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GPHS 2017-2018

Ms. Khans Physics Syllabus

Room: 1122
Phone number: 832-386-2974

Course Overview
Welcome to Physics! Physics is essentially the study of nature and an attempt at understanding the world
around us. In this class, students will use many skills they have learned in past courses, and build on that
knowledge to better understand natural phenomena such as motion, gravity, electricity, and light.

Required Materials A Composition notebook and a pencil

When you get to class
Classroom Expectations
1. Make sure youre there on time.
1. Respect your classmates, your teacher, and your 2. Grab any papers laid out on the
desk in front of the classroom on
classroom. Your classmates and I will never tolerate your way in.
things like rude gestures, or put downs. We will practice 3. Grab your notebook from the
the golden rule at all times. back of the classroom.
2. Cell phones and other electronics should be on silent 4. Check the board for instructions
5. Be in your seat ready to roll when
and put away during class time unless permission is the tardy bell rings.
otherwise given.
3. Be productive. Stay on task, follow directions, and
continue working until I close the day out. Leaving the class
4. Come to class on time and prepared with a positive
1. Pick up your area.
attitude. 2. Return any borrowed materials to
their proper locations.
Consequences 3. Sit and be working until the I
1st offence: A polite, but serious warning from Ms. Khan close the day out. Important
2nd offence: Student conference announcements and reminders
3rd offence: A phone call home may be shared for you to write
4th offence: Parent conference down.
5th offence: Discipline referral to assistant principal or counselor 4. Please dont try to crowd the
door and leave early. For each
minute you crowd the door, Ill
Tardies, Restroom and other Requests to Leave Class hold you that long after the bell.
Attendance will be taken 10 minutes after the bell. Tardies will be taken
and consequences will be administered as outlined in your student
handbook. Please hold all requests to leave the class until after the first 10 minutes and before the last 10
minutes of class.

Topics Covered
Spring Semester
Fall Semester Unit 7 Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics
Unit 1 Laboratory Safety Unit 8 Universal Law of Gravitation and Circular Motion
Unit 2 Motion in One and Two Dimensions Unit 9 Electrostatics
Unit 3 Projectiles Unit 10 Electricity
Unit 4 Newtons Laws of Motion Unit 11 Magnetism
Unit 5 Energy, Work, and Power Unit 12 Atomic and Nuclear Physics
Unit 6 Momentum and Impulses Unit 13 Fundamentals of Wave and Optics
Unit 14 Photoelectric Effect
GPHS 2017-2018

How to Be Successful
What you need to know to do well in this class FAQ

Q: What should I bring every day?

A: Please always have your class notebook, a pencil, and a stellar attitude and work ethic. A calculator will be
provided for you to use.

Q: What should I do if Im absent?

A: First dont be absent. But, if you must be absent, you are responsible for checking with me (or skyward) for
missed work. You have days from the day you were absent to turn in any late work. If you happen to be absent the
day of the test, YOU must reschedule a time to make it up 2 days from being absent. I will not hunt you down.

Q: Can I turn in late work?

A: Technically, yes. But as young adults, its so important to learn to manage
your time and meet deadlines. The late work policy is this: 10 points will be Labs
deducted every day your work is late, up to four days. Weekends will count
toward the four day limit. Labs are cool- you dont want to miss
them. If you do miss a lab, you must
Q: Can I cheat?
A: Thats a negative. This is my number 1 non-negotiable. Your work needs to reschedule a time to make-up the lab
be 100% original or your sources must be properly cited. during tutorials.

Q: What if I need extra help?

A: Come to tutorials! Everybody needs extra help sometimes. Officially Im here Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
before school and Thursday after school for you to wander in with any questions or concerns- no appointment
necessary. If those days dont work for you, just talk to me and we come up with a day to meet. Dont be shy to ask
for help.

Q: Whats the most important to you, Ms. Khan?

A: Youre the most important to me. Also, having a great year in this class is important to me. To do
that lets: Come to class, be polite, have a great attitude, respect each other and the
equipment, be on time with assignments, study hard, be responsible, and have a great time
while we do some physics!

Daily Grades (This includes daily work, 50%
some labs, and quizzes)
Major Grade (This includes tests and 50%
My Tutorials:
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings from
Remind 6am 7am
To receive important updates from &
Ms. Khan go to,
Thursday afternoons from 2:30pm 3:30pm
Or My Conference Period:
text @bahg4 to the number 81010 2rd Period

I ________________________________ (Print name) have read and understand all the expectations
and procedures in this syllabus and agree to comply.

Student signature: ____________________________ Date: _________________

Anything on this syllabus is subject to change. More details on certain rules and regulations are based on the teachers discretion.