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Credit Rating Information & Services Limited (CRISL)

Information Requirement

1) Loan account latest one year statement

2) Current account latest one year statement
3) Financial Statement (audited or unaudited)
4) Trade licenses
5) Insurance Cover note
6) Annexure (Loan Statement)
7) Stock, Receivable and Payable Report

Bankers Confidential Statement

Please provide a confidential statement regarding your credit status from your banks/FIs in a
sealed envelope directly to the following address.
President & CEO
Credit Rating Information and Services Limited (CRISL)
Nakshi Homes (4th and 5th Floor)
6/1A Segunbagicha,Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.

This confidential statement should be in the format as given below with a forwarding (To be
We submit on Banks/FIs
herewith Letterhead)
Bankers Report to thebyabove
as required mentioned
you, for our client address.
ShohagThe reportEngineering
Design should be duly
with respect to
the above and signed
mentioned bywe
subject the authorized
state as under:official (s) of the bank.

Loan particulars as on May 12, 2016

A) Term Loam:
(Figure in Million Tk.)

Amount Amount Classification Total

Mode Wise Amount Amount Amount Due on Paid on Status No. of Overdue Amount
Exposures Sanctioned Disbursed Outstanding 12-05-16 12-05-16 (R/SMA/SS/DF/BL) overdue Amount Rescheduled

B) Working Capital Facilities: (Figure in Million Tk.)

Amount Amount Amount Status Classification
Sanctione Outstanding Overdue (Regular/Irregular) Status
d (R/SMA/
/Limit SS/DF/BL) Amount
Mode Wise Exposures

Funded Non-funded

Note: Please provide following information in the following below:

Current installment size of the term loan.

Any dishonoring of cheques due to insufficient fund during the last one year.