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I. Objectives
1. Identifies practices that cause soil, water and air pollution.
2. Illustrate polluted air, water and soil.
3. Show love for mother Earth.
II. Subject Matter
Topic: Causes of Pollution
References: Curriculum Guide in Science 2 for Gifted and Talented page 10, The
New Science Links 3 page 288-307
Materials: flashcards, crayons, marker, worksheet
Values: Love for Nature

III. Learning Tasks

Teachers Activity Pupils activity

(Possible answers of learners)

A. Activities
Pre-paratory Activities

Prayer In the name of the Father Amen

Checking of Attendance


Now, I have here some rules that

you need to follow. So we can a
meaningful and smooth discusson.

First, when I raise this picture

, you have to keep quiet.

Second, when I raise this picture

, you have to listen carfully.

Last, when I raise this picture

, you need to raise your

right hand if you have something to
say. Do not answer in chorus.

Yes Maam.
Okay let us see if you really
understand our rules.

What are you going to do if I raise

this picture?
We have to keep quiet.
And what if I raise this picture?

We have to listen carefully.

And this picture? We need to raise our hand and do not

answer in chorus.
Very good.
All of you really understand the


I prepared a dance for you class.

Are you familiar with Head,
Shoulder, Knees and Toes
dance? Yes Maam/No Maam.
Now, were going to dance Head,
Shoulder, Knees and Toes. But
before that let me show you first
the steps.

(The teacher will demonstrate the


Head,Shoulder, Knees and Toes

Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes,

Knees and toes (2x)

Eyes and ears and mouth and

Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes,
Knees and toes

March, march, march

Let us all march
March, march, march
Get your body charged

(Repeat chorus)

Jump, jump, jump

Let us all jump
Jump, jump, jump
Make your muscle pump

Punch, punch, punch

Lets all punch
Punch, punch,punch
Have a hearty munch

(Repeat chorus)
Do you get it class? Yes Maam.

Okay, everybody stand up and let (Pupil will stand up and start dancing.)
us dance.

Did you enjoy the dance class? Yes Maam, we enjoyed it.

Everybody take your seat.

(The teacher will raise this picture


1. Review
Who studied their lesson last

How can you say that the water

is polluted? The water is dirty.

Can you write it on the board? (The pupil will write the answer on the

How can you say that the air is The air has foul smell.

Okay, write your answer on the (The pupil will write the answer on the
board. board.)

How can you say that the soil is

polluted? When the soil contains chemical.

Very good.

2. Motivation

Now, Ill divide you into two (2)

groups. This will be the group 1
and this will be the group 2.

We will having a game.

Okay, are you familiar with the

game Celebrity Playtime? Yes Maam/No Maam.

Yes, some are not. Today were

going to call it Grade II Playtime.

Listen to the mechanics of the


Each group will have five (5)

representatives. All you have to
do is to spell the words that I will
When one member
misspelled the words, he/she will
replace by the other member.

The game will end within

two (2) minutes. The group who
will get less of misspelled words
will declaired as the winner of the
game and will receive a price for
me later.

Understand? Yes Maam.

(The teacher will show example if


Okay, let us start the game.

Group 1 get _ misspelled words.

Group 2 got _ misspelled words.

So the winner is Group __.

Let us give them five (5) claps. (The pupils will clap 5 times.)

3. Presentation

Now I have here a beautiful story.

You have to listen carefully.

Life is more beautiful before, we have , source like

river and streams and sea where we can go out and swim , are
healthy and green. But now everything has changed.

The fresh air suddenly disappears because of smoke coming from the

different and . Foul smells coming from decaying

and that are not dispose properly.

People burn and that contribute to the air pollution.

The clean source of water suddenly become harmful to all living things,

because of chemical wastes from and that taken into the

rivers, lakes and ocean. All these wastes kill aquatic animals. Pesticides and
from farms are also carried to the bodies of water that kill corals

and marine animals. Some do not have sanitary toilets. Human

wastes are throwing into other water forms.

The healthy and productive soil becomes polluted because of the

chemicals and wastes from the , and .

Garbages from and that do not dispose properly, and the

excessive use of fertilizers and in farming. These insecticides

contain harmful chemicals that destroy organisms that help renew the soil.
Therefore, the soil becomes barren or unproductive.

B. Analysis

Now, who can guess what the

story is all about? The story is all about the causes of

The story is all about the different

cause of pollution.

What can you say about life the Life before was beautiful because of
before? fresh air and water. We also have many
green trees.

Correct. The fresh air becomes polluted.

So what happen to the fresh air? The air becomes polluted because of the
smoke coming from the different vehicles
Because of what? and factories.

Thats right.
What else? The air becomes polluted because of the
foul smell.

Where the foul smell did came The foul smell came from the decaying
from? garbage and animals.

So, what are we going to do with The garbage should be dispose properly.
that garbage?

What about dead animals? Dead animals should be buried.

The garbage should dispose
properly and the dead animals
should be buried.

Other practices that cause

pollution of the air? People burn woods.
Very good.

Do you know that trees bring

fresh air? Yes Maam.

So what are you going to do? Im going to plant more trees.

Very good.

What about water?

What can you say about the
water before? It is clean and fresh.

What happen to the water? It becomes polluted.

Why it becomes polluted? The water becomes polluted because of

the garbage throw in the rivers and

Where the garbage did came

from? The garbage came from the factories,
homes, mines and farms.

Some people throw their garbage

from the river and streams.

What will happen to the

creatures that live in water if it is
polluted? They will die.

Thats correct. They will die.

Another cause of water

Anyone? Another cause of water pollution is
fertilizers and pesticides.

Where did they come from? They come from the farms that are
carried by the rainwater.

Carried to where? In the river, lakes and in the sea.

Thats correct.
Pesticides and fertilizers killed
corals and marine animals.
Other cause of water pollution? Human waste.

Correct, because some home do

not have sanitary toilets.

Where did it usually happen?

In what place? It usually happens in a squatter area.

Very good.
Their wastes are thrown into the
river that also pollutes the water.

What can you say about the soil

before? It is healthy and productive.

Very good.
What about the trees before? They are also healthy.

Correct. So what happen to the

soil? Soil becomes polluted?

Why it is become polluted? Soil becomes polluted because of the

chemicals waste?
Where the chemicals did came
from? The chemicals came from the factories,
hospitals and farms.

What did they do about those

chemicals? They dumped the chemicals into the soil.

And those chemicals can poison

what? It can poison plants, water and people.

Very good.

People can get different disease

from those chemicals.

Other practices that cause soil

pollution? Farmers used excessive insecticides and

Yes. Farmers used too much

insecticides and fertilizers.

Why do you think they used too

many fertilizers? Farmers used too much fertilizers to
increase their harvest.
What about insecticides?
Why did they use it? They used it to get rid of pests.

Yes. But those insecticides

contain chemicals.

What will happen if chemicals

mix into the soil? The soil will be unproductive.

What else? The organisms that helps renew the soil

will destroy.
Very good.

Another cause of soil pollution? Garbage from homes and waste markets
which are not disposed properly.
Correct. Garbage pollutes not
only the air but also the soil.

So what are we going to do with

that garbage? We need to disposed them properly and
separate the biodegradable to non-
Thats right.

C. Abstraction

Again what are the causes of air

pollution? a. Smoke from different vehicles and
b. Foul smell from decaying garbage
and animals.
c. Burning of woods.

What are the causes of water a. Garbage and animals that throw
pollution? into the river and streams.
b. Chemical waste from factories,
refineries and farms.
c. Pesticides and fertilizers from
d. Human waste. Some people do
not have sanitary toilets.

In soil? a. Chemicals from factories,

hospitals and farms are dumped
into the soil.
b. Farmers used excessive fertilizers
and insecticides.
c. Garbage from house and wet
markets thats not dispose

Very good.

As a student how can you show
your love for your nature or
environment to avoid soil, water
and air pollution? I will dispose the garbage properly.
I will help plant trees.
I will segregate all the garbage in and
outside the school.

Very good.

D. Application

Now I will divide you into three


This will be the Group 1, 2 and 3.

This is the instructions. Listen

Each group will choose one

representative who will go in
The representative will pick a
1 is for Air
2 is for Water
3 are for Soil.
I already have here an illustration
of healthy soil, fresh air and clean
water. All you have to do is to
make it polluted by means of
adding colors and drawing on it.
After 15 minutes youre going to
present your work in class.
Choose a leader to discuss
groups work.
Explain why it becomes polluted.

Your presentation will be graded

base on the rubrics.
Yes Maam.

Class, what should you remember We should maintain silence.

When youre doing a group work? We should cooperate in our group.
We should participate.
We should keep our place clean.

Very Good.

Okay, all representative come

here in front and you may start
your work.

(After the allotted time, each group

will present their work.)

CATEGORY 5 points 4 points 3 points

The work of the The work of the The work of the
Accuracy and group is group is slightly group is slightly
Creativity accurate and accurate and accurate and not
very creative. creative. creative.
The work was The work was The work was
Presentation presented very well presented. just presented.
All the members Most members Some members
Discipline and of the group are of the group are of the group are
Cooperation actively participated and participated and
participated and disciplined. disciplined.
IV. Evaluation

Draw if the statement is true

and draw if the statement is
false. Write each answer before
each number.

___1. Burning leaves at homes

contributes to air pollution.
___2. Smoking adds to pollution.
___3. Waste from mines can also
cause soil pollution.
___4. Chemicals from factories
and hospitals can poison plants,
people and animals.
___5. Polluted water does not
affect the lives of people.
___6. Every citizen is responsible
in keeping our water clean and
___7. Plants do not grow well in
polluted soil.
___8. Too much used of fertilizers
can destroy all the organisms in
___9. Household animals can
contribute to the pollution of water.
___10. Fertilizing my lawn does
not pollute the water.

Are you done?

Okay, pass your work. Yes Maam.

V. Assignment

Now get your assignment

notebook and copy this.

Bring 3 pictures which

show different ways to
minimize pollution, one for
water, air and soil.

Okay, clean up your things. Yes Maam.

Goodbye Teacher Rhea.

Prepared by:
Rhealyn B. Lazo
Practice Teacher

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