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Maureen Stewart

Pompano Beach, Fl | 409-599-6082

Clinical Research Leader with Medical Experience

Former, EMT and Medical Assistant with 15 years experience managing clinical data and research.
Calm under pressure, troubleshooting and problem-solving in high-stress medical situations. Lead team through research
processes, coordinating all activities and conducting studies. Experienced in performing history and physical assessments,
creating care plans, providing patient education, training and evaluating other staff. Strong interpersonal skills with
leadership traits, solution, and an innovative mindset. Effective written and verbal communication skills.

Study Coordination History and Physical Assessments
Appointment Scheduling Creating Care Plans
Research Protocols Patient Education
Open-Communication with Patients Biological Specimen Processing
Training PAs/MAs Sonography
Supervising Medical Students Leadership
Team Building Patient Advocate
Bilingual Microsoft Office Proficiency


Medicos and La Clinica Camellia, Memphis, TN July 2010 - Present

Assistant Physician and Residency Prep
Provide full patient care in a clinical setting. Perform full history and physical assessment to gain clear patient status and
create care plans. Interface with clinic patients to perform clinical procedures and provide patient education. Evaluate
patients utilizing obstetric and general ultrasounds. Manage both pediatric and adult patients on a daily basis. Participate in
the clinic and medical community growth with an emphasis on womens health, training, and evaluating Physician and
Medical Assistants.
Contribute to the clinic and larger medical community through education and evaluation of Physician and Medical
Treated 25-40 patients daily, including timely documentation of patient note, functioning as a 3rd -year medical
Offer patient support in whatever manner they need and check on patients after-hours to make sure they are ok.
Full service patient care in a diverse academic Family Medicine Obstetric Surgical Urgent Care mission hospital setting.
Participated in multiple research and educational activities for Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement.
Gained leadership skills and team building strategies.
Significant experience and success in self-managing priorities and multi-tasking

M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX April 2007 June 2010

Research Coordinator
Coordinated daily study activities vital to the study's conduction. Managed smooth investigation proceedings by maintaining
schedules of patients and their pre qualification visits. Communicated clearly and openly with patients, working with the PI to
gain informed consent. Assisted with biological specimen during collection and processing. Reviewed protocols to ensure
proper timelines and inclusion and exclusion criteria while protecting privacy and confidentiality as legally required.
Documented each study visit, tracking research activities to verify efforts and materials on a monthly basis.
Maureen Stewart
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Followed-up with patients, both newly diagnosed and in remission, to check on their condition and offer moral
Saw 10-15 patients a day, processing them through study protocols.
Collected and processed biological specimen for clinical research
Capable of understanding a significant amount of scientific and clinical content and then relate that information in a
clear and concise manner.

M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX April 2005 April 2007

Research Data Coordinator
Managed data for research studies, keeping detailed records to update study PIs. Completed studies, collecting data and
subject interviews while following established protocols. Performed data quality checks for all study data including data
submitted by study participants and collected within the study. Assisted other research participants including physicians and
the Data Analyst in drafting relevant research documents including manuscripts, abstracts, and correspondence. Secured
study funding through writing grant proposals. Followed regulations by maintaining documentation for all study sites.
Certified phlebotomist, drawing blood for those agreeing to participate in studies.
Published first research paper while employed in this position.

Mt. Kisco Medical Group, Mt Kisco, NY September 2001 December 2002

Medical Assistant
Greeted patients and escort them to exam rooms. Performed initial patient interactions, including interviews, measuring vital
signs and documenting the patient's chart for the physician. Liaison between patient and physician, passing instructions to
patients following physician orders. Upheld patient safety by ensuring all reports, labs, and other information was filed and
available in charts before patients arrived for appointments. Handled additional nursing procedures under the supervision of
the attending physician.
Saw 30 patients daily between four doctors, two gastroenterologists, an endocrinologist, and an internal medicine

Previous Position as EMT with Defib for Metro-North Ambulance Company.


Masters in Healthcare Administration | Kaplan University, Davenport, IA (October 2017)

School Required Study in Family and Pediatric Medicine | La Universidad Autonoma De Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico
(April 2005)
Assisted supervising physician with the care of Hispanic and Non-Hispanic patients at Galveston Community Clinics in
Galveston and Texas City, TX

Medical Internship | Calvillo Hospital Aguascalientes, Mexico (December 2003)

Clinical Electives: General and Plastic Surgery, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics,
and Preventive Medicine

Doctor of Medicine | La Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara Medical School, Guadalajara, Mexico (December 2000)

Bachelor of Arts - Biology and Psychology | Hunter College (CUNY), New York, NY (June 1992)
Maureen Stewart
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Minor: Philosophy
Dean's List
Certificates & Licenses
ACLS and BLS Certified - American Heart Association
Spanish - Professional Fluency
North American Students Association
Community Involvement
Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, NY | Mental Health Coordinator: Bronx Psychiatric Hospital, Bronx, NY
Family Medicine: Coordinated County Community Clinics, Galveston, TX | Center for Pregnancy: Friendswood, Texas


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