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Question 1
Describe any situation in which you were involved where the communication went
wrong. Analyse the communication process in that situation, using the terms sender,
receiver and other elements. Which element (s) of the communication process disrupted
the situation? What lessons did you learn?

As a President of Business Club in Quest International University Perak, I had taken the role
of sender for a communication and my information was intended to be received by my clubs
committees. I had sent a message to my clubs committees by sending them an email. The
message was written as follows:

On last Friday, we have decided to organize an exciting event called Business World to
get our clubs members involved in small business in scholastic environment. To discuss the
details and manage the distribution of duty of this event, a meeting is called up for next
Monday after lunchtime and all committees is required to attend. Should any committees is
not able to turn up, kindly find out the contents of the meeting from their peers without fail.

However, my communication went wrong and out of twelve committees, there are only two
committees have attended at 3.00 PM who checked and confirmed with me the time and
venue of the meeting. The rest of the committee thought the meeting would be held right after
lunch time that is 2.00 PM and some of them went to the wrong places while some did not
check their mails and missed the information.

There are several elements have disrupted my communication.

1. The Channel I have chosen, that is by sending email, did not ensure the receipt of the
communication by receivers. By sending email, it is convenient for me to send the same
information or message to several people at once. However, it does not provide a read
report that I cannot ensure receivers reading and receipt of the email.
2. The message did not state clearly the exact time and venue of the meeting and confusion
has been created. A same message can be interpreted in ways the sender never imagined
by two people who receive the message and can reach different conclusions. So that some
of committees thought the meeting would be held right after lunch time and some went to
the wrong meeting room.

3. The social context is also one of the causes for the failure of the communication 1 as I have
not socialized with all my clubs committees earlier by giving them any intention or
advance information about the meeting.

The lessons that I have learnt from the above incident are as follows:

a. I should have maintained a good commitment with my clubs committees for the success of
my communication.
b. The communication media I have chosen is sending email, rather than face-to-face
communication or go to all the receivers and obtained their signatures by asking their
availability or feedback, so that my communication would not go wrong.
c. The contents of the message should be stated clearly for all receivers understanding of the
meeting by giving the exact time and venue.


Question 2
Distinguish between the meanings of the following through sentences:

a) Between and Among

Amy squeezed between the parked cars and ran out into the road.
The leader of the football team would select a temporary goalkeeper from among
its members.

b) Anxious and Eager

All students are anxious to know their final exam results.
Catherine sounded very eager to meet you.

c) Soul and Sole

Fiona suffered greatly while she was alive, so let us hope her soul is now at peace.
The sole survivor of the car accident was found in the sea after five hours.

d) Silent and Salient

The empty room was completely silent.
Mary began to summarize the salient features of the project.

e) Cite and Sight

The manager has cited three reasons why people get into debt.
Kathys grandmother has lost her sight.

Question 3

Write an agenda for a meeting with the purpose of formulating next years marketing
plan for a brand of designer clothing for men/women. Also write a brief minutes of the
meeting, imagining and summing up the proceedings.

DATE: October 13, 2013
1. Mr. Alex Chong, General Manager (Marketing)
2. Ms. Nicole Lai, General Manager (Production)
3. Mr. John Yap, General Manager (Advertising)
4. Ms. Angela Cheng, General Manager (Finance)
5. Mr. Ben Yong, Manager (Raw Material)

FROM: Mr. Raymond Wong, Vice President (Marketing)

Subject: Marketing Plan for Trend brand designer clothing for men/women for the year

Date & Time of the Meeting: Thursday, 10 October, 2013 From 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Venue: Conference Room in Head Office

Background: The Trend brand designer clothing for men/women will be launched in the
first quarter of the year 2014.03. This meeting aims to discuss a Marketing plan to achieve
the targeted revenue for the year 2013.11.

Following points will be discussed in the meeting:

1. This five-year marketing plan for Trend Clothing with setting of targets for different
model clothing for men and women separately by Mr. Alex Chong, General Manager
(Marketing) who will initiate the meeting with a presentation on the marketing plan.

2. Ms. Nicole Lai, General Manager (Production) shall be giving her production plan
inclusive of raw material, consumables and manpower required for the manufacture
3. Mr. John Yap, General Manager (Advertising) shall give his advertising budget and
plan by promoting new avenues of advertising and suggestions for nominating of a
brand campaigner.
4. Mr. Ben Yong, Manager (Raw Material) shall locate the raw materials needed to
produce products that consumers require and determining time and costs needed to
perform the production line.
5. Ms. Angela Cheng, General Manager (Finance) will conclude the Market plan by
providing the development of new systems to maintain the companys profitability

5.00 PM

Purpose : To Discuss the Marketing Plan for Trend brand designer clothing for men and
women for the year 2013-03

Mr. Raymond Wong, Vice President (Marketing) has chaired the meeting.

1. Mr. Alex Chong, General Manager (Marketing)
2. Ms. Nicole Lai, General Manager (Production)
3. Mr. Ben Yong, Manager (Raw Material)
4. Mr. John Yap, General Manager (Advertising)
5. Ms. Angela Cheng, General Manager (Finance)

1. Mr. Raymond Wong, Vice President (Marketing) called the meeting to order and
introducing with the launching plan of Trend, the new brand by designing clothing for
men and women at 2.00 pm. He dropped in to welcome members and stress the
importance of their task.
2. Mr. Alex Chong, General Manager (Marketing) initiating the meeting with the
explanation through his presentation, the tentative market plan with the potential profit of
the new brand Trend clothing. He explained the structure and function of a vision
statement and reviewed statements of their new brand line. Discussion ensued including
on the importance of branding individual revitalization projects distinct from efforts to
brand the Corporation as the most famous distributor for the clothing market.
3. Ms. Nicole Lai, General Manager (Production) has presented her production plan and her
requirement with a provisional market plan. She has suggested that the recommendation
of installing new machinery and introduce new producing technology to achieve the
required production.
4. Mr. Ben Yong, Manager (Raw Material) presented the list of supervisory oversight for
component, raw material and stockroom. He has suggested that the establishment of
strategies to leverage scale of raw materials and to reduce cost of goods in order to
maintain the quality and aesthetics of the fabrication.

5. Mr. John Yap, General Manager (Advertising) has promoted the new advertisement
method for Trend and proposed that Ms. Jenny Mah and Mr. Chandra are being elected as
brand ambassadors for the new brand of designer clothing.
6. Ms. Angela Cheng, General Manager (Finance) is providing the financial information that
required to promote the marketing plan. The budget reporters and financial management
mechanisms were interpreted by her in order to minimize financial risk throughout the
marketing plan.
7. Mr. Raymond Wong, Vice President (Marketing) thanked the members of the meeting for
their fruitful participation and efforts to prepare the investment in the Market plan. The
next meeting was scheduled for 15 November 2013 at the same venue and time. Since
there were no other items for discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 5.00 pm.

Question 4
Identify a recent development in any organization of your choice. Write a press release
to present the development, by responding to 4 points 1) USP or uniqueness 2)
Answers to key questions where, when, why and how 3)
Benefits if any to the community and 4) Company credentials.


CONTACT: Chye Weng Hong

Manager, Public Relations
Phone: (03)5488124


I Phone 5s and 5c arrived in Malaysia on Friday, 1 November 2013.

Kuala Lumpur, Oct 18, 2013- Today Apple Inc. had announced that the iPhone 5s and iPhone
5c will be available on Friday 1 November 2013 at 12 all Apple Authorized reseller
stores and all the Apple retail store. Malaysia and other 15 countries will together release the
iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c at the same time. Apple introduces the new products iPhone 5s and
iPhone 5c is to ensure that all the customer around the world included Malaysian can
experience the latest technology and their new design.

IPhone 5s and iPhone 5c has their own uniqueness. The uniqueness of iPhone 5s was the
Touch ID fingerprint sensor. "The Touch ID fingerprint is a high secure way to unlock your
iPhone and it also can make the iPhone users to purchase from the app store, iTunes Stores
and the box without using any password "the company says. While the originality of iPhone
5c would be the primarily multi-colored iPhone, which may be featured in Blue, Green, Pink,
Yellow and White color preferences.

The company has 42 Apple stores around the world which they each day served over 1
million customers and around 80,000 employees worldwide work with Apple Inc. which
consists of 50,250 employees in the U.S.


Question 5
Write a solicited job application letter in response to an advertised position for a
Marketing Executive for a customer products company, along with a one page profile
about yourself.

No.12, Jalan Tasek Jaya, Taman Tasek Jaya,

31400 Ipoh,

Soon Ann Biscuits & Confectionery Sdn.Bhd.

No.19, Laluan Tasek Perdana,
Medan Tasek Perdana,
30010 Ipoh,

Dear Hiring Manager:

Sub: Application for Marketing Executive position-reg.,

Ref: Your Advertisement in The Star, Malaysia dated October 13, 2013.

Soon Ann Biscuits & Confectionery consistently appeared as a top confectionery firm in
global supply chain management, so with reference to your advertisement cited, I have the
pleasure in offering my candidate for the position of Marketing Executive in your esteemed
organization. With a major in business and a minor in marketing strategies, my education has
been ideal preparation for the challenges of this position.

Allow me to present on my own to you being a post graduate in Bachelor of Business

Administration by having expertise in Marketing from Quest International University Perak.
More than that, I am personally possessing more than couple of years practical experience
collaborating with clients in marketing department of two organizations.

Essentially, by using my personal resume, my personal functioning circumstances

demonstrate the majority of the competencies cited within your work scope, inclusive of
written and published communication skills, analytical capabilities, as well as marketing
talent. By way of this possibility, I personally perform and will consistently attain my targets

10 | P a g e
by having an informative and optimistic mindset. Other than that, I also possess a skill to
discover a new idea as well as adapted to great new business surroundings within a less
amount of time period.

My verbal communication skills would be best demonstrated in an interview as well as

interact with customers and clients, of course. I would be happy to meet with you and explain
my abilities in an interview for which I request you to give me an opportunity to prove
myself. I can be reached at or by phone at 016-2656092. Hereby, I am
attaching my brief resume to this letter and expect a positive response from you.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Raymond Wong
Encl: Resume

11 | P a g e
Raymond Wong Chin Seng


Results-oriented, high-energy Sales Recruiting Professional along with 14 years performing

practical experience. Deliver job guidance, training, as well as occupation seeker services.
Enhance individual employment plans, goal setting approach, and networking techniques.
Provide job search and resume writing assistance, soft vs. hard skills analysis, and coaching
on conclusion of career portfolios.


A senior level position in the field of Marketing in a reputed consumer products company.


Name : Raymond Bin Osman

Address : No.12, Jalan Tasek Jaya, Taman Tasek Jaya, 31400 Ipoh.

Tel : 016-2656092

Email :

Age : 30

Marital Status : Married


2001 2004 : Quest International University Perak

Bachelor of Business Administration with Marketing specialization

12 | P a g e
Major Courses : Organizational Behaviour, Brand Management, Marketing Strategy,
Business Law, Managerial Finance, Decision Modelling, Strategic Advantage, Data
Analysis, International Business, Business Communication, Managerial Accounting, Event


Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) - 8 As
Subjects : Bahasa Melayu, English, Modern Maths and Economics.


Vice President, English Society, Quest International University Perak, 2006

Student Committee, SMJK Poi Lam, 2004

Deputy Head Prefect, SMJK Poi Lam, 2003


1. Marketing Executive in Yee Hup Confectionery Company from 2011 October

Interned as marketing consultant for this international e-business development
Developed reports for clients including Pagodas Customer Needs and
Reports Strategy.
Conducted extensive research on the internet, analyzed information, identified
online solutions, and reported results to project leaders and clients.
On several occasions made guest appearances as a food expert for local
network TV and radio stations.

2. Executive(Sales) in Yee Hup Confectionery Company from 2006 January to 2011

Managed promotions and publicity campaigns for over 50 titles of
international publishing company.

13 | P a g e
Created promotional strategy, managed company website, and increased
online promotion.
Organized and conducted trade show presentations, promotional events, and
Developed presentations relating to innovative guidelines as well as products
or services over at national and worldwide confectionery conferences.


Technical Skills:
Illustrator, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Movie Maker, Mind Your Own Business(MYOB),
Point of Sale(POS)


Won Sales Manager of the Year Award (2012)

Earned Salesperson of the Year Award (2010)
Grew a dynamic in-house team from 50-100 salespersons for Yee Hup Confectionery


Intense leadership and communication skills, Respectable and reliable, Truthful and
dependable, Optimistic and helpful attitude, Prepared to assist, patient with people


Expected Salary : Negotiable

References : Available upon request

Availability : Immediate basis

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Question 6

Case Study

Amways Relationship with Stakeholders

Amway is one of the largest direct sales companies in the world. It continues to be a family
owned business which was founded in 1959. Today, it employs 14,000 people worldwide and
markets over 450 product lines. Its vision is to help people lead better lives. Its success is
largely due to its three million ABOs (Amway Business Owners) spread across 80 countries.
Thanks to Amway, these people have a business of their own. The only shareholders of
Amway are the families that own Amway. The communication channels used by Amway to
communicate regularly with its internal and external stakeholders are websites, email, events,
publications and membership of trade bodies. Amway sells directly to consumers, without the
presence of retail outlets. It has its own supply chain through the ABOs. Amway seeks
regular feedback from the ABOs and customers to find out how well it is doing and to
improve service. The ABOs are independent small businesses, but depend on Amway
suppliers to produce quality products. Amways involvement with communities is a part of
its vision to help people lead better lives. It promotes its corporate social responsibility
(CSR) all over the world. Corporate social responsibility at Amway involves supporting
social causes, acting in an ethical manner by making good products and supporting its
stakeholders in a number of ways. For example, Amway has partnered with the childrens
charity UNICEF. It helps provide vaccinations to fight the worlds six most deadly diseases.
It has chosen this charity because of its ABOs concern about families.

Ethical businesses get actively involved in improving the communities where they work.

Amways business ethics not only provides a clear framework within which to work, but also
gives it a positive business advantage. Its One by One program is good for both the
environment and for business. This program supports organic farming, seeks to reduce waste
and packaging and to switch to renewable energy sources. There is a cost involved in these
practices, but this can be balanced against the benefits derived by both the business and the
community. Amway has to balance the needs of its many different stakeholders. It sets high
standards of ethics and codes of conduct, in order to make sure that these are upheld. Its CSR
program helps the environment, its own employees and underprivileged children all around
the world.

15 | P a g e

Who are the external stakeholders that Amway communicates with? What
communication channels would you recommend to Amway, apart from what is
mentioned in the case and why?

Amway, a familiar name that almost all of us would know, is one of the largest direct sales
companies in the world. Amway sells its product directly to the end consumers without any
retail outlets or agent. For this reason, there is no agency fee needed. In Amway, there are
three million external stakeholders, so called ABOs (Amway Business Owners) spread across
80 countries. ABOs are the families that own Amway.

The growth of electronic communication options is a blessing for business communicators.

Web sites, email, events, publications and membership of trade bodies are, usually, the
communication channels Amway uses to communicate with its external stakeholders.

Other than the communication channels mentioned above, there are several recommendations
for Amway to communicate with its stakeholders. The suggestions are as follows.

1. To set up an Intranet.

Currently, Amway sends their updated information to its stakeholders through their emails.
If an intranet is created within the Amway and its stakeholders, it could ease their
communication process. This is because a comprehensive intranet chat is much more
convenient than email, the Amway and its ABOs are to communicate and exchange
information frequently. For instance, the Amway headquarter in Malaysia is at Kuala
Lumpur. Its ABOs, however, spread around Malaysia at different state. Through intranet,
those ABOs could exchange their experience and information instantly, without wasting
time to require an email from others. It will definitely facilitate pre-meeting discussion and
discourage grapevine.2

2. Require reports and proposals from ABOs.

For this suggestion, ABOs are required to write a brief business report about their
performance from time to time. Formal or non-formal report is not really matter. All these
reports will then be read and analyzed by the Amway experienced authorities or other
ABOs. Thus, a solution will be provided for the problem facing and good experiences will

(mbasuresh, 2009)

16 | P a g e
be shared within the ABOs. In the report and proposal, ABOs are encouraged to voice up
their opinions and doubts bravely. Having an enhanced knowledge about Amway and
what they are doing will definitely improve their persuasive while promoting Amways
products to their customers.

3. To send a letter for information.

Nowadays, although most of us would own a Smartphone and more than convenient that we
could access the internet, there are still people who do not always log in to check their emails
or news on the internet. Amway could send the letter for informing them about the latest
news or to ask them to access the given links to get more information. Presently, Amway
sends a booklet called Amagram to all its stakeholders. In this book, new products,
monthly promotions, new achievement of ABOs will also be stated. If Amway could add
more information, it surely eases their ABOs who do not always access the internet.

4. Corporate advertising and umbrella, advertising.

In corporate advertising, Amway could communicate its strategies, objective, target, vision;
introduce their new product, corporate direction and so on. For instance, Biggo once initiated
a corporate advertising program. In this forum, all the things that Biggos managers thought
were important were discussed. And then, it is placed at the recommended media. Overall, it
was work and corporate managers were satisfied with it.

What is umbrella advertising? It is pertaining to advertising of a company as a whole rather

than to advertising a single product. If there is only a product being promoted and consumers
merely purchase a specific brand to satisfy a particular need, the corporate brand is then

The one possible value of promoting the corporate brand is to impart some additional
credibility, quality, or "good karma" to the individual brands.3 It can reassure customers that
the brands are trustworthy, etc.4

(mgoodman, 2012)
(mgoodman, 2012)

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