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International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science (IJAERS) Vol-3, Issue-2 , Feb- 2016]

ISSN: 2349-6495

Analysis of Medical Image Processing and its

Application in Healthcare
Dr. K.Sakthivel, B.R.Swathi, S.Vishnu Priyan, C.Yokesh
Department of CSE, K.S.Rangasamy College of Technology,Tiruchengode

AbstractMedical image processing is the most growing technologies today, with its applications in various
challenging and emerging field now a days.With aspects of a business. Image Processing forms core research
fundamentally improving technical knowledge, enhanced area within engineering and computer science disciplines
technological support and well-constructed medical too.
equipment, medical diagnosis is increasingly becoming easy The two types of methods used for Image Processing are
for doctors and medical staffs. However accurate diagnosis Analog and Digital Image Processing. Analog or visual
is still not possible. The approximate values and prediction techniques of image processing can be used for the hard
may effect to a certain range but do not provide a cure.This copies like printouts and photographs. Image analysts use
is due to using of multiple and multiple testing systems various fundamentals of interpretation while using these
when choosing between best and reliable becomes visual techniques. The image processing is not just confined
questionable.When it comes to Scan,X-rays and MRIs, the to area that has to be studied but on knowledge of analyst.
image results between each test samples shows significant Association is another important tool in image processing
variations and it is still arguable to find out the best pick.As through visual techniques. So analysts apply a combination
MRIs are better choice due to its considerable efficiency of personal knowledge and collateral data to image
rate, it has been often preferred in medical image processing.
diagnosis.Processing of MRI image is one of the integral Digital Processing techniques help in manipulation of the
part of this field. The proposed strategy is to detect,analyze digital images by using computers. As raw data from
and extract the tumor from patients MRI scan images of imaging sensors from satellite platform contains
the brain. This method incorporates with some noise deficiencies. To get over such flaws and to get originality of
removal functions, segmentation,filtering processes and information, it has to undergo various phases of processing.
morphological operations which are the basic concepts of The three general phases that all types of data have to
image processing.MATLAB provides a complete full packed undergo while using digital technique are Pre- processing,
environment to support image analysis domain with some enhancement and display, information extraction.
built-in function and wide range of image processing Image processing basically includes the following three
tools.Thus,detection and extraction of tumor cells from MRI steps.
scan images of the brain is done by using MATLAB Importing the image with optical scanner or by digital
software. photography
Keywords GUI, MATLAB, MRI, Segmentation, Analyzing and manipulating the image which includes
Enhancement. data compression and image enhancement and spotting
patterns that are not to human eyes like satellite
I. INTRODUCTION photographs
Image processing is a method to convert an image into Output is the last stage in which result can be altered
digital form and perform some operations on it, in order to image or report that is based on image analysis.
get an enhanced image or to extract some useful
information from it. It is a type of signal dispensation in II. LITERATURE REVIEW
which input is image, like video frame or photograph and Image processing is the field in which the information from
output may be image or characteristics associated with that images can be retrieved using suitable algorithm. The
image. Usually Image Processing system includes treating morphological image processing is used to detect the
images as two dimensional signals while applying already tumors from the brain either malignant or non-malignant
set signal processing methods to them. It is among rapidly tumors. The brain tumors some times change to malignant Page | 25
International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science (IJAERS) Vol-3, Issue-2 , Feb- 2016]
ISSN: 2349-6495
will leads to cancer. There are several techniques to capture segment can be analyzed precisely.The preliminary function
image of brain like MRI, CT scan etc A tumor is a mass is to read the input image .Here the input image is MRI
of tissue that grows out of control of the normal forces that image. The input image may contain RBG color and this
regulates growth. The multifaceted brain tumors can be split RBG color should be removed so that the further process
into two common categories depending on the tumors will be enhanced clearly. So the RBG color should be
beginning, their enlargement prototype and malignancy. converted to greyscale image. Segmentation operation is
Primary brain tumors are tumors that take place performed with the resulted greyscale image. There may be
commencing cells in the brain or commencing the wrapper presence of noise in the image. So it must be removed by
of the brain. the noise removal technique. Then the morphological
U.Vanitha et al performed morphological operations like operation includes detection of the entire cell, dilation of the
dilation, erosion etc was done to remove the tumor from cell, filling the entire gaps, smoothing of the object is done
the MRI Image. Recent techniques achieved in researches simultaneously.The steps are as follows:-
for detection of brain tumor can be broadly classified as Segmentation
1. Histogram based method. Noise Removal
2. Morphological operation is applied to MRI images of Morphological Operation
Brain. Image Enhancement
3. Edge base segmentation and color base segmentation. Image Filtering
4. Cohesion self-merging based partition K-mean [2]. The preliminary function is to read the input image.Here the
The proposed work carried out processing of MRI brain input image is MRI image. The input image may contain
images for detection and classification of tumor and non- RBG color and this RBG color should be removed so that
tumor image by using classifier. The image processing the further process will be enhanced clearly. So the RBG
techniques like histogram equalization, image enhancement, color should be converted to greyscale image. Segmentation
image segmentation and then extracting the features for operation is performed with the resulted greyscale image.
Detection of tumor. Extracted feature are stored in the There may be presence of noise in the image. So it must be
knowledge base. An appropriate classifier is developed to removed by the noise removal technique. Then the
recognize the brain tumors by selecting various Features. morphological operation includes detection of the entire
The system is designed to be user friendly by using cell, dilation of the cell, filling the entire gaps, smoothing of
MATLAB GUI tool. the object is done simultaneously.
Dr. P.V. Ramaraju et al proposed pre-processing of MRI 3.1 Segmentation
images is the primary step in image analysis which perform Image segmentation is a process where the image can be
image enhancement and noise reduction techniques which partitioned into cluster of pixels which are similar based on
are used to enhance the image quality, then some some criteria. Different groups must not interact with each
morphological operations are applied to detect the tumor in other, and neighboring cells can be compared. The result of
the image. The MRI brain image is acquired from patients segmentation is the splitting up of the image into connected
database and then Image acquisition, pre-processing, image areas. Thus segmentation is concerned with dividing an
segmentation is performed for brain tumor detection [11]. image into meaningful regions.
SivaSankari.S et al used median filter for removing noise MR image segmentation is an important but a difficult
from an image. The median filter is a non-linear digital problem in medical image processing. In general, it cannot
filtering technique, is often used to remove noise. Median be solved using straightforward, conventional image
filtering is very widely used in digital image processing processing techniques. There will be some variation in
because, under certain conditions, it preserves edges while signal intensities for one same tissue type, which affect the
removing noise. The median filter is normally used to tissue intensities.Segmentation process is thus used to
reduce noise in an image, somewhat like the, mean filter. partition such cells. By using MATLAB, the tumor is
However, it often does a better job than the mean filter [13]. detected as a result of segmentation and optimal global
thresholding. The brain tumor detection is a great help for
III. PROPOSED SYSTEM the physicians and a boon for the medical imaging and
Segmentation is a process that is used to identify an object industries working on the production of CT scan and MRI
orpattern in the given work space. The main goalis to imaging.
partition an image into several segments so that each Page | 26
International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science (IJAERS) Vol-3, Issue-2 , Feb- 2016]
ISSN: 2349-6495
task and a specific observer. During this process, one or
more attributes of the image are modified. Filtering is
technique for enhancing the image.
Image division
ivision is done on the basis of similar attributes and
they are separated into groups. Basic purpose of
segmentation is the extraction of affected regions from the
image, fromom which information can easily be perceived.
Thresholding is used for segmentation as it is most suitable
Fig. 1: Segmentation
for the present application in order to obtain a binarized
3.2 Noise Removal
image with gray level 1 representing the tumor and gray
It is not sure that the Digital image contains no noise
noise. Errors
level 0 representing the background.
in the image will be in the form of that result in pixel
After converting the image in the binary format,
values that do not reflect the true intensities of the real
morphological operations are applied on the converted
scene. There are several ways that noise can be introduced
into an image, depending on how the image is created. For binary image. The purpose of the morphological operators
is to separate the tumor part of the image. Now only the
tumor portion of the image is visible,
visi shown as white color.
If the image is scanned from a photograph made on
This portion has the highest intensity than other regions of
film, the film grain is a source of noise. Noise can
the image.
also be the result of damage to the film, or be
3.5Image Filtering
introduced by the scanner itself.
Filter process removes unwanted component or feature in
If the image is acquired directly in a digital format, an image. It defines the feature of filters as a complete or a
the mechanism for gathering the data (such as a CCD partial suppression
on of some aspect of the image.
image As a result,
detector) can introduce noise. background noise will be removed. removed Filters do not
Electronic transmission of image data can introduce exclusively act in thefrequency
frequency domain,especially
domai in the
noise. field of image processing many other targets for filtering
To simulate the effects of some of the problems listed exist. Correlations can be removed for certain frequency
above, the toolbox provides theimnoisefunction,
function, w
which can components and not for others without having to act in the
be used to perform some manipulation operation with noise.noise frequency domain.
3.4 Morphological Operation The most common methods used for filtering filteri of medical
Morphological operations results in the same sized output images till now are the low pass filtering(for
filtering sharpening)
as the input image size.. In a morphological operation, the and median filtering (for smoothening). But these methods
value of each pixel in the output image is based on a have certain drawbacks like blurring the details as well as
comparison of the corresponding pixel in the input image edges in an MRI image. So, high pass filtering is carried
with its neighbors. By choosing the size and an shape of the out. It sharpens the image and preserves the high frequency
neighborhood, we can construct a morphological operation information within an image. Here median pass filtering is
that is sensitive to specific shapes in the input image. applied.
One of the basic morphological operations rations is dilation.
Dilation adds pixels to the boundaries of objects in an
image. The number of pixels added or removed from the
objects in an image depends on the size and shape of the
structuring element used to process the image. imag In the
morphological dilation, the state of any given pixel in the
output image is determined.
3.3 Image Enhancement
To improve the interpretability or perception of
information, images are enhanced and it provides `better'
input for other automated image processing techniques. The
principal objective of image enhancement is to modify
attributes of an image to make it more suitable for a given Fig. 2: Salt and Pepper
P Noise Image Page | 27
International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science (IJAERS) Vol-3, Issue-2 , Feb- 2016]
ISSN: 2349-6495
and robust when compared with the other classifiers.The
resulted process would certainly enhance and help the
current diagnosis techniques.

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IV. CONCLUSION International Journal of Emerging Technology and
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method to analyze the Innovative Engineering Vol.02, No.1, pp.1-4
abnormal cells based on the optimal features set. This [8] Balakumar.B, Gayathri Devi .S
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datasets obtained from MRI images. Series of observations
o Journal of Emerging Technologies in Computational
are made on obtained datasets using MATLAB functions and Applied Sciences (IJETCAS) Vol.02, No.1,
and the results obtainedare evaluated to be more accurate pp.37-42 Page | 28
International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science (IJAERS) Vol-3, Issue-2 , Feb- 2016]
ISSN: 2349-6495
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