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Masterclass Lobbying EU
2009 dates:

March 2-3 | May 6-7 | September 23-24 | December 2-3

Understanding and managing the complexity of EU Lobbying
7 high-level experts putting their experience at your service An innovative and unique programme highligting the 6 key pillars of lobbying
Lobbying and Corporate Strategy Upstream and downstream networks Lobbying tools Working with NGOs Media relations Interaction between EU and National Lobbying

“The margins of influence in Brussels are incredibly wide. The more the system is complex and fragmented, the more the capacity to influence grows.”
Boris Rousseff Course leader

Masterclass Lobbying EU
7 recognised experts
Hughes Belin Alain De Grève Daniel Guéguen Thierry de l'Escaille Maarten Labberton Pierre-Yves Le Borgn’ Vicky Marissen EU correspondent for European Energy Review Director of Strategy and European Affairs, AEGPL CEO, CLAN Public Affairs - ESL & Network Secretary General, European Landowners Organisation (ELO) Director, Aston Communications Vice President Public Affairs Europe, First Solar Account Director, CLAN Public Affairs and one course leader Boris Rousseff 30 year career in various top ranking international companies and in EU Public Affairs . Co-founder of CLAN Public Affairs. Extensive experience in lobbying with both inside and external perspective on industry lobbying. Each Seminar includes Lunch with a Special Guest Speaker. An opportunity to ask your questions in a relaxed setting!

Personalised training methodology
Innovative and tailor-made methodology 15 days prior to the programme participants will receive a preparatory questionnaire requiring them to indicate their lobbying cases of interest in order to concretely analyse their actions and difficulties Detailed evaluation of the questionnaires at the start of the course The practical cases presented by the 7 experts will be strictly linked to the lobbying cases pointed out by the participants in the questionnaires

1,750 € (+VAT) for 2 days
Contact: European Training Institute (ETI) 57 Rue Froissart, B-1040 Brussels (Belgium) Phone: +32(0)2 400 77 30 | Fax: +32(0)2 732 75 25 | |
- ETI reserves the right to substitute the lecturers originally appointed by other qualified experts from among our visiting Faculty -

Masterclass Lobbying EU
Day One Programme
Venue: ETI permanent training centre - 57, rue Froissart - 1040 Brussels
09:00 10:00

Introduction. Evaluation of the questionnaires filled out by the participants Lobby tools under scrutiny
by Daniel Guéguen, "Choosing the right lobby tool is as important as defining your lobbying strategy. The vehicle should be as sophisticated as the strategy." Lobbying vehicles: how to intervene? As individual entity? As an existing association? As an ad hoc association? As an umbrella association? Building and developing your upstream and downstream networks Coalitions: a strength or a weakness? Leadership is essential Communication tools, a new approach: position paper, amendments, luncheons, roundtables

11:00 11:15

Coffee & Networking Break Comitology: the hidden power
by Vicky Marissen "If you ignore the 2.000 committees and groups assisting the EU in its decision-making process, you are depriving yourself of a major lobbying tool." What is comitology? Why a reform? The execution power split into two categories A new balance between the Institutions What impact on lobbying

12:45 13:45

Lunch EU associations often lack influence. How to make them vectors of influence
by Maarten Labberton, Director, Aston Communications "European Trade Associations should become "lean and mean" in order to maintain their leading position in European Affairs." Analysing the efficiency and influence of an EU association Credibility vs. representativeness Characteristics of an efficient EU association Re-engineering an EU association


Coffee & Networking Break How to successfully combine EU and national action
by Yves de Lespinay, Senior Executive Partner, CLAN Public Affairs - ESL&Network Group "No efficient EU lobbying without lobbying at national level. This combination is true for co-decision and comitology." EU and national intervention seen throughout the decision-making process The value of lobbying input from the national branches rephrase How can national networks bring added value to coalition-building (European Parliament,Council of Ministers)? Tools to manage successfully a combined EU-national action: follow-up systems, steering groups, reporting system, consensus vs. majority decisions, …



End of the day

Course Leader: Boris Rousseff

Masterclass Lobbying EU
Day Two Programme

How to Work with NGOs
by Delia Villagrasa, Senior Adviser, WWF "The directors of NGOs are generally decisive and competent. They often operate as genuine CEOs." How are NGOs structured at EU level? How influential are they? What makes them successful? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Are NGOs open to cooperation and discussion with industry? What form can cooperation take? Some examples What's the added value of NGO-industry relations?

10:30 10:45

Coffee & Networking Break Making PA count within your company
by Georg Brodach, Senior Vice President, ABB Europe " Too many companies completely ignore the public affairs dimension of their business.....until it is too late!" How to raise the awareness of the public policy dimension in your company or organization? Why and how can EU public affairs bring added value to a strategy? How to structure a public affairs function? Trends in lobbying, towards decreased or increase margins of influence?


ETI Lunch with guest speaker (*) The media, a key component of lobbying
by Hughes Belin, EU correspondent for European Energy Review "Today and even more so tomorrow, lobbying will only be successful with a communication dimension." Lobbying and Communication go hand in hand Communicating clear ideas to the right person at the right time The press: your friend or your enemy? Do’s and don’ts for press contacts



How to set up and implement a lobbying strategy at EU level
by Daniel Guéguen, "A negative/defensive lobbying strategy is a losing strategy; a proactive strategy is a winning strategy when well prepared, implemented and in a word, well-led." Analysing a file with regard to your constraints (timing, budget, politics,etc.) Mapping of institutional and non-institutional stakeholders Building a strategy: style of strategy and the importance of leadership Managing your strategy to achieve your goals


End of the Seminar

(*) Lunch with guest speaker: An exceptional opportunity to exchange views in an informal setting with an experienced Public Affairs Practitioner.
ETI reserves the right to substitute the lecturers originally appointed by other qualified experts from among our visiting Faculty.

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