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Sanket Mankar

Senior Engineer – Design & Development

Values and Principles are the top-most priority for me. I believe in optimism, physical & intellectual balance along
with a rational, systematic and responsible approach by respecting individuality, originality and creativity.
A renewable energy engineer with a background of electronics engineering & a demonstrated history of working
in the renewable industry since 3+ years. Skilled in Solar PV (on grid/off grid), offshore wind and energy storage
systems. Innovative re-designing skills and a strong believer in social innovation through technology.

Jun 2016 - Senior Engineer - Design & Development
Present Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

 Currently working on DC PLCC (DC power line communication)
scheme for MW scale PV plants, which will help in transmitting
"String" and "PV module health data” over the existing DC power
cables in a solar PV plant instead of using separate BOP for
monitoring and O&M.
 Also working towards design and sizing of energy storage system
which shall work alongside a generation forecasting module to
ensure minimum deviation from committed generation profile for
a power producer.
 Redesigned Gamesa Electric Central Inverter (1000V model) to
Address accommodate ACB inside the Inverter enclosure, simultaneously
Yash Coloney, Behind tower line, reducing the heat losses and effectively reducing cost of the model.
Near Kathora sq., VMV rd.,  Designed a PID based “Power plant controller” for reactive power
Amravati – 444604, MH, IN. compensation/injection (both inductive and capacitive) into grid
without the need of APFC banks and the working was verified and
Phone certified by TUV-SUD.
+91- 9145113735  Assisting in technically optimal and cost-effective solar plant
E-mail  As and when required, frequently running PVsyst simulations for different “site locations” for yield estimation and how to improve
PR and CUF.
Date of Birth
 Training sales team in technical aspects of Inverter product
24th December, 1990. considering competition and market research and analysis.
LinkedIn  Majorly responsible for handling all technical aspects of “Inverters” and related BOP in a solar power plant.

Aug 2014 - Research and Development Associate
Mar 2016 GERMI (Gujarat Energy Research and Development Institute)

 Handled two major R&D projects involving state and central govt.
agencies (National & State load dispatch centres, National Wind
Energy Institute, IN).
 The projects were namely
a. Solar Insolation and Wind Velocity and Power Forecasting
Using Hybrid Statistical Models,
b. Design of Smart Wind Farms with Forecasting Module.

Published Online April 2015 in SciRes. ARIMA. analysing various methods like Persistence. Agravat. listening to Arijit Singh (Indian Playback Singer). And we were also able to publish our findings. Dr. physical methods and more advanced analysis techniques like Artificial Neural Networks (essentially based on historical data). Tech in Electronics Engineering. open source research. Instead of CFD simulation we opted for Blade Element Momentum (BEM) theory and determined that an annual increase of 22% was observed in energy production. (Link here) Solving complex problems. esp. M. 7.Tech .  Involved simulating different size and shape of turbine blades in various wind flow regimes and conditions. Mumbai University. Playing Table tennis & Football.Vellore Institute of Technology. IN. Tech in Energy & Environmental Engineering  Distinction (9. May 2012  B. Mr.  First class (6.  For the first project. Dancing. B.Tech – VJTI. Sagarkumar M. 2017) Apr 2015 Theoretical Study of Wind Turbine Model with a New Concept on Swept Area. Energy and Power Engineering. Support vector machines (SVM) to forecast on a short-to-medium term basis.  The second project was based on the underlying concept of controlling the Wind Power production by dynamically following the changes in wind speed and simultaneously incorporating it using Smart Wind Mills. 2015. Intersolar. . thereby calling it a Smart Wind Farm.  Jun 2013 . 127-134. May 2015  M.  Successful development and implementation of Short term power forecasting module (statistical model.. Interested in different technologies which make day to day life easier. A big fan of TED Talks.4 CGPA) Nov 2017 Design and sizing of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) to mitigate wind farm power deviations (Under review in ESS. Playing Flute and Guitar. Sanket Mankar et al. Vellore.15 CGPA) Jun 2008 . ANN based) for the state nodal agency with an overall accuracy of 82% (historical data available was of only one year and season based modelling of ANN was done) which was then used at all electrical pooling stations in Gujarat.