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Installation and

Maintenance Engineering CH
QUESTIONS a b c d s

You have a PC with no video on a check PC supply check that replace the video card, replace the check that
known good monitor. Pick the best voltages, replace everything's monitor, replace the power supply, everything's plugged
order you should follow in tracking video card, replace plugged in, replace replace the system board, try a different in, replace hard drive,
down the problem. CPU system board monitor replace ram d
A customer reports "My system
has no display " the problem must IDE card is short One of the two SMPS Ground line is P.G is absent in
not be _____________ circuted memory is bad open SMPS O/P c
In 486 mother board VESA is a
__________bit bus 16 32 12 64 b
In Pentium mother board PCI is
___________ bit bus 24 16 32 64 c
On a flat data cable, a red or blue
stripe means: ground high voltage null connection pin 1 d
ATx motherboard power
connector has _____________ no.
of pins 20 12 24 16 a
depends on whether
How many devices can connect to both internal and
the typical SCSI adapter? Assume external devices are
is has only one data connector. 7 8 20 used a
Pick up the correct order of Logical drive, Primery partition, Logical drive,
deleting all the DOS partitions on primary partition, logical drive, Primery partition, extented partition, extented partition,
an hard disk. extented partition extented partition logical drive primary partition. d
Minimum hardware
requirement for loading Win-98
is _____________ Pentium 133 Pentium 60 Mhz 386Dx/20 Mhz 486 Dx2/66 Mhz a
Formatting a disk results in all the Deleted from the Copied from the
data being_________________ disk disk Saved to the disk None of these a
MMX means ___________. Multi Extension Extension Multiple Expression None of these b
__________ is the packaging of
Celeron processors. CGA FPGA PPGA None of these c
____________ is the packaging for
Pentium processors. FPGA SPGA PPGA None of these b
Slot-A is for ___________
processor. AMD Athlon AMD Sempron Celeron None of these a
Socket-A is for __________
processor. AMD Athlon AMD Duron AMD Sempron None of these b
The three types of BIOS interrupts
are: __________, hardware and
software interrupts. Zero One CPU None of these c
__________ is the act of defining
areas of the hard disk for an
operating system to use as a
volume. Defragmentation Partitioning Restoration None of these b
Minimium Processor required for
windows xp installation 233MHZ 133MHZ 100MHZ None of these a
Minimium Memory required for
windows xp installation 32MB 256MB 64MB None of these c
The head misaligned in FDD may
cause the following error to be Not ready reading Drive not ready
displayed drive A error General failure reading drive A Alignment error c
R/ W head in a 3 1/2 " FDD is
linked to the stepper motor by Band driven Lead screw
________________ method method Belt Direct driving method a
The stepper motor in floppy drive
A is controlled only by the signal (
s) ______________ Motor enable 0 Step Direction b & c- d
16 bit sound card will not function 64 bit pentium
on_______________ motherboard 386 motherboard 486 Dx2 None of these d
To an EIDE interface we can
connect maximum 2 HDD 1 HDD 4 HDD 7 HDD c
The connector standard of VGA
display adaptor is
________________ 15pin 25pin 16pin 9pin a
LOT in mono monitor
gives___________output 11KV 25KV High voltage AC None of the above a
A customer has reported that his
printer's head is continuously
hitting to the right extreme. The Carriage motor is Line field motor is
problem could be ____________ HP sensor is short fault HP sensor is dusty faulty d
______________ is adjusted to
solve the side bending problem
in a monitor Ring magnents Yoke assembly Pincussion magnents Horizontal linearity d
To start the setup program (or
cmos setup), there is usually a key
or set of keys you must press
simultaneously. Some of the ones
used by various PCs are listed CTRL-ALT-
below. Select all that are correct. CTRL-ALT-ENTER DELETE CTRL-ALT-S All the above d
What should be the first Remove the parts one
troubleshooting step when a Check for faulty Check for loose Open the system and identify the parts by one and check for
system is not powering up? power outlet. cables. for any physical damage. any burns. a
Connect a known
good device that
How would you check if your PS/2 works and see if it
port is working? Identify the port works Run diagnostics Replace the Device b
The hardware settings for a device are
stored in ____________ services harddisk directx Drivers d
Which of these devices initiates the
If you hear one long beep when
you power on the computer, which
part could be faulty? CPU RAM Motherboard Keyboard b
POST error codes ranging from 100- System board
199 relate to which device problem Memory error Keyboard problem Video problems, color a
POST error codes ranging from 200- System board
299 relate to which device problem Memory error Keyboard problem Floppy disk errors b
POST error codes ranging from 300- System board
399 relate to which device Keyboard problem problem Memory error Motherboard a
POST error codes ranging from 400- Video problems,
499 relate to which device monochrome Memory error System board problem Motherboard a
If your display resolution is stuck
and cannot be changed what is the Bad or corrupt
possible cause? video drivers Drivers not loaded Incorrect drivers installed All of the above d
Which one of the following is not a Local digital Local analog
modem hardware diagnostic test? loopback test loopback test Remote digital loopback test AT test d
When the monitor is blinking Power
green/amber or amber, what does management
it indicate? problem Video Card Failure Incorrect Video Cable Monitor is bad a
Adjust Image Lock
Identify the incorrect step from the Check resolution of and Image Effect
following, if the monitor is fuzzy? image Change monitor Change Image Size to Normal controls b
When you start your computer you
hear a long beep, what does this Video Card
indicate? Hard Disk Problem Problem Memory Problem No Keyboard b
When you start your computer you Short beep Keyboard
hear 4 short beeps, what does this Indicates System Memory parity controller Gate A20
indicate? RAM refresh failure error System timer failure failure c
When you start your computer you Keyboard
hear 5 short beeps, what does this controller Gate Display memory
indicate? CPU failure A20 failure Virtual mode exception error read/write error a
Which Microsoft operating system
among the following would provide Windows NT 4.0
high file security and performance? Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows Me Workstation d
The PC is refusing to boot from
the hard drive is due to No boot sector on Insert bootable
_______________ harddisk drive media CMOS battery failure None of these a
Continous beep is due to Motherboard
______________ Keyboard error Failure RAM failure None of these c
Steady, short beeps Power supply may
_____________ Keyboard error be bad RAM failure None of these b
One long, two short beeps is Power supply may
due to ____________ Video card failure be bad RAM failure None of these a
Which of the following tasks can
you perform with Recovery
Console? Repair MBR Format Drive Repair non-booting system All of the above d
Which file is first loaded while
Identify from the following the file
that contains utilities in the boot
files of Windows 98 Autoexec.bat Boot.ini MSDOS.SYS EDB.CAB d
If you have a dual boot operating
system like Windows 98 and
Windows XP, which file system
from the below mentioned should
you choose for both operating
systems to read all the partitions. NTFS 5.0 NTFS 4.0 FAT 32 FAT 16 c