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SIP Report guidelines_ CIM Lavasa 2016-18 Batch

Summer Internship Project Report Content- Christ Institute of Management, Lavasa

After the completion of the summer internship project, a report must be created and submitted to the
respective mentors. The report must include the following sections.

A. Content
1. Executive Summary

The executive summary must succinctly capture the scope and learning from the summer
internship project. The fundamental objective of an executive summary is to give sufficient
content for an elevator pitch about the SIP to a prospective recruiter. Avoid unnecessary jargons
while creating the executive summary, but make the content relevant from an interviewers point
of view.

2. Project Scope

This section must clearly define the coverage of the SIP. The major aspects to be covered include
the following

a. Roles and Responsibilities

Clearly mention the roles and responsibilities that you had as an intern. The details must
be captured in this section to equip you to present yourself effectively during an

b. Deliverables
This section must detail the deliverables that were assigned to you, their timelines and
relevance to the organization. The Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for the department
you worked and the team you were part of and your contribution towards it must be
mentioned clearly under this section.
c. Challenges
The major challenges faced during the SIP while achieving the deliverables must be
mentioned here. To the extent possible try to classify the challenges into three broad
1) Challenges because of Lack of Technical skills (excel/power point/R etc.)
2) Challenges because of Lack of Soft skills (communication/team interaction
3) Challenges because of conceptual clarity (faced challenges while trying to
calculate IRR / advice on segmentation create JD etc.)
3. Reporting Structure and Responsibility Matrix
The student is expected to create an organogram responsibility matrix for your
department/team and mention clearly the work flow and responsibilities at each level.

4. Corporate Takeaways

This section focus on the qualitative takeaways in terms of the students understanding of
corporate culture, work ethics, team work etc.

CIM Lavasa Document Meant for Internal Circulation

SIP Report guidelines_ CIM Lavasa 2016-18 Batch

5. Academic Takeaways

This section should detail on how much of the class room discussions and training in tools like
excel/ spss etc. in the first year was useful during the internship. It is expected that the student
will try to figure out the areas of improvement in specific subject coverage/tools in class that
could have improved the performance as an intern.

B. Formatting

The document must be in Times New Roman 12 pt. font, justified body content and left aligned headings
and subheadings. The liens must be spaced at 1.5 width.

C. Documentation Details

The completed document must be uploaded in the course page in the Institutes LMS.

The executive summary of the document, once approved by the mentors (both corporate and Institute)
must be uploaded in the students linked in profile.

CIM Lavasa Document Meant for Internal Circulation