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No.3. ( Dec.) 1970 the.Victorian
AustralianFlylngSaucer-i.0. is.a non-profiteducational
Society, gor Al, ilobrabbin,Victoria.'. Ihe functionof the
U.F.g.Research Flying
collate and disseminjieinionnation'about of
suuSect Flying Saucers or Unidentified


PETER E. It()RRIS. tL.B. Presldent

JUDIIH 14. !4AGEE. TEIZ92?fr2 VicePresident
STAPLETOII. SightingsInvestigations
KIT. TRAilCTSUILLIAMS. l{inutesSe*etarY

SU BSC R IPTIO N R A TE S Ihe Revieruelconesarticles for publlcation'

v.u. letters andneusclippings, in addition to
sightingreports. Address.all connunications
FuIl llembership - ($4.20)per annunvhich
includes free issuesof magazine. to:-
V.U.F.0.R.S.,P.0. Box{}, }loorabbln'
andJuniors - ($Z.tO)per annum
Pensioners ,ir1o1i6 1199.
vhichincludesfree issuesof magazine'
Materialappearing in this publicationmaybe
reproduced- appropriatecredlts.
- [(2'10) u's'l'
(25c)Aust' plus Contributionspublisheddo not necessarily
Single copy of magazine
6c postage. reflect the poiicyof the V.U.t.0.R.S.
E DITORI A L this a meetingof the clans? 0r uerethey
generatingcurrent r,rhlchyould rechargethoir
Wtymust rle alnaysassessthe intelligence Weall knorrthe simpleprinciples of elect-
of UF0-flyingspacetravellersby our ovnlim- ricity; that by cutting lines of force re
ited knouledgeand claim they utilize some generateelectricity. hlhenthe Ut0s cut
complicated neansof propulslon? Could they across [arthrs lines of force, do they
not already, centurlesagoperhaps, havegone utilize thls form of porerfor travel vlthin
through the varlous tagesr fromvhichthis our atmosphere?
planethes energed, andnor reverted to the Flying Saucersare not nouas someof our
sinple nedlumof gravity for their drivlng beuilderedsclentlsts aro discovering. In the
force? Perhaps they moatetheir ocngravit- daysof Alexander thc Great, tflying shieldsr
ational force by meansof electro-magnetlsmt causedhis armiesto be dispersed in fear on
as they travel. at laast three occasions.In biblical days
lhey havebeensoento carry out manoouvrestcloudst spokoto people and the belngsuho
far bayondthe capabilltyof anyEarth-made reportedlyfler in thosetcloudsruere depict-
machines at speeds of whichre canonly dream ed as havlngvery large rings uttichrould be
andtheycancorne to an abrupthalt just uhen uselessfor flight, as soneEarthmen dlscover-
ve think theyare about to crash. Ttrosuch ed according to our history, muchto thsir
casescome readily to mind. Ihe first case sorrou--- andto the demiseof soote!
uas reported to have taken placo over a Thesareportsof flying shields, clouds.and
caravan park in Canberra, AustralianCapital fiery andflying chariots,as nentioned in the
Ierritory, anduasvitnessedby threepeople Scriptures and ln other ancientliteraturet
rrhoobserveda UFObehaving in a peculiar makeus awarethat a neans of propulsion
manner : as if in trouble,' It uas uobbling elisted, and uas obviously in use mny
about the sky llke a top that rrasrunning centurissago, rhich msnof Earthhavenot yet
doun. Ihenanotherobjectvas seonto'comein discovered as a mediurn of flight. Uhllst ue
very fast and, just uhenit seemed aboutto
astronautsinto space
aro still sending our
collide, it camsto a sudden stop after uhich tchasedr tfire crackergtrthe UF0-
the oneapparontlyin troublemoved auay very by enomous
slolly. Thesecondcaseconcerns a number of nauts have obviously found a oeans of
UF0sr-over NeuSouthUales, which came tn from propulsionuhidr ue shouldworkovertine to
different directlons- on uhat ue terma crash discover - if only because of its possibil-
course. Just rrhenit vas thought they uould ities regarding a neans of transport. l.lhatit
tJhat effect
hitr all stopped abruptly' pausedand thon couldsavein the cost of fuel!.
fleu off togetherin the sanre direction. Uas (continuedpage1)

Editorial. 1
Ion Engines. 2
0rthodoiyversusHeterodoxy. tt

of the ilHenIn BlackrtRumour.

A Consideratlon 9
UFOs 1'
PressCuttings. 1 l-1 5
nAviatorsnof Antiquity (ReprintedfromCAllA0lAil
of Space
TheExploration - andthe possibllity of life on otherplanets. u
AreUF0s Craft?
[xtratorrestrialSurveillance n

T0A GtitnALllttllltc 0FAt VICIoRIAII

by L . E . Adam

costof $2?ni[ion. Payload then^bacooes a

most valuable
'u... -riot- comodity. Thust offorts
Iuo requirencnts exist, or . rather.tvo t. extenl the uieful Pyloao
areasof raquirenents go/orned by--enYlron- capaOifity rlthout lnreasing the launch
mental circrrmstances exlit. Sasicallythese costs.
areas follous:- that a1l equipoent Yasnocossary
(a) ttrelaunchpropulslon systenandits att' tne oLvious irea for uelght reduction
indantatrnospheric environmentl ir,e iuei pounoage, and has noant the
system and lts att- i.i.iri-ilristiiaiion of nethods of propulsion
(U) ttrospace propulslon cheoical systeo'
endant vacuumerlc environnsnt. oiher ttranthe iraditlonal
In actualfact phase (a) uilt overlapinto Out of this need,anduitlr tJrevaluable
(u) andthusthe requlrements oavload qoalin viev, iclentlsts of tho Space
'onerequlrenent turnedtheir attntion
totally ompatiblein eithor i,rlpulsi6n Laboratorles
itiolodeiic or non-atmirspheiic conditions'-In to ho possiblealtarnatlves.
other'words, as all combustible fuelsrequire firstly, a ouclbarsystenuasexanlned.bu!
in otyt.n supptyin order to sustaintheir failod to'iroducea fuliy acceptable andfall
comouiiion ii'uicones apparent that for a fuel safemethod' of sustained propulsion'
i;"-il;;-i.-6oth anatmbiphere anda vacuum it
for the vehicleto carryan Thenconslderably noropronisc-ras sttoYn
rrouldbenecessirry exosriments lttn o heavy.lightsysten'
adequate suPPIY of oxldant, in the
Ihis grethbdsntailed the ionlsatlon. ot a
Therefore, unlikea pureJetvhlchderives iohit.iii-uiun of li$t causing the^llght to '
its oiiuint tionr the aimosphere, a spaceJat r,.u. iooovtor rsubstincat andhereforetiust
(uhich the so-calledrrocketst in fact are) as a streim vatarr11l propela garden
mustcarrvlts ornsupply of oxidant,andsub- .Uout. bean of-llght rouldtend
..qutniiv'ttteusefulb'ayioaO is reducoddueto to pr6pelthe vehiciecreatingthe baan'
this additional loading.
Thisprovadto be fine ln theorybut ln
Ihis'has, fromtheoutset, beena limit- practicehadmany anomaltqs.In the. t}o'-
ative problem uhichhasbesetspace englneers phere diffrattion of the'atmospheric light
iot-qri[* a considerabla time- particularly tho bearn caused a back pressure degener-
utren-evaluated in termsof dollarsandcents ' (t o p a g e, )
vhichshouanaverage deepspace manned launch
IOIi II'IGINTS (frompage2) EDII0RIAL (frompage'l )
ation just as our previouslymentioned hose it couldhave on the potontialsizo of our
vouldshowshould the samebe experlmentedspacecapsules! Andconsider this means of
vith underyater. Also the enornouspouer air transportinsteadof rrheelod vehlc1es....!
requirement to gonerataa usefdl thrust
posed innumerableproblemsof storage and |Jehavelearned that stars andplanetsgive
gene off radio signalsuhich youldnean that they
rati on.
also have nragnetic fieldb of sooestrength.
Houever, theseexperiments uerenot rasted Perhapstha spacetravallers use theso: as
for out of them a hybridisationof tho trro thomiogbeamstandtune in to thesesignals to
systems investigatedhasbegunto emergeas a guidethemselves throughspace. As ths UF0s
very practicalmeans.Ihe Ion tngine. appearto since 8.C. they
mustn by nou, haverplottedtall or many of
2. I,/HAI IS Ail lot{ tLGINt?
the stars and their signals. 0o these
A1l known substances, to a greater or frequoncies alter andrequirereplotting? And
lessordegree, are capable of beingelactric- do the UFO . entitios rcturn fromtime to time
ally charged either positivelyor negatively. to plant neunavigational narkers? Is this
in this processthe minuscopic particles of sucha far-fetchedidea? Onceupon a time,
the elements accept the chargeindividuaily. andnot so long agoeither, it wasthought
Ihesetiny individualparticles are knoynas that heavier-than-air machinss nouldnot f1y,
ions and the processof charging them that wewouldneversenda manto the moonand
electrically is calledionisation. Theions, that rrspace travel is utter bilgeil to quote
in accordance vith the chargebeingappiied the Astrononer Royal, But notethe results of
become negative'(orcationic)in poteitiii, or persistentresearch!
positive(or anionic).
If the U.f.0. groupskeeppluggingawayat
Furthermore, as laid downin the mathemat- thbir research, oven though at the monent
ical laus of force, ue knor that . when a UFOsightingsmayba somerlhat scarcE, perhaps
conductoris passedthroughthe field of a in the not-too-distant future soneone vill,
magnet .a current.uill be'causedto flor in despitethe oil companlas,coore into the open
that conductor. This ls houelectric notors rlith an engineor a nadrinerlrich uill accotn-
and genorators uork. Thorefore,it is plish the sane feats as the remarkable
apparehtthat magnetisnexerts an influence rsaucorsr. If on the otherhand,ue continue
over particles of matter in proportion to to live as ue . do; building nuclearpouer
their conductivitp Also, by thesesamemath- stations rilly-nilly, exploding atomicbombs
ematicallars ue knouthat chena conductoris and fighting rars anongoursolvesin headlong
surrounded by a magnetic field anda diroct pursuit of global devastation, u6 nay laarn
current is appliedto it the conductor will be first-hand froma civilization nhichhasbeen
forced toyard one directton or the other horebefore, brought.uithit its culturebut
dependent uponthe direction of the cument departed too soont *
flouing in the conductor.Hence it is not now
difficult to see houa magnetic field surr-
oundingsuitabiy chargedions uould cause present An tnglish Doctorof Divinity, yho is at
thoseions to be forcedin onedirectionor uriting a bookon UF0sandon the many
aspects of tho phenonenon, statesrruhenyou
!h. otheraccordingto tho chargopresent conenearUF0s, you very nearly cone near
(i.e., vhether they are positiue ions 0r
negativeions). everything!rt
It wouldseem that manypeople are coming
Io take this a stepfurther ue find that
the forcing of theselons in a particular to similar conclusions. One such nriter,
scientist0tto 0. Bindar, in his book'Flying
directionconstitutesa useablethrust. This
Saucers AreWatching Ust, says that science,
is dueto tuo factorsnamely:- history and the Bibier,lill cometo revolve
(a) the ions rre forced auay fromthe field around the U.F.0.
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W ,G . M a n itold

to qqp9fo*alt knortcdga
that officialdom.appears
rord!) ara incensed
"uiiliibiliuii, oftbitoincted
iherers'bspecrar asalnst
of theirpersubJect. ir,iyi.ii ir,.t
then:thatit is tho,riri-iliiriiiili nati,re--ir'ii.ii-iuujictilat brlnssgt! tlll:ll.sri.
to t..p iiiil'm*iioge fror thc-publicbocauso of lts
or that there is anofflcial conspiracy
bearingon defenc6.
dlrect observatlonvhtctrcorld be rgpeat-
Ihe }oglcalmindaluayi trios to -1119.a from authorltyclungdesper-
loqlcal explanatlon,eien for -govornnentaitOr-rt*tas.entrenchsd
.llfy- to lts. qutto untenabli crrors' Ihe
aciion. It rouldbealtogether t6o traumatil ponr ln splteof
to nlii"ii"rir.ti'ti iiilii: rii.6ri*,"sntto
for civilisedman il;;il;;;;-in its hospttals'and ln spite of
iveexplanations such'll-giio'or-.rii ,biritr, 6t UtooO-tettins, sothe doctrines
andeven uorseto olirii"-iiio-int i[" seensoo.rhat lirevelant. It rouldbe
draosof n0 ,r.ron"ii"-.f;" io;. qiF I uoutd ioo-'uctr to expeiithe leaders to a&it past
bel.ieveit is not ,r.rri-i" ,ttrtt'.i thoughthese'erors rero oerely'
officialdo$ believssii"'uiot''ot';;i (uni;;; titoii' ttin their knoiledgefor uhlctrnobody could
they q0 so far asto prosecute o, p.rrurui, ;il il
ui.iooiltrj"rOo't.rr-initit i. irnpbrtant to be blamed.
i.i.-'-r--ioir- .t this uholequestionof It took160years for Haneirs-theory
'of thobloodto galnaoqPt-.
oritoOoiy urisrs heterodoxy. the-circulatlon
ancer. rheraasoneuouldsuppose natter
lht hls
Humanity being -piir.medical.matters
uhatit isr. denonstratedbven tn day
mustaluays have beenoi lmportance-iocourihave been
butii t., U[rnonii' in qirt- uithin a coupleof hours.
iliriiiv--iirirt tloes thatorlh6dox medical Io itediciners credltrthenodern hetorodory
iiiJll'..tipiii tt, tro theorios ue nou take chi;;0r;;iil'-his- boen'urd.qu!g!er to uln
i;'ililffi-.tnJii stock-in-trade as to seen ffi;[i;.---ruoiious Coctors rdaOlty rcgaRt lt
oiacticatt,l self-evident: that of geros and ioi tf'. slnolercrson thatit vg{st huev0r
'd;i-;i ;i;.uilti*
-iis[l of theblood'..8utLlster iirtritt to o'rinooor thaory,andlt rouldscer
ffi-i; i;i voars.asains!.toq-qllli9 8r?.ttq1d]I
ffii'ii',; il;tffiiis ofdli-sasc
surqeonsy[o r.lorethelr dirtyt blootl-starneo reachlnga stagc of pacefu] oo-sxlstinco1r
qarients as stalus symbols'.
?f H?ryll notnutialacccptance.
illl:'llt'l3'3lllll'f"s ,.*lil.,i.lllilliol"lfl,i:'$ll'l,tli,*i'l;
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their ideas
Boththesemsn had formutated
'//, tv
l,/ ! r,
t =
(t rJ

d oqg
ut >

VtftSUS HITER0D0XY (frompagelt ) ion 111thanto ,J] recurring,thoughbothare
r00mfor error in isolatingthe correctcause- supposed to be exactlythe same.It is not,
effect relationship in the first piacen it is perhaps,the fault of Mathematics but Ounns
the scientisttsjob to dosignexperiments to contends that, by using tho serial forn in
demonstratethe true fact in isolation. Ihat relation to the dimension Timerather than the
is are difflcult to prove finite form, neu vistas of knorledgear
oneuay or the other. Ihere are s0 many opanedup. l|is Serial Timeaccountsneatly
factorsvhich it is hard or impossible to for extra-sensory perception, ghosts and
isolateuithout killing the patient, andthis innortallty, in a perfectly sclentific oannEr,
Ioadsto a. typeof experiment uhichbegsthe completeuith experioentto proveit, albeit
real questionentirely, suchas the celebrated statlstically. 0rthodoxyrefusesacknorledge-
methodof provingthat headaches are due to ment, The easily repeatableexperioentis
aspirindeficiency...It isi of course,nec- lgnored.
essary to be surethat the living body,the In Archaeology, similarly, de Pertheshad
reality, is preserved,rrhilethe hypothesis to strugglefor yoarsto get recognltion for
(evenwhendignifiedby the name of theory)is his extraordinarily siorplo clain that huoan
mercilesslydissected. bones and artifacts uhichnere found intor-
Similarly, in Fin6nce,it is possible to ningled uith prehistoric anirnal bonesnust
believethat interference of anykind ls bound have been cofltetnporaneous
uiti thoseartifacts
to be fatal ouingto the nunberof interacting and aninal bones. Authority clalmedthat nan
factors, but this againbegsthe questionof Just couldnot havebeonso ancient, andyould
whatis the reality andyhat is the theory. not budge. As ds Perthes rrote, tt...Theydid
0rthodoxyclaims that the financialsysten not discuss my facts, theydid not eventake
worksas it nortis andthat anyone r,lhothinks the trouble to denythem. Ihey disregarded
it needs reformis a crankor a charlatanor themn.
both. UhenC. l|. Oouglas applied his engin- Io be fair, the tstablishment uas really
eertsmind to the mattor50 yearsago, and takingthe properattitude in this case. It
producedhis analysisof the Farnborough air- is simplya mttsr of that constitutesa fact
craft establishmentrs cost-accountancy, he too anduhat doesnot, andrhereasall discoverers
rrasridiculed. 0verthe yearsorthodoxyhas andlnventorsbelievothat they are dealingin
had to admitthe truth of some of Douglasrs facts, there is no doubtthat sooe of theo
discoveries but, .in clingingto pouer, stiii havebeenmistaken. Further, for reasonsof
manages to keepdarkDouglasrs proposals for their orn, uen sornatinesdo try to deceiys
making finance into mankindts servantrather their fellows.
thanhis naster. Ihe very great pouer of
orthodox finance nakes this particular It luay have seemeda long tina to
strugglemoreone-slded tbanmostortho-hetero de Perthes, but in fact the ardraoologists,.as,
battles, but even so there are signsthat soon as they hadrepeated the samediscovories
orthodoxy,because of its failure to distrib- for themselves, accepted his claim and gave
ute the worldfsproduction, himfull recognltlon. Amusinglyenough, it
is on the retreat,
vould seem particularly sad that, in vas also provedthat soneof de Perthestlater
It fsaltodrby his
refusing to accept Douglastgheterodoxy, diggings had been liberally
financouiil probably succumb to the complete workmen!
antithesisput forrard by t,larx, ulth or rith- But archaoologlstsoay uell bo superior
out the help of his admirer Keynes.lhe characters, beingcontinuallyconfronteduith
presentthesis, anyuay,is borneout by the facts nhich contradlct previously held
remarkof oneorthodox banker. uturnlstr,h theories, UhenCartailhac, the acknorledged
said, trseemto be in tho payof Douglastt. authority, uas flnally convinredthat the
Mathematics is not generally understood to Altamiracave-paintingsr,orogenuineand not
somesort of hoax, he published a conplete
containmorethanonedoctrine, but thereis
apoiogy to the discoverer,de Sautuola,and,
;'sonfor doubtevenhere. Dunnepoints out since the latter . uas by thendead,made a
that greaterreality is givento the express- (to page7 )
0RIH0D0)(Y (frompage$ )
VTRSUS is giventhe silent treatrnent.
coremonial visit of apologyto hls daughter. It is not, perhaps,appreciatedeven by
His mistake, it uouldseen, vas his slavish manyUfologiststhat Scienceregards gravity
adherence to Darninism. He slmplycouldnot in muchthe sameuay as the ancientGreok
adnit to prehistoricmanhavingbeenan artist civilisation regardeduhat yo call el6c-
uhen, 10r000yearsago, he rrastheoretically triclty. To them, it vas a propertyof sone
little differedt from an aps. But lt has substances, notablyanber,of attractlng snall
takena long time for Archaoology to discover, partlcles to themselves after they had been
by painstaking observatlonof facts, that rubbed. Their nanefor ader, elektra, thus
Darvln rs theory ms altogethertoo simple: became thelr only contributlm to that vast
that over someperiodsandln certain respects field of knovledge rhic*r lay ln hldlng behlnd
mankind hasactuallydegenerated. that insignificantlittle qulrk of nature.
Again,possiblythe nost remarkable hotero- Ioday, Sciencels as coopletelyin the dark
doxythat hascometo ny noticeconcerns the aboutthe mechanism of gravity as thoseGreeks
diagnosisof human ailments. A devicedevel- l,ere about the mechanisn of their rubbed
opedby one0e Lahtarr in England produces a amber. Andnhil.eour sclentlsts cancalculate
photograph of a patienttstumouror leslonor to an un-dreamed-of accuracythe amount of
thronbosisor developing embryo or whateverit attraction betueena spacevehicla andthe noon
is rtunedt for, frornnothing nore than a (as the Greeksmlght have calculated the
sample of his or her blood. The device has attractionbetweenthose tlny particlesand
been denonstrated to all sorts of eninent tho amber),they still havenot the faintsst
scientists and doctorsbut they prefer to ideahovit vorks.
ignoroit. It is, perhaps,this vory knonledgeof
I asked a uell-knovn Australian retired .their oyn lack of knovledge $ich turns sone
doctorandProfessor of human physiology if he people sour at the thought that otherst
hadheardaboutthe machine, possiblynot evenhumanoid others, night have
tr0hyoslttrhe said, andtold methat he had discovered the mechanism first andbe using lt
to their oun advantage just as ue useelec-
talked to someatomlc scientists who had tricity, But it uas not ny purposeto digress
visited DeLatJarr fromHarvell and uho had into Ufologyitself other than as
seen the machine demonstrated.Ihey told my other example Just one
of anti-heterodox attitudesr and
frienil that it wasalI perfectlygenuine and in this
respactit vouldseenthat the attit-
that it did whatthe inventorclaimed, but it udeof authority to UF0shasbeencartainly no
uas right outside thelr orthodox scientific more anti than on6 rnight expect froo the
knouledge so lt vas nothing to do uith them. earlier examples.
Further,theydid not approve of the fact that
0e LaWarr (who had no othor income)vas In passing, houever,lt nay be vorth
actuallyselling his machines.Such comn- pointing out that ltlichaelFaraday trouldprob-
ercialismput himright outsidethe scientific ably neverhavediscoveredthe relationship
palel between magnetisar anderectriclty if he had
beencQnfronted r,lth a nuclearpoter station
Yet Science,to tho non-scientificanyuay' right frornthe uord go. He hadto cooeupon
is the modern religion. Thereis nothing it tt in the simplestforn, the current-carrying
doesnot knw, nothinglt cennotexplaln. Ihe uire and the corpass, uhencethe principle
falth in uhichit ls heldby pollticiansand could be seen free of conplexlties; Ihus
journalistsandeven by minlsters of older
nhile UF0s, by denonstratingthe fact of
religions is quite frighteningt. but the in- gravity-control, shouldspur us on, our tasl
determlnate areas ara strictly off-limits to really lies uith tha fundamentals of gravityt
them. Thecontinulng battle between llevtonrs mainlyuithin the laboratory.
corpuscularandHuyghensf lrave theorles of
light and so on aro tactfully keptin the To conclude,then, uhat is so often taken
cupboard,and the extraordinaryhiatus in for deliborateanti-heterodoxy is moreoften
scientific knowledge nhen it conres to gravity (to page 8)
oRTHoDoXY VERSUS HEIER0D0XY (frompage? ) iONIIIGINES (trompageI )
thannot either cautiousgoodsenseor sheer generated rrithin a statlonary body thus
apathy, but there is still occaslonally the causingan accelerationof the particles fron
deliberateattack. zero motion to a velocity obvtouslyprop-
the ratlo botuoenfie nagnetic
l/e should realise that until Listerrs ob- ortional to
fleld strength and the degree of charge
servationshadbeenaccepted ni*obest if they presentin the ion particles.
existed,werenothlngto do rith medlcinenor,
similarly, uasHarvoyfs ideaaboutthe circu- (u) ls ttre ions are in fact particlos of
Iation of the blood. l{elther' not so long matter they therefore also have nass
aqo. did econornists think that the issueof (i.e. bodyor substance, they existt they are
finincial credit (if ttrerevas sucha thing) physical particles of matter that have
vasvithin their province,nor do physicists ueight). Ihus if they have massr.9ld
andmathematicians yot feel that it is their subiequentlyuoight, an anountof kinetic
job to includedreams in theirs. energy must be expanded to causo their
accelorationout of the field of magnatism.
Before uo criticise theseestablishments f{ou, as llevtonrs lau expounds,rrForavery
too severely, ve shouldlearn their languages action (force) there is an equaland opposite
andrespecttheir fields of activity. They re-action(force).n
havereachedthe tops of their respoctive
professionsbecauseof rigid adherence to Thereforer to put it sinply' for oach
certain lars, and it vould be naivoof us to poundof forci exertedby the field to thrust
expectthenrto discardthesenorr particularly the chargedions auay in one diroction the
to bring in somethlng they do not regard as same numb6rof pounlsof force uill push(or
their businessanyuay. tend to push)the magnetic field in the opp-
osite direction.
tleither the Goveinment nor Sciencenor the
Air Forceara likely to sort out the UFO prob- Hence,in surularyran lon engineis sinply
lemfor us. Like Faraday or Harvey or Lister a deviceto chargeparticles (i.e.t it hasan
or de Perthesor Douglas or Dunne ve mustmake ionisatlonctramber)and a magneticfield to
our observations, formulate our theory and thrust the ionisedparticles away fromltt
performexperiments to proveit' Thentand therebyexerting a force uponltself in the
thenonly, canweexpect ?Ufologyt to take its opposiiedirectionjust as i jet enginedoes
placeamingst the sciences,thorebytransform- 'rhen the oxpanding gases are forcedto 0r-
ing them. haustin onedirectiononly.
As Leonardo Da Vinci stated:rl4any uill .(to be concluded in the next edition.)
believe that they canuith roasonconsure n'
ailegingthat myproofsare contrary to the
authorityof certainmenwhoare held in great
reverencifor their inexperlenced (i.e. vith-
out experience)judgements, not takinginto
account thdt myconcluslons vore arived at as
a result of siinpleandplaln experlence, uhich
is the true nistresstt.f
tncyclopaediaBrltannlca AREAVAILABLE
trEconomic and ilThe ilonopolyof BACK
Credittr C.H.Doug1as.
rrAn[xperimenttlith Timert0unne-
trlheTestimonyof the SpadettBibby.
Itl{euWorldsEeyond TheAtomttLangston Dayand
George DoLa|larr.

All e n H . Greenfietd rlle yas norkingon hls project
0n a darkandlonely nlght;
Hor the lightning flashedand
Thunder'roared outslde.
Hls nan6 uas Al l(. Bender
Andhe ras to have a frigbt
Fron sooo visltors uho
In the darkdid hide...n.
(fromttfhslhreailen in Blackrby Donny
in Saucerl{eus,Spring,1920).
Albert|(. Benderras not.theonlypersonconnected vith the UFO phenomenonyhoallegedlyhad
anexperiencewith strangevisitors. In fact, anoverviey of trre-rrijioiv-oi
indicatsi uebof suchincidenti-'oi iui'Juiriiicioents- siretcr,inf
"od.rn-uid'inrrst- to tt,
veryearliestevents of 194?.
0n pages1\-J5 ol lhe Corningof the Saucers 8ut then, there uag that lady that sat orrt
by [-ennethArnold ffi in the front of nry;iii office uhile I and
Press),onecanreadan accountof a nyster- anothsr UF0logist rtalkod stropr; and then
ious visitor appearing, as I undorstandit, at there uerethosetvo telephone calls....,but
lht time of the MauryIsl,andmysteryin 19tt?. moreabout,lny o|,n oxperilnces later. Riqht
In Flying SaucerRevieytsspecial r8oyond !ou, I ad goingto briefly quote a seqn6nt
cono@62, Johnl. xeel's froman article by RickR.'Hilberg,a geiile-
articlo I'IheCapeltayIncidentr includes an man I havepersonallyknornfor a nunberof
accountof a strangevisitor rho appeared in years. Ihe follouingparagraphls extractod
196?. from .laucor lleys, Sprtng,1920,page{9, froar
Ihe tern ttnenin blackn nay be soorcrrhat
an artiEl6:n-titlCd itlho-Enigmai:' -
narroler than the actual scope of the rr.....I myself became involved yith tJris
phenomenon being dealt rrith; actually, sort of cloak anddaggernysteryduring the
mysteriousvisitors llay conein uarioussizis suntmorof 1955 rdren-tyo- oen- drsss6d as
?4 forursof attlre. Therblackt reference, Cloveland police detectivesvisited ny honeto
though,is perfiapsa very real one, both yith askno questionsabout,oy .saucoraciivlties,
reference to the mode of dress of solle of allogedlyon requestof a-potentlal UfOilAGA-
thesevlsitors, and to the dark complexions ZIiIEsubscriberln Florida. Theystayedabout
theymayreportedlyhave. a half-hourandaskodquestions'rrhich only an
rlnslderr to the saucernysteryuould
I havenevor, to ny immediate knorrledge, Iheyalso hada substantlal.knoyledgekiror.
hadan experience vith anythingso dramatlc-as as well as of local
nationalUFO personallties.....r.
three visitors comingto mydoorwith eerie
knorledgeof the UFO mystery,toiling meto Therels nothingundulyspectacularin the
ceaseresearch or facethe conseouences. (to page11)
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3 Y
F rl
A COIISIDIRAIIOI{ RUMOUR To ttle it seems unlikolythat tho CIA has
(frompage! ) enough personnel to maintainsucha uido sur-
tokentthereis veillance of individual investlgatorsthat
aboveincident. By the same vithin t,ro daysafter a phoneconversation
nothingso incredible as to be unbelievable
nith the [orsnzens concorningthe incidentt
about it. Yet if this sort of thing doesgo
theyuoreable to locate tho investigatorrs
on, re mightdo uell to ponderthe quesTi6iof angel hair site andarrangolts destruction'
responsibility for such incidents. l'/hois
If sor vhich simplyto destroy thardevidencet. In other
doing it? The Government?
uords, the effort expended seems disproport-
goveinment,anduhy? Is it the CIA? :--
lonateto the irnportance of the incident.
In an article appearing in the Volume ], ItAgain, vould the CIAtrack dounuitnesses
lluabar 2 issue of tny oun publication'
AlternateHorizons llensletter' publlshed some to sinple sightings all over the vorld and
illegally threatenandevenkidnaptheo solely
@teu: to prevontthelr stories fron leakingout? I
rf.....In a book entitled UF0s Overthe maintalnthat the normalintolligenceproced-
Americas,Jim andCoral Lorenzen iiTT6'irTfr-ifr6' urescited by the Lorenzens do not include
frffiis that manyof the incidentsattrl- suchfantasticprocaduresas drossingup in
buted to strangeporsonsin black clothing blacksuits andrunninqaroundtrylnq to look
uero reallv efforts of the CentralIntell- like aliens! If the Aii Forcei5rilT-toingTq
igenceAgenlyand/orsundryother intelligence whyascribeomniscience to the CIA?
groupsto keep a securitylid on the subject admitsthat the 0hio
in the nationalinterest. 'rAgain,note that APR0
Valloy is crawlinguith suchincldentsr yot
refusesto considerthe possibility of a conn-
'l'ly viewsparallol theirs in somerespects, ectien betueenthis fact and tho numerous
but differ in others. For instance'I believe
that lhe authorsrnakea goodcasefor the phenomena uncoverod by JohnKoeIin this area'
existence of some sort of UF(}interest by the rrAndthe most devastatingindictmentof
CIAor some othernationalagency. {horeare this CIA scena;io is the physicalfact of
severalvalid reasons for believingthis. One l*tenIn Black monlith unifonn descriptlons
is the fact that the CIAuould presumably and apparel uho, to say the leastr have
receiveintelligence reportson tho phenomenastrangeabiiities, someuhichmaybe consid-
frcxnthe Air Force, Secondly'the GreenBay eredoutsidethe rangeof eventho CIA' Uhen
gentleman vho inadvertantly reveaied that he a UFOwitnessgets crankcalls vithin scant
fiaddraunup an intelligence.estimate on the hoursafter his sightingt andbefore he evsn
Lorenzens.Ihird, the-0Sl(Ottice of Special tells anyoneof the event, it is hard to
Investlgations)dossierreputed to exist on suggeffii involvemontvithout postulating
the Lorenzens. Fourth, the intelligence that the CIAhasearsin everywdll.
report indicating close surveillanceof
ths Lorenzensreportedly discovered by trTrue,onemayask, fUell, horr can these
Dr. OlavoT. Fontes..Fifth, andfinally' the MI8puli thesethings off., andvhy uouldthey'
Robertson Paneltscomglent to the effsct that if the samethings are not rational rhen att-
sudrorganizationsas APR0 shoul.dbe vatchod ributed to the CIA?| Sadly' I have no
due to the possibility of their beingsub- reply - exceptto say that at least the ring
vertedsometime ln the future. of truth, as it uere, does'nothangon tho
tHouever, from here rny vious sharply suggestion of suchstrangopracticesbeingthe
vork of hidebound govornnent
diverge fron those of the Lorenzens.The that is whatthe CIAis run by, if the agents
bureaucrats - and
later incidentsthey reveal seen to mo to themselves aro not.....n.
indicatea third factor - the oneve call the
l,4en In BIacE- Perhapsone of the most damning points
tffor instance,they cite the caso where against the men-in-black-are-aIl-government-
agentsconceptis similar to 8n argument
deposits of angel hair uere apparently against
Ui0sbeingsimplyrsecretweaponsl of
deliberatelv destroved bv the supposedly (to
fuel oil on the arsa. page 12)
'accidentalldumping-of 44
A COI{SIOIRATIOI{ RUMOUR muchdata associated uith the rumourreadily
(frompage11) availableto dismiss the matterlightly, but
too little readily available to justify any
quite earthly origin nado 0n historical unduly strongconnittment to the conceptthat
grounds:that UF0shavesimplybeen around there are rnenin black. Ihey maybe, andthey
far, far too long for anyconventional earthly
governorent to be responsible. thn In Black-
type cases may similarly be of extreme
vintage, as indlcatedby ny orn rssearch and
discussodin tha article rrAHistoricalPer-
spective 0n The rl'4enIn Blackt legendrt,
uritten by meandpublished in U[0Chronolog, THT FOLLOI'ilIC TXCERPIUAS TAKTI{FRfi
\t Richlind Drivi, llewport l{Eis-;-mr-0'Ifii spActFLIGltIvoLut4t12 n|JlStR
8, AUGUSI'19?0
2,602,USA,January-February, 1970issue, and FidF-Tfr rRffi ''ptRs0lAL pRoFIl,t" Bv
also publishodin 0uestUFOReport,489l(rug J. G0R00il
Street, Kitchener,-0ftefi-ol-innaaa, July-
August,1970issue. lhe article suggests the Also at I'lhitc Sandstook place tha UfO
possibility that MenIn Black-type lncidents episode:Charlieihore of GcneralMills Inc,t
maydatebackhundreds of years. contractorfor our 9UJIballoonoperation,and
four enlistad personnelfrom tho Proving
In my booklot, Extracts FromAltornate
Groundts NavyUnit had set up near Arrey'
Horizonsllevslettsr' ffi I'lew l.lexlco, to observelocal veather. At
nhich tookplacetatt myofficet thenlocatod 10.20 on Sundaymorning,24thAprii' they
in a local shopping centerin AtlantanGeorgia released a pilot balloonto checkthe uinds,
USA,whereI reside. Ihe incldentras at the Trackingequiimentconsistedof a ML47Oavid
time of a skyratchin August,1968tfor uhich hlhitetheodoiiteuith Z5-pouer scope.
myoffice wasservingas communications head-
quarters. At about10.15 in the evening a l,/ith the balloonat 2100 azimuthandlr50
strange call came ln; a voice speaklngin elevatlon a rhitlsh object yas suddenly
monotone apparentlystated, u.. ... you wiII noticed at 'the approxinatesams bearingt
discontlnue this proJect or reap the movingeast rt '50 of azimuth changeper
result(s)il. Thevoiceuas accompanied by a second. Vlslble to the nakedeyeand.filling
strangebackground noise. At a later date' tho field of the theodolitoscope'it appeared
this timeat myhomo,I receivsdanothorun- to be an ellipsoid about 2 112 times longer
usual telophone call, this oneconsistingof thannide and gleamingvhite except light
strangesounds qulte distinct from the back- yellw on its underside at tle tail. lloving
groundsoundsof the earlior caII' andnot from south*est around tovard north-east'
accompanied by anyvoice. It is quite poss- gettingslightly snalleras it^didr the object
ible that the formerincidentcouldbe a hoax held constant at about 20- azflmutht . ifs
of some sort, '*hile the latter mighthavea elevationangleincreasingfrom 25- to 29-.
natural explanationrelated to telephone At that point, it rraslost to sight. Ihe sky
problems - or it couldhavebeenanotherhoax. ras cloudless. Ihereuasn0 vapourtrail or
0n the otherhand,if the formeruas a hoax, exhaust. Theobjoctmade no noiso. I found
it mightwell be considereda ttechnically Mooreand the otherspretty excitedvhen I
quite professionalt onol this uas not the droveup to their site a couple of hours
voice of a giggling adolescsntplaytng a later. A detalledreport Has filed. The
momentary prank, thoughthis hardlyplovssit incident has nsver been satisfactorilyer-
vas not a hoax. plained.
I titled this article ttAConsideration of
the tlltenIn BlacktRumourrr.Perhaos

this is
the t)pe of context that the rational For the aboveoxcerPtue thank
Ut0logistshouldkeopthis problomin at the Dr. Paulleck.
presont;the MenIn Blackare a rurnour conn- Perth'll.A.
ecteduith the UF0.problem.Theramaybe too a a a a a a a a a a a ta a

U FOs AND E . S .P
O t t o O . B in der

It is the opinionof a growingnumber of peoplethat globalnaturaldisastersare not only

on the increasebut are breakingall othercatastrophe records. They claim, furthermoret
that theseeventscoincidevith an increasingnumber of UF0sin our skles.
Thefollowingarticls wasreceivedin September 1970. Sincethat time a greattidal uavet
uhichmaytuin out to be the greatestdisasterin recorded history, hashit EastPakistan.
Thewriter of this article, 0tto 0. Binder, is also the duthor of tto UFO booksentitled
t'llhatI./eReallyKnow AboutFlyingSaucerstt and|tFlyingSaucers AreWatching Usrt. In a note'
whichaccompanied his article, Mr. Eindervrote:
tr.....As to the predictedtUF0Waver,Irve heardfromUFOlogists andnersclipgatherersthat
there uere manysightingsso far in 1970, reportedonly in small-tompaporsr never in
metropolitan daiiios where-the governmentpolicy of Ino saucersexistr holdssray. l4aine
definitely hada flap, andprobably. Kansas.
rtAs for the tdisasterstpredictionof Ted0uens, the Peruearthquaka killing,501000 uas
succeeded by a massivs power-blackout in the middleAtlantic states rgreater than ever
beforerandthe present-time ragingprairie fires in California, the torst in history'
burningout countless hones. Beforethe year is over, 1970maywell proveout led 0wens'
prophecy as oneof the worstyearsfor uorld-videcatastrophe.ft

Bv the time vou readthis vouvill knov Fromall indications, there might have
that' the summer(iorthernhemisphere)of 19?0 beena giant UFO wavein 19?0 but the Saucer
the grandaddy
sa',1 of all UFO uaves--- if the Earrier of censorshipkept it effectively
predictionof led 0wens wasright. Ied 0wens srnothered.Ted0uenscannot be blamedfor
claims to be the rmouthpiecer of the UF0- that, n0r his prediction denied. As for
poople,whoare in constanttelepathictouch natural disasters these, includingthe Peru
rith him, revealingtheir secretsandplans. earthquake,did rumblethrough19?0.
And0uens, as of llth February 1970'pre-
dicted that a worlduidebarrage of violence Regardless of the saucer-ridingcontactoest
hurricanes, greatblack- this natter of ESPcontactuith the saucormen
outsandsuch)wouldbe engineered by the UFOs is rapidly gainiig-1-i60iilfi I personallyhave
to provetheir powersto us. Alonguith that corresponded uith (andnet) a lady rho' though
wouid cornethe most massiveUFOtrave in I am unableto identify her here,hasin the
past feu yearstypedreamsof messages from
history and more landingsthaneverbefore.
Tri- UF0s- messagss uhich containscientific terms
Iheyw6uldissueforth from the Bermuda
anoieandthe DeviltsTrianqlein the Pacific andconceptsthat seenrentirely beyond,her
0c6an. near Japan(as fi my recent SAGA capacity.
art icle). (to page16)

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ffi,ilill, Iiiz i.l?
i zT,2Z
UFOsAllD t. S.P. (frompage1J)
Andit is significant, if yougo backover
old UFO reportsohoumany witnesses said they
fheardyordsrrin their minds fron hoverinq BO O K REVI EW
UF0sor frornoccupants steppingout of landei
craft. It is one of thosetoo-many-times- 'dritten by PeterKolosimo, ilOl 0F IHISLt0RtD
repeatedphenomena that have the ring of is selling in l.,lelbourneat ${.90.
I foundthis a rmeatyrbookmainlybecause
Ihe lady previouslymentioned has been of the very natureof its subjectnatter - the
receivingrepeated rarningsof somo yorld-wide historical aspect of UF0s andthe visits to
seriesof disasters to colne(no dategiven) this planetin the past (andthe present) by
which will vipe out currentcivilizaiion - beingsfromotheryorlds.
becauseit is going doynhill morally and
decaying- andforcemankindto makea net.l Ihe themoof the text is similar to that of
start. This is not unlikethe messages [rich vonDanikents books- that the orthodox
predictionsrucoivedby other_rsensitivesr, or traditional ideas on evolutionare out of
even famedones knovnnationally. There date andcosnicevolutlon is in, suggesting
almostseems to be a concensus that ue are the descendants of extra-
icators that some maJorcatastrophe-lies-ahead terrestrialbeings.
for Earth,beforethe year2000. Because of the vealthof absorbing nraterial
In fact, the implication ls there(some- containedin this book I advlsereadersto
timesstatedflatly) that the reasonUF0shave digesta chapterat a time ratherthantry to
appearedin massive numbers read the uholebookquickly. (lty I suggest
aroundour rorld
for twenty-three-odd year,sis becausethis that keeping a specialnotebook is a handyaid
uorld calamitywill occur. l./hether tri surunarizing the more iorportant points in
they are
heremerelyas observers, each chapter and thereby facilitating the
or as actualinstig-
ators, or as rescuers,is anybodyrsguess. retentionof facts as well as providinga use-
At least the wholetheory hangstogether, ful future referenceto the contentsof the
ominously. book. Thesereference notebooks mightalso be
prepared on all yourUFO literature.)
Io addto the iSPfactor - for years,while
tny nel,spaper feature {)UR Unfortunately this bookdoesnot contain an
SPACT AGt ran, I index or bibliography
receivedmany letters mentioning such rmental rhich, to or are
contactstwj.thsaucermen.Another essential in a work of this type. Thebookis
NewJersey,described obviously well researched and the authorrrell-
threeseparate sightings read
in which 'rsoothing and knouledgeable uhich makesthsse
messagestr flowedinto her omissions
mind. it is hardto believothat all those the morelamentable.
peopiesimplyhavea superbimagination - they The contonts, coverlnga wide variety of
are often simple peopleuho have little topics, are dividedinto tyo sections. Ihe
imagination aboutanything. Iheir experience first sectiondealstith ancientmanusripts,
aluayscomes unexpectodly, shockingly,tithout relics and Iagonds abouttotherbeingsr. It
anywarning. Hardlythe sign of a neurotic makes onerant to read the authorts earlier
whohasbeenfhearingvoicsstall his life. bookrTheTinelessEarthr.
If the worlduas grippedby disasters,plus Iho secondsection concernsitself uith
flocksof UtOsightingsandlandingsgalorein ancient civilizations and their possible
1970, thenTedOwens yill be vindicatedand founding anddestruction.
the case for UFO-E.S.P. vill be urapped up
;--exceptrof course, for the professional NOT 0F THIStrJ0RLD containst interesting
disbelievers illustrations whichaddto the quality of the
of TheEstablishment. bookandto its better understandlng. *
But eventheywill haveto uonder! *

UFoREP0RT, g}x?58,l)uttcAt{,
by specialpamission
of Johnl,lagor,

aspectof ufologyis the study they.ueropleased rlth

-"h-3|:orbing rfrat they hadrrCIgt
suggesting. that advanced beings andtook unto thenselyos
tromspacemayhavelandedon earth in ancient llves.
Irmesbeyond recordand had a part in the I.t i. theorizing of tJris sort thbt sends
grouth of our civilization. ' 0rth0d0xscholarsgropingfor the nearesttall
-'t Durrnose saog scholars.are often notably
fact, theysharedin our evolution.
lacking in ansyars of their qrn. Heri.-foi
Considerthese mrds in GenesisV1-1: rnstance,are
n...ths sonsof Godsau significanilyunansrered quest-
that the daughteriof tons concerning the biological developrnent
menrere fairl andtheytook to yifi suchof of
man.listed by llaxH. Flindt in his itudlous
themas they workrOnliptoe Beyond Daryinr:
. Reference to the rsons of Godnis freouent
, \. I'/hy did the rac6 of Aur:iqnacian fitan
in the Bibte,yet.thereis no rial ciit.iniy-.u (circa J0,0008.c.) accordingto- 6is fossil
to exactlywhotheyvere. 00nes,navea braln case100cublc centileters
book bigger.than that of nodernlranyiitr i.tOj-.,
^.ln !1. 'Flying Saucers Aretdatchinq Us,
utto-tsinder suggeststhis: rfremeober thai ail lllilille , where tl,il huge brain-case,
rneotogransdo not agreethat tlre uordsGod. threa timesthat of-did a gorilla, comefron? Ani
Jehovah, Elohimandsuchnecessarilv uas .this large-brainid$rb;an one rtf our
all neinl
the God. It is opento question'wtriitei-U mmodlateancestors,throughsoneunknoun bio_
many cases a nondivinebeing ras neant,a geneucprogramof intorbreedingulth nenof
messenger space?
Sible.freely, - fron the sky. Reintorpretinq ihe
andmorel6gica[y, tfie AJji ino
t.vesrory mightreally be a garbledaccountof , 8.. a nanlsbrainrright norethan
triple that of other anlmals,in iropoition to
houmenin flying saucorslandedon earth and bodyreight, yith
rntermarrieduith earthly rronenof sooeors_ trmes. groater a thinkins bapiciiv- teo
historic type. 0r even'more than any species' of' the
lik;ly.--;it["a primates?
sub-h.uman speciesmore than a miiilon years
? .C.- Wtry dld manalone, out of hundreds of
rival. nammalian speciesidevelopthis tremend-
trJhileit is hard to believethat beinos ous. brain pover? (Recent studies of the
nature uould have any taste fdr ape:iiiu mental behaviourof dolphinsindicatenanmay is possibie theyused.rlliirirf not havebeenalone. pbssiblyspacevisitors
usemlnatron-as part of some plan to colonize also carrledout their experirnont' on .quiii,
our planet yith- an intelligent life yhere. .diversity' rag irti,iit.iy
.embryonic greater- td.) Ail othei creaturestraO-iuit
species. Ihen perhaps returningiongafier_
uardas yhat rere thoughtto bb lbonsof 0odrr, as many millions of years to evolvetfeir
(to page18)
OTAilTIOUITY (frompage1f)
0, lJhy is it that the fertilized ovunof in Chhos!:rlrith colorful imagination r(abra
the human fenaleburiesitself in the uterus Nagastrrecountsthe bridal nigh't of Solomon
vall, somethingthat happens uith no other andthe Queen of the South;am6ng the presents
creatureon earth? he gave her thereuer6 ra vessil uheieinone
couldtravel over the seaanda vesselrhere
. E. lJhydoesman, unlikeall othor animals onecouldtravel by air.rH)
u- nature, comein a widevariety of skin
colorsr statures, cranialshapes,iolor of Sonowletts look at anothercenturies-old
head. -
hair, andfacial features? l,lhydoesman reation of skillful designyheretlo involve-
in that senseresemble donasticatedioqs. cats mentof flight.seerns
andcattle, urho unmiitakable. In fact,
havebeenbredby us --muchas morethan anything it resemblesa set oi
havebeenbred - into a greatvariety
1nay navigationalds for aviators arriving froor
of types? greataititudes.
As Binderremarks: rl{oneof theseriddlesis Thescene is the unbolievably
fully_explained dry coastal
by the theoryof evolution. desertabout250miiessouthof Limar'capital
MaxFlindt quotesfromSir ArthurKeith. the of Peru. Ihere, botvoenthe Ica'andhazca
greatanthropologistr. uhostatesthat rthirty valleys,are vast tracingson the pebblysur-
percentof manrs structuraldetails (of hii face that obviouslyhave a conhecti6n yith
body) are pecuiiar to nlannimilit ino not astronomy as uell as beingsymbolsof an un-
shared with anyotherof tho primates.rrr known culture. Mystifyinfal the tracinqsare
ldhilo the theoryof rnanipulatedr evolution for.their designalone, the real guzzie is
t0 ansuersuchriddles, thereis danoer that their outline becomes apparent'onlyrrhen
of over-simplificationif ne-follouthis line seenfromthe air. |lhile foi'couniless'years
of thoughtuithoutconsidering other riddles travelers must have trudged right thiougn
in manrs_development, Io judgefromthe dis- them,theywerehardlynotiied until a coonor-
coveryof miraculousiy contiivid artifacts far cial airline tiasestablishedin the reoion.
olderthan.themostprimitivekindof relics, Passengers and*eynen observed a bivildiring
manrsgrouthhasbeena history of interrupt- maze of dosigns covering the tnesa-like
ions. There must have been periods of uplands, and soon the tracings becamea
tremendous accompiishment folloybdby others sciantific curiosity.
of nearextinction. Themannerin nhich theyuereetchedon the
Ihis view hasbeennotablydaveloped in the desert explainod. Ihe originators
prodigious studies of scieniistand'historian had renroved a thin layer of rreatherjarkened
Immanuel Velikovsky,and in issuo no.Z t.le pebbles wheretheyrish6dto shorthe ouilinos
listed someof the remarkable relics tending andpiled thesealongthe bordar of the ex-
to supportit. Butuith the exception posedsubsurface. Theresult vas yellurish"
of the
ancient Piri Reismaps arias of the inner. strips bounded
shouing by darkedgesnhichuere
rorld thought to be unknoyn- to earthbound imrnediately noticsabie'uhen vieued from a
explorers, thesepartiarlar examples gave n0 heigh t.
evidence that their creatorsyerb maitersof Bu!houtheseearly-day tsideualkr artists
flight - thoughsomeof the buildinqfeats compietedtheir enormous patternsif thevhad
suggested the useof flying craft. no help abovegroundlevel is s0 far' un-
(l friend of ours uhorecenilyouestioneo explained. Nou knoiln simply as the llazca
Velikovskyon the subjectfoundthad, under- lines, the tracings in sbmicasesreprosent
standably becauseof his preoccupation witn nuge men uith arms aloft and bird-Iike
qtheravenues of hls immensestudy,'he hadnot creatures or insects. In other cas6s the
concerned_.himself with the ooisibilitv of drawingsaro geometric,yith lines running
manned flight in ancienttimes. Ihush6 has parallel for rniles or fashioned
not paidparticularattentionto the controv- that seem as trianoles
to havea directionalpurpose.Sone
erll over UF0s. Interestingly, however, of the lines
-in' appearto go straight into the
Velikovsky makes this statenent tris rAoes (to page20)
Deeert treclngs
like theue are
AVIATORS'I (frompage18) aboutrhy the drarlngsuore eve
';asesof mountains
rther side, at the same
andcome out againon the til:,'nil:,T:il'Lo:il'il',,lif
ievel andin complete forecasting ',,lll',31i3
ssasons favorable -to
alignment. -cropsr rrrl
Still moremystifyingis horlseveraiof the :il1'l:li:"1'il1:l'ol
;lffi,Tl'nilfi I
lines weregivena precisoastronomical
ing. First ictentist to discover this
ronark- lf iffio'i::,l
B*l':,;,:l'i'lf;l'i3;oil' I
thosevho Llvedin the valleys I
abie fact vasU'S. anthropologist PauIKosok rero presumably
whouent to Peruin 19tr0to study the develop- uhere irrigation vas possible. I
mentof remote rrirrigatlon societlesrf.Having is probablycorrect to I
l.Jhile this reasoning
heard of the lines- and thinkingtheynight fails to accountfor the sooo- |
thror light on his subJect,he rent to invest- ingly indl6ss complexityof drautngs'I
igate. -the.

Like othersbeforehlm' ho failed at first il'.i:'ll?,,'n,l"i;i*:|

fli:l:li:'fl. possibilitias. Hou simpleI
to seeanymeaning in the designs- its aitronomical
avening on a seiondvisit a year-Iater Kosok farmers, even vith the help of their nore I
andhii wife vere studying a series of ilnes knoriedgeable high priests could fare aly I
at the top of a nesawhentheyrere surprised better - to sat nothlng of creatinglne I
to noticbthat the setting sun touched the - r'o.ins
horizonpreciselyoveroneof them.Imodlate- ll.,lH,.ll:"
ilfill3H,, I
Iv thev recaliedthe dataras June22, the day Sohersagalnve runlnto the stiff acadeolcI
of the'wintersolstice in the southern homi- attitudethit if anything scientificallyun- |
sphere. Surelythis uasa solstice line! acceotable. 'a such as UFOs, nust be introducedI
Kosok came to to iolve oystery, it is better to let the 'l
From that chancebeginning
conclude that the markings uerenothingless mystery remain. I
than the ftLargest Astronomy
Book it the If the t{azea lines uere strlctly a local I
Worldtr. 0ther obligod him to feature.rrithoutanything sinllar elseuhero'I
Ieavethe reoion before his vork thereras it miotrt be stretchingthe case a bit to I
iinist'rd but- in Limahe hadthe goodluck to suoqesi ufogerators foundthis particularspot 1
meet a German-born scientist, Dr' t'laria toi- ttreir aids. 8ut these 1
Reiche,tho vas trained in bothmathematics stranoe drawinqs-are not an isolatedinstance
andastronomy. of tfieir kindl though theyarecertainlythe
told.her most complex. In the Zana andLambayesq
Instantlycaptivatedby rhat Kosok Peru there are rr1g3dst
about the linos, Dr. Reiche became somethrng vallevs bt northern
6ee similir to those llazca, in uhile otier drsu-
of a miraclein hir o'rnright. -she Going to de- tnosthat take on fonr onlyvhenvic{edfron
[he-tracinqs for herself, has never
just outsidsLinaandin
oarted. T6day shelives in a simpleabode.hut ini ait are located candelabra
her dayscharting northern Chile. A 602-foot-trigh
ir.t the deiert andspends carved into a cllff abovo.the
the lines and comparing.them Iike fiqure is
andmeasuring Plsco, also in Peru' It points
,itn tnt positionsof the stars andplanetsat iicifii"near
oxactly north and south.
different timesof tho Year.
WhileDr. Reiche,as far as te knort .never In ths midvestU.S. there are unexplained
had .1, part in.the mounds that are ntoreapParontseen-frooabove
.r.rtto ihit space'beings are-glant-plcto-
tracings,shedid at.0n0 trme than on the ground,and-there
history 'byof the actions that hoight oraghs on th6 sun-iarched oesasof Californla'
admit her ovn -uas 6ne'hundred froo them, 0n the
the }ines properly' Ihis mllasirpstream
nuroucio study rock nmazsil consist- '
,ricuiieO,hen, 'to photograph the 1r3ze of is a mystlrious
i;it;;d;' 'many
ground-covered vith a
ing of acies of
..iningt, shehadherselfitrappedto tho out' parallel of snall-stones'
have,,an un- oaichuork oi loads
sideoi in airplaneso shevould in smiu rldsos' Ihis is
66ii.uit.O birl's,eye vieu of ?ii the con- !;;il;; logttht? (to-pagefl )
i igurations.
OTAilIIOUIIY (frompageZ0 ) unnaturalrockcolumns, several of themvith
tl4ojave engraving in sonretotally alien-seeming
called the Mazerbut the Mojave
deny Ianguage.
havingbuilt it, nor do theyknowwhodid.
tly'asthis soneneu Atiantis or Lemuria?
Ihe confusionof designsandforms suggests There ara no islandsnearbyfromrhich they
thesepuzzlingrelics of a time beforerecord- could recently havs fallen; experts uho
ed history hadmorethana singlepurpose.if studiedthe pictures bslieva they predate the
h,eare bold enoughto assumethey uere created ancient Inca civillzations by centuries-
by a civilization in space, ue night also
assumethe creaturesdeplctedare synbolsof - perhapsmillennia! It happensthat the
people of anclentPeruhadone of the nost
anothervorld rhere such creaturesexist. magnlficentcivlllzatlons on earth uhenEurope
Perhaps they have a religlous intent or uasstill in the OarkAges. In addition to
porhaps theyservethe moreearthypurposoof thelr uoll-knountearplesand pyramids, they
identifying the regionin utich theyare loc- also built nhat ue call rnacadamized highuays
atod, muchas ue identify our airfields by severalmilgs long andsuspansion bridges!
particularradio signals.
lhe other bit of evidencethat mayhelp
Going a stepfurther vith the idea of a explainthe strangedesertpatternsin Peruis
relationshipuith spacebelngs, tre canwonder contained in an article in rEsquirer on nod
if the dra'rings so like directlonsignson the moviedirector Oonnis Hopper,of all unlikely
changeless sandsof SouthAmorica have sonepeople, vho madea hit rith rEasyRiderf.
connection vith the UFOporar-gridtheorized Oescribing an interviau with Hopper on locat-
by CaptainEruceCathie of NevZealandand ion for shootinga moviein Peru, the article
nentioned later ,in this issue. Could these said:
signs be usedto take bearingson important
sectors of the grid? To orthodox scholars tt8eside himis the beautifulPilar, staring
this rnayseernto be heaping'rildguesson moodilyout at tho dirt road,at brovnIndians
vild guessbut at least it suggests 0n muddyhillsides herding testy foolish-
a purpose
that is so far utterly lacking. Iooking llaans, at the occasional brorrn
cluster of roadsidehuts; and at the highest
Thereare twootherpiecesof evidencethat
may not fit into this particularpuzzlebut
Andes Jutting too abruptlyandindependantly
back-Iotpeakspainted on expertly stretched
are s0 similar in format they mighthavebeen canvas.
cut with the sanejigsau. One is this item
froman article in tAstrovio'rfby Joseph F. tr t0ig thoqeoountains,man. Far out. Ihe
Goodavage on lost continents andcivilizat- Indians have seen flying saucersland up
ions. there. I It
lT{ou, horever, wehavea nouerr evenmore This will not comeas ners to ufologists.
mysterious discovery (Goodavagehad beendis- Ihe Andes, andin fact mostof SouthAmerica,
cussing five miles of onormous submarine are known by themto havea special attraction
stairs- off the northerncoastof PuertoRico) for our visltors fron spacer But the point is
- the remnants of an ancientrAtlantist in the Iost on orthodoxscholars uho try vainly to
depths of the Pacific off the coastof Peru. identify the ancisntcivilizations of that
Ihese rock columns jut fromthe silt of the continent vhile ignorlngour rrancestorsrr fron
oceanrsbedin the middle of a zonsof sub- otherrorlds.
rnarineearthquakes andbelchingvolcanoes that In varyingdegrees of size andfeature, UFO
encirclesthe entire Pacific. occupantshavebeenobserved to resembleour-
ttDr.RobertMenzieso director of oceanre- selves. If thererere not somerelationship'
searchat the OukeUniversityMarineLaborat- the oddsagainstthis beingso trouldbe beyond
0rI, recentlyloweredhis cameras from the calculation. Soout in space,it uouldseem,
researchship fAntonErunnf beneatha few is tho connecting Iink betreen us and the
thousand fathbms of waterto within a fewfeet greatcultureslost in upheavals researchedso
of the bottomands'ritched on his lights... iarofuily by Velikovsky. tvidentiy He have
Dr. Menziesr canleras photographed
accidentally (to page26)

P . G . G illins
(c o n t i n u e d )
of aII the
Part3. Whatare the possibilitiesof life on (e) l.tetauoligl- ttre suln total
chenical processes in a llving thing.
otherplanets? (f) Sonsitivity - stlmulus and responss to
Beforeattempting to ansrerthis question' touch.
it maybe as ueli t0 definethe tern rlifer. light
By tlifet h,smeana living heat
OLfine this I quote frornthe [ncyclopaedla electrlcity
Britannica:- trThenecsssaryand sufficient atnosphericconditions.
conditionfor an object to be recognisable as (g) Adaption.
a llvinq orqanism. ind so to be the subJectof
bioloqiial investisation, is that it be a Havlnq thus definsdour terost let us
proceed. -A qulcklookat the otherplanetsof
discr6te nass of- matternvith a deflnite
boundary,undergoing continuallnterchange of bur solar syitensemsto reveala poor ?ros-
- without oectfor Ii
pect ilsrcurvandVenus
liie. ilercury appeartoo
materiai- uith its surroundings no air, Jupiterand
manifestalteration of propertiesovershort irot. illars has aloost-
either by Siiurn soon to bs srathed in amonlaard
periodsof time and, as ascertalned
vith other nethano.8ut can ltfe oxist on Earth'l
direct observationor by analogy
objectsof the same class, originating-bysome A lhrttan astronooer,for exanplerrould
or6cessof divisionor fractionationfromone seo a planet ' arrrondedby a deadly933r
br tuo pre-existlngobJectsof the sane klnd. oxvoen. It ls vell knornthat thls veryra-
Ihe criterion of- continual interchangeof aciivc clerent readtly coobiocsuith ahost
material 'of be termod the metabollccrlt- anythino. lncludlngthe unsteblccocpounds of .
erion, that origln from a pre-existlng tryirooei. carbmandnltrogenr out of $idl
objeci of the sami classr the reproductive livhi oiqanlsos arobuilt, All signsof life
criterion.rr on Eaithilrst surelv be quicklyoxydlsedtq
dust and 8shes. Earthoenknu the
Livingthings have tho sane character- nethods developed by our bodiesfor
.istics:- remaikable
coping uith oxygonso that it doas not burnus
(a) Growth. up.)
(b) Reproduction.
lbrtian satellites despatched to photo-
(c) roodrequirements.
(d) Respiration. (to pageZl)
Or SPACI (frompage22) nave been
gr?phthe_surface from a couple of hundred -.miniature bolts of- lightnint -electric _ sparks,
. iflrorgli
miles-up (as the liros and'Nimbus ,riit,r, of sases.and.vapouri"(ritei, .rronii,
satellites havedone) uould reveal no -.on- I::1:::
nyorogenr-methane) uhlchare.thought'to rep_
cluslvesignsof life. atarospf,eies.- inby
naye beengratified to dlscoverin the resultl
biggest.stirmlghthavebeencaused by rng mtxtures_a
the ll]:
^" observation hugevariety of complex orqanic
that the Earthhassuddenly suostances like
bgggTra._pouerfulsourceof raoii nivei, u sugar,amino_aciis, urai and
othersassociated wiih iife.
nillion times rbrighterr on meOiun'-uave
lengthsthan Venusor-l4ercury. gui houroutd. . Ihg next step is to arrangefor a conplex
they.interpretit? VJithout'Oomeiiic-'Uioao- r0olocute to reproduco itself. Ihis too. has
casting of their onn(andye havenrtOeiecteO oeen00nein a test tuber.producing a iinple
any) they might conclude that sone un- f9p of nucleicacid, 't[e
precedentodnatural catastropheyas in w1ich controls heredity. git th;r;--i; a
progress. Arguments then, from oners oun slight embarrasgnent: the reactiononiv ,ort,
planetaryexperience, aro thustricky. in .the presence of an onzyme oeiivJJ-iro, a
living.organism. Ihe enzyneis , piotrin
All this leadsto the question: Hoycan
mandeterminelf other fonnsof life exist in - yet the synthesisof proieinsis coniroiteo
by nucleicacids.
the Universe?
. If it needsa proteinto rnakea nucleic
. . At_ his presentstage of knowledqe ano acrdandit needsa nucleicacid to make
tecnnological development,ntan has- four a
metnodsavailable to him. Let uSconsider prmrrlve then the prospect of fiie in'.tre
planetarysoupuould be poor. l{e
eachonein turn:- must.assune therefore,that sonenucielc acids
(i) Statistical Arguments: are formedtspontanoouslyr.iio" [r.rrn-on.onu
a..gradual-evoluilon, steeridby
. - There aro an estlmated1501000 million ::1.._lTrgilg,
narural. seloctlon, of evermoie conolex
stars .in our' galaxyalone, a ionsiOeiaOte aggregates
proportionof uhich are siirilar to our Sun. of molecules, leadinqoventually
----r to
Thereis no reasonto believeour star unique.
It is,highly probable that therearo ttrousi'ncs . Ihus, in principle, life on Earth_like
oT ntllllons of planetarysystenssimilar to planets may be the rule rather than
ours tn our galaryalone. 0n the basis of exception, In practicere cannotdo nuchnore
mathenaticalchancesalone, sontoof these rnanguessl Hovever,thero is clrcumstantial
?irll! nustbehospitable t6 rire. nccoiOineevrcence-0fbiologlcal procsssoson l.lars:. the
t0 Saganof llarvrrdUnlrersityandthe Smith_ 'vavesof.darkeningr in springandsunmer near
sonian Astrophysical0bserrratory,and {n, ile. receding ice-caps,spactioscopic evidenco
KussranAcademician Josef Shklovskiiof the rnat darkareasincludeorganicmoiecules: and
Sternberg-Astronomical InsHtute, oui- Catixy the curiousfact that the- red aeseiii-iioe..
naycontain at least 1,000niliion habitabl6 to conslst of an iron-rioh compound-.ontiifiing
planets. Ihe muchyater andoxygen,noraallyfound in itru
9ay,^?le Epsilon[rldani, fpsiton tnii ani :011: 0l hot, humidregions. perhapsl,hrs uas
fau Coti. Iheseare 10.r, 1r1.,and1Z.Zliqht rusnrytropicalln the distant.past?
yearsayayrespecilvely in otheryords.-a
- ,. Within.fiveyearstheremay be soneritoro
spacecrafttravelling nearthe speedof liqht orrct ovidence. Capsules
uoutdtake over a decade ars to be deposited
to reachanyone-of 0n Mars.from spaceprobes. Oneof theii prine
then. rasKsl/ut be t0 detectanysignsof life.
Ihe next questionis houmanyof these Venusis covsredin cloudsandthe nature
myriad, if hypothetical planetsaie likelv to of- iti surfaceis ttrusspecuiiii;: 'i;;;,
containlife? And hou'manymiqht conlain suggests
radvanced it is tberylike hell,rrith roik,
glowingdutl red in fierce heattrappedby:the
In recentyears a number of researchers (to pagez{)
OFSPACT (frompage21) the EssoRosearch & Engineering Company)
found certain organlcsubstancesin the
cloudsabove. Ihe recentRussian spaceprobe neteoritets coro. tBioticr foros uere
seensto confirmthis. 0thertheoriespropose found - materials representing life
an oilv snoq-likeatmosphere or oceansof soda alreadyemergent,fornedandfunctioning.
vater. Up-inthe clouds it vouldbe cold - Tneseibiotlir raterlals vere in the forn
suitablep'ossibly,for the evolutionof aerlal of uaxyor'parafflnlchydrogen.and carbon
organlsnsof soneklnd. atornssinilai to ttre amangeorents foundln
Jupiter appearsto have a prlmitlve Earthlife such as the skln of apples'
olanetirv athbsphere full of hydrogen' Ihe process'by rtrictr these.hydrocarbons
is suggestlve9f
heihaner'att*onlar' uater and possibly frequent end 'ls in the iock
uil -|fl
bolts it tigtttning - a pronislngsceno. indeed coal forood o0 Earth. 0rganicllfe
for some rprotiologyr or tor Dlzarre (plant life) grousr diesr decorposest
surPrises. bbcones rixed vith sedinentandls event-
ually transformed lnto rocks.
Ihe other planetslook poorlife. prospects
in tcrns of faith-type llfe. llevertheless,as Like alt inportant nor discoveriest the
a olanetarvsysten' ve have at least 9ne iinoinos riised sonescaptlctsr and yet
otalii ,itt tite (tarttr)' one rfrich quite nora qiestions. One qubstion .-ln..part-
bossiblvhas life foms nor and nay havo had tculai, of course,Yas: 'tJtreredid it com
[oii- ii the past (ttars), ptus tro possibly fron?n.
rore-bioloolc6liglanots (JupiterandVenus)' In februarY 195?t a Press- rePort
'the gblaxy contains1'000aillion
Ihus, if aooeiredin the lelbourni "SUinclairing that
ooirnti.ttv rhaSitabietplanets, the total a'br. Johnson of Berkeley,CalifornlarU.S'ltt
lctually iitraUiteOby S0tltlHltlG couldbe very had foundtraces of drlorophyll - tJtegreen
large indeed. colourinqfound in grass plants - in
(1i) 8y the studyof neteorites: .iouot oi dust driftiiq ln outer spoce. Ihis
is the substance drlch ls vital to llfe on
HereI shouldllks to quote tuo actual iarth, andfroo uhlchrany sctentists bellcve
eranples of research:- Iife first cane.
(a) Onttttr April 1925,a bright neteorite.vas 0r. Johnson sald: trIhesignificanceof oy
seenaboveSouthern Suedenrand I rlrno- findings,lf correct,is not only ltal g case
stone ball landednearthe smalltounship for liie'chenistry in spacocanbe lnferedt
oi Blectanstad,exploding on contactvith but that the endiroduct canbe looked. uponas
the ground. lhe falt vas observedby a a forn of life silrilar to that on [arth.
numb6rof vltnesses and somefragments
colloctedby the asslst- If this ctrlorophyllreached the surfacoof
rere subsequently cooblnation
ant of Piofess6rAssarHaddlngof Lund a pianot, lt couid'produco, ln
and uith ottrei factors, it loast a slnple plant
Unlverslty. Variouscircunstantial
non6 too- convlncing critlciEns have been foro.
of Haddlngrs - to Coalnentinoon thls nevsiter, Profossor
dlsorovehis claimthat the limestone uas of ColunblaUnlverslty
llueito uantiielli
of meteoricorigin. Ihis ls, perhapst not
said: rrl uould say 'hethat
lf 0r' Johnsonts
surorisinq. as- it contained fragments of correct, has dlscovered llfe ln
.iiitt at.
t.rine sfi61tsanoof an anlnal resembllng outer
a tribolite. Thelinsstone,hotovertuas
that doestl0Toccur ln (iii) Listenlngfor radlosignals:
of a cornposition
Suedon. hasexistsd
-a orn tedrnlcal clviltsatlon
verv short tlm lndeed on ths coseic
(b)' A fev years agouhilst uorkinguith one for
- Francet time scale.' Ihus, if ue aro not uniquet there
suchlurnithat lindeo in Orgueilt
in t-layie64, three chemists(Professor should be oanytechnicalcivilisations
Eartholomen llagy and Douglas J' Hennessy are mucholder - unlesslt turns out to be a
of (to page25)
of Fordham andDr. l/aren G. Meinschein
OTSPACE (frompage Z{ ) optical toloscopes.0nly radio-astronomrs
havepickedup its roystery tradiouavestby
universal propertyof technicalclvilisations
that they destroythenselves
early in life -
ustngglant radlotelescopes,Just hoy far
periaps vith imnaturatampering uith atonic
arrayls CIA-102,cannotevenbo geculated,
but it is certainlythousands, andpossibly
millions,of light yoarsout ln space.)
But sugpose they survlveandflourisr and
are disposedto dlrect their skills and ro- Both the Russians andtheAnerlcans have
souroosto cosrlc exploration, Interstollar
spentsooetfurcllsteningfor tsenslblerradlo
comnrniotion, let aloneintsrstellar travel,
signalsfron space- so far yithout result,
sounds a desperatelylaborious business.. In April 1966, Sovletastronomrs
proposed a
Suppose that tpsilon Eridanl boasts a nev ssarch for radio slgnals. Iheyuantto
civilised planet lnterested in comnrnicatlng
listen in to slgnalsarlvtng fron starsup to
rith us. Assumetoo, that the technlcal
11000 light yearsauay. lllthln thls distance
difficulties (ytrictrare formidable) are over- there aro ten million stars. Theuggested
como. It vould take ten yearsfor a tnessago
Russlan experirnent ls to scanthe skycontln-
to travel to Earthandanotherten for us to
uously for from three to five years,using
anser back. -Io get some
large radlo telescopes.
sensslnto the ex-
change rould pre-supp0s6a mutually compre- ihe Russians, basingcorcluslonson c'al-
hensiblecode. culationsdoneona computer, saythat a radio
transmitterof 11000 nillion uatts couldsend
AnAmeriean radio-astronorner,FrankOrakb, signals uhich could be hearddistinctly
in 1965fabricated an tinterstellar.messaget
2n9,r0r000 billion miles auay. Sucha trans-
of over 550 dots and dashes, and asked mitter, the professors
distinguished scientists to decode
say,is feasibloin the
it. Ihey light of present day tectrnology.
hadvery moderate successralthoughthey knev fore there is no
Earth Ihare-
reason to E ppossthat tho
the decoded result couldbe pictorial andthat tinhabitants of otheryorldsfhavenot built
the code derlved from a human nind one andmay
(i.e. Drakets). It vas Drake iltro ran - beusingit.
tProject0znarwhichrnonitored Epsilontrldani Ihe Russians proposod that tbe skyshould
andlau Ceti for 200hours in 1960, vith a bedividedinto segments, their calculations
sensitlve receiver attachedto a big radio indicatingthat about 11000stars might be
telescopo - but vith no result, scanned this uay. Buthouroulda nessage be
recognised?t{obodyknous, but tt lould
Ihen on 1lth April 1965,a roport fromthe probab).y havoa distinct pattern.
Russianl{ousAgency,Tass, ras published in
London.It statedthat a theoryvas held that Iheycalculate, that althoughtt nlght
intelligent beingswerebeaming radio vavssto seenlt0r0profltableto a dlstantcivilisation
tarth, Ihe sourceof the aorlssion, knounas to transmltsignalsln all dlrections - they
CTA-102, rlas discoveredin 1960 by tno wouldstand a better chance of beingglcked
Aoerlcanastronooors. The basls for the up - this wouldrequlretoo rruch transnitter
Russiantheory uas the discoveryby Gennady polor. It ras consldered likely then, that
Scholoroitsky,a Sovietastronomer, vho clalned anyroessagesr coningat us, rouldbedirected
emissionsfrou CIA-102follued a regular as a thin beam- occupying a naror bandof
flickering pattern repeatedevery100days. frequencles.But vhichband'offrequencias?
Hs said this suggosted an lntelligencorospon- Ihe onlyrrayto besure,arguethe Russlans,
sible, rather than an raccidentalrsourc. is to listen to all of them. Buttho flnance
Astronomers ln Uashington said the .qignals for sucha schomo youldbe astrononical. (fo
vould needa lot morestudy, but'theydid not punintendedl)
disriss the possibility that theremaybe an of
tintelligencer to communicate rith
Onething, houever,is $re: bacauso
the vastdistances involvod,oneof ths first
qualitiasnecessary for civillsationsintent
(CIA-102 is an invislble spotin space,too oncosmic communlcatlon, ,rill be remarkable
distant to be seenbv even the mostadvanced (to page 26)
OT (frompage21) search is for manytnore scientists and
not onceor twice, engineersto revieucarefullyandcritically
been fatheredor colonized
the existingevidencein orderto designneu
but several times, by our other-uorld
sonsors. (Electromagneticeffectsaccompany
ing UFO sightingsoffir real promiseherein.)
In Peru, as olsewhere,the historyof their AIso, it is urgentlyimportantto exploit aI-
earthlyassociationis still beingnritten.* roadyexisting radarnetuorks. Oatafromthe
latter netuorks should be brought under
scientific scrutiny to searchfor systenatic
patterns of UF()appearancss andmovenents.
Presentanecdotaldata, plus fortuitously
OFSPACT (frompage25) revealediEilEFilETa, are inadequateto define
suchpatternsaccurately (dueto tho ridictrle-
Iid effect acting as a non-random filter).
(iv) Space Probes: tollouing designof sensor-nethorks specific-
ally planned for UFOdetection, a host of
This is a method ue are starting to useto other investigations uouldnaturallyfollout
a rnuch greaterextent. as our knouledgein- have in othor contexts. A feu
as I remarked
creases. idith instrumented spaceprobesman
specific exarnplos of the lattor till be cited.
has alreadyreached andphotographed l'{arsand
the tother sidet of the Moon, and made 10) as a lou-costnminimal-level precursor
successful attemptsin reachingthe planet to suchefforts to attain instrumentalmonit-
Venus. oring of UF0s, it is urged that various
and agenciestake steps to
Undoubtedly as our technology advances so organizations
establishexploratory UFO studyprogramsr even
will the spaceprobesimprovein rangeand tro ol scigntlif!
spaceprobes. if these ilv.olve only- ihree
ability, andmany ttiil be manned
per organizatig!. Anyaerospace organization
(to be concluded in the next edition.) or agency that. is interested in organizing
sucha smallinternal studycansocureinitial
bibllography-assistance, etc., by gettingin
touchvith rne. Ihe inrnediatsneod is - 'to
establisha broaderbaseof ssiititlfio' recog-
ARI UFOsTXTRATERRISTRIAL SURVIILLAIICE CRAFT nition of the astonlshlngnature of the
(frompage28) existing UFO evidenco,Scientific scofflngat
UF0shasgoneon longenough.Seriousattent-
our radar-fencesand high-altitude radar- ion is longoverdue. AIAA could perforn a
searchsystems seeUf0s? If not of intra- very useful role in stinulating nev and.
solar-system origin, horrcouldUF0saccompiish vigorous exanination' of this lotriguingt
interstellar transits in reasonable times? yet neglectad scientlfic problem.(I am
I'lherecouldthey be comlngfron? Hou is it encouraged to learn that AIAAhast in fact'
possible that other military radar systems recentlvformeda UFOSubcomrittee andan in
throughoutthe worldhavefailed to detect touctr witn it.) Although mly a percentually
UF0sif theyare real? tlJhy arenrtthey seen smallnumber of sclentists yet roalize it' the
by airline pitots and military pilots? lJhy past 20 yearsof yarningneglect of the UFO
arenrtthey seenby astronauts 'atUeit has becomea scientlfic scandal,
in orbit? |.lhy oroblem
arentt UFOs seenoccasionallyby large crovds still uoll-hiddsn. Thesoonerue take
of peopleratherthanby singleuitnesses?To a serious ner stance and confront the UFO
these and related questions there exist sone question uith adequate scientific talent and
quite goodanswers andsome possiblyrelevant manporer,the less embarrassing uill -be the
speculative ansuers; to others of those ultirnata admission that ue have, for tilo
questions, there exist n0 satisfactory decades, beenoverlookinga problemof potent-
ans!,ers, to date. ially enortnous scientific importanceto aII
mankind. {
9) Thefirst needin acceleratingUfq re-
James E. McDonald
26, 19688tFoRi IHt AMIRICAII

hypothesisis the mostprobable

If it rere insistedthat I limit myentire terrestrial
tatt to a one-uord ansrer to the. question hypothesis to:iFou-tFTor the UFO.
poiedin that title, I shouldfind it t'qi9 Io is, of course, not original
Ihat hypothesis
Lhoose Uetveenthe' safer an$lerrtpessiblyrrr viitr-me;'it hasbeen'urgedfor manyyearsby
and the riskier answerthat actuallycomes persons'knorledgeable iith respectto-the.UFO
closerto mypresentopinion, , rrho sfioke frorn outsidesciontific
ever-increaiino weiqhtof the evidence I have 6ioui.t, failure to oxanine
liictes. Our c'ollective
beenexamininq-vouli drlve ns to the latter ispects of the UFOprohlemuill' I
ansuer,if I hadto cornpress an hourtsremarks irirniitit
iiir. Ueheld'asainstthe scientific community
into a singleword. utren'tfre full-dimensionsof the UFOevidence
SureIy AIAA members uould rholeheartedly cometo be recognized.Andthe latter date
roi.r 'that if there llere even a slim maynot be far off.
oissibility that the earthuereunderextra- Theprincipal pointsuhlch I uish to ent-
ierrestriai surveillancein any formt.that phasizLincludethe follorlng:
vouldbe a mattsrof the greatestsclentlrlc
uarranting the nostvigorousin- 1) For the past half-.dozen yearst , our
veitioation. In fact, the evidence that seems American space piogram has been keyed to ttthe
to oiint to the conclusion that UFOs couldbe ;;.r.h for'Iife' in-spacetr,yet the nou im-
iuch' devices is far from negligiblo; yet pressiveUFO evidence that ttllferfmayrin sm
because of the history of official and senso.alreadv have found us is eilfiEr scoffod
scientific response to the earlier UFO at or'uholly ignored, evefi'-vithinsuch. space-
or I speak from
reoorts. tre continueto seenrainlyneglect oiienteo aieniies is l{AsA.
ribicu16of this intriguing question' iiist-trano in making that obs-
e rvation.
After nearlytuo yearsof intensivestudyof
manyfacets6f the-long-standing .UF0^problem' 2) Ir,renty yearsof
aftir examining around-a thousand UFO reports hanlting Ui0'reportsappearto meto constit-
intervieuing several-hundred vit- ute aboutthat sanenumber of years.ofsuper-
anddirectly 'selectedUFO response
nertrs in cases of outstanding iicial andscientiflcally incompetent, and after weighing altornative to the UFO problem. Aside fron brief periods
hypotheses,I find myself driven steadily in 19fBandagainin 1952-3, USAF investigt-
(to Page28)
furthertowards the positionthat tho extra-
SURVEiLLAI{CI nerllevel of official attentionto UFOreports
(frompage2?) is appearing in othercountries,but hardin-
formationthereonis still scant.
ions of UFOreports havebeenperfunctory, 6) Ihe typesof UFOreportsthat arenost
ainedgenerallyat findingany rtexplanatlonrt,intrigulng, and point nost dtrectly to an
horever inadequatelytt might natch the extraterrestrial hypothesls, are close-range
reportedfacts. obJectsof unconven-
sightingsof machlne-like
,) ihe principal reasonthat no other tionaI pert0rmancedlaractorlstrcs, seen
adequatescientific investlgationhss over
lov altitudes, and smetimes sven on the
beeninitiated hasbesnthat, dgspite almost ground. Ihe general.public is entirely
complete lack of anyscientific expertisein of suchreports
the USAFprogram(ProjectBluebook), public unawareof the large number
that are coming fron credible vitnesses'
pronouncements have repeatedlygiven strortg because ridicule and scoffing havemademost
assuranca that tha invostigations ueredraving
witnessesreluctantto report openlysuch Ufl:
upon the bestscientific talent availableto usual incidents. tJhenone starts searching
the Air Force. ltothingcouldbe further from for such casesr
rill be cited to back up astonishing. AIso, .their numbersare quite
fact, Examples suchsightingsappearto
this ooint. be occurringall over the globerpossiblyuith
It) Ihe presentAir Force-sponsored studyat increasingfroquency in the past year (an in'
the University of Coloradoofferedpromise ference based on uncertaindata because the
initially. However,repeated indicationsof ttridicule lidrf seems to be llfting of late,
iE$Tii6- uias in public statenents by the andthis rrrayslmply be bringing. a larger
Project Director, combined rith lack of fraction of suchlncldentsto light). Examples
vigorousinvestigationof the mostprovocative vill be presented.
typesof UFOcasesreportedoverthe past 20 7) Suggostionsthat sudrobservations can
years, suggest that tho Colorado programuill be explainedaway ln terns of oeteorological
fall far short of the requiradlevel of ln- optics (MenzoUs prlnclpal thesls) or in terms
vestigation. It is very desirablsthat some of atnrospherlcplasoras (l(lassr principal
programbe set up entlrely divorced from thesis) cannot be supportedrith cogont
Air Force affiliation, a conclustonunder- scientific argunents. Ihe recently-published
scoredby recentdevelopments at Colorado. book by Xlass(tUF0s- Identifledtt) is filled
5) I havejust returnedfrom a vlsit to rrith eironeousconceptlons andvith qualltat-
Canada vhere I discussed international sclent- ive argunents that faII apart on assessing
iflc aspectsof the UFOproblom beforetho themin quantitativoterms. Exanples uill be
Canadian Aeronauticsand Space Institute at presented.
their March11-1?Montreal meettngs. I em- S) l'lany obvlousquestions and challenges
phasizedthe likelihood that UFOlnYestlgatory canbe, andmustbe, raisedagainstthe extra'
programs in countriosotherthanthe U.S. m?I terrestrlal hypothesis;Hovsure can re be
havi distinctly better chancss of nakingrapid that UF0sarentt sooestill poorly understood
scientific progresstorrards clarification of natural phenomenon? llor can uo be sureU[0s
the UFOquestionby vlrtue of the fact that arentt sbcrettest vehiclos (ours or thstrsX
they'dnot be fighting uphill agalnstthe klnd If extratsrrestrial, uhy no contact?- Utry no
of thinking that USAF handlingof the problem crashedUf0s? lrlhy.arenftthere lots of good
hasengendered here. An encouraglng ner-UF(} photosif UFOs are real? Uhyarenft UF0sseen
investiqation is, in fact, noubelngorganized in cities rather than ln reootedeserts and
-the Studiesof
vithin Institute for Aerospace sranps? Hovcan ue bo $r0 UFOsightlngs
lhe Universityof Toronto. I hadan opport- arenit hallucinatlons?Horabouthoaxes?llhy
unity to confervith scientistsbeginning.that no sonicbooms? Hol canoneaccountfor non-
study,on March1J, fuite rocontly'_lndicat- inertial turns and naneuvers? lltty donrt
ions''of a similar studybelngdevelopedin optical-tracking programs,sut as. meteor-
Francehaveappeared. The Russianposition sirrveyprograms, photograph UF0s? Why.donrt
remains unclear. Ihereare indications that a (to pagszb)
Reported incidentt{0.1. Shewastravellingwith twocompanions anduas
heading towards Lakes[ntrancevhenaII three
Thisoccurred in Bairnsdale eighteen months personiin the car observed a light' vith ..
aqoon 21st.July,1!6!, on the morning of changing colours,converging on themfromthe
the first moon landing. Ihe timewasabout south-west.
Stopping the car, they got out to ratch the
Thevitness,a 16 yearold girl, hadrisen light m6recieariy. itriy thenuitched off
early to iratchthe eventon television. She the headlights.At this the light appearsd
svitchedthe IV set on as sheenteredthe to acceleriteits approach torardsthsn.
room,leavingthe roomlights off- Shethen Frightened. they quicklygot backinto the-car
sawthe objectsianciing on iire frunl lavn o[ decidingto retirrnto Biiinsdaleandabandon
her home.It appeared to her as a tallt all thoughtsof goingto LakesEntrance.
rectanqular poleshape.About15 ft. distant
'appeared As they turnedthe car aroundthe light
fromh6r it 6 - 8 ft. highand
n - 1? incheswide. It glowed whiteand stopped andchanged its directionof travel
therewasa wedge-shaped shadow on the ground qoinqaheadof themmuchfaster on a c(rurse
beside it. It did not give off a ray of wnictrtoot<it I milesor so southof Bairns-
Iiqht. It glowed.There'rasno sound. dale. It changed to a red colouras it vent
out of sight. Ihereuasno noticeablesound
Shewatched for a moment andthen' with the fromthe lighted objectat anytime.
thought of being looked at throughthe rrindow'
sheiollaosedinto a chair andhuddled there Reported IncidentNo.J.
for some timewatching the IV. I'/hen other This occu-rred aiongthe PrincesHighway .
members of the familyarosetherevas nothing between Stratfordind Bairnsdale on or about
to be seen. 21rdSept.,1970,at 9.00P.m.
Shehadnot seenthe objectleave. Thewitness,whoalso reported Incidentl'|0.2.
Theonly known substantiation of this sighting (seeabove) of threeweeks earlier, is a nurse
camenextdaywhenit waslearned that, at the andwasdrivingfromher home in Stratfordto
exacttimethe giri sawthe object'the next- the hospitalin Bairnsdale vhereshewasdue
doorneighbour heardsounds whichsuggested on nightduty.
that someone wastampering uith the car. Then Sheobserved an approachinglight in the rear
that someone wason the backpatio. Thenthat visionmirrorof her car andthoughtit to be
someone moved the blindsin the childrenfs a truckrsheadlights.As it came nearershg
rootn. Ihis the neighbourhadgoneto invest' realizedit wassomething flying at tree-top
igate but hadfoundnothingunusual. level, From60 mphshesloveddornto {5 nph
Ihe girl is a quiet child' a teenager and so that shecouldsafely look out of the car
rathershy. window at the light. Thelight vasblindingly
andbriiliantly rhite andsheuasunableto
Reported saywhatshapeor size shethoughtit might
Thisoccurredalongthe roadbetween Bairns- havebeen.
daleandLakes [ntranceon or about1st. Sept. lhe car nowrefusedto accelerate andwould
19?0. ThetimeuasaboutI P.m. not go faster than{5 mph,the radio.became
Thewitnesswhoreported this sighting.lives fill;d '/ith the soundof static andthe
in Stratfordandis a marrieduomanandnurse. interior of the car bocame hot anddrummed
with suchintensitythat the Titnesssuffered
severeheadache andshock.
Thissituationcontinued for 24miles(J5
f0RT|ltStRtP0RTS'"lt minutes) until shereached the first lights of
0r PAYNTSVILLI, Bairnsdale the light left her and
flew off in a southsouth-easterly direction.
victo rian

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