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6th ICSE English Literature

Q1. Answer the following questions:

1. Why does the child write a letter to the examiner?

2. What does the child say about his/her classmates?
3. What is the teacher doing?
4. What does the child see happening outside the classroom?

Q2. Answer the following questions with reference to the context?

1. Mandy has written ten pages,

But its probably a frightful guff.
And Angela Smythe is copying
The answers off her cuff.
a) Who is the speaker? Where is he/she?
b) Who are Mandy and Angela? What are they doing?
c) What opinion do you think, the speaker has of them?

2. Miss Quinlans just read what Ive written,

Her face is an absolute mask.
Before she collects the papers in,
Ive a sort of favour to ask.
a) Who is Miss Quinlan?
b) What has she read?
c) Why is her face an absolute mask?

3. I thought your questions were lovely,

Ive only myself to blame!
But couldnt you give me some marks,
For writing the date and my name.
a) What questions are being referred to here?
b) What is the speaker taking blame for?
c) What is the speaker asking for in the last two lines?

Q3. What do the following words mean?

1. Guff:
2. Cuff:
3. Chugs:
4. Pealed:
5. Mower: