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Acerra Guitar Meetings 2015

November 16th 21st, 2015

Masterclass & Workshop

The Master is aimed at graduates and not all guitarists who want to deepen issues technical and
interpretive; this year the opportunity is multiplied: the usual appointment with Aniello
Desiderio, a symbol of Italian and Neapolitan guitar in the world, renewed the appointment with
the phenomenal Polish guitarist Marcin Dylla and Scottish guitarist Matthew McAllister, the
renewed appointment with Carlo Marchione one of the greatest performers and Italian teachers
internationally and the consecration of the internationalization of the event with the young and
talented French musician Gabriel Bianco, the sophistication of the great Greek guitarist Eleftheria
Kotzia and experience of the Brazilian guitarist-composer Arnaldo Freire.

The cost of the master class is as follows based on the number of meetings:

1 effective lesson 100

2 effective lessons 170 (15% discount)

3 effective lessons 240 (20% discount)

4 effective lessons 300 (25% discount - 1 lesson FREE !!!)

5 effective lessons 350 (30% discount)

6 effective lessons 400 (33% discount - 2 lessons FREE !!!)

It is possible to request more meetings with the same teacher:

Each meeting gives the right to one hour of lessons that will scheduled taking into account the
needs of all participants.

For listening students the fee is 60 and allows you to attend all meetings.
Also this year, to encourage and motivate students more "shy", there is a chance for all guitarists,
even for the youngest, to compete with other good teachers, with extensive experience in teaching
and in the international concert to a very special price. "Lecture Lessons" individual (30/40 minute
lesson) + 3 interactive workshops being able to choose from the following teachers:

Daniele Sardone (Italy), Nicola Pignatiello (Italy), Nejc Kuhar (Slovenia), Eleftheria Kotzia
(Greece), Arnaldo Freire (Brazil), Gabriel Bianco (France), Giordano Passini (Italy),

Again you can choose between different teachers:

5 Lecture lessons + 3 Workshop: 200

6 Lecture lessons + 3 Workshop: 230

7 Lecture lessons + 3 Workshop: 250

To participate in the master classes and workshops:

- Checking the availability of places for the Master / the required / i on this website or by calling
+39 - 3387918868

- Pay the participation fee, depending on the number and type of meetings you want, by bank
transfer to Eugenio Silva, IBAN: IT53X0101003414100000001855 inserting as causal the following
exact words: voluntary fee participation masterclass 2015

- Send a copy of the receipt via email at: acerraguitarmeetings@gmail.comattachments with your
details (name, date and place of birth, address, phone, email), or by hand to present the artistic
direction to Baronial Castle Acerra on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 18.00 to 20.00 by
the date of 10/11/2015
Acerra Guitar Masterclass & Workshop 2015 Registration Form


Place of birth_________________________________________Date of birth______________________________


City:___________________________________Province/State___________________ZIP Code:______________


Select and compete

a) Effective - 1 lesson (100 ) with


b) Effective - 2 lessons (170 ) with


c) Effective - 3 lessons (240 ) with


d) Effective - 4 lessons (300 ) with


e) Effective - 5 lessons (350 ) with


e) Effective - 6 lessons (400 ) with


e) Uditore all lessons (60 )

f) Workshop - 3 Workshop + 5 lessons (200 ) with


g) Workshop - 3 Workshop + 6 lessons (230 ) with


h) Workshop - 3 Workshop + 7 lessons (250 ) with


I am committed then to submit the application and pay the fee by bank transfer to Eugenio Silva, IBAN:
IT53X0101003414100000001855 by email to the address, or by hand at the
Artistic Direction of the Baronial Castle Acerra on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 18.00 to 20.00 by
the date of 10/11/2015

Date -

Sign (Signature of a parent for minor contestant (less of 18 years old)