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Fountain Magazine Essay Writing competition

Are you an immigrant too? Were your parents/grandparents immigrants? Are

we all immigrants in this world? How do they contribute to your society? How
do they cause problem in your society? How would you help immigrants

Since the onset of evolution, human being is leading a nomadic life, moving
from one place to another place even to countries and beyond that to the
continents in search of good pursuits. Movement has been an integral part of
human life which helps in acquiring basic needs and also teaches life lesson
important for the survival. One gets to learn a lot from the experiences which
one encounters while moving to different place for

Yes, I firmly say that I am an immigrant and both my parents and grandparents
were also an immigrant. Moreover, I strongly believe that we are all
immigrants in this world. If we ignore the literal meaning of the word then all
of us are immigrants in this world as we are leaving our hometown and
heading towards metropolitan cities which can provide good opportunity to an
individual which can change his future for the best and leads to an overall
development of the personality.

All of us are immigrants in this world since our grandparents moved to

different places in search of better job opportunities which can help in
acquiring the basic necessities of life. Similarly, our parents also moved to a
different place, leaving their hometown for education, job and better standard
of living. In the same way we are also moving to several places in search of
quality education which is further changes when we move to other places
during job change.

It is not always true that people migrate to a different place to get a good
lifestyle for their families. Sometimes they are forced to leave their properties
behind to live peacefully. War is inevitable, its an integral part of life for those
who always desired to dominate the world and people are the biggest suffers.
It does no good to them in fact it not only takes away their earnings , paternal
properties, lands etc. but also makes one restless by destroying ones peace of
mind. The person starts living in fear and thus ruins the glorious future which
was waiting to be uncovered. Currently the Middle East region i.e. countries
like Syria, Egypt, Israel etc. are going through a miserable phase where people
live in refugee camps. Kids who are born in these camps get a different
perspective of life and seeing unrest, intolerance everywhere they involve
themselves in criminal activities thus spoiling their future.

The great Portuguese voyager Vasco- da- Gama who came all the way from
Europe to India in 1498 brought potatoes to India which became an important
part of Indian cuisine. He also took Indian spices to Europe which gave a new
flavour to their platter. This led to the development of trade between
countries and it became a source of earning for the people involved in export
and import of various goods throughout the world.

Immigrants play an important role in the nation development. They help in

boosting the economy of the country. Nowadays air travel has increased and
therefore brings benefits to the tourism industry with the development of new
air routes. Indian immigrants residing in countries like UK, USA, Canada,
Australia, Germany, France etc. have taken their economy to entirely new
level. Since independence till date many talented individuals from different
walks of life belonging to different countries have settled in other parts of the
world which provides them better opportunity in terms of career and a good
standard of living.

Not only talented individuals leave their hometown but presently there are
majority of the labour class people who travel overseas to earn their wages
and give a better life to their families back home. People from every corner of
India are moving mainly towards Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq
etc. are the places where construction business is soaring high and people can
earn their livelihood. They get extremely low salary in their hometown
therefore they move towards lucrative options available to them. Also they are
available at cheaper rates so countries are importing them to fix things and get
them done on time. They are very diligent and follow their duties sincerely due
to which it had a positive influence on the productivity and efficiency of local
labours. Surging unemployment rate is reduced and young migrants get an
opportunity to enhance their life prospects. They also bring back savings and
skills which enhances the standard of living and shapes overall personality of
an individual.

Various scientific breakthroughs have been achieved by amazingly intelligent

people from different nationalities which make a nation scientifically sound.
They bring energy and innovation which has the potential to revolutionize the
world. They bring fresh approach to the firms and contribute new ideas thus
paves the way for healthy competitive environment at the workplace which in
turn increases the productivity of the workers.

Immigrants come from different places therefore they help in bringing

diversity to language, culture, food, clothing. People love to imbibe different
cultures which help in bringing a sense of tolerance and unity among the
residents. It also helps in enriching harmony and brotherhood among people of
different religion. The metropolitan cities which have people from many
countries religions are the best places to live because people understand each
other well. They are open and welcome new ideas which are difficult to find in
those places which have a majority of the population belonging to a particular
community. The gap between the conservative and modernity needs to be
abridged which can put an end to communal feuds which are more common in
countries of South East Asia and Middle East region.

In addition to these economic benefits, incomers have helped the health and
care services to continue functioning; contributed to cultural diversity; and
increased the vitality, especially of some rural schools.

Migration brings social and cultural pressures that need to be taken into
account in planning for future services. Migration also has the potential for
bringing peoples together culturally but friction occurs if efforts are not made
to dispel the myths held by local people. It is also essential to provide good
information about the local way of life to newcomers and ensure opportunities
for people to mix and integrate.

The increase in number of immigrants can pose greater challenge to the

society. Migration has leads to increase in growth of unemployment in host
countries. Skilled people from different parts of the world are moving from one
place to another in search of better job opportunities. This has resulted in
extreme competition; therefore those who lack proper skills are devoid of
great opportunities. This makes them mentally unstable which can result in
severe unrest among the people who belong to that place because their
opportunities have been taken up by people who came from some other place.
This leads to emotional outburst among the people and therefore leads to
clashes resulting in the loss of power, property and money. In the lack of
avenues, the people take up unlawful activities which results in the feeling of
insecurity and fear among the local residents.

Many people argue that America is facing national issues such as threats of
terrorism. Although not all are terrorists and bad people, there are some who
come to the U.S. to havoc fear and commit crimes like drug-trafficking and
illegal activities. There have also been reports of more than a hundred cases of
crimes related to illegal immigrants. The ease of movement has facilitated an
organised crime and people trafficking. Many of the migrant due to sheer
greed of money get involved in drug business which leads to more security

India is emerging as a medical tourism player globally. However, we are lacking

the best trained health professionals which can pose a severe threat for the
rest of the ailing population. They are migrating towards other countries which
can provide them good wages.

It is estimated that by 2025, 75% of the population will shift towards the bigger
cities. Due to shift in population from rural to urban areas of the country or
from one country to the other, the basic necessities like water and electricity
are no more easily available. The cities are writhing badly because of the
excessive load on the cities. The uneven distribution of resources has severely
affected the water availability at many places. Even if the water is available,
water bodies are extremely polluted because of the various industrial,
agricultural and domestic waste which is being dumped into the river. It is a
threat to aquatic life because these organic and inorganic pollutants decrease
the biological oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD)
which results in ecological imbalance.

Solid waste management is a major concern in terms of environment. Many a

time garbage is not dumped properly into the bins due to which it gets littered
on the roads , eaten by stray dogs and other animals like cows and buffaloes
which ruins their health and affect the food chain and degrades the ecological
balance . So this is directly targeting both the people as well as the animals.

The problem of immigrants thriving can only be tackled by making the

judicious use of the resources. It is important to consider the fact that we need
to provide better opportunities to the younger generation. The people of a
country are moving from one to another in search of good education and
availability of the jobs in various sectors which in turn is an essential ingredient
of life. The jobs give them monetary satisfactions which can help raise their
standard of living in the society thus leading to mental peace. Many a time
people are forced to leave the place because of the conflicts of the nation.
Ultimately it is the humanity which suffers a great loss. We need to form some
policies which alleviate the consequences of war and help in fostering better
relations among various nations and its people.