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- Higher chances of development of
lung cancer, nose cancer, larynx
cancer and prostate cancer.
- Sickness and dizziness after
exposure to nickel gas.
1. Nickel - Lung embolism, respiratory failure, 1 mg/m3
birth defects, asthma and chronic
- Allergic reactions such as skin
rashes, mainly from jewellery.
- Heart disorders
- Affect and alter the chemical and
biological properties of soil.
Exposure for too
- Hazardous chemicals can enter to
2. Industrial long in these kind of
human chain from the soil or
Wastes wastes can cause
water, disturb the biochemical
health problems
process and finally lead to serious
effects on living organism.
Acceptable level of
600 ppm of lead in
soil suggested as a
- At high levels of exposure, lead "safe" level would
attacks the brain and central contribute no more
3. Lead nervous system to cause coma, than 5
convulsions and even death. micrograms/dl to
total blood lead of
children under 12
years of age.
- Harmful to health, can cause many
4. Urban Wastes serious health problems
- Cause euphoria, drowsiness,
narcosis, asphyxia, cardiac
arrhythmia, fluctuations in blood
pressure and temporary memory
5. Butane loss, when abused directly from a 1.2 - 6.2 ppm
highly pressurized container, and
can result in death from
asphyxiation and ventricular
- Can produce harmful effects on
the nervous, digestive and immune
6. Mercury 0.1 mg/m3
systems, lungs and kidneys, and
may be fatal.
- Can cause health risks like cancer
5 up to 50 mol/L
7. Fertilizers and chronic diseases in humans,
especially in children.
8. Solvents - Can cause adverse health effects. 1,500 ppm
- Causes cancer and targets the
body's cardiovascular, renal,
9. Cadmium gastrointestinal, neurological, 5 g/m3
reproductive, and respiratory
- Chromium supplements can lead
to stomach problems and low
blood sugar (hypoglycaemia).
- Too much chromium from
10. Chromium supplements can also damage the 5 g/m3
liver, kidneys, and nerves, and it
may cause irregular heart rhythm.
But side effects from taking
chromium supplements are rare.
Any amount can
11. Radioactive - Very harmful to human, can cause
cause serious health
Pollutants cancer
- Zinc is POSSIBLY UNSAFE when
inhaled through the nose, as it
12. Zinc 5mg/L
might cause permanent loss of