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edge on/over sb/sth: a slight advantage over

a decisive/slight/clear/great/decisive military edge over the enemies
The company needs to improve its competitive edge.
They have the edge on us.
His cars have the edge over his rivals.
Their strategy still has the edge over more recent approaches.
For intuitive and qualitative understanding, the sinusoids have the edge over exponentials. Fortunately,
this difficulty can be overcome readily because of close connection between exponential and Fourier spectra.
So far, theories and models that make the frame-content distinction have the edge over any that lack it.
The ILECs have the edge over the network components because their networks were built over the past 120
The first providers to implement the AIN features will have the edge over taking the customer base.
Again, radio solutions appear to have the edge over those offered by the fixed network; unique line-to-meter
mapping is not a relevant issue and the flexibility provided by the mobile networks separation between
telephone number and user identity is also beneficial.
It is fair to warn that in the context of Predicate Logic Hilbert-style proofs have the edge over Equational-
style proofs. The former are amenable to the methodology of removing/inserting quantifiers so that between
the removal and insertion one can use Boolean techniques, notably the all-powerful Posts Theorem (2.2.1).
imilarly, how do we know that the electronic mail attachment actually came from the stated sender or that it
was not changed in transit? Here cyberspace has the edge over noncyberspace. Technologies are available
that help us to verify the mail sender (authentication) and the validity of the message (integrity).
Linksys's system has the edge over Orinoco's because it's a little cheaper (under $350 total for Linksys,
versus almost $400 total for Orinoco), but both are a cinch to install.
Given the differences among the means of the three groups, you might think at first glance that Method B has
the edge over Method A, and that Methods B and A are both superior to Method C. As it happens, however,
these differences, considered in and of themselves, are well within the range of mere random variability.
It gives them the edge over their competitors.
However, it is the constant, systematic exploration, bit by bit, never losing what has been found, that gives
RMHC the edge over our GA.
Ericssons experience of providing longterm support and of upgrades gives it the edge over other retailers of
telecom management systems, such as large computer companies, management consultants, systems
integrators, and small companies with niche products.