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ER288 Widening of CTE from PIE to Braddell Road Interchange

WaterProofing Concrete PG.1/1

Pg./Ref. Clause Title Decription Remarks/Tests
MW/14/4 14.2.1 Waterproof Concrete to Concrete waterproofing admixture shall be either of the hydrophobic and
Pg.345 Base Slab for Underground pore-blocking or crystalline growth types. The admixture shall have a
Structures proven track record of successful application in similar conditions

Any admixtures or ingredient other than cement, aggregate or approved

water-reducing admixture, used by the Contractor to comply with the
absorption and permeability requirements, must be shown by an
independent authority to have had no reduction in performance after field
exposure for a minimum of 15 years

Waterproof Concrete Admix The trial mix concrete shall further have a Tests to be Done
Hydrophobic and pore corrected 30-minute water absorption of not greater than 1.0%, (one a. Coefficient of Water
blocking type percent) as measured by BS 1881: Part 122: 1983 except that the age at Permeability
test shall be 7 days. The absorption test is to be conducted on cores taken b. Penetration Test
from cubes or cylinders as specified in the standard. Cast specimens, c.Compressive Test
150mm x 75mm, may also be used for testing where approved by the
Engineer, in which instance a correction factor will not be applied to the
measured absorption result.

The trial mix concrete shall further have an average water permeability
coefficient when tested at 28 days of not greater than 5 x 10-13 m/s as
measured by the HDB Test Method for Coefficient of Water Permeability
(See Appendix 1) under 3.0 kgf/cm2 (1989), or an average penetration
depth not greater than 15 mm as measured by DIN 1048: Part 5: 1991
test under 3.0 kgf/cm

Waterproof Concrete Admix -ditto-

Crystalline growth type