piece was his
had made.
Tuesday at 12 Noon

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