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AustralianFlying SaucerRevier is a nongrofit educationalpublication producedby the Victaian
u. F. O. ResearchSociety,P.O. Box Moorabbin,Victorla. The func,tionof the societyis to
collate and disseminateinformationabout the subiectof FlyingSaucersor UnidentifiedFlyingObiects.

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RATES Thcrcviewwelconres articlesfiorpublica$on,
letters and ne*s cllpgings, in additim to
sfhti4 reports.Addrussall cornnunications
Full lrnDcr$lp - $fitl pr rnnurnribtr to:-
inclufrl firr lrrut of nrfrdne
P.O, Bo( lg lloonHrin,
Prmiomc rnd Junlen - (l1lll pfi.rnun Victoria
rhich includor tru. lsuc of n{rdna
Materialappearingin this pblicatkn rray
Ovcncs lrmbenhlp - fe$) U"SA be reprodrcedwith apgopriate crdit$
Single copy of malrzinc @5c)Aurt plut Contrihnionsprblis|ted do nd necessarily
5c. petrga reflectthe policyof the V.U.F.O-R.S.
s 0 n te n ts
.Etlitorlal . L
Ihe Condon Report - ln blte arld pieces. 2
I tllsEentlng vlew of the Condon Report. 4
IlF0 Investlgation. 5
Pilote watch as IIFOg manoeuvre. 7
Are the Ufonauts grailual-Ly reveallng their preeenee? I
hess Cuttings. 10-11
The Spachan Sightlng. t_5
Book Revlew (UfOs over tbe Arnericae). L5
Letter to the Edltor. 20

. a-pparently, to harrn its staniting ln

the eyee of the scientiflc coumunity
an a subJect worthy of continued
il i l T 0 R t i l . Edward Condonts negative sutnmary
?hlE issue of the Australlan to the Colorado ProJect Report hai
FJ.ying Saucer Revler ushere in a new been followed by an announcenent
year and lntroduces that the United Statea Air Porce has
a new fornat ln
rhich the nagazlne will disbanaletl ProJect Blue Book and in-
be producecl . tende to ceaee lnvestigation of IIFO
reports. 0n the other hand, the
Rising printing coste now nake 1t unflagging intereet 1n UFOo aiong a
impractlcable to produce the magaz- few sclentlete of internatlonal rep-
lne comerolally so that the Soclety utation lnilleates that UfoLogy is
hag been obllged to purchase ita own n ot, aa yetr qul te ready to- be
nachine ancl f Tbe Reviewr rl1L, ln buried,
future, be almost entirely thone-
nade . r A aynposiun on IlPOs, sponeorecl
rlurlng Chrlatnas by the Anerican
the foroat w111 be the only Aeeoolatlon for the Aclvancement of
change, however, and the Editors Sclenoe and atteniled by a nunber of
will contlnue to preeent IIFO nere ecientlets, attractecl coneialerable
anil opinion fron around the vorld publlc lntereet tleepite last-n!_nute
rltb tbe aane obJectlvlty rhloh has attenpte ln eone quartero to have
ron reapoct for our publlcatton 1n the s;mpoeium cancelLed.
every natton where UlOs are lnvest-
igated antl talked about. Exactly what thie new year of a
new clecade wiLl brlng forth ls hard
It iB noterorthy, too, that thts to predtct. Ag a leading IIFO ln-
lssue cones fron our press at a tine veetlgator recently revealeil, thls
when tletrlnentaL attacks have been ls probabLy up to the IIFOs thern*
uade on IIFO reeearchl calcu).ated, sel ves! {
- tlt BtrSAil0 ptrGES
by PauI llorman
the Condon Report, entltled nScientlfla Study of Unldentifled Flylng
0bJectsr, eete a ner precedent -tn report rritlng by beglnnlng- rlth the
concluslons anal reconnendatl.ons. (Bantan Books $US 1.95 Paperbaek).

The entire report 1s a s;mbol of Just prlor to lanillng at Goose BaY

the Low-Condon mlnd, alreacly nacle up ln Labrailor for refuelllng' those on
before the first caoe wa6 lnveetlg- board obeerveil one large and six
ated, and docurnents the reaeon why snall lIFOs. trhen the Alr Base taa
Dr. Edwaril U. Condon antl Robert lrow notlfled of thle strange trafflc' an
were selected to head the greateet F-94 flghter na6 vectored to the
attenpt at publlc deception ln the vicintty. As the tr'-94 clrew neart
history of Ufology. the slx enall obJects sped back to
and seened to enter the large IIFO
The above Etatenent does not whlch flen away at hlgh opeeil. The
necesearlly tnply that Dr. Condon
vras aware of thls shara act of publ1c crer and passengers were Lnterviered
by USAF Intelllgence at Goose BaY
re l a t iona. I n fa c t, h e w a s n o t e v e n in Lonclon'
and, after landitg
aware of the lncreastng al-arn and etated that the U30s
dlsgust anong the scjentlste Captaln llward
senrlng were obvlouoly not alrcraft aa ne
on the proJect untlL his Comnittee He added that there wae
cane to a state of near nutlny knov then.
o\rer no doubt 1n h1s nlnd that theY rere
its partlcipati.on in trtcklng the eone sort of alrcraft froro another
general public.
lhe Condon Report has not Ihe Condon Report, on page 1,59,
deceivecl nillions of, people around at first attenpts to treat thts
the world, lnc1-udlng a mrnber of well-knorn caae as a nirage but,
scientiete who are followlag g1obaL elnce snall- nirages do not Banoeuy?e
UfO developnents wlth an actlve back and forth fron a large nlrage
interest. The report hae deceived a or epeetl away at the approaah of a
Large nunber of the Eclentlflc colun- flgbter plane, the attenptetl explan-
unity who, now as in the past, atlon wae dlropped 1n favour of e
reslet without succeaa each ancl conelusion that nthis unueual. slght-
every step forvard in the attainnent lng should therefore be asel.gned to
of lorowleilge. the category of sone a}nost certaln-
The latest Gallup PoIl reveals Iy natural" phenonenon, rhlcb te so
tbat, of thoee people queetloneil, rale tbat 1t apparently bae never
39 per cent aecepted the reallty of been reported before or slncen.
IIIOs whllst ZZ per cent refusetl to
express an oplnlon. We krow fron
expertence that nost people who do
accept the reallty of IIFOs are qulte
reluctant to epeak about the eubJect
eo, therefore, we can eafely say
that over 50 per cent of the people
are convlnced that UFOg ale rea1.
Thls 1E an lncrease since the Conilon
Report was releaeed.
To nake a long otory short, wer11
cone to grips wtth the 11000 page
report, beglnntng wlth the fauouE
30AC case of SOth JuDe, 1954:- tStay caln Dr. Coatlon -
0n that date Captain Jarnee Horard Juet teIl then you ilonrt
who was in cmand of a Boetng belleve tn then!'
Stratoomtser was flying flfty-one
passengers fronr [er Yort to lonilon. Oliphant, Denver Preee.
.i /ir' .Tiyar

lhue the Conilon Report ilismieseE It raa 6,1O p.n., the eun ras Just
th1.s eranpfe of the encountere rbloh eettlng ln the west. A ourtatn of
bave been occunlng ln varloue parts ratn concealed Ben lonond rltlge off
of tbe rorl.d. The oonolusion, or to their east anil extended through
cmant r offered ls only one of the the soutbeaet and to their south.
nargr tlooumeated false atatenents to l{re. Srorning suililenLy called Rev.
be found 1n abundanae throughout the Bronnlngre attentlon to rhat they
entLre report. both ftrst lnterpretetl as a large
The BOAC caee was not alraraft emerglng fron a rain curt-
ao rare
that other slnilar cas6a could not aln nearl.y due eagttr.
be brought to the attentlon of the tI had .an opportunlty to fnter-
Cmlttee. lhree gtmilar Auetrallan vler Rev. Srovnlng laet arruler and
oqses rere preoented pereonally by verlfled the contenporary presg
tbe rrltar of thle artlcle. thb aocounte. He and trs. Brwaing
lnoidents tere not only tliscuseeal qulck\r noted that the ctgar-shaped
rlth the Comnittee but photoetat obJect geerned to laak wLngs, hed
ooplee of the cage htetoriee rer6 geveral vertlcal bande or rldges on
nade by the Colorado ?roJect gtaff. Lte gray-oolored eurface' and ao!!e
At Least two of the three caae6 otld protuberancs on lte fonardl entl .
preaentetl are knml to be ln the They watched tt gIlde northrard for
offtalal nAAf fllea, Thera are, about a nlnute before lt euddenly
also ln erlstence, lettere rhich stopped ln nltl-aLr and hovered over
etate that offlclaLe keep tn touch, the ground at an altttuder. they
regarfllng the UFO subJect, wlth roughly gueeseil, of 40O-5O0 feat,
frtend)"y governnents lncludlng the fhen fron out of the ralnclorile
Unlted States. lhese statenente are farther eaat, there came about a
conflrrned by the use of itlentlcaL half-dozen nuoh onalJer obJecte, of
phraseology and ilebunking neth.ode perceptibly tlteaotil form, the Rev.
enployetl by these governments. Brormlng etated. Theee enaller
An excellent exanple of the other dlscs moved mrch faeter than the
oaaea, mentioneal above ae belng of S.arger cigar-shaped obJeot, At
elnllar type to the BOAC cace, la epeede which, the Rev. Brownlngr
the atghttng by Reverenil Brownlng tn atateil to me, nlght have approachetl
Creasy, Iasnanl.a on October 4tb, Jet alr-oraft speedn.
1960. Thls report ruas thoroughly trfhe Brwntngc nsxt sar the disce
tnveatigatecl by the R.AAFand ilrawe eeem to take up a fotrmtlon around
attentlon to the nanner ln which the clgar-shaped obJect, whLah haat
Offtclaldon goes about hunbuggtng been hoverlng notlonleEe durlng the
tbe publlc. Since noet reaalera are approach and fonnatl.on of the
fanlllar rltb this case, perhape the gnaller obJecte. Then the entlre
evaluatlon of the incLtlent by assenblage starteal novlng torards
Profeseor Janee E. tcDonald rtlL be the eouth, baek lnto the rainsbonrer
of lntereet. Dr. tcDonald ls one of out of whtob ths large obJect had
the top atrnospherlc ectentlstg ln flret been eeen ener61ng, whence the
the llnlteil Statee. He preeented a group rae loEt from alghtr.
paperr 'IIFOs l An fnternationaL ifhe Srownlnge, after
Sclentlflo Problent, to tbe CanailLan -a brief
Aeronauttcs andl Space Inetttute ilteouaglon of thle event (wtloh by
Aetronautlos Synpoefuu, ln tontreal then they constnred as rsono &rsslan
Canada on lzth lfarch, 1968. lhe deviceet), oalled the nearby alr-
follorlng coments are taken frm ilrone to report lt, rhlob ulttnately
hi.s paper:- brouDt lt to the attentlm of the
half-ilozgn Jrears after Caae 1,
- 'A gOlC oase)
(tUe intt halflray around illy queotlone ag to tbe ultinate
the globe, a well-doaunenterl elght- publlo erplanatlon rhloh the RIAF
lrg beqrlng a certal.n reaenbl.anoe put on the slht{t ollolterl s6a-
to lt (e number of gnall obJeots rbat bttter cment ftm the Rev.
arourtl a large one ) wae Deile by tro Brorrrlng. Cment that f later
rellable wLtaeggee. The Reverend found eLaborated ln preaa cllppfuUe
llonel B.', an Anglloan rnaile avallable to De by the offloere
Olorgyuan ras adnir{n a ralnbow as of a verly oreilitable prlvate UFO
be and hls wtfe looked out a winclor group tn felbourne (YIIF0RS)n.
of thelr Cresay, laEnanla, Rectory. Conttnueil Page 19
urtw 0F Tllt B|Iilll|IllREPI|RI
I rfrssEtTrll0
by J am es[ . tc l l o n a l d
Instltute of AtnosPheric PhYsice
The UniversitY of Artzona

SUUU.ARI- The Condon Reportte negatlve concluslong and recmendatlons ritb

respect to saienttflc stuity of UF0s are now a natter of publ1'9 resord. I
tlispute those concLusionar-challenglng anil arltlcialng then on the foLlorlng
principal grornda:-

f) The Report analyees onIY to deoetve.

about ntnety caaea, a tlnY fractlon
of the stgnlftcant and aclentiflc- 6) D espi te al l of the above'
ally puzzllng IIFO rePorte nor on those who prepared the Rgnort endled
reoordl . up w i tb about a dozen (i .e.t about
fb per cent) of thelr caaes ln the
2) It onite conglderatlon of runexplalned I category. Sote are
sone of the nost Puzzltng ceses on extrenely eignlflcant IIf'0 casgs
recor(l, fanoue caaes that Peraone (".e. , bexae E-az or l,akenheath) i
such as nyeelf speoiflcally urgetl yet-theae Undxplatnett UfOs appear -to
the CondlonProJect to etudY. It Lave been casua3"ly lgnoleal by Condon
even onlte discusslon of eertaln ln recomentllng that UFOs be coneld-
signlflcant cases that.ProJect etaff erecl of no further scientiflc eig-
aciuaLly investigated (e.6. r Levell- ni fl cance.
a n d and Redland s ).
s) Many of those cesea shich the ?) frelevant patltllne has thlck-
Report doee coneider are of euch. ened the Report to a bulk tbat w111
trivtally lnslgntflcant nature that dlseourage Eany scientlste fron
they ehould have been ignored on the etudylng-lt carefu)"}y. Detalled IIFO
groirnde that they are unrelatecl- to repoit-analyses should have been the
the ?roJeetre prlne ulsslonr namelyt prfurary content of thle Reportr Yet
aeeking-explanattona of tbe klnde of trlvta- and irrelevanctes r or geconcl-
tnrly baff}tng caaes that have cre- ary naterlal, are present i3 obJect-
ated- the Alr Force problen that letl lonably voltrninoue proportlons.
to establlshnent of the Coloratlo IIFO
Pro J ec t . 8) ?he Report' lt nuet be notedlt
4) Specious argunentation' and doee exhiblt a few brlght facets;
argunentatlon of eclentlflca)"ly very but these are obecureal bY lta high
weik nature, abound ln the RePortrs average defect-tlensltY.
caee-analyseo. And, whlle broadlY
otrarglng blas on tbe Part of those 9) In all, I belleve that the
who bave taken the IIFO Problen contente of the Condon Report fatl
eerlorsly ln the Paot, the-RePort disnall-y to support the strong
exhtblts ilegrees of bias in the opp- negative recornnendations rblcb
osite direction that deeene the Contlon has preeentedl tn his o;n
eharpeet of oriticlan. sumnary analysls. The strong D-
5) To anyone lntfunatelY fanlllar dorsenent by the llational Aeadeny of
wlth relevant report-detailg.r sone Sctenceg wi.11, I bellever prove to
of the oaaea consldered 1n the be a palnful embar-asgnent to the
Report exhlbit dleturblngly lncol- lcacleny, for lt appears to be the
plete presentatlon of rel.evant evlil- epitme of superftcial panel-eval-
ence; in a few lnstances, such uatton by repreeentativea of a
defects seen ltttle ahort of nis- sclentlfio botly that otght alwaye to
representation of case-inforuation, rarrant the prestlge tts goocl name
However, I believe that the latter enJ oys
instancee bespeak bias, not intent Continued ?age 18'


u F0 r]firEsTlfifril0n
by ll . E.Ihornhill
The uodern enLgua of the IIPO (UntOentlfled Flying ObJecte) has been rith
u-a !-or upwardo of trenty-two yearn. Proof of ihether-these obJecte exlst,
rlelhgr they are olly_ a- fLgment g{-!h9 _irnagtnatLon or whethdr they are
nistnterpretatton of the lmown is ati1L left up to the obeenrer.
Ihe rnaJorlly of the pubLlc ls not fanlltar wltb rbat goes on behlnil the
scenea regarding investigatlon of the IIFo reporte - hor we decide tf a
report coulil be a hoax or perhapo nielnterpretatlon of aone conventlonal
obJectr e.B. cloud fornatLon, weather balloong, aircraft etc.
I,et ne elaborate on the above rlth the followlng lnfornatlon;-
A slghtlng occursi ls reported to i- Bvaluation, of course, etarte at
the SooletXi at thti polnt'Stghtlng &he intervlew rhere a nethod that I
Repori f;r;,' "A' ls sent out to b; have- adopt-ed heJ-pe us to find out
ftiteO in by the witneee and re- .rhether the witneee has actually
'seen eonethlng
turned to thl Society. ([h1e fonr or rhether the re-
ls a prellntnary oire whlch wi1L 'lngrt-ed wae Juet a fignent
of the lnaginatlon.
lndlcati the type-of eighting nade).
Fron thls For:n rrArf it can be I have developed certain nethode
deterulneil whether the eightir4l which quickly brlng out these cred-
warrants further lnvestigatlon. If lbility f1aws, for Lnstanoe, after
lt does, then a Slghtlngs 0fficer patlently Lletening to the account.
wlll go out to the hone of the rlt- f wtll then aee that all the facts
ness for a personal intervler, and are straight by repeating highllghta
wlll extraot aa nuch infomation of tbe report rhiLst rnaktng sure
verbal,ly ae posslble, thie le done that in two or three placee I change
by allowlng the ritnese to fu1Ly qone of the ritnese'e deeerlptLone
( e.g. di recti on, ' of
relate the elghting, after vhich the tl ne or si ze the
Slghtinge 0fficer r1l1 ask various reported obJect) to eee whether they
questions rhlch have been prepared ri)-l recognlee the errorr correct it
through lnteneive etudy of the IIFO or Just let lt paea unnotlced,
pbenmena. One qulckly learns to gauge the
Approxlnately one hqrr r11I have obJectlvlty of the report. One of
been fully abeorbed at thig polnt the nost glarlng fau3.ta on the part
anil the Sightlngs Offlcer wlll have of edbe wLtnessee ls to substitute
obtalnetl as uuch lnforuation ae he lnterpretatton of fact for a fact;
san frm tbe ritneEs. lle tllL have thua he nay tell ue 'rthe space shlp
tapd the rcport, fllletl out the was patrolllng the neighbourhood and
second, and nore cornprehenetve, r- observing uen then, tn actual fact,
port foro and 1111 have collected the rl.tnesa obserred a 1lght uovtng
sketches and photos tf avallable. about 1n the slry'.
Xot the real tork rlll conmence, Iy .-experlence ln lntervl'erlng
that of evatuattng it; Sigtrtinfi shme that the rttnesa ri1l attenpt
Report. to fit the anmaloug obeer$atlon
or AnnpoRr.
ErrlluArror i3:;. :i':r"d;l"i|t*fif;1 o:?:"$::I
Draluatlng a algbttng ls not the :"-19T9tl:ne ' the bltnktng
or even a llehts
eaey iait-{Eat rnfinyniy irrrnr' rt l.l::*qt
urrv' / "'"
lnvolves the Slghtings Officer ln
nany hours of cypherlng _through tbe Evaluatlng the credlbi}ity of a
relattve infornatlon of the report wltnese ia, of course, an evei pres-
before be le able to procluce tbe Contlnued Page 6.
U F O I}fiIESTIGAfIOR continuecl fron Page 5 ).

ent problen. It seena tedloue to fhe witness recal]s that the

enlarge here on the obvlous natterE. obJect was first obaerved travelllng
One can be fooled, certainl"yr but 1t frou reat to south over the nearbY
wouLd be rash lndeed to auggest that pmer-statlon, rhen ahe was glanclng
the thousande of IIFO reports now on out of her kitchen rlndow.
recorcl are all slnply a teetlnony of She ran ort onto the porcb of the
confabulation. hone, ln order to obaetre cloaert
lfter conelrlerlng the raport of beceuse the porch overlooked the
the ritness ln the above nanner lt pmer-statl"on. The obJect appeared
ls then eubJected to a polnts eysteu aa a large flashlng ball of ltght
to cro6s chect the statenent. The novlng at the epeed of a plston alr-
oyateu I developed allots certaln craft and rae approxlnately lOO feet
narks to eaoh relevant polnt of the up ln the slgt.
stghtlng, as fol,lore :-
0n reachlng the bountlary of the
line of slghting - power-statl.on, the obJect elored
Da y .. ...2 Po l n ts . dwn and gtartetl to bob uP anil dwn
trtght ...1 Po l n t.. (ltte a plng pong ball tf caught ln
of obJect - a ilraught of alr). During tta prog-
Good ttetall . . .3 Polnts. ress acrose the slry 1t enitted
F a l r tl e ta l l ...? p o l n ts . flashes of Ltght rhlch beanedl out
No tl e ta l l . . . . .l - p o tn t. . brightly whi.let lt rolled over ancl
over. 0n reachln53 the oppoaite
0bJect dlsappeareil - boundary of the porer-etation lt 1n-
S lo rl y ..5 P o i n ts . creaged tn epeed anil novecl fron vler
Q u l c k l Y..... ..8 Po l n te . of the ritness' then brleflY re-
I n a fl a s h ....1 P o l n t.. turned before finally disappearlng
and so the polnts syaten Soes on. vertlcally upwarde.
Theee polnts are then totalLed During her sightlngl the wltnesa
together antl, lf they fall beLor ZOt suffereal frm an ear-bleecl and also
tt lndlcates that the eighting 1s felt a pLna and neetllee like sensat-
posslbly explainable as aone natural lon ln her tongue.
phenonena or that the lnfornatlon ie
for the report to be S tehti ns N o.2.
conelalered a6 elther a natural or Date: March llthi 1968.
llFO phenmena. l Lne: L.30 a.n.
Above 2O polnts the sightlng is S l te: Mordl al l ,oc' V l ctorl a.
then subJected to the conglderatlon A cigar-ehaPed obJect with q
of varLous points, one wlth anothert brlgbtly lit done' which becauee of
to eee whether. they natch in sone lte brlghtneee 1it even the base
re l ev ant way (e .g ..s o u n d tn a a e o c - rae obeerved lor 1n the ety. It wae'
i a ti on wit h ear-a e h e ). noving very elorlyr alnost hoveringr'
As can be seen the Intervlew and anil tlurlng 1ts prqgregB left a grey
Evaluation take ttne and in narlY trall ln the slry.
cases, will- cone to a tlead stoP ' due Thte obJeot was about the slze of
to conflictlng or tnEufflclent in- a flve-oEnt pteoe uP at arns
fomatlon. At thls polnt a elgbting length. It appeareil to crllee for
ie ftleal away for further lnvesttg- sone ttne before turrtlng and dts-
ation or to be consldered againet appearlng at trenendoug spegd.- It
otber slghtlngs whlch nay be hantled fsft a grey trall behlnd whlch ras
to us at sone later tlate. vistble for sone ten mlnutee after
lte leavlng vlet. It rao seen aB
A11 lnforoation, ae tnadequate as rhlcb r-es
far eray a6 Parhdale
lt nay seetn' le kePt aa lt corrLd
prove to be valuable ln the future several ni]-ee fron where lt hail been
ln eolvlng the IIFO Phenonena. firet obsenred.
Slshtlng ITo.3.
Si ght lng No. l. Date: Aprtl J.I.tlt' 1968.
Date: JanuarY l2th' 1968. fful e: 6.OO p.n.
ftne: 12. 50 a. n . S l te: Gl sborne, V l ctorl a.
Si te: Chadet on e ' V l c to ri a . Contlnued ?age 12.

Pl l .0T SUUA T GI S
H U F 0 sl i l l { 0 E U U R E
t Z ant husf i e p o rtI
rltq tollowlne report was.prepared by captaln Gorclon Tf. snitb, pilot for
Murchison Alr servlces - southerra Alrlinee '
or weeteril Australia.'
slghting' as <lescribed by Captain Sstithr occurred in the late
afternoon of 22nd Auguot, 1968,- above the zarithue area of seetern

AT 8,000 Fmf . qll frequencies. Ige were receivlng

Captain lTaLter Gardin and nysel"f Kalgoorlle carrier nave with no
were returning fron Adelaiile to voice propagation, only a hash and
Perth on a Charter Flight. fhe air- Etatic. In the next ten ninutes I
craft was an 8 place Piper NavaJo, transnoltted about seven tinee and I
regietration VII*RT0, returnlng enptv be]leve WaLter dlil about five tines
fron Atlelaide. At first sfghtfna i with no results.
was aeS.eep1n the cabln, Wal_ter ias ALso at about this tirne we
at the controLe, IIe were cnrislng notlced that the naln ehip spLit
at 81000 feet with a true airepeed lnto two sections stlll nalntaining
of 190-195 }nots ancl tracking 2Z9o the saure Level, ancl the snaller air-
Magnettc, craft then fl-ew out left and right
At o94O c . M . T . (V+ O W.S .T .) but staying at the saloe level and
IIaIter abrupt3.y wakened ne in great conlng baok to the two uain haLves
excltement and askecl ne to cone i.nto of the bigger ship, At this tine
cockpit quickly. I dld so, and there appeared to be about slx
he asked ne if snalLer alreraft taklng turng of
f could see whit he
wa s l o o k ing at . At fi re t I d i d n ' t. going olt ancl coming back and forn-
because I was stiU euffering fron ating on the two halvee.
the effect of sLeep" f,oweverr-after
absut thirty seconals I couLcl see Sonetimes the two haLves Joined
what he was exotted about. and spIlt, and the whole cycl-e
continueil for ten nLnutes.
Sone distance aheacl at the sane
level, and about 50o to .ny rieht
( I was in the right seat ), I saw a
fornatlon of aircraft. In the
nltlill-e ras a larger aircraft, and
for"nated to tbe rlght and left ancl
above were four or five sualler air-
craft. Xe rere on a track of ZTO0
lfiagnetlc and these aircraft appeared
to be nalntainlng etatlon wlth ue.
ls re hatl not been notlfied of
thls traffic, f radioed Kal_goorlle-ask1n6g
D.C.A. awuntcatlone centre
then rrtrat trafftc tbey or RAAF had
ln ou? arga. The anerer;as Done.
So f then notified Kalgoorlle that
re had thlg fomation ln elght and
theJr, ln turn, notlfled son-e east-
bound traffic' of the tlanger of
unldentlfted trafflc 130 NM eaEt of
n-[DIo couuu]rrcAfIot{ tosT.
At about thls tlne we l"ost
comunlcations with Kalgoorlie on Contlnued ?age 14.
by Judit h tagee
Abort three hunilred yeare B.C., the a:flnlee of Aleraailer the Great tere
iliapereeil ln fear by flying shields. IIFOs bave been recsriled sl.noe vely
early hlatory. Sme rbgearchere claln they are deecrlbed ln the Blble. In
fact, all through our hl.stor"5r the IIEOg seen to have been obeenlng us.

In thoee early days, unleeg one Xe lnvent rflre orackersf r and

hadl been seen to land, people nrt enornors fl.rea uncler then to
probably have been lncllned to rrlte release then fron Earthte gravltat-
UFOs off ea falllng stars. SLnoe lonal ptrllr ln ortler to tnveetlgate
the adveat of Eatellltes, and rtth a the lfoon and the neare! planete to
Llttl,e nore hrorledge of the celest- Eee lf fron tbese aorrld poaslbly
tal boiliesr tr are tncllned to cone the llfe that appeats to be
illsnles UFOg as satelLites or aa lnvadiqg our atuosphere.
sone natural phenmena. fttts type Surely there nrust be an easiel
of evasion, or laek of thought, has way of leavlng lfother Earthl It is
done nothtng to nake nan ponder obvtoug tbat eone avlation engtneer-
thelr orlgin. However, in 194? 1ng companles are trylng to enulate
events took a turn in tbe dlreotlon the lIF0. The shape of eone of thelr
of recognition. Kenneth ArrroldrE attenpte tnrllcatee this. The hover-
report of ten flylng dieas hit the craft, for eranple, le an extreneLy
heailllnes the world over and the poor attenpt anil probably rather
teru tf1ylng eaucergr ras real"ly ueeLese since a he}ioopter can
wlth ue. Sinoe that tine, they have aohteve tbe same resuLts and fly
been thought to be, anong other blgher.
thtngs, AmerLcan or Ruselan sectet
weapone - yet botb countrles have Are theee objecte lntelllgently
research proJects, as do na4y other oontrol].ed?
countrtee. We Inow that the RAAF Thelr rnanoeuvres tend to nake us
lnveetlgates maqy UFO reports but belteve that they are, [hey have
doee not nake 1ts ftntltnge pub11c. been seen as a single unlt, then to
If these objeots are nothlng more tltvlde or eJeot snaller obJects
than swanp gae, thE planet Venus, whlcb apparently fly by their ora
baLLoons or ref]-ectlons fron btrds pmer or are perhaps remotely oon-
why ilo governnentg bother spenillng trolleil, then to return to the
thousands of dlollare on researoh? tparent shipr.
Perhaps the Ufonaute are trfring s'hat neans of propulslon ilo they
to nake us think for ourselvee aad, utll.1ee?
einoe re rarely nottce a llght ln trhat syeten of propulston could
the s\r unlese tt iloes smethtng our cauae the electro-nagnetlo effecte
conventlonal obJeots cannot do, they noteil durtng the praeence of a UFO?
nate thelr appearanceg a Ltttle nore Yhen a IIFO ras eeen and photographed
spectaaular by landtng in fleltls, by at the Sorth ?ol,er the geonagnetic
leavlng burned circlee ln the graEg Lnstrunents at three baees nal-
(eo that a geLger counter 1111 eone-
preeence of radl.o- functioned. Scientists etated that
tlmee note the rhenever an obJect entered the
actlvity), by h-crcer{ng over launch anSmhere in
patle anil by paclng earthrs magnettc fleltl
our csrc anil the worLd, it recorcled on their
- - antl, at last, we wonder! instruments. When a IIFO flew oYer
Where do they cone frou? Shy are an alr base i:r the Azores and an
they here? alrfield in lisbon, electric clocks
stoppeil. lhe great North Western tbis polnt because tbere have been a
bLackout 1n the Unlted States in nrrnber of reports where people gtate
196? sas attributetl to IIIO activlty (as atlat the young nen near tragga tn
as at Leaet twenty-eevea Ul0s were f .S.S.) ttrat they felt conpelled to
obEerved oYer hlgh tenslon wires foLlo the obJeet and/or their oare
Juet prlor to the blackout. eeeneil to have been dragged along by
rhatever foroe tbese obJecte use.
CAR PACING. Anotber case ras noted ln the Last
ALthoWh Eany carsr, tractorgr lsguel Do.8or of our nagazlne.
and even tplaaeer enginee bave cone
to a bal.t ln the praenoe of a IIFO, @9'3.
tt ;oukl seen that tbe field - lf On 8th JuLy, 1969r an ex-nurae
that ta what oauses thle effect - now llvlng near Uortlake 1n Vlctorla
could be varlable, becauee there raa returning frm a vtett to ber
have been reporte of cera betng nother - a Journey of abort fifteen
follmeil very closely by these allen mil-es.
nachines yet not experienclng thls
effect. Such was the oaee wlth the fbe road fron her notherts hdle
ts off the maln htghray betreen
tro rcar-paolngf lncldents ilescribed
b e l m:- Xortlake ancl llannanbooL tn eouth-
regtern Yictorla. The ' terraln le
Ca a e 1. very open, there are onLy a fer faru
A uotel proprletor of Payneevllle bouees anil frm thlg road there ls
ln Victorla tras drlvlng on the road an ercellent vler of the countryeiile
and travell- for many utles around. It rag about
between Stratford
aouth-eastem ?.O0 p.n. rhen ebe notLced the retl
lng torarda SaIer ln
Ylctoria. Ee wae drlvlng a large andl green Ltghta hlgb ln the slry.
hlg usual She thowht lt coulil have been the
Anerican car andr ao ls Tben
a fast epeed r on this llghte of the Aneett 'plane.
custcnn, at tbe obJect tlroppeil raptdly' on her
oooaglon at about 85 nph. Hle wlfe
leftr to a helght of about flfty
wae asleep on the back seat, qulte llect. By nor ehe could see Eme
acoustmed to the epeed. there seemed to be red domed
Just out of Stratforil he notlced llghts, a metal dme ln the niddle
what appeared to be a rather ' large and a green fJ"aehing llght at the
star. In a flash the rstarr was rear. The obJect then crossed the
above bls car. Looktng out the oar road ln front of the oar and took up
rlndcns, he corLd, see the obJect a positlon about flfty yarils aray on
rhich he satd taa enoruoua and prob- her rtght aacl proceetlecl to pace her
ably about LOO feet above him. It oar, for tbree to four mlleg.
fould have hatl to be that hlgh ln
the alr to nles the treeg along the It the tiae tbe object arrived
slale of the roed. 0n approacblng a ehe had been travelllng at abqut
faru or a townshlpr the obJect rould 45 roph but as ehe progreaaed and
becme very brlght' then dtsaPPear became arare of the obJect, taklng
ln a flaah to reappear far away onel note of shape and Ltgbta, fear began
the fielila lthe a star. Once Past to take control and the car soon
the farm or trnehlP' lt rould re- reaohed a speed of 8O nph. The wit-
turn to lts poeltion above the car. n6aa gtateal that the obJect kept
pace rlth her car. ft cbangetl dlr-
tle rltuess dttl not rate hle wlfe ectlon raplilly, reepondlng gulokly
as he rag too lntant on trYtng to to ber ohangea of dlreatlon anil any
rlossr tbe obJect by puahlr4; h'ls car
lnc:lease of opeeil.
to ltg narlnun apeeil - soerhele ln
the reglon of 150 !Ph. !}tgn Fe The rltaess stated that the
arrlveil-at the outgHrte of Sale' be obJect had llghte fore and aft and
oalleil on h1s fathar-ln-Iel rho aane frm the tall there flasheil a green
otrt and ratcbed ag the obJect flel bean rhlch Boeneal to be dlrected at
aray lnto the dlstance. he!. fhtE causeil her conslalerabLe
dlEtreaE. She sald her heail raa
fhe illstanae travelled on thts throbblng anil her chest feLt dfe-
occasion las thlrty mlles tn flfteen tendetl .
minuteg. The proprletor hag trledt
a number of tl.nes glnce r to equal or On reaching the end of the lane,
better bls ttne schealule of that anil after turn{ng onto the highway,
nlght - but rlthout Eucceaa! I nake Continued ?age 14.
Gars halted Young men speel
by "lorcett crs 'llying scucer
LONDON, Saf, ;- The British
Unidtificd Flying Objectr Research
Associetion wilf receive r report
from Dorset about a mysteriousforce
dives over therl
ADELAIDE.- A youngPort Victorio mglormechonicyester
said lr beve stopped three cers in describedhowhe hod drivenot 95 mphofteron unideniifiedf
their tracks on a quiet country road. ing object hod "dive-bombed" him bettpn Moitlondqnd pr
The report lr bclng lwstcher
prcpercd Dy Mr. Frank
stopped and I Victorioopprox100 milesfrom Adeloidd
over dlzzy.
lllrrihdl |lc Arsocia- I .,fVo other vehlcles on He said. he end &notherl
tion's npracntrtlvc et lUr.-d"i-ii""t"n-oi'
On tcavinr Maiilr
vouth: wuri-liiin-"-i,ererhadnotieed-a rrCome
Portlrn4 fotlorlry,lntel-: Iiiui., *uO "scared stifi" snd had on"o?urftl down,
iii*i"a Urt. to" *i
vlews he baa harl witl
rr, lajler "ir"ir""iv
30. minutes, every-
Porb victoria
prgittqttfl"f Tflir#,1-l3ot$.
policen ..:t!^.rq. dosn.ata r
us .l
M.- Do*r Drrrrrrc
tlul _pcdrlag, orr
zt, iir,iii ,uruinuf ii riorm-ariwho ha.dlater watcnJefgl^rr.was travelung.paralhlil,tffl"l?litTward
rtrd lllt lrncst Golds- ,land,*efter we fraO all com- wlth them. u) tnem as rnev .t!];di
dt got brger anil lrrt
- **riii"urc sTtre
il;-i"fi;;!.r man, Mr J. A. Wy^"
Port Vlctorla ln a
*#[, ..?"sl1T"ffil1,Hu I "" ti:v4drd urdt; aisj lftrjl'1"$^;3['"3;,u;
anlc,.seld he w&s_retrurn- .*.iiiu;
-ior;-?13,oF! "Hi.# :f
the old noman road from I Mr. Goldsworthy, rho
-As'kerwell0o Beaminsteretl sas in Mr, Rcdehaw's in_g home f rom Maitlan-d,,vatclned'it, --
wherehe wosks,.at rT,llliitof in o*rit'riirij'
friaat"ii:'inf.iii'i iiffil ..Auhowht is hsd
"fif "H"ffi
d .rk on Sunday when the I cer, glld: "Thc experl- 9.{0 pm on Tuesdey, Y turn [o froni oi usiludge hekht of a ntt
eng{ne feiied, the lights I cnce shattcrcd ur. Wc a frlend, Chrlstopher riii-'lcircte
'went out, clocks and j saw rnal berrd nothing." tori-?iiii,'wriiibo;.;aail'irri l[,lJ#fXl *ffi H
hts farnlly, ' *
"TRltlH" Bdsbane,Gl. f5/9/Sg "I reckon lt Tas !b
m0 to 300 yards away ln

UFO 'dive-bombed'

A DE! lDE. - A motor mechanic

I o
t?il[# ;,li:',[i1.f*:1{fft
bombld" by e UFO.
(I dfiY/gf
"ft came down at I veTy sllght angle toward
Xc and r youth wlth hlm hrd bccn

us at a very _fast rate. !t got larger and larger
"sc&red stifi" and hed rcportcd the stghting and changed color from bright whlte -to
to r poUceman who latcr watchcd thc UFO orange-red.
$ith thcr.
. l'4l$ough it Ls hard to tudge hetght at
The mechanic ts Mr J. A. W. litvatt, 21, ntgbt, I would- sey lt was aborit fquartdr of i
of Port Vlctoria, on Yorke Peninsula, about
100 mlles lrom Adelalde.
He rdd he wes returning home trom
Mattlsnd, where he works, at ibout g.40 o.m.
on Tuesday witb Christopher'Bolton, 15. -
mile above us.
ftf rcekon lt wes about,200
to ifil yd. awen
and still travelling parellel to us.
"As we rounded a bend three miles lrom
Port Victorie lt eontlnued stralsht on and
9n lpqvtng. Maitland they noticed a briglrt
whlte light, high over the town.
appeared to be rlsing."
' Mr Wyatt sctd that wben he siot homc hc I A DET
It Tts travelling parallol to them rs watched _it through his, father' i blnoculars, fl top{
thcy drove south-wesi to Port Victoria. but eould not distinguish any shepe. "bvzzcd;
It disappeared and re-appeared so he and
Mr Wyatt said: "We watched it for about Chrlstopher called Constablc D. Gucrln, who crey firh
nlne mlles; when it suddenly made a half- watched it with them.
clrcle turn in front of us. miles frt
-but ttr Wyatt said lt w&s circular in shapc,
as far er
wrs not making any noise. It had been
a clear night. The (
'SU!S' Malboume, Vic. Z/\Z/AA Constable Guerin said, thaL when. he mrr
the llght. It.would heve been about four rtnfiic
ei Harveyf r
lgl men spced#;r*ir,Til'*ilfr
on. and apDeared (o be ris-

I t--;'
rrrlt SGf|lcef []_
iii,ffff]*:i.tifr3ft binoculars, but could not
s over lhem

.yoqng.Port Victoriom$or mechanicyesterdoy
Cir culorshope
ft disappeared ond re-
bod drivenot 95 mphtter on unideniifiedfly'- appeared,
dive-bombed" him betpen Moitlondond port who
so he and Bolton
had gone and got Const D.
Guerin, of Port Victorls.
hod watched it with
trackedhim KALGOORLIE, Today: Fremantle
publican John Stevens-was tracked
fi) milesfrom Adetoidf them.
for more than 20 miles by what he
g!I' on
E! F-a-o,ifi;;i;l-*;lu'Hi "Cor"down"l#t?:ffilf ;i:jJ: thinks w^asa flyFg $aueerin the early
thc rtvi I verylbeenaclearnisht. hours of yesterday morning.
9:! 5f."rt,fjlt"l3or*. ..'{
ffi .rlnifii *ifl:t:'r.if,fry,r1".Fi1,ft?ilirf;ward"' "l*,f""f;.luo.t$,1r'irro*llij.. Mr Stevens, who was drivinglo Kalgoor-
rre ror the annual race round, had the inter-
Port l4tger enal tar8er,
Victorta iri a south-, -rt tot been about four miles
=" sestrly directlon. iand cbrnced in
colour' I awey. !9r of his car lit up by weird'light wtrictr tre
first noticed about 20 miles on the perth
H *i[i"y{ftl"" Tttl.,,Ei1:T-- shtic ,.l,*Tt$EiT'ffj,tLli,f
,lll: side of Coolgardie
onrntc-rcd' -"--- --
of aUoul nine-mttes;-wtt6 ;Gd.
lt sudderrly made e hsll- i "Althowh it is hard to , It had spect ofi to the
tcircte turn in front of ss.iludge . treftht . of a nlght, lwest, but had returncd, and
In*fJ, g#
it the rear win- the.seeondflme
ilrr !r yoylg sly- it w.+sqpgrt!llld.Igaaine{ !r lle Ft<y dow !II9uCl. lon I
rbeginning towas
qnartefoi t mite itiovCriiiiiltiiiet;iioui riiinuliii. of his car. ,-. Bet very
{s. li He sald: "Ii wasn'te ny- There was no traffic friEhtendit ani- starteb
;,f reckon lt wa,s aUoutl'lns sau.ger,,but I dofi.t near,.him g-nd the glow golng a lot fadter. -The
loo-to s0it y; irs i,il6vffiil1 FlgI \l'qt.l,t- c3-qld have lnysurrcd htm so much llght stayed with me alt

nbgd' =-.=
rs, rina liiif- irav;UG's;;;: I been. rt .coulcl$ever have that he stopped the car. tlie timej' -.
i6'G. --' II beenen aircraft'"
-*' aircrart'" a few hundred
efter _thelight lirsf ""*i-- Mr stevens said thst
Hobart, Tas.Z/tZ/eA Deared. the llght wa.s difflcttlt to
moment he got out describe but lt loored llke
- iil: lyg arms.of light tsr a
appeared. v-Fnap Eltn a blg eent.
nver lrrev$
.',i immediatelv
a -l Eot back III
ln the car and-wbnt 1o. rnlrli
spouight between

my llte," he_.Tid today.
"As soon 1F I'q. go! stsrt- ing -'f didn't believe tn fly.
lriaucerlr before thi6,
eO _againthe light came but I'm not too Eure now.

'bp uFo
r vcly sU-ghtangle toward pgc{ on again right be _Ilnt.gotng home ln day.
. rr gog and larger nrnd me. Ught and I thlnk I'll
trom -t&Iger
bright whtte -to ".4! flrst I thought it back Orbtt Commendei
mtght be somebody on a at the rarns,f he satd.
rd to Judge height at
r8s about a quarter of e
'NEWS" Perth, W.A.
b"!. ?00 to 300 yd. awan
reellcl to us.
bend three mili:s lrom
tlgued stratght on and
gppesrg qgqin ,.
r-'- DEIAIDE. A mysrerious while she was returning home.
,t *hen he got home hc I It hept pace utith hcifor fitn milcs.
Li<- father' i blnoculars, top-s$eped obiect vliich has trauelling
rish any sbepe. "buzzid" two moiorists neer the in front of her car.
I re-appeared so he and On Sunday night Bill Chambcrs.
nsteble D. Guerln, who crey fiehing town of Grey, ebout 20 18, of Grey, wa.s-also drivinE homd
miles from Millicent, has been seen from Millicent when he saw th6objeet,
rrs circular in shape,
rny noise. It had becn as far awry as Mount Gambier. He said it stopped abotrt fOfi ft.
above the road an.d some distasrcc in
said thet, when. he law _ The obiect, accomnanied bv a fr.trt. of hiq ci*r"
rc been about four ftnds dazzling white light. terrifieet tllis J.
Harvey, of Gre.v-. about a monilr ago
'SUN" ilelboume, Vii sltz/ea
a-= |t
:= .<; =
E-r 3r
rc =o8
= rl E
C F9=FF=i
--=- t F ;
="3' r :ii
Z. ir, l3r l, - a = tE:,
5 ;t

=-'i :l' El
a a r E ><i? f F = E lI


g I3F
Iiliigaifll* l;lli? o
!l J!- ," =E t5-
t, ao|!
F -=? g<F;-"
3< '
t =3 7 ;9 --o
' tr

9--: 9.,{ if,

=r i :ag1; gri Jg
OtF " 3{ lri . t I

i?i;g$i q

Flil _r I; Ii-";;ea
?z z
'd Ei ''
a o5r
E (I Fe
s 7*.ao 5P ' f,.r fi* -
lI l

tr 3
l'r O It iti'
' xF f,
gp5 i!'
t; -
{\3 'oF
(D 3 Sy
-f t* c_.
,-- 3o t.
3:i l.F
:u t,oH<s
sFig1 p.
UI r:r !i r o
6 Er oFr

i pt' Fsa * $I
\ F* $r<
o l!c

^.9 !.6
- tt9
96 -!

i s ;'
hg p
E!g 9 ru


td t

i:uE;:* Fc
il*iiiffiiili o.g i +E=;r
il = t
1l!;'aiE;iq 1l
;7Fi;E:q; EEEtr! iisris:aFirirril?E
EF!ir o
:i:i ffii;?
lisiiifrg&i -:i+ii
E,t o

i;ii;iei a T
Ir Flii'11F=.iE
lo lr+ ta-
E IOliir F
la o
$l u E lo li Fli;liiii irsE o o
rF i;eseF; 3 r-

E.?tn ,sEi & t

o C ln- | ;E
*l l

t*ei:;' t'WE Fi?,

Fr i ?
7 == t

sEiiqi a !l

PO -a='
:i(r I
o iiii
!a o

lltt I
itlli lo :;ri6
3 7i7.-
Eil ro o+
o +E:=-

E J+

li;3i;*tr l5 u;E;sifii gg[g

sr v) lr a F

irp[g [E
t3 D' CD,
I:;$ge;i 1-


I rE-

Ej::li liE33Ettc v,

GD -:

l -,

'-.1 to!

rF D) {
IT F O IMIESIIGATION continuedl fron page 6 ).

Two retl lighte were seen floatlng lVe coulcl aEaeaa thla because te
ln an t?thn on the !98t- have been ltvlng'near tbe aerodtme
ern slde of the townehlP. Theee for sone flfteen years and have seen
li.ehts then appeared to be novlng narly alrcraft. [e oBDr wlth confl<l-
veiy slowly 1n a clrcuLar Pattern ence, eafely say that lt tas not arqr
torards the reet. knorn aircraft.
Su{lden}Y the tro llghte gpeat off Althoryh lt rae a elear nlght it
ln a stratllrt llne tmartlg the north raa reasonably ilark and a good vtel
before coilpletely dleappearlnq lrgn of the ehape ias not Poaelble but re
vien. ft iee thb verY fact of this dlat obserrre that lt bail at least
lrregular perforoance that createtl three ltghts - tro rere Pale Ye1lw
the lnterest for the obeerver. ln cotouring anil one was rad. lhe
red llght ras eituated ln the ntddle
Sl e h t ing No. 4. of the yellor ones antl sllghtlY
-Dater Aprll 15th' 1968. belor centre.
Tl n e : lf . 45 a. n. [he obJect dlsaPPeared behlnd
Slte: South of Tooradln' Vlctorla. sone houeeg.
Eight niles south of llooradln on Slghttne llo.6.
the Gippsland llrway trrhat eeeued to Date: l[ovenber llth, 1968.
be a pulsatlng cloutl shot !P fron Tl ne: 7.30 p.n.
behind a clunP of treesr. Thls was Slte: Young ln New South tralee.
the conment the witnees natte on thle
sighttng before oontinulng wlth the Sighttng lrneatigateil by the llarilen
f ollowlng lnf ornatlon. Slghttngs Offlcer.
Ihe nrovenent of the obJect lae On the evenlng of ffth Novenber
verv fast and erratlc, golng fron tr. Stan Rlreema, a counell elec-
eidl to side. Durlng ite aerobatics triclan, ralked out of the front
the xnebulougrr oval cloud-ghapeal door of hls hme 1n Yass $t.' Yoru4;.
ob.lect changed to a dlsc-ehapeil Tbe s$r wae very overcast because lt
obiect then back to ita orl-glna1 hail r6cently ialned. 0n looklng
sh a pe, 1. e. a P u l e a tl n g c l o u d a a w a a ekyrard, Ur. Rheena nottced thle
first obsertteal . brlcht l1cht about tbe size of a
etrEet lfEbt. It waa so obvl'orre
fhe obJect, when ln dlec-shaPed
aipeaied to be a glorlng because lt wae changing coLour fron
forn. - 'brilllant white to a brlght red then
ye116w on- the front edge antl the t'n an un-
back to rhlte, 'colour.culnlnattng
back was vaporoug. grecn lbe
usual -to _ 9!i99t
The obJeot dieaPPeared bY simPlY seened be rnovlng cloger all the
beeonlng invieible to the naked eye' tlne.
Slehtina ilo.5. tr. Rheena then ran lnslde a6;a1n
--.- June 13tb' 1968. and told hie steter anil brotber
Tl ne: 8. 15 p. m . abort what he hail wLtneeeetl anil they
also obEerrred hlg slghtingr onlY
Sl te: O ak P ar k t Vl c to rl a .
thle tine the obJect ras gtartLng to
The object ras observed bY two n(nra ataJr. Xr. Rheeua then ran lnto
ritneseee and the deecrlptlonr as the ncrt-door hme to get a local
follorg, waa given bY one of then. norapaper reporter to ritneas the
obJect. All tere Juet ln tlne to
The attentlon of both of us tea ltght illeaPPear at groet
the obJect at alnost see the
clrarn torards apeed lnto the illatant akY.
the eame tirne, alrnoet as though bY
sone lnner lnetlnct. f,e thought at Stphtlnc fo.?.
first that lt ras an aeroplane turn- -Date: June 17tb' 1969.
ins. on aPProach for a laniling, but
-ieallsed that lt rasnrt Ti ne: 8.52 p.n.
whdri we S i te: E tgbettr V l ctori a.
nwing te stoPPeil ln our tracke to
wat c h t he obJ e e t. Corner of Loclntla and C1yde Streets.
ft didntt do anYthtng unusual' I was ilrlvln4; nY car 1n a rest-
its speed rag nuch faster than that erLy dlrectlon and Just as I atarted
of a ;et Plane. Continuetl Page L?.
T lt E s P A G I ( t [ [ i l s r E H Tr l t0

Ia the latter part of tayr 1969' ?eter $pachan was drivlng bme near
Roleystone, Perth, 0estgra Australla when he-caught^a gltnpEe sonethlng
e11v6ry and sbining. f,e stopped the car anil looked sone Eore -of.
but could not
locate- lt. trorever, -ifhld curloslty wae arorsed and be dealtletl to drive ilorn
occastonally to see be could bee lt again, {bott three weeke Later be
f,as reward6d, ritb anotber gLinpse, this tine for about ten or twelve
seconds. Ee-wae convinced thls tilne that lt was not a balloon or other
natural phenmena, so he decliled to organise properly.

Arned rtth blnoculare, cauelas however. In two or three ninutes lt

etc. he get up nlghtly viglIs euddenLy appeared 1n the south,
b e tween 10. 50 p .n . a n d 3 ,0 O a .n . conlng up frm behintl aooe trees.
After about elght unsuccessfirl ex- Peter took hle }aet shot, whlch
ourglons lt tlawneil on hLn thet hle ehows the dlso falrly lor ln the
prevlors gl.lnpees had been in the e\r, bluelsh ln colour, apparently
tlaytlne, io he gritehed to Saturday reflectlng the bl.ue of the e\r. It
afternoone. On the thlrd Saturdayt dleappeared fron view almost lnned-
It happened. At about 4.4O p,n. he, lately and wag not seen again. ?he
and hle wife Betty, spotted 1t ln enttre duratlon of the slgbting waa
the eouthweEt at an estlnatecl altit- approclnately half an hour, frm
udle of about 2r50O feet. It was 4.4O p.n. to about ten or quarter
hoverlng, wlth an apparent slze past five.
slightly BnalLer than that of the
llhe natter was subsequentl-y tn-
Doon. It started to nove alnost
vestigated by the RAAF who borrowecl
lwredlately and, ln order to keep lt the pictures, made copies and then
ln eight, they ilrove rapttlly tlown a
bueh track unttl they .cerre to a returaetl the orlglnale the nert day.
Peter salal he nae tofal that the RAAS
aleartng. Peter took bis flrst shot
ras taking the natter aerlously, had
wlth . a borrowed Polarold oamera
photograpb- been unable to establish thet the
Loadetl wtth colour filnr plcturee rere fakeg anal therefore
lng alnost dtreatly lnto the eun. assumed that they were genutne,
In hls excltenert he nade a hash of
puIllng out the filnr accidentally Ihey have had no further word
expoelng the next fout franee. !o frm the RAAF concerning the stght-
make natters woree he placetl the lng. The RAIF lnvestigatlng offlcer
picture on the bonnet of the car, infonoed then, hof,ever, that there
llt a clgarette. anil threw the natch hatl been another wLtnese, a lady
away. And where tlltl the natch land? named Dlanne Xartln who bad aeen
l{ot only on the plcturer but snack then antl the oraft and who had gub-
on the tnage of the craft almoet sequently been rphonlng nef,spepers
obLiterating tt anclr therebyl arous- regardlng the affalr. Peter ealal
lng susplclone ln the nlnde of Eme that radlo statton 6fI bail aleo haal
sceptlcs. Tbe IIFO, whlch appeareil slr rphone callg frou people con-
to be a fairly flat diso ehape wlth cernLng the elghtlng.
an otrtel rln slnllar to a craft A photqgranrnetrlc dlone
photographed at Hallan in Tlctorla, analyeis
So for VIIFORS tenaleal to eupport
had tenporarlly dlleappeared. fr. Spaclmanrs report.
Peter ran out on to the roatl to have
a better look, then back lnto the Regariltng the tleecrlptlon of the
buEh where his wlfe f,aa walttng' craft, trs. Spaohan saial 'it was
then flnally brought the car out on about as blg aa our lounge-loffir.
to the naLn roafl where they sat on Peter sald he coultl see portholes
the bonnet and deetdetl to watt ln- alL the way aroundl it anal oalaulated
defialtely. thst it could have had up to forty,
fhey did not have to welt lo:rg, Contlnuetl Page 16.
TffiIR PnSSStrCE? ( fron page 9 ).
lhe shape of the naln shlp eeemed
ehe stoppetl outsiale a famhouse but to have the abll-ity to change, not
remalned in the GEro lhe objeot draetlcalLy, but a change fron, aay,
roge to a conelilerable helght ebove spherold to a eLi.ghtly el.ongated
the house and hovered there, Soon a forr wlth the colour naintainlng a
car cane a).ong the naln road anal Ehe constant dark grey to black.
dlppetl ber headllgbte and foLl.owed
The IIFO was Eowever, the exoall,er craft had a
thlg car lnto Xortlake.
She eatd the constant cigar ehape and rere of &
not seen ageln by her. very dark colour. Thelr traveL out
obJect hatl appeared to be circular and back bad a pecullarlty not
in ehape rith a dome on the top of
Sbe could not estinate the slze' assoclatetl rlth nornal alrcraft ln
it. that they appeared to travel out and
of tt as tt tas very tlark and ln
cme back wlthout actually turnlng
vlew for a very short perlod, llke a nortnel aeroplane rould have
fhe witnese vleited the tloctor to.
shortly after the sightlng as ehe
had becme rather |tneuroticrr. When
re intervleweil her three nonthe At O95OG.l{.T. tbe whole foruat-
later, ehe had been having treatment ion Joinetl together ae tf at a
for two nonths for nervea. lhe slng1e conmand, then departed at a
tloctor told her that two Years trenenclous epeed. It did not dls-
before, a man l"n the illstrlct hatl appear as, aaXr gas would but lt
vislted htn wlth a slnilar atlnent departed in about three or four
after viewlng an obJect near hle eeconals, tllnlniehing in gize tllL
hone. Since our wltnese tas a out of sight.
nurse, she analyeed her feelings at fhe weather at the tlme of the
the tlne of the sighttng anal sbe alghting ras fine, witb no haze
belteves it was not just the stght
abone S'OOO feet antl about z/g atta
of the obJect whlch caused her etratue elsutl to the south of us anal
extreue distress but that it tas
the other aircraft.
poselbly tbe bean of green 1lght
f}ashing at her or perhaps the force
fle}tl sunountllng the obJect. il013s 0[ UFOg:-
1. lhe tltstance from our aircraft of
flaehlng the UFOs would be inpoosibLe to
red gauge beeause the prerequteite to
tloned green
11eht eetabliehlng clietance l"s to Inw
llgbte size anil the size of these
obJects ls unhrorn. Ilorever, for
cmparatiYe gize r the nain ehi,p
conpareil rl,th a Boelng ?O7 aE
seen from about ten niles asay.
2, Iumetliately after the tleparture
of the IIFOg radio coronunicatlons
were restoted.
3. ileither Yalter nor nyeelf had the
preeence of ntnd to check lf any
Uortlake IIPO. tleviatlon existed 1n our nagnetic
oonpass or Autonatic Direction
Flntllng equlpnent vhllst ln tbe
There are many more casee such as proxinity of the IIF0a.
these, sorne even nore spectacular; 4. lhe whole fornatton nalntalned
but whether or not the rePorts are the Eame distance ancl bearing
of a spectacular naturer tbe oubJect fron our aircraft for the enttre
iteelf should nake nan Ponder a fer duratLon of the sl6htlng.
points - eePeoiallY in the area of
travel. Fantastlc dlstances coul"d
be covered with, Perhaps, little Captatn Gartlin and nyself tlis-
expense, effort antl lapee of tirne. ouesed the eigbttng at length durlng

Contlnued ?age 15. Contlnued Page 16.

fHBIR P!I!;S$!ICB? ( fron page 14 ).

B o o l t le view Does it really natter where they

eolne fron? Iesl Poseibly lt does.
It nay have a bearing on thelr
A book by Anericafs veteran ItF0 reeson for belng here.
researchers, Jlrn anil CoraL [orenzen, Irreapeotlve of these queriea,
ls alwaye a keenly awalteil svent. the UPOe are here and they utllise a
lhElr latest book. rll3Oe
form of propulslon rhlcht at thls
49ru49', typiflee the attentlon to stage ln orr plogress, te untrrorn to
detall ancl ooneervatlve investlgat-
loa rhloh has alrays charaoterieed ua. Perhaps rhen re learr to live
the rork of the founclere of the oLrl- ln harnony wlth rnankincl we w111 have
est ertant tFO organtsatlon tn the tlne to golve thie yet another prob-
Unlteil Statea of lmerioa. len but a faecinatlng one.
Itany of the atghttnge oited by +++
the I,orenzens have not heretofore
been publiahed and the network of
South Anerlcan representatives,
palnstaktngly organisetl by llR0,
ensureg that the authors have access
to tnfor:natlon on nost of the in-
trigulng oaees whloh have been re-
portetl fron 3razil and nelghbouring
countrtee during reoent years.
When ona etuclies sorne of the
cases referretl to in the ohapters
entttleil rThe Unbelievables' anil
fThe Flesh Crawlers t tt le teupting
to concLude that there is a dimen-
slon preeent ln the lnerican caaes
that le not nanlfeet tn Australlan
oases. But tbte dlscrepanay may
aLso be explalneil as the result of
reluotance on the part of the nore
pblegnatic Australian to report
stghttngs whlch exhtbi.t a atrong
element of the naoabre or dreadful..
Several later chapters are <levot-
eil to dlecusslng sone aapeote of the
offlclal attttude to IIFOg, antl the
chapter entltleil tItFO anil CIAt
advanoes evtclence to auggest tbat
the rgecrEt goverrnentt nay loow
nore about UFOs than it ts prepared
to adnlt publlcly. Horeverr while
lt seena ltkely tbat APRO and other
IIFO grorpe have at onE tlne or an-
other been aubJected to suneillance
by tntelllgeuoe organlsattons, tbe
guesttoa of preclsely hw mroh IIFO
lnfornatlon ls hrorn by sucb
agencles, and wltbbeld fron the Iea, re oan ldentifY, ls stl11 obvlously a htghly then - theYtre IIFOs.
debatable one.

[he book concludee tlth an

appenillx oontalntng nuab tnfortatlon
uaeful to the researcher, lnaludlng
tha ompl.ete Report of the Robertson
Connlttee on UFOg - rhLch met ln
1955. + -Peter E. Norris.
g'tiE SPACr$A$ SIGETIftT'-1
(frc'n pege 13) z i EF F Ir s T l nD nP4i f fr ar
nqc c
F F bv
i di .

They were not clrcular but were and after the event ancl came to
elongateil and eeened to radlate out- theee conclugions ae to whether the
wards from the centre. IIFOg rere
(a ) 3al1oone?
iiiere vraa no i tgii^r, or s ouutl (u) oases?
coning fron the craft. Accordtng to (c) Trlck of r,lght?
l[re. Spacloan t]re surface appearedl (d ) A i rcraft?
to be ellvery aad netallic wlth e
rough texture. They both recelved a a) If the sightlng rere balloons we
very strong impreosion of coloesal conelderecl lt lnposslble to see
welgbt andl power, afnogt euffocat- these balloons frm thlrty n1les.
lng, Mrs. Spacloan said, It Tas This would have been the dtstance
obee::ved to sLow tlown and f}lp rlght covered by the alrcraft fron the
over in the directlon of flight' first sighting to the dieappear'
Acceleration was ewlft but not inst- ance,
antaneous accorcllng to Peter. He
lhe UF0s rnalntained the same
also had the inpreesion that it wae
unmanned trut could not explain why. distance throughout whereas a
free balloon worrld have a closure
In a recent letter' datetl rate ue of 195 knots (our
21st Noveurber, 1969, Peter says that true airspeed ) and would have at
subsequent stakeouts had proved l east paeeed us.
worthl,ess and they had not visited
There had b) The sane slgunent as above.
the area for two nonths.
been no further sightings. c ) If it were a trlck of 1ight, the
colour of the IIF0s shouLd have
+++ changed at some tine or another
because the sun had had a con-
siderable traverse, coupled with
our westsraril travel during this
tl ne. A l so due to the l aet tw o
facts, any refracted light woulcl
have changed form drasticalJ.y
whereas the UFOs had very little
lllHItE OFTICIALDOM SLIJIIBERS, fHERX change of ehape or colour.
BELISVE IN [}m RIALITY 0F UF0s A}{D d) lVe conclude that the UFOs were ln
ARE re3N TO CARRY OUT RESEARCH fact airoraft with the solidity
AGAINST AII ODDS. of aircraft, except perhaps for
the fact of the ability of the
A connent here, fron the Queeneland larger ItF0 to spLtt and ehange
Bureaurs bulLetin, and attributed to shape elightly.
Dr. Janes Bryant Conantr DaJr be
"Behold the turtl-e; he nakes prog-
ress only when his neck ie outf'. For the above report we thank
Dr. PauI Zeck.

I'rorn the fUCS0$ DAIIY CItIZEN. +++

Monclay, Decenber 29tn., 1969,

IaDOI{ALD BIJISTS COrD0tr. Back lssues available

UA Physicist Proteets Aetion To
Ha l t U. F . 0. Ta Ik , Te have, for eale, a few copies
of edi tl ons nos. 6, 7 and 8 of the
Soston (UPI) - Unlvereity of Arizona nagazlne. These three edttlone are
physlotst Janes E. If, protest- the last three lseues of lKE R$IISW
prlor to thte current editlon. Tbe
ed apgainst an attenPt to g e t V l c e back lssuea are available at the
President Spiro Agnew to intenrene
on cost of 45 cents (l ust.) per copy,
l n s c ient if lc d i s c u e s i o n s here poet pai d.
Unidentifled Flying Objecto (rFos) .
Contlnued Page 12.
u Fo rr[E stigA rroN ( continueri fron page i2 ).
to do a rtght band tilrn to proceed rhether the aotivlty hae any
north, a very short brlght flagh of connection wlth the Planeta ancl the
whlte ltght caugbt ny eye fron the plott{ng of alghttngs onto a nap to
top of the slde rtndor. f thought 6ee where the actlvlty la greatest.
lt ooulil have been a street llghttng ff tn Vlctorla, rbether the aotlvlty
fault but on turnLng the corner I 1g greateat ln the town or oountrY
glauoed back and there raa no street are8g.
l.lght tbere. ls the flaeh had
ileflnltely cone fron hfCh rpr this rork la carried out not onlY
I ln thle Society but ln all
etopoeal and loohed ur. At about 2Oo
east-sorth east frm-dlreotly over- groups rhlch belleve the IIFO to be a
head f sar a pale grey shaper about very real phenmena.
five tlnee longer than lts riilth'
rounileil at each end. It was aon- +++
rlrat tuzzy in appearance. There
rere no dtecernable uarkings and no
light. llhe alry vrae perfectly cleer
and cloudLess and there was uo moon. (Continued fron page 16).
Tbe ahape travelled ln a Perfect
McDonaLd, a nember of the fnstlt-
arc tn a south east south dlrectlon
at a unlforn rate. It becarne nole ute of Atuospherlc lhyslcs in Tucaont
ancl more lndlettnct to aee aB it eald he would ndeflnltely protest'
the sky duer matnly, the attenpt by Dr. E.U. Contlon of
cane lorer in the Unlverelty of Colorado to con-
to the glare of nearby etreet IIFO
vince A61new to stop the
llgbts. It took a little lees than
half a rninute to traverse the half
arc of the elqy. f cannot estlxoate A synposlun on UFOe took place
any height. My daughter Chriutlne' Saturday as part of the Anerican
aged fourteen yearsr was with ne i.n Association for the Advanoenent of
the ear. Sbe hacl not seen anY flaeh Science (ll.cS) annual conference'
but ratchetl the grey shape proceecl <teopite Condonrs appeal to Agner to
across the sky. help keep nsuch nonsensett off the
To check against any nletake
about the flaeh' I drove back over Condon, whoee 3-man connittee
ny ortginal route. There nas'tlef- produced the massive report advlein6g
inttely no street l1eht which could Air Force to clrop lts IIFO lnveotlg-
have given thlo flash. ations, eatdl lt woulil dtgnlfy IIFOs
to dlscuss tben at the eclentlflc
I have ileeorlbed the nethod of
However, Agnew fail.etl to act anal
lnvesttgattng and of evaluattn6l the the strmposium proceeded.
algbtlngs. I have lleted a few of
the etghtlngs that have occurred ilcDonald r tn a statement tele-
during L968 and 1969. Tbls' of phonetl frm ltashington r ealcl
cors-, ls not the ftnlsh of the Condonts acttonE rere rsclentifle-
evaluatlon. fhe lnfornatlon frm ally abocklng and unpreceilentecln.
afl the rEports recelveil ie tben dlt seens to ne a traneParent
correlated to try to obtaln eone effort to euppreee sclentlfia erit-
pattern that nay eveatuallY sbor lclsn of the oontent and the con-
eonethlng that cen poslttvely ldent-
of bls wn Air Sorce-
ify the nthye and Thereforesn of tbe olusiona
aDonsored IIFO etudyl fcDonalil
IIFO phenonena. n0ondon deserves
' the
I rtfl brtefly ilesaribe for Yor etroncest-of eolentl.flc oensure for
smE of the otber aePecte tbat go on thle to etop that spnposiun
behlnd the Ecenes. TheY are: the anrt I sha:.L deflnltely proteet vla
correLatlng of lnforuatlon anil the A.[AS channelgn.
uee of thls lnfornetlon to tletelnlne
graphically the rnonthe of the year Contlon, reached in Denver, eaid
rhen IIF0 actlvtty seena to be great- he was $totallY surPrisedi' bY
est (this graph appeared tn. the IcDonalilrs obJectlon to his actlon
laet l.esue of thls nagazlne) and but decllned further comnent' +

4 t00r AImAD. oautloug and qualifietl, nearl;r.

lhat can nor be done by thoEe few opposlte ln tone to Condonrs agens
gclentlste to offer real hope. .i'IA.A 1s perhaps
ltke nyeeLf who have the ldeal profeestonal eooiety to
trieil to exanlne, lnrlepenilantly of teke a new, bard look at tbe IIFO
the llr Foree and of the Condon problen, and thelr Subconnltteere
hoJect, thie long-puzzllng problen Deceuber (1968) statenent could have
of the Unldeutlfted Flying ObJecte? a very salutary tnfluence tn
llad there not been the al.nost un- neutrallzlng sone of the unfortunate
qualtfted approval by. the Xatlonal effecte resultlng frm the Contlon
Aca deny of S c i e n c e (o n l y C o n d o n ' e Report, A1so, lt 1s to be hopetl
proacrlptlon of readlng of IlF0 booke tbat the Eouee Cmnittee on Sclenoe
by eohool-chlldren rae ornltted from and Agtronautles, rhlch hekl a UFO
the Acadeqy panelre strong endoree- Strrnposlun ln July 1968 nay recognlze
nent of the Report), there night be the bagis for eontlnulng concern
hope that aelenoe-orlentetl agenclea with the IItrO problen and hold an-
l l ke NA S A , t r S F ,O I{ n , e tc ., ro u l d l e x - other nore extenslve eeegLon on thlg
aulne tbe Report, fintl lt, subJect tn the near future. RBSA
and nove qulckly to aupport new and menberE who see nerit ln such a Dovs
nore adequate studiee. Curiously, couLd perforu a useful seryice by
Condon blnself reeonrnends eonethln6; coruunlcatlng thelr thoughta on that
along theee l.lnes (see pp. 24 ol polnt to the Chai::nan of that Con-
Bantan edltlon); but that one poeit- greeeional Connlttee.
ive polnt in hls reomendatlons 1s
]ost under the welght of the heavtly fn the l ong run, 1t w i l L, f
negptive aspecte of hts otber be]leve, be ohLefly the perslstence
recmendatione r eo tt le llttle of unexpLained I}FO reports
wonder that almoet no preos conment- fron
reliabLe witnesseg that wLll insure
ary enphaslzed thls one provlao adequate eclentlfic confront-
Condon lneerted. The Acatleny panel atlon. An unprecedented opportunlty
dld note it, but only in a singl.e, to leatl that confrontatlon wao glven
brlef paasa.e. to Dr, Condon, and tt has been
My own estinate is that absol-- alnost cmpleteLy wasteil by prod-
utely no further general progrees uaing a aetback, not a etep fonrard,
to m ar de ec t ent lf i c ' c l a rl ftc a ti o n of The real nature of the U30 evldence,
the IIFO problen wiLL cone until the only superflctally exanined by the
lnadlequacles of the Condon Report Condon hoJect, continuee to lnpress
are fully aired ln aa nany ways as ne and a few others as lnplylng a
posslble. I intentl to devote a1l problen of extraorrlinarlly lnport-
possible peraonal effort to that ant eelentlftc content with the uost
obJective; andl NICAP ls ln proceas profounrl lnpllcatlone tn nany areas,
: of preparir4i an extentled rebuttal solentiflc ancl othemlse It ie a
report. So snal1 a fractlon of the globa1 problen, since IIFO reports
l. selentific connunlty le currently are by no neans a uniquely Arnertcan
aware of the potential scientlfic so perhaps soue break-
t lnportance of the UFO problen that through nay cone fron sclentiste
thie rebuttal w111 probably be elow abroad. Tbe poeslblllty that the
ln taklng effect; but the Report IlP0 phenonena are, in sone sense,
seena so unrepresentatlve of gootl rel^ated to extraterrestrlaL aur-
eclentiflc work, so highly vulner- vetl.lance by some technology far
able to sclentlflc crltlolsn, that f hlgher than ours ie a poeslbll.lty
belteve lte negatlve lnfluence that I oontlnue to take serlously.
(except with respeot to USAP decle- Notwlthstandlng nany obvious allff-
long about hoJect Blue Book) wllL lcultteg wlth the ertraterrestrtal
be qulte ehort-Lived. hypothesls, the fu}l range of IIFO
evldlence (so poorly lrrorn to noet
The fact that an ad hoc U3O Sub- gcl entl ats to date) geens to ne to
conmtttee withtn the Anerican Inst- be very hard to explain Ln any otber
itute of Aeronauttcs and Aetronaut- terus (except sone evBn nore
Lce, under the ehalrnanehlp of blzarre). Even a bare. possibllity
Dr. J.P. Kuettner, has Juet nacle that thls hypotheeis could be
reconnendatione that aret although Continuetl Page ?0.
fED COIIDOtrAEPORf . IT BTTS AI{D PIECXS (continuect fron page 5).
ilThe Dlreatorate of Air Force specular reflectlon off tabular lce
IntellLgence, RAAF, naale offictal- crystals faIllng ln conpletely n_94-
explanetlon early in 1961: rThe turbulent air, vlElble only f
phenmena ras the reeult of the an alrcraft or elevated vantage
noonrlse associateal wlth neteor- polnt. Sun anil -ntt moon ilo not ylelil
ologlcal condltlons at tbe tlne of anythirg l1ke dlstinct lnages by
tbe alghtlng. On 4th 0etobers 196O, refleotlon off the ral.]g of cloude;
noonrlse (ftrII quarter) at Creesy AffTFffiplanatlone lnvoking eucf,
rorLd have been vtslble ehortly optloal abaurilltlea are unreaaon-
after 1800 hours anil tn an ESE ab1e. It ntght be added that tenzel
dlrectlon. The obJeots apparentLy has repeateilLy eneil tn referrlng to
seen were near the aky-Ilne in an eundoga, i,e., parhella, ao reeult-
eaeterly dlrectlon. The preeenoe of tng fron trefLeotlont, since that
aaud type alortle; noving ln varying fanlltar optloal effea! Le caueeil by
tllrectlons due to turbulence ln and ice-cryetal refractlon)n.
around the ratn equall near which
the obJecte rere slghteil, and the ItIn aseertlng sucb a neteorolog-
poaitlon of the noon or itg reflect- iaal explanatton a! rea lsaued by
1ona, produced the lmpresslon of the RAAP lntelligenoe offioe, little
flyrng obJeote I rr. eviclEnce of solenttflc lstowledge wae
exhiblted n.
tSuch an texplanatlont bas a
ourlouely fanlllar rlng to aqyone fhe R.AAFls known to be stresetng
rho has stualietl large nunbers of the Condon ooncLuslons wben responal-
USA! 'erplanatlonet of U?0 slght- lng to enqulrles concerntng the
tnga. One can qulclcly eEtabllsh exlstance of UFOg. These offictal
tbat the tloon waa fuI1 on the date letters, however, w111 not nentlon
of the Cressy si.gbtlng and tbat tt guch oageg as tbe above or refer to
woul-d have rlsen not ln the ESE but thenany oontradletlons throughout
a few degreeo north of eaet. Andl, the Condon Report.
eti1l worse for the offictal explan-
there ras not only a clense In addltlon to theee clearly
atlon, are
eelf-reveallng contradiotlons
rai.n stora obecurtng all the eaeter"r tbe outright acts of deceptton such
e$ aa geen frm the Creesy reotory, ao enllotlrg the alil of the Secret-
but the highest nountain range of ary of State, Dean Rusk, to wrlte to
Tasuanla 1ay behlnd those clenae ernbassies reguesting
the forelgn
clouds to further obocurq tbe Just- on goverrnent lnvest-
(Ben lonond, lnfomatlon
rtgen fu]-l moon. Lgattona abroad. The eontents of
srlrnnlt 61160 feet, liee to EIIE of
the letter can be found on pagea 556
Cressy, and the rldgea extencl off to In
gouth and north fron tbat suttnnLt and 557 of the Condon Report.
this letter 1t ts etated that the
polnt ) tt . raa not
UnlvereLty of Colorado
oFron ny orn vlerpolnt, as one ln etudles nade bY
Lntereeted ln atnospheric optlcs andl prlvate IIFO groupe. Such statenente
1a unuEual refraotlve and reflectlve are, no doubt, dlgesteil as facta by, the offlolal suggestlon peopfe who have never studleal the
that tsoudt eubJect to turbul.ent UpO probl_en.
notlone ooul<l (frad tfre noon not been
wholIy obecured by raln antl moun- femberg of the Condon Connittee
tatn) be optlcally dlstortetl lnto knw all about tbe arertetl efforto
a4ything reaotely reeenbllng the to r'etaln tbe co-operatlon of f,ICAPt
phenmena reported by the Browntnge the largeat prlvate research group
aeena entlrely ort of queetlon. 1n the rorl.d. fbey hrolr also'
(Because USAI erplanatl.ons have nany ebout lettera r:ttten to thig
tlnes assertealr 88 has also Soctety requestlng lnfomatt on on
Dr. D.H. fenzel ta hlg rrltlngs on both current antl past lltro reportst
IIFOon that the sun anal the noon can anil of a requeat to thie rrlter to
be trefleoteit off eldes or toPe of vlslt the proJect to exanplea
clouda. lt nay be well to etate that of key casea in Australia. Botb
;68E]ffi{i in rlebades of neteorologlcal Dr. Contlon andl hle Cmittee knon
optical obgervattons supportg suclr a tbat travellln9 expenses tere patd
notlon, eave for the phenonenon of, tn order to acquire thle tnforr-
the tundelsunt r whlch lnvolves Continued Page 80.
- IN BITS AIID PID0DS (fron page 19)

atton. Is tt any wonder that sone

proJect uenbets rebelled when faced
l e tte rsto th e td i to r
rltb suoh docunented llee? (Lettere wttb
to the E(litor,
Ihera ate lndlcatlons that wrlterre nane and atldressr shoulal go
Dr. Condon 1s illsturbed bcauae an to:- Augtrallan FlYlng Saucer
ever-lncreaalrg nunber of people are R evi ew , P .O.3ox 43t Moorabbl n'
oheaklng further then hig oonolua- Vtctoria, 3189, Australla. Un1ess
lone anit reconnendatl.ons. On othe:stse epecifted, all cotments
2?th Deoenber, 1969'. tbc Anerl.oan wltl be conslilereal for publlcatton).
Assooletlon for the Advancenent of
Scienoa held a slmpoelun on Un-
ttlent!.fled F1ylng ObJacte. A).though
Dr, Conilon raa lnvtteil to attenil , he
reeponded rltb alart and trleil to
bave the e;mpoalun caneelleil . lfter
fatLlng to secure the deslred result D ear S 1r,
by rrltlng to several AAIS offlolals On page 15 of Your nunbe-r 8
he natle one lact desPerater un- lsgue is a ieprlnt of a DailY f,ere
eucceseful effort bY aPPeallng to report of a IIEO seen ln the slry oner
the Vloe Rresldent of the Unlteil Rockinghan. I personally lntervlew-
Sta tes . ed three of the Lads concerned ln
RIJECTIOtr BY EDUCATIOI{DEPARrIEXT. thie slghtlng some daYs after it
took place, and theY told ne t4ey
The Tlctorlan Educatlon DaPart- were mlereported ln the paper. tlq
nent has also reJeatetl the Condon 1lebt tu the ekjr rae fllckering off
advlce. After vleringr rlth amuse- and on, but this wae not ln reePonae
nent, hlg recmnendatlone that to th6f torch, whteh gave onlY a
schooL ohlltlren be dlsaouraged frm very feeble light, whloh theY fel-t
stu<ty of the ltfO eubJect r the surb oould not even have been seen
Departnent reeponded wtth three fron a short dlstance.
articles 1n educatlonal publloat-
lone, recomenitln6l that teachere Dr. Paul Zaa]r,
glve credlt for IIFO studles. P erth, f,.A .
Dr. ALlen Hynekr Chtef Ctvlllan
Coneultant for the US Atr Foroe for +++
trenty yeara,
- statetl 1n hle book
reviei ln the BulLatin of tbe
Atonlo Sclenttsts' Aprll. f969r that
the Condon Seport fall.etl to explaln A DISSEI{TINC VIEW
as neny lIF0s as the Atr Polor. Soon OI' TIIE COTDOI{BD?ORT (frm page I8).
afterrards, Dr. Hynek ras dlsntaeedl
Offlclaldon hae no use for an cortect would call for the rnost
araken{ng scienttst. The CIA effmt of eclentlste
prefero the Xenzellan Kookst Tbere the rorlil to eluclilate ae
is now a grave neeal for a frEsh qulckly ae poeelble all aspects of
batch of Condonian XookEl the UFO problen. I woulil bave' to
hoJect BLue Book hae been offlc- eunmertze Blr nore than tro yeara . of
la1ly ind loudl.y cloeed. lhat r11]' atuity of tbb natter by eaylng that I
be tha nane of the next ProJect' currirntly see thet aa nce than a
rhlch rllt be quietlY oPened; anil bare poa-elblltty; to tlate, I flnd-lt
rhat lngredlente will be used ln the hard to ooncelvb of eny reaeonable
rhiterash to canorflage the fortb- aLterrratlve to that aeenlngly rtl-
conlrg lnvestfuatlons? reaeonable hYpotheeie.
Ueanwhlle, the global netrork of
Ufologtsts ftnde tt nere obt].drs- +++
play to ptck the Condon Report to
blts and plecea.

H amilto n r r S p e cta to rrr - 1 5 th Ja n uar y, L97O.
A D a r t r n o o r (V i cto rl a ) fa rme r dlscover ed on hls far m
p ro p e r t y , a 4 O-ya rd stri p , 4 fe et wlde, m own to within a
fo ot o f t h e g ro u n d i n th e mi ddle of som e fer ns near the
Gle n e l g R i v e r .
How did the strip get there? \tfiro could have mown it?

H ey wo o d ( Vi c . ) I'E xp ress't Z ? th Febr uar y , 19?0 .

The farmer, Mr. T o mmyMe l b our ne, did not believe in
F ly ing S a u c e r s u n ti l th e y sta rted using his far m as a
rr runw a y t t . H e h a s si n ce fo u n d another r r launching- padr t on
h is pr o p e r t y a n d , si n ce h i s fi r st dlscover y, ther e have
b e e n a n u m b er o f re p o rte d u n i d entified flying objects in
t h e He y w o o d C a sh mo re a re a s.
This story will b e co ve re d m or e fully in the next
e d it io n o f t h e ma E a zi n e .

M o e | tAd v o c a t e rr 5 th Ma rch , 1 9 7 0.
Three Newborough girls were awe-stri-cken just before
10 orcl o c k l a s t n i g h t, w h e n th e y saw an object like a huge
plate and low down in the sky.
A b o u t t h e si ze o f si x fu l l moons, gr eyish in color , but
w it h l a r g e l u mi n o u s a re a s, th e object seemed to be a half
a mile away at flrst and was spinning and moving.

Ge e lo n g r f Ad v e r ti se rff 1 3 th Ma rch, 19?0.

Re p o r t s w e r e re ce i ve d o f a br ight r ed llght whlch
appea r e d t o pe rfo rm ma n o e u vre s acr oss the city s} r y and
t ra v e l- l e d f r o m th e so u th -w e st to the nor th- east hor izon.
Te n m i n u t e s l a te r i t ca me b a ck fr om the nor th, towar ds the
So u t h e r n C r o s s, ma d e a rru 'frtu rn , and heailed nor th again;
Af t er t h a t , i t tu rn e d l e ft l o w j- n the sky and headed west t
-bhen north.
0 n a 1 l - t h e tu rn s th e o b j e ct was distinctly flashing in
cont ra s t to th e cc'n sta n t re d color obser ved when it was
mov in g i n l i n e .
victo rian

researc h

reports on U.F.O.s.Pleaseforward lo
P.O.Box 43, Moorabbin,Victoria,3189,