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No. 2. ( J uly ) 1970

AustnllanFlylngSruccrRrvlcr 1r r nm-proflt rduntlmal publlmtlm produccd by thc Vlctorhn

U.F.0.luearchSoclrtyl P.0. 8orl!, lloonbbln, Ylctorh. Iho functlonof thc soclctyls to
collatc rrd dls$rlnrtc lnfonatlonrboutthc subJrctof flylng Sucut or Untdcntlflcdflylng

V. U. F . O . R . S.

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ln this publlcationray bc
ibterial appearlng
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E DITORIAL lnterested tn the phenomenon, wouldbe for
UFOs to departleavingus still ln conplete
llavlnggot auayto a succossfulstart ylth
our rl{euLookrnrgrzlnc, yr look fonrardto tvarybodyltkos a nystery and it ls
rore frcquentandlntrrcstlng lssuas. particularly this aspoct of UF0sthat mkos
then such a fascinating subject, such an
0n thc UtO scnc strangc thlngs aro lrrsslstlble challengeto peoploof lnqulring
happenlng. Ihrre hasbsonan ahost conphtc rind andlnsattabledosireto got at the truth
dearthof slghtlngsslnceAugust1969,yhenyc of things.
hsld our htghly succcssfulUfO irhlbltion ln
tha HortlculturalHaIl, lblbournc. llorcvcr, Spoarlatlonand theorlosconcorning thrlr
ro sssuitcthls is nerrly colncidcnce. putp0st rang. all thc ray fron thc nofl
fanlllar rbcneyolcntbrothorhoodasslttlng
Ihls qutrscent$erc .ppoar3 to br rorld- thelr vaaterbrethronr to an explrnrtlm
vldc and has sct rrny sprculatlngupontho publlshedrcontly, yhidr refcrredto thrn as
nystortoustactlcs of the biggostrystery of tthc gardeners of thc aarthr, suggcstlng that
our ttnes. thcy hadplantod a raoo of crcatures hrs
ldhenonclooltsbackovarahost a quartar aEons.go and, like goodgardoncrs, vlsitcd
of a centuryof sightlngs$lch, tf totallcd their cropsfron tlns to tlnc to seahor thcy
up, reachastronoalcalproportlons,(510001000 uereconingalong.
peopla in Anerlcaalonsclaln to havesaen Probablytha nost mtional theoryis that
UF0s),it seens lnredlbls that uo ar6 no they are conducting a survayof the earth for
nsorer to solvingthe enlgara of thelr ortgin sofiropurpossknornonly to thenselves,uhlch
andlntentlon than 16 rere at the beglnnlng. naturally posastha questlons - llhy? Uhat
In fact, Ietrs faceit, thsre is stlll no happens vhenthey finish tt? Horlongyoulda
sclentiflcally acceptabloproof of their urvey of thls typebe likely to last?
existence, sufficient to convlncethe hard-
coresceptlc. [videnceyosr roansof lt, and Iheir surreptltlousmethods, operatlng
of a quallty, in myvieul to convlnceany alnost entirely at nlght, andtheir averslon
tourt of lau ln the land, Horavar, the to contactyith hunans youldseenrto indicata
ephameral natureof the UFOs, the inabiltty to that they havs no desire to fraternlze.
produce0n0 for lnspactlonandthe fantastlc Houever,to reyerse the sltuatlon, if our
natureof s0m6of thc lncidents lnvolvlng scientlsts eventually visit an lnhabited
planatanddlscover a prlnitlve andinferlor
UF0s, placoslt ln a sinllar category,to thc
untnforned sceptlc, to psychlcphenoaena. typeof hunanold livlng there, rould theyrant
to contactthea, or nerely aake sclentific
Also, parhaps bccarlselt transccnds nornal obsarvatlons?
cxperloncc andengendcrsIn a lot of people
the frighteningsprctre of the unknovn, lt tJhateverthe purpossof tha Ut0stvisit-
bccorcsan cnotlonallycharged subJectandonc atlon thc bald fact roratnsthrt ya do not yet
very dlfflcult to regarddlspasslonatrly. lnor tha ansfrrf but perhaps thts lr Just uhat
nalasthc gaocso darncdtntercstlngl
This suddenccssattonof sightlngscauscs
soncto yondtr$ethar thry havcconplctodtho
purposefor vhtch thcy csm and hrvr noy
rcturnedhonc,rhcreverthat ray br. Houavlr, CO NT E NT S
thcy havcnrt qultc disappaarcd;thoru havc
boena fou oddslghtlngshcraor thorc andthc tdltorial. 1
eldsrs of tho clubsars qulcl to rulnd us Ihe Exploration of Space - erd Uu
that aroundabout l9r? a slrllar thing posslbtlityof llfe onothsrplurcts" 2
happenrd ' lsstlng about ftvo ycrrs and !4oon - greencheese, or rlnenls? I
grncrallymferrgdto novts tthe darkrgest. Arethe lstronrutsserlngUt0s? 6
Press Cuttings. 10- tt
Perhapsths nost frurtratlng thlng, froa tllestsrandtlandingPrdstrtulaldL Xt
thc plnt 0f vlcy of thosr of us keenly Iho lornyl,lelbourne
mse. 17
'ltrattypes of problems arewetrying to
(J) ,ihatare the possibilities of }ife on
$rHe EXpLoRAToN oF spAcE (4) other planets?

s a n d t h e p o ssi b i l i ty o f l i f e
,,Jhatforrn could extraterrestriallife
(J) .dhere is evefybody?
$ (6) about
o n o t h e r p l a n e ts. -nat 'U;ide;tifiedilying 0bjects'?
0 lhe readerwill noticeI amposingquitea
tewquestions- questions to which, in some
cases,lle haveno definiteanswer.I amdoing
this deliberately I feel it is importani
b y P G.Gi tti n s. that the readeras be stimulated to thinkabout
andto consider thesethings.
8ut a wordof caution- be awareof the
Io present a paper of this typeposes more vag{re borderline rvhich separatesbold
thanjust a fewproblerns.I havehadto ask scientificspeculation fron fantasyor sishful
myselfa seriesof questions andthentry to thinking. To quotean old Chinese proverb:-
find an answer to them. for example:- 'rihemanwhoeagerlyawaitsthe arrival of a
friendshouldnot mistake the beatinqof his
Just how much interestdoes the reader oe,nheart for the thumping hoovesof the
havein space tracel andspace expioration? approaching horseu.
;rhatwouldbe the startingpoint for such Fart 1. thy botherwith space researchand
a paperas this? Eio-I6ia tion?
0f nryrnaterial, hownuchcanI safely and There are four baslcfactorswhichdictate
accurately sayis scientificfact, howrnuch is the reasonsfor spaceresearch and ex-
sound reasoning anddeduction,and how nuch ploration. These are:-
naybe just plainwishfulthinking?
(i) l{anrscompeiling urge to exploreand
Thinking in theseterms,mayI quote from discover.
the 1966 [ueensland tducationDepartment(ii) l,|ewopportunitiestor scientific ob-
Science Syllabus;-r'..... the scientificstudy servation andexoeriment.
of the Universe hasalways beenone of trran- (iii) cefence obiectives.
kindrs greatestadventures.....Lessons should (iv) |.iationaipiestige.
stimulate anddevelopthe sense of wonder....
Speculative discussion.imaqinative thinkinq Here on larth we are restrainedand
ihtettigentqretiinE (orirJ'or-pirri.ri r,.ri: Iimited. Space research andexploration is a
ledge) will playan important role in heiping neans of finding out nore of uhailies beyond.
the studentexplorethe iJniverse... .. ". ihrough space research andexplorationweare
not limitedto the wateranynore. areare not
Andagainfromthe same book:-'rlt is more Iimitedto the air. ;teare not lirnitedby the
important that students be encouraged to ask gravityof the farth. le canovercome ihose
questions thanto be satisfiedwith an answer, Iinitationsandmove out anyplace rre reaily
for all ansurers in science are necessarily wantto go.
incomplete, ... .'r.
Io those (andthereare many)rihoask:-
I have carefullyconsidered thesepoints "Is it important to find out?r' I vouldanswer
anddecidedthat perhapsthe bestapproach tha! if youdo not know whatis beyond, then
wouldbe to dividemypaperinto six distinct obviouslyyoudo not know ,,vhether
discovery is
parts,eachpart based onrhat mightbe cailed important or not.
a tleadinqquestionr:-
5pace research and explorationr.lill
(t) nny bother rith spaceresearch andex- provideinforn;,tion of valuein rnany fields of
plorationi technology - for exanple:- (to paqe])
sulBtion guidance*ystems yersion af the l9th Century ideaof 'sho*ing
aerodynafilcs nredlclne the flagr, lhe first Spu tnik certalnly
a6ron0dy mettorology startled th* yorld tnto a scbarroassessnrnt
dlstlcs radlatlon of Russialstechnologlcalstrongth. Since
gravlnetry telanetry that event, norothanoneAnerlcan leaderhas
varnedthat a natloncannotbo stcondin spam
Space capabllltyis many thlngr. It lsn
for exanple, E nou instrunentfor rcsearch, andflrst on farth.
ilkt Loeuwenhoekrs nicroscopcor 0allleors I vouldsuggestthat thcsepoints provlde
telescope. ilith ltr 6ancEnnfl s00yhat he a fairly satlsfactory ans|,srto the first
couldnot geabofore. He has already dis- leadingqucstlon.
covgred yith artlflclal satellltos ths
Our vler of thg Unlverse hasancrged as
VanAllen bolts - thosezones of radlatlon
the rssult of a node of thlnking and a dlrect-
nade up of charged solar partlcles trappedln lon of interests vhlchare hlstorically vcry
larthrs nagneticfleld. lle hasdetarnlned
noy. Is there anyrGason, horrver, to suppo*
fromsatellltcs that the [srth ls sllghtly
pear-shaped they aro final?
andhasa tall of solar partlclos
that strstches nearly four nllllon nlles ln. Orugslike LSl}emphaslse that our evoryday
the directlon oppositethe Sun. [ventually, consclousness is lnvolvodin a dcllcats bio-
astronomers rant to place telescopeslnto chenlcalbalanceuhlch ls easlly upset. 0ther
orbit, uherethey canvlerl the hsavensfrom peoplasand other epochsexpcriencedthe
above the dlstortlons of the [arthfr Unlversein verydlfferent rays andhadsong
atuosphore. verydlfferent lnterests. Suppose that hunan
consclousness is engaged in a slor evolution.
Ihe spacecapabllityserves as a shlpof
'vle oay corne to iook backon their vlov of thc
dlscovory,Ilke Cooktsr[ndoavourr or Oaruln!s Unlverseas a quaint hlstorical curlosity.
fBeaglef. fromthe 551000pictures of the
Interest anda*arcness ltayhave noved 0n to
i4oon, transnitted by Americanspacecraft, qultc
put differont klndsof oxporience.
sclentlstshave togetherthe first mapof
ths side ol the Moon neverseenfrom[arth, Ihere is a very real sensein chichtho
and a far noredetalledmapof the entiri vast andale-lnsplrlngUniverseln rhich ve
Itloon, llve ls tho product of our ouncxplicltly
20thCenturvninds. l,,e have nevorS[fi] lt:
lhe spacecapabillty opsnsup a neynrdlum It is a greatfoat of inaglnatlon,vhlchis
for experlnantatlon, like Fbnlngts culture
then lncorporatedinto the apparatusand
plate or Pastsurrs sourmilk. Sclentistscan exporlnents vhlchconflrn, rith the hclp of a
run tests for the first tine in an anvlronnent
longchalnof lnference,our inagintrngs.
alien to tarth, Ihey have, for axanpla,
obseryad six tadpolesreturnedfronr.a{5 hour 8ut the futurecouldbrlng neu lnagtnat-
flight aboarda blosatelllte, along nith a ionr. Ihesevoulddirect 0ur attentlon to
nultltude of fruit flies andbacterla,nheat n*u phenonena,suggest qultc different
seedllngsand flour bestles. lhe purpose - experiaents,and could lead to quitr flcr
to sesrhat affect, lf any,relghtlessness had perspectives.Astronoay, physlcs,nathenatlcs
on the grorthof llvlng organlsns. andpsychologyare drawing closor togethcr
thanre sonetinosthlnk.
the spacecapabllltycanelso stand as a
military sentlnel,llke a rsconnaissance plane Part 2. ilhat typesof problensere ro trylng
or a secretagentbehindenanylinas. l'tany fo-66'Iva?
launchings eachyear by the USAandthe USSR
Ihesenaybe placed,for convsnlonce, lnto
involve nilltary satollites, prinarlly rs- tro distlnct categorles:-
connalssance shlps, nucloardrtectlonpatrols
and, possibly on the Russlansrpart, test (i) tireproblees of spacetraval ltsolf.
yehlcles of advanced re-entry systamsfor Ihsse are elther rnechanlcal, suchas:-
iinaiiy, the spacecapabilityservesas a (a) Materialsandheatproblens.
symbolof porer. It is ihe 21st Century (to pago18)
his Ouatrelettres sur Mexique (1868)r con-
ciuded tnere vas svtoencetnat a masslve
cataclysm occurred in America a longtimeagot
M OON and that migrants carriedverballegendsof
Gr e e n c h e e se r o r mi n e ra l s? that upheavalto otherparts of the uorld.
Could this have been causeduhen tarth's
gravitationalfield captured an errantihon on
b y D r . P M. H . E d w a rd s. its loneiy journeythroughspace? This idea
is not as exaggerated as it sounds. f{orr in
0r. [drardsuasr for sonetime, a menber of greatupheavals,it is knovnthatr if an area
this society and is nou a researcherand rises, anotherareausuallysubsides,by con-
represents the Canadian organi:ationknorn as pensation. Andit vouldseem that the sudden
the Canadian Aerial Phenonena Research0rgan- rise of the uest coast of the American
ization (CAPR0). continent(the chain of nountains fron
S. Chileup to Alaska)could very velI have
beenoffset by an equallysudden dropln vhat
CertainAnerlndian folk legends are quoted is novthe Pacific 0csanbasin. Weknouthat
as endinguith vordsto the effect that rrthis certainwriters have positedthe prehistoric
all happened beforethers ras a i{oon in our existenceof an allegedcontinentr in that
skiesrl.. . area,vhichthey refer to as l,tt, or [emurlar-
i,leknonhot tha Moonhas long beenthe sub- in muchthe sane,'{ay as othersclaimt like
ject of debate:}las it alrays up theret Plato, that a continentcalledAtlantisopce
orbiting our Earth? hlas itt on the other existed in the present Atlantic 0cean
hand,perhaps rrenched out of [arth' ]eavinga depression.
Pacific0ceanto fill the gapinghole? Ihe l{or, when a greatcontinentsubsldesrits
very size of the Moon hascausedsomeastron- refugeesurvivorsare likely to be rsplashedr
omersto state that it ls too big to be an on to surrounding shoresrandto remainthere
all-time sateliite of ours. And so the con- in comparative safety. After so great a
jecturescontinueto pile up but nothingtof passageof tirne, however,it is uell-nigh
courso,canyet be provenbeyond question. impossibleto prove a relationshipbetueen
As in all research,it is advisable to peoples living around the Pacific0cean.Sutt
invokeseveraldisciplinestso that they may to anyonointerestedin languagestudyt
all shed a ray of light on the problen. certain shadovy similaritiesare evidenthere
0octorImmanuei Velikovsky has denonstrated andthere;andanothersmallpiecaof evidence
that he is open<ninded enough to paysoneatt- is at tinresavailable- of a negativekind -'
ention to legends as the bearersof morethan namely,the absence of satisfactoryknorledge
a germ of truth: for that and other aboutthe origifrf6T certain peoples.
courageous propositions,he has suffered the is not a philologicalpublicat-
Ihis Review
ridicule of lhe tstablishment;but... those ion; and even if it werei details of a
uholaughlast, laughbest. Let us seetthen' linguistic prehistoryof the Pacific0cean
whatlittle piecesof evidence there lnay b, basin(assuming themto be avaiiable in dig-
vhich canat least point torardsthe direction estive, or digestedforn) couldbe tediousrif
in which the truth nay uitimatelyproveto only because they would be so tenuous.Hor-
I ie. ever, there vould appearto be vestigial
|le havealreadymentioned the existenceof remnantsof an early Iinguistic connexion
the Amerindian legends,vhichclaimthat Earth betveenthe languagesof the llew lealand
did not aluays have a satelltte. Supposing Maoris,the peopleof the Hauaiian lslandst
thoselegends are true..t It uouldnot be the the Japanese, andthe inhabitantsof [aster
first time that folk tales rere later con- Island,inter alia. Nothingcan be proveni
firmed. but a trE'iiEl-Il-nguistmay,if he is unafraid,
and outs his eir to the Qround.discern
l,rleknowthat the Andesrosecomparativaly certalnsma1lphenonena whichilight point to a
recently,geologically speaking:Brasseurr in primitiveconnexion betveenpresent-dayrim-
ps0pl6aroundthe Pacificars,l" Asregrrds Cooparo the trelstedrranguagerof finlandnnd
nagatlvesyidencemantionod it
above, Just Hungary, separatedfor ,mlyabout11000 years:
couldbe lnterestlngto notethat thEJapanesethey are alroadynutuallyunintelligiblet
language stands
alnost alone ln thr rorld, llhat rould, horevor,reialn, totrld bs a
balng connected only rith luchuan. Ihero vralth-llkesinllarity ln syllabic structurr,
cxlstssn rrgurentfor connrctlng lt rlso rlth and posslblycertalnfcaturcs of syntar In
Xoruan,but thls right posslblybr due to cunon. A conprratlva studyof Paclflcrlr-
culturalcmtanlnotions rmnatlngfru Japan, languages syntaxnlghtpcrhaps yleld interest-
although:onothlnk thrt the cmtrctr rrre ln lng results;certalnly,tlelr tyllablc struct-
thr rsvcru dlrcctlm. llhcre, thcn, dtd thc ur6s do dlephy slrlhrltles, b0 they
Jrpanasr comfron, lf nootherlangurgrs ru- fortultour, or othsnlsc.
latrd to tt cln br found? Ihc ryllablc
rtructurcs of rany Ptclflc rh-lanEngre lhcnl thorclr tho intsrcstlngendsuggart-
(tncludlngJrpanrsr)appcarto ccho-crily lva fact thrt ertaln rarlna fosrlls
closr rrhtlonshlps. It' ls mntfrstly h- aroundLalo tltlcaco, -Effi'en Peru and
pottlbht rhendcrllngrlth prdlstory so far Sollvlo,hlghup ln thc Andes.
bacl ln tlm, to yorl il vocabulary(or lnd no, ln concluslon, lot ur agrlncon-
!9I!94) rclatlonshlps;thc ll@I3fiffithod sldrr thc lloon. Ihs coungcous astrmrutr
Iiiifi-as qlottochrdroimy. m brught bactmplcs of lunr rockgndlunar
anrvrngrffingurgo tenct to lose dust; thrsc rc bclngrnrlyrcdrt prosent,rnd
rorphercs(or rygtl) at thc rpprorlntc mte thc rclcntlstr hrvr dlrcoycrdthst:-
0f lt p;661 Siil-r000years, for the rost
bttic rocatulart of the caroni'itT7dii-T6i 1. Ihr lhonculd br mruly r rhrttorrdbrll,
ir of brofonlnto lnonsoblockr,ylth ttr cr.cts
odJrso, far hlghor. Can any layran ruad nrdlng hundrudrof rlles doynbalorltc
Oldtngltrh today? lhoruforc,tf the Paclflc !urfact.
rtr-languagps yore onoeconnectod, andlater ?. Thslunardustls fully 50prcent glrs .
dlrpcrscdelther by dgratlon,or because of shlny lltth ghs globosrnd terrdropr.
r trorenderscataclysn,thcy rorld rctaln llo yondorthc astronrutrcnplrlnedthlt
llttlc or nothlngof a cmon baslcvocrbulary thr lungrsurfrmras sllppcry.
rftrr .n lsolatlon 0f, s!)r 151000 yorrs. (Io psc O)

iownvne\ JAi ?;1969 ilooa r-aw!er: lloedod, e gpcr! !l+t fsn V*rbi:rgtaa
t^ t a - !t- ,.- r
ilru rrlrptlrEuf
-------) d r.r!F untilrfffi uuJEGf
a ai
ci rir roiii'5
lrrla r L .- .a r ,i a ll

$ rosi.L
-rLra .t- iI SiigE
^ |.a

l0th january1961. Ihe traeklngstatlofl rt

i sf,'ftJaf05 OiI
-r Ifia

1( CaprKcnnedyyEs throrn lnto confuslm rhon

f , a n e r H E A srRoNAUrs tholr radrr loclod ontothc aystorlourobJoct
V for 1f rlnutcsl
$ seErN G u . F.os ? 0n thc l?th July 1962,a llrJor RobcrtUttitc
establlshrd an altitudr rccordvhon hc flcr
V thc AacrtcanI-15 high altitude rockotto
rn o ffi ci rl J'llr750fcct. Suddenly he shCItedbacl to the
$ U , K e v i n A rn e tt- grorndcontrol statlon, trIheroarc thingsout
lecturrr.t ,1,*t.*1 **tarchSocicty thcroln A large, greyish-rhltcobJect had
$ appmrcd and flsr alongsldehls tplanr,
lha ansver to thls pertlnentquestlon Is a travalllng at a cool Jr800nlles per hourl
rusounding nyarrt And this is no rcFg Ihc obJectthencasuallymvedahesd 0f htn,
rpcculrtion. Thenurberof UF() sightingsby andfinally gllded ovr hls tplanersc.nopy,
Amrlsanandlusslanastronauts ir grwing rt Ihls reportras camledby the uirc serulcost
analarningratc. It ls hportrnt that re andrcntloncdin IIHEnagazlne.
only concornourschc: sith docurcntod llov hcre is an Australlanrcport fron the
culdcnccof these slghtingsthorrverras spacc-tracltlng station at ltucheain l{estern
rnough stuff andnonrnsaig alrcadytalkcd Australla. ftlrllc flashingovcrthls country
aboutthoU[0phononenon. on hls fiftoroti orbit on ths 16thtby 195),
Ihlrtccn ycar!sgo- ln 0ctobrr1957- tha Gordon Coopcrinfomcdthe groundgtation thrt
first spcrcmft Sputnll1t yEt hundtrd. a glorlng grcanllght, rith $at rppmrrdto
lro ronthslattr, . thr Rucehnsucccssfully bc a rrd tall, uasapproachlnE his rpacccraft.
lrunched tSputnlk ?t. Asthc sccond rSputnlkt fhatrycr lt ras, ras also drtectrblc fron thr
pssrd ovrr Caracas, Dr. LulsCorralerrof tha aarth, andpcrsonnclrt lituchoe rsthatrd ttr
Comrniertlons illnlstry ln Vcncurht tooh altitudr to ba 100;ilcs abovrths aarth.
photogre$r of tSputnll2f. Oncphototrhon Iha flrst Anrlcan astronaut to rakr I
It rar dcvcloprd,shwrdtram of a rccoild fspacluallr ras thc lats Edrardhlhlta. l|c,
unknorn obJcetcloroly follorlng tha Sovlrt togcthcrrlth Jarcslilc0lvitt, vas a mnbcrof
ratcllltc. thc crov of thc Gcaini{ spacccrrftrhlch mg
0nthc {th January 1960,tro hugr unlnrn launchedol thc Jrd June1965. Both thego
obJrctrappcorud ln cprc orbltlngtht tarth hlghly-trainadastronautsobtGry6d, ln spacc,
frol eact to rrst - r faat Lrposslbla to a UfO rhlch Jarcs l4cOlylttdowlbcd rt I
ncyllndricelobJrctthat appearsd to hrvl ant
dupllcatcby Amrier or fussiaat that tlrc.
Thrrtrrngr obJccts rcre e:tlnrtodto rolghat rtlcllng out of lttt. Antcnnaeprhap?
lerst 15tms erch, and urrt $otogra$cdat Durlng the sam spacc Journcy, Astronaut
thc catollltc tracklngstrtlon of thoGrunrn l{cDivitt alro obsarvda mving brlght lightt
AlrcraftCorporatlon.The photognphs rrre rt a higherlevrl thsn thc Gcnlnlcraft, ortr
rubsequontly studiedby obsarvatorlcs through- Huall. This UfO ras photogrrphod on 16s.
outthcwrld. fth by McDlvltt.
Mr.Fruk Judson of theAdlerPlanctariul ldenoveforrard only six mnths to Oecorber
sa1d,nlhcyrrunotnstporsbccrusc they'rctoo of 1965, ylth the leunchlngof Gerlnl7r
Iov. And thaytre not artlflcirl mn-nrde piloted by Jaaesloycll andFrankSorran. 0n
satsllltcs. Thc obJocts travcl fron erst to tho {th Decenber, bothEorranandLovell hada
uast, vharaaseveryartiflclal satrlllta has ooodlook at an unidentiflsdobioct durlno tUI
travelledfronvestto east. Ihatrstheonly {neir secondorbit. Eornanann[uncod, (tBogcyt
rlay y0 'orn takcadvrntage of tho oarth's have a bogey at 10 otclock highn. ls
rotation. official Jargon of the U.S. Air Force meanlng
an unidentifledobject). lhe officials at thi
Oneyearafter thasptro strango objeats groundcontroistetionoskedhim to take a
closerlotk to sse ir it uastheir booster that it mightbe nesessary to takeactionts
rsckst. Bormon repiied*Q{e knou vhere the avoida colIision...,
boosteris. Ihis is an actuaisightingltt An nlt is l4cDivltt'sopinlonthat the object
actual sighting of rhat?? Apartfromthls
brief conversation
rec6iiiEd0n offlcial laoe icas probably solttsunannned satellite. Ihe
l{0.{J of the Gesrini? flight, therehasbcbn llorth AmerlcanAir 0efonceCannand made an
no further cornent from either IIASA investigationof possiblesatellites andooma
- or the up rith the suggestion that the obJectnight
havebeanPegasus, rhich vas 11200 nlles aray
Sonuchfor 1965. Upcane1955, and rith at the tine. Mc0lvittquestionsthis idsnt-
it anotherUFOsighting - this tlne by iflcltlon......f,.
AstronautJohnYoung after golnginto orbit on ttAprollninaryidentifiotion of the obJect
the 18thJuly 1966.- young-raiioad back to
earth. saylng, nJehavetio brlght objoctsup as Pegasusls suspect. l*renfully extended,
hcreIn our orbital prth. I dontt think thcy Pegasus-8 has a narinundinonslon 0f Zg.i
arl ttars - theylookliks rerre goingrlght netrcs, trtich torrtsponds to 1/?0minutesof
alongrith thenn.' hthan tho I'lanned-Spaiecrift arc at a dlstgnce of ?1000kilofietres(abort
Centarln Houston rcquesteda bcarlng'on 11200 riles). lhls is srch too snall an
Youngreplled, tflhoy just disappiarcd. i angular ertansion for the structursof thr
guesstheyrerg satellltos of sonckindn. maft to bg rcsolvedandthus does not aqres
rith llcOivitttsdoscrlptionof tarls sticktng
Ihrcs of the forcgoingruportsrcrc studied Oltl'fi .
ln great detail by the rocent tyo-year
nSciontific.Study of UntdcntifiedFlfing Dr" Roachsnds hls extonsivosclentiflc
Objectsrtrhlch yas sponsorad analysis
by the U.S.-Air trIhe of astronautUFOsightings thus:
Force at the University of Colorado, ulth tralnlng andparplcaclty 0f tha astro-
Dr. [drardU. Condon 3s diroctor. Ai his nluts put thelr reportsof sightingsin tha
princlpal tnrestigatorinto thc astronaut-Uf0 highest catogoryof crcdibility. Thayaro
casosrDr. Condon chosr0r. Franklln[. Roach, akaysaetlculoueln dascribingthe ficts,
ProfessorAdjoint ln the Astro-geophyslcsavoldlnganytendentlous intcrpritatlons....n.
-Coioiado. nlhe threaunexplalned
Oopmtncntof the University of sightings(cranined
0r. floachis rlso a consultantto ilASA andhas by Profcssor.Roach) rhich have besn gleaned
done rsssarth at yarious governnental fron a grcatnassof reports, arr a chillenos
agencias,including the llationaiBureauof to the onalyst. lspaclallypuzzllng ls tfia
Standards, andhastaughtat the Unluorsityof flrst oneon the llst, the daytinesighilngof
I rlzona. an obJcctshoringdetails such as arncpro-
In.his,report o{ itcOivitt'ssightingfron trudlng fror a body havlng a noticeible
Genini { in June1955,0r..Roach'sris,itl had angularoxtonsionn.
a conversation ylth Astronauti{c0iyitt on the It seensthat Dr. Roachfs study for the
lrd 0ctober't967, about his sighting andre- Condon ProJect convinced hln that the curlous
produce here lrry sumnaryof the conversation. flying objects seen by the astronauts rere
l4cOivittsar e cylindrical-shapedobJectvith indeedUF0s. Such a pity that 0r. Condon
an antenna-like extension.It yas not couldnot be convlnced by the evidence. But
possibleto .as
estimatelts distance, but tt did thenhe dldnrt yant to be convinced did he?
not appear a tpointr. It gavea nhits or
silvory appearsnce as seenagiinst the day I think it is vorthshlle,at this point, to
sky. Ihe Geminispacecraftyas in freb renindyou of r statenent aade by a
drifting flight sonerherooyar the paciflc nuch nore fornard-thinking scianilst,
0cean. One still wastaken of the {lF0plus 0r. StantonI. Friedman,an Astronuclear^
sofie movieexposures on blackandyhlte fllm. Physicistfrom the l/estinghouse Astronuclear
Ihe impresslon ras not that the objectwas Laboratory at Pittsburgh,pennsylvania, U.S.A.
movlngparallel yith the spacecraft, but Il I Rgler presented at the tlearlngs before
the Comnittee0n Scienceand Astronautics.
ratherthat lt yasclosingin, andthat it ras U.S.iJouse
of Representatives, on 29thJuIy,
ncarby. Ihe reactlon of the astronautlJas 1958, lr'. Frisdmansaid, ftl haueconcludid
that the earth is being visited by faatures,rule out terrestrialexplanationsrr.
intelligentlycontrolled vehicles
is extraterrestrial.ihis doesnrtneanI know Sotr. Ccndonandhis ilk cantry as hard
lhere theycornefront, uhy they are here,or as they like t0 hoodruink the publicinto
how they operate. Iyelitness, and photo- believingthat Ut0sare just a figmentof the
graphic,andradarreportsfrom all overthe imagination,but I preferto facethe factsl
earth by competent uitnessesof definite Somethingis goingon up there! lxactly rhat,
objects,vhosecharacteristicssuch as nan* ue canonly guess. Butwhata fascinating and
euverability, high speed,andhovering,along absorbing study it is to ur open-minded
with definita shape,texture, and surface earth


oun lilyEsrtoATtorflflToTllltuFoillnsEils...


0n the 16th fiuy, 1961, new$nen at

C ENSORSHI P ! CapeCanaveraloverheard 6ordonCooper report
that, rrhile 0n his 'l5th orbit over'rJestern
Ai:stralia,he had a closeencounter with a
In this edition ue make public, for the Uf0. Thisnevsyasbroadcast to the Arnerican
first time, a letter fronr the [ditor of peopleover the coast to coastnetrorkby
Ihe tJestlustralian. Ihe letter (seepage9) il8CtsJohnCheincellor.
concernsone of the most interesting UF() Unknorin to JohnChancellor andthe American
encounters everto occuroverAustralia. people, at that time,
'ras the fact that
Ihoseof youwho havewatched andlistened hundredsof peoplein l,/estern Australia had
to the successfullandings 0n the moon nray riitnessedthe sighting. After Cooper
haverondereduhy the pictures come direct hadlandedandhadbeendebriefed,horever,he
fromthe astronauts through HoneysuckleCreek, refusedto connent on the mattor.
vhile the sound mustfirst g0 to llouston, 0ut too late, the ne,'swasout, another
Iexasfor ciassifiedreasons.Hereinlies one slip andanother rip in the iaper[urtainof
of thosefisonsi- Censorsh ip !


l,lr. Paulflornan, 9, 1964.

Sightingo& Investlgattons
VlctorlanFlying SaumrRoscarch Soclety,,
P.0. 8ox{Jr

Dlar l,tr. liormn,

Theonly infonatlon y0 Gangive yor in reply to your lcttrr of lloye$er1? ls thg
follalng noteiladoby our spaceraportorafter astronautGordon Cooprrtsfllght:
ilOurlngthe orbltal flight of sstronautCoopar, t{ostAustrallanjarrnalists covarad
thr svontfron the officr of tha Oepartment of Supply,the Australianfedsral 0overnment agency
throughvhichtl.A.S.A.operaterln this coutry.
nlhis office ls ln Perth, but uas connectadby trle$one andanpl,iflertllth ths
oporotlonsroonat ths Ftuchaa trackingstatlon, l0 niles north of the clty.
ttSoonafter Cooperts spacccraftpassed over our coaston his 15thorblt I received
nsvi fron a local lV station, vhosestaff rero trying to obtaina posslblesightingof Faith ?o
of a bright flash in the sky, describedar of greencolour. A fev noments later ny office
telephoned meto report that it vas receivlngcalls fror Perthpeoplevho hadalso seena tight
ln the sky,
ItI passedthesereportson to the ltfucheatrackingstaff and later receiyed the
reply thot it yas not possiblefor anyone thero to daternlnedefiritely whetherthe light ras
coirnictedrith the project. ltrchea rls6 reportedthat sorm of the Coinonuealth (or Federal)
Poiicevhich guardthe station hadalso reportedthe light.
nrJe,the Journalists,ln the.absence of confirnationby lfuchea,*orkedout the re-
entry tine for the Xenon lights andagreedthat the tlning rould alnost exrctly coincidevlth
the light seen.
trButit mustbe appreciated that at thls stagel,e ysr not avarethat a naJority of
sightingsrere reportedto bc of a light travelllng in an oast-vestdirectlon.
frAt Thetlast AustruIlan offlca, neanvhlle,furthsr tele$onedroports rere being
rgcelvsdof the sighting. iloru pcoplethanusualrere looklngat the skiegthat evenlngbecaute
re hadreportedin-Ihe tlost Australlanthat a sightingof Faith 7 night be possiblo on the 1{th
Itlhe roportsrecelyedconsfron as far north rs ifuchae andas far southas Bridge-
torn, a north-southcovoraga of some200nilos.
nflad rle bmn arars that astronautCooper hadalso roportodthe east-vostllghtt rr
right havetraatedthe natter dlffcrently. As lt ras, lt vas not untll ue recclved a letter
fron LosAngalesin July that ue knouof this.
q chacked againthenrith the strff at ltuchmandI undsrstand that thoy eorc not
avareof Cooperrs slghting.
nlt ls porsibte,thereforetthat althoughCooperreportedhevlngsoenthe esst-fert
light uhlh orossingoyerUerternAustralia, ha dld not raport it untll he xas ln volcc contact
vlth idoonera trackingrtation, sme 1r?00nllcs rost of Perth.n

6riff Ridardr,
MPt Was 'saucer'
in my sacaline?
Mystery blas!
frotn l{eain Child.s
CANBER,RA. - An MHR har asked the
Air Force to inveitigrte whether e llying rauc-
er landed oa hir properly et Bungewalyn on
the Richmond R,iverlast week-end,
over sydney
SYDNEY - An snidentified flying obiect exploded
Church Point, on o.rte? Sydaey ruburb, late lort night, rhottaring
Mr Robinson, Country do*r and rhakirg hourer.
Psrty member lor the NSW
North Coast electorate of $cvcrrl rBldcntr rG- I the "thh8" exploded. The proprletor ot O
cowper. says he is bsfrled ot PBsdenE RstauBnt I
by whet hanpened ln his mrtcd #lE an "orsnlc I Mrs. Helen Csples, NewDort. Mr. A. J.
sacaline p8tch. orl*t" u'pioa. rn tl" | f;|j1i"h",l"ttti",*tt"o jl8 kett-slso reported hesrir
Sacaline i8 a fodder ary. th6 expl$lon-
I thst lt sh6k her hoGe. Msny of tJf,e dlners ha{
crop. Mr Roblroon's crbp "It sunded s ll I wB
st{nds l0 ft. high. Mr. and Mrs. K. Hewl-l
soii, bii;tEwrij*, i-ritO-6rl1yl standtns a lw let lrotrr Poltce fur SydtEy lra
?he {a}m ls run by o wer'e sittiird in tfrlii Eii'-l r .csmon." Mrs. Capl6 nlFht sere my8tliied s I
sharc farnr?r, Idst Sun- oen wtri'n' t'hei s;i:;n";i- | sstd' the BW of t$e etcplGb
day he a$kcd Mr Robinson lnSe object hlgh in the sky.l One o( her neighbors sald I no planeg were repdt
to have a look gt some Mr. Hewlsd seld thstl lt sounded ltke "a Dlane mlssing.
$tr&ng damage to parts of &bout five mlnutG laler'blowlag up." Water pollce
the i.wo-ncre sacaline crop. - csstsl and u
volunteer' f;l
"What I $aw has m per- were lnvestkatlng Eigl
Dlexed." Mr Eobinson said. *ADVOCATE 26/4/69. lrus of flares off the $a
"I i[st crn t find any ex- neAr Church Point, bur t
planation short of a visit connectlon . between rl
bY sme strange cratt." Burnie, Tas. flere snd ttl expld
had ben establlshd lr
Mgrks on ground MB noBlNsoN ls| nlght.
An srra ot tha crop mea- hafe blosn the lot over,"

(uring 60 tt. bt 25 ft. hrd Mr Robiroon said, "Inden-
bern llatlcrted. All tbc i&tiorls on the croD showed
s(allnr rtalks werc llinr thai somethine near lht
fronr norih lo south ard ground had moved elong
wfrr bcut ovr Bt ffound Lhere,l
'fhe pre\siling qlnd
Arr rreR elong onF .side ulows theoppsrtedirec-
rd marks 1f"fnu"'il,''iiff;1
on the-to''haveltion
&r0llnd 'n the sav
to say tlte crop

bn'rr rnade b!'a movrng ob- lwas bcnl,
Around th flettened
arca the cron sas tntact.
8ut $me talds {urther on
ia smalier area bad been
I naltnd.
2 4 i 4 /6 9 .

RAAFplanT Il th n

^ rhe nbuarre

. w.ear
s{Its*rstfo Itre,.OD-l
.lp|t nltr4ttt. rrc a. oalloonl

1( o/[ C tr i l s ,r .l r ur rh. N c w l
Zenland. or Ascension ls-l
tand ln thc Ailanrid
Alnberley said:
U.(islOI ToOwOOmba.

..We hal,pened t0 hfive


c nnbfr r a j ;t i n l he ai r c a
a lraining nlght.
"The pilot. Fli4ht LieI

oceen. I tellant En'ol Mccornlair
Mrs I1,y Kin,?, of Kod-l $ as ordered to investigi'J
roongrrra, 20 milcs frornl tlrc repor6.
Millmr'rsn, w8s olle ofl
iiili"ii;il'ili irii PIaStiC
J" C..It ",siit "i:l
C !At am ut I am . I
w&s tife a nueel . "At 11 am qhich he dlscoverd
r.raiinaieilt iiiirruG. ii,iOl tlre balloon, apper-
ii"iii'-rr.iiiiirur-to-,iatn.;l ed to be of pla.sticmterr:
BR|S8ANE, Soturdoy.- There were widespreod .i,;"-.,,i;---"--
"';ri-'iiavno I posslbly
' t
metalllc in colc
reports of on unidentified ffying obiect in northetn over Mill-l Ha it at {0'000 ft'
mcrrsn anrt Kouroonqarral -ft wes imposslble il
NSW ond Queenslondyesterdoy. i;;';;;.;.;"iil-;;'i ;h;il -l estinrate its size. we srr
checking several sourcs
in' tii"-,iiia_oiti.n;oir.;;--
l lle rcports
Kl o'Jle. lisw.
Dil(llng Dos[s.
cante from
and the
lrorn and at tirncs &n alurnin- I
r Millnrerran
I *iiiii -ti ""i
"iit is S{ ntilesl to. lild
l - - l ,i i ..l .- - f,ton" m .
tn""- mirLt"iiiii'
w t:e ofl
T he


Bur tq
W m ther
An RAA!' Jct ..I A- 'I'. Brunt' said il
I ereeant- said: saiv ttrel Vr
obje{ io

for'ce base ruor Zeppelin ailship.
Ips* ich clla$d
Over town I
inl"* ii'to ii. ano it riiilballmll
:;:;i",;,' ;;;;;
could be frc
or Ascensq
40.000 ll. but eould lrot Avl{ition
ofticiris blieve it At KI ogie. tl)e objrct I ii;;; I tstana (bctwen Alrice
lrave beolr an ex- $ecllrcd t0 lltng suspended| " f,v c r 1bod1 w s s s tand- l Sor r th Am er i c a) . 'q
Act nfar filouglr tO see cotrld
prritrr.ntirl balbon rtle&s- in t,h f s k ! $es t of tl r e I ing out in thc n)rin strfl'tl "At Chrislchurch tbq
\hRt it tras.
ed lor res('iuch Durposes toI nshii] l0r nlore tllan I hr.rr, $ atchilrg it " I are rolog8ing 'g h o sl
nfsilfilts of the Darlinq lr,rlr Mi!d!r!a i!! V!cl{)rii. n.u Rp.r-r sl)okp(nr&nal ltaltonns as part n' t
l4rsils salQ rtrc uulvcr l(-
sellrblf.! a plaslir: ballr)on,
"MlRRcR' Svdnoy,N.5.w zn/n t
"Ttere were no loot-
prints 0r tyre marks
'Ttle coulsc rallger rode
horseback through the
ares last night on his

rBular patrol, but he ssry
no sign ol the mark
Mr lnnqden todav called
th DDertnlent, ot Ctvil
Aviation and an o6cet
inlormed him he should
SYDNEY. - The greenkeeper
call the RAAF.
t ec r er r r y of 5 t . Mr kslie RYrn. 'l{, and "The Govrnmenl has
Michrel'r goll cou're hls oflsidr Alan Harrlett. askad thc RAAF to in-
28, lound the trlrnguler vestigrte 8ll similar
in Sydney'r rtrte?n l nl pr es l on about 7..m . sightings," he said.
r r bur br , Mr Fred tocay.
Longdea, belicver e Mr Ryrn immediately cnouth llmc alrcrdt. !o I
flying rrucer ilry h.v notlned the course cur- did not call thcn,"
rtor. Mr Blll Somars, who rddcd.
lended on the lTth sent lor Mr l-ongden. GreeuLeeprs will pre-
feirwry lart nighr. Mr lrnfdrn said ll serve the trlangular mark
looh?d as though r rockct lor further illvestlgetlon.
Tt$s lolloss the dis- h.d madr th! burn and
corery eerly todaY ol & smrthlnt hcavY ha.l
trlsnguler burn mark on hnd.d.
th llnks.
CLAB SECNET ''fhr s,s a hesvy de$ 'HERALD'
At the thre points ot
the trisnglc are deep inr- this moming rnd lf snY- Melboume,Vic.
behinil the triangu DrNions. each I in. side one had walked ecross
and 2rr in. deep. Ttley are they *ould havc left !
lar mark o?Lthe lair 16 tt. apert, mark." he said. 23/6/6e.


lN& Gro u nd

have been,
contr oller s
could nOt agree with the
astronauts as t() what the
object could
.Uilloil&IR AVffiA
When spacecraft c0m-
mander. Charles Conrad,
reported sightlng the ob"
ftlnmg r*s* rmiorid ArUiU'fqrgrrf
iect, he sid he suspected
rr $ a s the sgent S- IVB
rocket rvhich blasted the
Y rrl ke e Clipper ( ' ( r t 0f
! a rl h or bit ( } n Fr iday-
But Conmd replicd ihis
N irW YO R K , S u n d a y. sa s u nlikely.
- A mystery spacs "l remember seeing the
( hasc developed today panels pop Off and leave
as Ap o l l o 1 2 sp e d to - us quite quickly," he tbe obtect,
wards the Moon.
said- "'Ihey travelled at .$Qd to tbc
q u i te a clip, and would
'fhe three astronauts certsinly te well out o[
reported sighting another orrr way by now."
nlan - made object 'tag- The mystery, however,
ging along" in space did not seem to worry
m()re lhan half-wuY be- either the three Moon
tween the Earth and voyagers or the ground
Moon. c$ntrollers.
Apollo is now 16l,500
miles away from Elrth
and slowint apprecirbly to bc thttG lglrt, e h dt!tu{A:b',r
as it coasls torvards the lQr!ild
Moon. $ q.qglhfr?tr"tq St dlrerfNnn-- -
:!on progtamme,"
Mr Il is on a risky couFe & til*]:dcrAi|ni'tq. ry tur er.' ttlG. gtttcr
Brunt said. which will doom its three dt s lEFrd of tt itl
"U tlri,s ts one, lt would "p-ce riders to be lost
Lave tmvelled almGt
rf spece if dle comrmnd =:?--!---f---=
servic module tocket cn-
routrd tlre world. ft would gine fails to fire.
not have come tr'eatward
trcm Christclrurch. But space scicntlsts
are conlldent the rocket
"And rt Ascenslon Is- will c{)ntinue to wotk
:ard the Na.ii0n4l Aero- prfctl y.
nrutifs and Space Admlni-
$t n t ion i s r e l ee si n g ..NEWSDAY''
balloons. These pick up
stellite siguals," Mr Brunt
eid llalbouma, Vic.


}T O T I C E" 2 r /e /? 0 .

T h e So cie ty's annual general m e e t in g will b e h e ld in t h e T h e a t re t t e,
N a tlo n a l- M utual Centre, 447 C o l] in s S t re e t , Me lb o u rn e o n t r' rid a y t h e
1 3 th }lo ve m ber at 8.00 p.m.
An inta'psring dhd varled programne is being prepared, and it is
h o p e d t o h a ve a fi rst h a n d re por t of the Society' s investigations
into a n a p p a re n t fl a p o f re ce nt sightings r epor ted fr om King Isl- a nd.
Ple a s e n o t e th a t th e re w i l l b e no mee_!.Lng in October .
Th e l a s t m ee ti n 5 5 fo r th e ye a r will be held on Fr lday the llth Dec em ber
a t 8 . 0 0 p . i l . a t N a ti o n a l Mu tual- Centr e.

So me eig h ty members and their f rie n d s a t t e n d e d t h e S o c ie t y ' s September
m e eti ng a n d heard a fascinating a d d re s s f ro m o u r g u e s t s p e a k e r,
l ' [ r . Jo h n D avis. Our new meeti n g p la c e is t h e u lt ima t e in c o mf o rt a n d
a c ce ssa b ility, and the splendid f a c illt ie s a v a ila b le in t h e t h e a t re t t e
w i l - l- be o f great assistance to y o u r Co mmit t e e in p la n n in g a n d
p r e se n ti ng the programmes now u n d e r p re p a ra t io n f o r f u t u re me e t ln g s "
T t is ho n e d that each and everv lo c a l- me mb e r will h e n c e f o rt h ma k e
s t r en u o u s efforts to attend as ma n y me e t i-n g s a s p o s s ib le .

Th e l 9? O Society elections for Co mmit t e e will b e h e ld at the No v em b e r
g e ne r a l m e e ting.
N o mi na tj - on s for the offices of P re s id e n t , V ic e P re s id e n t , S e c re t a r y r
Tr easu r e r and three Committee- me n s h o u ld b e s ig n e d b y t h e n o min a t or
a n d ca n d id a te and posted to re a c h t h e S e c re t a ry a t B o x 4 3 , Mo o ra bb i n
b y n o t l ater than l-2 noon on F rid a y t h e 3 0 t h O c t o b e r.

A n u m b e r of sightings reported f ro m s o u t h e rn Ne w S o u t h V / a le s 1 s
p r ese n tl y u nder investigation a n d ma y p ro v e t o b e t h e f o re ru n n e r of
a l on g ove r d ue sightings f1ap.
F u l- l d e tails at the November ne e t in g l


The IIo. 10 edition of t rA u s t ra lia n U. F . 0 . Re v ie w (p u b lis h e d

by th e U .F.0. fnvestigation Ce n t re o f Ne w S o u t h ' v V a f e s ) c o n t a in s a
con fuse d and rather petulant t ira d e a 5 5 a in s t V . U. F . 0 . R. S . a n d
r r Austr ali- an Flying S aucer Re v ie w. rt

T he U.F.0. I.C.E ditors a c c u s e V . U. F . 0 . R. S . o f la c k o f

co- o p e r a ti on during the perlo d wh e n V UF O RSa n d UF O I C p u b lis h e d
I'Austr alla n Flying S aucer R e v ie w" a s a jo in t v e n t u re .
r rFrom the very beginn in g , n o t a s in g le lit e ra ry con-
tr i bu ti on , article or other ma t e ria l f ro m o t h e r g ro u p s e v e r
r e a ch e d our UFOIC editor. T h is ma n wro t e , t ra n s la t e d and
pr a cti cally typed (sjc) every is s u e o f t h e s e v e n (? ) p u b lis h e d .
u p to 1 9 63ff , says the UFOIC writ e r.
In fact, considerable ma t e ria l wa s c o n t rib u t e d to the
m ag a zr n e - Ty IFFeter Norris, P re s id e n t o f V UF O RS . T h ls ma t e ria l
i nclu d e d the editorial-s to n u mb e rs 2 r3 r4 a n d 5 .
It is quite evident t h a t t h e I I F CI C e d it o rs a re in c lin e d
:: :l :": tri:la:-: ?_-_-':.r?-: . ' -, -. _ r:_. -_ , -: t 1 -. - i: -_ le e l j_
The true fact of the ma t t e r is t h a t a f t e r No v e mb e r 1 9 6 2 ,
no issu e s of rtA ustrallan Fly in g S a u c e r Re v ie wrt c a me f ro m t h e P r e s s ,
an d vuFO RS fact d v'rith a floo d o f me mb e rs h ip re s ig n a t io n s , wa s
o b lig e c to "go it alone' an d c o mrn e n c e d p u b llc a t io n o f it s o wn
m?Sazrne in l'[ay 1964. ft rras not unti]- a considerably l-ater date,
th a t ur 'O rc also produced its o wn in d e p e n d e n t p u b lic a t io n .
It is therefOre evide n t t h a t V llF f t r+ s t n yr
avrrif rr
r vJ o f c la im t o
th e ti tle rlA ustralian Flying s a u c c r Re v ie wt r is we ll-f o u n d e d ,
0 wlng to the recent t ra g lc d e a t h o f Dr. Mira n L in d t n e r,
Pr e siie n t of uFOrc, and the d e p a rt u re o v e rs e a s o f f o rme r u I ' O rc
ed itor Andrew Torras, P eter lv o rris is n o w t h e o n ly p rin c ip a l wh o
h a s p e r so nal knowledge of th e e v e n t s t h a t le d u p - t o t h e c e s s a t ion
of pu b lica tion of I'A ustralian F ly in g s a u c e r Re v ie w, a s a jo in t
ven tur e and perhaps thi-s acc o u n t s f o r t h e a s t o n is h in g mls -g b a t e m e n t
of facts appearine in thc IIF O I C a rt ic le .
The V UFORSCommittee is mo re in t e re s t e d in in v e s t ig a t in g
U FOfs th a n indulging in hyste ric a l p o le mie s a g a in s t o t h e r UF O F o u p s .
H owe ve r , a case of misrepres e n t a t lo n o f t h e n a t u re c o n c e rn e d in
the n r e se nt ease cannot be n o rmit t e d t o rro . lt n e n rre n t p rl
l, I v v v r r v vsfrfrvu vu ts.- f r 1 l !u u u u uv
q r fvv!IU vu u u .
rfider this *ir*l*. lhc ruotsweresuck*dup
f\ wh*leandthr lagoanfLooruasurooitl.u-
(\ r- . , -r 14r".
has iived in the rjistrict
- since19J]and he. ruled.outttrepossititiiy,
gainedon first i.mBresslon,
\) that'reodeatiii
r , lrubs nrighthavecausedthe phenomenon. nthei
Nt n | ,.t r^
LANDING r, A rrr
PADu ".r causeHatergrasses
9 t0 c0ltapse.rrheisre-
(\ ported to havesaid, ilbut tho ro6ts andren_
v bvJudithMagee ,l:..1.?:il,ii*l
andconpletad thoir uork ln onenioht. accord-
ing to i,lr. pedleyrsobsorvatlons '
on the
ntvltl,Ift6S0ltf 0f IHt t(ftgh,il prcvlws evontng.
'iltsls, Ail0
PAOS' Ifi TUSIRALIA. Ihe Universlty of Ousonsland stated that
'LAIIOIiG rfthetnrstur could have baon
the result of
0n ths 19th.Janurry1966,ilr. Goorge podley ssysre turbulonce,*hictrnornallyaccompanles
uaspasslngthe property of his niiohbour Iine squrlls and thundcrstorniin 'florth
flr. illbert-pennisi,ynen'tre rb;;;;";;-;;: Oueensiandat that tlne of ysar.rr
identiflableobJectrlse andtakeoff at crear to Flr. p.i. llorris, yho
In a cosfflunication
speed..trith yas then Prosldentof the Connonusalth
. an ear-piarcing,hissing riise, Aerial
rrosHorseshoa lagoonon the pi"operty. Phsnomena Investigaflon 0rganisation(ClptO),
The obJoct, chich yas observedfron a tTg secretary,Departaent of Air, Canberru,
distancsof about2! yards, yas about?5 feet attemptedto ?talkaxayt ths ]0 ft. tnrSti
*ith frThlsrihirling
in diameter, 9 feet in heiqhtandbiue-qrey in lh? folloriingstaienent,
colour. It spunat a terrific rate as it 'ros, massof trcpical air associatsdnith thundor-
vertically to about60 feet andthen made storm activity, on reaciing the earthfs
a silrfacsr *ay dissipataandsubside
shallordivs androsesharply,travellingat a or oersist
fantastlc speed. fte say-no portholis 0r givingrise to dustoddies,vater spoutietc.,
antennasandthereras no sign oi life either leavlng telltale circulai patterns 0n the
in or aboutthe obJect. ground. Shouldlt occurovei a sranoyroed
beds the sffect youldbe to fiatten thi-reeds
ile hadpassed this spotthe eveninqbefars vith a
and all had seened quite normal.uith qreen
grass-likereedsprotruding '#as it that in January
rtp to' three'feet 1966re hadiust
above the surfaceof the lagoonn conmenced havingthe typo oi veatherconl t-
xhichis four
ions that vouldcreatetheseInostsror hadrrs
to fivc-fset deep. ilovevlrn'thewaterhole
nouorsplayedan areaof J0 feet ln diameter nnlyjust begun to noticethings as rnestsr?
uhercrsadshadbaenflattened as if by the I '*ould be moreinclined to- think that the
rJ.anding pads? harj niors recenHvarrlved
reight of sooething on it. llr. pedieysiated
that the reedsrhere vithout exceptiin bent because in the article IHt IULLY rt[SISt
balor yater level, deadandsylrleiJ.rornd-in vritten for our nunberI rug.iin*-[y'. ;;i;;r:
a clockylsonanner,as if theyhadbeansub- ologlst,veather patternsin the lrea ovei'a
lengthyperioduereextensively coveredandno
l:c}6 to.sof,le terriflc rotary force.n
tnests?hadpreviously beenreinrted.
force suspected'in the
ImnyMelbourne Ihs fine *eathercondiilonsof the previous
niEht (Jan.18th),with lack of trotwinUs-inO
, l4r. Aif. Macdmald, irhols a StockRoutes
Inspectorfor tlortiern0ueensland,
dived.vith account -cantury tenperaturos,could not
l{r. Pennislanda mmberof the iocat pitici. for the deadresds in the laooonthe
-hi folloring norning andthe sunhiidbeeiuo ior
into the yaterhole. 0n insoection.
gainedthe lnrpressiofi only a brief tina, l{or couldit be understood
that "someforce'has HhL
sucked the rcotsup claanlyinto if a rlocal.windstornrhadmanau*J to
fnestt...n. Hesaid, ttlheie the floatinr slip by the Bureau of Meteoroloqy staiionrs
Has n0 stubold
(16 paqe1l).
ti! G
rbiindeyet, there*as n0 daruage lo trees, ()ther'nestsr, sore of doubtfulorigin,
shrubs or vegetationoutsidethe perimeter of nade neris headlines in 1966. ('tnein
the Inestf. Thislackof damage to surround- particular, hovever, vas of considerable
ing countryside vas also noted uherea number interestto this Societyalthough our attempts
of smallertneststhadbeendiscoveredin the to gain detailedaccountsof this sighting
regionduring the folloring'reeks.Analysis 'rerehampered by schoolauthorities whohad
of the reedsshoued that theyrequiredair for apparently beeninstructednot to nrentionthe
survival andhadrdrornedr because some heavy incident. Ihe children, being more co-
weighthadheldthemunCerthe water. Perhaps operative,uerequiterilling to fill us in on
this severetupdraughtf, rdorndraughttrtwilly the details andshorus the rlandingpads'.
uillyrr tuhirluindf 0r ,rhatever had been
0n the 6th April, 1966,it vas reported
restingthereaIl night uaiting for l1r. Pedley
that a nunberof childrenandtheir science
to corretry in the norning,just in time to see
teacherhadobservedan unidentifiedflying
it rise fron the lagoon! It vouldhavehadto
objectnearthe schoolat Uestall,a suburb
be of severestrengthindeedto suckthe roots
up from the bedof the lagoonandcausethem
to rest in a foot deepfnestron top of five It wasfirst seenby a class of girls who
feet of uater. *ere havinga physicaleducation lesson. Ihey
noticed a silvery object flyinq around sone
Ihere have been nunerous attenpts to er- pine treesabouta quarter of a mile behind
plain avay these 'nestst- - - willy rillys,
the school. Thegirls ran donnto the corner
whirlybirds and even a some'rhatserious
of the schoolground to get a betterviewand
suggestionthat they mayhavebeenrbuilt by uas not long before the rest of the
Brolgas before carrying out their mating children, during their recessperiod, !,ere
dancet!! fol ioning.
However, no matter howmany official con-
One of the girls, Mariiyn[astwood,
clusionstheremaybe, the peoplE-6T-futly
describedthe object as beingrounduith a
iive in the area - not severalhundred miles
cn top androundthingsunderneath.rl
auay - andthey are convincedthat these "hump
tneststarenot naturalphenomena. lhe scienceteacher,Mr, 6reenuood, stated
(tlote: Mr. Pedley's description of his that it appeared "like a thin beam of light,
abouthalf the iengthof a light aircraft.'r
sightingis verylike nanyothersin that his rrlt wasa silvery-grey andseemed to rthickenr
remarks, regardinghis prior beliefson the at similarto whena disc is turneda
subject,werethat if anyone hadasked whether
little to sho,rthe underside.rrHesaid, trthe
he believedin UFOs hu riouldhavelauEhed and obiectvas neverreally stationery andseened
thought theyweretnutst. Obviously,seeing to-move fromsideto side anduo aid do'ln.rr
is believingas he sayshe no,,lknovsbetter!) ' (ToPaqe 14).


M E LRO 1AIIE?'S lINf' 25th A pril, 1968.

&t {irst there Hf;$0$etplaneapparently lanberrolimesthat sacalinoyas a verytop*
cb*crvingthe object but befarelnngothers h*avycropsubj*ct to rlodgingt 0r falling
jaineditn totalling fiva in all. ihe small over and flattening. 0r. Ooynes saldi
a!rmaft, rhich the children claimaduerg Itloisture stress, charcoal rot, fungus 0r
mostlyCossnas,trled to foilor the obJect vind, 0r a coeblnation of thesscouldeasily
vhich *ould occaslonallyacceleratsbackand causeit to fall over. Ihe fact that only a
forth fromeastto ysst. snall section of the crop' yas affectedras
Ihis Society nadovariousenquiriesat the consistontvith patciinessof
l'loorabbinalrport (snall tplaneairport) only Surely, evenif the crophadbsenaffectd
to dlscovorthat none 0f the pilote hadro- by theseposslblcrcausas?, the affect yould
portadonythingout of the ordinary, yet thny be to fall rith the vind dlrsctlon andnot
hadpl,ayeda rcat md nouset gsne rlth the against 1t. 0bviorsly the public is not
|Ji0t expootad to think for itsalf - Just to acccpt.
Perhapsin thosedayschosing a UF0,or But ltfs ry gu6ssthat fungusor rot ls taklng
belngchased by ona,uasnot E0 oxcoptional; svr at hlgherlevrlc thanthis sacrllne cropt
naybepcople had becomsoneyhat blaseabolt G0l_Fri6 t|r0ilAuls.
thonbecaure,in an approximato poriodbetyean
Ilay1965andAugust1966,therevero so nany About?.00 a.n. on the Z]rd Junc1969, tro
UFO reportsthot r$ rere boglnningto think ue greenkeepers rt a Sydnry golf course dls-
rero goinEto haveto llvs ylth theu. covered a trlangular inprasslon on ttrs
17thfalrray. lhe threepolnts, *ich yors
LU4L[0 P0LrIrcrAr. 16 feet apart, haddeepinpresslonsat etch
Anothor report to hit thc nsnsheadlines corner about 8 inchssvltJeand 2 1/? inctres
(ttote: this sighting is reainlssentof
vasthat of the SAUCTR Itt Attt4P'sSACALIilt, deep.
lhis yas published in the fllelbourne the case reported by CountyPollcenan
ferald on
the Zlth Aprll, 1969. LonnieZanora ln f{eyfiexlco,U.S,A.)
llr. I. Robinson,a .nember of the llouseof l,lr. [ongden,the secretary of tha c]ub,
loprosentatives, hadbeenaskodby hig share said lt look*das thougha rockothadffids tha
farrer on Sunday ?0thApril to havea look at burn and sonething haavyhadlanded. .Ihoro
sonestrange damaEe to his sacaline crop. had boen a heavy doy on tha norning 0f ths
(Sacallne 21rd and if anyono had yalkedacrossthe grass
is a foddercropsonewliat sinilar to
neizeandln this casyasabout10 ft. tall.) marksyould havsbeanleft. Ihere yorg no
lhe areaaffectedvas.about60 feet by 29 feet footprints 0r tyrenarks on the grass. Ihs
andhadbeensnarhedto the ground by sosg coursorangerhad not sesnanynrrks rhenon
nysterious foro. In a report to the patrol the evening before.
ileibourne Age,ilr. Roblnson comentedthat ttit llr. Longdencalled the Departnent of Civil
s00ns ferslble that only sonephenomenon such Aviationandan officer informsdhin that he
as a flying saucer couldflatten the sacaline shouldcall the RAAIrho hadbeenaskedby the
cropin sucha strangavay.rt Government to investigateall slnllar slght-
l'4r.Robinsonfsfarn is 0n the Richmond ings. Hedid not bother to call the RAAfar
Rlver, about 60 nilos froo Grafton, 0n the he felt he hadalreadyvastedenough tine hrt
northarn lley South Uales coast. Ihe pre- the greenkeepers youldpreserve the triangular
vailing uindson tho previousnight had becn sark for furthsr investigation.
fror the south, yet the crop had been
flattenedin the opposlte direction as hada I{IIH 0l,RASIR0ilAUIS landing 0n the moon and
snaller patch a far yards froa the targer our spaceprobescircling andlandingon other
arsa. 1,4r.RoblnSon said, rrl an a bit puzrled planets, ls it not fsasible to considerths
but I canflnd no otherexplanatlon.fl possibility of ufonauts landing on pianet
ilouev6l",sncs agalnthe officials cameto tarth? lhese rnastsr are obviously not all
ths rescuo,rith an oxpl*nationl t4r. Oornes,a createdbj' rhlrlybirds, nilly villysi Urolgas
0r c&sr andthe longertrackssuqelynot ma$e
researctscientistsith CSIR0. stated to the (Io'Page1l).
b1 e roiary ia.*n*,ra*r injecioci rith so*{t
tiest gr*r? !,nsteedof regu!,erfe*i i* srdsr
t0 cut a E*athcf ten cr nore feet in xldth
andconsiderably longerlength. lo yhat qreat ( M on
palnsme rould haveto go to crcatea horxof M yster ious u m en tst
thts naturc. It surelyvouldnot be yorth the
effort only to haveofflclals rtalk tt rnyt. on the Moon.

Ravleringanrrtlclc yrlthn by orr rrnbar

IvanI. Sandrsonfor (August)Arg6syfor $on
hels ScianccEdltor.

Thevritsr consnces by saylngthrt ttfarr

years agor RusslatsLuna-9and Amrlcatr
0rbiter-2 both photographed groups of solld
structurGsat tuo ridely repar'ated locations
on the Lunarsurfacs. Ihcse tyo groups of
obJects ar0 aranged ln drftnitr-gcoiotrlc
patternsandrppearto havebecnplacad there
by^.intelligentbelngs. SinceAnorican spaco
Keep abreast of world officials haye cho*n not to publlcLe thesc
findings, our ruadarsare probably not ayaro
wide U,, of thelr
Photographsrevealedtvo rtralght llncs sf
Jotn the V .U .F .0 .R .S . equidistcnt stonesthat look lile narkers 0r
and heLp solve the RldilLe an alrport runuay.
of t h e Sk l e e ! Sonething very puzzllngras noted by thc
Russlan scientist 0r. S. Ivanov vho said thrt
Your nenbership will the sacmd and third photosuere tak'en at
entttLe you to free coples sltghtly different angles, but rhy tha Lunar
of tbe Auetrallan Flytng station ciangedits positlonbetvecnthssetyo
Saucer Review and of - the transnlsslonsls not knun.
Bulletins pub}lshed perlod- iCIoltsPIRts.
lc a L l y , a c ce ss to th e Iheso splres 0n ths ioon haveeaureda
Socletyts extensive library grcat deal of speculatlonfor a nu*ar of
and the rtght to Fart- years.andthis is probablythe flrut tim thcy
lcipate ln the nonthly havsbeendcscribedat hngth.
neetings and varlous other lvo crts of photogmph*are conpared, ont
a c t lvi t i e s . set taken by the RurslanLuna-9ln the Ocean
For eubscriptlon of Stoms,the other by 0rbiter-Z, 2,000rihs
rates aray, ln the Seaof lranqulllty.
n e e l n s t d e f r o n t co ve r.
Ihe 0rblter-? canoras HEre dircstad
straight dom, but shoyedyhat appearod
to br
shadorsof right splrls.
. lstlmatcs of the helghtof the spiresvary
in both casss but S6viet Spaco'[nqlnctr
AlexandrrAbrasovcanefonrardyith a soneuhat
Ihis articla polnts out that ths Russians
havebeensearchlng for posslble llfe ln outsr
space for sanyyears, in fact nuchrestarch
has beendoneonearlyhistoryshorlngthat,
Generalplan of ths arrangement
of if aliensfron iltcr spaca dld not inhabltthe
the eight polntadsplres. carth,theyat leastaayhavohad baseshtre
andthat thedslicks andpyranlds asrell as
othr earthnyrtrrles my havr beenusedas
rarlorr for thcceryacctravellcrr.
Ihlr artlclc my ucll bc thebeglnnlng of
rf,c vory lnteresting rageardtlnto those
anclentrvofldorsf of thls vorld.
J. fil. f,lAGtt

startllnggconetricalanalyslsof the arange-

rent of thece objrcts, rhlch produceda
patternkn*n ln anclcnttgypt agan tabrkat.
lle statod that the centrerof tho splresof
thc lunarabalaaraarranged in preclselythe
sanoy.t is tht rplccs of thethreegreat SOCIETYBADGE.
Apparantly dld not consider
IIASA the photo- Members sre reninded that
gra$s of anygrot lrport reylngthat nYos, the Soctetyts attr active
ye ftnov of thesrSotogra$s and theyrre 1s avallable et the
vcryclear, but therahasbrsnnospoculation followlng prlees:
onthor andthoyhavcbrenflled for
In this lntarestlngartlcle rre oreln- Br ooch.( pin) . type 6ag
forrodof a ronarhabh publicatlonrcleascdby Lapel ( scr ew) type 75F
fltsA ln 1968r rntltlrd {hronologicel
CetalEur of Reported lunsr [ventsrt, vhlch $end r enolttances to:-
lirtr llghtr, bothstatloneryrndnovlng,sone The Secr etar y,
porfcctlyclrCIlarcraters and othcrryster- v.u.F,0.R.s.,
lour phenorena.0thers hava notedglgantlc
brldgellkastructurcsunderuhich the sun ?.0. Box 43,
shona, It ls polntedout too, that nany u00RABBr N, Vr C., 3189.
rpparently nan-nadgstructurcgleen 0n earth
fron a grcataltltudc, provedto bc slnply
Tussocks of grassalong the strip hadbeen
violently tvisted ln a clockirise direction.
lomsaid he hadrackedhis brainsfor an ex-
planation for ueeksbut hadbeenunableto
find one. Hesaid it couldnot havebeennade
T HE DAR TMO OR by a morer,slasher,scytheor anyotherblade
instrunent, [ven a personbeating the ferns
P H E N O ME N ON with a stick or blade nouldnot haveproduced
suchan effect.
St apl eton. Running up the hill to Join the nain strip
aro other snathes;thesedeflnitaly indicate
an aerial obJectlanding as they are clipped
In January last, in company fith another off at the top at the furthgst point frou tha
Societymember, I journeyedto the Hamilton nain strip and aro graduallycut off lomr
area to investigatea reportedUF()Ianding dornuntil theynerge*ith the nain str1p. I
site at Dartmoor- about50 niles west of noticedthat the area of brokenbracksn uent
llamilton and about20 milesfrosl the South right under a snrall overhanglng tree whose
Australianborder. Ihe incidenthadreceived branches, noneof rrhich seenedto havebeen
front page coverage in rlhe flamilton danaged, began a fe* fcet off the ground.
Spectatort and ue uere very fortunate on this Hftrever, adjacent to thls tree, a snall sap-
trip in having the personalattention of ling hadbeenbruisedandcut at a point about
Mr. KevinBalkin, Chief of Staff of that 2 fset off the ground. Ihe sapras oozingout
paper,whoacted as our informant andguide of it. I estimated that a craft of about
andgenerail.y filled us in on the local scene. 10 to 15 feet in diameter could have fitted
into this arsaunderthe tree.
Ihe phenonenon !,as reportedby f4r. Iom
Melbourne, a batchelorfarmerof some twenty Oneof the questionsvas- ,rhatcouldhave
years standingin the district, wholives caused this particulartype of shreddingof
alone in a farmhouse nearthe Glenelg River the bracken? I picked up a fern stalk and
about2 milesfromDartmoor. began to tuist it. Erackenis very toughbut
finally it broke and fPrestot it produced
Whenf,e reachedthe farnhouse, at about preciselythe same effectt Looked at in con-
2.10p.m., ue met Mr. Melbourne - a nrost junctionrrith the tuistedtussocks of grasst
friendly andcooperative nan- andon the 'ray it appeared that something had violentiy
to the areahe told us his story. Aboutthree tvistedthe bracken until it brokeoff. It
ueekspreviouslyhe had beensettingrabbit vouldrequirea considerable forceto do this.
trapsabouta quarterof a mile fromhis house A willy wiliy vas considered, but ras rejected
whenhe noticed a svathcut iti the bracken. as being not strong enough. Alsot the
This suath llas some f0 yardslong and{ feet branches of the tree wereundisturbed'
nide. About200yardsfron the river, it ran although the bracken underthe tree llasbroken
northandsouthstartingjust inside a fence in like manner. Iherehavebeennanyreports
adjoininga track andendingon the brink of a of rotatingUF0sand, of course, the lully
100ft. dropto the valley belou. Inestst in Oueensland had been violently
Arrlving the site I inspected the strip. tvisted.
At first it did not seem very inpressive to Since nryinvestigation therel4r. Melbourne
me- a city slicker - but, after lomexplained has, accordingto reports, discovered a
it to ne as seenthroughthe eyesof a bushman further rlaunchlngsiter on his- property.
vith the instinctsof a black-tracker to whont Althoughhe hasnot seenanyUFOs (he sayshe
evervcrushed bladeof qrasstells a story. it doesnot keepa look-out),a numberof UF0s
beganto takeon sigiificance. Ihe braiken havebeen reported in the liey'rood-Cashmore
along the strip had been cutr frayedand areasnearby.
tuisted. Ihe fern staiksuerecut off about
12 inchesfromthe groundand uerevirtually All I cansayis that if UF0s did not cause
shreddedfor about6 inches from the top. (fo Page 18).

r ,"f iii
i. ie, ii: 0' ; ; t ' r * ; bi; ilk * n,
I,i ;;rri. i,r"' yirt pri:iii;e*f {i rir lisni}i
r:ru.l;rti.i i,.,r:, v
S b y P e t e r No r r is .
Tllt tXpL{JRAII0il 0f SPACT (fron psgr }). AUSiRALiAtt y
rI[H cAstsniosLIGHI
(b) forer ssures - chemical, nuclsar or solar Oil OFTICIAL U.T,O,ATIIIUOI.
. energy.
(c) Suidance andnavigational systerns. Australian UfO researchefshave long
(d) Re-entry sy$tens. debatsd the roll-springs of their countryrs
(e) Payload/fuel ratio. official attitude to UF0s.
or hunBn problens,guchas:- Ihe trEcalsupportersof the tt6rand[oyer-
(a) Uithstanding iha high rGt forces and Uptftheory argue that tht AAAFhas alxays
,de maintained llalson with thr USAIsn Uf0sand
lcht lessness. possss$ssinforsation frs* that bodyuhich
(b) Survivatdrills andtechniques.
(c) Confinement supports the convictionthat Uf0s are lnter-
to a smallworkingarea, planetaryspaceshlps. Thls conclusionis
(d) Loneliness i"na strangeenvirinment. rssiduously rrithholdfron the genoralpublic
and and prcsuaablyfron the nationfs olected
(ti) Biotogicai/Rhilosophieal problems. nepr*sentatives, vho nanifestlittla or n0
interest ln the phenenenon sven uhen, as
(a) ylrat absut the rigin of iife? is it re*entlyhappened,onCof ths mysterydevlcas
cwmon?If so, is it os hiEhiyevol"vod as la*ded practicaily in one of their &rn
us think r*ears? i&at characteristics in nre,*bsrtsbackyard.
bioiogyarr peculiarto [arth andwhataro
comnon to other plarcts? Is life, in th* The supporterssf the r6randFoul-Uptt
thccry arguethat the *AAfis poorlyuquippod
_ . fornsxe kno*it, the onlywayof being? froi,r a tochnological andphiloso$ical point
(b) Is our planetarysystemextrarwlyra160r
is it coxnnon? of view ta invasti.gatctif0s quaspacaships
(c) llhy is thls enorftousconrplexity and is quite happyto abdicate the fleld and
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ftrth, the plcnets, tu depend *ntirely on infsrniationradeavail-
li.fs as rrekns,tit?
Uhatls the reason for lt? atrie by tlrs USAF for anwering the occagional
question asksd in the House by soneF{esber
In his boo*,tlhe Mystorlous Univer$er, movadinto *rtion (usuailyat eiectiontlno)
$ir Jamss .Ieans says:-nlhe stfeaff of knos- by ons or other of the private Australlen
ledgo is headingto*ards * non-matsria! i*vestigatorygro'Jp$.
roality andthe llnivorsebeglns to lagk uare
Iike a Greatlhoughtthana GreatMaehine,tt Thus,a recenterchengeof correspondence
betveen the Hinisterfor Air ano a Victorian
0o h,$ aceeptthe premise that therels a UfO resu*rcher resulted in the lattor
reagon for the Universe andfor our being? r*eeiving a virtual cart-load of material,
In trying to find aatrcrs andsoLutionoto including a photostatof a pagefrom the
thesequestions lould be as Condon freport. Proofthat someone in the Air
usll to askourselyeg just hovnuchdo ue yant Oepartment had Lreendoing his homovorkt
te lno* - anrlhal suehuouldbe understandable lhe spasmodic natureoi the RAAF investig'
to us? ation has tlnaysbeensuperficiallyapparent
to eventhe nost inexperienced ressarcher.
tls be eontinu*ii i.n the aextsdition")
Wereths Australianauthoritiesccnvinced
that UFOsare interplanetarv spaceshiD: it
uould be reasonabie to asSunbihat the
official Uf0invest:gatj.onwo,ilCbe runtainerl Uf{];:ndhadsent it to the UnitedStatesAir
acccrd,'dthe hignestpri-ority
in a [,rcgrarirnre forcl for evaluatiun.
alloc.rticnof oublicfunds. The has beenforth-
Nosubsequent information
Government noirldnu doubtbe anxiousto secure
definitiveevidenceas cor,ingantl the RAAfras recentlyas 1965,
furtherandpreferably anyfurtherknorledge of the sighting.
of originandpurpose denied
to the vital questions
of the visitors, as well as valuable Nevertheless, confirmation of Minister
ion of a technologicalnature. i4cMahontsstatenientis beiatediyprovided by
the recentiy-declassified '|USAI Proiects
Prioritywouldthenbe givanto the invest- Reports 1-12'f published
igation of multiplewitness sightingsrclose Grurigeand Bluebook sighting
ly HiCll vrhichlists the Fort l'loresby
approabnes and, in particular, photographicaoainst the evaluation ol' ttlnsufficientDatarl
case5. (page214).
Ihat this is not t.hecasehitsbeenevident
sightingsreported Curingthe last in the light of this recentevi'lencethe
in numerous appearsinescapablethat the
decade, in particular:
AustraliarGovernn,entrs Uf0 investigation
1. TheGili seriesof sightings in llewGuinea, effort is at best a lowpriority projectand
in 1!l!, involvingthe closeapproach of that heavyrelianceis placedon the United
UF0s0n tironightsin the viev of thirty- Statesauthorities for assistance in evaluat-
nine',litnesses.0fficial investigationwas ion of UFO evidence.
belatedly carried out as a resultof the
virtual harassmentof RAAF Intelligenceby
ths VictorianU.F.0.Research Society.
2. Ihe BaLynpolaroid colour photograph 0f
J. Ihe llallamseries of six photographs of
[achof the photographic cases wassupport-
ed by corroboralive evidenceandthe photo-
graphsthemselves withstoodcareful expert
analysis. Both cascsvlereexhaustively pub-
Iishec by the variousnews meCia,but no
official investigation has beenr,ndertakento
this day.
Butthe mostenlightcninE case in relation RA CK ]SSIN.]S AVAIT,AR],E
to Australian official policy is the
Portf.loresby film case of August, 1951twhere Cc . n ie s ; a re n o w a \ rai la h le
I.P. Drury,Re3ional Directo: of the Depart-
nentof Civil Aviationin fte,tGuinea,secured o t ' e d it ' io n s ; I t o t i. 6 . ? a n c l I
a 16m.n.colourmoviefilnr shot through'd
telephotolens of a bullet shapedobject o f A . F . S . Re v ie rv . T lL e l; e
flying at great speedover Port Mor:sby. th re re e C' it io n s a re t it e la s t
tleingin a positionto know whatkindsof i:it-
craft rle.e flying !n the Territory and t h re e is s u e $ o f T HE RE V I E V /
consequently disturbedby the natureof what
he hail seen,0rurypresented hinselfto the pr i or to ihis; our:r:ent
RAAF representaiive in Portl'loresbyandhended
r:iL-f iCti.
himthe filr,
llextmonl-h,the thtn Minister for Air, 4,ltg (Ari-.t . ) t , ? , , p o s t jla i(i.
told th: Hcuse
l4r.w. l']cl']ah,n, of Represent-
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researc h

This society would appreciatereaders'

reports on U.F.O.s. Please forward to
P.O. Box 43, Moorabbin, Victoria, 3189,