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10 Relays for Various Protection Applications / 7VK512

Numerical Auto-Reclosure / Synchro-Check Relay
Function overview

79 Protection functions
Single and/or three-pole auto-reclosure
Up to 10 auto-reclose cycles
Independently settable dead times
and reclaim time
Evolving and sequential fault
Synchro-check with live line/dead bus,
dead line/live bus, dead line/dead bus

and synchronism conditions

(live line/live bus)
Asynchronous closing (including CB
Fig. 10/48 operating time)
Circuit-breaker closing supervision,
numerical auto-reclosure/
synchro-check relay e.g. circuit-breaker not ready facility
Universal application for overhead lines
of all voltage levels
Description Auto-reclosure and synchro-check are
independent functions which can be
The SIPROTEC 7VK512 is a highly flexible
single and/or three-pole auto-reclosure used separately
relay, with or without a synchro-check Can be initiated by phase-segregated
function. The 7VK512 can also be used as a or common-phase trip commands
synchro-check relay only. Synchro-check with V, , f
This relay is used for the auto-reclosure of Assignable output relays, LEDs and
a circuit-breaker, after this circuit-breaker binary inputs
has tripped due to a fault. The synchro-
check function ensures that the two cir- Monitoring functions
cuits being reconnected by closing the Operational measured values 10
circuit-breaker, meet the desired require-
Self-supervision of the relay
ments before the close command is issued.
Event buffer
The system interface according to
DIN 19244 is available as a fiber-optic in- Fault protocols
terface for connection to either the substa- Oscillographic fault recording
tion control system SINAULT LSA or to a
Communication interfaces
central data protection unit.
Front interface for connecting a PC
System interface
DIN 19244 protocol
Digital inputs:
15 binary inputs
Digital outputs:
17 output relays
Front design
User-friendly local operation
PC front port for convenient relay
8 LEDs for local indication

Siemens SIP 2004 10/39

10 Relays for Various Protection Applications / 7VK512

Selection and ordering data Description Order No.

7VK512 numerical auto-reclosure and synchro-check relay 7VK512-A0o-0A0
Synchronism check function
Without synchro-check function 1
With synchro-check function 2

Rated auxiliary voltage

24, 48 V DC 2
60, 110, 125 V DC 4
220, 250 V DC 5

Unit design, 1/3 housing width

For panel surface mounting B
For panel flush mounting or cubicle mounting C
For panel flush mounting or cubicle mounting, without glass cover E

Real-time clock and non-volatile annunciation memory

Without 0
With 1

Serial interface (for coupling to SINAULT LSA systems)

Without interface A
With integrated fiber-optic serial interface according to DIN 19244 (820 nm) C

Software for configuration and operation of Siemens protection units
running under MS Windows (version Windows 95 and higher)
device templates, Comtrade Viewer, electronic manual included
as well as Getting started manual on paper, connecting cable (copper)
Full version with license for 10 computers, on CD-ROM
(authorization by serial number) 7XS5400-0AA00
Demo version on CD-ROM 7XS5401-0AA00
10 Complete version:
DIGSI 4 Basis and additionally SIGRA (fault record analysis),
CFC Editor (logic editor), Display Editor (editor for default
and control displays) and DIGSI 4 Remote (remote operation) 7XS5402-0AA00

(generally contained in DIGSI Professional, but can be ordered additionally)
Software for graphic visualization, analysis and evaluation of fault records.
Can also be used for fault records of devices of other manufacturers
(Comtrade format). Running under MS Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/
XP Professional Edition.
Incl. templates, electronic manual with license for 10 PCs.
Authorization by serial number. On CD-ROM. 7XS5410-0AA00

Connecting cable
Cable between PC/notebook (9-pin connector)
and protection unit (25-pin connector) 7XV5100-2
Cable between PC/notebook (9-pin connector) and protection unit
(9-pin connector) 7XV5100-4
Adaptor 9-/25-pin for 7XV5100-4 cable for protec. unit w. 25-pin connector 7XV5100-8H
(Cable 7XV5100-4 and adaptor contained in DIGSI 4)

Manual for 7VK512

English C53000-G1176-C93-5

10/40 Siemens SIP 2004

10 Relays for Various Protection Applications / 7VK512

Connection diagram


Fig. 10/49
Connection diagram for 7VK512 numerical
auto-reclosure/synchro-check relay (1 and 3-pole)

Siemens SIP 2003 10/41

10 Relays for Various Protection Applications / 7VK512

Dimension drawings in mm / inch

Dimension drawings for SIPROTEC 3

1/3 x 19" housing

Front view Side view Panel cutout

Fig. 16/29
1/3 x 19" housing
for flush mounting or
cubicle mounting


Front view Side view Detail Z:

Fig. 16/30
1/3 x 19" housing
for panel surface mounting

10/42 Siemens SIP 2003

10 Relays for Various Protection Applications / 7VK512


10/42 Siemens SIP 2004