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MAY 2010 Toronto, Canada

Ben Viccari: ethnic media icon,

Free Live
champion of multiculturalism Pempengco
at Toronto
writes 30 at 92 Eaton Centre
By Zuhair Kashmeri when he fought with the Allied Red hot new singing sen-
forces, first as an artilleryman sation, powerbelter Charice
Ben Viccari, a champion and later as a member of the Pempengco, delights her fans,
of Canadian multiculturalism, Military Mission to the Italian 6 PM, Friday, June 4, with a
who led the Canadian Ethnic Army. free live performance at the
Media Association (CEMA) In 1946 and 47, he worked Albert’s Way, Toronto Eaton
for ten years, establishing it as a film story analyst with Centre. She will also sign cop-
as a force to be reckoned with Rank Organization. He arrived ies of her new CD following
when it came to ethnic media in Canada in 1947, acquired the performance.
and communications, died ear- citizenship in 1953, worked Last May 10, Charice cel-
ly May 6 at the St. Michael’s in public relations and then ebrated her 18th birthday. The
Hospital in Toronto as a result as managing editor of an Ital-
of complications arising from ian language weekly, televi- CHARICE continued on p. 3
pneumonia. He was 92. sion commentator, and with
Viccari remained an active In Sync Productions, where he
writer, journalist and broad- was the co-producer and co-
caster a year before his death, writer of documentary films,
when his physical condition one of which, The M Word,
forced him into retirement. won a Canadian Association of
Born Benedetto Viccari on Broadcasters Gold Ribbon for
July 2, 1918, he was the son OMNI-TV in 2008.
of an Italian barber who im- For fifteen years, he was
migrated to England with his managing editor of the now de-
wife. funct Canadian Scene, a mul-
Viccari was educated at the tilingual, free news service for
Clapham Xaverian College ethnic media, and Webmaster
in London, England, but kept of Canscene – Canada’s Mul-
his knowledge of Italian, a tal- ticultural Scene and Losode;
Ben Viccari: Ethnic media icon and champion of multicul- ent that would serve him well
Charice Pempengco
turalism during the Second World War, BEN continued on p. 15 (Courtesy: Warner Music Canada)

PPCO elects officers and PHILIPPINE PRESS CLUB-

board for 2010-2012 ONTARIO TOP BRASS,
2010-2012: (1st row, L-R)
Rose Tijam, VP; Riza Kha-
By Ace Alvarez and who will lead the club in the mal, Secretary; Joy Sarm-
Romeo Marquez next two years. iento, director. (2nd row,
The PPCO houses Filipino L-R) Hermie Garcia, direc-
Given the importance of me-media practitioners in one tor; Mogi Mogado, treasurer;
dia to society, some 50 mem- compact organization that has Paul de la Cruz, president;
and, Jess Cabrias, director,
bers of the Philippine Press a president, vice president, take their oath of office be-
Club-Ontario (PPCO) went to secretary, treasurer and three fore ComElec chair Rosemer
the polls Saturday, May 15, Enverga (right, foreground).
to elect the officers and board PPCO continued on p. 12 Courtesy: Raymond Santos
2 Manila Media Monitor May 2010
NEWS May 2010 Manila Media Monitor 3

Kalayaan Centre June CHARICE from p. 1 future,” commented Re-

prise Records president
than 13 million views
on YouTube began her
followed, the Foster-pro-
duced track sold 110,000
5, 2010 Raffle Draw following day, she ap- Diarmuid Quinn singing career at age four total downloads in Amer-
cancelled peared on The Oprah
Show giving fans a rea-
“Charice has record-
ed a brilliant record and
when her mother dis-
covered her singing on
ica. This track and the
first single, the anthemic
The Kalayaan Cul- as possible. The KCCC son to celebrate as well, is a thrilling performer. a table and went on to love song “Pyramid” fea-
tural Community Centre apologizes for the incon- with the release of her David Foster has once perform in several sing- turing Iyaz, will appear
raffle for 2010 under GIN venience this cancella- highly anticipated self- again brought us an artist ing contests in Southeast on the new CD. For more
KCC006, license no. tion has created. If there titled debut album. that we fully expect will Asia. One of her many on Charice, please read
M634883 with final draw are any questions and/or “Everyone at Reprise continue his amazing fans (“Chasters”) put one Manila Media Monitor
scheduled for Saturday, clarifications, please call Records is passionate in track record for discov- of her performances on columnist Jun Enverga’s

June 5, 2010 has been Kalayaan Centre at 905- their commitment to the ering unique talent like YouTube and a star was interview with the new
cancelled. This announce- 602-0923 or email us at success of Charice and Josh Groban and Michael born. She first appeared Filipino international star
ment is issued with a re- Thank the early indications have Bublé,” he concluded. in the U.S. on The El- on page 17.
quest for all ticket holders you very much for your already told us that we “I feel very blessed to len Show and then came
to return their tickets and continued support of have a tremendous star have people like David to the attention of “Hit Without
get their refunds as soon KCCC. with an extraordinary Foster, Oprah Winfrey Man” David Foster who friends no
and my Reprise family signed her to his 143/Re- one would
believe in me … I know prise Records. choose to
the week of May 10th In 2009, Charice re- live, though
will be a week I will re- visited the Oprah Show to he had all
member for the rest of perform the Diane War- other goods.
my life,” said Charice. ren-written and David
- Aristotle
Charice who has al- Foster-produced “Note to (384 BC - 322 BC)
ready racked up more God”. In the weeks that

the best Filipino
media brands
4 Manila Media Monitor May 2010 NEWS

Why are Ontario parents leaving and “is a safe school.” In

addition to this, parents
From 2002-3 to 2009-
10 public (elementary and
being adopted by the lo-
cal public school board.

the public school system? with children in schools

with a religious founda-
secondary) school fund-
ing increased from $14.4
In so far as independent
schools quite often learn
tion also responded that billion to a government to do more with less, the
By Derek Miedema cation, an Ontario-based improvement and even their child’s school “rein- estimated $19.5 billion, a Ontario public school
The Institute of Mar- group that tracks educa- slight decreases in the forces our religion” and 36 per cent increase. system could definitely
riage and Family Canada tion trends and quality, percentage achieving the “supports our family’s Ontario Ministry benefit from their ex-
released a paper on edu- notes that Ontario stu- highest benchmark. values.” of Education numbers pertise in austerity. In
cation in Ontario last May dents fare poorly in con- Quality (or lack of it) The enrolment facts state that independent these provinces, parental
6, revealing data show- trast with other provinces. is one of the main reasons Enrolment in Ontar- elementary and second- choice is part and parcel
ing that public school “In most comparisons of parents choose to educate io’s elementary public ary school enrollment in of the education system.
enrolment is decreasing student achievement over their children outside the (including Roman Cath- 2005 was 119,584. Sta- Ontario parents who
and independent school the past 25 years,” they public system writes the olic) schools is declining tistics Canada states that choose to educate their
enrolment is increasing. write, “Ontario students Fraser Institute, a Van- and yet funding levels the average expenditure children outside the pub-
The paper further high- have performed poorly couver-based think tank are skyrocketing. At the per public school student lic and Roman Catholic
lights that in spite of de- relative to students in Al- that ranks schools across same time, enrolment in Ontario in 2004 was systems pay twice. To
clining enrolment, fund- berta, BC, and Quebec.” the country. They sur- in independent schools $9,200. In 2005 alone, adapt to the educational
ing for public schools is An Ontario govern- veyed 919 Ontario house- in Ontario is increasing. independent schools desires of parents, On-
increasing. ment organization, the holds where parents were Thus, parents of indepen- should have saved the tario should follow the
The purpose of that Education Quality and educating their children dent school students pay Ontario Ministry of Edu- example of Alberta or
paper was to show the Accountability Office, in independent schools. once for the school their cation over a billion dol- British Columbia and
hard numbers, and high- finds likewise that On- In this study, over 70 per kids attend and again for lars, $1,100,172,800, to provide partial relief to
light that the Ontario tario education outcomes cent of parents surveyed the public school they do be exact. Yet, in Ontario, these parents by provid-
education system is not are not improving com- stated that the dedica- not. there is no government ing partial funding to the
adapting to the desires mensurate with funding tion of teachers was an Between 2000 and funding for independent schools their children at-
of Ontario parents who levels. For example, the important factor in their 2005, independent school schools. tend.
are choosing alternatives percentage of grade four decision. About 66 per enrolment increased by Recommendations The Ontario Ministry
to the public system. The students achieving inter- cent cited academic qual- 8.8 per cent. Alberta and British of Education needs to
question remains: Why national academic bench- ity. Other desirable char- Between 2000 and Columbia already offer adapt to the changing de-
are Ontario parents leav- marks in mathematics acteristics of independent 2005 Ontario public partial funding of schools sires of Ontario parents.
ing the public school sys- showed no more than a schools were factors, schools saw an enrolment outside the public sys- Simply increasing public
tem? one percent improvement such as “…no danger of decrease of 1.1 per cent. tem, there is evidence school funding is not the
For many parents, a between 2003 and 2007. teachers going on strike”, Between 2008 and in Calgary that charter answer. (Derek Miedema
decline in academic qual- In that same time pe- “educates the whole 2013, projections show schools there have im- is a Researcher with the
ity is the motivation. The riod, grade eight student child”, “is conducive to another 3.8 per cent de- proved the public system, Institute of Marriage and
Society for Quality Edu- percentages showed no character development” crease. as their innovations are Family Canada)
NEWS May 2010 Manila Media Monitor 5

Medical Fair 2010

and companies. The ex-
hibits/displays will be
housed in at Ottawa Hall ENHANCE THE QUALITY OF
The Filipino Cana- and physiotherapists will The Medical Fair will
and available for viewing
by the physicians and the
dian Medical Association be participating in these be conducted from 9 public.
(FCMA) and the Filipino activities. a.m. to 5 p.m. The for- An admission fee of Be inspired by your personal trainor on
Centre Toronto (FCT) A “brown bag” pro- mal lectures at the Rizal $10 will be charged at your health and fitness goals!
with the cooperation of gram will be going on Hall and will be divided the door or ticket can be
the various para-medical throughout the day. into two sessions: 10-12 purchased in advance CALL CHRISTIAN
Filipino professional as-
sociations will hold a
Anybody can clear their
medicine cabinets with
a.m., and 2-4 p.m. The
rest of the period will be
through the FCT and
FCMA. The fee includes
(416) 886-9462
Medical Fair at the FCT, the advice of a qualified allocated to inter-action light lunch and a lecture Can-Fit-Pro Certified Personal Trainer
597 Parliament St., To- pharmacist. Please bring between the public and kit. (Press Release)
Specialist (PTS), Can-Fit-Pro Certfied
ronto on Sunday, June 6, all your medicines to the the physicians and the
2010. Medical Fair to be sorted viewing of exhibits by
Manila Media Monitor Nutrition & Wellness Specialist (NWS)
Dr. Mario Andres, out. the various associations Tel. (416) 285-8583
who co-chairs the
event with Dr. Nen-
ette de Villa, said
the members of the
FCMA will conduct
information sessions
geared towards edu-
cating the general
The formal lectures
will include topics
addressing common
medical conditions:
detection, preven-
tion, treatment, and
health promotion.
Other para-medical
associations, such
as those by nurses,
dentists, pharmacists,
6 Manila Media Monitor May 2010 VIEWS
the eight years that the PPCO hearing this.
has been in operation. ***
Napag-uusapan ang lahat, The 7th item was, “to be
especially that Jojo Taduran guided by a comitment to press
A C E A LVA R E Z is a compadre of the immedi- freedom and editorial and or-
ate past president of the PPCO, ganizational independence.”
Paeng Nebres says, “Listen to your the latter being the godfather
in her confirmation of Jojo’s
Paul, I think you should
start rallying the PPCO to
car and talk to your mechanic.” daughter. raise funds now. Believe, me,
Jun Enverga replies: I get the Foint Paul, any answer?
maraming matatapang na ma-
nunulat sa loob ng PPCO.
In number 5 of Paul de la Guidance towards a commit-
The Philippine Press Club- ing president. He has been an general membership through
Cruz’s seven-point policy plat- ment to press freedom is not
Ontario (PPCO) held an elec- editor of several Filipino news- reports, a policy of transpar-
form, it was stated, “to help enough, because once those
tion for its new board and of- papers in Toronto and in the ency and being open to the
members access journalism brave and the mighty within
ficers for the years 2010-2012. Philippines.” criticism;”
and media-related jobs and the PPCO are charged with
After the election, PPCO Jojo, again, baka ma-over- Jojo, basta hindi ako ang
professions.” libel and seek your help, you
member Jojo Taduran sent in qualify ang bagong presidente immediate past president ng
Is there anybody among the better have PPCO funds to
a press release (na di umano ng PPCO. PPCO, ha? I was the vice
PPCO members who continue back you up.
written by Romy Zetazate and *** president, and under the PPCO
to use the typewriter? Aba, e, Kung sabagay, election plat-
Dindo Orbeso) to this publica- Further, the press release Constitution and By Laws, “In
mag-aral gumamit ng internet form la’ng naman ito, e. Sige
tion, stating among others: outlined the following: the absence of the President,
ang hindi marunong, so mem- na nga! And, congratulations
“Peter Paul de la Cruz was “He laid down a 7-point pol- the Vice President shall fill the
bers may access journalism and for winning the election!
elected president of the … icy platform, which include: vacancy, and he shall exercise
media-related jobs and profes- ***
PPCO during an election held “1) to foster an environ- all the duties and prerogative
sions. Pero, ngayon pa. Slump In the last paragraph of the
on May 15, 2010 (Saturday) ment in the organization that is of the office of the President
ang media industry, Paul! release was written, “It was
….” inclusive, conciliatory and with until such time that the presi-
*** learned that a PPCO Council
Jojo, baka ma-over-quali- a strong sense of camaraderie; dent returns ....”
In number 6, Paul’s plat- of Advisers will be formed to
fy ang bagong presidente ng “2) to lead under the guid- But the immediate past
form states, “to raise the pro- help in identifying programs
PPCO; Peter na, Paul pa. Baka ance of the Constitution and president survived his office.
fessional standard of journal- and projects for the advance-
lumampas sa langit. act to update and improve it; Alleluia!
ism among members and, in ment of the journalistic profes-
*** “3) to adopt policies and In the meantime, while I am
the community.” sion of the members.”
The press release also stat- make decisions in a democratic smiling, I wonder at the same
Again, I’m smiling. This Suggestion, Paul. Please
ed, “De la Cruz was one of manner and in consulttion with time what those first four of
is the 5th election in PPCO’s change the title to Council of
the founders of the Philippine those with similar and diferent the seven-point program meant
history since it was organized Consultants. I volunteer Jojo
Press Club Ontario and at the views; since those four-point program
eight years ago that I’ve been
same time, he was the found- “4) to be accountable to the “ought to be” anyway during OOOPS continued on p. 7
VIEWS May 2010 Manila Media Monitor 7
OOOPS from p. 6 poll watchers. There were four to cheat, or that the volunteer pino fortnightly and monthly tions;
looking over the shoulders of tabulators would engage in newspapers and magazines 2) In relation to the
Taduran, dahil si Jojo consul- a five-member adhoc commis- miscount.” catering to a booming market above, if the function is held at
tant iyan ni Joy Sarmiento and sion on elections as the count- Romy, I think the reason was of an estimated 250,000 Fili- a community center, we get to
her Pinoy maraming ing started. Another watcher more on the last part as stated pinos.” eat rice, pancit bihon guisado,
pa’ng iba. was on the floor, her eyes glued in your opinion piece. Wala Some community leaders menudo, and, with two pieces
Anyway, Paul, as a protec- to the tally board.” naman sa likod ng mga PPCO and visitors in the GTA oftenly of egg rolls; mind you, two --
tion for my good friend, Jojo “For such a relatively small members ang poll watchers, e. wonder why we have so many and not one;
Taduran, “Kung sakali, paano organization with such a few Rather, the four were behind newspapers and magazines. 3) In relation to number
naman kikita si Jojo sa planong candidates and members vot- you, ‘di ba? Perhaps, reason is the perks 1, if the function is held at the
ito?” But fine, let us figure it ing, the number of poll watch- *** of the media types among us, Royal York Hotel in downtown
out later (winking my eye). ers, to me personally, spoke of Romy Marquez also wrote: such as: T.O., we get to drink pitchers
*** mutual distrust. It was as if one “In the Greater Toronto Area 1) We get invited to func-
When Tenny Soriano as- or the other party was poised alone, there are at least 15 Fili- tions of community organiza- OOOPS continued on p. 10
sumed the PPCO presidency
during his first term four years
ago, his predecessor Paul de la
Cruz thereafter, occasionally
introduced himself, I heard,
with this line: “Ako ang dating
presidente ng Philippine Press
Now that my good friend
Paul is back at the helm of the
PPCO, I suggest the following
line when he introduces him-
self: “Ako ulit ang presidente
ng PPCO.”
Whew! Oh boy, I’m in trou-
ble for writing this. My new
president at the PPCO might
declare me ex-communicated
from the club.
Mr. President, I invoke the
7th item in your platform that
I am guided by a commitment
to press freedom and editorial
independence. Thank you, Mr.
Meanwhile, after the new
PPCO board and officers were
sworn into office, I must say
that it is not true that their pre-
decessors to the PPCO offices
(except this writer, who did not
run for any position, as well as
Philippine Courier publisher
Mon Datol; Philippine Report-
er’s Hermie Garcia and Mogi
Mogado – who both sought re-
election and won) said in cho-
rus: “Belat, buti nga sa inyo.”
In a related development,
journalist Romeo Marquez,
who was one of the members
of the COMELEC at the PPCO
elections wrote about the elec-
Bawat patak ng pawis at pagod mo........
tion which he dispatched to
news organizations in Toronto,
L.A., Chicago and … where
buong pusong ihahatid ng Forex sa
else, I do not know:
“TORONTO - One might
pamilya mo.....
laugh at this but it’s true. One
might say it’s unbelievable but
then again it’s true. I’m talking
kahit saan....... kahit kailan
about the election on Saturday
(May 15, 2010) of the new of-
ficers of the Philippine Press
Club of Ontario.
“…What caught my interest
was the number of eagle-eyed

Manila Media Monitor

Tel. (416) 285-8583
8 Manila Media Monitor May 2010 VIEWS

From the
In the management of hu- a lesson to remember the next
man resources, motivations for time you run for the same, or
people to work are pay, ben-
efits, workplace environment, Monitor’s Desk similar office you held before;
and may God bless you. The
empowerment, recognition for A C E A LVA R E Z same applies if you are intend-
work well done, among many ing to lead your group for the
other motivators. These work Mr. President or Madam President, first time in a coming election.
motivators are true in both for While for various reasons,
profit and non-profit organiza- The adage, “what are we in violations of the provisions
tions. of the primary laws and rules
While the pay motivator is, power for” is not absolute. governing community organi- 13 years of dedicated
most often than not, the highest zations have not always been community service
in the order enumerated above may be easier for anybody to while he, or she might have intentional on the part of their
in all kinds of organizational lead his, or her pack, for the been placed at the helm of leaders, the latter must not Managing Editor
environments, such is not ab- latter will certainly do what are the organization by the gen- make an excuse of the fact that ACE ALVAREZ
solute if applied across the expected of them for fear that eral membership assembled they are simply volunteers,
Associate Editor
board to individual preferences they might lose their jobs, al- in an election, his or her hon- expecting leniency from their GIE ALVAREZ
on what motivates each one to though, I hastily add that this is or’s presidency is not abso- members, fellow officers and
work in the environment cited not absolute. On the other hand, lute, hence, must always bear board members, but foremost, Contributing Editors
here. Others may say that their in organizations where the pay in mind the motivators cited the laws of government on RICKY CALUEN
utmost consideration working motivator is absent, workers, above, among other things, their persons and their proper- MARIO DIMAIN
with the organization they are or rather, volunteers are harder prompting someone to work ty. If this is not true, count the GRACE P. FREIRES
connected with is the friendly to manage. It takes somebody on the tasks agreed upon. This incidence among us of officers MANNY FREIRES
atmosphere, or, perhaps, the with human resources skill to is in addition to the provisions and board members taken to BEN VICCARI
empowerment they enjoy from lead this kind of organizations, of the basic law governing the court by their colleagues over
management; maybe, even a otherwise, failure is certainly organization; its constitution matters affecting community Editorial Assistant
organizations. Always remem- LEN ALVAREZ-MAHONEY
simple recognition of work written from Mr. President’s, and by laws. Further, the laws
well done. or Madam President’s day one governing corporations passed ber the legal maxim: the law Contributors
Apparently, absent the pay in office. by the government within the may be harsh, but it is the law. EVA AGPAOA
motivator, only workplace en- Although many volunteers jurisdiction where the corpo- NOEL PERADA
vironment, empowerment, rec- in community organizations ration operates kicks in absent Basic among the basics, read LARRY TORRES
ognition for work well done, could hardly be relied upon to the specific provisions outlined your fundamental law govern-
Account Executives
and benefits, if any, are left for perform the tasks agreed upon in the organization’s constitu- ing your organization, so you MYRNA SORIANO
someone to work in non-paying during meetings, the fact is that tion and by laws. know who you are, what you JOHN TAN
environments – including most leaders in such kind of group- Having stated this, if you can do, the limits of your pow-
community organizations. Take ings could not rule the same have been newly elected to the ers, etc., etc., etc. Mr. President, Graphics
them away, and a community with iron fists, lest their valued office of the presidency of your or Madam President, you have COBIE CRUZ
organization is left without volunteers reason out, “I don’t organization, heed the sugges- a board of directors – which, Published by
workers (otherwise popularly get paid. I’m only a volun- tions above, before it is too late; if this corner may stress, will Manila MEDIA MONITOR, INC.
known as volunteers). teer.” or, if you have just lost your always be above you, and not 10 - 300 Invergordon Ave.
In organizations where the Mr. President, or Madam office as a re-electionist, then vice-versa. (ace.alvarez@rog- Scarborough, ON M1S 4K7
pay motivator is present, it President must remember that take the same suggestions as Tel. 416.285.8583


News from overseas say the wrong signals to their inno- is published and circulated
once a month
there had been a series of school cent lasses. The only difference
in Toronto and its suburbs.
massacres in China. Why they the recital had from the prosti-
are killing children in China is tuted Santacruzan was that the Manila MEDIA MONITOR
beyond us. M A G C R U Z - H ATO L presentation was staged in an accepts submissions,
In the Philippines, we are air conditioned mall and there subject
to availability of space, but
killing our children in a dif- was a prior workshop which
How summer could shape
reserves the right to edit for
ferent way. Rich kids are ei- warranted a graduation recital. publication. Contributed
ther invariably pampered or Otherwise, both Santacruzan articles
exposed to dangerous levels
of consumerism or premature
or debase kids and the mall recital had all
the hallmarks of child abuse
must be in MS Word
sexuality. Their poorer cousins where the child was propelled
are thrust to labor. to animals. There are many showcased what it advertised to adulthood way before her Photo releases must be with
Little wonder that urbanized cases where rural children are as a recital of their students time. captions and in JPEG
kids look forward to summer expected to raise money to add who enrolled in a variety of tal- The next day, on the same Item and photo submissions
vacation because of the myriad to their allowances when they ent workshops. The fees were stage, another local group must be sent by e-mail at
offerings they enjoy. They go to start becoming scarce at home prohibitive to ordinary fami- with more grounded principles
swimming classes, art and the- because of school. lies, we were told. staged a recital concert. This
ater workshops, sports camps, time they featured simply-clad Articles published in
It is also the season when The youth participants at
and out of town sojourns. To poor little girls are unwittingly the culminating exercise came kids playing violins. The pre- may be reproduced only
get them off their backs, par- pushed into early womanhood. in all manner of Western dress, sentation was cheered by the with the permission
ents enroll kids in tutorials or The Flores de Mayo tradition singing songs alien to the audi- large crowd that gathered, the of the publisher.
ship them off to relatives in the has a junior edition that is more ence, some kids declaiming or number swelling as passersby
provinces in the guise of bond- a display of juvenile pulchri- singing in their most corrupted were enthralled by the untypi- SUBSCRIPTIONS,
ing with their kin. tude than a devotion to Mary. American twang. Doting par- cal music. The kids, not as pho- ADVERTISING,
On the other hand, the sum- Innocent lasses are dolled up ents in the wings were taking togenic as those the day before, CIRCULATION
mer months when children and made to look like vamps, pictures and smothering their were cuter and more becoming and other inquiries
may be addressed at the
are on a hiatus from school is forced to parade around town kids with attention. Save for because they were themselves.
when the levels of child labor in heavy gowns and thick scores of friends and relatives It was a comfort to watch them
rise in countries like the Philip- make-up. in tow, there were only a few because there was a palpable
pines. This is especially so in WRONG SIGNAL unimpressed mall bystanders. sense of honesty and genuine- TEL. (416) 285-8583
the rural setting where many Two separate visits to a The crowd was obviously un- ness.
parents shirk their responsibili- popular mall in Iloilo showed impressed and had a difficult We patted a few parents on e-mail:
ties by assigning their kids to exactly what summer can do to time relating to Snow White the back for the smart choice of manilamediamonitor@
help in the farm, sea or quarry, shape kids properly or to de- and juvenile beauty queens. summer course
share in domestic enterprise, base them. We shudder at the possibility
do repairs at home, and tend On day one, a TV station that these parents were sending
VIEWS May 2010 Manila Media Monitor 9
By Ace Alvarez founded that I would by this time. Thoi Bao, by laws – which means that

Long-time Manila Media

meet Ben personally,
this time at an event Commentary a Vietnamese weekly
newspaper alone, was
the guiding law for the organi-
zation could be found not in a
Monitor columnist Ben Viccari organized by busi- BEN VICCARI assessed the amount single document, but from past
passed away peacefully last nessman Mann Nac- of some $700,000 practices, a little there and a
May 6 at 4:00 a.m. at St Mi- ario. in back taxes for the little here. In mid 2000s, I sat
chael’s Hospital in Toronto. He
had been struggling with pneu-
That conversation
with Ben started my Farewell, my good five-year period.
On a more per-
down and compiled everything
in one single document and on
monia for a couple of weeks
that the condition became too
very beautiful friend-
ship with him. Dur- friend and father sonal level, and while
a close friendship
January 31, 2006, the CEMA
Constitution was passed.
much for his 91-year old body ing the latter years, I developed between On December 12, 2007,
could handle. did not look at Ben though as neighbor in this publication us, Ben “multiculturated” (as while having coffee with Ben
Last month’s issue was the only a friend. To me, he was for the last eleven years) and CEMA Executive Director and at the cafeteria at Queen’s Park,
final one he wrote over the not only a father of the ethnic the entire group composing National Vice President for he said to me, “Ace, I’m 88 and
eleven years that his writings media, but served as a father- CEMA, I felt that my involve- Television, Rogers TV Mad- I won’t be staying too long in
appeared in this publication. figure to me, too, having lost ment with the organization eline Ziniak coined it) me and this world. I have lived my life
When I came to Canada mine at the age of 16. My wife, likewise brought me so many saw to it that he guided me in fully. I don’t regret anyting in
in 1990 (and up until the mid Gie, would always tell me, opportunities meeting people handling the affairs of an orga- my life. I believe I have lived a
90s), I concentrated on our “Your father just phoned and on the decision level of various nization with the magnitude of very good life. I’m ready to go
own community. requested if you may return his public and private organiza- membership and the scope of anytime.”
When I put up Manila Me- phone call, please.” tions, which, in several ways work that CEMA has, and with I responded, “Don’t say
dia Monitor in 1996, it was Before I met Ben, I entered influenced very positively the me not knowing that I would that, Ben,” momentarily for-
Ben’s writings in Canadian the Canadian Ethnic Journal- media business that I am in, succeed him at the helm of the getting (because of his numer-
Scene (which was brought ists’ and Writers’ Club (now most specially, Russell Interna- organization. ous accomplishments) that Ben
to my attention then by Bong Canadian Ethnic Media As- tional -- the print and broadcast Together – and with Mad- was mortal, too, and which …
Faldas) that inspired me to sociation, or CEMA) national production house that my wife, eline’s participation in the de- the realization of Ben’s mortal-
be involved and write also on journalism awards for 1999, Gie and I, operate. cisions we pursued, Ben and ity came to me two years later
what was happening in other and was adjudged winner for In the print media industry I accomplished many things, in the afternoon of last May 6
communities, thus, giving my “Best Editorial Writing” for front, CEMA’s great work in both internally and externally after coming from a day’s work
readers the whole multicultural Print Journalism that year. collaboration with “Save Our redounding to the benefits that of video editing work at the stu-
picture of the society in which Eight months later, I got a per- Voices” Coalition, led among the whole ethnic media in gen- dio and reading messages one
Filipinos move about. sonal phone call from Ben in- others, by businessman and eral are enjoying today. after the other in my inbox.
I even recall that in the mid viting me to his slate as a board publisher Dave Nguyen, the CEMA members, among My wife, Gie, and I are
90s, Liland Insurance execu- member and secretary for a Ontario Community Newspa- others, Alexander Gershtein – grateful to have known Ben
tive Roland Chan, having read forthcoming election that the pers Association (OCNA) and reporter for Russian Television Viccari – a print/tv journalist/
about an event to be staged by organization had scheduled. the Philippine Press Club-On- International (RTVi) with stu- writer, blogger, audio-visual
the “new mainstream” – a term What I had planned as a one tario (PPCO), among other or- dios in New York, Moscow and documentary producer, a sol-
being used by propagators of or two-term corporate officer’s ganizations, to turn-around the Tel Aviv, repeatedly told me dier, public relations man, film
diversity in Canada, went to position as CEMA’s secretary decision of the Ontario provin- that it was only when Ben and buff, screenwriter, book re-
the event with his wife, Lilia. and director turned out to last cial government in 2008, slap- I joined together at CEMA that viewer!
Roland told me the following eight years, and, at one point, ping community papers with the national membership roll Farewell, my good friend
week that he, and Lilia, went to holding concurrently the posi- the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) of the association was placed and father.
the event that was featured in tions of vice president to Ben retroactive to five years saved into order. Minnie Grewal of Eternal rest grant unto your
this publication, and it seemed and secretary, even becoming all Ontario-based communi- Sur Sagar Radio and Televi- soul, Ben, and let perpetual
to them that they were the only one confidante to Ben on is- ty newspapers. Had the PST sion also said the same thing. light shine upon you. (
Filipinos in the event. sues affecting CEMA. pushed through, Manila Media Likewise, before my time with
It was four years later after While enjoying working Monitor – and all community Ben at CEMA, the group had
Manila Media Monitor was with Ben (who was also my papers would have been history an unwritten constitution and

In Canada and in many oth- Just the pictures, ing children stories and playing
er parts of the world, the third
Sunday of June is specially
like any-
thing else, The 3rd Eye but noth-
ing could
make-believes. Babysitting my
granddaughter is like re-living
set aside as the day for all Fa- you must MARIO DIMAIN surpass the those very special moments of
thers to be recognized. To me, love what thrill of lis- my early fatherhood.
Father’s Day is the day when you do to tening to On June 20th, all fathers will
each of my three daughters was
good at The Making of a Father my Dad’s
be acknowledged by their fam-
ilies and by most of the media.
It was on September 21, it. Loving of “Aladdin But there is something more
1978 when I became a Dad for your and His significant for me in the month
the first time. I was young, and child Magic of June; I will be the Father of
energetic but surely an inexpe- and lov- Lamp.” It The Bride for the second time.
rienced parent. Although just a ing the was the I will walk up the aisle of St.
rookie in a sense, I fully knew fatherly only chil- Michael’s Cathedral with my
what I was getting into. I want- obliga- dren story daughter to the wonderful man
ed to be a father; the best father tions are he ever who will change her maiden
I could ever be. two dif- told me, name. She will drop my name
To be the best father a man ferent but I have but she will always call me
could possibly be, he must first things. always Dad, after all I am still the fa-
accept the fact that he has be- It just cherished ther of my children.
come the student of his child. makes perfect sense that you Toys could be forgotten but the it all my life. On Father’s Day, I urge ev-
In my case, I learned many must embrace the two without quality time you spent together My eldest daughter has a eryone to say a prayer for all
things about babies from my any compromise. stays forever; the same way as little girl of her own now; a the fathers in the world and
first child. I got better in par- When you give a toy to a I remember my own father. two-year old. may you remember to praise
enting when my second child child, the act of giving is not As a little boy, I flipped Being a grandfather, makes God, the Father of all fathers.
was born, and became an ex- complete until you and your through the colorfully illustrat- me feel like a young father Amen. (mariodimain@ymail.
pert dad when my third child child play with it. Children ed pages of the book, Arabian again, pushing a stroller, sing- com)
arrived. need attention and plenty of it. Nights. I was captivated by ing lullabies, reading and tell-
10 Manila Media Monitor May 2010 VIEWS

You’re Entitled
“I am a Fffroud Pppilipi- Oftentimes, language is them, or to whomever, to just
no!” we laugh much su- look at themselves in the mir-
Oh yes, those misspellings,
and succeeding ones – at least
it out too,
knowing to My Opinion perior. Es-
pecially in
ror, then they will know who
they are. They do not have to
in this written form, were in- that con- JUN ENVERGA the spell- speak our way, but at least they
tentional. sciously, ing section, should be proud that we are the
You must have heard about or uncon- we say it true Filipinos, born and raised
the jokes about Filipinos and sciously, Pilipino Fride, Filipino the other in the Philippines, and raised

how they talk: “I have a pather we have way, but I by Filipinos.
who works in a facking com- built in that am sure we Do not be surprised when
pany; all he does is fack door- habit of in- write them you hear other nationalities
to-door boxes after voxes with terchanging the right speak the way we do. I am pret-
pood for the Filippines.” This, the P and the F sound. nation apart from the United way. How many of us have ty sure those kids may proudly
and similar jokes are a con- What I would always tell my States, UK, India and Nigeria. seen our boss with memos say, “I am bery hungry”; “I ate
stant hit to everyone who un- kids whenever they corrected The Philippines even has three with the wrong spelling and Prench Pries”; or, “I flayed with
derstands Filipinos; even Fili- me on my speech were, “That times more English speakers grammar, or the grocery stores my priends yesterday.” Most of
pinos themselves like to laugh is what I am; that is what we than Canada, or four times that with signs that will make you them, after all, were raised by
at themselves. are; and, that is what we should of Australia. laugh out loud when you read our very well-versed and edu-
We can perhaps trace this be … because we are proud of We should not shy away the names of the different veg- cated caregivers. More power
tongue-twisting dilemma to what we are and what we have from speaking engagements or etables: Koli Flower or egplan; to all Filipino Caregivers!
the mere fact that we live in the become.” We are Filipinos, Eh! even conversations, because we how about letis? Thanks to In another development,
Philippines, the “PH” sounds Right? have this kind of pronunciation software word checker that our June is the month we celebrate
more like “F”. Most us came to We can laugh at ourselves, or this kind of Filipino English. officemates are doing well in Philippine Independence from
learn that we live in the country why not? We can have fun at Our professors are considered their jobs, but for the sign mak- the Spaniards. On June the
everyone calls the “Fi-li-pins”. ourselves? Should we be em- to be one of the best English ers, it will be another story. 12th, or days around this cel-
It is almost automatic for those barrassed about this? Should speakers in the world. Our kids, or even us, are re- ebration, lots of activities are
who were born and raised in we put ourselves down be- Look at the Italians. Listen ally proud to greet our friends scheduled. Filipinos with all
the Philippines to visually cause of this? Should we allow to how they speak English; lis- from other countries in their kinds of background will con-
speak the letter P as Ph. others to make a mockery of ten on how they pronounced different form of English pro- gregate together. Different or-
What more the Americans Filipinos because of this? I do their words: “I will giv yuo an nunciation. If we are proud to ganizations, different provinc-
called us Filipinos with a lan- not think so! o-fer you cannot reh-fuse!” or, speak to the different nationali- es, different schools, beliefs,
guage called Pilipino who live This pronunciation is a part the French with the words com- ties in their own kind of Eng- different barangays will cel-
in the Pffff….Pffff…Pffff.. of our cultural upbringing; this ing from their nose: “…boun lish, then, why are we some- ebrate in parks and town halls
Phfffilippines. fronounciation set us apart journoooohse, crohsahnnnt …; times embarrassed when we around us. If you cannot come
Filipinos like to laugh, like from other nationalities. We or, the German, “Kapten Kra- hear our kababayan speak in to this activities but happen to
to have fun, like to make jokes should be proud of it! zy, tsokolet Karamel ” or, the our own way of enunciation? meet one of our kababayan in
… but at our own expense? The We should all stand up and Japanese: “to yo taah”; Even Why do we have to speak the subway, or in church, greet
youth, or even our kids some- be proud to speak English the the Carribean, or Pidgin Eng- perfect American English, him, or her: “Mabuhay Kaba-
times call us FAB or “fresh way we do, a big percentage of lish: “Yo da man ! hello man! when we are not exactly Amer- bayan!” with a smile and say,
from the boat”, or PROMDI or other nationalities hardly speak Dis is the weey.” icans? I know a lot of people, “I am a Fffroud Pppilipino!”
from the province or somebody English, the International Lan- From my experience work- especially the young Filipino- These are just my opinions,
who just arrived and not cultur- guage. I believe we are the ing with different nationali- Canadians, born and raised and you are entitled to them.
ally acclimatized in Canada. fifth largest English speaking ties, our hold of the English here, will disagree. I suggest to (

What do you do when ev- ner strengths. my problem. hope you take control. When
erything seems so desperate:
when bills are overdue; when
The time you
must muster all Our Journey My problem is
MONEY, and
you take control, your self-
confidence gets stronger. When
collection calls are constant; the courage you E VA A G PA O A I do not have your self-confidence is strong,
when everything in your life have to face and enough. you have a clear head and you
feels like it is blowing up? deal with the Well Ok. I begin to see opportunities and
How do you cope? How do
you summon the strength to
difficult things
Hope: a weapon to take agree that be-
lieving in one-
solutions. Not every solution is
practical; and/or legal, too. But
smile and face each day with
trouble control of problems self does not
solve the practi-
when your head is clear, you
can sort through them properly.
It is hard. Sometimes it is Every prob- cal problems. It Maybe your problems are not
so hard that in the quiet night, lem has a solution. Believe me like Dorothy in her struggle to certainly will not pay the bills. as bad as you imagined. Maybe
when no one else sees or hears, when I tell you this. You are find a way home from the land If that were true, then I would you have overlooked good so-
your tears well up. You look at tempted at this point to throw of Oz, you, too, have to be- send Rogers my self-confidence lutions in the past, because of
your children and doubt your the paper down and roll your lieve. Believe in yourself, be- at the end of every month and your panic.
ability to care for them. You eyes. “Dreamer,” you might lieve in your goals and believe settle my bill. But belief gives Maybe the right solution
begin to feel isolated and alone. mutter in response. “I have in your future. Believe that you you hope; and hope is the first has been there all along, but
And your self confidence crum- tried everything, I am working deserve better. Believe that you step in taking control. your fears and hopelessness
bles as your troubles grind you so hard, but nothing seems to can survive. Have hope. Without hope, your troubles has blinded you to it.
down. It feels hopeless. work. It’s only getting worse.” Belief does not put food on take control. That is my point. Have hope. Do not fear the
But let me tell you some- Repeat after me: Every the table. Belief does not pay Before you can really solve difficult solution. Use your
thing: It is not; not hopeless. problem has a solution. Every the mortgage. Belief does not your problems, you first have hope to take control of your
This is the time in your life that problem has a solution. Every find a job. But anyway, I do to control them, rather than life. (info@thenannyexpert.
you have to call on all your in- problem has a solution. Just believe in myself. That’s not have them control you. With com)

OOPS from p. 7 of press and photo releases af- to print the press release and lease …. Confidentiality – all clause.
ter the event, UNTIL such time full page color ad copy of the … documents are for internal ***
of water; but iced water, na- that we get an invitation anew PIDC on the pages of this is- PIDC use only and are confi- In his column in this issue,
man. from the organization; sue; and the reason was that, dential.” Paeng Nebres says, “Listen to
4) We get a very sincere, *** when PIDC president Minda With the publication any- your car and talk to your me-
sometimes even colorful (this Lumipat naman tayo sa Neri sent me the artwork and way of both the press release chanic,” to which Jun Enverga,
is to say that the fonts are in Philippine Independence Day press release through e-mail, and the ad copy, Manila Me- in his column on page 9, re-
rainbow colors) “Thank You” Council (PIDC) … I had a lit- there was a note stating: “1 dia Monitor and I might have sponds, “I get the Foint.” (ace.
note on our e-mail, and a series tle problem, deciding whether page ad included + press re- violated the confidentiality
COMMENTS May 2010 Manila Media Monitor 11

Letters to the Editor

May 9, 2010 that everything able to help. If pines as a result and only one
will fall into place you got some more was left behind in Marikina.
Dear Kuya Ace and Ate eventually. pictures and ad- We could not just release
Gie, Mar and I re- dtional info will be the money we raise as we are
ally hope we’d be able to repay stick in my mind: much appreciated. bound by the Rotary Interna-
How are you? I hope and you. Your kindness and gesture “... live like a storm, and of tional rules and regulations.
pray you are always well and alone are enough to affirm to satisfied urges (in my world il- Kind regards, The money we raised will
happy. Please allow me to call us that God is out there watch- legal ones are included).” Fred Alba remain in our Rotary Bank ac-
you kuya and ate not for any- ing us. Secondly, this is the first Sydney, Australia count and will be matched by
thing else but because I admire Kuya and ate, may all your time I have read a material the District and Rotary Inter-
you both and I see inspiration good deeds come back to you from her outside her “business national once we find a repu-
in what you do. a hundredfold. Maraming world”, or about her. Well May 22, 2010 table organization which can
Mar and I would like to say maraming salamat po :) Thank done! help us on our project.
THANK YOU SO MUCH! We you for allowing yourselves to What is a life well lived? (Editor’s Note: We endorsed My brother and sister-in law
just saw in your April issue, be God’s instruments of hope Well explained. I give her a 10 the letter above to Victoria Ew- who live in Marikina visited the
and Manila Media Monitor’s and inspiration for us! We hope on that. Of course, on a scale ert—the project coordinator Boystown last December before
website a story on us; we can- to be one, too, for you :) of 1 to 10. of a fundraising event for the they flew to Canada for a visit.
not, but be very thankful po. Always take care po and Keep on writing. Just a benefit of the Manila Boystown They brought food and clothes
Honestly, right now, as we God bless you and your fam- thought I can share … we were Complex) and gifts to the boys through
are re-starting our lives, life ily. taught, “The purpose of life is the courtesy of the employees
has been very difficult for us to praise God”. This line sum- Hello Fred, of United Laboratories.
with all the adjustment issues Sincerely, marizes a life well lived. My sister-in law told me
and of course source of liveli- Lily and Mar Mendoza The condition of the or- that the water and sanitation is
hood. East York, Ontario See you sometime. phaned boys at Manila Boys- a big problem as the toilets are
While our kids love it here, Smile, God loves you. town is worst now because they not functioning well in the boys
as newcomers, our kids are were badly affected by typhoon complex and the sewage sys-
also experiencing challenges. May 11, 2010 Ondoy last last year. tem is bad and one could smell
People like you touching our We are unable to get any key the foul odor coming from the
lives in a very encouraging I am an avid reader of Eva May 22, 2010 player to coordinate our proj- toilets. They do not have safe
way make Mar and I believe Agpaoa’s column in Manila ect until now as the members drinking water as well.
that we will make it here too. Media Monitor. I read in your website a of the Rotary Club of Marikina My sister in-law noticed
Life now, maybe, is so chal- Her column last April, enti- story about the Manila Boys West that we are co-ordinating that the boys have big bellies,
lenging as all immigrants’ ex- tled, “What is life well lived?” Town. with also lost their homes dur- which means that they have
perienced, but we know God’s is a keeper. I wanted to know more ing the Ondoy typhoon and
hands through people like you In the column, I put special about the condition of the boys flooding. Members moved to LETTERS
tell us it will be alright and emphasis to these lines that at the complex. We might be different parts of the Philip- continued on p. 12
12 Manila Media Monitor May 2010 NEWS

LETTERS from p.11 when I saw them first- need matresses. cast, digital and web Paul de la Cruz – the Caducio, 20; Treasurer:
hand two years ago on I have attached a copy media in the province of first president of the club Mogi Mogado, 26; Kar-
my first visit. They do of the Boy’s Town flyer Ontario and one of the founding en Pascual-Binaday, 22:
parasites and suffering not get any funding from they sent me and the list In the Greater To- members; Tony Sicat, Directors are: Joy Sarm-
from malnutrition. the City of Manila and it of items they need. (Ed.’s ronto Area alone, there a veteran journalist and iento, 37; Jess Cabrias,
I will try to meet seemed to me that they Note: For reasons of are at least 15 Filipino retired editor of a Philip- 36, Hermie Garcia, 30;
with Father Marciano were totally abandoned space, we are unable to fortnightly and monthly pine daily; and, writer/ Joe Damasco, 23; Nestor
“Rocky” Evangelista, by the Philippine govern- print the list, but we can newspapers and maga- historian Ricky Caluen. Arellano, 17. The first
founder of Tuloy Foun- ment. make it available through zines catering to a boom- De la Cruz got 23 votes three won as directors.
dation Inc. and member The girls in the Manila e-mail) ing market of an estimat- out of Sicat’s 10 and Cal- The newly elected
of the Rotary Club of Al- Boystown complex are ed 250,000 Filipinos. uen’s 17. board and officers im-
abang, Metro Manila as better off than the boys Victoria A. Ewert, While the look of Tallies in other posi- mediately took their oath
he is one of the Keynote as they get supported by MBA, FCIP, CRM, RF hostility was in the eyes tions are: of office before ComElec
speakers at the Plenary local charities. PRINCIPAL of some candidates and Vice president: Rose Chair Rosemer Enverga
Session 3 on June 22 at The Director of the The Osborne Group supporters in the early Tijam, 31; Tenny Soria- after they were proa-
the Rotary International Boystown sent us a long Edmonton, Alberta hours of the day at the no, 18; Secretary: Riza claimed winners.
conference to be held in llist of medical supplies venue of the election in Khamal, 28; Miguel
Montreal, Quebec. His that they urgently need as Scarborough, Ontario,

foundation is focused on their in-house clinic sits PPCO from p. 1 the proceedings went on
the orphaned and street empty. They also want us smoothly.
children in the Philip- to provide new beds for directors. The members To the credit of out-
pines. the 174 boys. They have represent journalists, edi- going PPCO president
I am not giving up on the metal frame of the bed tors, publishers, writers, Tenny Soriano, the ten-
this project as I cannot from the Army surplus photographers, videogra- sion was defused when
turn a blind eye on these but they need something phers and all those asso- he asked the presidential
orphaned boys especially to make it usable and will ciated with print, broad- contestants to come for-
ward, and to which the
three gentlemen glee-
fully obliged, then joined
Forgiveness does not always lead to a healed hands in a show of soli-
relationship. Some people are not capable of love, darity. For one fleeting
moment captured by vid-
and it might be wise to let them go along with your eos and still photos, unity
anger. Wish them well, and let them go their way. was back where it proved
to be elusive.
- Real Live Preacher The presidency was a
three-way contest among
NEWS May 2010 Manila Media Monitor 13

Introduction: rive each year? why should someone series will examine the and the Middle East. A the country with richer
The Canadian Expe- appointed by the Queen nation’s greatest prime formerly “white” nation provinces contributing
By J.L. Granatstein rience, a collection of (and why does Canada ministers, Sir John A. became “a coat of many funds to reach a rough
52 columns by some of still have a Queen?) be Macdonald, Sir Wilfrid colours,” as someone balance of services for
Canadians are a Canada’s best historians, the commander-in-chief Laurier, William Lyon once described it, a na- all. It’s far from being
strange people — confi- will explain who we are, of the Canadian Forces? Mackenzie King, and tion with citizens from perfect, but Canadians at
dent and quiet most of the where we came from, Why does a liberal de- Lester “Mike” Pearson to every part of the globe. least try.
time, but also frequently and where we’re going. mocracy like Canada name a few Soon Parliament had de- The Canadian Expe-
uncertain and sometimes The columns will be po- have an appointed Sen- And then we turn to clared Canada a multi- rience then looks at the
boisterous. Newcomers to lite — we’re Canadian, ate? How do elections the people of Canada. cultural nation, recogniz- way Canada and Britain
Canada often find it diffi- after all! — but they’ll be work here? The courts? The First Nations, appro- ing the reality. have managed their re-
cult to get to know them, blunt and point to short- The public service? priately enough, come The series then looks lations. London was the
this strange multicultural comings as often as they Then we turn to poli- first, as they were the at the provinces and centre of the world for
people in an officially sing Canada’s praises. tics: the present political initial inhabitants of the regions that make up much of Canada’s early
bilingual country. How Self-criticism is another parties, Conservatives, land that became Canada. Canada and at the way colonial history, and Ot-
did Canadians develop Canadian habit. What the Liberals, the New Demo- They were followed by the federal government tawa played an important
into a French-English- columns will always be cratic Party, and the Bloc the French, the British, in Ottawa deals with the role in turning the British
First Nations-multiethnic is interesting and infor- Québécois. Just how is it and a host of others, set- provinces and territories. Empire into the Com-
society? What historical mative, a good guide for that Quebec sends sepa- tling the land and arguing Federal-provincial rela- monwealth of Nations.
and institutional forces Canadians old and new. ratist Members of Parlia- with each other over lan- tions are a critical part But if Canada became in-
made us what we are to- The series will begin ment to Ottawa? What guage, religion, and po- of Canada’s governmen- dependent of Britain, as it
day? And how can Cana- with a look at Canada’s kind of nation permits litical power. Over time, tal system, and as some was by 1931, its sharing a
dians communicate what geography and climate — separatists dedicated to and especially in the last provinces grow quickly continent with the United
shaped them, how their we know it’s cold! — and the destruction of Canada 50 years, the population and get richer, others States forced it to deal
governmental systems then discuss the basics of as it is to sit in its Parlia- changed dramatically as lose people and wealth. with the giant next door.
operate, and what they Canada’s government. ment? The answer, Cana- immigrants came to Can- Canada is one of the few
think to the quarter-mil- What’s a Governor-Gen- dians will say, is a demo- ada from China, India, nations that attempts to CANADIAN
lion newcomers who ar- eral?, for example, and cratic nation. Then the Latin America, Africa equalize wealth across continued on p. 18
14 Manila Media Monitor May 2010 NEWS

Finger-pointing by slay courtroom as part of the trial.

Dulnuan apparently stood
had been expressing fears
which he refused to explain.

suspects in Dulnuan case

in the way of the two Ecua- Dulnuan’s murder has gal-
dorians who robbed the huge vanized the Filipino commu-
30,000-square-foot mansion nity in Toronto where there is a
that she had been hired to keep large presence of Filipino care-
for the couple Vasdev and Jaya givers and nannies.
By Romeo P. Marquez Chanchlani. Her employers Among those who have
Philippine Village Voice were out at the time of the rob- been religiously attending the
Toronto, ON bery-slaying. hearings were Imie Belanger, a
A second accused in the Both men knew the man- cousin-in-law of Dulnuan and
grisly slaying of a Filipino sion quite well, having worked an advocate for caregivers, and
housekeeper denied responsi- there for some time. They also Coco Diaz, a volunteer coun-
bility for her death but refused knew that there were no secu- sellor at Intercede, who also
to say who did it, saying he was rity cameras. The alarm system does her advocacy. The Philip-
afraid for his family, the Supe- was not working either. pine Consulate General sent its
rior Court in suburban Bramp- “Who’s reponsible for her representative, John Reandino,
ton heard, Thursday, May 20. death?” the police interroga- to monitor the developments.
The testimony followed a Filipino caregiver advocates Imie Belanger (left) and Coco tor hammered him. In between
Diaz emerge from the courtroom of Mr. Justice John Sproat questions, Loayza-Penaloza
police revelation that the DNA
In Brampton after a luncheon recess at Jocelyn Dulnuan
of the other accused, Cristian murder trial on May 20. At right is John Readino of the Phil- would remain pensive, then
Figueroa, had been found in ippine Consulate General in Toronto who keeps tabs of sneezed and sobbed, his head YOUR GATEWAY TO
the victim’s fingernails. the developments in the trial. (Courtesy: Philippine Village bowed. THE FILIPINO
Ecuadorian immigrants Voice, Toronto, ON) “I am innocent,” he barked. CANADIAN MARKET
Fabian Loayza-Penaloza and at the courthouse early in the during the police interrogation “Everybody makes mistakes. I IN TORONTO IS
Cristian Figueroa are held in afternoon, shortly after the trial but would not name who be- made mistakes. I want to make
sure my family will be okay,”
jail on murder charges for the at the sala of Mr. Justice John tween him and Figueroa slew
killing in October 2007 of Joc- Sproat went on a luncheon re- Dulnuan by strangling her with he said, insisting he wanted to MONITOR
elyn Dulnuan, a 27-year-old cess. copper wire. talk to a lawyer before answer- ADVERTISING.
native of Hingyon, Ifugao in Government officials Figueroa, meanwhile, said ing all the questions.
the Philippines, who worked shielded from the media the “it was impossible” that his The interrogator then asked CALL (416) 285-8583
as housekeeper for an Indian older Dulnuan, who planed in DNA would be found on Dul- him again and again: “Who’s to book yours today.
couple in the nearby city of from Hongkong. A request for nuan, in effect denying he had responsible for her death? Was
Mississauga. an interview by this reporter a hand in her murder. it Cristian (Figueroa)?”.
e-mail: manila
Dulnuan’s mother, Gode- was firmly denied. CD copies of the interroga- “If he’s responsible, I don’t mediamonitor
liva Dulnuan, and a younger Loayza-Penaloza repeat- tion was played on three closed know what happens to me,”
sister, Joyce Dulnuan, arrived edly professed his innocence circuit television inside the Loayza-Penaloza replied. He
NEWS May 2010 Manila Media Monitor 15

BEN from p.1 step-daughters Bever- spirit. Thank you, Ben media profession. Thank encapsulated bio of Ben * Canada (1981-85)
leigh (Sandy) and Cheryl for your leadership and you, Ben, and may you Viccari – A lifetime de- Communications con-
President, CEMA 1989- (John), brother John (Bet- commitment to building, rest in peace. My sincere voted to communications, sultant, mainly to York
2008. Ben won the first ty) of England. Beloved promoting and support- condolences to Anne and language, multicultural- Division , Canada Post
Sierhey Khmara Ziniak poppa of Aaron, Claire, ing the development of the family.” ism and the ethnic media Corporation.
Award in 1995 which is Camille, Jayson and Tara, ethnic media in Canada. Renato Zane, Vice * Born, July 2, 1918, * Canada (1986-2000)
given by CEMA for ex- predeceased by Tracey Your path has shown the President / General Man- London, England. Managing Editor, Cana-
cellence in ethnic jour- and Sean. Beloved poppi way for so many to fol- ager for Citytv Vancouver * Educated: Clapham dian Scene a multilingual
nalism. of Avery, Elena, Mia, low. God Bless.” and OMNI B.C., another Xaverian College Lon- news and information
Ben was active in eth- Devon, Kayla, Jennifer, Madeline Ziniak, Na- close friend and col- don. service for Canada’s eth-
nic media and communi- McKenzie, Noah, Tyler tional Vice-President of league, wrote from Brit- * France, Northern nic media, publishing in
cations until the very end, and Marcus. OMNI-TV and Chair of ish Columbia: “Ben was Ireland, England, Italy 13 languages
and was all set to dial in After his death, trib- CEMA’s Board, and a a man of infinite integrity (1939-46) Wartime ser- * Canada (1996-2009
to the CEMA Board of utes poured in from all close friend of Ben’s for and dignity who made a vice with Royal Artillery ) Commentator, OMNI
Directors meeting sched- quarters, praising Ben’s many years, said: “Ben tremendous impact in the and Military Mission to TV’s Commentary.
uled twelve hours later single-minded devotion Viccari” was a trail- lives of untold numbers Italian Army (1939-46). * Canada – 2005 –
the day he died. to the cause of Multicul- blazer and champion of of people. His elegance, 2008, Writer, host and
Until the fall of 2009, turalism and the Ethnic ethnic media. His zeal wit and wisdom will be Work History co-producer of OMNI-
he continued recording Media. Among many and passion for multilin- missed greatly.” * England (1946-47) funded documentaries
his bi-weekly commen- others from: gual media to have a de- Irene Chu, CEMA Story Analyst, Produc- The Third Element and
taries for OMNI-TV, lam- Lenny Lombardi, served and rightful place Treasurer and TV Pro- tion Facilities, Films, a The ‘M’ Word
basting errant politicians President of the multi- in Canadian society was ducer and Publisher, had department of J. Arthur * Freelance writer,
and religious leaders cultural CHIN Radio-TV inspirational. He leaves a this to say: “I’m deep- Rank Organization Toronto Star, Performing
alike, fighting any kind International, said in his legacy of determination, ly, deeply saddened by * Canada (1947 -79) Arts in Canada, Mayfair
of censorship, reviewing tribute: positive thinking and Ben’s passing. He was Various management and Magazine and other me-
books on politics, litera- “I will always remem- feistiness.” one of those rare leaders consulting positions in dia.
ture and ethnicity, lend- ber Ben as a charming, Dat Nguyen, Publisher who was tireless in his communications industry. * Author three unpro-
ing the full force of his sophisticated and thor- of the Thoi Bao Newspa- efforts and gave all he (General Foods, Turnbull duced screenplays
English accented voice to oughly lovable man that per and Acting President could for the causes he Elevator Limited, Ontar- Volunteer Service:
anti-racism struggles and was a leading voice for of CEMA: “Ben had been championed. Those of io Lottery Corporation. * Founding editor, PR
proclaiming Canada as multiculturalism. I will a tower of strength in the us who have known him Olympic Coin Program, in Canada, national organ
the beacon of successful miss his enthusiasm for Ethnic Media. He has for many years always 1976, Government of Re- of Canadian Public Rela-
multiculturalism that was CEMA and our multicul- been a pioneer, a leader, marvel at his energy, his gion of Campania, Italy, tions Society (1957 -59)
an example to a conflict- tural reality. I’ll miss his a mentor in the multicul- vigour and his total dedi- Canada’s Wonderland) * President, Canadian
ridden world. visits to CHIN RADIO tural media field in Cana- cation. His legacies will * Canada (1980) Pub- Public Relations Society
He leaves his wife and to the CHIN Picnic, da. He has inspired many always live on among lisher and Managing Edi- Toronto (Inc) 1960-61
Anne, son Paul (Susi), which he always attend- of us during our journey us.” tor, Oggi Canada, Italian
daughter Brenda (Josh), ed. I’ll miss his gentle in the journalism and The following is an language weekly. BEN continued on p. 17
16 Manila Media Monitor May 2010 NEWS

Exciting activities planned for Pistahan anyone of the renowned

stage and recording per-
be Board of Judges to
pick up the winners.

Sa Toronto, June 12-13

formers. We see an abun- Music loving perform-
dance of these talents in ers are invited to come
karaoke bars, entertain- and show their talents.
The annual FCT Pis- individual small plastic tacruzan will end the fes- plan to perform in any of ment numbers in many Who will you be? Feel
tahan Sa Toronto will bags and distributed for tivities. the shows are requested parties, or even in casual free to call FCT (Fili-
take place on June 12 free to any one who lines A new drawing/art to sign up at the Centre. gatherings. pino Centre of Toronto)
and 13 at Nathan Phil- up for it. contest will be open for Please phone Wendy at Prizes will be awarded at (416) 928-9355 for
lips Square from 12:00 to Entertainment on stage elementary school chil- (416) 928-9355. to the best Impersonators further details. (Press Re-
10:00 p.m. As in previ- will be non-stop. The hip dren. Prizes include Another new excit- – performers who could lease)
ous years, there will be hops, rock bands, folk brand new bicycles. ing Pistahan presentation best portray their music
a Parade of Filipino As- dances, singing divas and The Toronto Police will be the Impersonators idols in singing styles Manila Media Monitor
sociations to kick off the the Filipino Singing Idol will conduct the Bike Contest. and costumes. There will Tel. (416) 285-8583
activities. Grand Finale will keep Rodeo. Bikes, helmets FCT Director Poy
There will be a Lechon you glued to your seats. and drinking bottles will Caña, who chairs the
Parade each day of around A Mass will be celebrat- be given out for free, contest, sends us this an-
16 crisply browned ed by Fr. Macalipay at complete with on hand nouncement:
lechons, which will be the start of the event on instructions on how to The Impersonators –
chopped up, placed in Saturday, while the San- bike safely. Those who Who Will You Be?
FCT Director Poy
Cana, who chairs the pro-
gram said the next Annu-
al Pistahan Extravaganza
at the Nathan Phillip’s
Square will have a new
segment in the musical
talent show that will be
introduced to the public.
The new segment Photo shows the Filipino Centre Toronto’s 2010
will give an opportunity YEPA recipients, namely, Rafael Fabregas, a law-
yer, for the Young Professional Award and Vince
for talents to show their Gutierrez, proprietor/manager of Remely’s, a Fili-
versatility in portraying pino restaurant on Sheppard Avenue in Scarbor-
legends in the music in- ough, Ontario, for the Young Entrepreneur Award
dustry such as Elvis Pres- (3rd and 4th from left, respectively). Flanking
FCT President Rosalinda Javier and FCT Chair Dr. Victoria Santiago ley, Michael Jackson, them are co-chairs Geny Torribio and Dr. Nen-
continue to lead and inspire the Filipino Centre Toronto board of ette De Villa with Atty. Maria Louisa Diaz, a recipi-
directors, volunteers and supporters in their successful projects Tom Jones, Madonna, ent of the 2008 Young Professional Award. (Aida
for the community. (Aida D’ Orazio) Beyonce, Lady Gaga or D’Orazio)
NEWS May 2010 Manila Media Monitor 17

Exclusive Interview liked what we heard and thank them. I hope they JE: Your debut is
the rest is history. Be- support my album. coming very soon, what

Charice Pempengco
sides, Iyaz is famous in JE: Your first movie are your plans for your
the Philippines! appearance with the chip- coming-out day?
JE: Your song a “Note munks’ sequel has truly CP: I will celebrate
to God” was a very very started your international my debut in New York;
With Jun Enverga inspirational song. How movie career. Are there just a party. I will fly to
would you compare other plans to make more the Philippines immedi-
I totally discarded my baffled me, putting me on Mariah Carey, Whitney “Pyramid” and “A Note movies? Any offers? ately as soon as my al-
plans and enjoyed the the edge of my seat. Huston or Celine Dion. to God”? Which music CP: I have so many bum commitments are
conversation while intro- I continued the con- Do you think Pyramid captures your talent the offers. Of course, I can- completed. I will cele-
ducing questions as we versation, saying, “I’m will be your “big song” most, and which one is not announce yet what brate with the under priv-
went along… so sorry that I woke you that will line you up with closer to your heart? they are. I am willing to iledged children in the
When I was requested up. I know it is pretty your favorite Diva’s Ma- CP: Base on the lyr- do some acting, but for Philippines.
to interview powerbelter very early in LA.” riah, Whitney and Ce- ics , a “Note to God” is now, I have to focus on JE: I read stories all
Charice Pempengco, my I got the sweetest of line? Why? my number one, but both my album. about you, and your mom.
first thought was that I all replies: “Do not worry CP: My album “Pyra- songs are very close to JE: In the Philippines, Who do you think kept
would be interviewing a po … I’m okay!” mid” is my first R&B, me. Certainly, based on you have been called an the two of you together
sophisticated, over confi- Because I was to talk different from my other the lyrics, the “Note to inspiration; the pride of the most? Has your re-
dent, reserved and straight with an international star, songs. With David Fos- God” is very important Filipinos. lationship changed at all
forward individual. I had planned to control ter’s suggestion, we to me. Sort of like Manny after all your successes
I had that notion that the tempo of the con- mixed in some ballad, so JE: I was told you Pacquiao. Manny excels and accolades?

because she is already up versation, be more pre- that my fans will not feel are going to Canada next with his arm, and you, CP: Nothing really
there with the big stars scribed. But as soon as with your voice. What is changed. We are always
and very well known per- my subject spoke, my your advice for the aspir- together … (with gig-
sonalities, she must have heart melted for I could ing would be idols and gle)….
already adjusted herself not control the gentle I want to thank everyone for heroes? What kind of I ended up my con-
according to her new- breeze, so to speak, com-
found stature, prompting ing through the ear piece
supporting me. Of course, al- work ethic, or regimen
they should follow?
versation with Charice
Pempengco with this
me to prepare my inter- of the phone. I totally most all Filipinos have been CP: Manny Pacquiao parting statement: “Talk-
view with care. I also discarded my plans and went to a lot of struggles ing about schedules, I
planned to be overly for- enjoyed the conversation supporting me. They are there just like me. We cannot know you have a lot of
mal on my approach and, while introducing ques- wherever I go. I would like to reach our status right now them and I do not want
admittedly, scared some- tions as we went along: if we did not persevere. to take too much of your
how that I might offend JE: I heard about thank them. I hope they support We are both Filipinos. time, on behalf of all the
royalty. your newly released sin- my album. JE: Your schedule Filipinos and everyone
It was 12 noon in To- gle, “Pyramid”. I am so must be really hectic. else in Canada, from the
ronto, three hours ahead impressed and feel re- What are your plans for bottom of our hearts,
of LA’s time, so that I ally proud of you when I this year? we would like to thank
would practically be wak- watched your videos on left out from the song. I month … here in Toron- CP: I will be a guest you for inspiring us and
ing her up for our phone YouTube. How do you can compare Pyramid to to, to promote your new in tv shows like “Good making us all proud. We
interview. I thought of relate your life to the lyr- the “big songs”. single, “Pyramid”. Have Morning America”, then, will all pray that your al-
my struggles waking up ics of “Pyramid”? JE: What do you think you been to Canada be- we will tour around to bum and all the albums
my kids on weekends, CP: The Pyramid of Iyaz, your singing fore? What are your ex- promote the Pyramid that are coming up, goes
thus, if so, what more of video that everyone can partner in Pyramid? Are pectations from the over album. We will have a platinum a hundred fold!
a star! watch in YouTube, is just you planning on work- 250,000 Filipino Canadi- tour called “David Fos- We can’t wait to see you
Charice’s representa- like my life story. In the ing with him again in the ans? What do you think ter and friends”. We will here in Toronto! See you
tive from Warner Records video, the first thing you future? of Canada? tour Asia and we will be soon!”
phoned me first, saying, will see is that I did not CP: Iyaz is my label CP: I have been to in the Philippines around Charice had to run.
“Mr. Enverga, Charice make the cut to a show, mate. We are both from Vancouver, but not in To- October with David Fos- She had a scheduled in-
will be on the line soon and I was so disappoint- Warner Records. Last ronto. I wish I can tour ter and other celebrities. terview with the most
… 20 minutes,” then a ed. In the end, somebody year, when I was record- around (with a giggle). JE: You have been an popular radio station in
long pause …. raised my spirit in the ing songs, it was sug- I wish I can meet every- inspiration for a lot of Los Angeles, and mil-
Expecting to hear form of Iyaz which in gested that it would be one. I am so excited to Filipino-Canadians and lions of listeners were
someone on the phone real life is my mother. beautiful if there would go to Toronto. I am also all Canadian youth for waiting to hear her.
that was commanding From the video, I feel I be a guest artist. We had hoping that I can perform that matter here in Toron- It was a long ‘bye. It
and rushing, my fear di- can see my life, and in so many choices to be in front of all of you. to. What message would was only 20 minutes, but
minished as I heard a the future…. The video is my label mate. Just a I want to thank every- you impart to them? I know that the thoughts
voice of humility, of gen- really comparable to my few months ago, without one for supporting me. Of CP: What I can say is about what I have just
tleness, meekness, and real life. me knowing, Iyaz was course, almost all Filipi- … as a teenager, it is re- experienced will be with
foremost respectful! JE: You have been requested to record the nos have been supporting ally important to listen to me for a long long while
“Hi How are you? I singing “big songs” song, and they told me me. They are there wher- your mom. They know (
am Charice,” the voice from various artists like to listen to the music. We ever I go. I would like to what is best!

BEN from p. 9 * Member, Celebrate Monitor, and producer Filipinos move about. Ben.” (Author’s Note: and Multiculturalism re-
Canada Committee for of TV program Front It was four years later Ace Alvarez served for side on each one of us
* Founder-director, Ontario (1998 –06) Page Philippines: “When that I would meet Ben eight years as secretary and on our constant re-
Toronto Outdoor Exhibi- * Publisher, Canscene I put up Manila Media personally, after which, to Ben’s 10-year tenure minder not to keep quiet
tion, (1961-64). — Canada’s Multicul- Monitor in 1996, it was started a very beautiful as CEMA president, later when faced with racism,
* Publicity chair, Villa tural Scene (2001 –) an Ben Viccari’s writings in friendship. I didn’t look succeeding him to the discrimination and lack
Colombo, Toronto (1974- internet magazine also Canadian Scene that in- at Ben though as only a CEMA presidency after of consciousness. It was
1980) carrying Canadian Ethnic spired me to be involved friend. To me, he was his retirement) an honour to work with
* President, Toronto Journalists’ and Writers’ and write also on what not only a father of the From Erick Nettel, Se- Ben for several years
Press Club (1981-82) Club newsletter. was happening in other ethnic media, but served nior Producer Diversity in the production of the
* President, Canadian communities, thus, giv- as a father-figure to me, Programming, OMNI CEMA Awards show, as
Ethnic Journalists’ and More Tributes ing my readers the whole too, having lost mine at Television: “Ben taught this was a yearly testa-
Writers’ Club (1998 – From Ace Alvarez, multicultural picture the age of 16. Thank you me that the relevance and
2008) publisher, Manila Media of the society in which so much for everything, importance of Diversity BEN continued on p. 18
18 Manila Media Monitor May 2010 PEOPLE & EVENTS

GO makes it easier to zip

down to Niagara this season
Last May 21, GO accommodations, theatre sengers enjoyed our inau-
Transit started offering tickets, restaurant gift gural service last summer
seasonal weekend train certificates, amusement and this season’s contest
service allowing passen- park passes and round- is one more reason for
gers to zip between To- trip tickets. To enter, visit passengers to give the
ronto and Niagara Falls and answer service a try. More infor-
once again this summer. the skill-testing question. mation about the Niagara
GO has partnered with This seasonal weekend Falls weekend GO Train
a variety of Niagara Re- train service provides an service, including sched-
gion tourist and recre- easy way to trade a week- ules and fares is available
ation establishments to end in the busy city for a online at
offer a weekly “Zip & weekend in Niagara Falls, GO Transit is the Prov-
Win Wednesday” con- or head downtown to en- ince of Ontario’s interre-
test. joy a weekend adventure gional public transit sys-
On the first day of ser- in Toronto. With stops tem linking Toronto with
vice and every week un- in Toronto, Port Credit, the surrounding regions
til Labour Day weekend, Oakville, Burlington, St. of the Greater Toronto
GO will announce week- Catharines and Niagara Area (GTA). GO carries
ly Zip & Win Wednesday Falls taking this service nearly 55 million passen-
contest draws that will also takes a scenic tour gers a year in an exten-
offer a variety of Niagara through other great day sive network of train and
Region entertainment or weekend getaway des- bus services that spans
packages. tinations in the GTA. over 10,000 square kilo-
The prize each week GO is pleased to be metres. GO Transit is a
will be unique and can offering this service to division of Metrolinx, an
include a variety of Niagara again this sea- agency of the Province of
things from overnight son. Nearly 50,000 pas- Ontario.

CANADIAN pants in dozens of peace BEN from p. 17

from p. 13 operations.
Canada’s history is a ment and recognition of
This was not always easy proud one. This is a na- the values for which Ben
and Canadians, one his- tion that has never in- stood up, wrote about and
torian said, were the first vaded another country defended. Thanks Ben,
anti-Americans. We’ll in its own self-interest. we’ll miss you!”
look at how Canadians This is a country that From Jules Elder, As-
get on with Uncle Sam. has never fought an ag- soc. Producer and Head- members upon the pass- He was a fellow Mac (in- Peace Ben.”
The series ends with gressive war. Canada line Editor, OMNI-TV: ing of Ben. He was both tosh) fan, a good friend Arnim Joop, editor/
a long look at Canada’s is a liberal-democratic “Ben’s passing is a great the head and the spiritual and an inspiration.” publisher, The Albertaner
military history. Some state that, of course, has loss. So many of us have leader of CEMA, and Naeem (Nick) Noora- and CEMA Board Mem-
Canadians think their its national interests and benefited from his wis- always will be an inspi- ni, Founder/Publisher, ber: “Ben hosted me and
nation has been and its cherished values, and dom, guidance and gen- ration to all who knew The Canadian Immi- my wife when we visited
still is the world’s best as such, it tries to work erosity. I am thankful for him.” grant Magazine and a Toronto in 1997 to ac-
peacekeeper, and many out its domestic and for- having known him. Fare- Bill Andersen, a Ben CEMA Board member: cept my first award; and
do not even realize that eign policies in peaceful well Ben!” fan who helped him “Canada and the ethnic he was very gracious.
Canada has fought wars ways. Welcome to The From Elena Zolotko, take Canscene online, a media scene has lost a He was the one, with his
for its survival. More Canadian Experience. CEMA Board Member, CEMA friend, and a ma- gentle giant! I remem- Canscene, who inspired
than 115,000 Canadians The Canadian Experi- Columnist for the Rus- jor supporter and helper ber Ben fondly as he got me to start a multicul-
died in World Wars I and ence is a 12-month history sian Courier: “Very sad of the CEMA website: me in as a member and tural newspaper in Al-
II, fighting for democ- series designed to tell the news. My deepest sym- “Ben started his first web later presented me with berta, and he invited me
racy and freedom; others story of our country to all pathies and condolences site, Canscene when he a cherished award. Gone to serve on the board of
fought in Korea early in Canadians. Sponsored by to Anne and all family was nearly 80 years old. but not forgotten. Rest in CEMA. I will miss him.”
the 1950s, and Canadians Multimedia Nova Cor-
today are fighting the Tal- poration and Diversity
iban in Afghanistan. But Media Services/Lingua author bios are available
Canada has indeed been Ads partners, the series at http://www.cdnexperi-
a peacekeeper, one of the features articles by our The Canadian
inventors of the idea at country’s foremost histo- Experience is copyright
the United Nations and rians on a wide range of © 2010-2011 Multimedia
one of the major partici- topics. Past articles and Nova Corporation.



CALL (416) 285-8583 to book yours today.

e-mail: Overall Philippine Independence Day Council (PIDC) Pageants’ Chair Rose-
mer Enverga and Little Miss Philippines PIDC 2010 Pageant Vice Chair Shei-
la Canizares hand over to Krystal Brigo her prizes for winning the title during
ceremonies in North York, Ontario last May 8. (Courtesy: Raymond Santos)
May 2010 Manila Media Monitor 19
May 2010 Manila Media Monitor 21

100% Approval Or We Pay You $500.00

Ne Ca
ed r?
Henderson Weekes at specializes Buying a Car: MADE EASY
in providing car loans to good people with less than Step 1: E-mail or Phone Henderson Weekes
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As long as you have a full time job, you are
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and will offer you a lifetime warranty on all your paint and body work.
• A service department that has achieved a customer satisfaction rating higher than any other dealership in
G.T.A., and will include a 17-point inspection, chassis/hinge lubrication and top-up all of your fluids with
every oil change.

Don’t need a car. BUT you know someone that does? We’ll pay you a $250.00
referral fee after they buy from us!
Mercedes Benz, BMW and other high-end, or luxury cars available
*Bankruptcy, Divorce, Repo, Slow Payments. No Credit, New Immigrants
* Some Conditions Apply
22 Manila Media Monitor May 2010
PEOPLE & EVENTS May 2010 Manila Media Monitor 23

The Mabuhay Festival and

Trade Show is Coming!
Headlining the Mabu- Pete Mauricio 905 301- Minerva Studio that will
hay Festival and Trade 8408 Rorie Elefano 416 be sent to GMA Talent
Show are the GMA Ka- 733-7818 Josie Consunji Centre. Get ready, audi-
puso Stars!!! Sit back, 905 828-0205. tions starts May 28th at
watch and be entertained As usual, we will have the Fiesta Filipina Centre.
or participate in the talent the GMA Kapuso artists To sign up call Estring at
and game show and win who will present a vari- 416 527 4271 or Deo 416
fabulous prizes!! ety show, a Game Show 230-6067. The rest of the
The much awaited with Deo Moreno and audition schedule as fol-
Mabuhay Festival and GMA artists. Participants lows:
Trade Show will finally will be selected June 19th June 4, Friday - 7-
be here. The venue has at the Earl Bales Park 11:00 pm
changed from the South community picnic. Not June 18, Friday - 7-
Building Hall D to the to be outdone, the Tal- 11:00 pm
North Building Hall A & ent Show will be audi- June 24, Thursday -
B, Metro Toronto Con- tioning for participants. 7-11:00 pm
vention Centre, 255 Front Are you GMA material? Excitement is in the air
St. West. Great location Do you have what it ! Hold your breath! They
in the heart of downtown takes to send your demo are coming to entertain
Toronto with easy public to GMA Talent Centre? you. Curious? Want to
access from Front Street. Can you sing, dance or know who?
The venue has over juggle spears? Are you a Katrina Halili – Close
125,000 sq ft of space comedian or actor? Here your eyes, think beauti-
with plenty of room for is your chance! Show us ful, and she will be here!
everyone. WE ARE IN- your talent and become The much awaited Ka-
VITING ALL EXHIBI- one of the ten finalists at trina was an alumna of
TORS – RESERVED the festival’s Most Tal- StarStruck, she was voted
YOUR BOOTH NOW! ented Showcase. Judging FHM’s sexiest woman
Take advantage of a good you will be GMA’s star of the year in 2006 and
marketing opportunity, maker – Kuya Germs.
CALL Evelyn Pagka- Winner gets a free pro- MABUHAY
linawan 416 369-1318 fessional demo made at continued on p. 24
24 Manila Media Monitor May 2010 PEOPLE & EVENTS

Trustee Luz del Rosario runs for provide expanded school

bus services so our young
Luz and her husband
Resty recently celebrat-
and Gamble, and daugh-
ter Justine, a student at

Ward 11 Councillor
kids will not be required ed their marriage of 31 the University of Water-
to cross busy streets on years. They are blessed loo.
their way to and from with their son Jonathan, For more information,
sissauga residents, most in 2006. school”. an engineer with Procter visit
especially those in Ward Del Rosario and her
11, whose voice has not family have been resident
been heard in the Council of Mississauga for over
for all these years”. 25 years. “I have seen
Del Rosario has been the city develop all these
actively involved in many years. Eglinton Avenue
community events. She and Creditview Road
has been chair of Caras- were one-lane streets
sauga Festival from 2003 then. The old Mead-
to 2006, past president owvale was like an island
of the Catholic Women’s surrounded by farms and
League (St. Joseph Par- trees. My children were
Luz del Rosario, the in- ish), Grant Review Team born and grew up in the
cumbent Separate School member of the Ontario city”.
Board trustee for Wards 6 Trillium Foundation and “I know most of the
and 11, registered today member of the Missis- challenges that face
her Certificate of Can- sauga Arts Review Task young families, as well
didacy for Councillor of Force. as those new to our coun-
Ward 11. “When Luz del Ro- try and our city. I have
“I decided to run as sario was Chair of Car- first hand experience, and
Councillor to contribute assauga, the event ex- I have a vision to effec-
my ability and experience perienced tremendous tively address these chal-
to the City Council”, del success in terms of more lenges”, she added. “I THEY ARE ALL WINNERS! From day 1 of the pageant, it was an exciting expe-
Rosario said. “We need rience, all fun, friendship and sportsmanship for the contestants of the Miss
participation pavilions, need your vote to realize
Philippines PIDC 2010 pageant, while at the same time, raising funds for the
new ideas in the Coun- higher attendance, and that vision”. Philippine Independence Day Council’s charity projects for the poor people
cil.” good financial manage- “My heart always goes in the Philippines through the PIDC ANCOP Village and GMA Pinoy TV’s
“I am not a traditional ment,” cited Mississauga to the under represented Kapuso Foundation. Twelve beautiful young ladies vied for the title, name-
politician, who repre- mayor Hazel McCallion. sector of our community. ly (not in order in the photo) Chantelle Yumol, Joanne Magbanua-Nguyen,
sents some special in- Regine Alaina Semira, Renee Jaojoco, Lindsay Anne Farrell, Michelle Ama-
For her efforts, del As a school Trustee, I al-
ral, Jessica Eusebio, Lilly Malloy, Naomi Ruth Macapagal, Catherine Amaral,
terest groups. I see the Rosario was recognized ways care for the children Aileen Gomez and Kyra Joy Pagsanghan. Adjudged by a panel of jurors as
need to take care of the as the City of Mississau- who need special educa- Miss Philippines PIDC 2010 is Naomi Ruth Macapagal (8th from left). [Manila
concerns of many Mis- ga’s Citizen of the Year tion, and look for ways to Media Monitor Photo]

MABUHAY his enduring sense of hu- crown at the 1st Ultimate Kuya Germs in Walang Of course, abangan ang Food for the soul rem-
from p. 23 mour and his undeniable Star Struck Survivor of Tulugan, Mastershow- susunod na update from iniscent of home and typ-
ability to spot talent. The Season One. man. He is an accom- GMA Kapuso stars. We ical at fiestas, delectable
2007. “She is the first “Master Showman” will Wendell Ramos start- plished actor and tv host may be in for a big sur- Filipino cuisine, desserts,
StarStruck contestant to be bringing his legendary ed his career when he was and very much in de- prise! halo-halo, suman, puto
top the FHM Philippines’ persona to Canada along cast in “Bubble Gang’. mand for product launch- Not to be outdone, ,you name it they got it!
100 Sexiest list and the with other young GMA From that beginning, he ings, beauty pageants, leading the pack with our There will be Kids
only Filipina celebrity to Stars at this year’s festi- went into “matinee idol” conventions and more. If local talents are Culture Zone for the kids and the
have won the title twice val. status and finally into you don’t know yet, he is Philippines Ontario, Fies- young at heart, a cultural
in a row”. Mark Herras was a “leading man” roles in also a balladeer. He has ta Filipina Dance Troupe, display and many more.
German Moreno – Af- StarStruck phenom where GMA shows Sinasamba ventured abroad and has a revival of Tuklas spon- The festival invites your
fectionately known as he honed his dancing tal- Kita, La Vendetta and travelled to Vancouver, sored by Norma Carpio, group or association to
“Kuya Germs”, German ent earning him a nick- many more. He also be- Winnepeg, Toronto and the Champions lead by
Moreno has been a staple name of “Bad Boy of the came a model with Bench Victoria. Emil Zarris, Santa Cruzan MABUHAY
of the entertainment in- Dance Floor”. His danc- along with other famous Will there be more? and many many more. continued on p. 25
dustry for over 47 years. ing moves earned him stars.
He is beloved by Filipi- more votes than Rainier John Nite – is cur-
nos around the globe for Castillo winning him the rently co-hosting with

The men and women of the Filipino Centre Toronto who continue to work for
the betterment of the Filipino community during the FCT’s Presidents’ Gala
at the Royal Fairmon Hotel. (Aida D’ Orazio)
PEOPLE & EVENTS May 2010 Manila Media Monitor 25
Part 2 of Seminar: “What do we do after the storm?”
6:30 PM, Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Quiapo! Quiapo! Banquet Hall
# 2 Principal Road in Scarborough, Ontario
Seminar on Health and Safety in the Workplace
(with emphasis on the enforcement on the new Workplace
Violation and Harassment legislation taking effect
June 15, 2010)
6:30 PM, Thursday, June 24, 2010
Quiapo! Quiapo! Banquet Hall
# 2 Principal Road in Scarborough, Ontario

MABUHAY Call to find out SELLER’s In-

from p. 24 centives.
participate in the cultural dis- TRIP TO THE PHILIPPINES
play. Call Minda 416 621- OR LAS VEGAS ! EARLY
Prepaid tickets are currently JUNE 19TH AND FINAL
selling for $15 and reserved DRAW AT THE FESTIVAL The leadership of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce-Toronto (PCCT) affirms further its
seating at $25 ($30 at the door JULY 24TH. TRIPS COMES commitment for continuous business development and training seminars of members. In
if seats are available). Call WITH CASH IF YOU ARE photo are PCCT members who availed of the PCCT’s latest offering in cooperation with the
Norma Carpio 416-975-1473 THE LUCKY ONE!!!
Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) on how the latter financial institution could
Jun Villaruz 416 826-6077 help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. The seminar was facilitated by Edmar Selda -
For more info, pls go to branch manager of BDC-Scarborough Branch, and Justin Montano - a partner in the Con-
Romy Rafael 905 997-7977 sulting Group of the BDC (inset, left and right). [Photos: Manila Media Monitor and Raymond
Cesar Mañebo 647 829-9187. Santos]
26 Manila Media Monitor May 2010 PEOPLE & EVENTS

Rol Ponce Lampitoc, Sr.

of Scarbor- National Gallery of Ot-
ough show in tawa on 1988, featuring

The Passing of a Master

1987, he won the work of Edgar Degas.
two awards, His work was shown at
first prize for the National Archives to-
“The Band”, gether with the works of
By Romi C MananQuil
and “Mo- other pastel painters from
Rolando Ponce American Embassy in won the ments of all over the world.
Lampitoc, Sr., foremost Manila. most cov- Reflection”. Rol P Lampitoc is sur-
Filipino-Canadian artist Lampitoc studied fine eted award In 1992, the vived by his loving wife,
in Canada and considered arts at the University of in the Phil- City of Guel- Cecilia, his children and
a master by his peers and the Philippines and has ippine Na- ph sponsored their spouses with his
colleagues in the Philip- always pursued a career tional Art a “Mardi grandchildren: Reuben
pine Artists Group, died in art. He has been and Exhibit, Gras” art and Cherry with Reuela
on May 16, 2010 at age premiere portrait painter. print cat- show where & Pia; Maria Christina
85 at his house in Scar- In Canada, he taught egory. He he won First and Philip Conlon with
borough, Toronto. art at Windsor’s St. Clair was then Prize and Adrian, Finbar & Em-
Rol Lampitoc was a College and Willistead asked to Best in the ily; Maria Theresa; Ma-
remarkable painter, por- Art Gallery. Some of his represent Show. ria Louisa and Patrick
traitist, photographer, portrait paintings now Philippines Rol’s ar- with Caleb, Timothy &
serigrapher, pastelist and hang at the University of at the “In- tistic passion Nathaniel; Rocille; Ro-
watercolourist; an award Toronto’s Woodsworth ternational Rol Ponce Lampitoc, Sr. showed a lando Jr and Kasumi;
winner in all of these College, Emmanuel Col- Salon Sud” broad spec- Arlina Inez and Les with
categories. This multi- lege, Engineering Col- in Paris. In 1981, Mr. cepted into the Pastel So- trum of subjects executed Jacqueline & Alexandria;
talented artist was also lege, Centenary Hospital Lampitoc won an award ciety of America at that in a variety of media, Courtney and Maria with
known for his most casu- and other private collec- in the internationally at- time. In 1989, he won the including watercolours, Gian Carlo & Manika.
al ukulele strumming but tions. His commissioned tended portrait competi- “First Prize Award” and pastel and oil. Lampitoc’s The Philippine Artists
most amazingly could works include portraits tion in New York City. His the “Most Favourite in works were celebrations Group of Canada honors
play music using an ordi- of Philippine Presidents work, “The Model” was the Show” of the Pastel of colour and form invok- their departed founding
nary carpenter’s saw like Carlos P. Garcia and Di- one of those chosen from Society of Canada. ing intensely emotional member who gave them
a violin. osdado Macapagal, both the 108 finalist to hang In the summer of experiences. This talent so much pride with their
When Rol Lampitoc in 1959; Chigago Mayor at the 5th Annual Juried 1987, he experienced in various media brought forthcoming annual Phil-
arrived in Canada in Richard Daly in 1960; Show of the Blue Moun- the Caribana Festival in invitations to exhibit in ippine independence art
1972, he was already a American President Har- tain Foundation of the Toronto and came forth major cities including show in June entitled, “
painter of note whose ry Truman in 1969; and Arts in 1985. Lampitoc’s with his interpretation Tokyo, Detroit and New Pinsel, Alay kay Manong
works graced the homes Detroit Mayor Roman S. pastel “Inday”, gained of the flamboyance and York. He was invited to Rol.”
and boardrooms of the Gribbs in 1973. him the honour of being merry-making of the fes- exhibit his pastel painting Manila Media Monitor
Philippine elite and the In 1972, Lampitoc the only Canadian ac- tivities. At the Arts Guild during the opening of the Tel. (416) 285-8583
May 2010 Manila Media Monitor 27


Sponsored by
Registration is on going for the next batch
call: 416-759-5453 x-222
28 Manila Media Monitor May 2010 MONEY

How the HST is going to built home after July 1st,

2010, you will be sub-
purchases, there is a pro-
vincial rebate offered in
$350,000 - Purchase
Price of a BRAND NEW
a seller will have to pay
HST (13%) instead of
affect the buyers and ject to the full HST on
the purchase price which
Ontario. Currently, new
homes are exempt from
$ 45,500 - HST on
GST (5%) on realtor
commissions. Services
sellers come July 1, 2010? currently only charges
GST. HST will also be
When the HST comes
Purchase Price (13%)
$ 21,000 - HST Re-
such as appraisals will
also be subject to HST.
applied to all home clos- into effect, new homes bate (6%) If you are planning
By Rose Ami
ing costs. Currently, you worth less than $400,000 to sell your home, you
So, you have decided from your friends and only pay GST on law- will qualify for a full 6% HST when you are should be talking to a
to buy a home but you family members and the yer’s fees, administra- tax rebate to a maximum selling a home real estate agent now and
have not found anything idea of HST makes you tion, title insurance and of $24,000 to help offset If you are buying or hopefully you will be able
yet. With the HST in ef- scared to buy a home. registration charges and the costs to the new hom- selling an older home, to sell prior to July 1st to
fect in Ontario come The Harmonized Sales PST on CMHC fees. eowner. you won’t have to pay avoid the HST. (Rose L.
July 1st, you are starting Tax (HST) is a combina- Homes above HST on the purchase Ami is a Licensed Mort-
to worry about how that tion of the 5% federal The $24K Rebate $400,000 would only price but you will feel the gage Agent)
may impact the costs goods and services tax You probably have get a marginal tax break HST effect on various
of buying a home. You (GST) and the 8% pro- heard of the $24,000 re- because of the $24,000 realtor commissions and Manila Media Monitor
probably have heard dif- vincial sales tax (PST). bate. To ease the burden limit. fees you pay.
Tel. (416) 285-8583
ferent opinions and ideas If you are buying a newly of this new tax on home Example: Under the new rules,

Western Union bridges

gap between families
Remedios Adduru has been stage. The lights dimmed, and
a caregiver in Toronto for 5 before she knew it, a video of
years now. Her husband and her son was staring her in the
six children are in the Philip- eye.
pines – typical of Filipino mi- Anthony, her first born, is
grant workers in Canada. seen on the video at their apart-
With hope of giving them ment in Quezon City being in-
better education, a better qual- terviewed about the challenges
ity of life and a brighter future, they faced as a family. All he
this hopeful mother left and en- could muster was appreciaton
deavored to fulfill that dream for his mom and his pride of
for her family. completing his Nursing course.
At a party sponsored by Reflected on his face was pride
Western Union a few months and joy, not for his own accom-
back, a crying Remedios was plishment but for the sacrifices
seen, comforted by Western of his mother.

Western Union executives Brian Fox and Joycelyn David share Filipino migrant worker Re-
Union Senior Marketing Man- The words of a son to his medios Adduru’s mixed emotions after she was unexpectedly called to the stage to receive
ager Joycelyn David. All the mother, saying “Salamat” and gifts from the money remittance giant.
while, she thought she was just “Mahal na mahal ka namin,
attending another event spon- Ma,” echoed in the hall and teary-eyed Remedios thanked able to meet all through West-
sored by the money remittance pierced the hearts of each and Western Union for the gesture. ern Union.
giant. Little did she know that every one present that day. She recounted using West- The cheque was only a tran- Men are equal;
ern Union since the day she ar- sient reward Remedios got
the Western Union team had a
surprise for her; a surprise so
Truly, there is no better reward
for a mother’s sacrifice than to rived in Canada. from using Western Union. The it is not birth but
personal that she was taken see her children accomplish Known for its speed and re- most significant reward she virtue that makes
aback and overwhelmed how their dreams. liability, it was Western Union
who bridged the gap and re-
got from using Western Union
through the years was peace of
the difference.
they rewarded her loyalty in Western Union further re-
a manner that meant to her warded Remedios for her loy- sponded to the need of support mind, knowing that her hard- - Voltaire
the most. While celebrating alty with a cheque, another and urgency; everything from earned fruits get to her family
(1694 - 1778)
with fellow migrant workers, pleasant surprise for her. tuition fee to school supplies to safely and timely. (AVC-PR)
she was requested to go to the In accepting the cheque, a everyday needs. Remedios was
MONEY May 2010 Manila Media Monitor 29

Mom-surance – a ‘life value’ for an invaluable life

‘Mom’ has a big may never change. that allows a caregiver to
meaning for every fam- If ‘mom’ is a busi- take a break. It protects
ily. A ‘mom’ can be ness-owner, life insur- your family’s existing fi-
many things: a spouse, ance could be used to nancial assets and helps
common-law partner, repay business debt or a ensure a surviving spouse
sister, aunt or mother; co-owner could obtain or children will receive
your family’s primary or ‘key person’ insurance on an undepleted estate.
secondary wage earner; a ‘mom’ and use it to buy Today’s “moms” can
stay-at-home parent who out mom’s interest in the usually be found at the
cares for young children business. wheel of a minivan full
and manages or co-man- Mortgage insurance of hockey skates and bal-
ages your household; a will cover your mortgage let slippers, birthday par-
small business owner; debt. You can get mort- ties at local amusement
or even an empty-nester gage insurance from your centers and running a
who may be financially lender but the more flex- business or career all at
alone. ible option is renewable the same time. Whether
If something happened term insurance that al- that describes one person
to ‘mom’ – an accident lows your named benefi- or a combination of fam-
or illness, a disability or ciaries – probably ‘dad’ if ily members, high activ-
even death -- what would mom is insured – to use ity - high ‘life value’ con-
you do? Insurance may the proceeds to pay off tributors can and should
be the solution. some or all of the mort- be protected by insur-
Life insurance could gage or other pressing ance. Your professional
provide tax-free funds at expenses. advisor can help you
a critical time to pay your Disability insurance make the right insurance
mortgage or other house- can provide a source of choices for your family.
hold debts or as a source income should ‘mom’ (This column, written
of investment income to become unable to earn and published by Inves-
replace mom’s income. a living or manage your tors Group Financial Ser-
Term life insurance household for an extend- vices Inc. (in Québec – a
can be a good ‘starter’ op- ed period. Financial Services Firm),
tion for younger couples Critical illness insur- presents general infor-
but gets more expensive ance provides a lump- mation only and is not a
over time and does not sum of money that can solicitation to buy or sell
allow you to renew after be used to pay for the any investments. Con-
age 75 or 80. replacement of ‘valuable’ tact a financial advisor
Permanent life insur- services and/or the costs for specific advice about
ance stays ‘in force’ for of medical care. your circumstances. For
a lifetime and the premi- Long term care insur- more information on this
ums are set at the time of ance pays the costs of topic please contact your
purchase and depending medical and home care Investors Group Consul-
on the policy acquired including respite care tant).

PCCT continues information and training seminars

bers and non-members mary customers are, what enforcement of the new
alike part 2 of their they are looking for and Workplace Violence and
seminar on “What how we can best get our Harassment legislation
do we do after the message to them,” Lane which will take effect on
storm?”. The seminar said. June 15, 2010.
is slated, Wednesday, PCCT president Ra- Under the legislation,
June 16, at the Qui- fael Nebres told Manila employers are required to
apo! Quiapo! Banquet Media Monitor that the develop policies and pro-
Hall at # 2 Principal marketing review course grams on violence and
Road in Scarborough, will include specific sub- harassment, employee
Ontario. Registration ject matters, such as Mar- reporting and incident
starts at 6:30 PM. keting 101: A Fail Proof investigation procedures,
Seminar Facilita- Marketing Sequence, emergency response pro-
tor Bob Lane said the Market Research: The cedure on violence at the
Bob Lane
training session will deal Foundation of Market- workplace, and processes
The Filipino premier with a review of the ba- ing, Building Market- to deal with incidents,
business organization in sics of marketing with a ing Strategy, and Meth- complaints and threats of
Toronto, the Philippine look at social media, such ods which can be use violence. The Labour Force Survey conducted by Statistics
Canada shows that employment increased by 109,000
Chamber of Commerce- as Linked In, Twitter and in implementing ones’ The seminar will be in April, the largest monthly gain in percentage terms
Toronto (PCCT), con- Facebook. strategy, including social facilitated by Norman since August 2002. The unemployment rate edged
down 0.1 percentage points in April to 8.1%, as more
tinues its commitment “As we saw in Part media. Kramer, a Canadian Reg- people participated in the labour market. The gain
to members in updating 1 of our program, doing The PCCT President istered Safety Profession- in April was of a similar magnitude to some of the
new ideas in marketing business in the ways we also announced that a al and Certified Human monthly losses observed in the most recent employ-
ment downturn, which began in the fall of 2008.
their products and/or ser- have always done may seminar on health and Resources Professional. The employment increase in April brings total gains
vices. not be the best approach safety in the workplace For registration and since the start of the upward trend in July 2009
The PCCT, in cooper- in today’s economy. In will be held at the same other inquiries, please to 285,000. In April, two-thirds of the employment
growth was among men aged 25 and over (+72,000),
ation with the Centennial Part 2, our program will venue, Thursday, June call PCCT Vice President the strongest monthly increase for this group since
College Centre of Busi- look at the basics of mar- 24. for Membership Oswald comparable data became available in 1976. Employ-
ness Entrepreneurship, keting reminding our- The presentation will Tugadi at (416) 850- ment growth in April was in both part-time (+65,000)
and full-time (+44,000) work. Since July 2009, growth
will deliver before mem- selves about who are pri- deal specifically on the 4966. (AA) has been concentrated in full-time work.
30 Manila Media Monitor May 2010 ENVIRONMENT

Dear EarthTalk: Can airplanes be The company claims you must fly, compensate
run on cleaner fuels or be electric pow-
ered? Are there changes afoot in the EarthTalk® the Hy-Bird is the
first 100 percent eco-
for your flight’s emis-
sions by buying a “car-
airline business to find cleaner fuels? From the Editors of friendly plane, and is bon offset” from Terra-
E/The Environmental Magazine readying a round-the- Pass or,
-- Reema Islam, Dhaka, Bangladesh world flight punctuat- which will use the money
ed by 30 event-filled to fund alternative energy
Gasoline or Electricity? stopovers. and other greenhouse-gas
Even more unusu- reduction projects.

Given air sions, the friendly skies made news in early 2008 efficient engines, aero- al is the proposed fuel- CONTACTS: Lisa
travel’s huge aren’t much greener than when it became the first dynamic improvements free plane dreamed up by Airplanes, www.lisa-air-
contribution to they were a few decades major carrier to test the and the widespread use Mississippi-based Hunt; Hunt Avia-
our collective ago. And most national use of biofuels (liquid of lighter composite ma- Aviation. The company tion, www.fuellessflight.
carbon foot- governments have been fuels derived from plant terials to reduce weight. is working on a proto- com; TerraPass, www.
print—flying reluctant to impose new matter) on passenger jet Airbus is also incorpo- type small plane that har-; Carbon-
accounts for about three environmental restric- flights. Now Air New rating more lightweight nesses the natural forces, www.carbon-
percent of carbon emis- tions on the already ail- Zealand, Continental, Ja- composite materials into of buoyancy (thanks to
sions worldwide by some ing airline industry. pan Airlines (JAL), Jet- its new planes. helium-filled pontoons) SEND YOUR ENVI-
estimates—and the fact Nonetheless, some Blue, and Lufthansa are On the extreme end for lift-offs and gravity RONMENTAL QUES-
that basic passenger and airlines and airplane also testing biofuels. of the innovation spec- for landings—along with TIONS TO: EarthTalk®,
cargo jet designs haven’t manufacturers are tak- Even airplane maker trum are zero-emission an on-board wind turbine c/o E – The Environ-
changed significantly in ing steps to improve their Boeing is getting in on airplanes that make use and battery to power ev- mental Magazine, P.O.
decades, the world is cer- eco-footprints. Southwest the act by developing a of little or no fuel. The erything in between—to Box 5098, Westport, CT
tainly ready for greener and Continental have im- carbon-neutral jet fuel French company, Lisa, achieve flight without 06881; earthtalk@emag-
forms of flying. plemented fuel efficiency made from algae. Boe- is building a prototype any fuel whatsoever. E is a non-
But since air travel improvements, waste ing’s newest commercial small plane, dubbed the Don’t look for these fu- profit publication. Sub-
emissions were not regu- reduction programs and jet, the much vaunted 787 Hy-Bird, that uses solar turistic planes on airport scribe: www.emagazine.
lated under the Kyoto increased recycling, and Dreamliner (now in final power (via photovoltaic runways anytime soon. It com/subscribe; Request
Protocol, the interna- are investing in newer, testing before late 2010 cells on the elongated will likely be decades be- a Free Trial Issue: www.
tional agreement signed more fuel efficient air- delivery to several air- wingspan) and hydrogen- fore this technology fil-
in 1997 that set bind- planes. Another airline on lines), is 20 percent more powered fuel cells to fly ters its way up to the big
ing targets for reducing the cutting edge of green fuel efficient than its pre- with zero emissions—and leagues. Until then, take Manila Media Monitor
greenhouse gas emis- is Virgin Atlantic, which decessors thanks to more nearly no engine noise. a train or bus instead. If Tel. (416) 285-8583

Car Ownership
An average working about what to do listen to unusual problem on your car.
person who lives within today at work, with squeaks from front Listening to your car
30 kilometres from work
spends approximately 20
friends or with the
family. We do this Made Easy and rear of your
car; and, rattles
is compared to listening
to your body -- that by
to 25 minutes in the car, every day to and RAFAEL NEBRES while you are driv- ignoring what you hear
either listening to his, or from work, spend- ing. Whatever un- could lead you into big
her favourite radio sta-
tion, or violating the law
ing approximately
an hour. Listen to your car but usual noise you
hear, note them
trouble. Likewise, talk-
ing to a mechanic about
that prohibits using the
cell phone while driving.
Let us make a
plan. As part of talk to a mechanic! down and then af-
ter all this listen-
your car is compared to
talking to your doctor
Another possibility our desire to make ing, resolve to talk about your body -- that
is that he, or she maybe our “car ownership easy our car’.” In detail, with ent from what you usu- to a mechanic. ignoring the advice given
contemplating life: what- ”, let us start by mak- our cell phone turned off, ally hear every time you When relaying to could lead to big trouble.
ever happened in the ing a resolution: “That our radio turned off and start your engine. Note it your mechanic what you Another simple way
past, what is happening we will resolve to spend our ears engaged, start to down. heard, be specific and “to make your car owner-
at present, which may the first 10 minutes in- listen to our car. Listen to the noise of detailed for a qualified ship easy”. (rafael168@
determine the future. side our car, on our way Start the engine, listen your tires while driving; interpretation and advice.
Maybe, even just listen- to work and on our way to any change in the noise listen to squeaks when Definitely, this will pre-
ing to himself, or herself from work to ‘listen to of your engine, differ- you hit the brake pedals; vent or cure the mounting

FIFTEEN SECONDS TO AIRTIME: Philippine movie actor and commercial

model Patrick Guzman and Front Page Philippines tv host Gie Alvarez wait
for their cue from the voiceover announcer to emcee the exciting evening to
choose from among twelve beautiful ladies the Miss Philippines PIDC 2010
An idealist is a person who helps other people as overall production manager and event organizer Rosemer Enverga wears
a relaxed smile after several weeks of rehearsals and dry runs for the annual
to be prosperous. - Henry Ford (1863 - 1947) PIDC pageant. The event was held May 8 at the Korean Cultural Centre in
North York, Ontario. (Manila Media Monitor Photo)
ARTS/ENTERTAINMENT May 2010 Manila Media Monitor 31

Gabby Lopez: Stars come havior, both positive and

negative, “goes with the
lame accused Sucaldito
of making negative com-
cide that, for the interim,
we will both keep silent

and go, but the institution

territory” added the net- ments against him and about what’s going on,
work executive. Wowowee contestants. and these discussions will

“So we will take into Earlier on, a com- be made in the course of
consideration the wide promise was reportedly the next several months,”
variety of factors that are reached by Willie and Lopez told the stockhold-
involved in dealing with ABS-CBN management: ers.
MANILA -- The issue the controversy during discussions now with stars like Willie. He is not that Willie would take an Lopez, likewise, made
involving Wowowee host a stockholders meeting Willie and we prefer to the first or the last star “indefinite leave” from the most of the occasion
Willie Revillame con- held recently at the Dol- keep these discussions at that will reflect this kind the popular noontime va- by issuing a stern re-
cerns even those who are phy Theater. this point between our- of behavior,” continued riety show although his minder to the network’s
sitting in the boardroom, One of the network’s selves and Willie,” Lopez Lopez. contractual obligation stable of talents while at
ABS-CBN reports. partners reportedly raised replied. The controversy start- with the network stands. the same time comfort-
Talking before the the negative financial im- The ABS-CBN top ed after Willie asked his “These decisions will ing its business partners:
network’s group of share- pact of Revillame’s re- honcho acknowledged the home network to release be made in the proper “Stars come and go, but
holders, ABS-CBN head cent conduct during the business repercussions him following a rift with time. I think the best the institution stays.”
honcho Eugenio “Gab- open forum. brought by the incident. reporter and radio anchor decision we made is for (Bong Godinez,
by” Lopez III addressed “There are ongoing Dealing with a talents be- Jobert Sucaldito. Revil- both Willie and I to de-
32 Manila Media Monitor May 2010

Celebrity winners and losers in May 2010 polls

More than a hundred celeb- Bong Revilla’s wife Lani showbiz stars have
rities tried their luck in the re- Mercado-Revilla was elected indeed dazzled the
cently concluded May 10 elec- in the Congressional race for first ever automat-
tions, but whose stars shone on Cavite’s second district. ed polls, but for the
the ballots? Actor Dan Fernandez’s bid more unfortunate
Here are some of the celeb- for re-election as Laguna’s celebrities, their
rities who made it to their re- first district representative has future in politics
spective bid. also prospered, even as he was seems bleak as seen
Senators Ramon “Bong” ousted by the House of Repre- in the results of the
Revilla Jr., Jinggoy Estrada, sentatives Electoral Tribunal counting of votes,
Tito Sotto and Lito Lapid won (HRET) due to residency is- among others for-
seats in the senate. sues. The Supreme Court later mer president Jo-
‘Star for All Seasons’ Vil- reversed the HRET decision. seph Estrada.
ma Santos was re-elected as Former child star Herbert In the vice pres-
governor of the province of Bautista has been proclaimed idential derby, pop-
Batangas, while Emilio Ejer- as Quezon City mayor. Alfred ular television host
cito, more popularly known Vargas, Roderick Paulate, and Edu Manzano was
as George Estregan Jr., was Precious Hipolito also garnered in fourth place.
elected as governor of Laguna enough votes to win seats in In Bohol, action
province. the city council. star Cesar Montano
The Filipino Singing Idol 3rd round winners and runners-up, at last April
In Bulacan, Daniel Fernan- In Manila, Isko Moreno was trailed two other 30 contest, are Noel Manalo (winner, Adults), Vianne Gaerlan (runner-
do was elected vice governor. re-elected as vice mayor, along candidates in the up, Children), April Joyce Bulangcao (winner, Children), Camille Men-

Fernando was almost disquali- with city councilors Lou Ve- gubernatorial race doza (winner, Teens) and Genesis Anne Ruiz (runner-up, Teens). They
fied by the Comelec for using loso and Robert Ortega. while Rommel Pa- will again compete against the winners and runners-up of the lst and
his screen name instead of his Marjorie Barretto and Ro- dilla meanwhile 2nd rounds in the Grand Finals of the 2010 Filipino Singing Idol at the
Pistahan at Nathan Phillips Square on June 13. (Aida D’Orazio)
real name. selle Nava were likewise lead- placed second
Sarangani’s lone district ing elected as councilors in the place in the vice gubernatorial tively.
will have for its Congressio- cities of Caloocan and Para- race for Nueva Ecija. Tito Varela and Jestoni
nal representative Pinoy box- ñaque, respectively. Aiko Melendez failed to se- Alarcon were also unable to
ing icon Manny Pacquiao. TV According to a GMA News cure the vice mayoral position clinch Congressional posts
God must become
host Lucy Torres-Gomez, who Research report, 16 out of the of Quezon City while in Para- for Caloocan City and for the an activity in our
replaced her husband Richard 109 celebrities eyed for nation- ñaque, comedians Joey Mar- second district of Rizal Prov- consciousness.
Gomez in his electoral bid, also al positions. quez and Anjo Yllana faced ince, respectively. (Updated by
won as the next representative Falling stars defeat in the electoral races for Manila Media Monitor from a - Joel S. Goldsmith
of Leyte’s 4th district. The candidacy of so many mayor and vice mayor, respec- GMA News dispatch)
May 2010 Manila Media Monitor 33

PhilConGen starts tional Civil Aviation Or-

ganization (ICAO) .
size photograph (3.5mm
x4.5mm) with white
e.g. work permit, perma-
nent residence card, valid
order, bank draft or cer-
tified cheque. No debit
processing applications Following are the re-
quirements for the issu-
background taken within
the last six (6) months;
record of landing, visi-
tor’s visa, etc.;
card or personal cheque
will be accepted.
for Epassport ance of the ePassport:
- personal appearance
- copy of evidence of
legal status in Canada:
- fee of C$69.00 -
payable in cash, money
continued on p. 38
is a strict requirement for
The Philippine Con- - the passport holder’s the taking of the biomet-
sulate General will of- data found on the data rics;
ficially start processing page of the passport; - current passport;
applications for the elec- - the biometrics of the - copy of the data
tronic passport (ePass- passport holder; page of the passport;
port) starting June 15 this - a unique identifica- - if passport has ex-
year. tion number; pired for 5 years or more,
Before the official - and a digital signa- proof that a permanent
starting date, the Consul- ture. residence card has been
ate will randomly process These special features applied for or a certifica-
applications for ePassport make the ePassport high- tion from the Citizenship
as a dry-run. ly secure, allow faster & Immigration Canada
The ePassport features verification of the identi- that applicant has not ac-
an integrated circuit chip ty of the passport holder, quired Canadian citizen-
which contains the fol- and compliant with the ship;
lowing: standards of the Interna- - one (1) passport

Filipino Canadian
broadcaster Joel Re-
cla with Filipino actor
Jackie Lou Blanco
during his recent trip
to Manila. Joel hosts FOR POSTERITY: (L-R) Dr. Solon Guzman joins Miss Philippines PIDC 2009
"Perlas ng Silangan" Natalie Rafael, as the latter was about to turn over her crown to the next Miss
radio program over Philippines PIDC title holder before the curtain call for the pageant. Next to
CHIN Radio Inter- Natalie are Philippine movie actor and commercial model Patrick Guzman,
national, 100.7 FM, Front Page Philippines tv host Gie Alvarez -- who would both emcee the
Tuesdays, 11:00 to suspense-filled evening, May 8, in North York, Ontario; and, Rosemer En-
11:30 PM. verga -- vice president of the Philippine Independence Day Council (PIDC)
and overall production manager and event organizer for the largest Filipino
association in the GTA. Dr. Guzman was one of the judges in Little Miss Phil-
ippines 2010 pageant held earlier the same day at the same venue. (Manila
Media Monitor Photo)

Classic Pilipino Puzzle 4

PAHALANG 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 7 8 9

1 Asawa ng hipag
6 Itim na ibon 10 11 12

11 Sana 13 14 15
12 Pinuno ng palasyo
13 Repinado 16 17 18
15 Sawata
16 Moog
19 20

17 Walang imik
19 Buti 21 22 23 24 25 26

20 Kalye sa Cubao
27 28 29
21 Lano
23 Asim 30 31 32 33
27 Bubong
29 Asam 34 35 36

30 Pukyutan
33 Mataas na baraha 37 38

34 Tila
35 Marangal
39 40

37 Palos
38 Dingas
39 Pinatuyong karne
40 Kastrado

2 Imbalido 25 Gawi 32 Ismid
3 Barnis 26 Panalangin 33 Yapos
4 Lunos 28 Sayaw 36 Bagwis
5 Lunsad 30 Himno
6 Sinusuotan ng 31 Lungsod sa Bikol
7 Bunganga ng ilog
8 Turo
9 Suweldo
10 Karamdaman
14 Kinatawan
18 Alapaap
20 Marahil
22 Paghihirap
24 Bayan ng Aaklan

Sagot sa puzzle sa pahina 36

34 Manila Media Monitor May 2010 FEATURE
the fibres are then prepared for
By Edwin C. Mercurio
T’boli T’nalak Weaving dyeing. The black dye is ex-

A Centuries-old Tradition
An exotic fabric made tracted from the leaves of the
through a centuries-old pro- kenalum tree. The red dye is
cess of tie-dye weaving by the taken from the roots of the loco

of Tie-dye Weaving
T’boli women of Lake Sebu, tree.
South Cotabato has captured In the dyeing process, two
the fancy of Filipinos as well earthen pots, one on top of
as people around the world.
Called t’nalak, it is made into
bags of different sizes, attaché
in the Philippines the other, mouth to mouth, are
then used to boil the fibres re-
peatedly, for three weeks, for
case, wall decors, blankets, the black colour and only two
jackets, purse, clothing, days for the red. Steam pushes
cigarette case, belts, the dye upwards to the
portfolio and others. bundle of tied threads
The t’nalak occu- in the upper pot. After
pies a special signifi- the dark colour has been
cance in the lives of the achieved, some waxed
T’boli tribe. Basically strings are removed.
used for blankets and The newly-exposed
clothing, the t’nalak is areas are then dyed red. A
considered helpful for variety of colours (black,
safe delivery when used dark, cream and the natural
as pre-natal covering. Sla- flaxen colour of the fibre)
i (marriage arrangements) can be produced by remov-
are considered lousy with- ing the remaining waxed
out it during the exchange ties. When the dyeing pro-
of kemu (traditional prop- A t’nalak wallet Various t’nalak designs cess is completed, the fibres are
erties) such as heirlooms, then removed and rinsed along
gongs, horses, work animals, river banks or streams.
ancient swords and other tribal husband and myself have to ab- rituals especially done during from fruit-bearing abaca plants Patterns and designs range
artefacts. stain from any sexual contacts the night when the air is cool (Manila hemp) usually about from the tranan suwu (snake),
The presence of the cloth for the duration of the weav- and the fibre is at the right elas- 18 months old, are stripped by sobo bun (frog), betek boluk
during certain feast gives it a ing,” said first class weaver Ye ticity. hand from the soft wet pulp of (flower designs), bed buyus
sacred value. T’bolis consider Lo. The weaving of the cloth the plant’s stalk. This is then (spear), buling longit (clouds),
it taboo to cut the cloth because “If we do, the threads will takes almost two and a half made flaxen and pliable by re- bangala (house) and scores of
they believe that act will make break and the woven design months for a piece about 20 peated combing and weeks of others.
them seriously ill. Tribe mem- won’t emerge clearly,” she feet long. air drying. After the rinsing process,
bers who sell the fabric often adds. During the weaving process, After some time, the fibres the cloth is again air dried for
attach bells to appease the Gabriel Ungkal, an expert silence and an atmosphere of are laid out on a simple wood- a week. It then undergoes the
spirits said to have guided the T’boli classifier said that out solemnity is observed by the en loom. The abaca fibres now lemubag (wood pounding)
weavers. of some 2,000 T’boli weav- members of the household. A stretched out on the loom are where the fibres are rendered
Superstition surrounds the ers, only 21 are class “A” rated single mistake in the weaving tied with other fibres rubbed in pliant and flexible.
making of the fabric. T’boli li- weavers. “Majority of the ex- pattern due to distraction would beeswax. The area covered by For the final touch, the
bon (tribeswomen) who make pert weavers, refuse to follow mean repeating the whole pro- the waxed strings will not be t’nalak is laid out on a bamboo
the elaborate weaving and de- any ordered designs unless cess from the very beginning. penetrated by the dye. fixture where it finally passes
sign find it easy to process the they dream about it,” he said. The t’nalak is a product of The process of tying itself through the ‘smaki’ (shell rub-
cloth after a dream. Designs Expert weavers are being a unique and tedious method is real artistry because no mea- bing), a method of bringing
they see clearly in their dreams encouraged by the Santa Cruz of tie-dye weaving, a very me- suring instrument is used. Only out the lustre of the finished
have certain meanings and re- Mission of Lake Sebu, to pass ticulous process of cloth de- the finger joints (length of the cloth. T’boli craftswomen use
quirements. on their unique skills to their fe- signing done on a bamboo and index fingers) are used to mea- the saki, a big turtle-shaped sea
“When I dream about the male children to ensure a next wooden loom. sure the intricate designs. Yet, shell for this purpose.
gamayaw logi, a cloth design generation of women weavers. The gathering and process- patterns emerge with artistic The ‘smaki’ (saki shell-
embodying the male and fe- The making of the t’nalak is ing of materials alone are high- consonance and precision.
male symbol, that means my a tedious process composed of ly complicated. Fibres selected After the painstaking tying, T’BOLI cont’d on p.36

Max Out on Your

Promotional and
Marketing Efforts.
Get Combo Ad Rates
for Television,
Newspaper &
Call (416) 285-8583
ARTS/ENTERTAINMENT May 2010 Manila Media Monitor 35

Marian Rivera tops partial

and unofficial results of
FHM Sexiest Woman in the
World 2010
MANILA -- More than and third spots are Angel Loc-
260,000 votes have been cast sin and Cristine Reyes, respec-
since the voting for the FHM tively. Returning to FHM’s
100 Sexiest Women in the cover this May after a five-year
World poll started in April. hiatus, Angel seems poised to
With only two weeks left be- become this year’s Sexiest
fore the voting period ends on Woman in the World, a title she
June 15, Marian Rivera is still last had in 2005. Cristine, on
a force to reckon with, as she the other hand, recently starred
stays strong on number one in Working Girls 2010 and is Marian Rivera (Courtesy: GMA Pinoy TV)
spot in FHM’s partial and un- the reigning Sexiest Woman in
official tally. the World. The complete top top after five years? Or would
The GMA-7 Primetime 10 based on partial and unof- you like Cristine to extend
Queen topped the annual ficial results is as follows: her reign for another year and GET FAST RESULTS
list back in 2008, a feat she
achieved despite never being
1. Marian Rivera
2. Angel Locsin
make her the second woman to
hold the title for two straight
featured on the cover of the 3. Cristine Reyes years? Call (416) 285-8583
country’s number one men’s 4. Iwa Moto To vote for your favor-
magazine. If she ends up tak- 5. Erich Gonzales ite hottie to be included in Manila Media Monitor
ing the top spot for 2010, it will 6. Angelica Panganiban the FHM 100 Sexiest Women and
come on the heels of the suc- 7. Anne Curtis in the World 2010, log-on to
cess of her recent movie outing 8. Katrina Halili You can Front Page Philippines TV
with Dingdong Dantes, You
To Me Are Everything, and
9. Ehra Madrigal
10. Jennylyn Mercado
also text in your votes by send-
ing in FHM100 to 2948 to get
Two Best Media Brands
the launch of her newest series a complete list of keywords, or catrering to the
with her home network, End- Would you like to keep Mar-
less Love. ian at number one? Would you
fill out the ballots found in the
April and May issues of FHM.
Filipino Canadian market
Trailing her in the second rather see Angel return to the (AA Abjelina,
36 Manila Media Monitor May 2010 ARTS/ENTERTAINMENT

Mars Ravelo’s ‘Basahang mother Ising (Rita Avila),

and sister Gilay (Charm-
leaving her permanently
incapacitated. As such,
his grandmother’s house.
Nurturing a broken heart

Ginto’ on GMA Pinoy TV

ing Lagusad) were left Orang was left with the from her scheming girl-
with no choice but to responsibility of single- friend Sylvia (Vaness del
evacuate and seek new handedly caring and pro- Moral), Danny plans to
MANILA -- The cap- they played very life in the city. viding for her entire fam- use Orang to claim re-
tivating tandem of Geoff special roles before But life in Manila ily. venge against Sylvia by
Eigenmann and Carla finally reuniting in turned out to be crueler By a stroke of fate, educating and dressing
Abellana breathes new this soap. than they expected. One Orang meets Danny their housemaid to act
life to another Filipino night, while selling rugs (Geoff), a wealthy bache- and look like a real social-
classic as they star on on the street, a speeding lor who mysteriously of-
GMA Pinoy TV’s latest car accidentally hit Ising, fers her a job as a maid in MAR’S cont’d on p.38
Sinenovela offering titled
“Basahang Ginto” begin-
ning May 28. T’BOLI from p. 34 handed down from gen- the Mindanao “Lumads”
Based on the 1951 eration to generation (People of the Earth) cou-
graphic novel by the rubbing process) brings for thousands of years. pled with the loving desire
legendary Mars Ravelo, out the waxy sheen of the Perhaps what made the of the indigenous women
which was later made cloth. t’nalak clothe making to teach their daughters
into a movie by Sam- Davao City residents endure for centuries is this special skill and life-
paguita Pictures, Basah- who recently took a pen- the artistic and spiritual time livelihood continue
ang Ginto is about the as- chant for things ‘native’ dedication by the T’boli to strengthen the bond
tonishing transformation are craving to lay their women of Lake Sebu. between the old and the
of a simple housemaid hands on various t’nalak (The hinterland town of new generations of na-
into a sophisticated and designs (all designs are Lake Sebu situated two tive women.
high-powered socialite. uniquely different). Home thousand feet above sea Indeed, the t’nalak
In this version, Carla owners with ‘a touch of level in South Cotabato. which gives colour to the
will assume the role of class’ use t’nalak for up- Southern Mindanao, T’boli world stands as a
Orang, originally played holstery of sofa sets, din- Philippines is populated proud symbol of a rich
by Alicia Vergel, while ing tables and wall de- by five other indigenous cultural heritage and a
Geoff will reprise the cors. Professionals with tribes speaking entirely strong bond which con-
character of Danny, pre- sophisticated taste go for different and distinct lan- tinue to remind Filipinos
viously portrayed by the Geoff Eigenmann and Carla Abellana t’nalak attaché case, port- guages not found in other of their long forgotten
late Pancho Magalona. folio or handbags and provinces of the country ancestors.
Both Geoff and Carla Orang (Carla) was ing accident. When her layered jackets. or elsewhere).
were last seen in the raised in an Aeta com- father was killed while The exceptional qual- The cultural and spiri- Manila Media Monitor
high-rating telefantansya munity by a couple who trying to protect their ity of the fabric is a rich tual significance of the Tel. (416) 285-8583
The Last Prince where rescued her from a min- land, Orang, her pregnant legacy of creative art t’nalak in the lives of
REFLECTIONS May 2010 Manila Media Monitor 37

Fast Food For

The names Normandy, Due to the terview with 6000 Filipino veterans who
Dunkirk, Bastogne, Iwo Jima, relentless as- a survivor, the have acquired US citizenship
Bataan and Corregidor are hal-
lowed names of places where
saults by land
and by sea by Thought 91-year
uncle of my
old and $9000 each to the 12,000
living in the Philippines. This
epic battles of World War II the Japanese -- Rudy M. Viernes deceased wife, 18,000 is roughly 7% of the
were fought. and because of now bedridden 250,000 veterans who have
Those fought in Bataan and dwindling sup- in the Philip- filed claims.
Corregidor became the wa- plies of food, The Fall of Bataan pines. He said Most of them have faded

and the Death March

tershed of the war of attrition medicines and he was beaten away, like old soldiers, a sorry
in the Philipines where the munitions, by a rifle butt lot they have not seen the light
Filipinos, trained during the the resistance when he tried of day. Those still living are
Commonwealth period, had forces held up to assist a fall- now in their twilight years and
proved their mettle in combat in Bataan and Corregidor ca- The March involved the en comrade due to exhaustion. suffering from a host of health
alongside their GI comrades- pitulated on April 9, 1942, a transfer of the 75,000 war pris- He could not imagine how he issues and maladies.
in-arms. day of ignominy. oners from Mariveles, Bataan had pulled through under such If it is any solace this pal-
The remaining forces of the That was the Fall of Bataan to Camp O’Donnell intern- atrocious circumstances which try sum is better than nothing,
United States Armed Forces in and the infamous Death March ment camp in Capas, Tarlac -- he credited to his will to live though late, or never. It was
the Far East (USAFFE) com- begun. The fall of Bataan a 60 mile (97 kms) walk lasting and his fortitude in God. He a relief and gratitude that the
posed of Filipinos and Ameri- meant the surrender to the nearly a week -- a litmus test could not contain his emotion US government had finally ad-
cans then commanded by Gen. Japanese of more than 75,000 of endurance, agony and pain. that we felt his anguish as he dressed an inequity and injus-
Douglas MacArthur were with- soldiers, 67,000 of whom were Under searing summer heat, broke down during the inter- tice that had festered these ag-
drawn to the Bataan peninsuila remnants of the Philippine some walking with blistered view. ing and sick veterans for over
where they made their last stand Scouts and those who served feet on hot, dusty roads, the It was a bitter-sweet period six decades.
against the Japanese banzai at- in the Commonwealth Army. march was characterized as a in their lives, like my Uncle But a story goes that when
tack. The defending army was This was the single, largest gory spectacle of brutality and Ambo, because after decades of one veteran received his
renamed United States Forces surrender of a military force in insensate evil. painful waiting they are finally cheque, in his exultation he
in the Philippines (USFIP) and the annals of war. Thousands died enroute starting to receive the benefits collapsed and died of glee, the
placed underr Gen. Jonathan The Bataan Death March from disease, starvation, de- promised them by Pres. Frank- cheque still clapsed over his
Wainwright. Gen. MacArthur was accounted as a Japanese hydration, heat prostration and lin D.Roosevelt in his Exec. heart -- which is tantamount to
then retreated to Australia upon war crime and the account- wanton decapitation. Thou- Order of July 26, 1941 when saying “Aanhin pa ang damo
order of then Pres. Roosevelt, ability fell into the lap of Gen. sands more perished in the con- they were conscripted to fight kung patay na ang kabayuo!”
to plan the liberation of the Masharu Homma, then the centration camps in Capas and for America. (What is the grass for if the
Philippines which started in over-all commander of the Jap- Cabanatuan. Fortunate were The Filipino Veterans Eq- horse had already died!)
October 1944 in the Leyte anese Imperial Forces in the those who were able to escape uity Compensation Act, in- Last April 9, as on the same
landing. Before that he made Philippines. He was convicted under cover of darkness when cluded in the stimulus package day every year, the Philippines
his famous “I Shall Return” to die by an Allied Commis- they came upon sugacane fields signed by Pres. Obama, pro- commemorated Araw ng Kagit-
vow that resounded around the sion on April 3, 1946 outside on both sides of the route. vides a one-time compensa-
world. Manila. We had a brief phone in- tion of $15,000 each to about THE FALL cont’d on p.38

Sagot sa PUZZLE
The secret B I L A S K U W A K
of a good S I N A W A A H A R I
sermon is to A S U K A L P A W A T
have a good K U T A T U L A L A
beginning and I G I Y A L E N
a good end- T O L D A A S K A D
ing, then hav- G A S A T I P A S A
ing the two as A N I L A N A L A S
close together
as possible.
- George Burns T A P A K A P O N
38 Manila Media Monitor May 2010


Open Letter:
Joint PIDC – Kalayaan Philippine Independence Day Gala
PCOS VOODOO 6 PM, Saturday, June 12, 2010
My dear Fellow Filipinos: Doubletree By Hilton, 655 Dixon Road, Toronto, ON
From the very beginning, I knew it would take a miracle for me to win. I was ecstatic enough that I had the cour-
age, the strength (I’m 62), and the opportunity to run for the Senate. I thought that the long-suffering and complaining - Brought to you jointly by the PIDC and Kalayaan Group of Mississauga, ON
Filipinos could perform a miracle. I believe in the Filipinos and in their capacity for greatness. Contact: Estrellita Aguinaldo (416) 527-4271; or, Buddy Ibe (416) 451-2833
The miracle of a victory did not happen. Something else happened. A black magic against the Filipinos was per-
formed. But the Lord would not allow it to take place without a little miracle in our favor -- in the form of a concrete ***
evidence of vote-shaving and vote-regrowing. It is a PCOS “ Voodoo” or PCOS “Shave & Regrow”. Salu-Salo sa Earl Bales Park (Community Picnic)
I went to Congress to share this story at the House Committee on Suffrage and Electoral Reform but I have some
eerie feeling that this story will just be buried among the countless stories of Filipino grievances.
10 AM – 8 PM, Saturday, June 19, 2010, Earl Bales Park
I waited patiently for my chance to ask questions and clarifications from the Smartmatic representatives but Bathurst Street, North York, ON
I might be wasting my time waiting forever in the midst of the cacophony of aggrieved and angry voices. When I
presented my case, no Smartmatic representative was present. - Brought to you by the PIDC –
Background Contact: Jun Villaruz (416) 826-6077; or, Gene Elamparo 1 (905) 606-1000 Ext.
I am from Nasugbu, Batangas, residing in Quezon City. I ran for the Senate under Ang Kapatiran Party. The
Nasugbu canvass of votes came out 2:35:55 a.m. of May 11. This is evidenced by the certified true copy of the Cer- 50450
tificate of Canvass (COC) for Nasugbu. The Nasugbu canvass appearing at the shows the correct
results as follows:
Canvass EPASSPORT and as a stop-gap mea- passport and the ma-
from p. 33 sure, the Consulate can chine readable passport
President : JC de los Reyes 54
Vice : Jun Chipeco 43
extend the validity of (maroon) are assured
Senators: - optional: if you want a passport for one year that their passports re-
Tamayo: 606 156
David: 568 154 your old and and new from date of payment, main valid until their ex-
Sison: 421 104 passports mailed back to provided that the pass- piry date. Holders of the
Imbong 324 213
Valdehuesa 157 39 you, please include a pre- port to be extended is green passport, hoswev-
paid registered envelope, valid at the time of appli- er, are urged to apply for is the website showing also the partial results like those from the cluster precinct. As of May 11, e.g. xpresspost envelope cation. The fees are Cdn. the ePassport not only was already showing the completed canvass of Nasugbu votes. As of 3:00 p.m. of May 12, the
COMELEC National Canvass (election for the whole of Batangas was showing the shaved
with the “signature stick- $23.00 for extension and for its security features,
results (appearing above opposite the Nasugbu figures for your easy configuration. er option” paid for. Cdn. $28.75 for an affi- but also for the personal
The votes of all AKP candidates were shaved; worst of all was mine—from 11,894 to a measly 47 votes. These
computerized cheating by shaving or “bawas” was there for all to see at the websites: and for the Processing for ePass- davit on the reasons why convenience provides for
COMELEC national canvass at: Both websites showing varying results were avail- port is one month. Ap- the applicant needs the the holder, such as use of
able until the afternoon of May 12, 2010 as evidenced by affidavits executed by AKP volunteer Administrative Staffs
Jackie Losala and Joyce Solatre. AKP has it in soft copy. plicants are reminded passport urgently. Affida- automated border clear-
When Ang Kapatiran saw the shaved Nasugbu results, our Presidential candidate JC de los Reyes withdrew his
previous act conceding defeat. This withdrawal was prompted by the Nasugbu vote shaving – among the other elec-
that Philippine passports vit forms are available at ance, automated issu-
tion irregularities which were starting to surface. may be renewed at least the Consulate. ance of boarding passes
The retraction by JC de los Reyes was all over the radio and television stations. Within a short period of time,
Jackie Losala reported that the Comelec website could not be accessed. When it reappeared, electionresults.comelec.
six months before expiry Even with the intro- and faster travel arrange- has restored my missing votes—like magic; with the flick of a switch or a sleight of hand. date. duction of the ePassport, ments with airlines.
The local municipal canvass such as that of Nasugbu is forwarded to the provincial canvasser such as Batangas In emergency cases holders of the green
only after the total votes had been canvassed in the municipal level. Batangas then forwards the consolidated pro-
vincial canvass to the National COMELEC Canvassing center at the PICC which is supposed to reflect my total
Nasugbu results of 11, 894 votes. But up to May 12, at about 3:00pm it was reflecting only 47 votes out of 11, 894.
It remained that way for almost 2 days from the date and time of the completion of the Nasugbu Municipal Canvass. THE FALL dressed in full regalia gleaming Cross towering
The shaved figures however were magically rectified after the fraud has been discovered by the AKP staffs and after
JC de los Reyes already withdrew his act of conceding defeat -- with the Nasugbu shaving as one of his reasons. from p. 37 with their families. The 92 meters in the sky as if
Questions and Probable Answers Japanese ambassador to it’s still sounding “Taps”
1. Why were there two varying sets of figures representing the canvassed Nasugbu AKP votes when these num-
bers were supposed to have been sent by one and the same counting machine (PCOS)? There must be two or more ingan (Day of Valor), a the US would deliver a that reververates all over
PCOS handling the same votes but performing different functions such as diverting, adding, shaving, etc. Or the
Nasugbu Municipal votes were simply shaved while being transmitted to the Batangas Provincial canvasser.
public holiday, in tribute speech in abject apology. a vast expanse of reverent
2. How was the shaved figures rectified after the discovery of the shaving and the publicized retraction by JC to our veterans. In many But the most enduring silence of what was once
de los Reyes to make them conform to the correct number of votes appearing at the Nasugbu COC (Certificate of
Canvass)? This rectification/regrowing shows that with the flick of a switch or a sleight of hand of those manning the
cities of the US where shrines of all that keep a scorched land where
PCOS the canvassed votes can be subjected to subtraction, addition, multiplication; may be made to disappear into still live Bataan and Cor- the memories alive for all once fought the Battle of
the cyberspace, even dance Cha-cha and/or follow any other action at the whim of the operator.
3. During the almost two days when the AKP votes were missing in the COMELEC canvass, where were they regidor veterans, or had eternity are those in the Bataan.
being kept or stored? Were they waiting for the highest bidder or have been diverted already in favor of other can- lived, there are similar Philippines. There is the All these are fitting
didates? When the correct figures of AKP votes were restored, were these numbers taken back from the candidates
in whose favor they were credited or did the PCOS manufacture the missing number of votes? This must be one tributres, i.e. a highway, a Capas National Shrine in tributes to the fortitude,
explanation for the avalanche of excessive number of votes in favor of the winning candidates right after the closing
of the poles.
bridge, a school building, Camp O”Donnell in Tar- valor and courage of our
Coming out with this expose can pit me against heartless machines operated by men and women with devious an edifice, a trail, or an an- lac along the MacArthur veterans who fought in
schemes. But I trust in the Filipinos’ basic sense of righteousness. With this faith in you, I believe that you will help
me get to the bottom of what may be called Precinct Count Optical Scam ( PCOS 2010). Or at the very least, you
nual Bataan Day March. highway to commemorate Bataan and Corregidor,
have given me a chance to present to you my case. And for this I thank you. There is the American the Death March. There suffered or died in the
May God bless us all and light our road. Defenders of Bataan and is the Dambana ng Kagit- Death March that fol-
Corregidor that holds ingan (Altar of Valor) on lowed, a wartime event
Sincerely yours,
regularly scheduled con- Mt. Samat in Mariveles, never before witnessed
Atty. Grace Riñoza-Plazo
AKP Senatorial Candidate
vention attended by the Bataan with a collonade anywhere in the history
Quezon City, Philippines survivors, well-nigh their that houses an altar, es- of mankind. (rudmanfri-
octo years and beyond planade, a museum and a

MAR’S from p. 36 bearing two things in as Gogo, Carlo’s driv-

mind: to seek revenge er; Dion Afi as Bebot,
and to unravel the mys- Orang’s Aeta bestfriend;
ite. Danny also changes tery that conceals her true and Byron Ortile as Mi-
her name from Orang to identity. chael, Orang’s younger
Laura Esquiviel. Completing the cast brother.
But Danny soon re- of “Basahang Ginto” With multi-awarded
alizes that he no longer are Celia Rodriguez as director Joel Lamangan
needs to make Sylvia Donya Mariana, Danny’s at the helm, another time-
jealous as he is already grandmother; Jackie Lou less literary piece gets to
falling in love with the Blanco as Elaine, Dan- touch and inspire today’s
beautiful Laura. Upon ny’s mother; Samantha television viewers. The
this discovery, howev- Lopez as Lilian, Orang’s much-awaited pilot epi-
er, Laura also finds out biological mother; Tony sode of this Sinenovela
about what really hap- Mabesa as Cecilio, airs on May 28 on GMA
pened during the night of Orang’s etiquette tutor; Pinoy TV. Call your pre-
the accident, which pre- Kevin Santos as Carlo, ferred pay-TV operator to
sumably involves Danny. Danny’s cousin; Bearwin subscribe. (GMA7 Pinoy
Laura ends up running Meily as Manoro, Ising’s TV PR)
away from the mansion husband; Jim Pebangco
May 2010 Manila Media Monitor 39
40 Manila Media Monitor May 2010

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