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Advanced Functions of Mathematics (AFM)

Miss Megan Smith

The value of an education is not the learning of many facts, but the training of the mind to
think. ~ Albert Einstein

This course is an in-depth study of modeling and applying functions. Students will describe
phenomena graphically, algebraically, and verbally. Students will translate between graphical,
algebraic, tabular, and verbal representations of relations. We will investigate various
trigonometric ratios and models as well as begin to investigate limits towards the end of the year.
Various specific thinking skills are integrated throughout the course, including (but not limited
to) recall and transfer, applying concepts, analysis, interpreting, reasoning and inferencing,
spatial perception, and synthesis.

Use self control. Use common sense. Ask questions.

Respect yourself and respect others. Learn and let others learn.

What to bring:
3 binder, notebook paper, graph paper, pencils, TI-84 (graphing) calculator, 3 dividers

Classroom Policies:
1. The PCHS student handbook states that classwork and homework missed due to an
excused absence must be made up within three days or within the same number of days
that the student was absent.
2. I post all assignments on my PCHS weebly website and on the board by the end of class;
it is your responsibility to keep up with all assignments.
3. Class starts at the bell. You are to take care of all personal needs before the bell rings.
4. You are to come to class fully preparedyou will not be allowed to retrieve items from
your locker during class.
5. Cell phones, music players, headphones, etcare not allowed in class and will be
collected if seen.
6. Bullying, self-righteous, or otherwise hurtful behavior will not be tolerated. We are all
equals. We all have the right to ask questions. We will not look down on others. We will
value each other as individuals.
7. No food or drinks, except a clear water bottle with resealable lid.
Warm-ups: There will be a warm-up on the board when you enter class. You are to
answer all of the questions on a sheet of paper you start each Monday. I will collect your
weekly warm-ups at the end of each week for a grade.
Expect daily homework. Mastery in math cannot occur without practice. I do not accept
late homework. If you are present and do not have your work, you will receive a zero. I
will contact your parents after three missed homework assignments. I will check
homework for completion each day. You will receive full credit if work is shown (where
applicable) for each problem. You will otherwise receive a 25%, 50%, or 75% depending
on the amount complete. We will go over the homework answers in class. I will check
your homework for accuracy every other Friday by choosing one or two questions from
each homework assignment. I will grade it for accuracy, and it will be a quiz grade as
opposed to a homework grade.
Expect some sort of an assessment weekly. We will have chapter/unit tests but we will
also have quizzes. Some quizzes will be announced, others will not. I will always give
you advance notice for bigger assessments like tests and exams.
Alternate Assessment Policy: If you are unhappy with your performance on a test you
may take an alternate assessment for the opportunity to add 10 points to your original test
grade. In order to earn this opportunity you must correct your test on a separate sheet of
paper showing all work neatly with an explanation of why you missed the question. Once
acceptable corrections are reviewed, you will be able to take a ten question assessment.
Math Notebooksyou will be required to keep up with all guided notes, and homework
activities you complete during this course. They will be kept in a 3-ring binder and these
binders will be graded monthly as a project grade. We will keep a running record of each
activity that should be in your binder, so you will know exactly what your binder is
expected to contain prior to turning it in.
Class Weights
Engagement (homework, warm-ups, Monday to Mondays, classwork, etc.) 50%
Tests and Projects 35%
Quizzes 15%

Office Hours:
PLEASE ask questions. Ask a lot of them! If you have more questions than we can get through
in class, please come for extra help during my scheduled tutoring on Monday afternoons. If you
need additional help or that time does not work for you, please let me know and we will work out
a mutually beneficial time.

I understand Miss Smiths classroom expectations and policies. I pledge to work hard and ask for
help when needed.

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