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FEBRUARY, 196I VOl. II, No.1


We l-ook forward to the ensulng year w i th k c en Fr nti

q c i nnti nn
r vr v!!u u r vr f t ffnn
vr thi s is tne
year th at ea rthb ound m aa is ex pec t ed t o n a n o i n o fo
^ r r fa r
cn a .o fn n th a Fi r ct

t ine,

Th e ph ysica l- anc l m ent al inpac t of out e r s p a c e o n t h e f i r s t astronaut has

been the sub ject of m uc h c onjec t ur e by sc i e n t i s t s and laymen alike, and rve wilf
not kno w th e an sw er t o t his v er y c ont ent io u s question until our human guinea-
pig h as sa fely ret ur ned.

Tha t we are v is i- t ed by peoples f r om o t h e r p l a n e t s rnust be obvious now to

all bu t the de liber at ely blind, int o which c a t e g o r y m u s t f a f f our Minister for

The recen t sight ings in Tas nanla by t h e R e v . B r o w n i n g a n d t h e s i g h t i n g s in

1959 by Fath er G ill in New G ui- nea, ar e t h o s e o f c r e d i t a b f e witnesses and not to
be dismisse d with t he of f hand s t at em ent t h a t " t h e s e r e p o r t s have been investi-
gat ed . "
A re ce nt sta tem ent by t he M inis t er f or A i r t h a t a f l r e p o r t s , except three
per cen t, we re ex plained by nat ur al- phen o m e n a l e a v e s u s w i t h t h e t h o u g h t t h a t
t here mu st be thr ee per c ent of um at ur al phenomena flictLng thnough the sKies.
Just wha t this thr ee per c ent of unex plal n e d objects night be is feft to the
inagi-n atio n by th e af or es aid M inis t er .

We kn ou , from inf or nat ion r ec eiv ed from a resident cf Goodenough Bay, that
F ather Glffrs rep or t s wer e not i- nv es t igat e d by the authorities and that no
at t enp t was ma de t o int er v j- ew t hos e r nenti o n e d a s w i t : r e s s e s .

Ho wever. we m us t be f air t o our bur eau c r a t s and admit that their attitude
of "he arin g alt, and s ay ing not hing' r is n o t c o n f j - n e o t o o u r g o v e r n n e n t a l o n e .
T his se ems to be t he polic y of all gov er n m e n t s t h r o u g h o u t the worfd.

Th e re ason fo r t his 1s not har d t o f in d . No government 1s going to admit

t o t he lr pe op le t hat t her e is c r af t in t h e sky that can make veritable monkeys
out of the ir Air For c e. Anc i no as t r onom e r wlll adnit to intelllqent life on
other p lan ets o f t he Sof ar Sy s t em .

Ind n orv, a s we ent er jnt o t he J ear 19 6 1 , l e t u s o o s o w i t h t h e t n o u g h t -

"w e ha ve be en to o bus y in t he pas t c onqu e r i n g cne another to bother aboub con-
orrenin g sna ce - in t he f ut ur e let us c on c e n t r a t e on conquering space and let
mrn l ir r a in n6. ^a lll

CO-EDITORS Pe ter E. Nor r is r lL. B. , P. O . Box J2, Toorak,, Victoria

An dr ew P. Tom as , 22J Bay St . , Brighton-Le-Sands, N , S . W.
Ca r f Lehnam , 65 St oneleigh St., Albion, Brisbane, Queensland
S U B SCRIPTION RAT ES: 9/ - ( Aus t . ) per ar ulu m p o s t p a i d , or $!1,2) for 4 lssues.


/ r l' A

ships in pk

Rev. Li-on el Brown ln8, an lnglic an m i- nis t er a n d T a s m a n i a n S e c r e t a r y of the

w o r ld council- o f chu rc hes , and i[ r s . Br owning, observed in cressy, Tasmania a
s t range_cig ar-sha pe d air s hip ac c or opanied by f iv e small-er cralt at p.rn.
o n T uesday, octob er ii, 1960. , - . , : -r, l-,....
. |: . . , ) , , " . , :
Pictured is lfr. pointing through the rectory window in the dlrect-
t i o n of the sigh ting . The EXAM I NLS, s ( Launc es t o n . T a s . ) artist has drawn in the
o b j ects fron th e Fro wnir g' s des c r ipt ion end a s k e t c h b y t r i l r s . B r o w n i n g .

"T here wa s de finite ly a m ot her s hip and f iv e o r s i x flying saucersr" said

R e v. B rown ing . "l1 lst we s aw a r ar ge dull- gr ey object about-)oo feet-long. rt
c a n e at p lan e-stallin g s peed and s eem ed t o pau s e . "

_ . Rev. Bro wniu g e stim at ed t he s peed of t he ship at less than !o m.p.h.. The
o b j ect wa s statio na ry f or about lO s ec onds .

"T hen ou t o f th e cl ouds abov e and behind t h e s h i p , f i v e or six snall dj-scs

c a me shooting a t terrifl c s peed. " Ac c or ding t o t h e n i n j - s t e r they were approx-
i m a tely lO fe et ac.ross and f lat under neat h with a d o m e o n t o p . The noisless
T o t her ship h ad fo ur v er t ic al bands and at t he b o w t h e r e w a s a m o v i n g d e v i c e
I j -k e radar o r pro pe ller .
The long ship and the saucers were seen for two minutes. The mother ehip
as nell as the emaller craft reversed their course ancl tiisappeared jl the
c louds .
Rev, l. BrownJ-ng statecl the tliscs "cane towartls the ship like flat-stones
skipping along water." thi-s is very signifi-cant because Kenneth Arnolcl cles-
cribia f,le of nlne flyi:rg saucere near Mt. Rainier, Ilashiagton j--n1947
i-n almost the same terms.

The clergyman and his wife nere reticer{t about releasl.g this sig}rting urr-
til they heard other local resj-dentsr reports. The Cj-vil lviatj-on Depsrtnent
Eeems to have taken this case seriously because of the backgrouncl of the two
principal obeervers antl the testinony cf locaL residents.

l[rs. Dorj-s Bransden of Cresey sald: 'rlt was a fantastic sight - like a lot
of littLe sbipe flocking arountl a bigger one."

llno hour.s after the sigbting loucl explosions tock place j-n the locality.
rrlt w as like a b om b or an ear t hquak er " lf u. B r a d Spencer told the press.

The aviation euthorities stated. there were no planes in the area at the tine
of Rev. Bro wnin grs eight ing.

It is a notable fect that the clergynan dicl not believe j-n the reallty of
flying saucers before his experience.

IAUTHORITY rhould not ridicule people vho reportcd

-l-flying !ruccr., the Rev. Lionel Srovning seid lest night,
rddrtrdng more then 2(X) people at e Victorian Flying
Srucer Rereerch Socicf,y convention in Kelvin Hell.
Ur B(wdlt tr tha eE Dear the "motJrr homhg took plre
A!tU6 cl.rltDu 6hlp," a grey, ciss- sMd tlre motbc
rho syr lb.l bc rnal shaDcd oblEt. ship," ltrr Biownilg
hb rltc $r f,ylDg $uc- gtc.
d ud r "DotDcr !btp"
Ttte cigu-shsped ob- Mr Brcrning sid be
rt Cr6y, TsEulr, Jet peusd attd emcrg- belleved ttrat eutborlty
lrsl noDth. ins tm a ntnstorm. tnev & gmd deol mm
th@ the suers ap- about sky objct8 tJ|s
Itrr Browning sld peered. It ws prepqrd fo saY,
that he md hls wite. 'There vs smethllg Authrity appmuy
lm a rutory wlndfi, omlDou about the PrF dLl not want to cEt
sr "up to eight" suc- cilbn xhicb tJ[ . Faic, bc aid.
llothrr rhip rclccrlng Scoulr. '|trr
Six Scoutr (Cylng rouccn) qr. i..n.
Note the remarkable sinilarity between
Lcri of four telcopic picturol in
the controverslal George Adanski photo-
o rries lokcn by Gcorgc Adam:ki. gr aph a n d R e v . L . B r o w n i n g 's sketch.


T he rep ort of the Tas m anlan c ler gy m an, Re v . L . B r o w n i n g , featured. in this maga-
zine was brought to the attention of the Feoeral Goveinment by our Melbourne
O o-E ditor , Mr.Pete r Nom is , lL. D. who wr ot e t h i s i n t h e " H e r a f d " o n O c t o b e r 1 2 :
"Is the Federal Gqvernment satisfieal that unfriendly nations are not infrlnging
A ustralian temito rial s ov er eignt y ?r r

H on. L.C.Ha yle n ( Lab. N. S. W . ) s ugges t ed t o t h e l J l i - n i s t e r o f Defence A.G.Town-

l ey on Octo be r 1 J th at a Par lianent ar y c om m i t t e e b e a p p o i n t e d to investigate
f l ying s au ce rs.

O n Octo be r 1 B the ques t ion of t he "f or eign bodies known as flying saucersrr
c ame up in the Se na t e. Senat or O ' By r ne ( I ab . T a s m a n i a ) w a n t e d . t o k n o w i - f f l y i n g
s a ucers we re in ve stig at ed by t he Def enc e Dep a r t m e n t a n d i f t h e y w e r e p a r t o f
Aust ralia 's o wn de fenc e s y s t em .

The lt linis t er of Nat iona l Development, Senator Spooner,

s t at ed t hat t her e had bee n n o o f f j - c i a f comment on the ob;ects.
H e als o alf uded t o a "I i- g h t - h e a r t e d exchange of views" which
led hir o t o bellev e t he M i n i s t e r of Defence did not regard
t hem as "s om et hing upon w h i c h w e s h o u l d n e e d t o g o t o t h e
lengt hs of r e- nodelLing o u r d e f e n c e s y s t e m . 'r
O n O c t ober 20 r enlv ins in the Hot:se ol' Rennesentntives to
G.ff.I. Dut hie ( I ^ab. Tas m an i a ) t h e M i n i s t e r for -Air F.M.Osborne
s aid only t hr ee or f our p e r c e n t o f r e p o r t e d flying saucer
s ight ings r eer e unex plained . , Mr.Osborne said nearly all reports
had a per f ec t J . y nor m af ba s i s . High-flylng alrcraft, weather
ball. oons and s t ar s had c a u s e d s o m e o f t h e s i g h t i n g s .

W hile no one wou1d que s t i o n the corectness of the Minis-

t er ' s ex planat i- on, it s t il l remains obscure - under what
cat egor y d. oes Rev . Br ownin g 's noisefess J00-ft. object come?

I t is appar ent t hat t h e A i r M i n j - s t e r r s statenent was of

a gener al c har ac t er . Rev . B r o w n i n g 's case was evaded. in the
SENATOR SFOONDR s am e m anner as t hat of Re v . G i l ] in Novenber, 1!!!.

H ow ever, Mr.Osbo r ne adm lt t ed on Nov enber 1 l t h a t h e h a d i n s t r u c t e d the resi-

d ent A ir Force o ffice r in Tas m ania, W ing Com m a n d e r G . We l - l e r t o l n t e r v i e w llr.
B r owning. Accord ing t o our inf or m at ion t he R . A . A . F . fistened. to Rev.L.Browning
v ery dt te ntively an d did not ques t ion t he v e r a c i t y 'o f his story. In reply to
R ev.B rown ing 's qu ery , W ing Com m ander W ef f er s t a t e d t h a t t h e R . A . A . F . evaluation
w ouf d not be a va ilab fe t o hln when c om plet ed.
Tr^o An n n o i +i \/tihip, M r .Duthie,
h a s forwa rde d to ou r M ef bour ne Co-
E d itor a le tter fro m t he Ulinis t er
fnn Ai n naf r r ai
t rsf u- r J t 6 - - rhir r u e a nPnPl
U i nqti nn

fon thp
v l! v
T )cn e n f
,vy et !
ma n t'S
4! rr w UFQ fi- LeS.
N o reasons we re glven f or t he r ef u-
s a1.
A Sov iet s c j- enti s t - M. Agrest, a physico-
m at henat ic ian, suggests that our planet has

&Yi rr'>
*,(a!*"(#T:',;; ;T:Jl :;Z:',' /'
/ ffiat"n
visited' bv unusual

a g o as
ago a s no authentic
n o aurnenrac
t r- i
l lnaua'uduru!
formation has a bout it
A ve r y lo n g t lne
ti- ne
t5 o tr p l ace w hen manki nd w as, at
,in any rate
b ee no pr
p "ues er v .
i"".t.d rt
fi tu ry t6 .ousand" sor tens of thousands years a g o .
" " ii ti i " " ---r" rt
I n a r oc k et - a huge s pa c e s h i p c a p a b l e o f s p e e d a p p r o a c h i n g
that of ligirt "
Fr om an inhabit ed wor ld. o f a d i s t a n t star. A distant one be-
t he ex c ept ion o f t h e E a r t h i n t h e s o f a r s y s t e m thele
cur r ". wit h
i" uppu""rrtly no plinet on which intelligent beings d'well-'
Pos s ibly int heDeadSeaar eain t h e N e a r E a s t . I t l g a s j u s t
there that renains of puzzLi-ng ancient structures have t-'een
fou nd. . O ne of t hes e ii s itu a i e d i n t h e A n t i - L e b a n o n Mountains,
i" in" c it y of Baalbek : a platform on a hil-1 near the,temllg-s,
is nade up of s t one s l- abs w e l g S i n g a b o u t t w o t h o u s a n d t o n s e a c h .
Ther e is not a c r ane in t he w o r l d . - t o d a y capable of lifting such
a s f ab. I I ow c ould t he anc j - e n t s h a v e a c c o m p l l s h e d t h i s ?
The s labs wer e not c ut o n t h e s p o t , t h e y w e r e d r a g g e d ' u p . f r o m
u qou""y at t he f oot of t he h i ] ] . One slab is stifl down there
b eiow a- s if t he builder s had suddenly droppeo everything and' left.
Per haps t he c os m ic gues t s i n t e n d e d t o e r e c t a n o b e f i s k in hon-
ou r of t hens ef v es ? M alle t h e y d i d n o t h a v e t i r o e t o b l i l d it but
iui u" people er ec t ed t em pJ _ e s o n t h i s spot?, Incidentally, Baalbek
- c all_ed. ileliopolis - "city of the Sun". Did this "cos-
* rs o, , i.
mi c ' r nam e or j- ginat e bY c ha n c e ?
Appar ent lY, t heY do.
r . . . r er t it es - ny s t er ious glas s J - l k e s t o n e s . N o o n e h a s e v e r
seen t hen f af f on t Le Ear t h . However, radioactive isotopes of
aflum inium and ber r y lium , present in them, testify to the fact
th at t ek t it es did not or ig: - n a t e on Earth but appeared on it fron
rts onewher er r . The Ear t h i6 s e v e r a f t h o u s a n d m i l l i o n years old but
tek t it es not m or e t han a f e w m i l f i o n . Coulo tektites be rernains
o f unk nown ins t r um ent s by w h i c h t h e s p a c e t r a v e l l e r s "sounded"


the -E iarth rthll-e o rbltin g bef or e landing i The l o c a t i o n s of tektite

denoci Lq oindla * f ha ol n h o in qn r 'l n^ct n .i r a
".- o* ^anfan* uve l fr fb .
2. Monu men ts of a nc ient ar t . l- n t he Saha r a D e s e r t ( n o t f a r f r o r o
t h e A nt i-L eb an on ,l) Fr enc h s c ient ls t s hav e - r ec e n t l y f o u n d " a p i c t u r e
g a l J -ery" on the ro cks of Tas s ili plat eau. Th e d r a w i n g s p o r t r a y fig-
u res of m e n a nd wome n, beas t s and bir ds , hunt i n g a n d d a n c i n g - a n d
a mong t hes e fjg ure s th er e is a "puz z ling pic t u . r e 'r o f a g i a n t i n a
s t r ange dress be ari:rg a per f ec t r es em bl_anc e t o t h e m o o e r n s p a c e s u j t
w i t h liver rs h efme t. Pos s ibf y t his is a pr ies t i_n a mask. But if
n o b? lvhere cou ld a pr im it iv e ar t is t hav e s ee n s u c h a s p a c e s u i t ?
t. A ncie nt re ligj_ ous t r aoit ions . They s p e a k o f " g o d s " a n d . " s o n s
o f gods" wh o d esce nd ed on - Uar t h, of a m an by t h e n a m e o f
-Unoch who
w a s t aken b y th en aliv e t o heav en. Taf r : s ? Fantasies/ But in tales
t h ere is a laia ys a p,ra in of t r ut h. . .
+. A nci:n t scien tlf ic t r ealls es . f n s t udyi n g these, one is ast-
o q i s hed to fin d o ut that in t hos e by gone ages t h e a n c i e n t s a v a n t s k n e w
n o r e of so me th ing s th an it was t hought pos s lb l e of that time. For
i n s tance, a t a bo ut 1 600, t he J anis h as t r onom er T y c i r o c 1 e
-6rahe discov-
e red the "varia tion s of t he M oon" - t he M oc n' s d b v i a t i o n from the reE-
u 1 ' tr path ca used by dif f er enc es Ln t he s un' s p u r r a t v a r i o u s points o:
t h e l-unar o rblt. An d t hen it t u. r ned out t hat t h e v a r i a t i o n s of the
Mo on had b ee n d.e scribe d loo y ear s bef or e Br ah e , i n t h e ! e n t h c e n t u r y ,
i n a treatlse of an n r ab as t r onor ner Abu t l wa f a . Abu rr wafa in hii'
t i m e did no t h ave a ny pr ec is ior ins t r unent s , not even a watch with a
d i a -1, wit ho ut wh ich the c om pulat ion oI t ne M o o n r g a g y e m e n r i s s i m n t w
i n c onceivab l-e. An d. y et . . .
Th e se "lnco ng luitle sl' c an be ex plainec as s um in g t h a t k n o w l e d g e a b o u t
h e heaven s was o nce hanc led t o people t y c os m i c n e s s e n g e r s a n d p r e s -
1. / rv ed by the n in fra gm ent s .
R e search is req uire d.
Th e first n eth od .
---bne-oT TE-Ears
c f os es t t o t he Ear t h- who s c n l : n e t s o ^ !vr
su ^ ^ nudr iahfb
d +^
scient i qfq rna nnccit.r |,r i nhrl'irod
rru., ols yuFv f aLrU-Lla_L
IJgInprS 15 in the const-
e l i - at ion of the Wh ale ( Cet us ) naned. af t er a Greek l_etter Tau. Anoth-
e r one - in the con ste l_l- at ic n of _Eir id. anand it i s k n o w n hw fhc Gnoalr
l e t t er E p sil-o n.
A merican astron ome r s hav e or ganis ed a s ear c h f o r r a d i o q i o n r l q fn n m
T a u C etj- a nd tipsil,tn Er idan. I f aov a: r c ed s iie n c e exists nn nl rnol-c

o f t hese su ns, th en th eir s c ient is t s s hould b e a t t r a c t e d . h xr nrrr err-

J u st as we were attra cted by t heir s t ar s .

A nd if a so cie ty o f r at ional beings oev elop e d t h e r e

e a r l-ier t han o n ou r o wn Ear t h, t hen t heir t ec h n o l o g y must
t, ta
h a v e reached g rea ter height s . M ay be t he c hann e l s o l i n t -
ers t e l l a r C Ommu n i ca ti n n lr ave lnnv heen estFtr lishpd hr r . i' ,2 lda

habit anrs of dirre;;;;"pi;;:. ;:";";" ;ii"; ";;:':;'ii"-!{r ,

il* I t


for us to co nta ct th en by r adio s ignals . A long tine wil-l pass_before we int-
sign als from o' ar br ot her s in int ellec t, and even more before we respond.
It tikes ilore than eleven years for radiowaves from Tau Ceti ancl lipsilon Eri-d'-
a ni t o rea ch u s. But when- nen of t he Ear t h e s t a b l i s h interstel-lar radio comm-
unicat ion, the an sw er t o our ques t ions wil- I u n d o u b t e d l y arrlvg.
of ot her world s witl ac quaint us , t hr ough t h e " g r a p e v i n e " w l t h a l-ll n hcaobsi tnai n
c ts trips
of rat io n al b ein gs no nat t er wher e t hey be.
The second nethod..
---TnnedmE$-sTart looking fo: traces of.guests froP the cosmos on our Earth.
Hist orian s sh ou ld fur t her eiam ine t he ear lle s t possible records just ln case
m ore imp orta nt d ata ont t heav enly m es s enger s t '. b . a s b e e n p r e s e l v e d . . T,et the arch-
aeologists take u p t he s ear c h f or s ec r et r e p o s i t o r i - e s estabfished by cosmon-
a uts. i4ih at if th ere is an im nens e weal- t h o f m o s t p r e c i o u s scientific knowledge
stored. away for us to inherit? l{aybe these reposltories are so deep d.own
the earth o r sea that r ee hav e y et been unab l e t o r e a c h t h e m . Let the physic-
ist s an d. n ucl-ea r sc ient is t s f ook i- nt o t he m a n y p u z z l i n g nonuments of antiquity-
f rom t he colo ssal E gy pt i- an py r Anlds t o t he r n ; r s t e r i o u s p i l l a r of pure iron in
Indj_ai let th ero d et er nine t heir ex ac t age, a n d l o o k a r o u n d . t h e a r e a f o r t r a c e s
of activity o f a tom ic r eac t or s .
A ll th at we h ave dis c us s ed is only an in s i g n i f i c a n t portion of the specula-
tion of o ne ma n. W hat r ould. happen if nany o f t h e w o r l d . r s s c j - e n t i s t s ini nari

in the same q ue st.

I n ord er tha t we pr ov e onc e again t he f im i t l e s s - ^-
tr ^j Lir u!r
/un- l i +ir^^
ur s r v^"f hum an
(T he interview with M . M . Agr es t was r ec or dec l b y P . G a l - k i n a n d M . C h e r n i n .
I llustra tion s by B. Vlas ov . )

(feft) An imaginary being in an unknown l-and - a 15th
c ent ur y dr awing, or J - o r t o t h e d i - s c o v e r y o f n e w c o n t i -
nent s . O ur c onc ept s o f e x t r a t e m e s t r i a l s nay be as
em oneous as t his 1)th century representation of a man
in a land y et undis c o v e r e d .
(Bel-ow Right ) An imaginary being on an unknown planet -
a 2O t h c ent ur y s k etc h o n t h e e v e o f t h e p o s s i b l e . d i s c -
ov er y of f if e on o t h e r w o r l d s .

W il1y le y, a fo r em os t wr it er on t he c o n q u e s t o f
space says th is ab out int elligent lif e on o t h e r
p lanet s: "We can be alm os t c er t ain t hat o u r v i s j - t o r s
f rom s p ace wj-l-1 n ot hav e t hr ee ey es , webbe d . f e e t , or
televisj-on anten-nae growing out of their forehead.s.
Inst ead, scj-e ntists t heor is e, t hey will pr o b a b l y b e a r
a strong resemb fan c e t o t he m an nex t door . ' l

T he fe atu re on n ex t page is a par t is l translation
from Soviet "Pravda" denouncing flying saucer re-
ports ln Ru ssia.

It o ffse ts the ar t ic l- e by Agr es t and pr ov e s t h a t

scientists o ve r ther e ar e jus t as div ideai i n
opinion on the phenomenoa as those in the west.
(ra' 1

8 FHBAPf,196l r.. IE I (1541a) NPf,BNH

illlO 0 (rfETAl0l||llX
B trocne,lEee apeut y nac

THE I ' Ff , Y] NG SAU C E R '' MYTH

. T ransla ted extracts f r or n PRAVDATt op Sov iet newspaper, January 811961)

R ece ntly we h ave been r ec ei- v ing v ar ious r e p o r t s that in some regions of the
U. S .S . R. pe op le h ave obs er v ed t he s o- c alled 'r f l y i n g saucers". Even pertain
l-ecturers ha ve refe r ed t o t hem as aut t ient ic facts. I R A V D A 's r e a d e r s h a v e
writ t en in a sking us t o c lar if y t he ques t ion c f " f l y i n g saucers".

O rrr cnn rcsno nd en t

vsr vvr r vuy aSk ed Ac adenic ian l. A. A r t s i n o v i C h to share hls Views wlth
the readers of PRAVDA.
:- ' ?t '.,, ' ,
r. i, .; ; J "l*: dt-_p tv 't ..'t, Lt{
'J "T here is n ot a s ingle f ac t ' j - s aid t he s c i e n t i s t -ttwhich would lead us to
bef ieve th at the re ar e m y s t er ious s ol- io obj e c t s fJ-ying over us - the so-called
' .saucer s'. ,Al-l <l is c us s lons al- ong t hes e lin e s r w h i c h have been wide-spread.
lately, e man ate fro m one or iginal s our c e - t h e u n t r u s t w o r t h y and unscientific
dat a co .nta ine d in l ec t ur es c r ef i- v er ec i in M os c o w b y s o m e u t t e r l y imesponsibJ-e
individu al-s. Th ese f ec t ur es c ons is t ed. of f a n t a s t i c tales mainly based on re-
ports in the Amerir ' an pr es s , r elat ing to that period when flying crockery was
the main se nsatio n in t he U. S. A. "

" A rn erican astron om er M enz el dev ot ed an e n t i r e book to this subject - and

amived a t a con cl-u s ion t hat ' f Ly ing s auc e. r s 'a r e nothing else but optical
effect s. It wo uld s eem enough has alr eady b e e n s a i d , a n d t h e r e i s n o g r o u n d
for these a bsurd rum our s bur ied. m any y ear s a g o . Nevertheless after a nurober
of year s we are a ga ln wit nes s ing a I iv e1y d i s c u s s i o n of the question of nys-
terious sau ce rs a nd t heir c os m ic or igin. And this tirae 1n our own country."
rb rea tht ak i- ng' r epor t s
"T o the se wer e al s o a d o e d n a n y v a g u e r u m o u r s o n t h e
appearan ce o f co sn ic s auc er s ov er t he c it ies of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.
It has b ee n tofd th at t iny Venus ians , landin g o n - t ) a r t h , i m m e d i a t e l - J s c a t t e r e d
in al-l- dire ctio ns t o buy c heap O r i- ent al- s we e t s . "

"A p ho tog rap h o f a s auc er t ak en in one o f t h e n o r t h e r n districts of the

courtry fu rthe r stir nulat ed t he int er es t in 'f l y i n g s a u c e r s '. The photograph
is likewise the re s ult of opt ic al ef f ec t s a c c o r d i - n g t o a }a b o r a t o r y analysis
by t he Institute o f Applied G eo- Phy s ic s of t h e U . S . S . R . A c a d e m y o f S c i e n c e s . r l
rrlt i-s ab ou t tim e t hat t hes e t ales be s t o p p e d no matter how breathtaking
they m a y be . rt

Pictures Police "chase" FIRE'
FromPlanetsMystery object
seen in sky
llotttil lhnH, Wd. h lt' 196l
llrc Svdniv
16 (A.AJ-Rcntcr)+Al

Aurtrdia night bc thc 6rd cotDt4r 'crGilo- rcd brtl d

torcccivc picturcr of pooiblc [ving mrttcr lutroliB Aawlnt4l Pr.$ frc? roa bv tlonr d
ncoplc ova 6G WrflcD
on anothcr planctr- rhc c.hid of |hc YORK, Wednesday.-Two traffic -Lh;rdr. d ttc c{d of
CS.|.R.O. Radio-phyrtor Divi3id" Ih E NEWI policemen told today how they sighted hst
' Eol[4
G. Bowen, raid yoterday. and chased a mystery flying object,
Dnrrllrr rclctrE!.
-Fivo ti'md nil
Dr Bowen said that in zuxi ApOJr. rc6o *h"p.d like a football w6t a
thc ndt two yeals America ;ffi timc blutslsst n
would try to'land "probc" duu Erv'r6 d rLrart6e nst uca of thc
roclcts on thc moon, Mars red glow.
ud Vcnu.
4 SEE At l6st cight othr pcr-
pns alre sid thcy nw ruch
ao obict.
Aa 6bsryatim DGt at Tcr-
shcllins lsland, q thc Dutch
rcportcd that it had
-Thc ai "untnom
iirtt,ia obict"
sst r@Gt sid th.
to rccivc
of thc type n@dcd

U.S. rckcts.
signals from tlc
CRASH Wittrcss sid it was the
size of an airlincr and at
timcs it huog silently itr thc
obict i,u 6sl go 8t u
cstimated bcisfit of 15 miles.
It disaDDcarcdin a nonh-
BRISBANE, Mon. - Four PeoPle air only 200ft off the crlv dirciim. losing bcight
It would be opcratiDg ground. wbilc the fire glow diminishcd
Jurc lhis ycar. reported todoy thot they sov ort ob- Trafrc poliemen Stmlcy from bricht to duk rcd.
Dr Bowen was lecturiog at iect like o lorge rocket crosh neor Scott and Charlcs Carrcn The -Utrecht UniveEity
tic Nuclat Rcsarch Foun- were pat.olling in thcir car observatory hs invited sU
detion's fourth smrer Copolobo. DAI LY TELEG R A P H at Red Bluff. California. who sw thc obj.rct to com-
sh@l for Hith schol scicncc All d e scr tb e d a Peiflc Highway, Erghr- when they sw the obiect municate witb it.
Mile Plain. Brisbane. $id
tcachcrs at the UBivlsity of bright red obiect witlr they ssw tlE obi@t moving about a milc aod a half
Sydncy. a long red tail drop- fm high in the 6t to away. "Definitely Not
Usited States plaDs to Dins swiftly to the low iq tire w6t. It apparcd to be sweep- A Meteortt
lauch a luDu sMace probc ir o r izo n . ,N3 ,1 9 6 l Mr. J. Eowlett, a retired ing the grcuod, thy said.
st thc cdd of 1961," Dr traYeller, of Douro Road, A spokesmansaidtheobser'
Cspslaba s m outel As ahly looled. lt s!d- valory ws unable to say what
Bowcn said. subub of Brisbe. WelliDgton Point, which is
near CapalBba, said he als dcoly shoa noiselcsly the obiect was.
"Our radio-tclewopc will bc Jim Butterf,eld, a dog-
sw the object. 500tt hfuhcr h lhc ri.:
8bla lo track the dep+pae breeder of Csp&lsba, claim- It defnitely was Dot a
probc vchiclcs lauDched by tb ed he sw tJie r@ket crsb Ian ctUespie,40, of Con- They snt Nt a radio meteor because it had be!
UDitcd Sta&s to the EM. to esrth tre&r his proprty. stitution Ro&d, Windsor. alert aod chased the object too lonr visible.
Mars and Veuus." But he ss urble to a suburb on the oppcite for lwo hourc. Dore-ns of peoplo
indicst tJre spot where tJre side of Brisbane to Cepa- At on dmc it went into DboDed the Rotterdu lew
rmket dshed. lsbe. said he saw the ob-
Britain's F,quipment Ec sali la l@lcd jet dropping dow to the
"various manoeuvres - iaper "Algemeen Dagblad" .
straight up and down and report the object.
"Vontt Be Workingtt "prcaay cl@, bua @uld horian et & slight angle,
bxYG b6D ffic Dll6 The Brlsbsne lveather sideways." Thc Amsterdam oewspapcr
rnl." Bureau said tlre objst 'Trouw" quoted thc Ter-
Rym, 15. Md bts
Mflyn, 13. ol
could @t have been a fire-
ball or a we&ther balloon.
Not "soucel" rchelling Cdastguard today ag
Three deputy sying lhe object could haYc
been neither atr aircraft nor
hearing the radio alert,
joined ttrc chase. They also th distress signals of a ship.


In Red Blufr. Clarence
Newspape6 and radio sta-
tioDs in northm Califorqia
said they were reccivilg a

c&rth from thc spacc khiclc

laudcd on Mtrs," Dr Bowc6
SCARE IN [,I.S. Fry, the night iailer, heard
the radio alert and marched
four prisoners on to lhe
flood of calls from cye-wit-
dcsses of the blue flash.
Atr Aviation Authority D-
sid. IIN AI\GELES, Jrr. 17 (A'A'P')'- ployec said the flash was so
"Ow radio-telsp will bc For the sccond scrsivc night e rtrerk ol bright that his nlire airport
thc oDly giut istallatioo m rly hst night was momentarily bathed i!
thc world capable of rc@ivi!8 ligbt acrccs thc Cditonhr light.
thc rignals i! latc 196l md cruscd wiilcsprcrd drrm. Observatory omcials bclicvc
t962." thomods of Cali- fics starlcd by cmbcrt from the ffash may have bccn
Dr Bowm sid thc thc mctcor rnd of dfcocc in- causcd br. a falliuc Betee
inteDded to lar foroians today rcPortd s-
clnr still.tions tracling th. hugc they saw it, and *e lnow llenld,
clctc which would ing a "giaot ball.of 6rc" lle lydneyMorninq
fircball into the P.cific Occao. thev saw it."
l8!d" on thc m@n, Mtrs flash acrm the honan.
All vcrc false.
Vcos. wcatbcr officiNlr sid il
Thc Mdnt Wilson Ob-
Thc mm rckct war anothr Dct@r.
in Southcrn Cali-
Gicct micrcphoDd Rcports ot silhtiDgs csm
would rccold c from San Dic8o, on thc fdnie said it was conmon for
chugct fired Imd
chusct fired Mcxis bordcr, to Mari! pcriodic sbowcrs of mctcon
infmation to County. mrth of Srq Fran- to crtcr lhc carth's at-
thc structw of the ciscra stE[ of rbout 600 mcphcrc, Phich causcd thcm
surface. mx6. to apper quitc bright.
"Thc cquiDmbntfor this cx. It wa! ds sightcd by r
ftcscription of thc fircball
pcrimcrt-is- now being de wcathemiil in eo airpon
towcr in Lai Vcgas,'3(l milc varicd eccording to wherc it
aigDcdin the Uoitcd Statc!," yas ean, but mosa Feoplc
Dr Bowcn said. irlald,
"In thc csc of Mars Thcrc w6c wild rcDorfi of agrd lhat it was trailin8 a
Vctrus thc emohaiis will air crashes, of nmcroui lonE mulli{olourcd tail.
on infomatioo on
atmGphcres." - Ihc rydnsy Jan.'t8,196l-
" . . . oth er sta rs 1 n t he galar y m ay hav e hu n d r e d s
of t ho usan d.s of i nhabit able wor lds . Race s o n
hese wo rlds ma y hav e been able t o ut ilj, s e the -
remendous anounts of power required. to bridge dTh6e'sonabstrdarticlenqcobolttflvtw&wEl"
he s pa ce b etwe en t h. e gt ar s . " Dr . C. Tonba u g h , d . i s c o v e r e r o f p l a n e t P l u t o .
(1.[P..Reder). Anftry
[0100il,&1. - | - A Brunrrick mrn todrJ rcportcd *+
ln3 two lormationr of "flying rluccn" eyct
landin Bdlah
hs sawa satcllito
offcerbelhres I thc Drndcnong: on Fridey nlght"
Neitba.lhc AI
-!-Lr '"1;;:;::i#"'l #Jt*:$';'Si
H c l s Mr R . K .
Lrthcer, t2, a metal
prc..r, ol 6ydny-rd.,
He told police he sow o I fll'oj:Yt'.j:to'"tuFX I BtunswlcI
EG slil h. $w thc
dozzling whire object descend | "ffi'iHt1,'i^i,lillf*o; lrucrs"
at 6.m D,m. on
vhllc welllns
tJlmsh Yun 8nd Ns-
fromrhesky. lH::li"'#:'Xlq'ii:}ft.11
I ing the carlh s atmospnerc'. I
Msthws sld tllc
,ets wcrc hoveriug
Many other people are re- l."h",nl'1.#*YL."*:liJ e Dandcnomr ln
portedto haveseenthe obiect. l'*"'l5''.uj
rhe orncer is captaini ,,Teniiyingr' of fire"
M. J. l\{asscy-Bercsford,
| ':"_"t":E | _"f?U
_l rn" obiect *as also seen
who .iaw the. 6blect^white I S_.plli^ -
I or'l,"u,lro''J"oo'.
'ini' in Brrstol
walking at Knook Camp, I said.:. "1 ,ltave^
.ltl:l ..s"n I iia .i,ii6unding arca.

A bdllltnt white [$h 1""',-i:'1fr":ili,'l
'"lir'ir," "illiine". J4 mrlcsHl,:
'l ':Y': ']1': lGloucester' sway'
::"L I A Eri.rolambrrlaDce
.ty, lllumlnrlins | 9:"n-,1 ''.lst...'1,9o.1']-s man.

9"..':f':ff.*"T0n,-1'il; 11.,X',li;ll'
n it-semv- lY,l,.!"3^llu." ;'l;
" - comrng In lo l*iis.i'i""."1'u,'ri'"r thc \ky - ..At
iria. ll.-,*tcllrre l"gain.r lhe ll'F-had llo nol* when I W.O. McEwen sld:-;tclia
thingt ha"eever tlry rped olF-- inrsr r thN8ht rt
'#,';::ill*Tll'"Jj* ,r"* Wuiams,,
" li::iln-'
""#J"ffiffi{ Y{ff;:d:ii-J';
" -"- - ";{ll}
- somthrnst. snatt l.oi:l'iT.
', li".*',:-u.",';:","'i"$iti
| It wa\
n e vcrror gL- t.\ne sato.
f r I, rl::.cigar'
IIjl'.'5 \:'trail
,,StrenOC j ...r an sure it was not u

ilIysterious l*firi

Obieet In
Skv 'S"S$:**;'1lrlfi$,i'}liffi l.clren. of RAAI' Hcsd- | Mrs A. Henrik-*on.
qurrtcrs- sld tod&y he sewlBeeac. sid tod*y she hsd
. vc_ry onSn-t lrglt nover- lseen a struge

xoht hiqh

tnt in the sky abov hi! in tb sky bn
hae llte,:.!X-34v bn- Saturitd,v
in Fuller-st., Bul-,ueht,
-hi! It tlavelled ouicklr
l\TEw YoRK, Spl. I lEn, btween 7.45 p.m. and | from west to est. -
r \ (A,A.P.).*A
1\ |A,A.P.).-A tnck-
tnck- i.{5 p m, yesterday
Sun. - The U.S. Air
Folce hos onnounced seen
plonr for c rpoce veh-
itrg strn has photo.
Irapbed , Dysaeriou6red
obFcl circurs lhe anth.
The photogrsph
ohotoqsDh ws Australion Asocidted Prart
"HERALD" Motboetro, Ocrr|er l?. l!C0
icle to intercept ond
Mystery cr
arlm by r specirl h NEW YORK, Mon-
idertify unknown orbi- aerm ol ahc Gn
ting objectr, Avirtion Engbcerlng day. - A glowing,
'poralio[. mystery flying object
The research and
granrme has been giv-
en t he n a m e
The oblecl

obtect roM
rppers lo b that "may be a new
otrc-tDth thc slze of abe
I brllooE
sDd ls tnvcllitrc
Russian satellite" was
reported over the U.S.
"in fiormation"
"satnt."SEPT 25, 1960 tndce s f$1. last nisht in two areas.
Ttr U.s. Ak ForceChief Sigbtings from
In San Antonio. Teras. a
ol Stai lor lreveloPment,
(LieuteDant-Gneral Ros- spokcsman for Trinitv Uni-
@ wusn) told I Joint versilv's moonwalch leam,
meelina ol th. NightRght- a utceh by at lcau;t 20 obwocrc an
said the leam had seen it
eF Aslatton and N Robed I. ,ohtrstr, mas County, Northcn Colifornia.
Forcc As@irtion ot th tor of Chlcago's Adler and it was reuted ove.
PhDetriuD. srld lt did trot California. The Sun
rppw ao be
to De n Irrti.fcisl "tt may be a ncw Sovidr
slellitc or met@r. sat.llile." the universitv
\polseman said.
Enormous thing fhc PlMas Couty
thrcc sherlfi's deprtl6.
r lost.r
wrr rcIDitcd
ud.bort 20
Hc said that the obiect,
disc-shaped, was spoltcd
norlh of San Anlonio, mov-
ing south-sourh-west lo
that othe. Soviet satelliles
havc followed. fREPARi,TTON
o Flying saucer Bob Jerniean. head ot lhc
leam, said no U.S. satellites
werc due over ihc. arca
whcn the ooiecl w1r seen. CONSIDER,ABIE
stghtlngs of unidentlfied flytng objecL3
I (UFO8| reDorted bv the Rev. Mr Gill from Thc a.rm dld doa bF
lleve il w!
. mca.or.
I New culnda in June 1959 followed by tlrose EDITORS U/OU
reported on Monday by the Rev. L. Browning At leasl a dozen ftrsons
lrom cressy, Tssmania, indicate that reputable reported seeing an oblect in APTRECIATE
observers are stiU sighting the much maligned. thc skv ovei California lasl
nighr. Seot. 20. 1960 XNy STM]IdR prtDcr,
"flying, saucers." Ek A. D.
K E. Mi(usker an en.
Is the Federal Government satlsfled that un- eineer. descrihed il rs "rn
qid: "Thlr b
friendly nations are not lnfrlnglng Australian inormor,s glowing thini TIIANK YOU.
territorial sovereisntv? arching acrqss the skv from
-P, E. Nor.;t, hon."piesident,Victorian Flying SaucQrfiorizoo to horizon "
ResearchSociety,Collins-st,,Melbourne. E;Alt"rt t9, t90a

SEYERAL PEOPLElost night. rcgo-rtedsccing..9-9i9o-r'
shopedobiect in the sky in the North ond ovor th' lA'dlonds'
A psty of lff hutss al
THE D(AMINER.Wcd- Octobrr 26, 1960
by radar
Frlmerston. nar Ctcasy, $tr a
strowly mo,ing objdt abort 200
(et lrm thc gt@d. A Bem-
bcr ot th? puty sld thc obr*t
ffid to lDw lC a lw uun-
utes bctw Ewilg od ln ' 8
lorth-estsly dlstls. MACKAY,Wed.-Arodor
l4r. RoD Ddb6, d CImDocu
r\rvm. std thrt hc hrd s a observer told the TAA Fokker
8lm t! tbe 16!-
crosh inquiry todoY thot h9
mg duge
m skY. DwlDs t! a Dm-
abqrt E {6
plofted o-stoiionorY obiect off
' Ttretc vs tbc
I blet ws mdilg
no norao, sd
slo[tY. Mockoy tvice on the night the
A cl![-!hrFd obret n. pl one ci oshed. D A ILY TE L
G! wlnr C@l!f lD tDa
rtt w OCOud. tt Xr. E Both "plots" were I lhe llsnc's cr.t-si{tesgy-t^gqt:
Erfnrdr ud H. tltG wn""glFqI"H"*3i iy,i8 ff:"tl:
Itrr. Ddvsds @ld tbc obJ4t main wreckage or tne plo6im. I
6med to bc trav.lttng lu t he | ---ChristeMn sdd tloat
-6c?-T,igol*l*:, t* .r"Igi:ffii'
Dlene wes found.
:!001t- aboYc trG
ffi lg;#3# 1?
'tt h@scd fs mG tlDC' It "
"fr}' S| l'il,Ut'l&1;ltli;
mada no oo{*. ud tbde 8u-
senSG ugbt"' b'
ryl*"fii ffi ".fl
cd to bc s
It thca movcd o|l towdl
thc 6st.
A 8imlL.
thc .kv wer Re
obJcct vra 86

!D thc FaIDa, Ifl8'

H$t li?ff#hF,fr
1FR".t#* l*'s,sltof
ldd reldet! nDatd lltrrt!
"oa, n*nfl$f |;hittg trr,crl nvestigqotlOn
Fp_llg|| || nYestlg
-' tion
tn tla !Ey, ud s lod erple

fffi$j:::Jffi I :[
do lbotly bcl@ t Ps

Ire -@uld mt ldenrrty' . ,rSLUCeir,

Fomed for Stellor reseorch oJ^*"**
llF'l#i$i*lb ,rHI
ili ciGn itne
sid thev IA! Alr loru c4rrt xtu br
hdrd an erDl6ion ai I l6t tO CBy, T@n, t4

Astrrrnrrrrrer ireilv 10.?l on the Digtlt I lDv6tisqte "-nflng-s|ffi"

hf the dists. | rcDortd to have Den m
The duDle are Mr. and I by Rev. Lionel Bwntng.
MB Albert ChrbteNn. . I The MiDistd lc Air (Mr.
Both sid they htro : O6bore) unMed today

for Australia
CANSERRA,Fridoy.-Dr. Horlov Shoplcy,onc of
on oct . 13 Bris- turld
, o D-r
Mr. Brcm-
bane.board,of *nEg",Sso?rxt:f*.,
Foe ola@r in Tasttela,

l-nlo slcd Mr. (Xbomc to ln-

thc vorld'r leoding oittonom.F, will visit Austrolio I nolll-fy

next wcck. ilil l|l0], $ilrur, rrull ll. lt6l ttl- r'o'tter dis- l1$ffi"Tf.$ru
aster reached \;fg$*or"g *porr.d
Dr. shapley ts r loms I ud th carth r trom
dlrcctor oI Itmrd Collegc | 25,m0 to 3ll,00o ltght yeE no VerOl-ct aS stna eiaht ivtng $um
g" cmtrc ot thc courd wa
obsrvatory. lfigln experts 3?*,ft*Ttsilthfitn
rrls reswh6 hrvc lMi|Iy w8Y'

> 'aEffi-.
thrt I ah* r&&rchq ruultad
Drovcd cmclutvely
inc su lr not at or near I ln bir sppobtment to thc
tle centre ol th. Lillv I dlr*torshtp ol Hw&rd
3il.f,Tnt'ifiu. NOVEMBER lE. 1960
Way systcm. I CoUaobsrvstDry ln 1921,
Hc prcvctl tbrt tJra lun I s pqt hc @cuptcd untll salcel'
rn hrs y6rs st Emrd,
Dr. Shapley Gpectaliscd ln
orerPoland MYSTERY i#;P*#d"Sffi
tlp study of the magellsnlc
clouds. thc chsting ol dtr-
tant galaxls, rnd th
A mysterioB
jec!. 4sing md
and cbanglng
lMiDs ob-
direction ot
"REIIBAtt"l*rdit"j$ ldren Poinied to the 6kY'''
6tudy ot vslsbl rtars.

15 degrces
nrght" appeared in the skis
o\gr Poznan ysterday.
the obj@t
was sen
lgi#i,lm*-"li'd Itowards the Robe harbor.
going vely lNt,
Dr. shapley, nov t pr manv Poman residents s RoBE. october 21. llt was not
fesor emerltus of l{aryard, well as by police gurds Robe rrrirrran, seltnl | "suddcnlS--tt b.g-8n-to
and rallway gurds.
"r'iia'",,.',*ii" r'"':ino* | il*|"'fi "L"f,P,'r''19"#"1
holds 15 honorary deSreE
. Psple tn Ponan s'erc
and has received msny
slentific &walds and said to be wmderiE whe- l.sson oilt of doors. N('ro I hcisht of about 300 lt-
ther the object was a sDace amazed to see m objectl leaving 4 trail o! smole'
medals,-lncludiDrs thc gold ruket manned by beirF "ft disappe&red, qulcxry'
resembllng a "red
-i'u"ir'",ia cricketl
medal ol the ltoyrl Astro- from MaN- ii'ii';"iv ani into I presumablj into the sea.
tse wrtl give !t lut mo "NFWS"Adeleide, the sea at, 1156 8m. today.I

DN. SH/TPLEY Dublic lecturc In Australla, ocro3El 5, t960 A&lel&, 3.A




l z'
)\ -
i /
// vrRor{ri TRIESI

,r' +;,
- ericr,ul
, --------l
VTRAZ?A- --t
cEr{ot I
PISA /(,
, |.FAEilZAI

B et we en th e h ou rs of B. 2J and B. 4O ps n. . o 1 t h e l f l l n o r dulv11960. a nlysterious

object flew over man;i parts of Italy. It had an ovFl--o.r elo,bx-1-a-F-ha{lc, was
s reelin colo ur with a l. Er s n t hen @ . _ T h e o b . 'i e c t
was-I lying a t va ryin g - ! _g_il.
s peed. s up t o 2O TO O Ok m . p e r h o u r a t clifferent altitucles.
I n O st ig lia lt ap pe ar ed dj- r ec t ly ov er t he T. V . i n s t a l l a t i o n . It was seen in
R ome, T riest, Bolzan o, G enoa, Flor enc e, Tr en t o a n d V e r o n a almost at the same
t i n e. Severa l- airp or t s s pot t ed it on r adar s c r e e n s .

T he u nld en tified f ly ing objec t was obs er v e d . l a s t o v e r R o n e a t 10 p.n. and

at T ernl at J.O2 , t.t| and ) . J 2 t } : e f ollowing morni-ng.

(B ased on rep orts in "Die Tat "r Zur ic h, "Der B u n d " , B e r n , " N a t l o n a l z e i - t u n g " ,
Basel, trNe ckar-Xcho ", Hellbr onn - Swit z er land, a s p e r 'r We l t r a u m b o t e " S e p t , / t l c t . 6 0 )
s er dli l r i uel T hel i qhts fl os h- I T hebr ok en
picture ol the mgs-leil eil on lor about fS I i g h t lollou
"'*H'*f\1i31'3"1;;" lor obout

ii",i"l'I;z-:l,l,l' lnT
nute becomrng lpicture. - Belfield
in. fObseruotorg pho-

[l H E mYsterious
r Ishts which
drifted high across
Sydney's sky last
night were "almost
certainly man-
M. G. Patston. direc-
tor of Belfield Obwtva-
tory, said lhis today.
The observatory Pho-
tographed the lighls dur-
ing thcir 25-mioute
crcssing of the sky.
'"fhey appeared to bc
ballon - borne magnc-
sium flares like the prth-
finder flares used by
bombers durinc th
war," Mr Patston said.
sThere's tro possibilig
of thm being visiaos
frcm sprce.
Mr Patston said he
and other observers were
tracking the American
balloon satellite Echo I
at 9.20 p.m., when thev
ooticed the lights,
"A few minutes after
we sighted them people
nearly drove us crazv
ringing to find out whal
they were," he said.
"About a dozen red,
dish coloured liehts ap-
peared over the horizon

W HI f E
"They driflcd witb the
north-east wind, and
gradually came above us.
"By then they were a
brilliant white, exactly
like a magnesium flare.
'They were well rboye
normsl flyitrg heighas for
Nlrcrrft using M$col.
"After wc watched
them for about 25 min-
utes they faded again to
a reddish colour, and fin-
ally disappeared while
right above us.

T he S u n W e d n e s d o yJo
, n . ll, 1 9 6 l



lvtystenous -

f Lights Over City

Dozens ol people last night reported mys.
terious lights flashing over Sydney.

mctor trails.

Rcports of thc lights came

from all Frts of Sydney.
Deuiptions and direction
Mrs K. Morgan, of Bar-
remma Road. Lakemba. said: 9 r o n a b o ve N. E. Cenada
'They wcrc likc stars moving th e ca n e :a t ak es a bac k -
abour the sky. Thcy wcre first
s4n in the norih aDd moved
vr a r d lo ik. itrr ovnl qi nc

slowly acrss tbc sky to the pnor o ,

"Wben I last saw them. thev
appcarcd to bc moving bacl
towards the north again."
Mr N, Shoblom. of Earns-
.J bury Grovc, Bardwell park,
6aid: "Thc lighls appcared

lho Sydncy

Wod.,Jrn.ll, 196l

t A beles cfp -.c l h ot og r alh
of Mars taken b y Dr . E. C,
Slipher rn Sou th Afr ic a
- i n 1ct7Q

Astrononers are trying to estimate the number of
inhabited planets in orr galarqy. They think there are
t hous ands of planet s w i t h i n t e l l i g e n t beings.

Not afl stars are of the same age - some are older
t han ot her s . I t f or l o n s that some planets could have
produced extrenely advanced forms of intel-ligent life
bec aus e of t heir "n a t u r l t y " .
Pr of . R. N. Br ac ewe l l - o f S t a n f o r d Universi-ty has put
forth a theory that superior galactic communitj-es have
Wm,T:,:' sent satell-ites to our solar system. He be]ieves these
probes wou fd bro ad . c as t s om e m es s age if ac t i v a t e d . b y r a c l i o w a v e s . In fact,
P rof. Bra ce wel-l h as ex pr es s ed. an opinion t h a t r a c l i o e c h o e s r e c e j - v e d s o m e t h i r t y
years ag o cou ld. ha v e c om e f iom t hes e int er s t e l - l a r satellites. A concrete attempt
uw !,re
^ i^ l- a uy o
"^ - i^-r6u
^l^ dr. fa r- ^or
- 4 - L ^ L i +^ n
n inhabit ed planet
-l s in space is being camied out by
Dr. F ra nk Drake in W es t Yir gini- a. I t is o b v i o u s t h a t i n t e r s t e l - I a r cornrnunica-
+i^- L-,
urvrl u J -^--^ ^+ - is no m or e in t [ e r e a ] - m o f s c i e n c e f i c t i o n .
-. -, adio
kofesso r Herma nn O ber t h, int er nat ionally known authority on the conquest
of space, h as this t o s ay about t he net hod. s o f c o m m u n i c a t i o n o f o u t e r - s p a c e
beings: "Their means of connunication may be anything from a ray to a para-
psycholo gical p owe r r ev ealed. t o us oc c as ion a l l y in human nanlfestations of
t elepathy. "

O be rth is no t a lone in t his s pec ulat ion. Dr.Nandor Fodor of New York
theorises: "The extra-sensory perception of earthlings shoufd. be sharpened
w ith all- po ssible s peed s o t hat any out er - s p a c e slgnals can be interpreted and
ra nlia q oit r an ll A
. A Russia n scie ntis t and wr it er Alex ander K a z a n t s e v i n h i s s t o r y 'r T h e M a r t i a n "
has an i-nte resting s uppos it ion: "Per haps t h e y d o r e a l l y have a thin atnosphere
on Mars a nd th ou gh t t r ans f er enc e by m eans o f s o u l d w a v e s , o r a i r c o n c u s s i o n ,
has long b ee n ab an c loned t her e. "

Men , an imals, bi- r ds , f is hes and lns ec t s convey messages to each other by
means of so un d vib r at ions . I ns ec t s ar e ab l e t o s e n d h i g h - p j - t c h e d signals to
great rlista nces. O ur ear is unable t o ois ce r n these.

The hy pot hes ls that telepathy may be employed in

everyday life by advanced types of humanlty on other
planet s s hould not b e h a s t i l y wrltten off. If top
s c ient is t s c ons ider this a possibility, the matter shoufd
be analy s ed c r it ic ally but without bias.

Now what is t elep a t h y ? A c c o r d i n g t o F . W. H . t r f y e r s o f

Canbr idge, t he m an w h o c o i n e d t h j - s w o r d , 1 t i _ s t r c o r n m u n i -
cation of irnpressions of any kind from one mind to ano-
t her , inoependent ly of the recognised channels of sense."

Upt on Sinc lalr , the renowned Anerican writer. has

c onduc t ed hundr eds o f e x p e r i m e n t s in the fiefd of thought
t r ans f er enc e. His c o n c l u s i o n is - "Telepathy happensl"
I n t he c our s e of s ys t e m a t i c experimentation wlth his
y _if e Upt oG Sjnc lalr bas achieved anazins successes.
He was able t o t r ans m i t images to the rdciplent over
nns di cf rnnoc

v t2
In illustratlo n f r on his book M EM AL RAD I O

show n here de mon stra t es how c los e t o t he t r a n s -
mit t ed ima ge wa s the r ec ept lon.

T he Un ive rsitie s of Color ador Cor nellr Duke

and C amb ridg e ha ve c onduc t ed s c lent if i- c s t ud i e s
i n t elepa thy. In th is ar t ic le r ee ar e m or e i n -
t erestet l in the te lepat hic t r ans nis s lon of m e s -
s ages f r o n spa ce vis it or s r at her t han i- n t el e -
pathy itself. sent received

That this phenomenon roay be l-ess abstract than .we think, can be proven by
a remarkab le te lep ath ic c ont ac t bet ween a ' r s k y s h i p r r a n d X a r t h w i t n e s s e d b y t h e
writer in Sydney in January , 1951.

trbom a Qantas plane 6rrOO feet above Sydney ltlrs.Iesley Piticiington (daughter
of Rear-Adnj-ra1 Pope) was receivi-ng a sentence from her husband Sidney Pidding-
t on at Ra dio Sta tion 2G B.

The hernier of New South Wales - Mr.J.McGim chose at random fron many books
a lj-ne from the Works of Henry Iawson. Ivlr.Piddington transmitted nentally this
sent ence a nd it was r ec eiv ed by his wif e with a n i - n s l g n i f i c a n t error which did
n ot cha ng e th e ne an ing. W it h M r s . Piddingt on , as judges, were Mr.F.J.Finnan,
a S t ate Min lste r, a nd J udge Rainbow.

If a te lep ath ic c ont ac t has been r eac hed bet-

maan *n rn - nnF nn n nl:ne and the O thef
^a n c^ n s
yu! ! v4v

o n the g rou nd , the re is not hing im pos s ibJ - e a b o u t

t housht tra nsfere nce bet ween a f ut ur e Ear t h a s t r o -
naut and. a human being. Then lrhy not between a
rational b eln g fron anot her planet f ly ing through
space or approaching -Eiarth and an earthman?

, It is o nly e xp erj - nent at ion t hat c an s ubst a n t i -

-J ate specu latio n tha t beings on ot her planet s can
r espond to men tal s ignals . The bes t ans wer s
would be ap pe ara nces of s pac es hips in t he a r e a s
whence the sign als hav e er nanat ed.

W hile most of th e s o- c a1led "s pac e- c ont ac t "

nlrimc qna nr r ac + j^- +L ^ l . i +. r n a a oi n o
qr v quv DUI UI^Lf
I O UI qt ^ !Ilg ^^^^ihi
t hat cosn ic b ein gs nay be abf e t o c onv ens e b y
means o f a "pa ra-p syc hologic al power ". At le a s t
t hat is wh at ho fesso r Her m am O ber t h t hink s .

NEW YORK, Tlres.
{AP).-Mcntsl tlepeihy
rnd othcr fons of extrl
scMy pcreptlon sn be-
iDa sr\rdtcd by the W6ting-
houc Electrlc CorDontlm,
with a vld to utlll8h8
thm ln long dl8t8!cr co6-
rlrl:r|r. lErl,
tffi { ttsa


Due to un fore se en c ir c um s t anc es and t em p o r a r y f i n a n c i a l diff iculties
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sEcRETpLAc6 oF Tm rror - by Dr.Geo.Eunt wilt-i*"oo,fl*i"o:r.tu/9
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SECRET OF Tm AFDES by Brother Philip.

Cirapters inc luoe:
The Origin of the Brotherhoocl of the Seven Rays
The Golden Sun Disc of Mu
Tne lYew Wor]d Focus of fllumination
The Order of the Red Eand.
Iost Worlds and the Coning of Space trtrystery
Rrblishing date:, 1960 P ri ce | ,1/- (A ust. )
TIIX SKY PEOPLE - by Brinsley Ie Poer llrench
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