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Stages of MVPD Operation on Old EHV Transformers at Site

(1) Temporary Shed to be erected over Transformer, if necessary

(2) Keep Transformer ready for Dryout by inserting PT 100 Sensors at desired locations

(3) Change all Gaskets of Transformer by keeping one set as spare for next stage

(4) Check leak rate of Transformer and make sure it is below 40 mbar lit. / sec. and then proceed for
further action

(5) Keep all the Modules of MVPD at suitable location and attach all Pipe connections to the Power

(6) All loose Heaters to be fixed below the base of Transformer

(7) Heating Tracing Cable to be wound around the Tank

(8) Transformer to be covered by Insulating Quilts

(9) Make sure all Spares & Consumables are available till the process ends

(10) Check PI Values before starting the process and before removing oil

(11) All the tanks to collect old oil, storage of new oil, solvent tank, waste oil tank, water tank should be
properly identified with names written on the tanks

(12) All the Pipes of solvent tank to transformer tank incoming / outcoming should be properly covered

(13) Before starting MVPD, make sure

(a) Leak rate of Transformer is below 40 Mbar

(b) Solvent pipe is covered with insulation

(c) Draining of old oil from transformer is complete

(d) All places at radiator valves are properly blanked including bushings, which are removed from their

(e) Water & electricity (400 KW) is available for 24 hours for minimum of 4 continuous days, before
starting MVPD Process

(14) Start heating system external to transformer tank and achieve temp. ~75 Deg. C. Also keep vacuum
pump in ON condition (Rotary Pumps only) up to 40 Mbar

(15) Solvent will be transferred to evaporator and to transformer tank by heating in evaporator

(16) Operation of VPD process will be controlled automatically

(17) All heating phase, monitoring, pressure reduction phase, distillation in evaporator, last pressure
reduction, fine vacuum, aeration will be monitored automatically. Water separated in the total process
will be measured.

(18) Remove top cover and tight core & also coils

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(19) Replace cork sheets, if necessary

(20) Remove PT 100 connections

(21) Tighten all nut-bolts and valves. Apply vacuum for 12 hours

(22) Fill oil under vacuum, which is kept ready by checking BDV & ppm

(23) Testing of PI values

(24) Check results of PI and if O.K., fit bushings, etc.

(25) Transformer to be tested for all its possible tests at Site.

Disconnection on HV & LV sides (Bus Ducts or Cables as the case may be) to be done by Railways.
Removal of Fire Extinguishing System, if any, to be done by Railways.

Total Work of setting up, process, dismantling MVPD set-up may take 10-12 days.

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