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Business Research Methods



Basic and Applied Research


Submitted To:

Miss Tasneem Fatima

Submitted By:

Hira Mustafa


Basic Research

Example no.1

An investigation looking at whether stress levels influence how often students

engage in academic cheating
This is general type of research focusing on stress levels due to which students get involved in cheating.
Example no.2

Research that addresses the underlying processes in

This type of research is basic and it focuses on persuasion process.
Example no.3

Research that addresses a theory of how people make

important decisions.
This research highlights the general topic that how people make their important decisions.

Applied Research

Example no.1

Is multi-tasking helpful or hurtful?

This research is applied and this research focuses only on multi-tasking people. Its results will only be
beneficial for people who are multi-tasking.

Example no.2

Does marriage prevent certain mental or physical illnesses?

This research is applied and it highlights the effects of marriages.

Example no.3

How does immigration affect the economy?

This research addresses on how economy is being affected by immigration.