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IFTEEN toHd. lurt ot
rcports intensified through-
unidentiftad flying ob- out the world.

Jectr (U.F.OI) and aill Sightings were reported itr l

Vienna- in Oklahoma. in
nothing solid to explain the London, among the many,
nydericr. aDd I U.S. pbotographcr
claimcd to havc snapped a I
Millions throughout the crowd of small saucers
bcing disgorged by a
wodd who have seen them, oi "mother" ship.
claimed to have seen them, re- In 1954 Mclbourne's fly-
main convinced that something ing cigars shook that city, !
and two shire councillors i
drange is going on. saw-20 milcs from Can- |
Millions nore are just as pre- bcrra{ wingless cigar, I
belching vivid green flamc. I
pared to believe that an aircraft Prmf ftrf ihe vivid I
or bird was the cause. or the clgr or mothcr ship rerc i
8tars or the moon - or that the llludoN c.cnted I
story was simply made up. by thc Rcd Platr.t ws' i
of oux, rcvenfortbcor I
People have actually photogr ln8, N.llhcr,
U.F.O.s in Australia. and for rddcd, r@
lt musr be i
ptc6 of ahc I
cpos rhlp* | Dtr
ln rent sightings, a I Ir
policc coNtablc in Norh I
Queaslod watched a dan- I :
ing conc-shapcd craft I
The file is thc "sauccr dossier"
Dossession of thc AL Dcpartmctrt.
By Sydney through bilculars,
pbotographcd u
a uilor l
objcct in i
N.S.W., md peoplc in i
Bobron Wcltcm Australia sighted a I
doa objccts travelling in I
DaiB. I
Royal Australian Navy I
rating Stcphcn King, accom- I
l@atio!, di.ection. panicd by fivc othcrs, phoro- |
Alo hc rdq b! thc obe.rcr THE SUN-HER,ALD,NOV. 5, 196I graphcd at 5 a.m, a brighr l
|(hdcd qullfiqd@?
oullfiqd@? Dod hc rhc sty ncar Gun. I
[y ecbl loorlcdgc ot rDcds? oagar. I
fic R.A.A.F. invcstiSat6.
.hip of Crcssy. Thc obicct! Is thc R.A.A.F. getrcrally across lhe sky visiblc lolving bcforc my cycs iato
All it can do, gcncrally, is
cmcrgcd from a rainstorm. hGiilc to all such reports? through his bedroom win- watcryfluid...
chccl with thc Civil Avia-
lion Dcpartmcnt, rnd 6uch Thc R.A.A.!'.'S su8gestcd Not rcally. AmoDg its ranks dow.) ". . . In thc niddlc of thc
plution of "a rising mon el bc found a multitudc of In the R.A.A.F. dosict surfaclnoticcdablacl
ruthditis 4 mctcorological
ssiated with metcorologi- opinions, just a3 i3 io bc would be many familiar io littlc spot rhe sia of a pca
ud astrdomi@l crprts.
cal conditions at thc tire" lound in civiliar circlc. ih man - in - thc - strcct whicb rcmiodcd mc o{ a
During thc Katoomba frcg'scyc..."
'Yisitation" ot 1957{ bi8 sogered Mr Browning ild A Frid ofrcrr !m. through the daily ncws.
ycat for U.F.O.*it asigocd rparled his rcton that red it up-'Whcn eidcc Mst rcflst complete sir- U.F.O.'s havc run thc
aulhority should not ridiculc bsnl ofiered !r uswer: cerity; smc defy credulity. whoh_gamut of sbaps and
I Metor iet to 8$ist.
pcoplc who report obscrva- trto e re lo sry lhc . . Like thc report, in sre, tbc complele spectruE
On rhc strcngth of thcso pob||c of colour. thc cntirc ransc
uons. l5 iusl sDS 1950. from a Bankslown
chekr, R..A.A.F. officcrs of sDed and maruuvrl-
Thc Victorian Flying Oi!8s?" man, bolidaying in a N.S.W.
bavc reportcd, only 3 or bility-
Saucer Resarch S@iety (Hc wcnt on to admit, counlry to*n,
4 pcr cnt of sightingr
qnrct . &cuwd the R.A.A.F. of sith a careful look over his He sw "an oval dis. Mcteors which bricflv
bc cxplaincd as
aatual phenmena. bcing scriously intlfcstcd in shoulder, that hc had becD dirty grcy-green" crash to sorch our skies givc risi
ltlange f,yiDg obiects but morc than mildly disrurbed tbc g.ound. He invcstigatcd, to "saucer" rcpora!, as ooc
And rhis. Fcderal Parlia- conccaling its ioterest undcr did ovcr N.S.W. rccentlv.
has bccn informcd, him*lf onc oiSht when and . . , "To my surpris I
mcit I smokesrec! of cvasion Watchcrs with various im.
a mystcrious 8r*tr light saw only a gclatinous !ub.
dc! not givc any frm sup- sd urtruths. pre$ions (smc said a "hu8o
porl lo thc blief that "inter- ragcd back and forth staDcc, jellylikc, rapidly dis-
rctt") rushed lo tbeir
lopcn from othcr placcs in poon6.
thc world or outsidc it bave trol s ll hrppcftd t
bc4tr visiting us." tried .y. rs otr lh. lob
Thb vicw, rtrd lts rF tbd monltr8 A ledir'
lnrcBl overtoE of deris- rsto!@cr. Ih A. R"
lvc aolcrucc. havc lo- HogS' sirtatrt diKaor of
lhe 6tricl belicvers,
coofirmed i! tleir
Prof. g. U6sEl tic Commnsedth Ob-
&mtory rt Mt Stremlo.
rtlitude thce who lsd nYou canrt Just mtcd thc obj(t
thrl aotborities ridiculc
U.F.O.s o as to avoid
scoff. . . .n Dr Hogg rcported it as a
d,|ming ahe popohce. spccditrS "brassy ball ot
ligbt" and hc revealed no
And many observers fcl hesitatiotr in pronouncing it
lhat view as a slight to their
powers of observalion and a a day-timc meteor.
queslioning of their vcracity. Various authorities blamc
plmcts Venus and Mars.
Becaus lhere ar scorcs
and thcir varying hriShtness,
of citi4ns today who ficrcely
for trickinc roole inro
dare th authorilies to prove -
U.F.O. rcpoits.
what they saw werc "natu.
ral phenomena." Among The director of R.A.A.F.
them would be found trub. Prof. E. Messel D r. A . R . E ogg Public Relations. Grouc
licity-shy people not given Captain H. Rayner. puts-a
lo wild outburstr,. word in for this lheory. "lr
appears si8nificanr rhat in
Perhapi no U.F.O. sighl-
July and August over thc
Ing has prolol{ed more out-
EpoleD exchanges in recnt Yearu there has been a re-
vival of U.F.O, reporls," hc
timcs than the report by a
AstroD@r A. R. 9lo.
lasmanian Anglican
"At that timc of the vea.
churchman. the Rev. LioDel Ex RA43 Marsbaf Hogg sar a UFO thc planet Venus is farlhcsr
Browning. Iate lasl ycar.
Slr Gorg Joneg wlth 3 colleagues from the sun and can ba
slghted a I,FO at sen more radily."
O "f,oon" at lft. Str@lo
Mr 8ro*ning reportcd
l{entone, Vlctorla
o n o ct. 1 6 , 1 9 5 7 .
Obse:ratory on o "9!gg.!"
lhat he atrd his wifc saw a N oT.8,1957. It wil in 1954 and l9J6 R ev . I{ 1111a c 1I1 e
sigar'shaled "mothcr" ship whan Mare apiroached t6 a
witb sir small.r diss ncar Slr Corge Jones 1n Ju.n 1959. P-,
rcl.tivc clw
lbc Tasmaniar rural toyF millioo milq to carrh rhal
reports intDsined through-
out the world. a Thc U.s. 8trd BritaiD I
u. c holdtug. b*t- on won- |
Sightings were reportcd i! qOW treW [Ycntrons.
Vicnna. in Oklahoma, io I
LoDdon, among the matry, o Robot vchiclcs frm I
atrd a U.S. pbotographer outer spas arc visiting I
claiDcd to have snapped a Edh to cbat on H.bomb I
crowd of small sauceB lests. I
bcitrg disgor.ged by a Thc qucstion upp3mcr in I
"mother" ship. tbc min& of thoc prcpared I
In 1954 Melbourne's fly- to tacuc Oc problem frm I
ing cigars shook that city, aU ugkr ir: uc thex I
and two shire councillors U.F.O.! promoted bv I
saw-20 miles from Can- bciDgs from uothcr platret? I
bcrra< wingless cigar, Is thcrc lifc cl*whcre? I
belching vivid green flamc. Dr Hulow Shaplcy, among I
Pr@l thrt lhc vivid thc forcmost of today's as- |
dgx or motbq sbiD werc trqmdq mahtairu tbat I
mcrcly lllodoE c.crtcd smwbcrc, @ a planctrryl
by thc Red Ph!.t w.!' ltar e imesurable dist- |
ue &wy, therc is'lifc.
of @uE revenforitcoe sketch of tbe flr.gbt path of aD unhorn I
lu& Nc.X[.r, lt nut b. --Artlst'!rfr@ a g4-fmno
tllec 'Tho crblrnce of lilc I
.dd.d, rft dc6 of th. -- noyl; fl-ln tatJn-Uv i. o. @rc ildcx |h0 |
qao rhlpc D:rurT, Deputy Dlr.ector of Clvl1 AvlatloD niparAeat hm [fc L po6iblr," I
bc ioH lhern o bir I
Itr reDt rightiogs,
policc comtablc in North
a ltr Port.Uorsby, Ner Culna, August Agra, 1059. Crbcn vltt qrtrcr thb I
Queuland watched a dan- The flh le stlll Ln goverment flLeg. yc, I
Thc litclibood of a form I
iDg com-drapcd craft of IifG m uy on of the I
throuSh bitr@ulars, a silor Thc resultaot print - I
fior r b.lLooB. or ah. total nubcr of st8 in the I
pbotographcd u objcct in from a four-minurc eroo I m!r' lbey dcded. uoivcm wd 'txecdingly I
N.S.W., ud peoplc iD surc negativc produccd ii a I
hi8h," ho eid. I
Wcstern Aultralia sighted a high-quality cmcra - Dua I
doh objcctt travelling in zled astroDomcF and iro-l O "Bobolg?" Bu our eicatific
DCnt! bavc prcbcd
lNtru- |
DaiE, vided sieltist! who sari, it i Thcori6 thmt foruard- 6,00O nillion lieDt years I
Royal Awtralian Navy with 8 riddlc. I rcmc by eriasly
' itrtenlior- into !pae, s far without I
rating Stcphcn King, accom- King ud tbc others I cd authqitirincludc: cmtcrioS spacc craft I
panicd by firt othcB, phoro- eaxcd vebcmcnt iq orotest I frm anothcr world. I
. Utrfricndly natiotrs are
graphcd !t J a.m. I bright whctr it was suggestad the I -a
rilnDg|ng our $veretgnty So flyitrg su@E hswn'r I
li8ht iq thc sly ncu Cun- plaoel Vnur wu respon- I wrth amuirg ben away ud I
new flying crplaincd
dagai. siblc. I ctan- thcy hrro't bcal provcd. I

Rev. I{1111s G1ll and natlves rEvlng to occupants of an ulrhorn claft ln F'r qrlDea.
1lr Ju.ue 1959. R.A.A.!. lnveatl.gatora couLl not reach any posttlvc corclullol!.

E ven th e n ost sc ept ic a. l- ninds adnit t hat i n t e l J - i g , e n t life is certain to exist

sonewhe re in spa ce , s onet im es r eac hing a h i g , h e r ] e v e l o f e v o l u t i o n than on Earth.
T he drea n of ma nts ent r ' y lnt o s pac e has s or r e w h e r e b e e n r e a l i s e d already - perhaps,
I long ag o.

In the course of but one hundred years man has increased the speed of his en-
6ines from ten kj-Iorneters per hour to forty thousand. Only in the twentieth cen-
tury he made an lncredible junp fron the recognition of the aton to the utilisa-
t j.on of nu cle ar en er gy . Ther ef or e, it is g u i t e p o s s i b l e to assune that sonewhere
in space, starship s f ly wit h s peeds appr oac h i r r g t h a t o f 1 i 6 h t .

I t is th en tha t t he par adox of Tine, is s u i n g fron the tbeory of relativity,

w ill beg in to be fe lt . t lihet it neans is t h i s - t h e t i n e o f s p a c e t r a v e l l e r who
flies witb a speed that of light flows elower than the time of any
other inh ab itan t in t he G alar y . An as t r ona u t could thus fly to the ferthest
linit s of th e visib le univ er s e in t he c our s e o f a n a v e r a g e h u n a n l i f e .

I f we ca n in ag ine a s t ar s hip in s pac e, w e h a v e n o g r o u n d s t o r e j e c t the po6si-

bility of its flig ht t o Ear t h t hr ough t he a b y s s . o f s p a c e , a n d i f s u c h a s p a c e
ship ha d ever be en f ly ing t owar ds t he Egr t h , did the star visitors leave any
traces of th eir stay on our planet ?

T he th eo ry th at s uc h t r ac es do ex is t , ha s b e e n e x p r e s s e d on several occaoions.
I t is ha rdly ju stifia ble t o c all t hes e ioea s a n t i - s c i . e n t i f i c even if they are not
sufficien tly sub sta nt i. at ed, as s om e ec ient ist s clain.

B ut he s n ot ne w ev ioenc e been dis c ov er ed recently? Look at the following

fact s:
This is a photograph taken by a joint
Sovi e t - C h i n e s e paleontological expedition
led by a Doctor of Sciences - Chow
Che n i n 1 ! l $ . This shoeprint was made on
s an q s t o n e i n t h e G o b i D e s e r t n i l l i o n s of
y ear s a g o . Its size and pattern suggest
t hat t h i s i s t h e p r i n t of a space travel-
I er r s sole who had landed on Earth at a
time vrhen there were no hunan beings.

This is our explanation - as yet no

ot he r h a s b e e a o f f e r e d by the paleontolo-
8is ts .

A po lish ed stee l bloc k 21" x 2|u

x 2" we igh j-,ng 7a 5 Br ans , has been
founo by Austrian physi-ciat in the
A lps in a co al strat un of Ter t iar y

Who coulo. have brought to ancient

Eart h thi-s pro du ct of s k ilf ul hands
ano de velo pe d b rain ?
Tbe nountaia lake of Titicaca in the Andee hae etill
preserved a sell-ilefj-necl Ilne of a geaehore. Rernalas
o f se a weeds , ahells a n d i n s o f a g e a h arbour can
be seen there.
Ihen dld the sea gulf becone a Bountaio lake above
the clouds? [hen did the giganti-c folding of the Andee
rise to nark the western linits of South America?
Sone scientigts beHeve this took place a fer hundred
thousaud year6 ago. But how could a sea port have exis-
ted a fer huadred thouEaad. years ago? llear the ruins of
the gea port are preeerved renains of cyclopean gtruc-
tures of the very aacient city of llj.ahuanaco.
The Gate of the Sun ia :liahuaaaco is covered witb,
ualque hieroglyphics. Sclentists Posnans$ aad triosg
got iaterestcd in the inscriptions. Bhea Bpeteln, con-
tinuing their lesearcb, deciphered thc nysterious nar-
kings in 1949. lllrey tu::aed out to be an agtronomical
calendar of great precisioa 8UT in thls calendar the
year hacl onlt 29O daysi llhere rere 1O monthg ot 24
days and 2 nontbe ot 2J. It eeens ae if the calendar
on tbe Gate of the Sua ls not of thig Esrthl

. During an-air photo reconaalssance ia the ladee,

stralge marklngs rere dLscovered on the l{asca platssu.
llhese consisted of light-coloured Btotxes laid out for
many nlles. -A suggestion hag been nade that thls ie a
peculiar solar calendar. However, tbe general configu-
ratlon of the narkings can only be observed fron a -
very.high altitud.e as if they were intended to help
Are tbese llaes trlaadiag guides,r? Had they beea laid
for tl-rose,bgings rhose return the Itxcas rere-awaltiag
and who night heve actually beea vislting then?

A theory has been advanced by A.Agrest to the effect

that the Baalbek llqrrace ie a monunent to the unkDorn ponsr
o f th e s ta u y v i s i to re .
Under colossal plates are, perhaps, hiddea treasures for
a nature naaklnd. Whea man nould guess tho purpose of thie
cyclopean nonunent, he roulcl recelve aa inherltance fron thoee who visited the
Earth thouaands of ysars ago rhen only prinitive trlbes dwelt on it.
Eefore the outbreak of Yorld Far II
a Freach offlcer Brenaa cene across a puz-
zling conglaneration of rocks, reeenbllag
rulne of a clty, in the Sahara. Es ras gu!-
pri.seci to find. thers rock palatinge of pre-
Eunably aDcient origia.
It ras only after the Sar that hofeesor
Henri Iahote succeded ia rcaching tbese
"Rocks of Sefarn and fiading there a price-
-less treaaure of extrenely ancieot art. The rock6 rere
inscribed with drariags of rare artistic force. hofegsor
Iahote attributecl these to the sixth or eighth nillenlun
before our era. He classified the artwork of tbat Deriod
under a general tern of the 'tperiod of the round-heided".
W\l "rouad-beaded"? Because these hunaa-like figuree rere
aII depicted in round helnetel

I glgantic rock painting, six uet-

- r es in s iz e, is m os t in p r e s s i v e . Uhea
I showed this inage to the renowned
ar c t ic pilot Capt . lc c ur a t o v , he ex-
clairoed: "ft looks go nuch like ry hlgh
altituale suit. lnd the helnet is very
m uc h t he gam e. . . . "

Prof.Ilenri Iahote called tbis picture - the "great god

of the tartians from Jsbbaren'r. The valley of Jabbaren
rhere thie paiatin8 ras found, ia the local tiialect neans
t he " valle y of th e giant S' r .

The l*aingrad Eernitage containing priceleea

Etruscan caneos, has one with aa inag,e of a modern
diver - or perbapsr a nbelng 1n a space suitrj
The caneo was nade a fer thousand years ago. Is
there a Ilnk between it and the rock palntings of
Sahara ?



dJ rs$'

Here j-s snothex cameo. It depicts an ancient boat or a galley but without oars.
fnstead of oars there ar some rays behind the ship. fs tnis noi a jet epace ship
p i ctured b y a n artist who had k nown of t he f li g h t s of the visitors?-
Tradition of these visits aad a very thorough description of the flying rnachtne
le fouad in another part of the grobe - in ancient rnd.i-an nanuscripts.-

. "A st r o ng he gvy m et al c hes t whic h lay in th e c e n t r e o f t h e b o a t w a s t h e g e n e -

rator. Thence the force flowereci through two large flexible tubes to either-end
9 l t le_ve ssel, as well as t hr ougb elg, ht s ubs i d i a i y tubes fixed fore antl aft of
the bulwarks. These had double openings pointing vertically both up and down.
When the journey wae about to begin the valves of the eight bulwark tubes which
p o int eci do wnwa rds wer e opened - all t he ot her v a r v e s b e i n g c l o s e d . 'r
"The cutrent rushinr( throuc.h
these inpinged on tEe eartE
with such force as to drive
the boat upwards while the
aj-r itself continued to sup-
pU/ the necessary fulcrum. "
Are a4y comnents necessary?
Other Indian folklore speaks 4

;j"H;";i:'":l;i:":; :ll,:"u}
-quity to forge iron. thie 7
is why the fanous iron pillar!
erected near the ancient
tower of Kutb-tr{inar in Delhi
ov er 1r lO O y ear s a g o , i s o f
es pec i. al int er es t .

The structure is real}J

anazing and has no equal
anong,st the nonuments of
culture. It is eigbt netres
higb and its thichress is
such that it can be enci.rcled
by the tro hands of a stan-
dlnt nan. llhe coluna weighs twelve tons. It is not wlthout a reasoD that this
ancient iron artifact hag an aura of legen<i around it. It pogsesses a wonder-
fu1ly uaique property of noa-cornosj.on. Any other iroa would have turned into
dugt ia fifteen centuries. Obviously, ancieat artiflcers succeed.ed ln produclng
a 1OO%chenically pule iron which is difficult to nake even ln a modern eLectric
f urrxace.

But how could the ancients for6e such a metal? Perhaps, there i6 a connectioa
between tb.e ancient Indian descriptlon of a jet-flyiog machine
colunn of chenically pure iron.

And so even today, in this exciting, field, we can exanine a petrified shoe-
pri.Dt on saadgtone, study a steel rectaagular object or speculate about an extre-
teuestrlal calendar on the Gate of the Sun. We are amazed at the cheni-cal con-
positi-on of an Indian colunn and a technical description of a jet craft by tbe
a nclent s .

But, nost of all, I nas j.npressed by the Sahara rock paintings fron whlch
unknown beings 1n space suits look at us. They nay have visited the Sarth thou-
gands of ye ars a go .. .
(trauslateil antl abrttlgcd tro tbc govtt E.gazlnc r$oDa' no. 10, 196I)

BULLETIN. The Federal Aviation
Agency has just onfirmed to NICAP Capt. Griffin said the BOAC iet was
the sighting of a large, round flYing at 3?,000 feer, in a gray, pre-dawn sky,
obiect bv Mo iet-airliner crews. En- when the UFO appeared.
comterel ovei the Pacific, sept. 21, "Suddoly we saw this brighr ring in
the mysterious device swiftly out- JaDa! the sky, about 50 degrees up." The
distanced the Boeiog ?0?'s. EaIEll British p0ot described rhe object as
ReIDrts were radied to FAA towers romd, with sharply outlined edges and
at wake and Honolulu by Capt. R.F. a "very cl@r hole" in the center. "Ir
Griffin, commanding a British Overseas was traveling in oqr direction but at far
Airways Corporation plane, and bya P grster speed. There appred to be
American Airways eptain. Detai refl@ted lighr coming down from it. The
indieting a space machine much object went over the horizon in seven
than any now possible on earth minutes-"
relayed to AF htelligence. The confirming Pan-American reporr
(On Sept. 25, in a surpris also was logged at Honolulu. The FAA
statement, AF HQ admirtedbeingfl has sent for both reports, to be re-
with reports
wrtn of "llymg
reports ol objects" ' near
"flying oblects lased to NICAP if there are no official
Wake Island.) objecdons.

(C!.ifit ilhe lt.l.o. Irvstl8ator{ - t.sblngto, D.C., Octobcr, 196})

"Spoceship' over Dorwin?I'Spoce
ships' Mony pcoplc ore convinced thcy mw o "flying
soucer" 01 nev type of rocket-prcpelled oircroft
in NT over Dor*in ond other ports of the Territory on
Thursdoy night. - 7h. N'Y.Nrwr,trrudrv,JulvD, 196r
Thertrrrge'rprcc lhip- glowingbluishrndwitha firnringwhite RAAF Intclllgence
rril hurtleduoss llu *y frornthcwesf.t terrificspced' iofficers hgve been
sifting alorcns ql re-
south. Incrcdibly fost ports rccclved on last
i RAAF officos hcrc o-. Chttc eil. ll
I tirDrsd latc last siSht thrl Fomin 6tim.ted thc ob- | Thurs.l sy's "rp& ce
Mr, .Dd Ms. Lou ?ilsrim
I thcy w.rc ltill cb@tjD8 rc- iEt's hcitbt .r ody rboutl slw it bon hoc shlp" anil other sky
Enmr Perler, il Don3 bd ree to lirc l(m fct. I Mffi lob Eorton obJects. Augusl 3, 196l
3hc lw lhc "rp*e ar xplanatio!. Al8! l6n!y fotrcd it vtils Thc O.C. RAAF, Dailin
rhiy'' clcrrly. Aftcr qu6tiotri!8 a doa "Not o cornet" I driviry ilto Tqornt (Grori, Captain Di(i. Chap-
or morc pcoplc vho !idr- It lppqrcd to bi hcadingi the PcLo !od" nrn) today:
ed "thc Bwr" rhis is rbc strrtbt fo. thc tftitr u orcl It it Eportrd to hrvo F& 'Wc are cxtremely griteful
ac@unt ot wlEt wa! Gtr bc- ltagt. cd di$tlY tb. totl for thc displcy of public
-ovcr -d!

POSSIBtE twcn 7.55 and E./O p.D. oo

Thursday dght:
A satr&Fd
obic.f .ltqrcd
"l'Ye rcver *cn anything
likc it," Clartc eid. "I don'tl
balicvc it was a comcl. I
an incrcdibly fast specd l
E p.m.
movioS fronr

i{i. Pilgrio, *ho is


splrii and for the greai care
i talen by so many peoplc lo
i cnsure that vc got factual in-

to-. ict-
cfi| c nrfbrcrlcqlt don't know vhat it was". , Tle irfuDdior hrd b.q
LF Floyed by TAA,
lb. ovc D.rb Errtq Prctty Emma Parkcr of Th. rbc ($rct's hrilDt orcr'fcn- eoilrt.d rDd r EDort tlrw
Esplamdc, Darwin, wasl nint Crcck r .boul l2,m0 I beiilg prcprrcd for th. D.p.rt.
a6ong a greup of peopk: who f.ct. I f,la of Alr.
siw &c "succr". I
'Wc dl ra t rhrtlr Th lt {N" r +++++++
ib.r 'w
lt rE?crEd", M&s CtH.a Srornl

P.tttr ldd. '1|t rs r Dhl 3lrdo! 100 Dll6 .r.l
afbt.rd tnrc||||' l8al ut Cct or lh. Lltly
rll I lort tl[,' rfc"rryddcd.' n|.tqy.
Mi$ Parkcrt @$&cr i It thcn rcv.d ir a wide src

shE ev rhat l@ln! to bl atrd hcadcd bwards thc
$indors or 'prrcls" io tb norlh-cart.
ShG rhoucht it rar crjrinl Tlc rydcft dccl
"qu(c ro, rLr Lv. Ca&d* o! o! ne
I in

in sky
ir "qultc l,o.{".
Mr. rtrd
nd I\ Ul|ld Gbrd. b T.ql T.ql
I Mr, MB. ZdcDek Hos.
CErl ]q|qirt fi.i
fi.t I Ddraudr.
I tolcl: .l!o
lolcl:.l!o ssaw thc "suc!r" .ilL6 d W.rnEd mEd W4-
from thc
from thc *h *hlrt.
l.E *qclri, rt'
ltt r{lF
| "WG "WG ntq ntchcd d it for prob.prob- oct .l ftrolt rt bd td cr Scorer of pcoglc rc-
I sbly
ably thi.ty
thi.ty sonds".
Eonds". Mr. r ffi[ oDl.ct ti. ti. pG trrbrs ported o moving lig|rt
lH@trhk si,
sid. "and I bclirvc ltha. in lfic eostcrn tk; ovcr
I itrl vrs
vrs Drnually
Drnul t colt.ollcd by Autboritid hcrcrc arcarc @sid-
Sydney lort night
,l lhe itil t@1."
lhe t t." criDa r[ ida thc E S&r scr WAS
More than 50 tele-
I Erpcdm
Erpcda$d Tcritory
Tcritory air-
air- a rd-tytE of maffid ri.-
phone c&llers to the
I dury
dury DOu8
DOu8 \tuir !d
Muir Mr. c(aft that actually alty cir
D.nin !t tcrrific :ic rDd Daily Telegraph sald
Lou dccolrrccy
I Lou dccourt r wda among
tourad thc skica i around the they saw the light.
othcB vho
I othcB vhr vllched th.
srnngc objcct
slnngc objc( tly a.r6s Drr. Drr-
A rumbq of peodc rdc "J331',fi * h!i,"1!"roiii
I wln.
on thc vrlch lor
or thc lhc otitct
,l Ooly Ooly trntcn minutc later il toright. The tims of "slghttng"
Wa3 scr
I wa3 scr ovq Tmanl Rcpo.s recivcdvcd by thc r8n1
anged fronr 830 io 0.15
I Cre.L.
Cre.L. RAAF arp bcinga linkod ed, pJ4.
ReDorts of the direction
"-.rib l-
lot8cd. A foll
go ro |hc Dcparurctrt
rcDert vill
of Air.
tn vhich the llght mord
vaid frm to f,est
Tf. 0!!
I oBl
OB'EGT end Vst to est. and YiJ-

Pilots report IN SKY

Irons I
I Man

tory, the Belfields Visual

Plottinq Station. thc Syd-

mystery light I
I Scvcr.l
I ihc lttcrcl
aoli r{rr"AR I
ANr STurr.AR
rNcs I
ney W-eather
We Bureau snd
Mascot Airport authoritis
lo report seeing the light.
Authorities sid the lisht
Three oriline pilots lost night re- I ntsht nlght ahc:
ahcy hrd sccn I TGINAI I was not:
a A veather balloon.
ported seeing o "vety bright bluish- I strmgc strangc ol
oEr (Cdngila.
Ely orcr
flION'S I a A knom artlflcial satel-
AB I lite.
green light" ot high oltitudes. lM rMrs I
sJ. J. MatatEo told t a Ary known astronomlcal
Each said the light I A-n$tt-ANA Elec-tras reporter that
flving I report4r tt the objecg Hm, I
AITACEm, phenomena.
- |ll3T.,:i.,l"i,Li,y:iTt6t3
r"c"d-q,iiiEv.-'- had appared
I had appar ln the stitr
over the the Lrke
Yd' It
a An aircraft
I over HeightE MrJor L B. Svitte, m
Mascoi airport authorl- lfeet about 15 minutes' area,
ties r(eived the three I flight time trom Mascot. I area. and and after hoverllg Army spoksman, sald tht
I for
for about
about 2
20 to 25 minut; light @uld not be attribu-
pilots' reports within
5nds ol 8.4? p.m.
sec- l- rne third pilot, nying 8n
l riiiiri"i-
new " s5uin lhad
had di$ppeared. -- ted to any Army Ectivity,
Air tratric control _tn lWales aircraft trom Wal- I The The obj@t
objq appeareal to Signall sustr as $archllghts G
lbebe round
round i sh8pe, with
in starshells.
Cenberra also
lrght trarelling
reported tlle : gett to Sydney. saw the in ariiqnt wneir hd was over il irevisibls
0revisibls underneath it. ,ffib"*1
Radio signals havc been No orc rt Bcli.llr
Visu.l Plottlng Strtlo. or
Sutn-westerly qllecllon i DUbbO. It was
ll It giyir o[ smoke.
was giying :ked uD trot I the planet
up from planeti
west of Canberra. lcury, aslrr,nomers re thc OberYrtory st thG
I The Government Astro- ll Mrs Mrs Mststko
Mstr csued thc Y, aslronomers re- I
Thls obscn4tion was I nomer (Mr. Harley W@d) llMeuy toaca cof,nlerence
n fe r e n ce at I
Meuy- thi
three months ago The Government Astron-
m.dc lreE the ground. I said the object probably erkcley,
y, California.
cal tlornla. on i
shich aP- i was a meteor.
wnen she
llwhen she @r a slmil4f omer (Mr. Hsrley W@d)
The objtrt,
oeared to have a tail, was I A meteor E&ve ofr a slow ll obrect.
object. Oct. 13. 196l uesday. Aur
v. AuoUJf 24,196lI
24, sid he coulc ^r identi(t
The unidentrfled'
unir Radio conlirat
f, co n tr :t has nowl the lltht fron iescrip-
i,isible for flr'e seconds be- | as it disintegrated on-en- I The object
r r ta b l i sh r 'd wilh
e\tablished alli [lons.
lore it faded out. ltering the earth's atm6- Jwss was nrst, se!
nrs[ by Mr! i cxcebt
cxce p l Uran[s.l Jran!s. N.p-
the pilots ol TAA and I phere,. Mr. W@d said. Mahtko
I tfatstko
teDion was
was dnra
her rt
to lt b!
d Pluto.
Pl u to . I D A I LY TE L
D AI[ Y T E LE G T A P} IA U GU ST 2 ' t9 6 Ilaa Relchbor.
nelghbor, Mornlng
Ihc Sydney Herald.. JULY 4, 196I
(l) "sAucERs"
iiii'Iii-il'iiIN THEWEST
! trlARIlAl{Si IDERTH, $111 - Twelvc round flying objectr -
nroving fagt in pdrs - were sighted yerblday by
:i Dorlrs
rT?i 1O independent witnesrcs near teelradrarra, 48O
miler north-east of Pertlu i
! sclcntist-bclieva tbgt i
iM a lt lr c mat
! sndin8 $tcllites
b c!
in- i
jll sqw "soucer"
*,*iL"*i I#:,:1?!..'^'fifi,-,"#'
tl "buzz" Boeing
: to sDtcc. r
*H$:, ll rrr
i n 6 r s M r v . r. M.!
t 8dIN.r. of t^he WqrcB :
! R$ch
! milt, w@men.
r5tabl is h- i
i lbts wet he told thc !
I Astrcnomical Society of ;
I ffi-il?":"-IJT
ilt5Fthli'f""'"* " | ::r"toisTli'r *t*'
I i' A crocodilcrhooferendroredin r llindil
! South Awtrali&,
of i

ff-ni",:}:i"e_ $fi*:i"$f 11,H",ry.{ift ;,#Utffi

a l[s8 had extraordla- !
! bsightnes.


! ste|ltts
! fhc
! sdl
put up from i

tbcy should
tnsn to report to police r,""-;;-
tniF-if:,"""t1"'"ff-'Sl;.*;*H*r;-".-*il1 lf;j,t6nl-.boatuchorcd
d-u" ,,o ,**"_ lbff*-ut
| ftinhc
ot Ai!. -
'_- q6r. snrcn
"l; I l*"'. *[,.hi!rbboat
! Do lnvlCblc frem ahc ! .Glost blc. J|E - coylc;coutd pqsibty produe| | *- V*Xlt'LO Tfo! d.yr b.r rh&
i E rtb, t5 mlllion
! 6t rDlmh.
Dllcr !
i whlcb.8dq that no sircElt I rony
too- n I

wcE tI che ara and notports,

lotc- ac"aop.t bcforc bc | hie

sS tffoi,ffioi"*'l'NiltJ.qi._f:

STRAilGE ll-^-,,
Many See d l- &ctr
.- Mr. Moffal, an erpcrienccd | {tld!:

rweieo, I t;r*;'t"-sg'#.J$ifE.;hi;;:d"'
"OBJEGI'i I IVIeteor M r .M otl tddtl c ebi l i
Strange ll sff Ilr$.
- Er r rcr

A brlgbl D.l.or
by uly
ovcr Sydmy lNl trlgba.
- - - l l150ofr .bo'c l h!D s r y i l l

Lishts fffT A lrB.

lrrr. unt&Etlftcd il-
i l:'.::",:m-"T*y:'':l i
nnsne'"n I
sr om'r
of m-^nrr| iirer
rrcr towant! it.
sFd toward!
spcd n. |n D hb
lit i! N irhta

Sishted :$*i#i..$tr$rils{*1"tff*igt*1i,,*#:g];,rr'*x1,.**lr';
rnd r.dlo
'llH'olo' rcrcdmb....rly
scing the m.leor.
todry. . . l*ii: Thc ';i;;-.;or"trl
lrravcltiag nbout 30 mibs rDlled o tho oncrr alo r*
mclcq moved
It. was sighted sborrt 4.10 | vcry quiclly -ilxfr**a.- | I trw rad thc $uccr appcarcd I rhing tG mdag.d to lhml
am ov a nessgetrl qeuver- mrthFsd.
Scores of Sydney | ""*-ouicl.i"
DxFrls i.ia
h{ nichtl
ligi ito b6itato or{ it atrd tba lva thc sfy' Uo ardr qt
hff^to::::.---^-. "JJ;';il':i;;i'iiil
fang nemPapers and ral ..- t li, ias unuorl for l, ofi i,, ihe oppcitclnrrca oo'"p"J .t lbout
ffi'i,ffi:'}:tll*'fl"'lL-,..r qrr",nl'T'.*"f,'#"nt[n',
stations after they saw to frvel borl.
sris of strange lights
the south at aboui 8. r*t.rlirit_liirb :{i+:fi
i ||lff.J.*Frif.T"
ftf. 31, f! I |# :.':: :.: |.i_r
ff'fff;:#*'" f;
last night.
Erpcrts could Sivc no 1m fet long
:1i:ii:ir#"4!$","_* Mr mneith P.llon
i-[,"., encd,opropardl"": lr
'1It iBit encd lo pro! Erd I lhe lrui f@r vls.

:diatc cxplanation for

utuistr iet-liri
bluish let-like lights at
lichls 8t thc . Bcndd
l$c BcncH sd.l|lt
Sd.lltt l

li?!T-{:w:,ft1 iill u . F . o
Y ''' . s |lG
\t H
Tncllry Slrdo std thi
m.tq F! .bda 100
lilr lii"p' i"a-_--- r!\'
oril'* iilJ it--l - '''
mil6 up rod .bout tb.
."i;i:i',,"i:;;. , lrz
lr- "t ra.
"';tilil:; ; "1- : i#: scvcrd
riz ol r pa.
I #l.frHH
#l fr}fffil I
-*"*"*."- @
:T'T;:;, ;il{$1H6:i:l::li*''I
1}*{{fi-:*'i**irwi",;ti#ifTfr iiliJ;:]r$r#J#'T, l I
"iiii"r fyi.rsorcrWololgiry:,lli",'j","';nnll,;,
il;,t ",Iff| |

"Thcy looked like para-

ute flares."
All the reporls came from
) wcstcrn suburbs of the
lBn area.
,rdon Patston, dircc-
hc Bclfcld satcllite
station, said: "We
lights but rhey we.e
' not satellites or

Spokesmen for the Army,

Air Forcc and Navy could
no explanation.
srv oBfEcT
Scvcra! ednsiL
r .k
p@n .hcrl
rkrqrntp oDH
OBIECT lr"i,.f"1i.'Hi'5:"#i:I:i]itfu'm
b.r. Eporr.d**r
s.'o."r erb3ir.FsrdcDr.
rcslilcnl6 bttc Eport il b.Yint
tD tbc

ta. l&dilt
thc lty F S6iht Suibt

obJect hrE
tb6 object
tl6 hrE

I **u"Jl uH
I l'"f; Fesr,rsvelrin.
lsmed. Iaster 16ao 66 6llldah
.seen antrtrlnS travel h hdlharbour
lto thc qround at ; .',tclruill the object. froE txc Y.ran- |
of hls homc In aheu- I
!lifc." 4 nvEg rt
The duty staff officer for I unwccsstul
unwccsslul "r*t I ,l li appellc! -@ I I
l Navy said. "There are M.tatko, ol
u." F. Mataiko,
Mrs Crlng[4, ralg
of Crln8ilo, raag the Mcrcury
Mcrcury He sld li was tr.vclllndla@u[ zuuu re.!.-
I a . .. I I
no ships using illuminations $mttbt
$Dtlba lGnbling tas I growrng
I o6ce b
omce tc rqst
rffil hsvlu
hsriD3 ffi
sa rebbling I mwardg sydh.y rt . helgh{l -lt .wr' | |
that we know of. in or out e bumiq tac orDaFrrrishr! trt !r, ovdrhe
ol IEF| fr*h b tlt ltt *iu ru"no*t.ll il"*f;i"$.i ,#,"J;*;i"l
ovd ihe
range of Sydney." I l":mlry"m:
Lys.ght's vorks. t :H":_tS] I I
Offcers at Mascot air shc eiil tJra ob&ot n3 too hlth to ftlerttly,

traffc control said thar they .DlnFa io Dc smLe
bui sie ould aL. ort tb.t
had trot rceived any
and f,auc' Det llccrry, July l, 196l
of thc object. -
Ilo Sydney llerrld;

The Queensland Flying Saucer Research Bureau in its
search for the truth about flying saucera has set up a
laboratory under the directi.on of Technical Officer
Rickie Royal of Orchid Street, Enoggera, Queensland.
The object of this research ceatxe is to pinpoint any
unidentified flying objects within a radius ot 'lJO niles
of Br iebane.
The Earthrs fagaetic Field Variatlon fndicator will
guickly detect any variations to the earthfs magnetic
field, 6how thi6 variation on a picture tube mounted on
top of the set, anci set alarm bells rin6ing. UFOe are
known to have caused disturbances in nagaetic fields.
Tbis instrument picks up fluctuations ard detects the
presence of a UFO in the atmosphere.

Allied t o t he U F O
<ietection eguipnent l{r.
Roy al has a m aas o f o t h e r
devi.ces such as the Radi-
l{rgpotlc ftcLl Varlatlon at iolr Det ec t ion Indicator
Intlloator to keep a constant check
on the vari-ations in the
radloactive fallout over
Bri.sbane. Colls are

the "heart" of entire
r egear c h bur eau a c t i v i t y .
They attempt to harnegs
Raillatlon lDltlcato!
free euergy fron the cos-
nic bombardment coagtent-
ly t ak ing plac e.

High Frequency laoi-

cators work in conjunc-
tion with the Vortexiaa
Coi1e. High Frequency
Generator is in tbe forn
of a highly polished pa-
rabolic nlrror.

I t is t he Bur ea u r s
Yortcla! Colls view that no stone should
be left uDturDed to solve the eecret of the fan-
tastic epeeds atxd "G'r turas of the UFOrs. With Elgb lrequelcy I[allcatoi
this i.n niad ldr.Roya1 has varioug experiments
uaderway, to attenpt to crack the sebret of
free energy and the anti-gravi.ty fie1d. Vle know
that fabulous suDs of money are being 6pent i!
every country i.n the rorld to create an anti-
glavity field and to uge electro-nagnetic force
for propulsioa, but we also know thit it has
been the backroon experineater who hes contri-
butecl the nost to ecientific knowledee for he
ls not tied by tbe bonds of orthodory.
nass-of equipnent ia thie Laboratory is
-The at 31,2OO, nuch of which
valued nas donated by
public epirited members and non-menbers.
Elgb lreqnoacy geaentor

ltbc fro.! of ElgD lroqucrcy Iaillcatora Eartbr! nrgnetlc llclil varlattoa rnlll-
rhclag pcrt of th. trac @ tubc fro. crto! sbae',!g trac6 let utrralue to yatl-
iluc to lrput fr<D E.!.I. atlon la Barlbts llelrtic trloLt.

We do aot know of aqy other group in tbe world sith such equipnent but il
such a one does exist we would like to excbange data on a reciprocal baeis rith
the object of further advanciag the conmon wish for greater knowledge of these
c o ntentiou s su bje cta .

l4yone wlth iufornatioa or theories relevant to the questioa of UFO's are

invitecl to rrite to the Qlreensland Flying Saucer Research Buxeau and Rlckie Royal
rill be glad to exchange data.


Over 7OO psople attended a public U.F.O. Forun held at the Briebane Clty I{alI
oa Septenber 5, 'l)61 to hear guest Epeaker Rev. Willian Gill, especialty florn la
fron Melbourne, recount the Nes Guinea slghtings of Juac, 1959.

Sponsorcd by the Queensland Flying Saucer Reeearch Bureau, the Forun ras s
n o v el event ln th e h is t or y of Aus t r alian U. F. O . r e s e a r c h .

Ur. Stan Seere, thc Prcsideat of the Bureau, introduced the Chej.rnan of the
panel- - !{r. Ilugb Cornish, a leading Briebane T.V. personality. On the panel were
- . A lderna n Pe troa el W hit e of t he Br is bane Cit y C o u n c i l , Dr. G.F.K. Naylor, Lectu-
rer of Psychology, Uaiversity of Queenslaud, Mr. Willian Tuckey, a jouraalist
fron a Brlsbane daily lewspaper. The Bureau was ably repreeented by llr. R. Royal,
Se c retary a nd lilr. R. Rues ell, Public Relat ions officer.
'ttrlillian GiIl
Rev. approached the subject with touches of intinate humour, then
presented his deta in such a tidy, analytical manner that the nost stubborn
sceptlcs had to reconsider thelr opini.ons. Although ttrr.Gill has the ability to
ho.l-d his audj-ence, he does not talk past his poiat - which is to say that they
saw four figures on board an unknosn craft on trro consecutive nig.hts, that they
exchanged hand signals with these fi8ures and that they saw these claft come end
go from out of the sky at fsntastic epeeds. No theory as to their origin was
d i s c uesed, n or an y vj- ews of f er ed by Rev . G ill at the tine.

The concensus of opini.on of the panel was that UFO's did, certainly and
t h a t t hey co uld h ave only c one f r on anot her pl a n e t , either within or outside our
s o l ar ayste n. Dr. l{a y lor t old of a s t r ange li g h t he and his wife had seen sone
y e a rs ago an d whlch, 5- n his opi- nion, c ould no t h a v e b e e n o f t e n e s t r l a l origin.

Questions Bubnitted to the panel by nenbers of the general public were search-
ing and showed e keen interest in the UFO phenoneaa.
DEAI srts: , . . Aftcr reading the
Marcb issue of sprcn woRLD I was
prmptcd to write to you concerning
the enclosed photoe. I have been an
active amateur astronomer for aP
proxinately scwn ycars. . . .Icotrt-
moly usc aa cight-hch rffector type
tclscopewith Badow lens . . . I have
a reffex-type camcra with cme-inch
focal bngth adapted to my telescope
. . . At sbout 9 p.m., July 28, 1960,
whib taking some routine pictures of
the moon's surface my atteDtion was
drasn to a flarp of light in my field
of vision. It appeatEd to be near the
moon or btven tb moon and the
earth. I had taken five photoe on the
frrst roll of #120 fast film when I
bccame aware of this light. I used
ncgative g6 of the first roll of 6lm
to photograph this object or light . . .
appearing near or traversing the
south end of the moon. Sone 15
minutes late& I took pictue #7 on
the same roll of film. This is the
obirt or light with double disc.
Picture #8 on the same roll of film
was blank and showed nothing.
Approximately l0 minutes later, I
took the picture of the single disc
(picture $l on the second roll of
6lm that I usdthat evening). If there #1,2d L[
was a seParation of the double disc Knowing the experienccand knowl-
I did not see it. But the object or edge behind your magazine, I would
light was out of my vision several gready apreciate sny oPinim or in'
times while I was photograPhing it. formation you could give me toward
I thought this object to be some the explanation or identificetion of
type oI rocket or the bloming effect the object or fight in these pictues.
of a rocke! but considering the time My scopewas pointing approxinatcly
involved and the sequenceof pictures' 15 degrees West, Southwest (15 de-
I remain with considerable doubt. grces sbove mY horizon) when tbese
None of the other pictures from the pictures were takea, . . .
same rolls of filn showed anYthing DENNET, M. HENSLEY
unusual. The light exposure is well Cincinnati, Ohio
imprcssed on the negative and there Thc pictwes ptobably show ar. orbil-
does not appear to be anY ffaw in the ing satcllite or soteuite debris. Tlu
film. I have used 45 rolls of the same object is probably in a path compoo-
gpe of film, takitrg Picturcs of the tivcty ctose to th. eoth, iudging lrom
moon's surface, and have experienced the rcpid chnrye in position relative
nothing but routine Pictures before to tte moon in a mottor ol minutcs'
and sirce these photos were taken. I As to which satelliu it is, we dot'l
am well aware of oPtical decePtion know, but perlwps other astronontcts
and odd ligbt effects from refraction. sighted tlv obiect tlut sotrc cvcrtng.
But I believe these Pictures to ba Il so, we would aPqrcciate luaring
some objet or the effects of sosre lrom them to lulp Mr. HctubY cbo
object in sPace. up his mystery.-Editu.

STACE wOlLD, t@, tt6t, VoL I' No' t' SPACE WORLD, September, 1061' Vol' 1, No' 10'
DiscEludesPilot After FastChase
A n A m e rica n ve tera n pilot W aldo J . Hanis of SaIt Lake Ci,ty' Utah
a nazing e ncou nte r with i loy s t er y c r af t at noo n o n M o n d a y , - O c t o b e r 2 t 1 9 6 1 . w h i l e
h e ras p re pa ring fo r t ak eoif on a f J - ight f r om U t a h C e n t r a l A i r p o r t , an "unidenti-
f l ed obJe ct" wa s slg ht ed by Har r is and s ev en o t h e r w i t n e s s e s .

t flrst I th ou gh t it was anot her plane south of the fieldt" Mr.Harris saidt
, , but" . Awhen I wa s a irbo r ne I was s ur pr is ed to fi n d t h e object was still j.n the sane
p osit ion as wh en I h ad f i"r s t s ight ed i' t . "
pilot Hagj.s continued: "Then I changed ny heading and flen toward what ap-
p eared to b e a larg e dis c , hov er ing wit h a r o c k i n g n o t i o n a t a n a l t i t u d e of bet-
w een 6, 100 au ci TtOOO f eet . "

T he p ilot rad ioe d bac k t o Ut ah Cent r al Air p o r t that he had sighted what he
t h ought-to b e a "flyi-n g, eauc er " an< i was going t o . a t t e n p t to get closer view.
l { r .Ii; rris told offitia ls t hat he es t j- nat ed t h e d i s t s n c e b e t w e e n h i s p l a n e a n d
t h e object a t ab ou t f iv e ni. les at t he t ine of s i g h t i n g .

He had reached a point about three roiles fron it when "it suddenly noved up-
w a rcl like a n e levato r and began t o noov e s out h . " His observations of the objectt
h e reporte d, sh owe d it t o be a J - ight gr ey di- s c w h i c h h e e g t i m a t e d t o n e a a u r e a t
I east fifty fee t a cro s s and about f our f eet t h i c k a t t h e w i d e s t p o i n t .

" T here wa s n o o pe ning v is ible, no v apor t r a i L or exhaust smoke, yet I am sure

i t w as a con trolle d c r ait f r on t he per f or m ance d u r l n g m y o b s e r v a t i . o n , " Harris
c ont inued. Th e p ilot f ollowed t he "s auc er ' r wh e n i t b e g a n i t s f l i g h t and then was
a ble t o ob se rve it again whea it s uddenly hal t e d a n d b e g a n h o v e r i n g a t a p o i - n t
a l nost dire ct),y o ve r t he Ut ah lek e O nni St at io n .
,' lf t er ho ve ring th er e it m ov ed et r aight up , t h e n b e g a n t o n o v e w e a t a t a n
e xtremely acce lera ted r at e of s peed and dis ap p e a r e d w i t h i n a few seconds."

S even witn esse s w at c hed

t h e objec t fro n the ground.
Anong then were Mr. and lilrs.
J ay Galbra ith, th e oper at or s
o f tbe a irpo rt.

T hese ob se rve rs ss w t he
n y st ery d isc fo r fifteen
n i-nut es.

One o f th e witn ess es t Mr.

V irgil Red mon d re po rt ed:
" Whatever it was se ened t o
b e rockin g while h ov er ing
a l nost sta tion ary jus t s out h
o f the fie ld. At tine s es it
t u rned, it aln ost Io ok ed I i
a zeppelin . We pa ssed t he
f i eld gla sses a rou nd and ef l
o f us had a go od vie w. "

U.S . We ath er Bu reau s ald

t here w ere n o we ath er bal-
I o ons in th e a rea at t he
t i ne of sigh ting a nd t hat
winds in the morning were
t wo nlles pe r h ou r.
Ihe SoIt Lake Tribune, October t, 1961
C redit : Ja mes D. Wa r dle' w'ldo J. Esrlr Ehetcher the unftlenttltod to Mn itlv Gdbrtth utt Ylrsll $
| ilodrv
S a lt Lake City, Uta h obJc{* hc rlftt d rd chsod wh|lr ttvlng l baaoe ttcFblrwob&ctt@grflDd.

Cosmic Intervention

M ic h a e l N o s t r a d a i u u s ( 1 t o 1 - 1 r 5 6 ) has long
been a s u b j e c t o f c o n t r o v e r s y due to his
am az in g p r o g n o s t l c a t i o n s or "OracIes" of the
future. Many of his prophecies lve know have
c om e tr u e j - n r e c e n t t i n e s , such as the atomi-c
bonbi- n g o f N a g a s a k i , t h e R u s s i a n r e v o l u t i o n t
t he in v a s i o n by ai"r, Iand and sea on D-Day,etc.

Pos s i b l y t h e n o s t i n t e r e s t i n g of hls pro-

phecies fron the viewpoint of a flying saucer
inv es t i g a t o r are those al-l-ude to the
t hr eat of a cataclysroic atonic war being
averted by powerful forces which coue from the
skles. The foll"owing is a good example of this
pr ophe c y :

"I av e , leave, go forth out of Genevarall

Saturn of go1d, sbal-l- be changed into j.ron'
The contrary of the poeiti,ve ray shall
externlaate all,
Before it happens, the Heavens shall show
si.gns. " (9:tA)
W e a re to ld tb at t he t alk s t ak ing plac e a t G e n e v a f o r t h e b a n n i l g o f n u c l e a r
weapons are to no av s i1, t hat alt hough at o n i c p o w e r c a n b e u s e d f o r u s e f u l p u r -
poses the re are thos e who ar e not int er es t ed in this aspect, that the unleashing
of dee cily ra dj-r;tj.o n - "t he c ont r ar y of t he p o s i t i v e ray" throug,h nuclear explo-
sioas will kill all lif e, t hat bef or e t his c a l a n i t y i s a l l o 'r e d t o h a p p e n w e s h a l l
be w arne d b y th ose who ar e not of t his lv o r L d .

'rW hen a f is h pond t hat wes a n e a d o w s h a l ] b e n o w e d ,

Sagit t ar lue being 1n t he a E c e n d a n t ,
P lague, Fam lne, Deat h by t h e n i l i t a r y hand,
The c ent ur y appr oac hes r en e w a l . " (1:16)

Nostradanus here warns that great geoJ.ogical changea could result through an
atonic wa r a nd , fur t her , s t at es t hat t he cr i t i c a l tine wil-I fal1 between Novero-
ber ? 7 sn d De ce nb er 21, 1) jj. I n s lat er Centurt (Century being a group of quat-
rains, n ot a p erio d of t ine) he m ak es r ef e r e n c e again to the same year.

"The y ear 1! ! ! , s ev ent h non t h ,

A gr eat k ing of t enor will descend from the skies,
To r es ugc it at e t he gr eat k i . n g o f A n g o l n o i s ,
Ar ound t his t ine M ar s will reign for the good cause." (1ozl2)
( Angolnois or J ac quer ie - t h e l o w e r c l a s s e e , Ed.)

The infereace here i-s that during this period which is dark with the portents
of war a superior of high poeition fron another world eha}l approach the
leader s of th e va r ious nat ions i. n an at t en p t to prevent war. This action nay be
followed by world r ev olut j- ons and upheav al o f e x i s t i n g eocial ordere. Before the
amival o f the "Power f ul Kiag" t her e pas s e s e n a d v e r s e p e r i o d f o r t h o s e e c i e n t -
ist s who atte np t t o war n nank ind of t he gr e a t d a n g e r s o f w a r .

"The nos t lear ned in t he c e l e s t i a l eciences,

Sball be fou-ad fault with by ignoraat princes,
R r nls hed by a. pr oc lanat ion, chased au,ay as wicked,
Aad put t o deat h r her e t he y s h a l l b e f o u n d . u (4:18)
N ostrad an us, h owe v er r pr edic t s an ut opian a g e t o f o l l o n these events with e
r c n alssan ce o f re ligj.o us and phiLos ophic al concepts. He foreshaoows s complete
r e v igion of th e b asic c onc ept s of r e) . igion ou e t o o u t s j , c i e i n f l u e n c e s .

'rNe ar t he Sept ent r ion ( Ur s a M a l c r ) ,

Not far f r om Canc er ahaI I t he h e a v e n l y b o o y a p p e a r ,
Suza, Sienna, Boet ia, Er et r ion,
The re s ha1l die at Ror oe a gr est x n e n , t h e n i g h t b e j _ a g p a s t . " (6:6)

Might Nostrad an us Lr er e m eaD in t he ls s t ij- n e , n o t s o r n u c h a l i t e r a l death but

a f igurat ive d ea th and t he "aight " Eean a per j . o d o f i g n o r a n c e a n d d a r k a e s s a s
o pposed to the llgh t of t r ut b? I n a lat er "C e n t u r y " h e a g a i n a l l u d e s to this by
i n dicat ing tha t th e f or c es of good anc i ev il stru6gling for doroinion over the sninit
o f nan eha ll b e sup er s eded by t he new lan of a g r e a t T e a c h e r .

"Th e law of t he Sun and Veaus c o n t e n d i n g ,

App rop r iat i, ng t be s pir it of pr o p h e c y ,
Ite ithe r one nor t be ot her s b. a l l b e h e a r d ,
By So1, t he law of t he gr eat M e s s i a h s h a l I gubgist."

I{ ostra da nu s ia pre dic t ing t he out c one of t h e e e g r e a t c h a n g e s 6 t a t e 6 t h a t t h e r e

wil} be a long hoped for Utopian Age in our not-too-distant future putting an end
t o the stru g6 le for w ealt h and pos it ion as al l p e o p l e w i l L b e o n a n e q u a l a f o o t i n g
B s bef its thcn.

"Pea ce , union s hall be and pr of o u n d c h a n g e a ,

Esta tes , of f ic es , t he loni high a n d h i g h v e r y l o n ,
A jo ur ney ehall be pr epar ed f o r , the first fruit, pai.ns,
Wa r, s hall c eas e, als o c iv il p r o c e s s e s a n c i s t r i f e . ', (9.66)

WiI I Nostrad an us, 60 ex ac t in hj. s hiet or ic al forecasts, be right again?

Michael G. Duggan

T hree scien tists
- Dr . W am en G . Uei- ns c hei n , D r . D o u g l a s J . H e n n e s s y a n d D r .
Bartholone w Nag y afte r labor at or y ex per inent s w i t h a t i n y b a i l o 1 'r a x i n a n e t e o -
rite prove d th at the r e is lif e in s pac e. In 1961 they anal.ysed fragnents of neteo-
r j -t es wh ich crashe d near O r gueil, Fr anc e in 1 8 6 4 a n d i r r C e n t r a l . A f r i - c a . i n 1 9 1 8
(t he lvuna) a nd fo un d a wax y hy dr oc ar bon. Sep a r a t i n g the wax mcl-ecules fron other
e l e nents, the y bo nb ar ded t he r oolec ules wit h e l e c t r o n s to estabLish thelr nature.

T he scien tists co uld har dly believ e t he r e s u l t s

o f t hese te sts. The wax y s ubs t anc e was gr gggle , n o t
i n o rganic. Th is me an t t hat t he wax was m ade th r o u g h
a biological p rocess - a pr oc es s j. nv olv i. ng I i f e .

T he f ossilj-se d rem ai, ns f r om s pac e s er e ide r r t i f j e d

a s singie-cel-L an imals , dinof lagellat es or c h r y s o -
maona< is , which live only j, n t he s ea or lak e w a t e r .
B u t one sp ecies wa s unl- ik e any k nown t em es t r ia l -
o r gani-sn.

D r. Ge org e Cla us of New Yor k Unlv er s it y wj . t h

o ther ex pe rts is a lso r es pons ible f or t hj. s an a z i n g ,
d i - scovery.

" Wherever this ne t eor it e or iginat ed s onet h i n g

l -i ved". state d Dr. M eins c hein. Dr. Doglar J. Hcnncsy, eraminer a viol o{ the
mqtcorllc ltal gavs fhe clue lo lifc in outer
spccc, rilh Dr. Warrcn G. Mcinschein lstcrl
and Dr. lartholomcw Nagy. rcrarch rcimlirh.

costs 61 .1.O-per ann- un. (husband-wife nenberehJ'p
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FLyrNc o' loan to aqv part of Yic-
preheasive gerect:-ii 6i-Ui'O to"x"l ,[iln-..""-ttifta naktlg-Spplication to
lorla. hrrther Aeiifis oi-nentr:"i,rrp-nay t(. Jbtailed_by
glllnan,oa;-"P.O. B;;-tt' To-orak, ilelbourne' vlctorLa'
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