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student: ____________________________
class: ___________
teacher: _____________________________
school year: 2016-2017
school: cam de mar
date: ______ september 2017


1 Complete the life-changing events with vowels.

s e ttl e d o wn
1 ch ___ ng ___ sch ___ ___ l
2 w ___ n ___ n ___ w ___ rd
3 g ___ ___ br ___ ___ d
4 h ___ v ___ ___ n ___ cc ___ d ___ nt
5 m ___ v ___ h ___ ___ s ___

2 Find and circle six life-changing events in the word snake.

3 Match 18 with ah to make life-changing events.

1 change a new friends

2 start b your own business
3 take c house
4 become d school
5 go e rich
6 get f a gap year
7 move g into trouble
8 make h abroad

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4 Match the activities in exercise 3 with the pictures.

a b c

become rich _________________ _________________

d e f

_________________ _________________ _________________

g h

_________________ _________________

5 Complete the sentences with the phrases in the box.

become rich have an accident make new friends

move house retire take a gap year

When I travel, I often make new friends from other countries.

1 In many countries, people ______________________________ when they
are 65.
2 Are you going to ______________________________ before you go to
3 Our house is very small so were going to
4 Dont drive so fast or youll ______________________________.
5 When Im older, Id like to get a good job, earn a lot of money and

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6 Complete the verbs with the prepositions in the box.

about (x2) for in on to (x2)

talk to
1 depend ______________
2 wait ______________
3 look forward ______________
4 dream ______________
5 worry ______________
6 participate ______________

7 Underline the correct words.

My grandma worries about / to the weather.

1 Please wait about / for me!
2 My friends talk about / to their parents when theyre worried.
3 I often listen to / in music when Im doing my homework.
4 Last night I dreamt with / about my English exam.
5 They often argue in / about stupid things.

8 Match the sentence beginnings and ends.

1 Im looking forward a on Harry to score a goal.

2 She didnt wait b to Alexs party.
3 My friends participated c with me.
4 We can always depend d to our friends online.
5 My cousin didnt agree e for her friend.
6 We often talk f in a race for charity.

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9 Read the text and underline the correct answers.

Im the school holidays. My friends (1) doing a surfing course but I

(2) them. I (3) the sea. Last night I (4) sharks and big waves. I was
very frightened. This morning I (5) my cousin and we agreed. Were going
to do a tennis course! I can always (6) her.

a looking forward to b arguing with

1 a are talking about b are listening to
2 a dont participate in b dont agree with
3 a argue with b worry about
4 a dreamt about b depended on
5 a talked to b argued with
6 a look forward to b depend on


1 Underline the correct words.

My friends wait / waits at the bus stop.

1 My brother often run / runs marathons.
2 How often do / does you move house?
3 My friend never agree / agrees with me.
4 Our teacher dont / doesnt live here.
5 Which university do / does she go to?

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6 I dont / doesnt go abroad on holiday.

2 Complete the sentences with the past simple form of the verbs in brackets.

I went (go) to the cinema yesterday.

1 My grandpa ______________ (retire) last year.
2 We ______________ (not watch) TV last night.
3 My teacher ______________ (not be) at school yesterday.
4 My sister ______________ (argue) with her boyfriend.
5 My parents ______________ (be) at home at 8pm.
6 My dad ______________ (not start) his own business until two years ago.

3 Order the words to make questions.

have / an accident / yesterday / Did / you

Did you have an accident yesterday?
1 about / last night / you / What / dream / did
What ____________________________ last night?
2 he / drop / did / When / out of university
When ____________________________ out of university?
3 were / at 7 oclock / you / Where
Where ____________________________ at 7 oclock?
4 your uncle / rich / did / How / become
How ____________________________ rich?
5 take / your sister / Did / a gap year
Did ____________________________ a gap year?

4 Write complete sentences with used to or didnt use to.

I / make new friends / on holiday.

I used to make new friends on holiday.
We / not go abroad / every summer.
We didnt use to go abroad every summer.
1 I / argue / with my sister.

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2 I / not get / into trouble at school.
3 My cousin / dream / about elephants.
4 We / not worry / about our exams.
5 My grandparents / listen / to the radio every day.



1 Match the literary genres with the pictures.

1 poetry c
2 crime ___
3 fantasy ___
4 romantic novel ___
5 adventure ___
6 comic ___
7 historical fiction ___
8 play ___

a b c

d e f

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g h

2 Complete the literary genres with vowels.

sc i e nc e f i ct i o n
1 b ___ ___ gr ___ phy
2 thr ___ ll ___ r
3 sh ___ rt st ___ ry
4 ___ ___ t ___ b ___ ___ gr ___ phy
5 n ___ n-f ___ ct ___ ___ n

3 Match the definitions with the words in the box.

biography comic fantasy non-fiction science fiction thriller

A book about imaginary creatures. fantasy

1 A book about facts and events. ______________
2 A book about a persons life. ______________
3 A book or magazine with cartoons. ______________
4 A book about life in the future, often on another planet. ______________
5 An exciting book with mystery and suspense. ______________

4 Underline the correct words.

And then they fall in love.

romantic novel / thriller
1 A famous tennis player writes about his life.
poetry / autobiography
2 The story of a horse which can fly.
fantasy / autobiography
3 I prefer reading short pieces of fiction.
non-fiction / short story

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4 The hero shouts his lines in this section.
play / poetry
5 This book is really exciting the police cant find the criminal anywhere.
crime / fantasy

5 Underline the correct words.

secondary / post school

1 love / audio letter
2 graphic / public library
3 text / post message
4 popular / book deal
5 love / computer program
6 school / best holiday

6 Match the compound nouns in the box with the pictures.

best-seller graphic novel love letter postcard social life

love letter 1 _________________ 2 _________________

3 _________________ 4 _________________

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7 Underline the correct answer for each definition.

The time you spend with your friends

a social life b best-seller
1 Newspapers which are about peoples private lives
a popular press b a book deal
2 A place where you can borrow books
a bookshop b public library
3 A small card with a picture which you send when youre on holiday
a love letter b postcard
4 A book which uses pictures to tell the story
a graphic novel b popular press
5 Written communication you send or receive on a mobile phone
a computer program b text message

8 Read the sentences and underline the correct compound nouns.

Jack Jones book is selling millions of copies.

best-seller / text message
1 Suzys having a great time at the beach!
postcard / graphic novel
2 Where can I buy that book? Its fantastic!
bookshop / public library
3 I prefer listening to books to reading them. I love the sound effects.
book deal / audiobook
4 I love going out and making new friends.
social life / popular press
5 That publisher is going to give him $100,000 for his new book.
computer program / book deal
6 That magazine is full of articles about famous people. Its all rubbish!
love letter / popular press
7 The students at my school are aged 1218.
school holiday / secondary school

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1 Complete the sentences with was/wasnt and were/werent.

I was doing my homework at 8pm.

1 My best friend ______________ worrying about his chemistry exam.
2 We ______________ looking forward to Davids birthday party.
3 You ______________ (not) reading a comic.
4 My brother ______________ (not) waiting for me.
5 My friends ______________ talking about a film.
6 I ______________ (not) eating my breakfast at 9.30am.

2 Write complete sentences. Use the prompts and the past continuous.

He / watch TV / at 6pm.
He was watching TV at 6pm.
1 They / not have dinner / in the kitchen.
They ______________________________ in the kitchen.
2 I / not argue / with my best friend.
I ______________________________ with my best friend.
3 Tom / do his homework / after dinner.
Tom ______________________________ after dinner.
4 You / sleep / when I got home.
You ______________________________ when I got home.
5 She / not have a good time / at the party.
She ______________________________ at the party.

3 Complete the sentences with when or while.

He was climbing a tree when he had an accident.

1 I was going to the cinema ______________ I saw my best friend.
2 ______________ they were cleaning the house, they found some money.
3 We werent home ______________ you phoned.
4 My brother dropped out of university ______________ he was studying

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5 ______________ I woke up, I was dreaming.

4 Underline the correct words.

I walked / was walking into the bathroom while my grandma was having a
1 While I did / was doing an exam, my phone rang.
2 She was swimming when she saw / was seeing a shark.
3 When the teacher came into the classroom, I talked / was talking to my best
4 I fell / was falling asleep while I was reading the book.
5 They were living in New York when they met / were meeting Brad Pitt.

5 Complete the questions.

Did you have Did you move Did the phone ring
Were you doing Were you listening Were you living

Were you doing your homework when your mum came home?
1 ________________________ an accident while you were walking home?
2 ________________________ to music when your English class started?
3 ________________________ while you were having breakfast?
4 ________________________ here when you met your best friend?
5 ________________________ house while you were studying at primary

6 Rewrite the sentences. Use contracted forms of the past perfect.

I had read the book.

Id read the book.
She had not written a postcard.
She hadnt written a postcard.
1 They had sent a text message.
2 We had argued about the dinner.

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3 You had not participated in the class.
4 He had taken a gap year.
5 I had not got into trouble.

7 Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

had drunk had eaten had played hadnt finished

hadnt participated hadnt read

She had eaten the cake.

1 They ______________________ the milk.
2 We ______________________ the exercise.
3 You ______________________ her autobiography.
4 I ______________________ cards with my friends.
5 He ______________________ in the class.

8 Match the sentence beginnings and ends.

1 They arrived at the train station a my sister had cooked the dinner.
2 By the time I got home b By then my little brother had
3 The film had already started broken two chairs.
4 He had done his homework c after the train had left.
5 I got up at 10am. d when we got to the cinema.
e before his mum came home.

9 Complete the sentences with the past perfect form of the verbs in brackets.

Before I started school, I had learnt (learn) to read.

1 By the time I was five, I ______________ (break) my leg and my arm.
2 I went to bed at 1am last night. By then I ______________ (read) two plays
and three poems.
3 I met my best friend after I ______________ (begin) secondary school.
4 After I ______________ (finish) dinner, I ate a pizza.

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5 When I started secondary school, I ______________ (already change) school
three times.



1 Match 16 with af to make phrases.

1 install a solar panels

2 save b old clothes
3 insulate c water
4 use d car journeys
5 share e rechargeable batteries
6 mend f windows

2 Match the phrases with the pictures.

1 install solar panels e

2 ride a bike ___
3 travel by public transport ___
4 turn off lights ___
5 recycle packaging ___
6 compost food waste ___

a b c

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d e f

3 Read the text and underline the correct answers.

Our family tries to save environmental resources. We dont have a car so I ride a
bike / save water to school and when we go on holiday we (1) save water /
travel by public transport. Our roof is very sunny so we have (2) installed
solar panels / insulated the windows and because we have a big garden we (3)
compost all our food waste / recycle packaging. When were at home we all sit
in the same room so we can (4) use rechargeable batteries / turn off the lights
in the other rooms.

4 Match the problems with the ways to save environmental resources in the

insulate windows mend old clothes recycle packaging

save water share car journeys turn off lights

Were all in the kitchen and theres a light on in the

bedroom. turn off lights
1 Many people drive to work alone. ______________
2 Our windows are old and the heat escapes through them. ______________
3 My sister throws away her jeans when theyre torn. ______________
4 In our house, we throw away a lot of plastic, paper and
glass. ______________
5 My cousins have a bath every day. ______________

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5 Find and circle eight verbs with prefixes in the word snake.

6 Look at the pictures and complete the crossword with the words in
exercise 2.

1 2 3

4 5 6

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7 Complete the verbs with vowels.

o v e rcr o wd
1 ___ nd ___ rc ___ ___ k
2 ___ v ___ rp ___ p ___ l ___ t
3 r ___ cycl ___
4 ___ nd ___ rp ___ y
5 m ___ s ___ nd ___ rst ___ nd

8 Match the prefixes 14 with their meanings ad.

1 over a do something to excess

2 under b do something again
3 re c do something incorrectly
4 mis d do something less than necessary

9 Read the definitions and underline the correct words.

Use waste materials, eg paper and glass again

recycle / reorganize
1 Give someone the incorrect information
misunderstand / misinform
2 Not use something enough, eg sports facilities
underuse / overpopulate
3 Show a piece of sports action again, e.g. a penalty kick
replay / replace
4 Put something in the wrong place and lose it
misplace / replace
5 Think that someone or something has less ability or power than they really
overcrowd / underestimate

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1 Complete the sentences with the present perfect form of the verbs in

My uncle has insulated (insulate) his windows.

1 I ______________ (play) rugby and cricket.
2 We ______________ (eat) pizza for dinner.
3 My grandma ______________ (not ride) a bike.
4 You ______________ (not talk) to my cousin.
5 My friends ______________ (recycle) the paper.
6 I ______________ (not turn off) the lights.

2 Order the words to make questions.

have / you / a mobile phone / How long / had

How long have you had a mobile phone?
1 known / you / How long / have / Maria
How long ______________________________ Maria?
2 your teacher / How long / at your school / worked / has
How long ______________________________ at your school?
3 at your school / How long / you / been / have
How long ______________________________ at your school?
4 your family / lived / How long / has / here
How long ______________________________ here?
5 you / studied / English / How long / have
How long ______________________________ English?

3 Complete the sentences with for or since.

My mum has shared car journeys since 2010.

1 We have made a lot of new friends ______________ last year.
2 My little brother hasnt got into trouble ______________ two weeks.
3 I havent read a comic ______________ a year.
4 My family has recycled packaging ______________ I was 12.
5 The public library has existed in our town ______________ 1965.

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4 Underline the correct words.

We moved / have moved house last year.

1 My uncle became / has become rich three years ago.
2 How long did you play / have you played the piano?
3 We didnt eat / havent eaten ice cream since last summer.
4 When did you change / have you changed schools?
5 Im feeling bad because I argued / have argued with my friends again.

5 Complete the sentences with just and the present perfect.

It has just started (start) to rain.

1 They ______________________________ (have)

their breakfast.

2 I ______________________________ (finish) this


3 He ______________________________ (win) the


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4 She ______________________________ (see) a

5 They ______________________________ (break)

a window.

6 Rewrite the sentences with already.

I have recycled the packaging.

I have already recycled the packaging.
1 They have installed solar panels.
2 My dad has mended my bike.
3 We have talked about the party.
4 My grandma has misplaced her new glasses.
5 I have won three awards for swimming.

7 Complete the answers with the present perfect negative + yet.

Have you opened the door yet?

No, I havent opened the door yet.
1 Has he made new friends yet?
No, he _____________________________________________________.
2 Have you listened to the audiobook yet?
No, I ______________________________________________________.

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3 Have you sent a postcard yet?
No, we ____________________________________________________.
4 Has your little sister ridden a bike yet?
No, she ____________________________________________________.
5 Have your friends got into trouble yet?
No, they ___________________________________________________.

8 Underline the correct words.

We use ______________ in affirmative sentences.

a yet b already
1 We use ______________ in negative sentences.
a yet and still b already and still
2 We use ______________ in questions.
a yet b still
3 ______________ always goes at the end of the sentence.
a Yet b Still
4 ______________ goes before the main verb.
a Still b Already
5 ______________ goes before the auxiliary verb.
a Still b Already

9 Underline the correct words.

She hasnt finished the exam yet / still.

1 We still / yet havent cooked the dinner.
2 Ive still / already seen that film.
3 They havent phoned yet / already.
4 Has he turned off the music yet / already?
5 Youve already / still told me that twice.

10 Order the words to make questions. Then write the complete answer.

yet / he / his dinner / Has / eaten

Has he eaten his dinner yet?
Yes, he has already eaten his dinner.

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1 they / yet / Have / the windows / insulated
Have ______________________________ yet?
Yes, they ______________________________
2 fed / we / Have / yet / the dog
Have ______________________________ yet?
No, we ______________________________
3 bought / Has / your dad / yet / new shoes
Has ______________________________ yet?
No, he ______________________________
4 yet / Have / you / tidied / your room
Have ______________________________ yet?
Yes, I ______________________________



1 Match the style adjectives with the pictures.

1 sporty b
2 glamorous ___
3 old-fashioned ___
4 tight ___
5 formal ___
6 loose ___

a b c

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d e f

2 Write the correct adjective for each sentence.

loose / tight
Loose clothes are large and do not fit your body well.
1 trendy / old-fashioned
______________ clothes are not modern or fashionable.
2 casual / formal
______________ clothes are comfortable and suitable for wearing in
informal situations.
3 fashionable / conventional
______________ clothes are traditional. Theyre not new or different.
4 colourful / comfortable
______________ clothes have bright colours or a lot of different colours.

3 Match the sentences with the style adjectives in the box.

colourful fashionable glamorous impractical sporty tight

I love her dress. Its got so many different colours. colourful

1 You cant wear sandals. Its raining and its cold. ______________
2 She always wears the latest fashions. ______________
3 Many film stars wear expensive designer clothes. ______________
4 I often wear a tracksuit and trainers. ______________
5 These boots are too small. I need a bigger size. ______________

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4 Complete the phrasal verbs with vowels. What is the mystery phrasal verb?



Mystery phrasal verb:


5 Underline the correct words.

Dont forget to take off / put on your gloves.

1 She looked for / put away her dress after the party.

2 My sister throws away / gives away her old clothes.

3 She cant get into / wear out her dress.

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4 Its hot. Hes taking off / putting on his sweater.

5 This film star is throwing away / giving away her coat.

6 Match the sentence beginnings and ends.

1 You cant go into the restaurant without a out her football boots.
putting b away our old clothes to our
2 Those jeans are really old. Throw cousins.
3 Id like to try c on more formal clothes.
4 During the match she wore d on your sweater!
5 Its freezing. Put e them away.
6 My mum used to give f on those shoes in size 39.

7 Choose the correct phrasal verbs to complete the conversation.

Shop assistant: Can I help you?

Lucy: Yes, Im (1) looking for a dress for my sisters wedding.
Shop assistant: This dress is very glamorous. What size are you?
Lucy: Can I (2) ______________ a size 36, please?
Shop assistant: Yes, of course! And this jacket will (3) ______________ it
Lucy: Thank you!
Shop assistant: Shall I (4) ______________ a hat for you, too?
Lucy: Oh, yes please!
I cant (5) ______________ the dress. Its too tight. Have you
got a bigger size?
Shop assistant: No, we havent, but you can (6) ______________ a bigger
size at our other shop.

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Lucy: Oh, OK.
1 a looking for b wearing out
2 a take off b try on
3 a go with b put on
4 a pick out b throw away
5 a give away b get into
6 a pick up b put away


1 Read the sentences. Are they talking about people, things, times or places?

My friend who lives in Ireland has got three dogs. people

1 8am is when most students start school. ______________
2 A public library is a place where you can borrow books. ______________
3 The boys who we met were from California. ______________
4 The dress which she bought is very old-fashioned. ______________

2 Match the sentence beginnings and ends.

1 Zara is a shop a when I like to relax.

2 We met a football player b who wrote many crime novels.

3 The summer is a time c which cant jump.

4 An elephant is an animal d where I buy a lot of clothes.

5 Agatha Christie was a writer e who played for Liverpool.

3 Complete the sentences with who, which, when or where.

A best-seller is a book which sells millions of copies.

1 A secondary school is a place ______________ students aged 1218 study.
2 My dad is a mechanic ______________ repairs machines.
3 These are the earrings ______________ my friends gave me.
4 It was 31st December ______________ my mum met my dad.
5 I dont like people ______________ dont listen to me.

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4 Underline the correct words.

Im hungry. I need ______________ to eat.

a someone b something c nothing
1 Its very dark in here. I cant see ______________.
a something b nothing c anything
2 Im sure shes not there. Can you hear ______________?
a anyone b no one c someone
3 The bus is full. There is ______________ to sit.
a no one b nowhere c nothing
4 I havent got ______________ to wear for Jacks party.
a anything b nothing c something
5 I like going ______________ with a beach on holiday.
a nowhere b anywhere c somewhere

5 Write sentences or questions with will or wont.

I / become / rich and famous.

Ill become rich and famous.
1 I / not wear / old-fashioned clothes when Im older.
2 He / drop out of university?
3 In the future / we / travel / by electric cars?
4 My friends / not live / here next year.
5 My teacher / not work / here in 2020.

6 Complete the sentences with be going to and the words in brackets.

We are going to travel (we travel) around the world next year.
1 ______________________________ (they not install) solar panels. Its very

Text Interface 4 Macmillan Publishers Limited, 2012

2 ______________________________ (I not argue) with you.
3 ______________________________ (he have) a party at the weekend for
his birthday?
4 ______________________________ (my friends send) me a text message.
5 ______________________________ (I look for) some new clothes on
6 Hes ill. ______________________________ (he not participate) in the

7 Underline the correct answers.

Hes very friendly. Hes going to make / Hes making new friends at
summer camp.
1 I dont know what to do. I know! Im phoning / Ill phone a friend.
2 Its all arranged. Ill have / Im having a party on Saturday.
3 That baby looks very unhappy. Shell / Shes going to cry.
4 I think people are living / will live on other planets in the future.
5 Hell wear / Hes wearing his suit for the interview next week.



1 Order the letters to make work and money words.

aalsyr s alar y
1 pcraehpinpties a_________p
2 nsbou b_________s
3 onipnes p_________n
4 acctnort c_________t
5 moooiptrn p_________n
6 yap esri p_________ _________e
7 rowk xeeeeripcn w_________ _________e
8 ncllaawoe a_________e

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2 Match 16 with af to make work and money words.

1 appli a itions
2 bene b vertisement
3 cond c enses
4 job ad d fits
5 exp e otion
6 prom f cation form

3 Underline the correct words.

a written agreement between two people

a a contract b conditions
1 When you stop working at 65, you receive .
a an allowance b a pension
2 Extra money in addition to your normal salary
a a bonus b work experience
3 To move to a higher level in a company
a a promotion b a pay rise
4 An announcement in a newspaper, on the internet etc, looking for more
a an apprenticeship b a job advertisement
5 Money that you spend when you are working but which you can get back
from your company, e.g. for travelling or food
a benefits b expenses

4 What are they talking about? Underline the correct words.

When my granddad stops working, hell receive money.

salary / pension
1 This one says theyre looking for someone who likes children.
contract / job advertisement
2 My brothers at university. My parents give him 500 every month.
work experience / allowance
3 The companys going to pay me a little more every month.

Text Interface 4 Macmillan Publishers Limited, 2012

bonus / pay rise
4 We get a free club, membership to a gym and money for clothes. Its great.
conditions / benefits
5 They work 40 hours a week, Monday to Saturday. They have two weeks
holiday. conditions / benefits
6 I wrote that I was good with people and that I enjoyed helping others.
apprenticeship / application form

5 Complete the work verbs with vowels.

a pply f o r a j o b
1 cl ___ ___ m ___ xp ___ ns ___ s
2 g ___ t ___ j ___ b
3 w ___ rk p ___ rt-t ___ m ___
4 ___ ___ rn ___ s ___ l ___ ry
5 g ___ t ___ p ___ ns ___ ___ n
6 b ___ ___ n ___ mpl ___ y ___ d

6 Underline the correct words and then match the work verbs to the pictures.

have / sign a job interview b

1 have / fill in an application form ___
2 sign / claim a contract ___
3 lose / work a job ___
4 have / work a full-time job ___
5 fill in / apply for a job ___

a b c

Text Interface 4 Macmillan Publishers Limited, 2012

d e f

7 Underline the correct work verbs to complete the text.

My brother was unemployed / got a pension. He looked at the job

advertisements on the internet and decided to (1) claim expenses / apply for a
job on a summer camp. He (2) earned a salary / filled in the application form
and waited for an answer. About two weeks later, he (3) signed a contract / had
an interview. The interview went very well and he (4) got the job / lost the job.
Before he started working, he (5) signed a contract / filled in an application
form for mornings only. Now my brother (6) has a full-time job / is working
part-time at the summer camp and hes very happy.

8 Read the text in exercise 3 again. Complete these work verbs and put them
in order.

1 be unemployed 1
2 _____ a job interview ___
3 _____ for a job ___
4 _____ a job ___
5 _____ a contract ___
6 _____ part-time ___

Text Interface 4 Macmillan Publishers Limited, 2012

7 _____ in an application form ___


1 Complete the first conditional sentences.

If you throw away the rubbish,

I ll clean (clean) the kitchen.
1 If he looks in the newspaper, he ______________ (find) a lot of job
2 He ______________ (go) abroad if he takes a gap year.
3 If you dont listen, you ______________ (not understand) me.
4 Your parents ______________ (worry) about you if you dont phone them.
5 We ______________ (not play) tennis if the weather is bad.

2 Underline the correct words.

If I ______________ a trendy blue jacket, Ill buy it.

a see b will see
1 If your homework is difficult, I ______________ you.
a help b ll help
2 If you ______________ to the party, youll have a good time.
a come b ll come
3 She ______________ the exam if she doesnt study.
a fail b ll fail
4 Youll get ill if you ______________ a coat.
a dont wear b wont wear
5 If he doesnt do work experience, he ______________ the job.
a doesnt get b wont get

3 Match the sentence beginnings and ends.

1 We would go abroad a if I forgot her birthday.

2 If my sister lived in Paris b they would play volleyball.
3 I wouldnt be tired c if we had more money.

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4 If my friends didnt play basketball d I would visit her there.
5 My mum wouldnt be happy e if I didnt go to bed so late.

4 Underline the correct words.

We saved / would save electricity if we turned off the lights.

1 You would enjoy that book if you read / would read it.
2 If I went / would go skiing, I would have an accident.
3 You made / would make new friends if you changed school.
4 If they had an umbrella, they wouldnt be / didnt be wet.
5 If I wasnt / wouldnt be ill, I would go out with my friends.

5 Order the words to make questions.

would / do / if / won / What / you / you / a lot of money ?

What would you do if you won a lot of money?
1 rains / What / you / it / at the weekend / will / do / if ?
What ____________________________________________________
2 your favourite film star / you / What / saw / would / do / you / if ?
What ____________________________________________________
3 on Saturday / will / you / you / What / do / if / your friends / meet ?
What ____________________________________________________
4 your mum / What / say / got into trouble / would / if / you / at school ?
What ____________________________________________________
5 do / your mobile phone / at home / left / you / What / if / would / you ?
What ____________________________________________________

IMPORTANT: Aquesta feina t una valor de 20% del total de la nota de

setembre. El 80% restant s la prova escrita.

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