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Dear Students and Parents,

I would like to be the first to welcome you to 8th grade Science. In this course we will cover several
aspects of Science and several standards including a review of curriculum from 6th and 7th grade.

Parent and Student Resources

DCPS Website Focus Grade Portal: Please use this site to check your students grades on a
regular basis. One View is now up and running and available for students and parents.
Website: Online science book: NORRISSCIENCECLASS
Student Planner: Students will copy their class work and homework. Make sure to check!!!
Contact Information: E-mail Phone 220-1350 ext 124
Conference Request 220-1350 ext 122

To make this course as interesting as possible, we will be exploring many different learning
techniques and activities. Points will be given based on the difficulty of each assignment. Types of
assignments that we will be doing in class include:

o Pre/Post Tests (100 points) Pre-Tests will be given at the beginning of each unit to establish
each students prior knowledge. Post Tests will be given at the end of each unit and will cover
questions that are similar to the Unit Pretest, Lesson Quizzes, and Benchmark Review.

o Projects (100 points) Projects are not often assigned. In most cases, we will complete the
projects in class but there is a chance that some projects will need to be completed at home. The
format for these assignments will be given when they are assigned to the students.

o Quizzes (50 points) Quizzes will be given at the end of each lesson and will cover information
from recent class work, homework and lessons.

o Labs (50 points, cannot make up assignment) Labs will occur throughout the year according to
the topic being discussed and the availability of significant labs and supplies. On these days,
students will be asked to bring (but not required) old shoes, shirts, and lab aprons to make sure
their regular clothing is not damaged by any of the chemicals and other materials being used in
the laboratory. Students must complete the lab write up in order to get credit for the lab. Lab is a
privilege! Inappropriate behavior during labs will cause for a one month suspension from lab.
An alternate assignment of equal value will be given in this circumstance.

o Centers (30 100+ points) Centers will occur throughout the year according to the topic
discussed. The idea behind the centers is that the students are in control of choosing which of the
possible center assignments they would like to complete. It will be the students responsibility to
complete the minimal required centers during the allotted class time.

o Homework (5 - 30 points) At the end of each lesson there is a lesson review that students must
complete for homework. Homework will be checked and graded in class or randomly collected
and graded. Additional homework may include additional homework questions or tasks,
studying, or finishing incomplete class work assignments.
o Enrichment (5 30 points) These are various assignments will be given throughout the year to
enhance students knowledge on the topic at hand. The amount of points the assignments are
worth, grading criteria and other information will be given when the assignment is given.

o Exit Slips (5 points, cannot be made up if absent) Students will be required to answer questions
at the end of class. Their answer must be written down with their name on it and turned in before
leaving to go to the next class period.

o Note cards (extra credit) If 10 note cards that have been created by the student to help him or
her study for a quiz or 20 for a test, 5 points will be added onto the students assessment.

o Review (extra credit) Before each test, the class will be divided into groups in order to compete
for extra credit exam points by playing a Group Review game. The winning team will receive
5 points extra credit on the exam. Throughout the school year, Popsicle sticks with students
name can be randomly drawn for Individual Review. If the question is answered correctly, the
student could earn candy or extra credit. If the question is answered incorrectly, the student
could lose points from his or her grade.

o Extra Credit Extra credit assignments will be given throughout the year. One opportunity for
extra credit is a wish list that will be placed in the classroom for materials needed for labs and
activities. Each item is worth 5pts. Students can bring in no more than 4 items for extra credit
each nine weeks grading period. This is not a required assignment.
I want to warn my students that this will not be an easy course. Each student will be responsible for
their own work and their own grade. I want my students to come away knowing the main concepts and
not just memorizing enough to get a passing grade. I look forward to a great year working together.


Mrs. Norris

Mrs. Norris Science Wish List

Each item is worth 5 points. No more than 4 items will be credited a nine weeks. This is not a required
assignment. These items will be used for the classroom, projects, labs, and rewards for students.

Hand Sanitizer Lysol Aerosol (lemon) Tissues Liquid Hand Soap

Notebook Paper Pencils or Pens Lysol/Clorox Wipes Windex/409

Erasers .5mm Pencil Lead .7mm Pencil Lead Ziploc Bags

Printer Paper Liquid Dish Soap Corn Starch Hand Held Pencil Sharpeners

Isopropyl 70% (50% and 90% welcomed) Rubbing Alcohol

Assorted Candies (mini size for BINGO prizes)

*Other items may be needed during the year. Thank you for your donations.*
Parental Permission Form For PG or PG-13 Rated Video to be Shown in Classroom: In the case of
a content related video being shown in the classroom above a G rating, I am asking all of my students to
have parental permission to view either the films, or portions of the films. Movie material that has been
given a PG -13 rating, may contain content which some find offensive (such as sexual content, violence,
profanity, brutality, or aberrant behavior). **Note** Students will not be permitted to be in the
classroom without this signed permission slip. They will be sent to a different classroom with an
alternative assignment. Students will be required to complete assigned work that goes along with the
unit as it pertains to the film. There is no guarantee that the movie will be shown in its entirety. Students
will need to be prepared to pause and discuss the movie as it pertains to the unit of study.

My child ____________________ ___ has my permission to PG/PG-13 this videos in class.


Parent/Guardian Signature:_______________________________ Date:_______________________

Daytime Phone number(s):______________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian e-mail(s):

6-12 Student Laboratory Contract

I have been instructed in the necessary safety procedures required in this course. I agree to abide by the
following guidelines.
Safety apparel will be worn when specified by the instructor.
Long or loose hair will be tied back. Excessively loose clothing or jewelry will not be worn.
All safety rules and regulations will be followed.
There will be no drinking or eating in the laboratory.
Experiments will be done in the specified order with the prescribed quantities of chemicals.
Only the chemicals specified by the teacher will be used. No unauthorized experimentation will be
The proper use of safety equipment and correct evacuation procedures will be followed.
Wash hands thoroughly before beginning and after completing an experiment.
Contact lenses will not be worn during specified experiments.
Horseplay or other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated during laboratory experiments.
Never taste chemicals or smell them directly.
Never pick up broken glass with bare hands.
Report all accidents, no matter how minor, to the teacher.
Never work without teacher supervision in the lab.
Do not remove any chemicals or equipment from the lab without the teachers permission.
Failure to follow these guidelines may result in reduction in grade, disciplinary action and/or exclusion
from laboratory activities.

Student Signature _______________________________________ Date

Parent Signature ________________________________________ Date

Chemical Laboratory Safety Contract


Study laboratory procedures prior to class
Never perform unauthorized experiments
Keep your lab bench organized and free of apparel, books and other clutter
Know how to use the emergency shower, eye wash, fire blanket, and first aid kit


Always tie back long hair
No loose or baggy clothing
Roll up loose sleeves as they tend to get in the way
No open-toed shoes or sandals
Wear lab coats during all laboratory sessions
Wear safety goggles during all laboratory sessions except for pre-lab discuss
Wear gloves when using chemicals that irritate or can be absorbed through the skin


Never taste or "sniff" chemicals
Never draw materials in a pipette with your mouth
Point the opening away from people when heating substances in a test tube
Never carry dangerous chemicals or hot equipment near other people

Keep combustibles away from open flames
Use caution when handling hot glassware
When diluting acid, always add acid slowly to water (A&W), never water to acid.
Only teachers should insert glass tubing through stoppers
Turn off burners when not in use
Do not bend or cut glass unless appropriately instructed by teacher
Keep caps on reagent bottles and never switch caps with other containers

Consult with the teacher for proper disposal of chemicals
Wash hands thoroughly following experiments
Leave laboratory bench clean and neat

Report all accidents and spills to the teacher immediately
Place broken glass in designated containers using gloves to clean up glass shards
Wash all acids and bases or other chemicals from your skin immediately with copious amounts of
If chemicals get in your eyes, wash them for at least 15 minutes with laboratory eye wash

I, ________________________________, agree to: (a) Follow the teachers instructions, (b) protect my
eyes, face, hands and body during laboratory, (c) conduct myself in a responsible manner at all times in
the laboratory and (d) abide by all of the safety regulations specified above.
Signature ___________________________________________ Date ______________

Parent's (Guardian's) Signature __________________________ Date ______________