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Urban and Regional Economics yy oki : aCtoii Mere (uae Weel: Li) Meet erg NCI Peng Scholars 19-22 October inttlative Urban and Regional Economics Kishorokumar Suryaprakash University of Massachusetts, Amherst Theorizing the Role of nformal Waste Recovery ‘Sector inthe Urban Development - The Case of Bholakpur Scrap Market in Hyderabad, nda Understanding the dyna of ‘isposa reese is Inetala to sty tha process of exami develop ment in geeral eb urban development in patult Hitherto, ecanoriesconsdeod reduction consum tiomand disposal a ioatd and lscotmuaus rooesss, Tho lack of understanding on wast’ and ‘Shposalprocees ests in miemaragement of urban ‘eenurcen slong with undermining the vale of oe Invlved inthe above sector Avan bjt ows fom one space a anther it changes inform and valu This ow termed as tcutof wast sophiscatod process that Infuse al into deere voleless abject dois and vdefins urban spaces and people associate th ieThe present stay attempts a oak closely atthe lapel processing sector an undebely a aptalsm, (whch is essential ab canton of reproduction swell 53 soure of aw materi for captast accumulation, By exploring he intra and extra sciwcanome ‘ranization foal eal Bholskpur one that Bly a yon the thet ol wast’ the ech chy 5 Hyderabnd the sty sheds ght on the conibtions Of foal waste grocssing sector in hei ct the fy an aspact that hasbeen nadoquatolyoxplered in ‘he trate of urban dovlepmont and aeons. Stefan Ateksié Belgrade University Broken Windows, Broken Citizens and People (auto int Materilising Inequalty in Urban Environments Poly paper “Broken Widows" one ofthe most Import and paradigmatic pele approaches that govern our daly tne. 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Seting th direction of developments increasingly problematc in advanced economies where uncer tai ere investment certainties, an short tem Polcking tempers decision making fr sustanabo and relent tues Contadtions end ick o alignment between molt iyeed government actors making and shaping markets can love panes regulators, oromorial and community parties edvaning multiple foltions to simorprolame where edit to chew eherene and moment, Curent tit tonal rangement governing nresingly complex sition cota arent itor purpoe and cab bonefitfom nw paradigmati approaches. This paper examines the UK and London as a natonal and iyresonal cas study. and explores the following ‘questions What would conse more adaptive ban