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T er ree trial astr onaut e now c ir c le t he g l o b e a n d s p a c e p r o b e s g a i n u s e v e r

increasing kno wled ge of t he im nens it y of t h e U n i v e r s e . Surely, therefore, the
rninds o f thin kin g m en nus t t ur n t o t he pr ob a b i l i t y of life on other planets.

In one of our feature articl-es - COSMIC INlRUDffiS an attenpt is nade to

portray the rea ctio ns of s t at es nen and t hin l e r s to the fantastic possibility
of a con tact o f rn en of ear t h wit h beings f r o n o t h e r p l - a n e t 6 . The fusion of
tw o differe nt civiligat ions c ould be ear t h- s h a k i , n g .

It se en s aln ost c er t ain t o t hos e who ha v e s t u d i e d t b e U F O r i d d l e that higbly

advance d extrate rrest r i. al beings hav e been o b s e r v i . a g u s f r o r o t h e i r space craft
for rnany centuries. Is the time not well overdue to arakea the public to this
realit y b y mea ns o f aut hor it at iv e s t at enent fron our Governments?

fntelllgent people must realise that we oD thls pJ-a:ret are but an lnfinites-
na} part of the g"rest Uaiverse and while we are endeavoring to expsnd our hori-
zons wlth sp sce tra v el, c an we not belj- ev e t h a t r o o r e s d v a n c e d . c i v i l i s a t i o n s
have trod th is p ath bef or e? By t he pr es eat t r e n d o f r o r l c events, we are not
the nost ad va nced i

. A t s tine wh en eac h nat ion is s us pic ious of other, ignorance of the true
nature of UFO's could pr ec ipit at e a g1obal w a r .

F or too lon g, Gov er nm ent s and ot her of f i- c i a I organisations have continued

to cloud the j.ssu e wj. t h ev as i- v e ans wer s , su p p r e s s i o n o f n e *s , v a g u e e x p l a n a t i o n s
end em big uo us state m ent s while t hey , t hens e l v e s , keenly pursue the natter. Wi t h
molee siEh tlng s thro ughout t he wor I d, t his unnecessary camouflage is beconing
increasin gly d ifficu lt - ae t he aut hor it ies w e I I l <n o s .

Officia ls h ave t heir r ight e but s o do t h e people. ile should hnow the truth -
be it go od o r ba d.

CO-EDIfORS: Pet er E. Nouis , LL. B. , P.O. Box )2, Toorak, Melbourne, Vic.
. Andr ew P. Tones r 22l Ba y S t . , B r i g h t o n - L e - S a n d s , N . S . W.
c ar l r c hnann, 65 s t one. ) - e i g h s t . , .arbj_on, Brisbane, Queensland
R.ATES:2/ - ( t us t . ) pos t paic per copy or JO cents


x rlS t I LlYl
American s c ient is t s c an giv e no e x p l a n a t i o n whatsoever for the object
which was photographed by X1J pilot Robert White on JuIy 1l t when he sky-
rocke ted to a wor ld air plane alt it ude record of nearly 6O miles.

"It is im pos s ible t o ex plain t he o b j e c t 's presence at this tinert'

Spa ce Age ncy s c ient is t s s t at ed. The N a t i o n a f Aeronautics anci Space Adni-
nistratio n ( NASA) af t er int ens iv ely stuoying M a j o r Wh i t e 's sighti-ng re-
po rt an d film s f r on e t ail nov le c am e r a , o n t h e X '1 1 r o c k e t s h i p ' r e l e a s e d
ph oto grsph s of an objec t t hat dar t ed a b o v e a n d b e h i n d t h e p l a n e . A N A S A
ph oto is rep r oduc ed on t his page.

Th e p ho tog r aphs , t ak en f r on t he m o v i e f i l n s ' reveaL an obiect that

Ioo ks like a f lut t er ing piec e of pap e r a n d w h i c h s c i e n t l s t s deacribe 8s
'rg ,rey-white r!.

This co rrobor at es M ajor R. I ilhit e' s report thet he saw fron hie cock-
p j,t n ea r the nos e of t he r oc k et s hlp' w h a t l o o k e d t o h i n l i k e a p i e c e
of pa pe r the s iz e of his hand, "going a l o n g w i t h t h e s h i - p " a t a n a l t i -
tu de of 27 O, O O O f eet - ov er ! O niles hig,h.

Ma j. Wh ite s aid: "1 paid at t ent ion to it for about 5 seconds. It was
gre yj-sh in colour and about J O t o 4O f e e t a w a y . "

Ob jects, believ eo t o be ic e f r ag-

men ts, h ave s howed up in f ilns t ak en
fron X1 ! in s pac e, but t his was t he
first tj.n e a n Xll pilot had r epor t ed
see ing an yth ing v is ually .

Th e no vie f ilns c apt ur ed s hot s of

an o bje ct fli t t ing pas t t he r ear of
th e su pe rso ni c c r af t on t he gane
flig ,ht an d a t t he s ar oe alt it ude.
Baffle d Sp ac e Agenc y s c ient is t s c oul( r
o nly ofie r this c onm ent l "As a m at t er
o f fa ct, we ar en' t ev en s ur e t bgt
what white saw ar1d the camera photo-
g rap he d were t wo dif r ' er ent objec t s . "

At the second annual conference on

th e pe acefu .l, us es of s pac e, anot her
Xll pilo t Jo s eph W alk er r elat ed a
similar inci< ient . I t was r epor t ed on
l{ay 11 , 1962 that ciuring a recent
flight to a record height of 246,lOQ
feet Walker filned a number of mys-
te rlou s o bje c t s .

"I d on 't f eel lik e s pec uJ - at ing dSA photo vt. AtdhH tr6 W,Dlrl
a bo ut the n at ur e of t hos e objec t s r " MYSTERY OBJECT FLYING NEAR THE XIs
lf,alker said, rrall I kaow i.s what Authorities Still Can't Identilv the Object (Arror)
a pp ea red o n t he f iln in lat er s t udy . Which Pilot Bob White Saw and Photogaphed
I sar nothing
ngture. "

Xll pilot
nyeelf during the

Joseph Walker added that the filn

corded five or six objectB of undeternined
flight of this

size at
sone di.etance fron the plane. The filn wag taken
by - a. c aner a n o u n t e d o n t h e X l ) 's fusilage and poin_
ted toward the rear.

. The ny s t er i . o u s l l j e c t e , . apparently diec_shaped,

showed up on the filn ae the-lt5 arc[eo over tLe
top of its flight anci headed back toward earth.

Cr edit : Bor i - s N . S e i t z e w , E r c i n o p a r k , C a l i f .
Source: Ios .Angeles Tinea, Itray 11 , j96Z
Ios Angeles Tines, JuIl 1gr ,1962
Ios .Angeles Herald Bahiner, iog. gjge)

llajor Robert Fhite

L eft to righ t: Xl! t es t - pilot s ,

_{99"ptt Walker and Ilrlajor Robert'
White, who have protographed un-
icte ntifie d fly ing, obgec t s f if t y
nlre a ab ove t he e8r t h.

_'rbe follorlng report of all untdentlfiect fl-ytng obJect appeare<l as an ltn itr the
"Dal1y lfoornitrn,n Paclflc Etu.tlon ?0-62 oi sil lirtr, igoe.--rli"-p"ultcat1on
1s btrought out by the U._S. Navy Braach Eyarographlc Offtce, SO Dqnia Tract, Nl_
nltz Elghray, EoDoluLu, Earall.

' rseco nd o ffice r r gnaz io c ic c or er r a

of t he Liberian s.s. ,ragunillas,,
S. Klinger, taster, ieported the folloringr
A t 01 15 c.M.T. ( f : 15 a. n. ) Feb. 20, 1962, i n l a t . 2 > _ !65., I o n g . 1 4 _ 5 g }, . ,
oll paasage fron Kurait to llontevid.eo, a tuniaous bo<i5rias observed.- Ii appeareo
close to Can op us in a_s o' t hy es t er . ] I ' < iir ec t ion, - s r i i i " d e 2L4t,
a SWIESE dire6tion. t""u"rred in
Tne body-rt"Ji*e-rhite ii cotour aD<r of the" " 0same nagnitude
as canopus. The body disappLareo at olr! o.uli.-;i;; covering an arc of !8e.
w eath er cle ar wit h. v er y good v ieibl] lt y , rind ssB fo
nter 29.8, lnches, air teroferature BIoF.' (nt=iil7OZ>- - rce ), slight sea, baro-

The above report was submitted in accor{aace rith the procedure

506 seriee of OLserver's of the II.O.
tT he eye s llanuai", fi.f, reports fror other nariners are soliclted.
o f o f Hydr o ar e t he . ac iiv e Ear iir er g . . -
c os m l c
On O ctob er 27 , 19 19 as t he U. N. G ener al A s s e m b l y w a s d . i s c u s s i n g w o r l d d i e -
a r naneat' Portu ga l'e delegat e Dr . Vas c o G ar ln r e m a r k e d , t h a t t h e c o i c e p t of total
d i s armamen t raised na ny t t delic at e ques t ions ". He warned that e disar-ned world
w o uld cut a ve ry po or f iEur e agains t aa inv as i o n fron outer 6pace. Dr. Garin
E t a t ed t hat it wa s cer t ainr y f ar f et c hed but "n o t a b s u r d r , in view of the way
t h i a gs w ere no vin gl_ t9 i- nagi- ne a s ud. den inv as io n of eartli by aggresslve wagiors
f ro n aaot her cele stia l body .

Whether Dr. Garin is right or wrong is unimportant. What matters is this -

i n v a sion from ep ace wae uader c ons ideiat ion by-the Uniteci Natj-ons Organj.sation.

Cenadats forme r For eign M inis t er Les t er B. P e a r s o n s a i d i n O t t a w a o n J a n . ! r - 1 ! ! 8

t ? e best ho pe .of wo rld peac e m ight be t he dis co v e r y that another plaD-ei was Een-
d i n g space sh ips ag ain s t t he ear t h.

hesident Eisenhower stated in Washington on Febr.uary 24t 19fi that the philo-
sophy of goverl'q'ent gugt b9 kept in the probl6ros of iL6 t:,nes arluoing
t o t he po ssibility o f llar t ians v is it in6 t he U n i t e d , - S t e t e s within four centuriesl
Deputy henier Kozlov agreed with a Detroit reporter in nid.-1959 that
a --Soviet
U . S .S . R. - U.S.A.-alli aac e m ight b- e neec ied a g a i n s t t h e - M a r t i a n s but siriiingfy
added that the people of l[ars might be a peaceiul race. ']Then we should aot iaice
w a r rike a LL ian ce s sga ins t t heD but wouLd t r y t o l i v e i n p e a c e w i t h t h e n . , l

chairnan o f th e ho v is ionel r net it ut e of s p a c e r q l ( u . r . ) c. shawcross, e.c.,

w r ot e to the Ru ssian _top s c ient is t Leonid- Sedo v i n 1 ) J ) a b o u t " t h e p o s s i b i l i t y 6f
e x p loration t if no t inv as i. on, by t he inlabit ant s of anotner solar slsten." -

_ -G eneral-Do ug les Mc Ar t hur believ es t hat "beca u s e o f t h e d e v e l o p n e n t s of science,

all countries on eartb wil-l have to unite to eurvive and nake a -connooniront agairist
S t t a ck by p eo ple fro n-o t her planet er t r ac c or < lin g t o A c h i l l e Iauro, visiting nay6r of
Naples who interviesed hin at the Walctorf-Astoiia on October ?r 195r. The-maybr add,-
e d that in the Gen era l' s gplnj. on t he polit ic s of the future wiir te cosnic oi inter-
planetary, reported the "New York llines."

Ex-eoitor of rrRrnch," Malcolm Mrggeridg,e scouts the idea that the unity whichnen
" l " Y " . so n ota bly faile d s c hiev e f or - t her os elv es nay-be inposed on then by the threat
of interplan_etary iavagion." And in case the invirders b-e froro the moon"'lsone idlot
on earth is bound to think that he can nake a deel with the noon-men to advsnce his
own poeition. llhe reet of us would thea be bound to be asked to rally 1n defence of
o u r ow n belo ve d p lan et. "
"Planetary patriotisn would be no more absurd than oational,
and n o l e s s d i ffi c u l t to -w ork-up. God save our graci ous E arth,
19ng live our noble Earth, God ssve ou! Earthr'r predicted lrtugler-
ldge on October 19t 1918.
Curiouely enougb 18th century pbiloeopher and satyriet Voltai-re
in bis book "llicromogae" <iescribes a giant frorn Sirius who
out in the story: "I have a good nind to take two or three steps,
and tranple the whole nest of such ridiculous assasgins under qy
f ee t." _ " D o n ' t g i v e y o u rs e l .f the troubl er' r repl i es the phi l oso-
pher, "they are industrioue enough in securing their onn destruc-
tion. At the end of ten years the hundredth part of these wretches
rill not survlve. Besides, the punishment should aot be inflicted
upoa then, but upon thoee sedentary and slothful barbarians who,
fron their palaces, give orciers for nurdering a nillion of menr'
aad, thea thank God for thei-r success."
llhere is still another vies on ma!.'s possible contact rj-th
*9f*1e" - beiage fron other worlds. Space guns are not necessary to dielodge
'pltlotttrT our civilieatioa. .A superlor cosmic culture contacted via astro-
t)atllotte.n aauticE nay revolutioaise our lives.

. - lrthur_Clarke, an autlority on apace, has summedup thi.e thoug,ht in its

- true
hLgtorlcal perapective: "Copernlcaa astroao4y, , Darwin'a
Darwin-'a theory
of cvolutlon, heudian peycholoBy - the effect of these oa hunan
tbought far outreig"hted thelr innediate practical resultg. We
!8y_Tpct the sane of astronsutics. With the expansi,on of the
rorldrs nental horizons may come one of the gredlest outbursts
of creative activlty ever knona. llhe paratlel sith the Remais-
sance, ri-th lts great flowering of the arts and sciences, is
s usp e c ts , a re a fra i d th a t the crossi ng of space,
and. Other sall
r _oDe
contact rith intelllgent but non-hunan iaces, nay
deetroy^the_foundations of their relig,ioue faith.
rlgbt, but in aqy event their attitude
They nay'be -
ie one shicb doee not
bear loglcal examinatioas - for a faith whlch cannot survive
4,, \\
co[ieioa rltb the truth ie not north maay regrets.'l

.!ar]19r, Konstantj.n Tsiolkoveky! '19th century space pioneer, Gu. ldcArthur -

sald: nfhe earth is the credle of the nind, but- one caniot 1iv6 iiii"ir"""ta"v
fOr ever ia a crad.Ie.'r or cosnte polltlcs.i
Dr. Doaald I{. ilichael, top consultant to the ltational leroaautics and Space
ldnlnlatration (and senior glaff peychologist of Brookings Institution) stated at
a eclentific digcussion in 1961 that radio Eesaages fron-another rorld would be e
threat.for_most public figures and spokesnen. They rould try to boLster their
p reseat be liefe an d t he public r s , r at her t ha n t r y - t o cope rith the situation by
aew approaches.

Dlfferent motives, behaviour and perceptiona nay nake space beings nerely
curloug observerg of the eerth, rith no deeire for contact-. If the Xother life"
; informatioa to us, sone groups or natione night abeorb the
l deag be tter; th is c ould c auee s om e eoc iet ies to dj.aappear, other- to get stroager
aud donlnate the regt.

Earth ecientiste, Dr. lttichael eaid, nay be in for I shock - to the apace beings
:l]_!4"t"tanding-of natur-e nay seem as piinitive aB a cave man's to uel Space
D elng8r he con clu de dr nay be et hic al, m or al, j , n n o r a l , aesthetic or sonethiig Aif-
ferent ftom us. Beings wlose d.evelopnent perEits theE to conmunicate across-Iig"bt
j.deas_on p-ropex-re}ations srnonB creatu.res ir:habiting plaaete.
lctea8r" said Dr. llichaelrrrEsy
--'rlese - or oay not - eupport our n6ei cheriehed
b ellef e. "

To thlak of our. cosmic neig.hbours in terns of our osn 2oth century technologi-
cal culture would be to delude ourselves iato confortable conplacenc!. Theii
s c ience and ph ilosog hy gay . not hav e t he s light e s t resentlance to today,s concepts.
T h e f irst co nta ct wlth deniz ens of anot her wo r l d would be electrifyinl.

The opinlons of above stateanen, thinkers and scientj.sts on the possibllity of

cosnj.c intrusion would have been regarded as scj-ence fiction a quarter of a cen-
t u ry ago.

Todayt in this Space Age, these thou6hts of responsible men represent a far-
s i ght ed co nte np latio n of a s c ient if ic pos s ibili t y - the contact of the men of
earth with beings fron another plaaet aod the lnpact of this on the roinds and
l i v es of e erth p eo ple .

m l l All PHO I O S
Gaspare cle len e, a y oun6 lt aU. an ar t j. s t , took photos of a flying object over
l i l qo, abo ut lOO ne tres f r om t he San Sir o St a d l u r o , a t a b o u t 1 p . n . on Decenber 1,
1 9 ot.

Ee had intended to photograph some building,s uader constxuction for his fi1es,
a c conpanled by hie w if e and not her . I t was th e n t h a t h i . s w i f e c e l l e d h i s a t t e o -
tion to a strange circuler craft flying over the area. He looked up in anazenent
at an unkqown object soarlng over the Stadiun. It appeareo to be ten netres i.n
d i anet er, of a d ull Iead c olour .

As he stood there Etupefied, hie nother reninded bin of his cemera. He not
Pe99e to ad just it-an d t ook one phot o. W hen h e r e a l i s e d that the disc was novlng
behind the etreet lenps, be junped into a vacant 1ot, where he succeecled in taklng
three nore saaps.

The object fles noiselessly and in an od.d manner, at tlne6 it was stationary,
then it nould suddenly nove for a fen hundred metree and descend to gO-gO.metres
a b ove gro un d. Its d is t inc t s hape was c lear ly visible when it hovered, sumounded
b y a hazy h alo . Se en s ideway s , it look ed lik e a l e n s e , o n t h e u p p e r p a r t o f w h i c h
w ag s done .

Gaspare de l-ama, surprised at the

e i l ent flig ht of the dis c , c onc luoed
that it came from anotber worl-d.

The incident lasted

o nly a f ew m lnut es ,
and thea the craft
ro se v er t ic ally in
a rocket-like nanner
e nd diaappear ed.

The r e wer e ot her wit -

n eg s es near by , but de
Iena did not bother to
take their names dowa.

The Italian magazine DOIIENICI DEIJ COR-

RIERE subaitted his negatlves to prese
photographers who declared then to be
a u thentic.

Pbot os of this d isc w er e t ak en near

S a n S iro Stad iun in V ia Capec elat r o,
M i lan, Italy o n Decem ber 1, 1961.
Tuning fn
On Other Worlds

This breatbtaking project for a gigantic star search

was initiated at Green Bank, [rest Vir6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,inia thi year.
The s c ient is t s s pons or ed b y t h e N a t i o n a l A c a d e n y o f
Sc ienc es ( U. S. A. ) want t o a n s w e r t h e f o l l o w i n g questions:

o Can I if e ex is t be y o n d e a r t b i n t h e f i r s t place?
o Ar e t her e ot her pl a n e t s c i r c l i n g alj.en star-suns,
as t heor i- s ed?
o I f t hos e wor lds be a r 1 i f e , does that life include
r at lonal beings ?
o I f s o. how t o c onta c t t h e m ?

Dr. Frank Drake of the Green Bank Observatory together

wit h t he f ened Am er ic an a s t r o n o m e r D r . O t t o S t r u v e . a t -
t enpt gd t o get t he s oluti o n s to these probLens two yeara
ago. Ilowever, their instrunents were not sensitive Lnough
for thie anbltious progrsn - then naned FROJECT OZIIA.

I{ith larger radio telescopes the new group which i.n-

c ludes s uc ! s pec ialis t s as Dr. Fred Hoyle, British cos-
nologis t , Dr . J . T. Pear m a n o f t h e U . S . 'A c a d e n y o f S c j . e o -
9es , - - D1. . S. - Huang of NA S A 's Goddard Space Flfgbt Centre,
Dr . M elv in Calv in, bioc h e m i s t , and others besides the
above-nentioned Dr. Otto Struve, hopes to pr.ovide the
answers to the burning questj.ons.

The experts know how difficul_t their task is but

t hey plan t o ut ilis e all t h e r e a o u r c e a o f s c i e n c e . M o n i -
toring by radio teleecope is one nethod. Dr. Charlee
llownes speculates that inteLligent beings night try aIl
poesible neans of conmunication including 1i[ht-beins.
UqPR9. ( lig. ht anplif ic at ion by stimulated emiesion of
r ao] . at t on) , s uper - pos er f u l light-bean projectors, could
ec t ually s end f r on ear t h a p i e r c i n g ligtrt-ray that woulo
be det ec t able on s plane t f O f i g , n t - y e a i s away. fhis is
the cloeest to the type of- power-ra! dreaned of
by s c ienc e- f ic t ion wr it er s beiiuse il opens up the possi_
bilit y of c onc ent r at lng thousands of walts of-energ] into
a space lrot nucb larger than woulci be occupi.ed by i- poppJ
seed. fn the world of conmunications the Gser pioniie's'
near - nir ac les bec aus e, fo r t h e f i r s t tine, it his becone
pos s ible. ^t o pr oduc e a "tu n . e d " l i g h t 1,l,ave,as ne speak of
I "t uned' r r adio wav e, an d t o a c h i e v e a n p i i f i c a t i o 'n of
t he wav e.
II civilized beinga e*ist in strqce, cr proiect now
beginning rncy pernit us lo cornmunicqte with them.

Dr. T o wne sr g rou p of s t ar - s ear c her s will ex a n i , n e t h e i :.1 "

s p e ct rograph s of targ et s t ar s . I f any of t he F r a u n h o f e r
l i n es 1n th e kno wn spec t r os c opic pat t er ns of a p a r t i _ c u -
l a r ster sh on , a sha rpe ning or br i. ght enjng, s f f ect , j_t
might be a super-LASER message being bearned to us.

One aetron on er na de a f ant as t ic s ugges t i- on t h a t t h e

C e p heid v aria ble s - th e "wink ing s t ar s " m ay be g a l a c t i c
h e l iographs - th at 'rs uper - s c ient if ic ent it ies ' , use in
s i g nalling. The p erio ds of br ight nes s and dinne s s o f t h e
C e pheids is o ften ve ry j- m egular . I s i. t s om e co d e L e t -
w e en stellar systern e?

A recent rep ort lssued by t he U. S. Nat ional A c a d e q y

o f^ S ciences de scribe s s t r ange nus ic in s pac e - i ; i n J - -
d a wn chorus". The ch or us is - , , a s er ies of s hor t o i s i i n c t
musical tones, ei.ther rislng or in pitch
g f ! e n.overlap pin g in tine' , ac c or ding t 6 t f r e^r ep o r t ."rra--
$ c ] . ent lsts h ave de tected ' r t he dawn c hor us , r us u a l l y
before or just after ;ust
dawn - heace the nane.

hof . R.N. Bracewe ll- of - s t anf or d Univ er s it y who visl_

t e d ..A ustrslia e arly L t 1962 was int er v iewed b! 1 " . n l i " " "
Llndtner and Ur. trled phillips on behalf of lLSfnlf,i.SN-

"Itl|e are arnost certein tbere are other conmunities in

a p ace, but we d o no t k now how f ar away t hey ar e r , , ', i a i _ d
Pro fegsor Bra ce well.

"If lif e e xists, then we c an ex pec t s or oe f or n s t o b e

superior to our osn. A nore advanceo cor.unity i-s one
w h i ch can na ke ro ckets, s plit at om s and s end Lx p l o r a t o r y
f e e l ers in to the u niver s e. I f we wer e t o go t o l [ a " ; ; ; ; '
wo u ld find th e inh ab i-tant s , 1f any , wer e les s , t e v e l 6 p e d
t h a n we are . Othe rwise t hey would hav e c om e t o l o o k i t u s .
B u t a more ad va nced ^ connunit y t han our own c oul d a l r e a d y
ha v e t aken th e ialtia tive and not wait ec i unt il w e *e " . '
eb l - e to exp lore th emr" s t s t ed hof . R. Br ac ewel l a d d i n c
t h a t contact be twee n s t ellar c onnunlt ies would O e p e n a 6 n
r a d i .o.

-Are there inhabited plaaets in our part of the galaxy?

4 r " l l 9:' s-Orbitin g Astr onom ic al O bs er v it or y to Ue faunJhea
tD 196, with a 76-inch teleecope nay be abie to ph;i;:--
graph in epace the planets of other atars or at ieast
gather spectroscopic evidence, and thus provide the final
oI The primitive SPACE BI G BXO TEERS

I people on Eorth
I might one
II odmitted
< doy be
sPoce - vide club
,[ spoce
"odvonced" WORLD
I ccommunities,
om m u o I Scientists expecled
I dis
t in g r sci- I vithin the nert fev
] yeors to confirm be-
I ent ist soid in i liefs thot life could
j Sydney
Sydney yester- I evolve outside t h e
I d"v'
doy.. ssuN-HERALD
doy I eorth, Professor R.
I He
. lthat
He saidsaidit ws possible
a t Earth
E ar was being
WaYes It was fasinatioS
speculate otr what ouier-
to J Brocevell soid yester-
doy.D A I LY TE L
Ib, more intelli- Communities in outer spac!
watched by IEople might l@k like, He said this would
I spae might al$ try to mate he added.
I gent
gent comtr
communities in the DROFESSOS BRACE- be the first step to-
a r a x y , in contact by radio. Eartb Hrs owD vrew was lnat a
I alaxy, in rI the hope that
galaxy, wards communicating
scicntists already krew ibat lhcy woufd bc slherical,
WELL . . ,,,ArC
I Eartn
Earth tr
men would
would be
ue iaig uatcheit?. with other worlds.
:'worthwb there was a uniqu wave ottrenog
I :'worthwbile
l'worthwbile bothering
lengrh of 2l centimetres otr
becausc oberwr$ Professor Bracewell is
I about."
about." J
JAN. L4,1962
14, .
whicb rhis could be donF io* oi o*ture oigbi 1sphere' with no arms aod the Autralian-lrorn direc-
Professor Ronatd IBrace-
I Professor and astronomeE o dislanl "onai
tend to muash them''rocket, I legs' must take some ltrgco'
tor of the Stanlord Univer-
lw well wa s lccturiDg High
e l l was stars sould know this to. i l uitv," Professor Bracewell sity Radio Astronomy In-
stitute in the U,S. &nd 1962
I school
school str
school studenls
studefls durins tbe
durinl A c.rl.ltr [dd of when you tre a completeI commenled' vlsiting prolsor
Nuctear IRescarch Fo Fo-unda\ at Syd-
I Nuclear "lieleoiDc-itr" h.d rherdy ney University'E Sch@l of
l llion's
rons s
summer science
s( been done on this ravc- Physics. FEB 6,..1952
I school
I Australi
at I
Bracewelli5 trow Direc
I Bracewell
the Srarford
I the
Director of
Sta-nf( Radio 1Astro-
letrglh, withoua rcsult.
"But if and whe! wc do
make contact. it will not bc
the first lime this hu hap-
BRISBANB Sunday. - Queenr'
ne was commenune
reports of a wret, -con-
ference held lst November
at Green Bank. West Vir-

I nomy
nomy lns
Institute at Sta
Stanford pncd," Profe$or Bracewell
I University
University, Califoroia. hndcrr reportcd three more "f,ying
| '"The'"The . . more intelligenl
intel "The community which lrucer" rightingc today. June18,.1962
I communrlt
communities may thir think us
reaches us will be io touch
I still too primitive,
still too r and nol
anl Onc wa
Onc wd at Newrutlel -4
at New*tle, 3 C S l R O' tectnrcall
with others. We will bc
yet sumcieolly
I yet suffici(
sufficieolly far adv
plugging in to a galaxy-wide g"i.Tn'd*p"
B";';'d*dY;;i r"oi"-'1"m""t 2t rhe researchs!a-l
Yot[ Penin-'1om""r sla
inlo the
I inlo
I Professor
the tcchnological
Professor Bracewell sa
network." gi:* i: rg:**T Iil?ib",,".:
iit"Jo"*ti'r..i-ta, irtlol. at
s?8y:,f; "?Tl"i$;
I still
I Fcl
still worlhwhile
iecl of
of study,
wc w0ld
a s
lusl & s wc
Mr Etrbme.
lhait an
an hour
hour from 8.30 tcl
from 8.30
I ouEelves
ouEelves snal expadi exDaditioDs Nercastle Bay is 50 mileslniqht.
Ncrcastle I
to siudy
siudy priDitiYe
prinitiYe ThurdaY
Thurday I
Island'l loohcd likc al
He said it lookcd
I to ttribes ft@
whitc residentslbriqbi star with a rcddilbl
l o oo
o d rdr
l owtr plaoet.' whcre two
whcre two whitc
rcDortcd sing a light grcenliinie ar rimes.
I Fars Fcars h had been exp expressed I

plun, vchiclc fl6h' Fe said there appeared tol
I that
thal plundering expeditions
expea rckct-sbapcd
lm might ar
i g h t arrivc from othcr througb thc skv on FridaylS" rwo objects at first, butl
I planets
Dlanets in search
in r of mir
mincrals. nieht. lone disaDpeared. I
or thatthat .F pcoplc from outer Thusday Island police, Mr Wwn said the obj4tl
I or
l sspace
men as
I men
m rg even use Earth
p a c emigbt
as beef
D( cattle.
STUDY rcDorted today that they badlwas also' seen by his wifel
recived a rcpon tbat dland
objat bad bel wn E deldauchtcr.
their rwo sons atrdl
0n llars
uF 0 s
at New6tlc
6lv -ni"ut"" BaY aboutl I
i:"1 befoie thclNo Aircraft I
"But l do not think wc off **..lltl
::itvs viciniry
have anything to fear," Pre
fssor Bracewell said. "The
tfhr ttu."a"v lcland ob'l Ambelley R'A A'F'. b6:l I
only thiog mothcr com-
CANIERRA, fuesdoy ffi6 8id tho obi@tlsaid therc- wele tro arqul
munity would want from us (AUPl.-Reports of "un- f,dhd towilds Garbyli! the viciDrty at be uBc' I
would be information." identified fiying obiects" Prine of Walcs Islaad and I Fivc residetrts of Thw-l
Spcaking as a sicltist, he over Soulh-eosl Clueens- vuishcd. lday Islard went to PriDe of I
could not say bc actually Thc sighting at Karumba. llwales lsland by boat y.stcr-l
lond hove nol been r* 8bout 50O miles rcuth ofldav to scarch for the "gr4trl
"believcd" that othcr pluets
were inhabited,
ferred lo the R,A.A.F. for ThuFday Island, was madelvehicle" seen oD Fridsyl
inYestigolion. by fou fishcmen last Di8hl. nighl. I
scientific belicf rcquircd
facls to support it, and these
were not yct availablc.
The R.A.A.F- has investi
gated similar rcports in the ..NorGoing ffilI
,"Il;l ll';";"$:T'"
But with 100,000 millio!
past. but most of them were
I Yerv Faet" on a hiil-l
a(tributed lo mcreorologi@l from about a muel
stars in thc galaxy, Earth I rb" L*"*", or a nuntl)l9l.
"5", qq'..,4u'"r
$;IIhowever'** q1 g";
was hardly litly to suppon
the most highly advanced
form of conscious lifc,
Dut the R.A.A.F. has
recordr of \ighlings of "un- I| P:.|*e
q.."i"f- thcy, coud uo I
identified ffying objccts" for o*-" l I
"Son we *lll bc go- *hich investigationr failed to lt"d-Ushi-- moto rcix thelDothrng unusua' I
14, 1959' nativsl
tog ao abc @on. Mrr! provide any satislaetory ex- llit. | on JulY l$landl
rnd VctrB I do mt bc- planation. l--'If" oiat -Thcv were ait-lon Princc-of 1tra16
llevc we will find life oD tcrfied bv rcmrs orl
An R.A.A.F. spolerman ItingoOctc@hilfrcltoflflere
any of th.m. lu-riig. oev sa* itla red glowif,g-'obi'ct.*idl
raid loday that from \liy Io bave landeq on a DtrI' I
I movc ftom sqth-Outi-westlLo
"What we must do is to e"e"u- ir," pi";;i t;""r I
kceD a clw watch out for from a metcoroloqical rcn.e. I i to
thc north. 1 On the same day. fourl
the arrival of a! instrument i "lt was trol goinS vcrylcrocodile .huntec reportedl
uas a! its nearctt point to rhc I wro in view for onelseeing a red flying saucerl
fot ud
probe in our atmGpbcre,
sent by a moae remotc com-
earth. Drih lfcrcun
I | lnd a half minutes.
Durin3 rhis pcrrria tncre s5: I
near Karumba. I "Ball" In Sky. ,
"Thc fishermen watched it| n^
well s!id.
Profssor Brace- usually a spile of ''fiynrg I
i ""ri'ii Hual&
Jiii'iii,iiiiiiiiii"' i lte lvdnev I Unidentified 1
guccr" reports. I ' ALICE SPRINGS- Fri-l
"Within l0 lighr years of Ncarly all of thdm could of Civil
Earth, therc are l0 slars be cxplained by civil and ation officials hcrc have
which scientists believe could
be habitable.
and checkr
aircraf( movemenls
by the meteorG
No Flying Saucers, U.S. Scys cn unable to ideDtify I
ll-like objcct scen hurtling
'ommunities there, pro- logiql servicc. Itr/ASHINGTON' bebiDd mst of thc
rqs tbe sky above Alice
bably more advanced than A small nunrber could not vv Feb.8 (A.A.P.).- t,369 sightitrgs of Utr' rings.SMEJulv2.|. 1962
ours, would be likely lo be axplained, bu! no d!finire Th. U5. Air Forcc sitl id.ntifcd Flyilg ObFcts Thc object was rcpor{ed
probes to find oul pollern it hrd no cYid' rcporicd between 1947
rnd had emerged. r,.tcrd.Y at 8,25 a.m. yestrday bY a
whethcr wc have emergcd The la\t "flying saucer" N of iylrg succE xd 1e61' SlrE D.C.A. official, Mr Ralph
from thc primitive state. reporl invc\ligared by the It hs noi foud rDY In e report l$ucd Ycs- Knight. who was on dutY atj
was oyer a year ago dlq 15 ycst of srch' acrdry, ahc Air Forcc
"Probably they would R.A.A.F. Alicc SprinSs Airport, I
in Tasmonia, whcre a clergy- lD8, b!! h$. found {id thcrc w lo cvld' Ncws of its sighting wasi
iudcc us wonhwhilc if Itheir
iudgc -lt lighis' rny of ttc
man ncar Launci'ston reponeJ mov blnls, tir' .m. llut rclcaxd this morning afterl
instrumcnts wcre able
pick up radio comouoica- secing a stmnge-shrped illufri- oft. b.ll@N, sa.l' UFO' tcrc 'ertn-terc xhastivc chccks indicalcdi
tion." natcd crbj*t in thc skL [la. boexe rnd known drl Ychld was nol a staay mclcoto-l
Ju:1e 20. 1962 drc.miel Dh.Domcnl llg.nt otrtrol& rgic.l ball@n or a ttleoe. J
NEAR"Time Nearing For search
OFOIHER Flights To Planets, for spacelife

RussiaTells World
Scientists erpected I thot life existed beyond eorth might
vithin the nert fev I come from o rccket copsule the U.S.
yeors to confirm be- | hopes to lond on Mors in 1964, o rpoce
liefs thot life could i MOSCOW, Aug. 15 (A.A'P"Reuter)'-Ruesia todav
e v o l v e o u l si d e th e Ui got"--ente and people of the world scientist soid todoy. DT MAY 9, 1962
*"t r J.t-g"'io
eo*h, Profersor R.
;;i"";iil"d-e is n-earingwhen thc-great co-rmic apace' Ttre capsule, would
carry out its search
bc thc frEt
Brocevell soid yesler-
d o v.DAI LY T E L riipr"uir-'"J"ilJ" nigtttt to thc planetr of our gohr for life wtth televlsion
u idnnccal
thc MarlDGr
stro rc-

I ryrtemr." snd$ 1962 cameras, microscopes hlcle to bc lrrnch.d.a

i He said this would lDtr r su.. and a device for de- Vcnus elthttr thc ncrt
i ' be the nrst step to- I Dr v. FedoseYev' a U.F.O. ITEIvS ifllli tectlng reproductlon of
fcr monl.h*
I wards communicating lleadinr scientist, hailed the PUBI,ICATTON'S tiny organisms, the
The cBAsule would lsnd
on Mars while the Marinet
with other worlds. Itu"c"iful ioirt flight s a scientist said. vehicle itslf flew pst.
Professor Bracewell ls l"bi& achietement of Soviet
J The *ientist is Mr. Ed- Oncc on M.rq thc
the Autralian-born direc- lsciene and technotogyr ger M. Cortright, ol the c.paulc *oulal Gltcrd .
tor of the Stanford Univer-
'secnet confe*encc'
sity R&dlo Astronomy In- U.S. National Aeronauti6 tolcvlalon ta|-stE lo
stitute in the U,S. &nd 1962 and Space Administetion. t@s on .ny llL fo@
visiting prolesor at Syd- lle was straking at the ncarby,
ney UniyerEity's Sch@l ol oDenins ssion of the

Physi6. sbcond NationBl confer- At the sme time, & tubc
FE8 6,..1952 would suck up $il smples
de was commewlng m ence on the Peeeful Uws
reports of & wret con- oI Smce. in Seattle, Ytrich a television Dlcre
sp.weld ereine fc
felence held l$i November -std State.
- at Green Bank. West Vlr-
HG thc M4E organNms.

Profe$soa Bracewell, one
oI about 15 leading scien-
tists lnvited to attnd the
coDterence, coulo
col)Ierence, not go
e because of his commit-
G ments in Australia.

w He said the Green Bank
s confereDce wes not Dub-
lrcised becaus' the orga-
rre niserc. the National Aced- NEW YORK, Feb.8 (A.A.P.).-
k emy ot Sciences, belieyed
that sientists A myrteriour electrical impulrc prc'
cN rnter-space
would dis-
commu- NEW YORK, Sun. - ToP vented thc Ranger 3 space+raft frorn
more treelv
their talks were not bpen
scientists conferred secretlY on taking televirion picturee of the moon
to immediate publication
in the PreS. the possibilityof communicoting Scientists at the Cali' Went Out Of
He said the conference
ld was "most slgnificant' with other worlds,the New York Institute of Tech- Conrol 1962
because it showed that si-
Timessoid todoy.DATLY TEL , who disclosd Scientists calsulatcd t!8t
ltrt entific autholities reallsed
rf. that the search for life in said thcy issed by
issed bv 22,t
22,862 mila.
E tne galaxy was a proper The paper said the awey sith the conviction shot at God moa
tltat these steps ms-t De d trot havc
oDJectlve of &stronomy. scientists met last No- carrid out as a Preluoe rc scientific instru-
on the moon even eith
ve m b e r a t Gr e e n any major listening Pro- launchiog, bcquc Rug
Sotellite Bank, West Vlrginia. gramme: two went out of coDtrol rcar
Profe$or Bracewell said T]le scientists included o Demorotrate ihe extst-
scientnk Doint wherc it crced
were looking to leaders in stronomy, com- ence ol life elsewhere ln moon's orbital path.
b thqe important develoD- munications. animal b- the solar system. - a
d ments to conflrm theories hsvior, aDd a To show that planets A caDsule aontailing
of Iife on other Dlanets. DUClear pnysrcs. scismomi:ter would Prob
were in orbit &round ned-
- a A united ststes.,tele-
scope stellite" to be nred
stil the
by stars.
these ale Biles from
ablv have bccn smas
whin the spacesbip hit
cd rnto orbit, "Both ot
outside the Scicncar sponercil thc mmn- thc saicntists said.
6ln-FT. (SPICB-
a-- thousht to be within tbe
earths atmNphefe. confcrcnce. grcp a 6IN.FT. on January 28, for the Ran8.r 3. bowcvcr.
of present technolo-

a Russian

Stat6 space probes.
United I
Bracewell sid I
satUite, I
I Ac@rding

posible that
to the paper, gy," the newspaper sard.
a number ot the scienusts
ii strongly
5, 1962
NEEDLE", orc ol tha
lature ottrmlbnt 6l
robot to halt a I
, in its "altitude;
accomolisb lonc of it! |

It collcctd 6fr6r

I from bevond the slar The malfunction of data in ffigbt atrd Savc I
which entered the planninB I rhe 19 62 Sa.tL
stages about two years &go, I
$ould helD establish whe- I
upon the earth.
{ere rmpmgrng
IRISH PILOT Vorld't Fair.
Atlas missilc cmponerl tists an idca of how w(
sYstems wcrc oPcratilg.
The question. they $ld,

other st&rs had i
I was how
look for them
and wher toSIIT "SAUGER" Iho Stdntrlloninl Hrtrld
Scientists suspected tbatl DUBUN. Tues. (A.A.P.!
G planets existed but could I One scientist. Dr. Philip
Morrison, Profe$or of lleuter). - An Irish lDter-
not prove it bec&use tele- |
scopes bsed on earth could I
Physics at Cornell Uni- natlonal Alrli!s pllot &nd
'13r",;:Ir::,'\lr r . ll
versity, blieved that a hi5 crew told relDrtels ls8t
not detect them through I
ba luse Dart of future hman nlght ol a str.nge globc-

-E the mother star's glare. efrort'might go into trying
Fc{ Telc*opca posttioncd I shaped objct whlch streak-
d to establish contact witlt ed unde! theh abcmft ovcr
.bovc thc rtmcpherc I remote civilisations.
EL would bc abl. to c.rry I southern England.
But Dr. Edward Pulcell, rl
out obstvetrlons un- | Captain Gordon FendltoD lnualc ln Splce
o ruB SUN-HERALD'M,AY 6' te62
tE Profes! of Physics ai
lhis ghre. I sald he was at about 15,000
rEa Harvard University, sid ;Jril; ij.-s:;.Il'

"Ball" In Sky.
Unidentified I
dav.-DeDarlmcnt of Civill
voyages between planet&ry
systems vere not practic-
He is reported to hav
told fellow scintists that
interstllar rekets
long right where ihey are m.pi,"
tet in hls Vlwoet
llner when hc sv
J@t. Mry 23,
"It was streellng to{ards
us b.low,
hc std,
ot about
the ob-
r*'*x;;ln SpaCe
rcunds arc knom as
"tbe dawn chorusJ' de- iEt bcfora or iu6t sftcr But sicntisk . do mt
S. Scys Aviation bfficials hcrc havel
ben unable to identify al
ball-likc objcct scen hurtlingl
<n cereal boxes."
Grcen Bank ss chosn
tor the confirencc bG-
ryes brown
than tJE Vl6cout
and did not haYa tlngs.
rcribsi in a report issued dawn_ know toir much .bout
t Jtb. caus lt ls the sltc lor by the Natibnal Aca' ThG rporl cld h ru either of thc $undt.
acrqs lbe sky above Aliccl Captaln Pendlton addedl ao u'
g of Lr-
Julv2i, 19621
thc National R4illo Ast- dcmy of Sciences' clely @Dsqd so far. molt of thc p
Oli<tt I rommy Observatory. "ft wes mt a b.ll@n." The chorus was "a rrics othcr rffi ?mm$Dt
E 1t{7
Thc object was rcporlcdl ! One ol the staiion's huge I{e $ld hc he{ reDort d scarchh;sroncenrraGd on
at 8.25 a.m. ycstcrday by al of short- distincl musical -'trbk
- 3aF I dish antennas was used ln thc itghting to tlra Brttlsh csupd in thc. "whistlerj' whicb rrc
r -.1
g'cL gFill! Y,',L:Jol| | 1960 for the nrst signiflcant Iioy&l Air Fore and Al. ton6- either risinS or falF m.*-*i*
Knight. who was on duly ali
Alicc Springs Airport. I
I attempt to inErceDt
I nals from other planetaiy
sis- Mldlst$.
Ec sld al!o: "Itp to ror, iniiiItl*"$':i.*3-$"".!"'f -- 1i"..*,"r*
f ','!R?ii"i'1i}'"'J,"ioll.l"'ff
r D .via Ncws of its sighling wasl I stErems. #ti"r?ia'] fi;;;.t' ivhici werc Dov- sct ep r-eri6 ot tlation
I was ecptlcsl .bot lytng rrcuod tbc world lo studv
{ .a tfr
rcleascd this mornin8 afterl .The newspaper sald that &uccr alor&r' ruft* bavc dcteted itrui tiai"ioo of ;lcitrc
Ere exhaustivc ch.cks indicaledl wnue no report on tne con-
ir iiii"iili-il"ni., usuallv magnctic cncrgv' ihc sund!'
a.L ldmce was available sme Drily llcrcrry
it was nol a stray mclcoro_l
b. 1962 of the partlcipaDts cue
-r logic.l balloon or a plaoc. I
Policemenon duty
see'flying mystery'
Two police officers on early morning patrol in the Adelaide Hills
twice saw a mysterious flying oblect in the Adelaide sky.

Fir s t it a p p e a r e d a s a c l _ u s t e r o f s t a r s a n d
Lat er nor e di s t i n c t l y , as a flat ob;ect with a
long bubble o n t o p .

Cons t ables P . . A . C o l l i n s , of Burnside, and R.

Snow< ien, of N o r t h A d e l a i d e , first saw the object
about 4: L5 a. m . , w h e n p a t r o l l i n g the Blackrnood
ar ea in a po l i c e c a r .

I t was gu s t b e f o r e s u n r i s e . A few clouds were

s c at t er ed ac r o s s l h e s k y , b u t t h e b r i L l i a n t noon
nade v is ibilit y very good, they said. From their
hills v ant age p o i n t b o t h s a w w h a t t h e y d e s c r i b e d
as a c l"us t er o f s t a r s i n t h e w e s t e r n s k y S u s t
abov e t he hor i z o n .

llhe cluster reflected and appealed

to skin above sea leve1 in a northernly direction
past lilarino, Seacliff anci Brighton areas, they
s aid. Then i t d i s a p p e a r e d .

A f ew m inu t e s l a t e r , while at
Windy Point, Constables Snowden
and Colli"ns a g a l n s a w t h e o b j e c t ,
t his t ine r no r e c l e a r l y . As they
looked out over the city
a br ight , 1o n g , f l a t
bubble design on top travelling
f r on 8 o' c l"oc k t o 2 o t c l o c k
they saw
shape wlth a

t he f ac e of th e n o o n . Oo
I t t ook ab o u t l O s e c o n d g t o Jai

c onplet e t his c o u r s e , t h e n j . t d l s - I
appear ed agai n . The constablee (,
deec r j. bed t he o b j e c t a s w e l l
defined and about an eighth of
t he noonr s di a m e t e r i n s i z e . Lltc . clurtr ol
Bot h wer e puz z l e d b y i t . litht! l! hot
rt obJcct .Dpqr.d
to thc iro poueuc!
ItSIe discarded the theorY that vbcD thcy sr lt ia
Bhcleood- fhc sond
it w8s c loud f o r m a t i o n or a flock llctch (bclor)
bor tlo oDrccl .DtErrcd

of bir c s . We checked with the rbo en lrcm Wlrdt

Potnl s lt r.s @ldnti
air por t of f ic ia l s . There were no tbG bgoD'! L@.
air c r af t in t h e s k y s b o v e A d e l a i d e
at the time of the sj-ghtings t "
t hey s aid.

A Bureau of MeteorologY official

said he coulc find no exPlanation
for the reported sightings.
Thc Norr, Tlee&y, Nov-21, 196l

lra g s t i] - l Spanis h ear ly in th e l a s t , c e n t u r y r 9-lussian trapper

I rhen californ ia
came down from a snor,y-capped hountain ia Northern California. The
. " " " t ii"-*as tnicfiy--cover ea nit h bu' s i and t r ee s . Wh e n h e w a g a s k e d ! . w h e r e h e h a d
he rep lilA j. n Rus s ian: "Chas - t c ha' j w h i c h n e a n s " a t h i c k e t " ' The nane
o r" -iaot, to the nountain thougb it was changeo to - shasta or Mount shasta'

T hisl4,oo o-fe eth igh pe ak has as ec r et ' andI wil] - t e} ly ou9! o 9 t 1 ! . F r e d .

r i c k O liver livia g'ir,-[Ue ^v ic init y of M ounf Sha s t a w r o t e a b o o k " A D w e ] - I e r o n 1 [ r r o
pl a net s" Iate in Cn e fg t n c eat ur y - . I t was publish e d i n 1 8 8 4 . I n t h e b o o k h e t e l l s
oi fo"g tunnele which iead to vait unoerqroul$ halls inside ldount Shasta. The
* " f i s-ire p ofi"ne a-b y nas t er - c r af t s nen. ihe f loo r s are carpeted with fleecy fab-
ric of nin-eral origiir. Ornaroents of gold, silvert bronze and precious stones en-
b e l l ish t he su bte rian eu o s helt er . Th5r e ar e div a n s p l a c e d s l e n g w a l l s r . u pholstered
rflith the aame material as the carpet. Secret doors hioe the entrances to the under-
These stone doori are opened by anti-gravity devices. The cave
dolony ie brilliaatly illuninated by an unxnown power'

O liver sa ys, the d weller s of t his s ec r et abo d e a r e A t l a n t e a n s - descendents of

the survj.vor's 6 f the l os t c ont inent of At lant is . According to hin' they posseee
i"A ships. By neans of cigar-shapeo ships conmunication is nalntai-ned
with Venus. The craft ily on nagnetj.c force. In their experinents these people can
-pace orange, yellow and gren fireballe.
produce red,

T bie boo k, p ub lish ed 80 y ear s ago, t alk s ab o u t a v i a t i o n ' astroaautj.cs and' quan-
t u n it reory . ittis in itself is r enaik able, but s l e n w e c o n e t o t h e d e s c r i p t i o n aad
r" l n o a of "pro pu lsio n of s pac e s hips , t he uf olog i s t becones keenly interested.

' ,.A t lantis fo un d it pos s ible t o ac ljus t weight

(positiveness) to lack of weiSht
( n e gativeness) so even ly t hat no ' t ug of war ' wa s roenifest. This achievenent neant
nuch. It neant aerial n"avigation wi-t[out wi.ngs or unwieldly gas-reservoirst through
t a k ing ad van tag e of re puls f on lev it at ion
by- That op p o s e d i l o v e r - n a t c h i n g strength to
t h e attractio n of gra v it . t ion. v ibr at ion ot tne One Substance governed and
c o nposed a ll re alss - was a c lis c ov er y whic h s o l v e d t h e p r o b l e n s , o f ^ t h e , , c o n v e y a D c e
o f inages o f lig ht, p ic t ur es of f or m s , as well a s o f s o u n d a n d h e a t . . . "

Is t his tale a bo ut a s t r ange c oJ . ony of M oun t S h a s t a o n l y fiction? There are

s i g nificant facts which nay s hat t er t his opinio n .

i. n t h e r o i d d l e o f t h e 1 9 t h c e n t u r y ' p!o8-
A fter th e GoId Rush day s in Ca1if or ni. a,
p " c i-" " repo rted n yster ioir s f Las hes ov er M ount S h a s t a a n d i t s s l o p e s t l o l g b e f o r e
i l e ctrif icit io n. Tlese hao of t en t ak en pl- ac e i n c l e a r w e a t h e r . E a r l y in this cen-
t u r y there ha d b ee n in c ident s when c ar s dev elop e d i g n i t i o n trouble in the area of
M o u-nt S hasta. This is nos t int er es t ing as 1n U F O r e s e a r c h t h e r e a r e n a n y r e p o r t g
o f automobite s stalle d by t he r adiat ion f ield of aa approaching flying saucer.
I s there a ny co nn ection t et ween t he f or c es us e d b y M t . S h a s t a c o l o n i s t s and tbe
p 1 lot s of sau ce rs?

It should also n ot be ov er look ed t hat M oun t B e i n i e r 1n the Rockies is a sieter

mountaj-n of Mount Shasta. It is here that Kenneth Arnold sightect hj.s flyi.n6 saucern
i n 1947.
Bec k in 1jJ 1 , a f o r e s t flre swept over Mount
Shasta. But then a nystery fog appOared which stop-
ped the fire frou advanci-ng. The demercation line of
t he f ir e dana g e c a n s t i l l be seen' It goes in a per-
f ec t c ur v e ar o u n d t h e c e n t l a l zone.

Then s ens a t i o n a l developnents took place s few

months later. I full report appeared in the Los An-
geles Tir nes o a l [ a y 2 2 t 1 9 7 2 .

A ldr. Edward Inser was passing the foot of llount

Sbasta in the train. Sudctenly he eew tbe whole south-
ern gide of the nountaia ablaze with a strange light
of extraordinary brillience. Iatert Ienser deternined
to investigate the origia of this unusual Ligbt. He
went throug.h enall towns in tbe area of Shaeta and
began asklng questions.

Icnser relates that officials and ranchers spoke

freely of a secret comnunity living i.n or on llount
Shas t a, and a t t e s t e o to the reird rituels perforned
at euaget, and sunrise which account for
t he f las hes .

Ilere are tbe actuaL words of ltrr. Lanser:

". . . aI Bo t hey f r e e l y ridiculed Ey avowed trek into
the sacred precincts assurin8 ne that an entlaace
waa as difficult and forbidden as an entrance into
f ibet . . ."
lfbo are tbe rygterlous
ilrllers of ltt. Sbasta? At first the dwellers of trfount Shasta rere takea
for Indiaas. But tbey were white ano $ore robes sitoi-
lar to thoee rorn by the lncieat Greeks or Buddhj,st nonks. They had a band ecrosa
their foreheads coveriag a bulge which ras supposed to be " t h e t h i r d e y e " .
S cj.eace fictioa ? Fer haps , but lis t en to the testinony of a scientist. hofessor
S.L. Iarkia of ![t. Iowe Observatory in California was testing his powerful teles-
c o pe. l} l of a sud de n, he s pot t ed on t he elo p e s o f M t . S h a s t a , u s i n g h i s e x a c t
rord.s - "a nsrvellous work of carved narble, snd oryx rivalliag in archltectural
spleadour the nagnificence of the tenples of Yucatan.'l

hof. Iarkia after learning about Mt. Shasta colony nade the following state-
n eD t : " eir d iap lay of light f ar ex c els o u r n o d e r n e l e c t r i c a l achievenents,
and I am, for one, concuoed with curiosity to know how these people can produce
s uch anazing llgb .t ef f ec t s . . . ' l

The people of Shasta have been seen oD nurnerous occasions but only for brief
glinpses. They posseso the uncanny power of bJ.eading thenselves into thej.r'sugoua-
dings and vanishlng fron sigbt.

Callf orn iars old tiner s s ay t hes e s t r an6e p e o p l e l a v e v i s i t e d t o r r x s i n t h e l {t .

Sbast a are a an d e ve a nade pur c has es of s ulphu r , saltl and lard. These purchases
were always paid for with gold nuggets - far erceeding the value of the goods bought.

During lflorld War I they loade generoua gifts to the -Aneri-can Red Cross. The civic
records of old San Francisco reveal tbat a deputation fron the connunity headed by
a whlte-robed patriarch with an ecort of younger men, made en official vj.eit to
that city to bring greetings and assurance of gooclwill.

I n the la te twe nties golf er s in Nor t her n C a l i f o r n i a wetched a silver, wingless

a ir_shiP Sp ing .no ise 1es s ly ov er t he nount ain t o p s . f t was unlike any plane oi diri-
g ible of th e tine s.

T a Octob er, 1 95 6 a r es ident of Shas t a - D a v i c l Wl l l i a r o s o n o b e e r v e d 1 4 l i g h t s over

Xt. Shas.ta roaking unusual sk;r maneouvera. Then one descended fron the sky iigbt on
lop ol. ut. Shasta. A new arri.val from epace or was someone taken to anotLer flanet
f ron thj-s secret co loqy ?
I.f yoti.write to the towns of Shasta or and ask people about the llouat
shasta rj.ctdlet you will most probably be told thtt the stoiy is onl.y a lec.ead.
The oldtiners are dead and tine has bbliterated the nenorie6 of yesterdayi Horevr,
the reports of Edward Lnse! and hofessor larkin can not be bruihed aslde.
Who are these people - survlvore of Atlantis or are they colonj.sts fron otber
w orl d e ?

u.s.PllYsIcl s T s E E SU ,F.0 .
An uni.dentlfied flying object x,as seen on May 20, 1962 betw een 8 aad 9 p.n. by
s eve tr p e r s ons , iac ludi n g h o fe s s o r C h a rl e s A. Ml ney' of the D efi ance C ol l ege, D efi -
snce , Ohio.
The^viewing_took place from the home of Don Reinund rho telephonect 15of . l{aney
1t 8.fO p.4. Professor !tu1"y and Reinund are acquaintances. Itu6wing of profeseoi
I e ney' s eclen tific act iv it iee in t hj. s f ield, Reiiund excitedry aeeciibed the slght-
i n g_of-a stre ng e ae 9bie9! , obs e: r v ed f r on h i s r e s i d e n c e o i C a n a l R o a d ^ , o a e -
half nile south of the city linits. l&. Reinuad had. wj-tnessed the noveoents of thls
object for some 20 ninutee up to the tine of the pbone caII.

Upon, Iea_rnin8- that the object *as still visible in the sky, hof. li[aney accog-
pauj-ed--by Urs. Uangyr. drove at once to the Reinund reeidence'.'Upon his agival
Prof. ilaney learnecl that the object had just disappeared fron v-iew in the so'rth-
w e Bt .

as ltr. Reinuncl began supplying detairs of the s5-ghting to hof. ltaney, the
s t r a38, e^8e ria1 ob ject appeer ed again. in t he s o u t h w e s t , at an altitude oi approxi-
nately 20 degrees and was noving horizonta]ly toward the north.

. The object was dietinctive for its brilLiant flery blue colour. Prof. l[aney
the along wit h t he ot her s wit h u n a t d 6 d v i s i o n , as sell as witb
-o b served
binoculars -ob ject
of seven nagaification for some ten ninutes as it travelled aortbward
appr91199te1y-40 d-egrees. The brilllant blue ltgbt of the object ruled out the
P_ossibility of it being any well-kaown object guch eg a p1an6 or a neteor, hof.
Itaney sald.

hofessor llaney r after observing the noving blue light for three or four nlautes
turaed the binoculars over to one of the othei observeis. He Eonentarily lost slght
of tbe_obiectr but when a nlnute tater b.e again discovered the object tlrougb thE
binocularsr lt had cbanged-colour to a very-brilliant yellow. lloei of those-presetrt
observed thls chaage ia colour.

h e se n t ly , t he. obje c t s to p p e d , h o v e re d fo r fi ve or si x seconds, and then re-

versed ite direction, travelring southward. At tines it 6eer0edto nove very rapidly
atrd. tben agaia it rould hover apparently notj.onless.

T he object kep t tra v elling s out hwar d, get t in g cloger to the horizon, beconlag
f e i n t er u ntll it d isa ppear ed 1n t he s out hies t at about t.p.n. llhis second
sighting, wj.taessed by hof . l[aney and the group lasted sone
thirty ninutes.

Durlng the tine of the sighti-ng flighte of both jet and

p ro peller-d rlvea p lan es wer e als o obs er v ed f r o n w e s i t o e a s t .
The, flashing red and green lights of the propeller planee as
rell as the jets * ith t heir t r ails pr es ent ed- f a r <i i i f e r e n t
pictBres, and nere in d.istj.nct contraet to the fiery tlght of
the UFO.

The brilliancy of the colour of tbe object, its round ehape

the hovering at instances and sudden chen[es 1n speed bave
puzzled hofeesor Charles A. !r[,aaey.

fhis noted .Anerican phy s ic is t bellev es t hat w e L l - a u t h e n t l -

cated photographe and ot her phy s ic al ev idenc e h a v e e s t a b l i e h e d
the reality of unusual aerial phenonenons of apperently non-
t er re stri a l or lgin. Prof. CharlesUaDey
\ *

It is ce rtgin ly pr obable t hat an unus ual. f l y i n g machine conlng from another
world app ea red in chald. ea ( now par t of r r an) 2 " , 5 1 5 y e s r s a g o . T h d u g h t h e
was reported -by Eze k iel, one of t he gr es t es t propleis of t6e Old. Tdstenent, we
c an not b e ab so lute ly pos it iv e about it s v er a i i t i because there is no other source
t o coB o bo rate th e.a c c ount . Howev er , we c all t e c " o n f i O E n t t h s t d e s p i t e E z e k i e l r s
r eligious inte rpre tati on of t he inc ioent , he c o u l d h a v e s e e n s o m e t h i n g t a n g i b l e .
In t he sixth ce ntur y bef or e our e. r a t he I s r a e l i t e s in captivity Lived in the
h ills o f Tel Abib in Biby t on. I n 591 B. C. E z e k i e . L f o u n d . b i m s e l f on the shores of
rlver (known today as the ilai'rauari) the rui.ns of ancient
f l rppur. tt we s the r e t hat he had a v is i_on. """"i"g-inrougtr

He t ells us th at out of a whir lwind f r on t h e n o r t h t h e r e e p p e a r e d a f i e r y

ttie ht.o bj ec t t hen des c en< ied. o al m o s t d a z Z l i n g E z e i <i e l . H i s n a u a t i v e
:t lnh:I:.-T l9
t ne ts1b re j-s na inly j- n
c onc er aed des c r ibin g this incident in his own phrase-
h owe ve r va gu e i. t nay s eem t o us t odaJ . - E z e k i e l lived in an era of few
9 i98{,
nelars anct no machines. The war chariot and the pJ.ough were the last word j.n
!p!:il^lt":hnolo gy". For t his r eas on it was e x t r e i e f y " o i f f i c u l t for Ezekiel to
orlray h is vo c abular y t he ev ent he r it n e s s e d . -
T he veh icle wh ich Ez ek iel obs er v eq haq f our d i s t i n c t pillars. Froln each pillar
p r ot ruded two win gs, eig, ht in al- I , whic h m ov ed a b o u t . A t t h e b a s e o f e a c h c o l u m n
t h ere wer e ring s with c il. c ular openlngs . The f o u r c o l u m n s f o r m e d a c u b i c b o d y
o v er,,rihich the re wa s a t r ans par ent c om e. For I a c k o f e n y b e t t e r term Ezekiel
o e f ined it a s "firxn Bm ent ". A t hr one of s apphir e s t o n e c r o w n e d t h e d o n e e n c i r c l e d
b y a rainbow. T'h e re fer enc es t o s apphlr e, am b e r , c r y s t a l and beryl roay be allu-
s i ons to p lastj-cs wh ic h c er t ain par t s of t he s h i - p w e r e m a d e o f .

T he pro ph et d escrii:es t he wor k ings of t hls e x t r a o r o i n a r y craft. Except for the

w i ngs no oth er p arts nov ed. The nac hlne nev er t u r n e d o v e r '. The wings were all
r a j - sed in fligh t bu t when t he c r af t c am e oor / ?n , t h e w i n g s w e r e l o v r e r e d . T h e w i n g s
p roduced a so un d like "t he nois e of gr eat wat e r s " . A fiery and thunoerous exhaust
i s sued froro the ba se of t he engine.

A ccord ing to th e Bible, Ez ek iel "r em ained a s t o n i s h e d " for seven d.ays. The inci-
d e nt is s o o bje ctively depic t ed t hat it c ould h a r d l y b e c o n s i d e r e d a t a l e t o i n -
p ress sup erstitiou s Ii s t ener s .

T he sh ip ha d o the r unus ual f eat ur es - it c o u l , d e x t e n d a " h a n d " g i v i n g E z e k i e l

a roll with in scriptio ns "wit hin and wj- t hout ". Then the prophet was taken on board
t h e craft to Tel Abib M ount ains . Ther e he r em a l n e d " s p e e c h l e s s " for seven days.

A f t er th at h e go t a m es s age or der ing him t o e - o o u t i n t o t h e f i e l d s . He went

t h ere and fou nd a mac hine wait ing f or hin. Cu r i o u s i n s t r u c t i o n s were given hin
a t the se co nd n ee ting . He was t o f le down on h i s r i g h t sioe in his house for 79O
d a ys and o n h is left f or 4O day s , or 4iO day s i n a l l , after which the craft utould
re turn. Wa s it a p repar at ion f or a f light in s p a c e ?

E zekiel camie d ou t t he ins t r uc t lons t o t he w o r d . . A n e w c o n t a c t w a s m a d e w h e n

h e was in a crowd of elder ly I s r aelit es . A s t r a n g e r n a n - l i k e c r e a t u r e w i t h a b r 'i g , . h t -
n e ss about it, ap pro ac hed hi- n. The bej- ng s t r et c h e d a hand and lj-fted him in the
a i r taking Ezekiel to t he ent r anc e of t he inne r w a l l s o f J e r u s a l e n , where he was
l a nded. It wa s th en that t he pr ophet s aw t he cl a f t again.

I voice sa i-d tha t J er ugalem wa6 t o be des t r o y e d . Then six armed men cane out
o f t he ship a nd on e'rclad wit h linen" had "a w r i i e r 's i n k h o r n b y h i s s j . o e 'r . O r d e r s
w ere gi-ven th ese n en t o k j- I l- aI 1 t hos e r t hos e f o r e h e a o s o l d n o t s h o w a n s r k w h j . c h
t h e leader in wh ite w as s et t ing on aI I r ight eou s people.

T he or de rs were ca m ied out and t he c hj- ef r e t u r n e d s a y i n g : " I h a v e d o n e a s t h o u

h a s t conm a nd ed me ". T hen t he nan was t old t o fi - ] l h l s h a n c i w i t h " c o a L s o f f i . r e 'l
f ron t he u nd ercari-a ge of t he c r af t and s c at t er then over the city. Then the ship
s l ow J-y rose a nd "mou nt ed up f r on t he ear t h".

PilL a r s and J-i vi ng

at ur e s Iike
" l - a n p s 'r -
po I i ohtc nn
s ome ins trument s ?

C r ystal "firn an en t"

a done housing the
,'Firewithin,r- ;'nff
s p acenen? rocket propulsiont *

R i n gs "full of eyes"-
w e re they p orth ole s
r n the cabln s?

(Adapted from an article

"Wings " - roing,s
or s olar bat t er ies ?

in the Italian magazine

"Sapphire throne"
with rainbow - an
nagnetic pole in
to eno of

t h e " f l y i n g s a u c e r , '? ;ff

Domenicadel Corriera, May 2711962)


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l e Lated su bje ct6 . You will s ee nany want eo t i t l e s here.

T}iE CIiAI,I,ENGEOF U.F.O. IS by Pr of es s or C. A . M a n e y a n d R j - c h a r d H a l l

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. hes ident of t he A n e r i c a n M e t e o r S o c i e t y .
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of Phy s ic s , Defi a n c e C o l l e g e , Ohio, and
j- s a M em ber of N I C A P , Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C .
Ric har d HaLl is e x e c u t i v e Secretar.y of
NI CAP and has b e e n e c t i v e l y engaged in
U, l' . O . r es ear c h s i n c e 1 ! 1 4 .

M ajor Donald Ke y h o e s a i d o f t h i s b o o k :
"I hear t i. l- y r ec o m m e n c i .t h i s b o o x t o e v e r y -
one s eek ing an h o n e s t p r e s e n t a t i o n of facts."


The story of the De Le Warr R e s e a r c h i n

Radionic s ano R a d i e s t h e s i a
PRICE fl1,18.6


Publis hed by G r a y B a r k e r , author of

"They Knew Too Much about Flyj-rrg Saucersrl
and r ev eaLing a l o n g k e p t secret.
Or* f,2.1 ,O
SPACE REVIEW by Albert K. Bender IRICE 1Z/O





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