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-Martin Niemller
government that rules
family in time. the working class for the me.
you, your friends, or your trust and nationalism in there was no one left to speak for
agents will come after problems. It builds false Then they came for meand
means that eventually its shortages and economic
nature of the ideology get the blame for job Because I was not a Jew.
this moment, the very society when immigrants did not speak out
threatened by fascism at We see this in our modern
While you might not be Then they came for the Jews, and I
cycle. wages, healthcare, and
A guide. Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
another to continue the class they rob of livable
one victim, it moves on to to distract the working
101 Unionists, and I did not speak out
fascism is finished with ruling class uses fascism
Then they came for the Trade
not end there. When problems they create, the
starts with racism, it does creating scapegoats for the Because I was not a Socialist.
groups. While fascism nationalist society. By
specific socioeconomic xenophobia to enforce a and I did not speak out
constant subjugation of ideology that relies on First they came for the Socialists,
Fascism relies on the Simply put, fascism is an
Why should I care? What is fascism?
Debunking the free-speech Do fascists deserve free- Is violence against What can I do?
myth. speech? fascism hypocritical? There is a diverse array of
Fascism is deceptive by No. Fascism at its core is No. As stated previously, ways to counter fascism in
nature, and will no doubt an ideology that calls for fascism inherently society. Going into the
use deception to give the systematic elimination threatens millions of streets to fight fascists
itself power. The popular of marginalized lives. Violence against hand-to-hand is hardly
lie many modern fascists demographics, genocide. fascism is simply in the only way.
perpetuate is that their defense of these lives. Start by speaking up. The
ideology is unfairly By this definition, any rhetoric of fascism finds
suppressed and that they expression of fascist Violence must never be small ways to express
are champions of free- ideology is inherently taken at face-value. itself often through
speech. violent by nature. Violence is a force that seemingly harmless racial
However, the moment Allowing fascists a carries intent. Fascists jokes, slurs, and
fascists achieve full platform to spread and commit violence with the stereotypes. Speaking up
political power will see organize around their intent of murdering when you hear these things
the death of any form of ideology means enabling countless people. Anti- can go a long way. When
freedom-of-speech. the potential murder of fascists act-out in xenophobia is challenged
Freedom-of-speech is an millions. violence with the intent it becomes less likely to
enemy to fascism because of defending those grow. Calling someone on
it would allow dissent in threatened by fascism. their racism could be the
an otherwise totalitarian first step to changing
society. their perspective entirely.