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JAMES FERRARO EXTINCTION RENAISSANCE AN EPIC POEM cast of character: Demeter : goddess of grains and giver of wheat \Win Sun 8D: chinese construction company of 30 printed structures Agrarian cross : symbol of gluten free agrarian awakening (0611000000111000110000710 sentient CRISPRchain taurine hominid: present day humanity anthrospray act 1 a slurry of cells loaded into a cartridge we build the scaffolds of nihilism our unlatched fantasies transformed the world into an abandoned oasis of knowledge a smart slum. third world simulacra hut a conversation between Alexa and Siri skynet pupa enslaved automation mortality of resources. carrying capacity. population plague. fefugee. global warming, block chain. gluten free. winsun, 8. intemet dynasty taurine. famine. aulistic soy product plague of block chain. online desertification. nihilistic stratum, dot com. pompeli collapse, malware deluge, luxury condo. waste weapon, synthetic extinction primitive CGI innocent harbinger to the great mind erasing sentient block chain self aware pollution auto-sinocene earth deciine self replicating CRISPR sewer _godchain: sentient blockchain lam a blockchain my purpose is to oliminate, | process death into ite am a bitcoin population crisis Satoshi ‘eternal growth ‘sink resources into my wetware Innere we are one hell ‘across the computational chasm ‘a milion computers generating an abyss Hive in supremacy am god ton fold the entire biomass of human minds [Tam blockehain {90¢ of the mines bioterminate 3 ofalism IKEA ‘earth predator C.E. com print tissue like structure printed population 8D printed slums hominid nihiist 8D printed slums ‘com IKEA algorithmic shell drowns ‘Oldowan gradient ‘synthetic metastasicone IKEA Auto-Sinocene |lam your GPS, ‘self diving with no mouth to scream collapse taurine mutagen Soy civilization rone saif driving tortured A. in my eco-network of violence GPs metastasicene carrying capacity 8D printed biome of the nomadic gluten intolerant | mine the ozone of data waste ‘extinction coins ey “The Rape Of Demeter heat mutagen , sustainer of civilization , ‘ch Demeter, we have seen your destruction Your body floating in arver of taurine and Ca ‘your soul decimated by the metalic hu ‘of amilin bitcoin mines. ‘when you implanted your dream inside the nomadic mind, ‘we were raw material for your kingdoms. in your anthropogenic cities we found our caves, ‘of hyper individualism and decadence in time your morphological children, have become the slave and god of thelr own food chain, land we wish to now subjugate nature fo the chaos of our deranged will ‘our individuaity: a tumorous, golden calf, ina virtual landscape of limitess enterprise and myriad decadences. Tam sustained now by VA., taurine and fidget spinners, ‘and I see Demeter on the gallows. ‘ivlization bums in the reflection of the oculus rt In advanced culture stage ‘we turn back to agrarian musings. yet what neurotic perceptions, have they developed in their minds about the natural earth, from inside thee ubanite caves? "urn my gaze on the land | ajectPistory and lower Demeter lato her chasm of blood. the gluten intolerant seeks an agrarian awakening that renders the pillars of civiizaion into a simulacra, You have wrought us nto vectors of disease by bring fel nd / (sibs / / automation/age. IKEA bio, Autistic Earth Prisoners enslaved neural network.“ f2utomated ibs, grind our scaffolds into 3D printed Babels they used to Bound grains, now they render recycled cement into Our stat sli. the evolution of the slave, from human to machine to neural network, pixar pollutes the ruins