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1. Pros and cons za i protiv

Advantages and disadvantages.
Maybe before you decide you should think about pros and cons.
2. By and large - nadugako i nairoko
On the whole.
Mammals have, by and large, bigger brains than reptiles
3. Online shopping sites sajtovi za kupovinu preko internet
Sites where you can order and buy products.
Amazon is a good online shopping site for books.
4. Irrelevant nebitan
Of no importance.
This detail in your CV is irrelevant. Delete it.
5. Give and take uzajamni ustupci
The candidates engaged in a lively give and take, witnessed by a huge television audience.
6. Business angel investitor
I would like to thank his company for there were our business angel.
7. Overpayment preplate
When you pay too much.
The Notice shows the amount of the overpayment and penalties, if any.
8. Market trite
Place where goods are sold.
There is no use entering this market since it is already saturated.
9. Underpayment ne platiti dovoljno
When you dont pay enough.
If an individual has an underpayment of estimated tax, they may be required to pay a penalty.
10. Penalty kazna
The charge carries a maximum penalty of ten years imprisonment.
11. Interest rate kamatna stopa
Typically expressed as an annual percentage of the loan outstanding.
Reduced interest rates encourage people to spend money on home improvements.
12. Indemnity odteta
Security or protection against a loss or other financial burden.
No indemnity will be given for loss of cash.
13. Venture capital - preduzetniki capital
Capital invested in a project in which there is a substantial element of risk, typically a new or
expanding business.
It has also been suggested to allow mutual funds and pension funds to invest in venture capital
14. Diligent marljiv
Showing care and conscientiousness in one's work or duties.
He is a very diligent worker, always coming to his job on time.
15. Warranty garancija
Written guarantee that promises repairment or replacement of the product in case if it is broken.
This computer has a three-year warranty.
16. Debt dug
When you have to return usually money to someone.
His debt is huge and he does not have any money at the moment.
17. Extensive obiman
An extensive garden.
18. Instalments rate
When you pay something in parts.
We pay in five instalments.
19. Linked to povezan sa
Connected to.
This case is linked to the previous one.
20. Return on investments profit
I am sorry, but we have to remove the product due to very small return on investments.
21. Repayment of the loan otplata zajma
When you pay your debt.
His biggest problem now is how to repay his loan.
22. Film-goers ljubitelji filma
People who are keen on movies.
He watched every possible movie, he is a true film-goer.
23. Penetrate into market - ui na trite
Enter market.
They decided to risk and penetrate into the market with their latest product.
24. Comply with u skladu sa
We are unable to comply with your requests.
25. Overseas market strano trite
Foreign market.
We are not interested in entering overseas market.
26. Domestic market - domae trite
Opposite of overseas market.
We shoud focus on entering domestic market.
27. CEO director
Chief executive officer.
She is our new CEO, be careful in front of her.
28. Benefit from imati koristi
Have use of something.
You will not benefit from not doing anything.
29. Bill raun
Paper which says how much you have to pay something.
Did you receive the bill for this month?
30. Income generation stvaranje prihoda
Making the income.
Our main goal is the income generation.
31. Terms and conditions uslovi
Fist you must read our terms and conditions.
32. ROI profit
Return on investments.
The ROI is the main point in creating this product.
33. Mortgage hipoteka
Convey (a property) to a creditor as security on a loan.
The estate was mortgaged up to the hilt.
34. Salary plata
Money you get for your job.
She has a huge salary.
35. Downsize smanjiti broj
Cut in size.
They fired a lot of workers, it was not so small a downsize.
36. To make redundant otpustiti
To fire someone.
She was late again so she was made redundant.
37. Dress code pravila oblaenja
Rules about your clothes.
They have a very strict dress code in her company.
38. Sign a contract potpisati ugovor
Agree on something in a written form.
They signed a contract and now they changed their mind, but it is too late.
39. Knack vetina
A skill.
He had always had an uncanny knack for seeing things before they actually happened.
40. Outspoken otvoren, direktan
Frank, candid.
He has been outspoken in his criticism.