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AustralianFlying Saucer Reviewis a non-profiteducational publication producedby the Victorian
Flying Saucer ResearchSociety,P.O. Box 43, Moorabbin,Victoria. The function of the society is to
collate and disseminateinformationabout the subjectof FlyingSaucersor UnidentifiedFlyingObjects.

GEoFF.RUMPF.Tcl. Kallista 9&f42 Vice President& Sighting lnvestigations
JUDITHM. MAGEE.Tel. 92251t2 Secretary
NEV|ILE THoRNHILL7571- FTG1384.... .... AssistantSighting Investigation0fficer
PAUL NORMAN . Public RelationsOfficer
KlT. FRANGES-WILLIAMS AssistantSocretary


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SUBSCRIPTION Thereviewwelcomesarticlesfor publication,
letters and news clippings, in addition to
v.F.s.R.s. sightingreports.Addressall communications
Full Membership - ($4.20)
per annumwhich to:-
includes free issue of magazine. P.O.,Box tl3, Moorabbin,
Pensionerc and Juniors- ($2.10)per annum Victoria.
which includes free issue of magazine.
Materialappearingin this publicationmay
0verceasMemberchip- U.SA.
$(2.511) be reproducedwith appropriatecredits.
Single copy of magazine (4llc) Aust. plus Contributionspublisheddo not necessarily
{c. postagp. reflect the policy of the V.F.S.R.S.
Know your committee,

Public RelationsOfficer, Mr. Paul Norman was born

and educated in the United States. With the exception
of six years in the U.S. Navy and a short period as a
Publisher's Representative, he served in various
positions up to Hydro-ElectricPower Project Superin-
tendent with the U.S. Corps of Engineers and as
Charge Engineer in Thermal-ElectricStations.

He has been interested in the U.F.O. phenomenon

since 1953, after observingone of the mystery objects
hover over a power station in Middle Tennessee.His
interest was intensifiedwhen Major Keyhoe was cut
off the C.B.S.,Coast to Coast TelevisionNetwork,while
trying to tell American People about U.F.O. investi-
gations and a few moments later an Air Force spokes-
man stood before millions of TV viewers and said,
"Your Air Force would not withhold the facts". At that
time Mr. Norman joined the fight to end the policy of
public decepion.

In 1963, Mr. Norman immigratedto Australiawith his

wife and two sons where he remains active with the

Editorial. N.l.C.A.P.,was invited to Boulder, Colorado, for talks

with official investigators.During a ten hour discussion,
the Australian U.F.O. scene was placed before the
Australia, the land of contrast, has an amazingly Condon Committee, including the identical R.A.A.F.
similar record of mysterious flying objects as those debunking examples as those followed by the U.S.A.F.
reported from all over the world. Because Australian Even as this meeting was in progress arrangements
Ufologists have remained on the alert these reports, were made for Mr. Norman to fly back to Chicago for
which have been investigatedand recorded in the face a second session with Dr. Allen Hyneck, Chief Civilian
of otficiallysponsoredridicule are now under scientific Consultantfor the U.S. Air Force, Jacques Vallee and
evaluation. other scientists from NorthwesternUniversitv and the
Recent activity here and abroad indicatesthat these Universityof Chicago.
efforts have not been made in vain. Headinga long list Other meetings were organised with U.F.O. experts
of encouraging signs, was the major breakdown and in Washington, D.C., and San Francisco. Three days
exposure of the official debunking policy ordered by were spent in Tucson, with University of Arizona's
the United States Central Intelligence Agency. After Physicist, Professor James E. McDonald, one of the
what may have been a fruitless attempt for a com- world's most informedscientistson the U.F.O.problem.
puterized selection of Menzelian "scientists", official As a result of these talks the interest aroused in
investigationswere lransferredfrom Project Bluebook scientific circles prompted requestsfor our assistance
to Colorado. University'sDepartment of Physics and and Dr. McDonald'sdecision to visit Australia for first
Astrophysics, where scientists are expanding their hand interviewswith key witnesses.
study of reports from the global ufology network. U.F.O.interest throughout the world increaseswhile
While on a personalvisit to America, early this year, the Air Forces continue to sound like cracked phono-
our Public Relations Officer, at the suggestion of graph records as they obey obsoletedebunking orders.
Th e mis s ingho u r s .
O n the nig ht o f Sep t em ber 19, 1961, Bet t y and
Barney Hill claimed a close observation of a U.F.O.
which followed their car through the White Mountains
of New Hampshire.The experience left them shaken,
but under time-regressionhypnosisan amazing account
of contact with alien intelligencesemerged which has
since been the subject of lively debate among U.F.O.
researchers.For a detailed description of the Hills'
absorbing claim, readers are ref6rred to John G.
Fuller's "The lnterrupted Journey", published by Dell
Publishing Company.

A psychiatrist looks at
th e H ills enc ou n t e r .
by Paul Zeck, M.8., B.S., D.Psych., M.A.N.Z.C.P.

Paul Zeck was born in Sydney and graduated in

Medicine from Sydney Universityin 1943. He obtained
his Diploma of Psychiatry at Edinburgh University in
1954 and after working with the Mental Health Services
in Western Australia has for the last eight years been
engaged in private practice in Psychiatryin Perth. He
is married with one daughter who is attending Uni-
Dr. Zeck is a member of the Victorian Flying Saucer
Research Society.

I have been asked, as a psychiatrist familiar with

abreactive techniques, to comment on the series of
articles serialised in the Melbourne Herald which
commenced September 25, 1966, concerninq the
qccount of the 6xperiencesof Betty and Barne-yHill.
This account was obtained under hypnosis by Dr.
Benjamin Simon and consideredworthy of publication
for its. general-(sensational?)interest. In order to give Barney and Betty Hill with their dachshund, Desley
a critical review of the material presented in
articles I feel it is necessaryto discuss the methods of Dr. Simon is not prepared to commit himself to a
obtaininglhe informationand the psychiatricapproach statement that because it is recovered by abreaction
in general.
it must be the truth. This is far from the case. I recall
The. techniques of abreaction is used by many psy- a discussion I had some years ago with Dr. A. J.
chiatrists to recover forgotten, and often repressed, Shorvon who did a great deal of work with abreactions
memories which are causing symptoms to the patient in psychiatric battle casualties in England during and
becausethey have been rejected, rather than acbepted after World War ll in which he discussed how a
and faced as part of experience. lt is almost as if soldier under Amytal abreacted his being trapped in
there is an active censor in the mind that prevents a tank which had been set on fire by "Mblotov'Gock-
certain events from being called to memory in the tail". This had never happened-it was only what the
normal fashion. These memories are usuailv of a soldier had always been afraid would happen-not a
painful nature and are prevented from comiirg inio real event at all. In memory real events and imagined
consciousness, but not erased completelv from the ones are equivalent and interchangeable.
mind. They may be represented in disgui6ed fashion
In consctousness. Dr. lan Martin, who is at present the Federal
Secretary of the Australianand New Zealand Associa-
Abreaction is the name given to all the various tion of Psychiatrists,writing in a December 31, 1966,
methods of bringing these memories to consciousness issue of "The Medical Journal of Australia,, in an
so that they can be dealt with. For example: A person article dealing with abreactionssays "Some of us had
may have a symptom of unreasonablednd exiessive been especially interested in the recall of early ex-
fear of small closed rooms, lifts, etc., but not be aware periencesand the fascinatingby-productsof false iecall
of the reason. Abreaction may enable this person to as exemplifiedby the notorious case of Bridey Murphy
recall their fears at being locked in a wardiobe in a and the 'medium' in seances. The true value-of reiail
childish..gameat the age of three and thus be able, is the constructionof fantasyor the return of memories,
eventually,to deal with the fears. I personallv favour within either of which the pathogenic experiencesare
the use of drugs such as Amytal oi L.S.D. tb assist dramatised." (1).
recall but hypnosis is quite a iamiliar technique. lt is
a usual procedure to make a tape recordini of the The Bridey Murphy case is worth mentionino.This
session and play it back to the iatient later-on. The case which, at the time received extensive pfOticity,
drugs used are often referredto as ,,truth druqs". This involved a young married woman who under hvpnosis
term is unfortunatelyvery loose. lt need noi be the was regressedpast her childhood into a former'exist-
truth and the same applies as well to abreaction under ence, if the experimentor is to be believed, and she
nypnosrs. related and relived her former life as Bridey Murphy
being able to, describe surroundings,everyddy evehtd,
As Dr. Simon himself says, ,,But it must be under- etc., and producing a consistentand logical tiistory. ti
stood that h.ypnosis is a pdthway to the truth as it is was claimed that. the tape recordings m-adedealt with
tett.and understood by the patient. The truth is what rear expenencesin a past existence_this interpretation
ne Dertevesto be the truth.,' lt is clear from this that has not been generally accepted.
Another phenomenonthat occurs under abreaction, prejudiced people subjected to sexual indignities and
as in drearr-rs, is symbolic representation.Events and assault and after a couple of hours allowed to go on
people may be represented not as they are but as their way shakenand distressedby what had happened,
caricaturesof the real thing and sometimesrepresenta- not wanting to rernember(amnesic)but overjoyedthat
tion may become so distorted as to be replaced by they had been released without any greater harm
something quite different but which still stands for the coming to either of them. What leads to this con-
thing represented.As a crude example: going on a clusion? Notice the later panic at the encounterwith a
journey may represent a desire to escape from an group of people on the roadside-this had happened
intolerablesituation. Events may be of such a nature before. Read carefullythe descriptionsof the examina-
that the conscious mind cannot accept and face them. tions; their clamminess afterwards,the mention of a
A soldier treated by Dr. Shorvon for periods of amnesia pregnancy test, etc. These are all a disguised or
remembered, under drugs, escaping from a sinking symbolic description of sexual indignities or rape
s ubmarine b y cla mbe ring up a ladder in t he c onning which neither party would want to remember after-
tower,.clawinghis mates out of the way and stamping wards. Barney's shoes were scuffed at the toes-this
on their fingers in his frantic efforts to qet free at all suggests dragging face down, not careful carrying as
costs. Bringing a memory like this to the surface can would be in keeping with the gentle treatmenf as
cause .comp.letedisruption of the personality and the described.
amnesiain this case had to be reinforcedby duooestion Betty rvas the sironger character of the couple. She
not broken down to enable the man to !o o.-n- living was a firm believer in flying saucers. She convinced
with himself. herself that she had seen one earlier in the evenino
I hope that this preamble has made it clear that and then the rest would follow on naturallyfrom there]
because the material referred to in the article was rnuch better to believe that you have been in a flying
obtained under hypnosisdoes not vouch for its realitv. saucer than to know that you have been set upon and
Its truth or otherwise must rest on the consistencv. raped. lf nothing had happened beyond what the
logic and probability of the story itself-that it is on couple described under hypnosiswhy the great anxiety
internal evidence.When I read the article I could not afterwards?They would have known they had not been
help. recalling.a.Science Fiction story I read recenily harmed and that there was nothing to- fear from the
py Jerry Sohl. (2). The story was different but th6 saucer people yet they were deeply afraid. There would
rmpresstonwas the same-the article reads life fiction. be no reasonfor fear, no need for psychiatrictreatment
Let us now look at the case of Betty and Barney for the couple if it had happened as described,there-
Hill. Barney was a Negro married to a white woman fore it could not have been this way.
travelling in the United States of America. Racial I beiieve that there are beings out there somewhere.
prejudice was flaring at this time and incidents were I I would like to believe that they are interested in us
to be expected. He was a. nervous subject with high and perhapswilling to contact us but I arn sorry to sav
blood pressure and an ulcer. His wifd Betty would the Herald account does not give me any reason t6
appear a somewhatdumb, but forceful woman. (Notice belierrethat this has yet taken place.
that she did not know that a year representeo one
revolutionof the earth around the sun.) lt was she who (1) "The Search for Bridey Murphy". Morey Bern-
f i r st had d rea ms of b ein g on boar d. a f ly ing s auc er stein, Hutchinson. London 1956. For the reader
and she "infected" her husband t would iliink. who was interestedan account of the experiments
What really happened?We will probably never know, should be available from the State Libiary.
but after reading the account several times I think that (2) "Night Slaves". Jerry Soht. Gotd Medal Books,
most probably they were halted by a group of raclally ForcettPublications.


control panel
-''-z I
\ F'igure

UFO as seen by Barney Hill showing figures,

"fins," and red lights. From sketchby Barney Hill.
TheoreticalEvidencein ratio. Indeed so much so, that even an elementary
study of the electric rocket motor reveals it to be
U.F.O.Sight ing s useless as an earth-space booster.
by Leonard G. Gramp, M.|.S,A.,A.R., Ae,S. Getting past this stage might take quite a littie time,
for the student researcher may adamantly claim yet
smaller ejection mass rates and higher exhaust velo-
The following is an article contributed exclusively
cities to be possible for his electric rocket motor.
to "The Review" by the author of two important works
on the subject of U.F.O. propulsion: "Space Gravity Naturally enough this is all very embarrassingto the
and the Flying Saucer" and "Piece for a Jigsaw". rocket engineer, for he can visualise no drastic im-
provements yet. Still unimpressed, the U.F.O. re-
Fascinatingas such research can be, by no means searcher presses on. What about the photon and
is the lift-propulsiontechnique employed by U.F.O.s nuclear rocket motors,surely our visitors have mastered
of primary importance.After all, the ships now visiting these?
this planet are piloted or remotely controlled by other And so the argument would go on but rather point-
intelligences.Intelligenceswhose origin, beyond much lesslyyou rnightfeel, for interestingas they are, none of
doubt, reside somewhere in outer space. these techniquesreally support the existenceof U.F.O.s
This obviously must be and is our primary concern, one bit. Finally, the seeker faces up more realistically
for to be interested solely in the craft and not in the to the situation and almost in despair his dynamical
designers,or their purpose in coming here, would be mental excursions come to a grinding halt. Now with
comparableto the behaviourol primitive natives over- mixed feelings of disappointmentand relief, he finds
awed by a grounded helicopter,while oblivious of its hirnself back at the blessed serenity of square one,
crew. Naturallyenough most newcomersto the cult of ready and eager to start all over again!
UFOlogy will, after initial acceptance of our extra- By now he has exercised his thinking somewhat and
terrestrial visitors, deliberate to some degree on the from among the little of his earlier conflictingthoughts,
modus operandiof their space craft. lt is an occupation emerges one concrete and indisputablefact, at which
which most of us to some lesser or greater extent have he grasps eagerly. Whether it be a man made aero-
permitted ourselves. Whereas, and perhaps more plane, dirigible, rocket or extra-terrestrial
flying saucer,
realistically,a study of possible propulsion techniques fundamentally they would seem to be craft which
to consolidatethe evidencefor the existenceof U.F.O.s, oppose the force of gravity and of gravity we know
may prove to be rather more productive. In a word, practically nothing. Thus, equipped with this valuable
there is much which can be done to support the piece of information,the student can now apply some
evidence for U.F.O.swith theory, rather than support pure logic in the following manner.
theory with U.F.O. reports for the mere sake of the So far, all our attempts to combat gravity are but
theory alone. dynamicaloppositionsto it, and it may be more profit-
This rather natural, but misleading trend is most able in the long run for us to assume that there must
evident, indeed one can judge fairly accurately just be a technique for combatting gravity at its root and
how long some technicallyinclinedstudentsof UFOlogy further to assume that we have mastered this tech-
have been studying the subject by their tendency to nique. We should then be in a position to make a few
pursue the following general pattern. i.e. first, having generalisaiionsconcerning it.
accepted the existence of U.F.O.s, they attempt to The first reasonable assumption we can make is
relate certainflight behaviourto aerodynamics,because that gravity, being as it obviously is, a kind of field
the craft glow white hot due to friction, etc., is an energy, requires that our newly discovered technique
early diagnosis. Secondly, and as he progresses,the will almost certainly involve the formation of this field
student may become convinced that U.F.O.s employ energy. Gravitational field energy is manifest as a
the principleof rocket or jet propulsion.Then becoming motivatingforce on inanimatematter,i.e. becauseof it,
more intimately aware of the limitations (such as solid bodies are said to "fall". Similarly, we could
enormous bulk requirements)met by our rocket engin- expect our new field energy technique to produce a
eers, he might justify his comparisonswith the rocket motivating force on any matter within its vicinity,
by assuming some other highly exotic fuel to be including the device which created it.
possessedby the saucer designers. By these logical deductions we arrive at our new
The next peep through his somewhat darkened technique of space ship propulsion and from this
looking glass convinces him that the U.F.O.semploy a fundamentalconcept make certain predictions on the
sophisticatedform of plasmaengine and once again the behaviour and accompanying phenomena such gravi-
student is thus tempted to explain away the electro- tational manipulationwould create.
magneticand auroral effectsdisplayedby the enigmatic We can, for example, predict with certainty that the
craft. crew of such a vehicle would experience no sense of
But a deeper acquaintance of this technlque very accelerationor motion. lf the field which took our ship
soon portrays the limitations of such method, which aloft was a powerful field (as would be required for a
presumably our visitors would also have met, i.e. swift lift-off) then this field would extend beyond the
electric or "high energy" exhaust velocity rockets craft and cause ground effects, indeed some of the
inherently sutfer from a very poor power for weight ground beneath the craft might "fall" upwards with it!
Side thruEt
- Field Inducers


/\ /
I g radius

l,ow st!uctural

Folward thrust
I g ditferential


Fig 37. Structurol difiqential and ground effects due to varying focal lmgths Md Fig 32. Shiploew g. difretential provideil by secondaryfeld inducers'
feld snengths,

See diagrams fig. 32 and 37. In attemptingto set this somewhat inadequateguide
down here, I im once more acutely reminded .of the
These are the more obvious predictions the re' Jitticuttv oi doinq iustice to an otherwise fascinating
searcher might make, there are many more. From his story. Tb tell merll'! a little ol the story is inadequate'
newly acquired standpoint, seemingly inconsistent to illustrate more c-an spoil the rest. Sufficient I think
U.F.O. reports emerge in a new completeness,theory to recommend to those'so interested, a serious study
is beginning to contribute something, for now the of the U.F.O.behaviourin terms of the G. tield theory.
researcher can go on making more and yet more To this end, I have devoted many years of thinking
predictions,then look to the U.F.O.files for verification. and exDeriment,some of the conclusions having been
lf one by one his predictionsare not supported by the set out in "Piece for a Jig-Saw". I can only repeat here
phenomenondescribed in the sightings, then he must what I have said perhaps too often in that work. "There
return once more to square one and start all over is far too much evidence making a good engineering
again, such a course is often disappointing,but it is story, for this to be explained by mere chance alone."
honestly the only satisfyingone.
Having trodden a similar road I feel I can olfer some
help, for having returnedso often to that square one, I
have found the predictions implied by the motivating
field theory supported by the U.F.O. reports more than
any other theory. But by far the more important is the
fact that U.F.O.sightingswhich, when otherwise exam- "Piece for a Jig Saw" may be purchasedfor $5.15
ined singularlymake very little sense at all, emerge as
a very exciting picture when examined collectively trom Ajay's Bookshop,380 FlindetsStreet,Melbourne.
from the motivatingof G. field concept.
Mrs. Jean Helen Sant on the 16/4/67 at 9.45 p.m'
RecentActivities of the observed a bright orange coloured object very large
AustralianFlying Saucer and low in the sky. The object was round on the
ResearchSocietY(Adelaide) bottom, and the top appearedto be uneven.There was
also a tail on one side.
Our Sister Society in South Australia recently had
The obiect hovered for a few minutes, until a plane
a display in the windows of John Martin Company Ltd''
was seen heading towards the obiect and at this stage
showing various photographs of Unindentified Flying
the object turned and moved off at a fantastic speed
Obiects and describing some of the work which the
and disappearedover the sea.
Society carries oui.
This photographwas taken from a northern suburb
of Adelaide on 13/6/65. The object hovered for 20
minutes,then shot off in an easterly direction.
This U.F.O.appears very similar to the Hallam U'F'O' Mrs. S. Hopton and M. Holden on the 28/5/67 at
on the front cover. approximately 2 a'm. observed three objects while
travelling between Murray Bridge and Mannum'
The objects were very bright, two of the objects were
moving while the other was stationary.By the time they
passed the objects, the two moving, moved behind
them across the road heading towards the ground and
then stopped.
By the time the witnessesturned around to observe
the obiects they had gone over a crest in the road and
could only see the glow from the obiects'

M r . J . A . C a r s o n o n t h e 1 6 / 5 / 6 7 a t 1 1 '3 0 p 'm '

observed a red coloured light on the opposite side of
the River Murray. Thinking it was some vehicle in
trouble, he crossed the river but when he searched
amongstthe trees for the object it had iust disappeared'

Mr. C. Hutton on the 21/6/67 al 8.18 p.m. observed

two large green lights,which appearedto be connected
together travelling south-westand dipping towards the
horizon, travelling at a fantastic speed. The objects
then iust disappearedcompletely.

THE FOLLOWINGSIGHTINGSARE SOME OF Miss J. J. Cole on lhe 14/8/67 at 10.30p.m. observed

THE DATA WHICHTHE SOUTHAUSTRALIAN a large bright red round object approachingfrom the
SOCIETY HAS GATHERED DURING 1967 east. The obiect seemed to hang over the city for a
Mr. W. Wilson on 1/4/67 at 2 a.m' observed an while and then disaPPeared.
orange coloured object shaped like a ball and about
the size of a plate appear out of the clouds, and then
disappearback into the clouds again. On return out of
the clouds for the second time a smaller object
emerged from the bottom and moved off at a fantastic
speed. The large object then went into the clouds and
did not return.

Many Australian scientists and representatives of
U.S. Scientistaddresses news media are now preparedto admit that the subject
U.F.O.Societies is a much more significantone than they had hitherto
Following his return to the United States, Professor
A leading American scientist, Dr. James E. Mc-
McDonald has been engaged in several new lecture
Donald, visited Australia in July and addressedseveral
meetings organised by local U.F.O.Societies. tours and expects to be able to place fresh material
before the United Nations Outer Space Affairs Group,
which Committee he addressed before his Australian
All Australianresearcherswill wish James McDonald
continuing success in his endeavours to win recog-
n i t i o n f o r o u r m u c h m a l i g n e ds u b j e c t .

Dr, James E, McDonald

Astrophysicisl, Universily ot Arizona.
U. T h a n t a n d th e U.F .O.
Prior to his Australian visit, Professor James Mc-
Donald succeeded in arranging an interview with U.N.
Secretary-GeneralU. Thant and the Outer Space Affairs
Dr. McDonald is Senior Physicist in the Institute of
Group for the purpose of briefing them on U.F.O.s.
AtmosphericPhysics and Professor in the Department
of Meteorology at Arizona University. Dr' McDonald Although the Middle East crisis prevented U. Thant
visited Australia under the auspices of the U'S. Navy f rom attending the meetings, Professor McDonald
to further his researchwork in the field of atmospheric addressedthe Group on the 7th June.
physics. While in Australia, he was able to devote
While Dr. McDonald was in Melbourne, a news
much of his time to his private investigationsinto the
U.F.O. problem, interviewing some 80 witnesses source emanating from a San Francisco radio station
throughoutthe Commonwealth,and addressingvarious recorded that U. Thant had stated that he regarded the
groups of scientistsas well as the general meetings of U.F.O.problem second only in internationalimportance
members of the Melbourne and Sydney Societies. to the Vietnamesewar.
The Professorwas also able to find time for appear- Dr. McDonald recently advised us however that U.
ances on several A.B.C. television and radio shows as Thant has since denied the alleged statement.
well as the highly-rated 3DB session "Talk back to
"The Review" will endeavour to gain further in-
Barry Jones".
formation on this puzzling matter and if so will publish
The beneficialeffect of ProfessorMcDonald'svisit to
AustralianU.F.O.researchcannot be over emphasised. it in the next issue.
Pilot says'saucersn
grid around pro-
The Greek sauc
the world
a RETIRED Ior its Nike missiles. He has
represented Gre@e at 23 in-
/\ tessor ot inter- ternational scientific con-
I || natronat lame, gresses, and is the author
190 scientific Iiis
who used to play violin decorations llclude the two
WELLINGTON, Soturdcy.-A duets with Albert Ein- hichest creek orders. th6e of
Ne w Z e o l c n d o i r l i n e co p to in h o s stein, believes flying George I and the Phoenix.

produced o devostoting new theory sallcers are planning an Professor Santorini

ted for several bfore
invasion of Earih. piunging
thot flying soucers ore estob- irrto the llyhg
ce r co n tr o ve L sy,
Phy-sicist and engiDeer Paul
lishing on intricote grid oround Sa n [o fi n i , xi r se p i o l l e e r h tg During a p l |n n .d half-
work helped i[ l h e d e ve l o p - hout interview that satetch-
the eorth's surfoce. m e D t o i r a d n r . th e fu se s l o r cd into r threc-hour con-
t{e uses accurate nrathe- I sithtings oI l} same ob- the Hiroshima alom bomb Yersalion al his home, lhe
Daiical calculatioDs tc I ject a n d tl l e n a p a l m b o m b , ca r n e professor att.ibutcd to fly-
aupport his theory and has I "workjng on tlat as- o u t o f a tw o - l e a r r cti r e n r e r t ing sucer acti{ity thc arrt
lriibn a b@k on the I sumption I fix.d tts line to lecture to the Greek Astro- New York blackoul of Nov-
D a u l i ca l So ci e l y a n d to g i ve cmb. 9. 1965. .nil two
rubject. of trarel end xtended the
a n i d te r ( i .'w to Ath e l s Radio. smaller but similatty uncx-
His c om plic at ed nlat hs line D o r t h , Born in Odssa 73 vears plaind pDwr faitues in
have been prold cortect, a "I found it .r.ctly in-
aqo. Prolessor Santorini is th .rs(rn United States
representetive of the book's tersected the poiDt $hcre n o t a m o d q th e l u n a l i c lringe and llxico aboua thc samc
Irubljshers said this week. I had mad my Kdpara o l sci e n ti sts a L l r a cte d b v th e time.
.,We have had his calcu- I Harhr p u b l i ci tv poLenlial
observation r !ar o t l l yi n g All thtee blackouts he said.
IgtioDs checked by a later. sa r r ce r i l r vsti g a ti o n . co i n ci d e d w i th eak flvins
Dath en let ic ian et Vic t or ia i A fe l l o w o f th e N e {'Yo r k saucer activily ii t.he+aleas

H+jTr;;t'j"#*'; Explosion
uD.' tne reoresen[auve
- Academv
a six-inch
of Sciences. he ratps
entry in the Intea-
Y/lro's Who.
affected. wiih saucers crlrising
a l o n g l h e Fw e r 1in6.
- - "- * - - - ' . - L r h c l i n e s o u 'h He is the hold.'r of two Professor Santorini said
Jiia , l- Efr c n d i n 8
gale a-n. inlerscction D Ur- besic patents of the gilidance th a t th e r e w e r e tw o p 4 sil)ili-
Tho Dilor is Nat ional Air _
tr'ii"5i,l'-lii:,.iio t"ra'n a* a ar ihP system adopted by the U.S. ti 6 co n ce r n i n g th e
FPin3s cr ihie or Auc k jand r op o- r t h e S o u r h l s l a n d - f
" fi ;"' ti;;;:;i"".; i;;; cronsitrsth. riDe CAPTAIN BRUCECATHIE
ol-lavPlof nrrobjectwhi'h
t}t"r trti-uriircastare "-,;;i *iti
i;'a'i'pi"iid"",lni"*r 6 secn over rhe any prc-determined posl-
ll3^d..^l.ll" distrjci near tion-"
iri"iulu*-'C"pt"in t"i1;".- *,:ll:^",1^ Captain Cathie says he
inieri;ew thinks the "sucers' could

m ad e a t t h ( s a m e t i m ? a s
b placing a tyf
on the intersetios,
of beacon
Xew.Zc alm d

tiwed him , _-
Ser ur ir v
-- els nav e aueeov' _ lnr pf -
r he We t r a r a p a

, ji"i, , i * :,
L6d h r 4 '. e d a n o b j c c t
ihe grids physical
"I believe the

A S o c i e ty fo r Sa u eer
r ap aa r n ( ar ht e t ot d r he
Cun da v
llir r or
he had no
s peeulalion
ihc . a m-e-
-"1. "i :
a;Dra n
DUlville Island

Carhi raid
tions are
"At the
hing covercd
he ssid.

ffi '" #_;iil "'il;il'
atu ut "I it { le c r een m en or l } n- . j ,, pattern
;; l]li;",h though tlre world

b y "";'""1,"x';";l:,f#;
sems to beve begun in
-TYfSt-": nrarchrng up othei 1946, sightings relevant to
rm lnr c r es Fd t n r s v pr i l t e d s j d h r l n g s h e tourtd the gdds sbow that
_..'AI iDtr-
the me t hem alic al. pr oof of . t hal a C r i d p a r i e r n o f p r c - setioro ovr
Dy_ gild .t heor y .
no glo De lealls ed
{ lp s - alg:
hr s
c ls e
- hor
measuremenls arms have been left largely
andotherwe,rdphenomena will be themain
"' jj,,o
Ca p'"dr]'a
. ]n
the ory
t}|e ory
Olsre pu t e
c ould
M aUs e
be held in
ne lr ad aD! l t e d
c "a, n
C t ni "i e
hjs NeW Zealand
s. "i,aa hn e" "I Lhlnk
coulil bc leaving
the 'sauccrs'
tbc bqilt-
topicfor discussion
lor a groupjuJt formedin Canbera.
&giln hs c alc ulat jon! sf]!r' to a
c ; ic u l a l l o n s Srid up ucas tlll ldt, prhlF

tlgn llng _ tn c ov e r i t r s the $orld and to Dinimlsa the chenccs ot
ODJ@I nlm s ell.- Dr den( lneblp, i onc e a e a i n f o u n d verified Thegroupis rhe

UFO stud
"1 f, ew O v I e c t Par - .
, s jgltt i n g s placed "saucers
th sp cd
s r at ionar y
_( alpar a
objec t
. Har m r . |
o\ f o r i n - t e r a e c l i o n s .
"T l l e n I stumbled On a
Secrel (rnberra Unidenti-
DOItn O I Audl8nd,
hle eJea E
ag- o. ' - he. s aid- ^
c han c e
c o\ p h , "
h sajd,
dis- Captaln Cathie sid hc f,ed tlying 0biecrs o n Cl *
{ould not spcul&t about
po"itioL'" JJ"J""fi ry'^ ai'; i,-::evi:,at verilied sisht- the purpose of the grids. Research Sociefy, i dentrf
ihar pr@rprdme io .ot- JlLFi.,t'^d "ot match up Captain Cathie biieves
tect dtrrir'sl!nti-nis' i"r,i"it )'li--tlL Br patlrn' and the gids may hove exishd which came into
had bf,en vlrined'bv ;d; l- 3l:"?l9l*--t1i!^lh:.
rhPAP 9^T- once
before on the vorld's
iii;;;;^";;;i;:;#.;;il; 1.1"::..!::"*n
tJ-,T:?.19d sith mv orisi- "It @uld be that thty beinglast week;
;n&dr;d]i;;;"if;; ;i i;; lar r /Eur s .
*--"*'- l^ h;
* F- - n ,
.tn are being lebuilt-
^h r.^r.
l-.". I turn,.this !av. h. "I'm led toward lhts lda Univenity rlud-
becauso mey
Suspicion ;",:.',i:lfj
ol the
world's notable geograptdc anlt. busine:smen,

t ing sirh rhe Ieaturs lie on tbe lntor-
hrsr in t_ac houswivcr qnd q
- all t hes e I began s am e $ a y t l a l aircralt in- sections ol the gdds," he
to 8 et s om e s Npic jon r hat , strumnt-ktdlnE syst.m8 serd_ ntetoorologisl wrru
I pattern was developing. I oprete. Tlle gogmphlc teatures onong 25 peoplc
"I tound that veufied i "This got me pretty ex- included the Ali@ne ta. , -:*"_
alghtings in & number of i cited, bcause it meani that CEts, the Chubb Cratr who mct to form thr
lhrticular @ss four ypars:aD\onc usin the grid co- in and the WoU aodsty lqrt weet.
ago, tor lnstmce, indicaled ordinatcs uoutd get methe- Clek Cr&ter l! Western planned . .Aa excitcd reidcnt rc. :-r: ir
be round th.
l,hat they had all ben matically accurato txes on Australia. poned *cint an unidcori-
Four memberc of Canberra didrict and u :o,,-,o-"nuly
uotccr *n
.r _mysieriour
tn r!. !kl. fi.d nviry obiet sbout
$r Victoriqn UfO far at thc South Coast. Ciril
.Aviatiotr. Deparr- ;; fi * of tts !uo.
Sdciety were omong ment air contol omcrr
A Mt. Stromio scientist :li- 6
at Fairbaim
rrlSlJN" |U|ELBC|URNE 6lh July 1967 thot. who oilended, will Biyc r sriq o! lce
ralcb.d th. tr. srid itr e!tr. io cl: !!r

Th6 ACT sociery will

tures to tho goup.
ohjct b 20 minules be
1016:U d'sapprarcd.
tho color of mcrcury aod
itr cd$r serc shimmer-
:: : :
b o l d a p u b l ;c m * r i n g ro Menbcrr of ihc Vie Eg'
It *as allo sighted by r
lN Melbourne as part of a world-wide campaign to clee. up the tw e l l i t! r r n ks n e xt m o n r h . torian society pill b. id:
pilot, u ofrc.r ol
vited to giv! r saric. ol TA4 A taxi drivcr allo st
flying-saucer mystery is American PrcfessorJames E, McDomld- Mr.
tho_ Mcteorological Burcau tho shioing obj.ct, vhich
H. Zwantbuized talks to thc group.
Prof. McDonaid is Proi l{cDonald has scribed as surveittence." iFads thc provisional com-
and at rll. Srromlo ob. disepear.d bchind r
intervie*ing Victorialr been *.o*rng full-0nte p!of. McDonald h* M., srl?r. cloud.
witnesscsof unidertili, d mX16 st up to fu(her Zwankhuian hfi
on lhe UF\:) nlysrerv lor ,,,-ii-. r,n_Li'"'i" "","-_
il;" - ;,;i;;;-*ir:"i;e
trvils. - !.F9:: 13 .il,onrhs. th c so ci e l j , colleatcd I ,ot of matcrisl
Ar)d "ire.c-t1
sishtinss oi roe Ir) rhar tirne mv at- ili,i,"a iiliiii-"' about unidcntificd flylng
otrjecrscoutd be !l anl-
thing. higher-in _Asha-
lia tban in the U.S.. he
rilude abour rhrrn has
(hnted completell he
- gJ"n"J'ijii'atv
'Spre . Mr. Zwankhuizen,
ls ! member of th6
objecls s*d i! all prrk of
thc world, CAilBERNA
iinaiij Crourj-ino rne torian Flyiilg Sauc.r Re-
said last night. .. lthen asked if he be- ii.t Gpci.taiv-denerai Farcb Sociely, said the His material lncludcs
ts,or. M Do.,ardr trs,r I'il,ld ^'lJ^g"-?l:^I:''Jl u irini ri*"rireea ro ACT group would *ek repods of siahringt hrde IH I C OU TIE I
praners he tPpet fum.
is orrnq sDonsorrcl bv afrliation with the Yic- by a collctim ol authori
the U.S. Government, rcplkd:',Thchypthesis {orian socielt. tath? people in tho ACT
31,1"';'ll-,"'ili*llr","-: ;13L1'"'"f3't"iiiil::: Pror.-McDonard
D- Mr. Zwanthuiz.n said
arca in July, 1955.
11, 1967
H* irihviNs in' Vii- Suimts-i.dbr'iit'.:iii:
-!11! .9ne-9r..!lle
-'-e-19s obscrlation nights would Tie RAAF was unablc
3f st Aug. 1967.

he Greek saucerer
!:, riO- for its Nike missiles.
represnted Gre*e
He has
at 23 in-
Fron VICTOR WALKER in Alhens
Hunter hod

krrational scientifi0 con- gying had llo

sho lisit eirth in sau- against which earllr
srsses. and is the author of
190 scienlific papes. I{is
First. "if these beings are
possibility ol defnce."
authoriiies souqht
Warrnambool, Vic.
derorations ilrclude the two a Civil
of about the sane biological t o d e n v t h e e x i s t en ce o f tl y-
>-:: Eh- hilhest Greck orders. thN o!
construction as us, tbey car- llg saucers because 's'hen
ceorqe I and the Phoenix.

Elnore in spotlight
not conre from outside the earth is invaded there is cer-
Professor Santodni hesita- syslem df our own sun." tain to be a panic."

:--:- ted for

several years
Xrto the flyirg
corrre from
'if these
our solar
cer con irover s y , svstem, then Llreir bodrly con- their effect on the doc[fine of

a pl|nneil slruction nrust be entirely dif-
h ou r in ter v iew
t hat s t r eac h- ferent from ours."
A B IN A LON G B A Y mon "s potl i ghted"
Profsor Santorini' own
.d into a threc-hou. con- Professor Sanlorini said personal exfriences ot flying si x uni denti fi edfl yi ng obj ec tsobout s mi l e
vrsation at his homc, the his own obsrvations of fly- saucers canle in 194?, wheu
professor attribut.d to fly- inq sauceN over AtheDs, a[d the creek Armv supplied him from hi s home on Tuesdo yni ght.
' *- : ; : e::! in g sa ucer a( t ir i( y lhe gt er t his subsequent investigations, nith a team of eDgineers to
\.-e e York bhc k oul


1965, Nnd
smalle r b ul s lm ilar ly
of Nov -

unc x -

hRd led hinr

eD g a g e d
to believe
in surveyinq
an d a n l n r a l s a m p l e s .
ed to be Rssian
ing over Grcece,

"we established
missiles, but
w e r e b e l i e v-


b-, GO, Iileilneslry

sn."lor. ,l i lsa
D e r n o ,u ;Il
{l "I

s:n l l i n '
i ,l .,p "!l .o r .- se _ '- l r l
$ . tn e o 0 te cl S. sa ) o

tn e 0 g h tq l n r n .

p cu ca n s
o n e bv one thev went out.
r e ,i e h r i;1g
!o 0 ti i Sht
.;e cta ble
beam sas
distan.e a*ay,
a re,

and llxico rbout lhc samc Th inlercncc to bc *ThGt ale eltrng ii thi, fh e v all then dirted off
c o u l d d o m o r e t h e a tm y au- e ycs.
timc. ihawn was that an invasion ghost irab at ElEorc. - Bu t l o .\a r d s lhe east - slill in
thodli6, alter conferring $ h cn l h e y ca n E cl o s.
All three blackouts he said. might be coming. with Pentagon omcials. order- It wai *n lst, night l o r a ta l lon
e r . h e r m m e d j a te l y sa w th e y
co incidcd wit h f ak ny ing Prolessor Santorini attri- ed the observations to discon- by the tamr.B ud the ,,1 t,. . pity w! dtdn't l.t
! ts:r T r:; l ve r c to o b i g fo r p e l i ca n s-
sau ce r ac hiv it v in t helar eils butd to thtee lactors llre tinue." he said. lqal as it flashql
troce. a n d th e \r r o D g sh a p e . fh .m g.t, but wa
affected. with saucers c||rising world blanket oI secrecv cdb then, he cherged, *rcs the *v troh th
:' e : : : e : - Since
a lon q the f wer lin6. oler flying saucer octivitY. had joined the "world $nth-*rst to'the "Th cY were rolnd, wilh w cr ' curlous
I crece cast.
lhlle l l g h t. ..o u n d ,.l t
Professor Santorini said aThe militiry a[thotities conspiracy' t o - d e .n y th a t llie It b.d onDge ltghts all Eare uq (uile r sur.
that there were two pdlsibili- sere unwillinq to admit the oolec6 tequlaTly l l sr tl n - sdy 8rued out anil th e m . Th .r . was . bright p r i sc, l car rcll ]ou.,'
F r :S. ti6 concerding 'tlre eings e\istence of rn alien force earth were flying saucers, 6c of thc mcn sirl 'lt l i q h t i n th e m i d d l e under.
lool.d lilIc a rallway d- n e .th ," h e i .i d . l fe could not estimate th
I rt Ae." sr l e of the objects because
Id llghi ib.rc rate \t:. Si n e l j n o .a :d lhe i : sa s su dark.
many EFrtg tton st- $ g h l j D A sa s a b o u l C .j 5 . IIr s sporiisht hid a range
turedt .r* repoding "Wh e n t tl a i u e d th sp o t. o f a bout a quarler oI a
britht whttc .Dil oange l i g h t o n th e m , w e co u l d se e m i l e .
lights Eovlng lD lhc
th e y se r e b l a ck o _ n to p a n d {Oth., t sightings ol
euthem rty, whlk unoernealn, U .F.OS. aboul tha aamC
Esndon sir imdlc
Bu l th e o b j e cl q . w "h j ch r i m e wer r.port.d

' lor
t/om the

S a L rce r
dnlbl h.d rcports ol
dgbtlngs from Lauc6- h a d b e e n a p p r o a cn l n g .l r o n l N o r th .W st .nd Ho.
ton, Mrtrtalore aDd $me r h e n o r th .q e sl , \{e r e sn y o r b a r t on T uesday night).
th e sp o tl r l h t.

c h er s
ccntas ln soulhern NSW.
A lvcathcr BuEau
slFhesan sid the Ughts
HOBART 1'A S MA N IA were unlikely tro b
Thc uaiilcntifieil dting
objet^-the latesl of
hany sn in l,he Bn-
siEhted at
?Orh s epr. t967
di:o .rF*as
re:d phenonena will be themain
U.F.OS.seen about E30 p.m. by Mss
II.b llolmbcrg, Dadd

rp just Iormedin Canberra. flolnbcrg, Ted Holmberg

anal Frank
lmel gr@cn
The lout

men sw

!O stud PEOPL Eo t Sp r e yto n ,U l verstone,B urni e,
o n d Ho b o r t o ll clo im ed to hove seen un-

. They
iD Michie
Elmore. to se olI an am-

seld lhe
Fas visible for l0 $ronds

for llel-

id e n tifie d flyin g o b je c ts l ost ni ght. $itb the nakcal cye be-
Mail-Times reporter GarU Trotter hds second.
thoughts on UFO'9.
o Sightitrgr of weird tisht3
: P a t . o n s a t a l l o b a r t d r i v e . I f r cn l 'o r th to U l ve fsto n e
fore it ltnisheal.
Saiil Mr. Tcil Holm-

ilpg said lhey sa\v alabout 8 .3 0 p .n r . berg: "Thts is the host I rrsed to giggle a bit when pople mentioned
id thc rky wcr. agritr tl l e t
row of lights movhg from C o n st. In n e s sa i d @uing thing I have
madc in July 1966. n e a r g r o u n d l v e l u n l i l t h e y f i rst sa w a b o u l h a l f a d o ze n
flying saucers - bul nol any more!
cver wn. There sas no
Several rcDorls we r e disappeared 6t a great liShts in formation coming !oi* with lt." I.U adEit rccent con_ In a matte! oi 10 w-
fi*lc ol !trrn8c,
heighr. from a $esrerly direction. An Elmore re$dent sis-tenistcilttnc;';r'i;_ ohds it had swept aclos
'.And .ll ihe sightings came u!Lr rl e std toilay thaa the four ia;;rjiied- n-;{i; oii*A a qudter of the sky.
abl objcctr itr lh6 sU6
ovlr Canberr. lgain in lhc
-^Tlu."'!'t"house on tlre eail_
were 3e.n wittrin riinuris,IAl-ut.a mcn who ss the oblcct iu tlo w6i tyim.iera The objet sLayed red
of ulrehlone

s.251!l\ oltskirls
sare among the mosf hral me intrigued. for a Iong while, and nry
nlnth of July. of eich-other, bcrwcen *-
tralcled to$"rds rhe resFtd Fplc irr the The siShtinas sere s cd redio went, on the
;:-.-;;i;.il'e:;.'--' 13i"1 torvn. "blink."
movinr, circular often @d desiriptioru of
'lhe filst sighlirg was, The rhird sighting sas bv Mr, Ilcrb Eolrnbrg, a
reported by llrss Carmlla Burnie ma;, Ir. John r.tircil tarer, is a lic mys!er!/ object so sim- ThG radio would not
otlact rar ritcd wdt of rlar, L&E I was Deglnnlng $orl& strtic was so
Walsh. oI Wivenhoe. Chapman.Mortjmer, $hu mehber of trhc boaral tdottfi*"auv not plck up
She said she thel$a! travelling from Laun_
the Victod.n Ialand r IXT i,"ltuld
.An excit.d sidcnt r- oujeci :utt titoiJ' ana]ceston, to Burnie when he Mc.t Auihority,
'*"ieO .(A slmild ob&ct I. sd. driving to .Kana- ].et
rr :Jenrify a mysteriou! poiled seing in unidclti- i] o come irom a ]saw the cbiecl about 8.35 sishld about ihc gme
wnen I _ no!-lc@. a
the siretN wB
.::<r Fn i! tha iky, ricsterly direction over P.m. Slk working rerletly before
ficd iying 6icct sbout Esition enil lim. oa soange, _.
( rtrl Aviatior DeDart- Br@klyn. -r6-and_wnl@' the objrcL l@med into
half thc sia of JhO !u!. Mr. Ch.pmen.Mortimer iucsdat nkht In Mcrrl- glo$ng _lgnl ln (ne sKy vtew in fronl of l,he @..
air contaol omera ller mother,Mrs. D.Hull.lsaid lh.l h wat driving anil Port FrirY).
Elc wesl-ot. HorsnM. . when iL flicked to wrut,
-c:! Fairbdtu
r: *arcbcd th. tta said ih 6aro w$ said she
also said she saiv
saiv it.
it. lalong the when lhe
road when
the road lhe ob-
ob' _!,G. an^aerophnei' r
also lalong I could see iL ws slerd
FF.t for 20 minuri br. tho color of mcrcury atrd w h l ch was brighi lold by*ll.
Both said that thcre ruas i 9 tl , ltko a sini-ciftlo - flrt-
i.:o il disapDclrcd. itt cdget sorc shlmrea- n-- iitii,iciii--
' r,iiii,- if, i clsar .rhrpcd,*med ro'n.F d As I turneq. on ule
road.. loqdG
boitomed and dme-
irg. i'r'le;" i,'iir''r"'lsiri l!aut4g\ shaped on top.
L r.3 ako sighted by a "' '- Iti1r abd
!3T. :^Y:'tij'L!iif:'
500ft in the skv' ligFgju{ta I. quo-oelly 19:
I\1 pilot, .n o6cr ol A tNxi driYc[ db st
![i,p"a "ii""
ii'!".ri".1"" Ilion, alised Ue obiecl ss no
It wN sohe distrye ofr.
but clerlv visible for tho
f Tlre second siehting $asl H e sa i d th e o b j e .l was
::. \{ccorological BuEau th! shinhg obr.ct, *hicb aeroplane. 10 minutes I wakhed it.
reporied from Ulversrone. llong and dark and brighlly It w6 sittmg lnele m
!:l ir \il. Srro m lo ob. bchind . 'I
T h e o b ji e c t \ r a s s e e n b y l i l l u m i n a te d .
Aftf,r I drove ttroush 4
the iky above a bM or lane of tr fgr abqE 300
H;:; "ul;.il;;;, 1
Const. and Mrs. D. J. Innes.' Afl e r nrly a m :n u te h e clo _d. yards, rhe obJei had dis-
- ;i'H"'r;; iicl'i" raaea.ana , , .
The sky sas carK. Dul- apmared.
and their lour ""iJ"ir'u'
childaenlthe objet se e d e d l o a cce l . clg.-ex@pt,.lo!.4 clouo_ Anil then the@r ra.illo
CATBENNA vhen they were drivingleete and d i sa p p e a r . *#"'%i*rtTtlf:l-1"a,
then wbite, then red agM. -..--
g"g'' r*u x iter is a
'j Perhaps I wN ':sp@_kgd"
watahed it throwh ihe
tH r coultEt side sindow, lhen s@ppd. by lnougnls C nyhg
It taDt flshing, as il saucers.
It wrrs blinklng' , Bu! I don i think so.
I afovo @, roqe a
11, 1967 s:mI,;Ttw'ff"*{#i
U.F.O.'sover New Zealand. A coastal vessel reported both visual and radar
contact and obtained a fix. They too, had the impression
somethingcame down into the sea, but a search of the
Reported by one of our members from New Zealand, area revealed nothing.
Mr. C . L. Elmes. A witness I interviewedpersonallydescribed it as a
transparentrectangularobject, made of a clear plastic
21st MAY,1967, AUCKLAND,N.Z. like substance coloured slightly pink. Through the
transparency, he saw what he called yellow flames
A bright object seen above the Waitakere Ranges
burnlng. He estimated the height at 1,000 feet, and
aroused much curiosity. First seen at 5,15 p.m. for
watched it for ten minutesthrough his 30X50binoculars
about 15 minutes, it was described as a bright object
before it sank below a line of hills.
leaving a long vapour trail. lt was first noticed after a
mushroomingexplosion from which a long thin pencil 3rd SEPTEMBER, 1967, NAPIER, HASTINGS, AND
line dropped to Earth,veering as it {ell. One description PARTS OF HAWKE'S BAY PROVINCE
being "like a comet with a smoking tail." Many people saw an object which they described as
A spokesman at Mangere InternationalAirport said a "Sunderland" or "Friendship" without wings and
the time and place of sighting coincided with the capable of carrying 100 men swoop down and across
position of a Brisbane bound jet, and gave an explana- the province for about ten seconds between 6,17 p.m.
tion of how light refraction would make the object and 6.20 p.m. lt swept in from the sea at about 2,000
appear closer than it was. Also, the sun would have feet, dived to 400 feet, then disintegrated.Descriptions
made a vapour trail appear much brighter. He would which were varied are as follows:
not discount a meteorite but said, "They enter the 1 . B r i g h t b l u e o n t o p , d a r k b l u e u n d e r n e a t h .G l o w i n g
Earth's atmosphere from East to West," ending his brightly. Looked solid. Disappearedin a soundless
statementwith, "Otherwise,it could have been a space- flash.
ship entering the Earth's atmosphere." 2. Definitelysolid. Not a balloon, gas, cloud, or falling

6th AUGUST, 1967, WELLINGTON, N.Z. 3. Same as No. 1, but bright green topsidewith orange
Four people claimed having seen an object hovering coloured tail.
over WellingtonCity. They said it was of definite shiny 4. Brilliantlylit. Mainly blue, but with greens and reds.
appearance,cigar shaped, and while they watched, it Had a vapour trail.
moved off to the north. Each witness drew what they 5. Coloured yellow, orange, and green.
saw, and all drawings being identical except that of All witnesses agreed the object to be solid ano
one man who had watched through binoculars. He terrifically fast. One claimed it hovered briefly over
claimed the object had fin like projectionson top and Hastingswhile another felt it was controlled and knew
showed these in his drawing. All drawings also showed where it was going.
a cabin type projection underneath,They emphasized Once again, no official interest was shown apart
that although the wind was from the north, the object from the police requesting witnesses to come forward.
moved off in a northerly direction, with exhaust or At this time of the year, the local airport tower closes
vapour trail. at 6 p.m. so no sighting was observed by the tower
The only informationgiven out of this sighting came crew,
from a T.V. news broadcast, it did not appear in any The family who saw it from Norsewood 55 miles
Wellington or local newspaper. The people interviewed south, had only a fleeting glimpse of somethingwhich
on this broadcast were definite in what they saw was llashed across the northern sky.
a U.F.O.Their drawings were shown.
Please note, PAKOWHAI is an orchard district
covering about 12 square miles at the southern end
25th AUGUST, 1967, NAPIER, N.Z.
of which Hastings is situated. A motorist and some
From 9.10 p.m. till 9.35 p.m. a bright orange flashing residents who saw it from Pakowhai, were about two
light, oblong in shape and transparent, was seen above miles in a straight line from where it is supposed to
Napier by a great number of people. Police head- have hovered over Hastings. These people gained the
quarters also admitted five officers were among the impressionit swept in from the Kidnapper'sarea, which
witnesses. Another description was of an illuminated would make it on an East to West course. At the
parachute. Twice the size of a normal star, it first Hastings end of Pakowhai,it disintegrated,but a man
appeared over a hill like a sky rocket, then travelled and wife who saw it from Eskdale, claimed it crashed
slowly across the city before breaking into two lights into the Esk Valley which is 13 miles in a direct line
before it either disappeared or crashed into the sea. from the Pakowhaiarea.
A witness I interviewed said he saw it passing OF OBJECT
through cloud gaps but above the clouds, then as it
came down it seemed to burst in a shower ol sparks
further out in the bay towards the Mahia area. The
Waihua witness also thought it burst in the same
It is extremely unlikely there were three obiects, the
Norsewood, Hastings, and Pakowhai areas claimed
the time was 6.17 p.m., the Napier, Eskdale, and
Waihua areas,6.20 p.m. In this three minutesthe object
was seen for only ten seconds. lf not three objects, the
original would have to be at a very much greater
height than estimated measured in miles, but it would EYE
also mean the object was far greater in size. The clear
sightings covered an area of 44 miles in length but il
the Norsewoodsighting is taken into account, the area
becomes 85 miles, with the actual disintegration at the
northern end of the sighting area'
As a point of interest, an identical sighting was
recorded exactly 11 years earlier over Auckland, N.Z"
on 3rd September,1956.

In this case, one important factor was overlooked
and it appears to me purposefully'This was a second
sighting in the same area two hours later which
received no comment from either the tower staff or
any other authority. Nor was there an admission made
of an attempt to discover debris or an object which witnesses denied they could be responsible for the
might have struck the ground and explained the thin obiect they saw. There were no further reports and
pencil line falling to earth' the case is evidently closed. lt is my opinion that
The statement of : "Meteorites enter the Earth's someone is pleased at the way a ready made explana-
atmosphere from East to West," should not here we tion chanced to be available'
read "Satellites?" Report No. 3
Report N o.2 This report was well documented because of the
Apparently on this day the Wellington weather station many witnesses. In New Zealand, retail stores remain
commenced experiments with smoke llares ejected open until I p.m. on Friday nights, so from 9'10 p'm' to
from hand held cylinders for testing wind variation up 9.35 p.m. many more people were about than normally
to 1,500 feet. When challenged about the flares, the would have been.

We have been given permission by the Rector' the

7:t---*4' Rev. G. H. Nicholson, ol the Anglican Church of St.

Mary the Virgin, to presenl all or part of his letter to
his parishoners. We are printing the sectlon on "Flying

r *.
Preiudices, confusion and incredulity will not un-
naturdlly arise with the advent of new, inexplicdble'
anO strdnge phenomena but let us see if we can rightly
ST. MARY THE VIRGIN and profitZbly treat this mystry that now confronts the
world and which we can no longer ignore.
We may well ask, are these "Unidentified Flying Satanic deception that will deceive the whole world in
Objects" the astral "chariots of God", mentioned in these last days, and, as our Lord has told us, it will
Scripture?Are they some of the "signs in the heavens" ooerate also in connectionwith His return. But He has
that our Lord gave, and said would indicate His very promised us the "Holy Ghost to lead us into all truth
near return? We should also ask, are they instruments and to show us things to conre". God has told us also
of a Satanic indwelt person on earth, who will "make through His prophet that "tfre Lord will do nothing but
fire come down from heaven on the earth in the shape he revealeihhis secret unto his servantsthe prophets".
of men" in his attempt to dominate the world? This, To know who are the true prophets and servants ot
and other ideas for using space to conduct wadare on God, the Old Testamentwarns us "To the law and the
earth have not escaped the attention of the military testimony: if they speak not acco.ding to this word
orofession in the nations of the so-called "nuclear (the Scriptures)it is becausethere is no light in them."
c lub" . St. John in the New Testament sinr:larly exhorts us,
The secular world is coming to the conclusion that "Beloved, believe not every spirit, bat try the spirits
we must try to solve the mystery of the U.F.O.s.The whether they are of God: because-as we know-many
past may be brielly summed up in the words of Dr. false prophets are gone out into the world". So while
J. Allen Hynek, Scientific Consultant to the United we should not necessarilybelieve,nor disbelieve,what
States Air Force on U.F.O,s, who sa'd (17/12/661 the space men are reputed to have said, we should do
"For years the Air Force has dismissedthem as hoaxes, exactly what we are told to do. That is, we should
hallucinations,or misidentifications." He says they have check up on everythingand see whether it passes the
been sighted in 70 countries, and that "After a delay test of the Scriptures, and seek the guidance of the
of '18 years the Air Force and American Science are Holy Ghost to lead us to a right judgment in all things.
about to try for the first time to discover what, if any- WHAT WE SHOULD BELIEVE
thing, we can believe about 'Flying Saucers'."
In our ideas upon the "space-age" we have departed
The Flying Saucer Review states that this official very far from the plain statementsof the Scriptures.Far
action, backed by the U.S. Air Force, and to the tune from our arrogant ideas of invadingspace, it is we who
of a million dollars is for a team of civilian scientists
are to be invadedand completelytaken over by people
at an American Universityto investigatethis mystery. from outer space.
I learn also from the Daily Telegraphthat the University
in question is that of Colorado. Science has no knowledge of extra-terrestriallife,
Apart from what I have read, my personalexperience but Jesus has shown us that the heavensare inhabited
in these mattershas been limited to interviewingpeople by His angels and His "elect", and that when He comes
to judge the world, we do not know what vast armies
who have sighted U.F.O.sin this neighbourhood.Their
general reaction has been to feel somewhat awed. lt He will bring with Him from the immensitiesof outer
space, where, to our knowledge,there are well over a
has been enough to change their minds completely
from being unbelieversin these things to berng firmly hundred million stars. As St. Jude says, He will come
"with ten thousands of his saints to execute judgment
convincedof their reality,and that they are objects that
upon all."
do not belong to this earth.
U.F.O.shave been sighted all over the world by all St. Paul says of this "the Lord himself shall descend
types of people from the highly trained scientist to the from heaven with a shout and with the voice of the
most primitive,and there are many cases where sight- archangel and the trump of God", and that He will
ings have been well substantiatedby scientific instru- bring with him all those who "sleep in Jesus" and that
we (the faithful living at the time) will be caught
ments.They have been photographedin colour, plotted
on radar screens detected by geiger counters and the up togetherwith them in the clouds to meet the Lord in
U.S. Air Force has taken motion picturesof them. Many the air."
such facts as these have been deposited in Govern- A prophecy in Psalms speaks of the space vehicles
ment top-secretfiles and not made public hitherto. in this event."The chariotsof God are twenty thousand,
even thousands of angels: the Lord is among them."
BELIEVEIT OR NOT In a passagein lsaiah concerningthe joy that will be
The above is not the whole story. For many years experienced on earth when Christ will have cleansed
serious literaturehas been published upon this iublect it of all evil, we have these words, "For behold the Lord
and which has been entirely ignored by the general will come with fire and with his chariots like a whirl-
public. Whether statementsmade are true or fal5e, it is wind to render his anger with fury, and his rebuke with
right that we should consider some of them because flames of fire. For by fire and by sword will the Lord
they have a bearing upon what the Scripturestell us. plead with all flesh: and the slain of the Lord will be
It is alleged that physical contact has been made many."
with the occupants of these space vehicles and that In His interpretationof His parable of the wheat and
earth men have been taken up by these space men into the tares, Jesus confirmedthis destructionbv fire. ,'As
outer space and brought back. thereforethe tares are gatheredand burned in the fire;
so shall it be in the end of this world. The Son of man
Space men have claimed to be servants of God.
shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out
They say that their present job is to monitor the earth of His kingdom all things that offend, and th-osewhich
continually and that this has to do with their future do iniquity; And shall cast them into a furnace of fire:
work in the judgment that is shortly to come upon the there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth."
world. There is going to be a great space-lift of all
St. Peter also confirms this. In "The day of the
God's true followers by the saucers and other space Lord" he says, "The heavens and the earth are reserved
craft to outer space. Some of those left behind will unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of
have to undergo horrifying remedial experiences and ungodly men" and in which he says "the elements
be reincarnatedon another planet, and the remainder, shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the
the worst of mankind, together with the earth, will be
works that are therein shall be burned up.', He goes
burnt up, after which the true followers of Christ will on to add that we should be "hasting unto" this fearful
be broughl back to the earth. The spacementreat this destruction, which is a selective destruction of the
as a repeat of recorded history because God has acted
this way previouslyIn outer space. yvic.kedonly, because "according to his promise we
look for a new heaven and a new eaith wherein
THE CHRISTIAN'SREACTION dw.elleth^righteousness. The faithful ones being,,caught
up", as St. Paul says, or removed by space crift, wolld
Christiansneed to react rightly to this, and our Lord well accord with this.
has shown us how. We must bear in mind the fearful
When Miss Campbell and Miss Hands called at the
We are next told in the figurative language of poiiie station, Constable Apps used field glasses to
nevelation that when He who is called "Faithful and view it more closelY.
iruel;-(.lesus Christ) comes on a white horse wilh his
armles'to effect thi6 "the kings of the earth and their Taking a building line as a fixed point he feels cer-
irmies witt gather together to make war. against him tain thaathe obiect moved twice'
inO aqainst fris armv.'tThis results in the leader of this "l don't think my eyes played tricks,"..he said' "l
euit eirtnty confederacy being cast into the. ''lake of felt sure that it moved and stopped twice"'
fire" and dll the remnani slain by "the word of him that
Through his field glasses.he gained the impression
Jai upon the horse". In this connection,I was interested
to hdar that the Russianswho have seen the saucers tnat ineie was a lot-more light coming from the left-
afl over their country, are lar more ready than we are' hand side of the object.
to believe they are invadersfrom outer space, and are Constable Apps first described it as being "cigar
preparedto fight them. snipeo'; but th6n agrees with the "Southern Cross"
Then there will be the return of those, of whom our thai it was more like a football.
Lord spoke, who attain to "the resurrection of life"' From Marrar Miss Campbell told of her experience'
Abraham, lsaac and Jacob, whom He mentioned by She savs that she was driving her car back to Junee
name, and the twelve apostles who will rule over the inodt two miles before the Junee Reefs turn-off,
twelve tribes of lsrael. The final scene is of "the holy her attention and that of her two passengers was at-
citv. New Jerusalem, coming down from God out of tracted to a very bright light.
neiven." This, one might think, would require a fleet of
astral "chariots" but we are not told. "At first we thought it was a star," says Miss Camp-
At this point, Scripture runs down the curtain upon bell. "lt was very blight and quite low down."
this stupendousdrama of the cosmic universe in which Miss Campbell says that when it came closer and
earth man of all ages comes to iudgment before the . they realised it was a flying object, she decided to
Kino and His heavenly armies. Only such a drastic pull up.
cleJnsinq as is fore-ordained of God, would make "l blinked my lights up and down several times and
possible-ihefulfilmentof conditions on earih for which it started glo-wing,;.she'says.. "We became frightened
bur Lord taught us to pray "Thy kingdom cgTe . and I immediatelydrove on."
on earth as iiis in heaven"' Nothing less would suffice
if Jesus Christ who "dwelleth in light which no man Miss Campbell says that all the way into Junee the
can approach unto" is to have His tabernacle here obiect kept followin{ them and at times it manoeuvred
among m en . its6lf up dnd over and around hills.
This is not all that the Scriptures have to say upon Near the sub-terminalwheat silo at North Junee she
astral transportation,but if the saucersshould cause us slowed down.
to believe 'in Go d an d His W or d; t o r epent of our "lt stopped and started to glow again," says Miss
national and individualsins, and to turn to Him With all Campbell.
our heart in view of what must surely come to pass,
they will have served a very great purpose, in addition She then drove to the home of Miss Withers and
to iny role they may have to play in the days to come. they called Mr. and Mrs. Withers out to have a look
at the object'
At that time it seemed to be at the end of the street
and gave the impressionthat it was making observa-
Miss Withers confirmed the fears she felt while the
obiect followed them more especially when it "dis-
apbeared around Duck's Hill" when they were coming
in along the Old Junee road.
Girls Ghasedby FlYingSaucer She says that while they were outside.her.home it
seemed a-sthough the object was only about six feet
Three young Junee girls have repo.rtedthat they were above the electric light Pole'
chased 5y ari unidentifiedflying object.for g distance When the lights of the house were turned on the
of more than 15 miles as they returned to their home glow from the bbiect increasedtremendously'
from Temora in the early hours of Saturday morning
last. Miss Campbelland Miss Hands left the Withers home
and when the object continued to follow them as they
Reporting the incident,the Junee "Southern Cross" made their way ilown town it was decided to call at
savs ihat tf,e descriptiongiven by the girls was similar the police station.
to-that of an artist's impressionof a flying saucer.
"We were really frightened," says Miss Campbell'
On several occasions they took fright at their ex-
oerience and when it continued to follow two of them When the "southern Cross" representative saw the
bs they drove around town they decided to inform the object in the sky it was giving off a light not unlike the
police. clear white glow of a star.
Those involved were Miss Betty Campbell who is a Miss Campbell says that while it followed them it
schoolteacherat Marrar and Miss JeanetteWithers and was certainly not white-it was inclined to be the
Miss Diane Hands of Junee. yellow colour of a car headlight.
After they had told him of their experienceConstable
Eric Apps rang the "Southern Gross" at 5 a.m.
At the time when the "Southern Cross" representa- P.S.: A cartoon on the back page of the "Southern
tive saw the obiect in the northern sky it was stationary Cross" depicted two "Martians" sitting next to their
and it did noi move in the half-hour it was under
observationapproachingdaylight. space ship. One said to the other: "We frightened hell
To get some idea of its size and.shape would be to out of three sheilas near a place called Junee."
descri6e an ordinary star in the sky as resembling a -"The Grenfell Record", 29/9167
golf ball, but this oblect could be likened to a football.

U.F.O .landsin N o r w a y - i n 1 9 4 3 . had melted gradually, until at four and a half feet
diameter it had melted completely."
Witnessdescribesfirst recorded The cars stalling, the crater in the ground and the
E-M case bell like light rnoving away. What was it at this early
staqe when only the V-2 rocket had been developed?
By N ev illeT hor n h i l l

The former secretaryto a Norwegian Shipping Cor-

poration executive has reported a strange sighting of
a U.F.O. with accompanying E-M effects, which she
and friends observed on the Oslo Fjord.
The witness (personal particulars on V.F.S.R.S.file)
says the sighting occurred between 10 and 11 o,clock
o ne night in De ce mbe r,1 943.
Her report is as follows:
"The sighting occurred as some friends and I were
h aving su pp er op po site th e whar f in O s lo Fjor d.
"Suddenly,we saw a light which appeared to be on
the wharf. Fearing sabotage,we hurried into our cars
and drove to the wharf.
"As we drove around the mountain road, we entered
an 'S' turn. When we were approximatelyon the inner
'S' of the turn we were in a direct line with the object.
"At this stage all three cars stalled and could not
be started again.
"Leaving the cars we headed down a snow-covered
hillside towards an object which appeared to be a
h a zy orang e lig ht sha pe d lik e a c hur c h bell.
"As we came out of the trees to some open flat land
where the object was siationary on the ground my
three companionswanted to stay behind in case some
sort of sabotagewas taking place. This I refusedto do,
and all four of us approachedclose to the object from Keep abreastof world
w hich w as e man atin g a h is s ing s ound lik e air being wid e U.F .O.e ve n ts.
releasedfrom an air comoressor.
"On hearing this, I threw myself flat on the snow, Join the V.U.F.O.R.S.and help solve the Riddle of
fearing that someonewas going to start shooting at us. the Skies!
"Monients later, however, the object rose up and Your membership will entitle you to free copies of the
hovered some g to 18 feet above the water. lt then Australian Flying Saucer Review and ol the Bulletins and
moved off at a fantastic speed without any apparent News Sheets published periodically, access to the
acceleration.Finally,it turned to a deep blue colour as Society's extensive library and the right to participate
it disappearedfrom sight towards the open Oslo Fjord. in the monthly meetings and various other activities.
"As soon as the object had disappeared,my com-
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panions and I examined the spot where it had rested,
and observed a crater-like impression which looked
liked a saucer from a tea cup.
"The inner ring of the depression was about four
and a half feet in diameter and about three feet deep.
Back lssues available
Outside this diameter,the snow had melted as though
heat had been generatedby the object. Due to high demand, we have for sale, a few copies
of No. 6 edition only, at lhe cost of 45c per copy, post
"The heat had caused the snow to melt in such a
way that at a distance of 54 feet the snow had not
melted at all, whereas inside this diameter the snow
U .F . O. Ph o to g raphed "We became very excited and John tcok some
over H a ll a m " T h e U . F . O .l o o k e d l i k e a d i s c w i t h a s l i g h t r i s e o n
top. lt was silver coloured and very dark underneath.
A serles of six phoiographsshowing an aerial object I heard no sound from it.
has been handed to the V.F.S.R.S. by a Society
"lt circled around us for about two and a half
minutes at a very slow speed-it was hardly moving-
T he m emb er, Jo hn Coy le of Alex ander St r eet , and then it went away towards the sun at the same
Hallam, says he took the photographs on the 5th speed it came to us."
M arch la st at a bo ut 5.3 0 p. m . while in t he c om pany of
his 13-ye ar-o ldsister, Mi r iam . JOHN AND MIRIAM'SMOTHER,Mrs. Coyle takes up
the story from the time John and Miriam returned home
John' s rep ort to the Soc iet y r ead as f ollows : after seeing the U.F.O.
" Miriam a nd I were walk ing ac r os s a paddoc k near
"l heard shouting and saw John running down the
our hom e whe n we saw t he U. F. O .
" l had ju st b ou gh t a cam er a f or one dollar at Coles
"He v,raswaving his arms around and I couldn't see
and rryegot started off to the station to take photo- Miriam and I thought there had been an accident to
graphs of the trains. However, before getting to the
Miriam. I was quite concerned and ran out and said
station, we realised it was ioo late and decided to 'What is it?' and he said 'Mum, we saw a flying saucer,'
turn back.
and I said 'Calm down' because I thought I'd better
"As we were crossing the paddock, Miriam suddenly talk to him a little more about this and he was so
noticed what she thought was a fast-moving plane. excited that I just wanted him to calm down so that
When I saw it, I sa id 'Oh t hat ' s a U. F. O . , 'and s he I c o u l d s p e a k w i t h h i m . N o r m a l l y ,h e d o e s n 't g e t v e r y
and she rep lied 'Do n't b e s illy . ' exciied about anything.Then he told me about the
photographsand asked me to take the film to McKeon's
"l got ihe camera ready and took six photographs.
P h a r m a c yi n D a n d e n o n gt o b e d e v e l o p e d .
"T he me ver y c los e and c ir c led r ound us
"John told me that in his excitementhe had broken
for about two an d a h al f m inut es .
a k n o b o n t h e c a m e r a a n d b e c a u s eo f t h i s w e c o u l d n 't
"W hen lfirst saw th e U. F. O . it was only about 15 qet the film out. So I took the camera to the store and
degrees above the eastern horizon. they removedthe film and developedthe photographs."
"lt ca me in a straig ht line, t ur ned f as t and c ir c led The Hallam photographs have been submitted to
over us and then went away into the west near enough V . F . S . R . Sp. h o t o g r a p h i ce x p e r t s f o r a n a l y s i sa n d a f u l l
to the sunset. r e p o r t w i l l b e p u b l i s h e di n o u r n e x t i s s u e .
"W hen it wa s circling r ound us it was going v er y However,other experts who have cursorily examined
slowly, almost at stalling speed. In fact, if it had been the prints have been impressed by their apparent
a small aircra ft it certa inly would hav e c r as hed. authenticity,as were several American scientists,who
"We felt that the object had seen us when it started were shown the photographs by Mr. Paul Norman
c ircling aro un d us, be ca us eot her wis eit wouldn' t hav e during his recentvisit to the U.S.
stayed around-there was nobody else in sight. Investigators (including Professor McDonald) who
" We hea rd n o sou nd fr om t he U. F. O .at any s t age. have spent many hours with John and Miriam Coyle
feel completely satisfied with John and Miriam's
" ln appe ara nce, it wa s s ilv er - lik e alum inium or statements,which have been given in a sincere and
polishedalu miniu ha d a s light r is e in t he t op and e n t i r e l y u n s e l f - c o n s c i o u sm a n n e r .
was very bla ck un de rne at was s haped lik e a dis c
and was approximatelythe size of a five cent piece Mrs. Coyle's testimony of John's state of mind
held at arm's le ng th. immediatelyafter the incident is further strong evidence
of the photographs'authenticity.
"The sky was very overcast at the time and the
weather was cold. The U.F.O. kept right below the
clouds at a ll times a nd when it dis appear ed out of
sight on th e h orizon , it was s iill beneat h t he c louds .
"Apart from that, I am unable to estimatethe altitude
of the object."
MIRIAM COYLE corroboratesher brother's report as I

follow s:
"When I first saw the object I thought it was a plane.
"l did n't b elie ve in U.F . O . sand when J ohn s aid t hat
that was what it was I laughed. But when I looked at
it again I realisedthat it was a U.F.O.
An enlargement of the U.F.O. at its closest approach.
"The Scoriton Mystery" of clairaudience,etc., are neither the way of Space
P e o p l en o r G o d i n c o m m u n i c a t i n gw i t h p e o p l e o n E a r t h .
- EileenB uc k l e The lengthy story of the investigation of Bryant,
rnakes most iniriguing reading. Bryant's high level of
(our copy from Neville Spearman Ltd., Whitfield Street, intelligence,his observanceof detail, the drawings of
London, W.l.) plan and layout of the interior of the Saucer and its
o c c u p a n t s ,a l l g i v e o n e a c l e a r p i c t u r e o f h i s e x p e r i -
A mystery indeed! The author, a member of the ence. It's a well written book which carries one along
British U.F.O.ResearchAssociation,and on its National with the Researchers,as they endeavour to unravel
ExecutiveCommittee,becomes interestedin Mr. E. A. the problems, only to find as they progress, mystery
B ryant' s sigh ting o f a U. F. O . and his m eet ing wit h compoundedon mystery'
space beings, close to his home on Dartmoor. M. v. Anderson
Mr. Bryant's story has all the hallmarks o! truth,
particularlywhen we learn of his retiring disposition
and at that time, his complete lack of interest in U.F.O.
So far so good. lt was what the Saucer Leader
"Yamski" told him that sparked off the train of events,
and Mr. Bryant himself largely then disappears from
the scene.
The author,with other serious U.F.O.investigators,is
then faced with numerous ticklish problems. Was
Yamski, the Young Leader, in fact a reconstituted
Adamski?Why did Yamski expect to contact Adamski's
close friend, Des Les, on Dartmoor, when Mr. Bryant
had never heard the name, and Des Les lived in
lreland? Were the 'plane parts found in a nearby field
by Bryant, actually odd bits of the 'plane of Mantell?
(Mantell's 'plane had disintegrated in the air when
speeding after a U.F.O. in the United States.)
It is a surprisewhere we are taken to try to arrive at
the answers. Mystery messages in doggeral rhyme
appear on tape, clairaudient messages are received.
These, it is well recognised,are well within the powers
of Space Beings. lt was only after repeated failures of
Space Folk to keep the appointmentsthat had oeen
made, that the author and her investigatingcompanions
began to feel deluded. They decided that they were
being made to run round in circles. And why was this?
Another mystery added! Now we enter a quite new
phase of Saucer Research.
Adamski, we know now, had privately hinted at it,
but were there really Goodies and Baddies among the
Space People?
"Flying Saucer Pilgrimage" by Bryant and Helen
Reeve, maintains that the "Space Guardians" would
not permit entry to the Earth of any "Space Beings,,
unless they were unequivocally devoted to helping
people on Earth. lf this is so, then that leaves us with Thissocieiywouldappreciatereaders'
Forces of Earthboundpowers, such as Satan and his
reporls on U.F.O.S.Please forward to
evil spirits who could readily duplicate the feats of
Space Folk on earth. lt seems clear from Holy Scripture P.O.Box 43, Moorabbin,Victoria,3189,
that the Earth is a theatre for the whole Universe. Australia.
Grantedthat this is so, and Space Folk are good types,
then broken promises,violent headachesas the result
Vleboume Vlan Neafly Ab-

V.F.S.R.S.officersare present
ly irvestigatirg a fecent con-

The witness, who wishes to

remal nanonymous, cl ai msthe
i nci dent took pl ace on the
H!me Highwayapproximately
10 mlles south of Wodonga,
Victoria, on the 24th August
lasi at approximately 5 p.m.
His repot is brieflyas follows,
" l w as ri di ng a motor cycl e
on the way to lMelbourne when
I w as suroundedby a bl ui sh
white ieht which seemedto
come from above me and I
w as i erri bl y bl i nded by thi s
l i ght because ot the bri l l i ance
ot it and so I stopped the

"When my eyes recovered I

saw a disc-shapedobject on
the gfound about 100 feet

"Two menappearedbesidethe
UFO.They lookedto be about
5 feet ta I and worea metalic
type of overallwith somesoi!
of helmet on their head.
"Being curious, I took a step
iowardstlrem and the fislres

"One of the figuresther took

two steps foMard, lifted his
hand and beckonedto me.
"At this stage I panicked,
dived on the bike and took off

"l tried to pul as much dis-

|}UTSTAI{DII{G iance as possiblebetweenmy
REPORTS sel i and the U FO,and then I
heard thi s hummi ng sound
and immediatelyknewwhat it
Cives an excellentselectionof reportslrom lhe tiles of w as. Looki nsup, l saw the
Prote(l Blue Book.H'cap.Apro.Ausiralan FlyingSaLrcer U FO fol ow i ng
Beview.Aime Micheland minv others. than 150 feet away."
It is an essentialsource of informationtor anv UFO
researcherand comes in a sturdyblack and white cover Spacedoes not permit turther
with a plasiicbinding- detai l s of thi s fasci nati n!
case, but a frll account to:
UFO lRC,lNC., P.O Box 57, Riclerwood/Matyland, gether with the Societys
eval uati onw i I appeafi n the
21139,U.S.A.Cost$5.95(U.5.), PostPaid. next issue of "The Revieu'.