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Question Answer Mark

1. i A 1.
ii B 2.
2. Object Oriented Programming 3.
3. Site Blocking 4.
4. i A 5.
ii B 6.
5. Message 7.
6. Output 8.
7. i Bytes 9.
ii Record 10.
8. i B 11.
ii C 12.
9. i CPU socket 13.
ii RAM slot 14.
10. i Bus Topology 15.
ii Star topology 16.
11. Wide Area Network (WAN) 17.
12. Graphics 18.
13. i Z 19.
ii X 20.
14. i Design phase 21.
ii Documentation phase 22.
15. program 23.
16. input device 24.
17. operators 25.
18. i. selection control 26.
ii. sequence control 27.
19 i. program design 28.
ii. Testing and debugging 29.
20. data 30.
21. i. field 31.
ii. record 32.
22. False 33.
23. False 34.
24. False 35.
25. True 36.

26. Privacy law
- Install utility software such as firewall, antivirus etc
- Create password for data used
- Erase history of website after browsed

Figure A Figure B
 The code of the software cannot be  The code of the software can be modified
 Software cannot be downloaded from the  Software can be downloaded from the internet
 License is needed to use the software  No license needed to use the software
 Need to purchase from vendor  No need to purchase from vendor. Its freely used

Network A (Intranet) Network B (Extranet)
 Only use internet technology Use internet and intranet technologies
 Everyone within company can access the Only authorized user can access extranet

29. a) User can share the information over a network by anybody and this allows the ease of sharing data.

User can easily retrieve the information of the friends in database and also can modify any changes
of information in data base.

b) The misuse of information by people who has bad intention to any friends in database.

As the data can be retrieved by other user theres a chance where the information could be wrongly
modified by unethical user without authorization.

30. The content is more interactive as using of multimedia elements

The content of the encyclopedia is permanent and cannot be modified

Can store high end of multimedia elements such as video

The cost by using CD is cheaper

Can be used as references in future as its contents are permanent.


31. a) Star topology because:-

- All the workstations will be connected to the hub and the server.

- If one of the workstations fails, the network will still running as long as the hub is working

- New workstation can be added to the hub and the server and this can ensure the ease of extending the
network in future.

b) i) Wireless Access Point allows the laptop to transfer data wirelessly to other wireless devices.

ii) Modem - a device that enables a computer to transmit data over telephone or cable lines.

iii) Router - a computer networking device that forwards data packets across a network toward their
destinations, through a process known as routing

32. a) Theft / Hacker

b) i) Bank XYZ can use a firewall to prevent unauthorized access to its network system.

ii) Bank XYZ can use lock, smartcard or password to access the system.

iii) The bank can also detect and guards all exits and record any hardware transported.

iv) The bank can also do a backup files by keeping the duplicated files in external storage such as in the
external hard disk or thumb drive (choose only 2 points)

33. a) Update button used for changing data on the library system

b) Book ID Each book in the library must have unique number to differentiate the books.