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10a Edizione

8 15 october 2017


Rules and Registration Form


The Master is aimed at all guitarist graduates and not who want to deepen technical and interpretative
themes; This year also the opportunity multiplies:

The usual appointment with Aniello Desiderio, a symbol of Italian and Neapolitan guitar in the world, the
renowned appointment with Carlo Marchione, one of the greatest Italian interpreters and doctrines
internationally, the consecration of the internationalization of the event with the return of the Czech
Republic star Pavel Steidl, and finally the "gifts" for the tenth edition of the festival, the great Croatian artist
Zoran Dukic.

The cost of the masterclass is divided according to the number of lessons:

1 effective lesson: 100

2 effective lessons: 170 (save 15%)

3 effective lessons: 240 (save 20%)

4 effective lessons: 300 (save 25%)

5 effective lessons: 350 (save 30%)

6 effective lessons: 400 (save 33%)

It is possible to request more meetings with the same teacher, after checking the availability by contacting
the artistic director at the number +39 - 338 7918868.

Each meeting is entitled to a lesson of up to 60 minutes duration, which will be calendered taking into
account the needs of all participants.
For auditors students there is a one-time fee of 60 and it is possible to attend all meetings with a certificate
of participation

Masterclass Schedule

PAVEL STEIDL: 8, 9, 10 october 2017

CARLO MARCHIONE: 8, 9, 10, 12 october 2017

ANIELLO DESIDERIO: 12, 13 october 2017

ZORAN DUKIC: 10, 11, 12 october 2017


To participate in the master classes:

- Checking the availability of places for the Master / the required / i on website or
by calling +39 - 3387918868

- Pay the participation fee, depending on the number and type of meetings you want, by

1) bank transfer to Eugenio Silva

IBAN code: IT24 M010 1003 4281 0000 0005 347 inserting as causal the following exact words:
voluntary fee participation masterclass 2017
2) PayPal/Credit Card: by website

- Send a copy of the receipt via email at: attachments with your details
(name, date and place of birth, address, phone, email), or by hand to present the artistic direction in via
Silvio Pellico, Acerra (NAPLES) on Monday and Thursday from 18.00 to 20.00 by the date of 26/09/2017
DAddario Gadget and Salvador Cortez discount

To all registres students will be offered a gadget from the D'Addario Merch Store line and a 10% discount
on Salvador Cortez guitars offered by Valmusic Professional.

The first 10 enrolled in chronological order masterclass will receive an exclusive gift from the D'Addario
Merch Store line provided by the D'Addario Foundation

Location and hospitality

All masterclasses will take place within the framework of the agreement:

Casa dellUmana Accoglienza, Via Annunziata, 23 - Acerra (NAPLES)

The facility is also equipped to accommodate students in formulas with Bed & Breakfst treatments

Info & reservations:

+39 - 0810169419 -

+39 328 4889104

Acerra Guitar Masterclass 2017 Registration Form


Place of birth________________________________________________________Date_______________________________




Select and compete

a) Effective - 1 lesson (100 ) with Teacher______________________________________________________________

b) Effective - 2 lessons (170 ) with Teacher(s)__________________________________________________________

c) Effective - 3 lessons (240 ) with Teacher(s)_________________________________________________________

d) Effective - 4 lessons (300 ) with Teacher(s)__________________________________________________________

e) Effective - 5 lessons (350 ) with Teacher(s)__________________________________________________________

e) Effective - 6 lessons (400 ) with Teacher(s)_________________________________________ ________________

e) Uditore all lessons (60 )

I therefore undertake to submit the application and to pay the participation fee by bank transfer to Eugenio
Silva, IBAN code: IT24 M010 1003 4281 0000 0005 347 inserting as a caution the following exact phrase:

"voluntary participation in masterclass 2017 participation"

By email at, or by hand at the Artistic Directorate of the Music School "R.
Sorrentino "at Acerra in via Silvio Pellico, on Mondays and Thursdays from 6 pm to 8 pm by the date of

Date -



(Signature of a parent for minor contestant, less of 18 years old)