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A u stra l i a n F ly ing Sa u c e r R e v i e w .. rr
V ol .3 , No . 5 , De c e m b e r a g 7 2 '

Australianflying SaucerRevier is a non-profiteducational publicationproduced by the Victorian
U.Fi0. ResearchSociety,P.0. Box{1, tloorabbin,Victoria J189. Ihe functionof the socletyis to
collate and disserinatcinforration aboutthe subjectof tlying Saucersor Unidentifiedflying

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E DITORIA L lne reai quesiion is - shouici
as a society when the enignaseems to be just
as far fromresolutionas it did twenty-five
Iwenty-fiveyears ago 0n June2{, 1947, yearsago? ',/e feel that hie are achi.eving
Kenneth Arnoldsignalledthe beginningof the results,despitethe timetakento do so. As
current UfO sightings phenomenon whenhe nioreandmoreoeooleare cominoto realise"
reported seeingrFlyingSaucersrflying near the field cove'rs !n enormousspictrun, andit
lilount U.S.A. is onlyby studyinga ride varietyof allied
As most of our readersuill appreciate, subjectsthat ue caneverhope to solve the
whileArnoldrs report,lasthe beginning of the myste ry.
rnodernsightingsera, he wasnot the first to A majorpart of ouruork, as a society, is
report Unidentifiedtlying 0bjects. Ihere to hold a positionfromrvhich v*ecandissen-
haye beenwidespread sightingsrnadeduring inatethe currentknorledge of the UtOfield
mostperiodsof history, Frorn recordsdating andkeepour members and the generalpubiic
backto the tims of the BiblicalPatriarchs informed. Ournagazine goesout to overfive
(J,000yearsB.C.)andfrom the contemporaryhundred r;embers,and to anothercoupleof
culturesof the tgyptians,Indians,Chinese, hundred unaffiliatedreaders,as well as to
Japaneseand sofiieSouthAnericancivil- more than trrenty-fiveother UFOresearch
izations, to the prese.rttinre, rce iearn of organizations. It is by spreadingour inforn-
sightingsof Gods,SpaceVisitors, Fiying ationoversuch a nideareathat wecanhope
Shields, Airships,Lights in the Sky,Flying to keepa reasonable percentage of the pop-
Saucers andUnidentifiedPhenomena. ulation informedon developnrents concerninE
the UF0phenomenon.
Uhenlookedat in perspective, our twenty-
five years of sightingsare only a minute It maywell provethenthat, nhile i,reas an
portionof the overallscene.It is therefore organization fail to solvethe mystery, oneof
disappointin.3to see that overthe yearsa our many raaders,eitherin Australia0r over-
number of largeandworthrhile organizations seas,fiayas a result of whatve havepublish-
ha,vefolded,mainlybecause theyseen0 answer ed, find the key to the greatenigma 0f the
to the questions,andfeel that suchan.answer pastfour thousand years. O

- with onecaughtin the securitynet!
a r0ueenslandBureautreport
by F.ll.ll.Wilks
compiled by the TasmanianU.F.0.Investigation
trt0uilI t{AilY(19{7-1972).
by G.0.Farcett
as reported to the VictorianU.F.0.Research
RtVIit,i|tl6... Mcflamara).
by Michael 19

A Q u e e n sland B u reau Repart
Spread out a nap of llorth0ueensland and andreported by Reverend Cruttuell:-
Papua,lleu6ulnea, pinpointlully in Oueens* 0U0Ii- 0n a night in the month,of April
landandGoodenough Bayin Papua. Placeyour 19?0, a renarkable submarlne objectvas seen
ruler on iully andGoodenough8ayandnotohor by Mr. Albert Robins,Store Manager; of
Bougainville Reef, about 120miles east of Rabaraba, lt4ilne8ayDistrict.
Cooktoun, in the CoralSea,falls in line with
yourruler. Heuastravelling in a srnallcoastalnotor-
boat froo Rabaraba to CapeVogel, about one
lJe are all famiiiar with the lully llest hournorthof Rabaraba on the uatersof 6ood-
sightingof 19thJanuary 1965,an{ 'rith Father enough
6i11ts classic sightingsof 26th,27thand
28thJune1959, in the vicinity of Goodenougf, Ihe time,vasabout 2.00a.m. andthe night
Bay,uhentnen Herese6non the ttop decktof a Has clear. Ihe sea \.,as reasonably calm'
UFO during tuo of thosenights" Ihere rere five Papuan crow 0n board,*rhoalso
witnessed the objact.
0ur informationsuggeststhat these two
areas continuoto experienceUfO activity A brilliant light appeared beneaththe sea
fromtine to time. on the starboard sideand a hugebriiliantly
lit object roseslorly frombelov the uater
A very recent report f.on the Raverend
until it uas aboutthree-quarter subnerged.
Canon lt.l.6" Cruttnell of Papua(the trust- fvlr.Robinsestimatesits size to havebeen
uorthyandgccurate reporter of UFO activity about80 feet in length. Its xidth andthick-
in this area, includinglhe Gill Sightings'of nessueredifficult to estimatebedause of the
1959 - see ftYIllGSAUCTRS 0VtRPAPUA by the subarersion, but it *ould havebeenat least
Reverend ilormanC.G.Cruttvall, M.A.0xon,,a four tinres as longas high(andwide). Its
{5-pagefoolscap report recently reproduced shape rias cigar-shaped,uith both ends
by the Oueensland Flying SaucerResearch pointed. lle sa'*no detail of surfaceor any
Eureau)tells of a US0, or Unidentified Sub- imegularitiesor protrusions.Ihe objectl*as
marine0bject,siEhtingin the watersof Good- self-luminqus,._ dazzlingly bright so that it
anough Bayin morerecenttines.' Hereis the hurt the eyesto lookat it.
story, based0n tha origlnal sightingrtpart It uastravolling at exactlythe same speed
First appearingin the American NICAP rUF0
as the boat,i.e.t sevenknots,andpaced it
for four minutes. Mr. Robinsand all the I|{VISTIGAT0R', the Bougainville Reef incident
Papuan crew tere, needless to say,terrifiedt rras the sighting that had everything - an
andtried to takeevasiveactionby turningto authoritativesource,morethanonewitnoss,
port, but the objectdid likeuiseandfolloweC the involvement of a civilian airliner'
thenr relentlessly, keeping about 0 feet away photographs of the UFOtakenby the pilott
fromthe boat 0n the starboard beam. They tape recordings of the conversatlon betueen
turnedtuo complete circles before shaking it the buzzed plane and the mainland control
off. Thecrew wereshouting with amazementtower- everythlng,that is, exceptofficial
andfear but, apartfromthis andthe sound of recogni tion.
the sear they heard no sound from the object Mr. Peter!|orris, Presidentof the then
whichseerned to be completely silent. Commonrealth AeriaI Phenoriena Investigation
startedto descend 0rganisation (CAPI0) uhose Patron llas Air
Ihe object thensuddenly
until its light faded and it Marshal Sir George Jones,, wrote about the
into the-depths
uasgone. Thesailorsimmediately turnedback Bougainville Reefsighting to the Departnent
andmade with all speed backto Rabaraba, and of Rir. lhe Directorate of Air ForceIntell-
did not set out againuntil after dayiight. igence(tnen Squadron LeaderR.J.Wheeler)
repiiedin the negative'closinghis letter as
Ihe peopleknew of this objectandcalledit follows: rrThank you for the copy of the
a floatingreef. Theysaid it appeared quite report but as this is the first information
frequently all overGoodenough Bay. It las the RAAIhasreceivedconcerning the incident
apparently beenseenoff eapeVogel ald also it is not possible to provideanyfurther
fromCoguia, in BartleBay. It waswitnessed details.rl
Uefore off Rabaraba by l'1r.0tto Alder' then
A.t).C.,in 1968. -Ut{0U0Tt. CAPI0 atso wrote to the Director-General
Civii Aviation. fheir replyalsoras negative
SomeUS0sbecome UFOs,leaving the sea, andconcluded with an error. Ihe DCA ietter
continuingtheir journeyfromwater-to air- ended: nI anr also advisedby IAAthat they
environment without 'missing a beatt' so t0 have no reportwithin their reportingsysten
speak. Someof these ocean-to-air sightings of any unusualsightinq by one of their
haveoccurredin our time' but the follouing Captaiirs -
on the 28May,1$65.'tThe erlof is
report tras taken from the records of The the airline concerned - it nasan AfiSETI-ANA
FrenchAstronomicai Society (reference:ANAI- plane, not a IAA one as DC'Amentioned;
0ftlY0F A PHtll$4tll0l{ by JacquesVal]ee) and naturally, TAA uouldhave n0 record of the
dated1887r In the NorthAtlantic 0cean' an incident.
objectenerged fromthe sea,moved againstthe
vind, stopped closeto a ship, then quickly ANSTIT-ANA uaswritten to by the Oueensland
fle'r awayto the S.t. It uas observedfor FIying SaucerResearch Bureau about the
five minutes. Bougainville Reef sighting, since it uaq an
Al{SiII-AllA planeandcrewthat vas buzeedby
It uas an airborneunidentifiedcraft that the UF0. Al{StII-AllA hasneveracknowledged'
madsneus over Bougainviiie Reef in 1965- let aloneansilsred' the letter of enquiry.
ne,rs,that is, for UFOresearchers but not for
neuspapermen. Soquicklynasthe securitynet Here, then, is the sighting that never
didnrt hear (of f icially) happened:-
cast around this incidenttnerstnen
of the sightinguntil fourteenmonths later! DAI[; 28MaY,1965.
In fact, if a civilian UFO researcher hadntt IIMI: J.25a.n.
in the right piace at the right POSIlI0ll:Eougainville Reef'CoraISea.
beenby chance
un- An Af{SilT-ANADC6 on f}ight fromBrlsbane
-but wouldhaveremained
tirne, this sighting
to Port l.bresby, caiied up Townsville Control
knownto aII a handful of officials
Tover, reporting that they uere (to page? )
D R O ME ?
F , W . H , WiIK S
repl i ed that they !{ ere not i n a
D epartment
lhe fclio*ing article vas receivedfrom posi ti on to Fasson the i nformati on.
Mr. frank!{iiks, Presidentof Uf0RiSfAR[11 U ndaunted,H r" Iayl or conti nuedto pl ot the
reparts, gathered vi a the new smedi a'
l { ,S " l ' 1.
beenundertaking researchprojects on various stronger. A belt 0f
and the pattern became
aspectsof ufoiogyas this article discloses' expl osi onsappeareCw hi chbegan at R i chmond
-VUTORS-Asrodrorn," and continuedthroughto Kernell on
the coast. Then, crossi ng thi s expl osi on
bel t, H ere three separat*bel ts of fi res.
trf not a uar of the warlds,thenat leastan Thesecrosse,d at si mi l ar angl es andw ereapp*
aiien canrpaiii-TT-friiiffit is takingplace raxi matel ythe samedi stanceapartt for-mi ng a
ri a h t underour c o l l e c tl v s n o s e s . It is flly l opsi dedcross.
flrn convictisntirat tJ[0s afe besiegingus For rny part, I beqanto take an i ncreasi nq
with hit-runquerillatactics in a uar of i nterrst i n the w orl d scene. It seemedthe
harrassment, urhich appearst0 the publlc as vori d had gone mad. P l .arl es ' dersexpl odi ng
run-of-the-miIl catastrophies caused by freaks everyw here, shi ps too w er* expl odi ngand si nk-
of lstglg: i ng. Ivcn cars andportab]egas stoves,toun
gas 1ines and ammon ia gas cyi inders uBre
Thefirst indicationof this increase !n the
expl odi ng. l { hy thi s suddenfury of gas ex-
rate 0f coincidence caneafter UfOR[StARCll
pl osi ons,I w ondererj ?
P|l{]JfCIS 0f AUSIRATASIA launched a prgqramne
to investigatethe effectssndafter-effects I ohoned the Sydney(ias Light Cotnpany, but
rf llti) visitations. Ihen, because Uf0shad di d not get past the fi rst rung 0n the red-
beenobserved at the scenesof a numberof tape ladder. Tlrenan iictober 19, 1971i wrote
mystery gasexplosions' this becanie oneof the to TheCommonwealih lndustrial.0asest.isiited
projectsfor investigation. (C .t.C .), requesti .ngi nforrnati onconcerni ng
Mr. BarryTaylor, SeniorVicePresident and the possiblecausesof gas explosi*ns.
Invest!gator responsibLe for the pryjgll' In the meantimethings continueCto happen'
bcganhy plotti.ngrandorn reports. Bymid-19?1 qiarinq thinqs that had beoome so commonplace
he founda patternhadlregun to evolve- where ,i tn tne pl anehi j acki ngs,the V i etnam w ar and
nc satternshouldba. the vlolence in lreland. Novonderthe other
nere being overlookedby the pub-
Wsconsidered the possibilitythat perhaps explosions lin
he uasnot gettingenough information,$0 he
vrrste to the Head 0ffice of the |iet{South Aeiial explosions,not sonic booms,uere
llales Fire Uepartment. Unfortunately' the heard by crouds of spectators during a tele-

visedaerobatic displayat R.A.A,F.Richrrond. ' ttlt is moredifficult to provideexamples
gas heatinE0r ignition by sonicenergyal-
In an outer Sydneysuburb, a pedestrian thoughno doubtthereis a transient.temper:
suddenlyburst into flames. A taxi driver
the flames.
tried to srnother ature rise dueto the adiabaticconpressionof
A 6reekship sank'becausea portablegas f1'letrust that this informationis of assis-
stovehadexploded in the galley.
tanceto yur in your future investigations.rl
Ihe torn gassupply bleu a hole in the
middleof Pitt Street, Sydney, rhich shattered (underscoring by authorof article)
uindus of the surrounding buildings. It certainly doeshelp, f4r. Eryant, and I
0n the same reekendexplosionsdemolished a rould like to thankyoupublicly for your
nuafier of shopsin Horsham, Victoria andin assistance. Sonicandelectromagnetic energy
Launceston, Iasmania. havelongbeenconnected vith the UF()$tenom-
enon. llow you' have given us a definite
IoothsBrererysuffereda fire caused by an connection.
ammonia gasleak.
I began to noticeall.typesof disastersbut
[actories, smail shops, large business knewthat, to stay objective,I rould haveto
houses- theyrcre everywhere. pull myself into line. I beganto ronder
A car exploded nearVillauood, and about the Arnericanastronauts vhovere killed
anothernearTempe, l{.S.ld. It uas getting out in a space-capsule fire during a trial run of
of hand,but rhat couldve do? If ue told of an Apollorocket and about the nany other
our suspicions at this early stage in our in- Apollorocketshit by lightningduringlaunch-
vestigatlons ve rould be laughed off the face ing.
of the earthJ Apollo15, I remember, ras struck fifteen
0n 0ctober21, 1971I receiveda reply to my times by lightning vhile still on the launch-
enquiries from Mr. David L. Eryant, Depart- ing pad. What rnetherraticalequation do rc use
nantal lhnager of C.I,G.r gasesdivision" here to explainauaythe lav of averages?
Heurote: -ttJernustadvise that rs have n0 hJhataboutApollo1J, vhich experienceda
prior knwledge of reportedU.f.0. sightings gasexplosion rhile deepin space involving
at the time of gasexplosions. the uholerorld in its plight?
ttThegasesyounention,namelyammonia, toun I continued to collect dataon the exploslon
gasandcylinder?cooking gasr, probably pro- syndromebut seldomspokeof it - exceptto
paneor butane,are all inflannablein air but closeassociates. Ihen, on lbndayafternoon
requirea sourceof ignition in orderto burn of May12, 1972tI ras shockedto readnevs-
orr in suitablecircumstances, explode. Ihe paperbanners rhich announced in large print
sourceof ignition maytakemanyforms'i.e. ttl,l00ilSHlPtXPl0DtSrt. Ihe report contlnued:
an existing flane or the slouerconfiustion oft nthe Apollo16 spaceship,rCasperr,myster-
say, a cigarette, a sparkfromelectrical app- iously exploded today, trelve daysafter ret-
aratus or produced mechanically by striking urningthree American astronautsto earthn.
suitabloobjects, perhaps hot engineexhausts
or conponents,catalytic surfaces (depending A tank cart rCasperf, uhichhadearlier beendrauing
gas). In-part- off fuel from the spentApoilo1b
on the natureof the flarmable
space-capsule, exploded after rorknenhadfin-
ig!g, undersuitable conditions'electromag- ishedcleaningit with the insrt gas ?Freonr.
netic elergl canexcite gas to incandescence
(vhichwould of course ignite a flanmable 100 lhe blast hurled pieces of jaggednetal
feet. oneoiecefracturinq the knee-cap of
gas/airnriiture)andthis technique is ridely I norkmai.and'iniurednanv of the civilians
usedtodayfor the creationof plasma. present. (to page? )

Pl Pl l A ' t


O' Bougainville

Cairns'rL /



tt0RlH ,0l,tE !lsLA nD
UTOS OVTR AIIDUNDTRIHI SIAUPI{ORIH the mouth of the 0ueensland
(frompa3e) ) Research
beingaccompanied by an unknown craft. Ihe
UFOuas describedas oblate with uhat the
pilot thoughtrero exhaust gasesconingfron
it. ihe UFOpacedthe DC6for fromten to
fifteen minutes. Ihe pilot, co-pilot and ABtUF0S EtHItlDT}|tGAStXPL0SI0tt
stewardess all confirnedthe presenceof the (from page5)
object to Control Tower. Ihe pilot took
photographsof the pacing object. That According to the report, the explosionripp-
briefly rrasthe report. ed holes in the 250ft. hiqhhanoarroof and
caused forty-six people to -be talen to hosp-
0n arrival in PortMoresby,however,the ital, most of themsufferingfrom
pilot yas told not to havohis photographs inhalation
of toxic fumes.
developed in l{er Guinea, but to return to
Australiavith his film. Ihe pilot, according Howwasit possiblethat an ordinaryoperat-
to investigators,yas metat Brisbane Airport ion, s0 commonplace andsafe that civitians
andflorrnto Canberra yherethe film nastaken vereallored to be present,endedin sucha
from'him. Boththis pilot andthe t)CA manin shambles?
the TowrsvilleControllower were instructed As aluays, no explanation rns forthcoming,
not to taik aboutthe incident. Ihe taoesof exceptthat something hadcausedthe ternpei-
the conversation betueenpilot and Cbntrol sturg in the gastrnk te rise.
Toueryere removed fromlownsville by a OCA
offi cial. I thoughta3ainof l4r. Bryanttsadvice: rtllo
doubtthere is a transienttenperature rise
t{othingnouremained of this sightingexcept dueto the adiabaticcompression
yitnesses of the sound
tha memories of the - and these waverl.
personswould have a Iot to lose by
remembering. The nameof onewitnessis on If it rlasultra-sonicsound'beyond tha range
file. of human hearingwhichcausedthe explosion,
it is no surprise to lte that therel/asno
Twothingsye do know: the name of our UFO official explanatlon, as the undetectable
Investigatoris JohnMeskelluhouas, in 1965, rsonicvillainr uouldleaveno clues!
of the CriminalInvestigation Branch,Iowns-
ville. Andthe nanyhowason duty the night I haveno idearhether or not thesealien
the Bougainville Reefsighting occurredtas beingsintendto ociupyour planet. I prefer
soontransferredto Darrin- thatts far enough to beiieve that theyhavebeenherenuchtoo
to kill the keenest of UFO researchers! long not to havedonsso already - hadthey
rishedto do so, Still, I amconvinced that
Ihis sightinghasan interestingpostscript: UF0S are conducting a campaign of harrassnent.
Fourteen months after the sighting,a Brisbane
neuspaper I do not pretendto knowthe reasons
foundout aboutit andall aboutthe behaviour.
for their
Perhaps, like leus andothermyth-
official securitynet surroundingit. They ologicalgods of Olympus, they find pleasure
hadtheir story, but uerenot free to publish in our violent self-destructlon.
the names of their informorsl Ihey rang the a
Queensland Bureau.Couldtheyrun the story
in our name?Because ue agreed uith all the
informationtheyhadgleanedfor themselves,
weagreedto be their tmouthpiecer.lJhatthe THISSOCIETY UOULD APPRICIATT RTADTRSI REPORIS
readerdidnft realise as he readthe story in 0I'|U.F.0s. PLtASt f0RllAROI0:- P.0" B0l 4J,
the Sunday paper, wasthat the facts uerethe M00RABBII{, VICI0RIA r18g,AUSIRALIA.
nerspaperrs ownfacts, andnot just vordsfrom ' t ft + * a + | +'i * '* t'| + + * ,t | * * t f ,* r
tree trunksit passed, Mr. Rileyaccelerated
* * * * * * * * * + a a *** f * * t* *.* * * + * t,t *a * * * * * * * { * * * * * * t*

to J5 mph, thenoverthe nextmile anda half
Ihe lasmanian Unidentifiedflying Objects speeded up to 45 rnphbut the object stili
Investioation Centrellas farnedin Novembernpaced him at variousdistances,at one time
1965anO has beenan activegroupsinceits beingonly 50 feet fromthe road' As he app-
inception. roached the top of the hill androadjunction
Based in Hobart, the groupmeetsat the Adult to Wilmot, the objectpulledslightly ahead.
tducationCentre in Argyle Street on the Hestopped at the junction to have a better
second [riday evening of everyseeond month. lookai'the thing.- It appeared the sizeof a
10.00 x ?0 iyre but rith no markinqs.At this
8v kindpermission af lUf0IC rle are ableto
stage, the object l*as sone100to 150yards
piesentthe follouingexcerptsfromits pub- auay. lio sound couldbe heard. Iravellingin
iication. an up anddownmotion' the objectuent0ver
|.le quote from the rrAnnual Reportfor 19?1r! the hiII touards \{ilmot. l4r"Riieycontinued
published by the TASi4Iif{1Al{ Ul{I0tl{IiFItD FLYING 0n his rlay home andthe objectre-appeared
O$JICTS INVTSTIGATIOI{ C[|i1IiT. after he hailtravelletisome threequarters of
a mile. Again it uas on his right' but
Postaladdress:62 Leonard Ave,,f4oonah 7009. the-roadaheadof hinr andpacodhir't
Jtr*t* * *+ +** ** +t ****** f** * i * {*r +ti*'t r**i *'}* * i for a short distancefrom behindsonretall
trees. It finally disappeared douna deep
gully on his left. ihe sightinglastedin all
OARPAi]IOAI CTTHAIlA about15nrinutes'
0n M ay?J , 19? 1 | 1 r. t..J . R i l e y l v a s tra v -
ellino hon'e to l,lilmot via the Cethana Darn
Road, - t he t i. m ebe i n E? .)0 p .m . T h e s i g h ti n g
coltfiences whenhe uas abouta mile west of the UiOSitl'lAI ERiGHTOI{
d a r nc lim binguphi l l to th e fra d l e l l o u n ta i n - It w asa ci ear, frostY ni qht as l''1r.ii. Pur-
ir'ilmotRoadjunction. cell returnedto hi s quarters duri ng a C .fi .t.
[4r . Rile. vnot ic e d a fl i c k i n g re fl e c ti o n o n C amP . it
calnp at B ri ghtonA rmY Bas about
h i s dr iv er is s ide l i n d o u l w i n d i n g d o n n h i s ?,55
a.i r,, he recal l edt on the 19i h June1971.
windowhe san a round, coai-redobiect pac!ng iurcell paused andglanced towardsthe nighi
his vehicle sonre1C0to i50 feet away and skv. the starsclearerthanin the usualcity
a bc ut 100f eet h i g h . t4 r. R i l e y s a y s .h en a s viiw, bright and tulnkling ligh above.
tra v ellinq at 25 m p ha t th e ti m e , H e fe l t a SuCCenlyo ne noticeda strange light to.the
b i t s c ar ei at f i rs t b u t s a y sh e s u ffe re dn o south-eist, which canefrom a strange obJect
a ft er - ef f ec t s ' n0 r w a sh i s v e h i c l e a ffe c te di n stationary abovethe paddock
that',,ras ngxtt9
anyffay. the camrr. It'.wasoniy some 200yardsdistant
andhe 'rasable iudge, fromthe pine trees
I hs objec t r $ a s tra v e l l i n g b e h i n d ti n b e r
that bordered the camp, that it vl;s ab0ut
grouth anddid cast a refiection on oneof the
100feet up, Iherefoilowedon for the rest of the month
rrith a steady floi of regort$; at the timeof
Ihe obJectwas a squatbeil-shape a uriting, the total is abouttvo dszen. 6ocd
dull silvsr bodyaroa;therewasa uhitehazy-
coveragein the press and on ?tl0Sess has
like vapouraroundthe top of the objectwhich given goodpublicity andmany witncsses
qauethe inpressionof therebeing a glass have IUF0IC
eontacted the Centredirect.
domeon top. lhe object app6aredto be
15 feet highand20 feot across. Oue to limited space.-ue cannotgo into
details of eachreport anrJpossiblefindings
Purcel I watchedamazed as the mysterious andexplanations.
positionover A valid comment wouldbe
objectremained in its hovering that our tarchrivalt Venuscouldhavebeen
the paddock; he madeno attemptto approach responsibie for
sorie of the reports not
any closer. five minutes passecbeforethe detailedherefor that very reason.
object moved300yaros across the paddock
directlyin front of Purcellbut still remain- lrom. Claremont 0n Aecenber \f5, He have
ing beyond the pinetrees. As it movedo the reportsof yello',r-orange objects, androcket-
orange exhaust belowstrengthened.' a vapour iike Uf0s crossing the sky north to south.
shotfrombeneath towardsthe ground,which lhey lit up the area andan expiosion uas
thewitness describedas a rainbou, orange, heardprior to onereport. this yas followed
reC,greenandblueto violet colours. the next eveningby a reportof twowhiteo
clongated objects beingseenfrom the tlwick
lhe vapour diedawayto an orange glowas qorth-eastto southwest
0rive-In. Iheymoved
the objectcaneto a halt. AII wassilent as at an elevation of J0" andwere}ost to sight
the starstwinkledabove; Purcellcouldhear neari4t. lrlellington.
no noisefromthe object.
Ihe night of Decenber 718 brought two
For about J ninutes the object remained reports, one from ller lown- most probably
stationary,then anotherburst of exhaust Venus but the provedto
heralded its nextrnove. Silently, it rose be vety -
slightiy andmoved awayfromthe witnessabout
100 yards before hovering0nce again. A Lachlan Case:
further] minutes elapsedbefore the object Thelongestsighting of the flap conrmenced
began to rise. As it clinrbed,it seemed to at a Mr. A. de Blas' farm, of
assume moreof a disc-likeshape, thenit gave ForestHill, Lachlan.Mr. de Blaswasfinish-
a flash and shotoff into the north-eastern ing irrigationwork in his hopfieldnhenhe
skyat highspeed. noticed a Iight approaching fromthe.north.
It wasnouaboutten pastthree andPurcell Ihe objectcame closerandlooked,to our wit-
t,tasoncemorealone, the starsgleaming above ness,like a helicopter. It seemed to be
andthe frost crunching as
underfoot he turned making for the tractor as if usingits lights
to continue on his wav. as a reference for a landing. DeBiascould
seewhatlookedlike the cockpitbubblelit up
by a red-orange glowas if frominside; to the
ieft wasa smallbright, vhite l.ight. l{ith
IHt DTCTMBIR FLAP high tensionIines across the hopfield,
de Blasrealiseda landingthereuouldbe use-
TheFIapStarts: lessl he turnedoff the tractorfslights and
TUF0lCrs Christmas present carne early- engine. TheobjectnowHasuithin a mile,
starting 0n the evening of December3, 19?1 gliding silently towards the hopfield.
with a sighting from Sandy Baybeachof a DeBlascouldhearno sound;he vacatedthe
saucer-shaped, r,rhite and goldobject irhich tractor andran up the lanetolardsthe farm.
shot up into the sky, thenacrossto the As he ran, he expectedto hear a crashany
hor izon. second.


ffi$ffi$HLffi$ t(d
El s o

) frr-l
; a r-
Todoy.- A mystaiousobiectappeored in |he clearbluoskyoverHanoiottrccl'
ing mirsilefiie fromthe groundbut opporently motionless.
!o -

As far as thls corrres-
ipondent could Judge from
of by tts eppearance above
the North Vletnamese capl-
cony of the AI'P otnce.
bocrever. thls corresPondenc
one hour 20 mlnutes
alter the alerN sounde4 the
le q saw Saf
lihe ground, even with tlre saw thet this obiect re- orange ball was sttll vtsibh U} unidenti
,eid of hlnoculars, it was Tlre slrens had hardly mained ahnost lmmoblle ln
dled sw8y when three SAi{ sAlce and was certalnly not frorn tlrs ground, although obiect,
snlrerical ln shape and a
luminous orange in colour' missiles were lauDched, and dropping towarG ti)e It appeared less bright t}lsn
and was clearly ac s, verY their vapour trails could be sround,
- It was cleer, too. that before. a Sale
hteh eltitude. seen converglng on a lum- Monda/
inous polnt whictr at first thd misslles Tere unable to 0f the many theolies Put
Despite the slight breeze
at, ground level. the object sight seemed to be a Par&- reach it, suggesting-tllat-the forwrrd ln llenoi to ex- ltlr Ttr
did not. mot'e nt all durlng chute. object had bcan released at pkrin i,his object, one - saw tbe
lh. at' ratd qlpr.t ttlsgefed wotchlnc from the bal- a very high altitude. same Ur
supported by several forglga Blon4 r
corresliondents- was that Sde.
it could be g uew tYPe of

Mysteryflying object obscrvatiou baUoon
provide television Pictut'es
of activities in the HAnoi
region. * AAP-Reuter.

s8,s tba't
ca,n be d

lightsskyover Gippsland ''THII AOE'', }TEL3OUR}1E
ural plE
ed tbe ot
ovEl sbaF
heavy ctr
By NICK MOUNTSTIPHEN Residcnts rvho have seen the IJFO classifiedUnidentifiedFl5'ingObject re- ,TO(
say it hovers for a tinre, lhcn sho(rts port, nrall:ed "inexp!icable'. rvill he
A strange,brilliantly.coloredobiect tol'u'arded to the Air Depsrtment in
arvay rvith frightening speedand effect. "I tricd
in the South Gippslandsky is terri- Canbcrra, ss ball I
fying animals and scaring local 'l'hc first rcported sighting rvas at was oYrl
Sightings marked "i(txplicable".
people. Sheepii'ashCreek by Jdhn Dixon. 23, makc up only one per ccntf of the 595 nigbt rrr
of Tiaralgon, as he- pedalled to work invest.igatedc:asesin the pa;r 12 years. thar.- s.l
The blue and silver red-rimmedob- along the Princes Highway. dsy.
The l)erry family of lpedale, l7
iect was slghtedyesterdaymornlnga-nd Dixon said it hung in a bright blue rniles from Traralgon, rutred outside l6!s I
has been seen several times this the obJcet
week. cloud ,lhe size of a hotel only 200 feet at about l0 on Monday night after
above at 4.45.on Monday morning. their two-year-old geldirg, Luck5', llghts--
The RAAF has classified it !ln' began scrceching. In thc
explicable". He raccd back to Traralgon and told In the rraddock "was iris dazzling the RAAI
SeniorSergeantRon Tanian,of Tra' ConstableDavey, the night'shift police' blue cloud-of light with a cone-shaped tnvcrtlgil.
ralgonpolice,said: "I have neverseen man, and the saleyards carete.kerJack obiecr in the middle," Mn Kathleen sightlngt
anythinglike it". Cilbert. .Peiry, 39, said yesterday. Roseilab
Sst. Tanian sald .he sarv the object The three stood stunned in the police Mls. Perry's l5-yearold son, Brian,
as 'ia silver ball in the sky" again yes' station doorrjvavas the "thin8" rose into said: "lt stayed for about l0 minutes
terday morntirg. the skv in the east.As day dawned the and moved iround slorvly, hoverjng in ' *rulB'
blue lieht rvithdrerv ahd'only a silver places.
different -rhe
Anothdr'I"ratalgon policeman,Con' fluoresient eircle remained. "Then light in the uil receded
stable Nell Davey, sald the object arrd rrnlv the oval or cimrlar shape
changedfrom a blue angl-ted color to After threc days of investigationby
Flicht l.icutenan! John Ogden. of thc s'rs lcft'. r\fter that it smt into the
a siivercircttlarshapeand movcdaway.
as dawn approaqhed, RAIAF General I'-lyingSchool at Sale; a night," ) l t'
F &r !
(! Boisdolemon
o l s o s ee s.. . .s J [3FffPffi&BE
'{}wm['Tq T'Gffiru
(, *t '
WHEN John Dixon of WhittakersRd,

Traralpn, was cycling to work at 4.30
z em on Mondny morning he was startled
, fr.l by a bright light nearthe Maffrarailway
! ar-
tn It lit thc area rvith i )ogs i n th ( area w ere
tn a oi g, bri B ht, w hi te l tght. tra: kl ng sJv .rgrl ! rl '
skyoverHoaoiatfrscl- !* -r
'l'he object was 200 feet th4ugh rho (jbje ct inn(lc'll('
5S. e?i A Boisdale man
i n the al rr had red l i ghts
at ,)u0d i t w i th i l bl ue ri [x:3r
'1'lrri wit:rt'sses sllld
!. ! One hour l0
I err
:t i alier the alert sounded, tlre saw Sa?urdaynight's lr|
sl i aped l i ght on top, Mr
l )i xon sai d l aterr.
l l e w ent to the sal e-
that, es r.tal'light
approacl rerl , |J l e obj ac t
looke{ like u silvdr ball.
i I orange ball lras sClll vtsible u, unidentifiee! flying yards .w hore the c:l re - Then .suddenl y i t $' ant'
I 'ir:t:r tl)e ground, a]lhough obieci, reported by IIJ taker was '\,yorking and strai ght up i n tho ai r
:e i:: appc-aredless brighi thsn J ihe;, Loth ,vatched the antl out 0f "sit{ ht.
:3fore. a Sale wcrnan in J ,;|j er:t. A n '! i A . {I. e xp e r t o n
r! i {
ro i Ot the many theories put Monday's Times, 'l hr'n j\it" Dixon rotle to UI,os, i'light l-ietrt.All-
t i lcre'ard in llanoi to ex' lllr Trevor llarvcy, 22, chin, was in TraralBon
l:. pir.:n this object, one saw the object at the thr.j "l 'raral tl on l x'i l ct: yesterd:ry interviewlng
- same time as IUrs Yal ul :j t:rti (-.Nrvhcrel i onst, .\t'i I wllnesses.
s.rpported by several forelgp. Bland, of Plcton Crt,, to l) rrtr: ) wa s shown tli0 Anyone else who saw
cc.::es;:,ondent$- was tbat
l'. could be a' new type of Sale.
Mr llarvey, who has
s trajigc phet)orllenoli.
'fhe obje<:t inoled
the strange object shorld
obsenatlon balloon to t the IiA^,rF Base
prcvice televlsion plcture,s studied astronotny and F sl orvl y j n the sky across t East Sale or the
o! actiyities in the H&noi
reglon. - AAP.Reuter. nrl,rlt seys that 95 per cent of
"flylng object" sightings
can be explained by nac-
ural phenomena, descl'ib-
i n thp di r-cti str of Ol et:-
& i arry $hel e i t l l orv(:r('d
urrfi l ? am.
ralgon PoliceStation.

ed the object as "a thin
''TH!: AGE'" MRL3OUR}'IE oval shaped Ugirl with a

heavy celrLrel core."
iciassifiedUnidenti{iedFlying Object re.
pirt. nlar'l:cd "inexrl!icable",rvill be "TOO CLEAR"
t.i;$'arded to the Air Deprrtment in "I tried tp psss lt off
Canbcrra. as ball lightning bul it

sess& &$Fqb
S,ghtings marked "irlxplicable". was oval shaped and the
nei:e up <;nly one per ccntr of the 595 nleht wos loo clear for
thet," sald Mr Harvey io-
';nvestigatedcasesin the p4;t 12 years. day.
: The Perrl' family o[ frsedale, l7
,niies from Traralgon. ruCied outside Mrs Bland desc:rlbed
: at about l0 on Monday night aftcr the objec0 as & "dorne of A Salewoman sew an unidentifled
: ireir two-year-old gelding, [.uckJ', Itghts."
In the pcst few wceks
flying obiecfon Saturdaynight.
I began scrceching. \ I\{rs Val Bland. of Mrs Bland sald tbe
In the puddock "was this dazzling the RAAF, Eesb Sale, has
. lrltre cloud of light with a cone-shaped tntestlga.ted 6everal ItFo I Picton Crt., saw 8n ljglE q'cre- vivid blue'
.bjecr in the middle," Mrs. Kathleen slehttnEs in the Sale.
rtieedale and Traralgon ili;*i;'a[ed' obifctlii $lSffii,u3
Perry, 39, said yesterday,
areas. --o- tle- north-west rtget sky
Mls. Perry's l5-yearold son, Brian,
at 7 p.m. unt$o o* vls'bre
isaid: "lt stayed for about l0 minutes :\. tor onlea rew"iJcoriG.
the desolb._d lhg o!: Mrs lifend,s sigbting fol;
and moved around slorvly, hoveging in
"ilMES" Srle, Vic.
I d,f{erent places.
i "Thcn
-Ihe lieht in the tail receded .(, iffi;{,"u"-l#l'3n.flf
morlng at & lasl. spceq
Mi;,?*d'"Ji".,*T" *l
and rrrrly the oval or circular shape nafff rnetnOerS in the
.troln west to easr." Sale aDd Rosedale Areas
rsrs lcff. After that it shot into the
n i g ht . " f I'o l l u "TIMES' $afe, Vic. in the past fortnight'
0n raachlngthr housa, hr muld sre rrhatira iarorslng ar thr nlght progro3sod.
ulll nouoaII tha U[0 racudlngl"nto thr sky.
Aftor nldnlght ths Moultsrgturnedto thc
Hr mlbd out to hls frmily to src thr obJact. farmrnd hcpt e vlgtl vlth lti| Blm untll
tilrs. dr Bbs rrtlllg thrt thr dogsrt tha tlmt
aftar 2.I0 a.n.r wrtchingthe ortgtntl,llght
rerr kicklngup a fuss. grsduallyrrcsdt to the north. It seomad to
ilr F.R.l{uttall renembers haaring0n his be on a north,south beat neverapproaching as
qar radlothat ths tlna was11.?0p.m. as he closaly as on lts prevlous positlon. Sone
passed tha da Blasfarn en route to uork in further thrceto four llghts $eraseento app-
|t|e*llorfolk. tle sawlrhatha thoughtat first roachthe tlF0fron the west and onafromtha
wasa light plani coningin for a mashland- east. lhis seemed to mergewith the parent
ing. Ihanha realisedit nasstationary and light. Ihe UtO at times faded out to the
at 50"^ elevation uith an apparent sizeof 2" northandwouldthenreturn, at onestageit
6t armtslenqth. lle couldsee a hat-shaped illunrinated tha cloudsaboveandbehindit,
redglou rith twoanberorbs at the baseof noneto l{euNorfolk,Mr. Moultre-
the hat. Nearing Na*llorfolk, the UtO'ras
calls the UFO uaslost to sight behind the
Iost to vlewfron the carrsfield of vision hills
to the north of lteuNorfolk. lhe case
abovetho top of tha ulndsEreen. renains unexplained.
TheUFO wasalso seenby t-lrs.S. Hansen uho
lives abouta mile northof the de BIasfarrn.
Alsoabout11.20p m.o shesau a brazil nut At 5.20on the norningof December 15t 1971
shaped orange-red object to her north. She l4rs.H. Parkerof Bridgewater glanced aross
watchedth€ objectuntil 11.{0p.n. rhenit the river and a flash 0n the hill behind
ssened to fadeauaytouardsBlackHills. Grantoncauqhther eye. She could see a
round, silvir object'stationary by a patchon
Meanrhile.lilr. de Blashadcalled Mr. 0.R. the hillside, andit seemed to flash like a
Moult. the MTRCURV rep. in f,lenl{orfolk. He mirror. After trlominutes it turnedslarly
andhis sonshadleft Newtlorfolkat once and to give a noreoval-discappearance. . It rose
around 11.?5p.m.sightedthe UFOhalf a nile up to the skyline, hovered for a minute and
fromthe farm. lhe I'hultsstopped to lookat thenwasgoneoverthe crest of the hill.
the object. Iheycould see trrooranqe-red
circularlights with a third light to their Ihe next case with strongevidencefor 3n
Ieft. Iheyhadan overallelliptical-shaped UFO nas0n December ?4 1971at 4.J0 a.m. Ihe
glow. Ihe gbJectwasat a highangle,possib- uitnessuaslookingover the Kingston/Storm
ly up to ?0" andseemed largeandlow. I'rloult BayareafromFernlree whenshe noticeda
lined up the UfOrhich startedto rnoveslowly disc like an lnvertsdplate,whichras a shiny
north. t"toving frornthe westtheysawa bright light gold-yellouin a line between her and
r,rhitelight, uhich stoppedin mid-flight' BetsyIsland. Ihe objectseemed to be trail-
pulsedthreetimesthen movedout of sight ing a long, thin pipe. Ihe ritness watched
behindsonehills. Unknoun to the l4oults' the llF0for ten minutes. It slowlyroseto a
de EIashadflashodhis spotlightat the }ight viewing angleabove EetsyIsland,thenfinally
and claimedit had puised threetines in seened to moveallayto the south-east,probab-
reply. ly beingobscuredby a lov, ragged cloudin
that direction.
Ihe ttoults returnedto Netrf{orfolk to check
with the Airport that thererere n0 planesin At the time of our Reportbeingprinted'
tht area;the ansxeruas in the negative. sightingsandinvestigationsare continuing.
lhey also lost sight of the UFO nearltletlllor- A sightingof a moving orange-redlight seen
folk. It seemed to be lost abovea cloudbank to the westfron Lauderdalelfive peoplewho
over the township. Ihe Weather Bureau con- sar an oval-shaped objectnearSorell the same
firmed the cloudcover wasat J'000feet and (to pageZ0)
(1 947 - 1972'
G.D, Fawcett
students. businessnen, teachers, neusnen,
Thefollowingarticle uasverykindlypresent- night-uatchmen, librarians,chauffeurs, arerch-
ed to this Society by oneof our Arnerican ants, pilotsn amateur astronomers, a1l repres-
nembers,Mr. George D. Fawcett of l"lount Airy, enting a cross-sectionof the population"
ftorthCarolina. Ueuereinterestedto note l'4ulti*uitnesses andindependent nbserversnere
the similarity betrreen their sightinEsand involved,as ue11as singleobservers.
yitness?reactionsand thcse exoerienced irr Since19tr7the quani:ity andthe quality of
this cauntry. *VIJFORS-
the eyevitnesses have both inprovedin our
hcmetoun andsurrounding communities. l'lounl"
Airy hasa problem,adnittedor nctl andmany
observersof UF0sg0 to greatextrerres to
Am az ed andF r ight e n e C
* i tn e s s e s!,g re e : avoidpublicity, trhiie many othersspeak with
!4OUf'IIAIRY'S|lUiIUIOIHISMiPUI?I.IS MAruY the courage of their convictions,becauseof
their amazing observations.After veedinq out
( 1 9 E-i 1972) planetaryillusions, jet planes,bailoons,
rneteqrites.satellites and tro knounhoaxes
Wi th t he nor tc ur ent i n c re a s e o i w o ri rl w i d e invoiuingplasticlaundry bags and birlhday
U F0re p or t s anda gr o w i n gs c i e n ti fi c i n te re s t candlesand a deaddoginside. a fakef{ount
i n th e p r oblembeing s h o rni n n a n ya re a s ? th e Airy'f,Llttnikt,the rest of the l'4ount
Airy UFS
q u e sti o n of uhat ha s b e e nre p o rte dl o c a l l y enigrnastill rernainsunexplained andworthyof
a l n a ysar ! s es . furtherscientificinvestigalion.Ihe'mystery
L o ca lUF Cr es ear c hear n d i n v e s ti g a to r6 e o rg e *ries for an explanation andbegsfor a final
l ). fa w c et tof M ountA iry c h e c k e d th ro u g h h i s solution.
t ir y , Nor t hCaro l i n afi l e s fo r th e p a s t
l 4 o u nA Prior to 1951- when yourinvestiqator say
25 years and cameup uith sooieinfornative and his first andoniy U[0 uhile a senior at
i n te re s t ingdat a, l|o u n t A i ry d o e s h a v e a Lynchburg College,Virginia- mastof the lJl0
p ro b l e m and it s ch a ra c te ri s ti c s { o Il o u
reportsin Mount Airy shoxed about65Xof the
th e sa r nepat t er n be i n g re p o rte d g l o b a Il y .
reportedUfO encounters occurredat night,
Hundreds and perhapsthousandsof anrazed and
uhile ths other J5X represented daylight
fri g h te nedey euit nes s el so c a l l y a re u s i n g th e
sightings. AiI but 252 of those reported
sameuords usedaroundthe olobe to describe locally havelogical explanations"Rut nost
their enigmaticencounters uitn tne unknown, important,only about10Xof the peoplexho
lCitnessesincluded clergymen, policemen,
seeUF0s reportthemto anyone, because of the
fear of ridicule,lossof privacyandoffi.cial
p u b l i c s er v ant s , ba n k e rs , mi li ta ry me n , or
unofficial(self imposed)censorship,The
fartrters, technicians, fiailtne0r fiouseuives., 90$'siient majorityrin Mount riiry is yet to
'l 4
ueusoles saTrJed (uuqof '{lry 1uno6.uI ssTn
sJaqloleJa^ospueatd0adJsqlou€l tllrt'l 6uole jee( 6u11sala1u1
rllasseXoeldueuloJ+edpue lleqdueX'l'11 '165 -O:n ue aq 0l penotd E96tr
ueuecllodleeol o,,tl E96L'g iaquelde5u0 'ecuerluapened
sruollelsoq+uo lreu e ltoi pueec.lo;1eal6
'{ep lxau eql &ssqcepeorh Peq qiln- puno.rbeql lltl
dq.reeu e ur d11eu11 'punode JoAobulqblon
J€le0,nqcs 'sJl,l 'll,ooJpoq 'lcefqo ue uoqn Dur11e1 0J0,{ sJo}q{uJspof.l
Joqlou Jol,l eIeA ol alqe se,t e.qs l0 suoululs ueqleil pue e3l^Jos ocexolsueJsls^
sr1l llal gJ11eql Jsllv 'x:leedsJo elotlhl jo 6ury pioJnS eoes eql 6u1lnp Jolel
Jor4lleuplnoc aqs Jol sxlenod 6urz111qouu1;l.ralirtu eqf €AIos ol alqeuneJsr uaulolled
uel {q lonJls uoeqpeqaqsll€l eqspeU000J {enq61qpue sJaol}t0 dlunoc 'ac11odIe?oI
.reieurnqcs's.rn '110e1e1eql ol 'ro1.tdlsn! puesilnuru E JoJ uasssetr g1n aql 'lcefqo
llelunocue eql lo eutTleq16u1lnq 'pelo^aqslp drals,(nr orll ,0 tlolloq oql lP ueue aIII p0I00I
po.riadde osle sie.r1,(qleeu uo saneol '6u! pel.loder sessaull,{ IeJaAaS 'punol0
-1q6rseq1o1 pesllouueaq10upeqqclqA leql
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'1unocuo11e1peJ aql uI IsrtJou0i0qesseoJou1 ,(.r1y luno!{ req+o }0 suazoppu?}JBqlcol
puno.r6lce{ e spuno:0 eq1u1 passe.rdurl,,6u-r.t axlIV ebldog 3ueurog
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pepuno.r.lns oIxJIc '(ere11e3
WuI-9 e {q }00}-Zt lcallad (:rep Z96, (lenuep uo 'u,'P5f'LL lV
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eql oplseqolsJle-Irx3se uT punoJo aql 'deru1re6 ebplgenlg
ol solesl aq16u1no.rq1 rseall 1eo{qleeu euos aq1 3o do1 uo 1u1od abeluen e ooJl 'ut'd0t'8
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eqselebglsanul0l speqstopulr'rer4l pagil eqs +Joqo1 'rIeH 'V'H t$6V l0 Jeuuns eq+ uI
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-qTnpesnec 1eq1xbulzznq dpeelse olllo oslou sledeldoql sEoS 'selnu.Iu, 5L Jol papler{
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urnqlcelg'H'll 'sJ!,1reqlo!,J€t{6u111s1n e1-tqr i6.re1 e qclen ol1q61er1s ac11ce.rd peddolssla{e1d
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tt .T*tr;

in cars 0n laylor Street, uatcheda large 50 feet abovethe ground. Iheyratchedit for
bright rnoving light in the sky, 'bright like a 5 minutes until the UfO lifted up andnoved
100-vattbulbrat lou altitude. avay in a southwest direction. Bothgirls
uerebadlyshaken up by the experience. Red
lhrch t, 196? brought a real surprise to lights circled the outer edge of the UfO.
llountAiry uhenUF0sreturnedto the areatvo Linda stated the object $as rflargerthana
tlnes at haif-hCIr intervals andrnaneuveredcarnandher younger slsterr vfio cried during
iherhead. At 8.r0 p.n. three reddish-orange the encounter,agraed. 0fficer Jin Sauyersfs
0F0svere seen by lliss Pat Andrers, and by nife reporteda similar object later that same
ffs. FrancisE. Andrercand her sonBobAnd. night.
revs. 0thervitnessesincludedilr. andF{rs.
GbrnettSteeleof SpringStreet, Seenthrough January 18, 1968,1.40a.m., produced a rep-
blnocularsthe {JFOs hada rotating bottomedge ort of a roundmetallic UFO rith a 25 foot red
and a seriesof tsquarevindorsrtset in a ror tail behind it maneuvering above the florth
0n the domedupper part of the nystery SurryHospital. It uasseenfor 15 seconds or
objects. Ihe Ut0s appeared to be about moreby PoliceOfficers0tis 8. Flemingand
60 feet 'rideandZ0 feet high in the middle. AlbertHicks and tuo couplesfrom0hiottho
ldhen the U[0sdepartedand returnedto the wereparked at the hospital.
sanearea fgr a secondseries of maneuvers at
Perhaps the most interesting and most
9 p.m., francisAndrevsreturnedhomefrom fascinatingUF0encounterof all occurred in
uork in tirneto join the otheruitnesses and the
Euck Shoals area of l4ountAiry' uhen a
take tuo photographs of the UFOsbefore they houseyife (Mrs.)(, whosenameis on file)
novedauay in a straight line formationto- reportedher encountervith a dome-topped UFO
cardsPilot llountain. Threeothervitnesses havingt\rindorsrt, that appeared nearher home
in Dobson andPilot lilountainreportedvatching sometime in July or August,1!68. The Uf0'
the same objects from different vierpoints. estimated be about15 feet wide and6 or 7
caneravith }Onmlens feet high, to
f{r. Andrersuseda J5ram appeared about90 feet behindthe
to capturethe UF0son film overltbuntAiry. frighteneduitnessrshome at ?.N a.m.
Andreus andSteeleturnedin detailedreports
to the U.S.Air Force on their excitingUFO Herattentionras dracn to the mysteryob-
experience, sharedwith a total of nine rit- Ject by the frantic barking andparingat the
iesses fron three oonnunitiesrall of rhom backdoorof her pet dog. Uhen she let the
gavesimilar descriptions. Andthey hadthe dog in she noticeda soundttlike a suarmof
flins to provetheir observations. beesrrandlookedup andspottedthe UFO nearby
at very lor altitude. Ihe object' not unlike
Throughout ll|ayandJune,1967 a series of a Chinese cooliehat, movedcloser to the
UfO sightings tlas reported by neusmen houseanduas lighted by red-orange iights.
R.J, $errier and policenren Harry lbnday'
ihe penetrating soundcaused her dig to hide
0fficer MonroeBoggsr0fficer 0tis B. Flen- up underher bed and trernble vith fear. The
ing, Sanr frtondayandlommy Heath. Ihey report- second storey of the UF() uastransparent and'
od ratchinga red anduhite biinking UFOvith throughone of tnelvevindovslocatedat the
orangeflano spurtingout the bottonof it. bottomof the done, l,lrs. X couldseea psrson
1967endeduith a frighteningUFO encounter "like a ssrall childttabout3 to lr feet tall
in the 6reenHill section of l'lountAiry as and rearing some sort of a silver helnet.
teresaAnnDobson, 12 and her older sister Later the UF()moved across the street and
LindaLee0obson,20 uatchedr on Oecenber 24 hovered abovea roodedarea,uhere it stayed
rt 6 p.m., an oval dome-topped UFOvith a for almost25 noreminutesbeforedeparting.
ldrge nurnberof red andyellor lights scatter- Thenextmorningthe vitnessfoundthat three
od overits surfacehovering near the ground electric clocks in the houserere running
in a nearbypasture. TheUFO appeared to be about onehoursloter thanher batteryoper-
about]0 feet longand10 feet high and only atedclock. Aseffeetsof the UFO encounter
the uitnesssufferedsleeplessness, of f riShtened motoristsIn Exeter, ii,sH llartpshife
vision andheadaches - physiologicaleffects andin AnnArbor, l,lichiganandelsewhere are
0n observersof closerangeUF0sreported on record. Schoalchildrenvholived in the
beforein nanycountries. A powerfailure nas Jones[lementarySchoolarea, also sahrthe
reportedin her neighbourhood that nightr a brilliantly lighteddiscs,
characteristicalso globallydocurnented
Fron 1951to 1965 other area residentshad
overotny ysars. personalencurntersvith suchsimilar phenon-
Lator in the sameyeara [lat Rockresident ena. Forner. librarian i{rs. Louise8a11ras
reported a missile-shaped Uf0, described as one of three witnesses uho reported three
being20 feet iong and10 feet wide(the size aluminun coloreddisc-shaped Uf0snthe size of
of a snall aircraft), andthreeother*itness- largetruck rheels fiying in a straight lino'
es thoughtthat the unexplained object, trail- onebehindthe other, at rr.]0 p.6. lheseUF0s
ing red-blueflames,hadiandedon a nearby left smoke trails in their rrake. ASCS State
hillside but n0 follow-upinvestigation was Committeeman Claudetrl. Ihore andhis daughter
conducted. reportedseeing a }argereddish-orange cigar-
shaped UFO movehorizontalLyacrossthe sky in
l4r. andMrs.DonHiatt andtheir 1I yearold a Northdirectionat 5.]0 p.m, Ihe ueatler
daughterSetsy in the Sheltontovn comrnunity uas clear andthe UFO appeared to be about500
reportedthat theysav, on August 4, 1968at feet above the ground. Harry [pperson report-, a bright UFO that lookedtfllke a ed a rounduhite circular UIO flying over
bright flare vith- a tittle poie(antenna?) l-tountAiry at 12 noon. Mr. andt4rs, Frank
runningup to a grayishiookingroundobject Abernathy andEobbyPuckettof Route1t lhunt
at the top of the polerf. As the UFO beganto Airy watchedin amazenent as tro roundflying
turn neartheir hone, sparksdropped off the objects madettoddnovementsrf in the sky ouer-
outeredge. Ihe farniiy nemberstook turns head. La$rence andDorothyLorer BilI Loue
examiningthe object for 5 minutesthrough and Thoraas late all vatched tlF0s'on tvo
binoculars as it naneuvered overhead. different nights at 9.]0 p.n. and10.10p.m.
0n |'larch1J, .limBarber and his son Ihe mystery objectsrrerecircular, fluorescent
81air, Jr., aged 11 becanre the first UFO in color andttflashingat ti$esttas theynoved
reportersfor l{ountAiry as 1!f1 opened; At in a vesterlydireetion.
? a.m,they ratched an object about the size 0n February25, 197? at 7.p.m. student
of an automobile that flashedpurple,green, Danny LeeForestnatcheda round UF0' rith
bluen orangeand rrhite lights. Ihe UFO a smalldome, that appearedto be around
appeared to be disc-shaped andhad a tbubble
25 feet long and12 feet high. It had..redand
domett rith vindovs (six in a ror) aroundits white lights and gaveoff a rtfaintsmellof
middle. Yellowlight pouredfromthe vindo',ls gunpowdertt, the uitnessstated. Dannytrho
as the UfO circied their car nearthe Lowgap lives 0n Leuis0rive in l.buntAiryr reported
t{i}dlife Clubbefore it shotstraightup in he startedshaking uhenthe UfOfirst appeared
the sky anddisappeared in the distance. Ihe abovethe car port at his home. f|e feit a
ljf0 vas seenfor a tirned15minutesbeforeit truave of heatft comingoff the object and
flnally left the area. $otheyewitnesse$ l,ere noticed that a vibrationhadstarted betneon
more tJran just a iittle bit excitedby the his shirt and his arns. finallyo the UFO
appaarance of the enignaticobject. moved auayto the florth.
0n January 161 1972 chauffeur RobertFergus- 0n April t, 1972betveon 5.15and5-f5 a.n.
0n ras startledas he drovehis car nearthe manyresidents in i,|inston, Salenand lbunt
JonesElanentary Schoolwhen, at 11 p'm.' a Alry reporteda pear-shaped UFOin the sky for
serlesof threeblood-reddiscs came dovnfron
a total of ]0 minutes. It gaveoff a thhite
the sky at a sharpangle andappeared to land chalkv'rlioht. l'lrs. Rufus Walters'house-
in a nearbywooded area. Similarreportsthat wife ind firmer art teocher, oneof the local
Hitnesses, roportedthat the UFO nasso bright
that its light wasreflected 0n the side of
the cross 0n top of the First BaptistChurch
on North Main Street in l'lountAiry' li.C.
0therreportsare still underinvestigation by THE M ERRI CKS
thls uriter.
A study of the Flount Airy tlJhatniksnover
the past quarter-century has provento be a
very interestingandfascinatingone. t'loynt Ihis unusualsighting vhicirtookplaceat
Airy, Iike many othersnall townsandcities between
Merricksin Victoriaoccurred 8.50and
aroundthe globe, hasbeenplagued with UFO 8.45p.m.on FridayJune16' 1972.
Iandings,occupants, car chases,physiological
Eill Meertontlas leavinghis houseto 90
effecti, photographs, severeanimalreactions,
cut, whenhe noticedan olangeiight shining
electro-magnetic interferencesrradiationin-
throughthe kitchenuindou. Ihinking he had
creasesabovenormalnfragments,ritnessed accidentailyleft an insidelight onn he uent
protrusions on the UF0s, smellsattributedto
insideagainonly to discoverthat no lights
ilf0 appearances and multiple uitnessesand out
weresritchedon. Houever,on stepping
independent observers. And,as if this isnrt with thirty
the backdoor, he wasconfronted
enough,,crediblepersonsfrom alI walks of orange Iights comingfron a single,solid,
life- are still continuingto reportthese dull-rnetallic objectrhichuas30ft. long and
crazyandincredible flying andiandingUt0s. 15ft. high.
ForMountAiry, as uell as for otherstatesin
the U.S.A.andforeigncountries as vell' the The uholebackground was lit up by the
UtO enigma ton*tnrtt: object, and he noticedat the same timethat
. . there lras a very strongvind blowingwhich
bier the doorout of his hand andbentthe
pinetreesin his backyard.Ihe objectitself
RtcotitrttiDED wasrestingon the groundabout200yardsaway
and the noise it uasnaking''rhichsounded
IHt UFO tVIDtNCt'tlationalInvestigations
(t'|ICAP)' Iike a Mix-master,uasdriving Bill lvleertonrs
Conrmittee on AeriaIPhenomena cous berserk.
17J0Rhode IslandAvenue, N.W.,Suite801t
lCashington, D.C.'U.S.A. Suddenly and almost instantaneously !l't
UfOC0I{6R[SSI0NAL ||tARINGS, Committee 0n Armed craft rosi and, while it rrasdoingso' BiII
Services andCommittee 0n Science andAstro- observed threebluelights either underthe
nautics,U.S,0ovt. PrintingOffice' Washing- objector above it. Thevholesightinglasted
ton, 0.C.,U.S.A. ab6uta minuteanda half vith the objectdis-
U.S. AIR FORCI PROJTCIS ORUDGT AI{DBLUIBOOK appearing in a westeriydirectionat a veryt
RtPORTS 1-12,I,lashington, D.C.200t5rU.S,A. very fasl speed, Ihe night wasstill' fine
RIPORT 0ll UF0s,(Capt.Ednard J. Ruppelt)'Ace andstarry nith no cloudsanduith not evena
8ooks,Inc., l{ewYork )6, YorkoU.S.A.
l{err moon visible.
Ihe terrain of the area ras flat pasture
JtcTsr(0r. tduardU. Condon)' Bantam Books,
soun paddock'rith bordering hillst and,sit-
Inc., ller York,NeuYork10015'U.S.A, uated only a feu miles from bothFlindors
IHEUf0EXPtRItI{Ct: A ScientificInquiry' llavalOepotand the training academy at-Crib
(Or. .1,AIlenHynek), HenryRegnery Co., Inc.' the objectdld not Isave
Illinois Point. Unfortunately
11{WestIllinois Street,Chicago, anyphysicalevidence of its presencesuchas
60610, u.s.A.O burnmarksor disturbedground.However there
uasoneinteresting effect from the
(to page20)
ls none. Ihe tnglish publishers have
R EVIEW I NG . . . apparently felt it necessaryto laaveit out,
for uhateverreasonI do not knon,but it is
disconcerting to saythe least, as the inpact
PASSPORI I0 ,l4AG0_!$ by JacquesVallse. of tro-thirds of thc last chapter is lost
uithout the reference notes, not to nention
(flevierCopyby courtesyof lhomas C, Lothian the loss of the refergnce natcrial itself.
Pty. Ltd. - Publishersr Representatives for
the [ng]ishpublishers,tleville Spearman Ltd. 0n the otherhand, the tnglish edition.(as
London.) distinct from the Amaricanedition) is
cheaper- $6,65 for the tnglish versionas
against$?.70 for the American vcrsionrhlch,
Ihe sub-title of this bookrFromFolkloreIo incidentally, includes six pages of photo-
FlylngSaucerst mightjust as easily havebeon graphsandan index- plus the Appendix.I am
rfrom Fairies Io tlying Saucersf sincethe rure many peopleuill uant to usethe bookas
author seeks to makoa direct connection a reference,andan indexuouldnot havegone
betveen the tr'losubjects. In this respectthe amiss. I shouldaddthat this criticisn is in
book is similarto 'Ihe FlyingSaucer Visiont no ''raymeantas a reflection uponthe Aust-
by JohnMichell, but the naterial itself is ralian representatives, Ihomas C. Lothian,rho
conpieteiy dlfferent consistingalnostsolely havedonean excellentJob 0f pronoting the
of fairy lore andotherhumanoid material. book and who have bsen graciousenough to
donatea copt to this Society. For this
Fromthe general U,F.0.enthusiastfs point reasonI wasnost reluctant to makeanyad-
of viow,oneof the interestingrevelations to versecriticisn vhatsoeverbut I felt that
come out of this studyis that the RogleRiver lleville Spearman shouldbe at }east nadeauare
Pancakeincident, long ridiculed by the that, for this type of book in particular,
seriousU.F.0.researchers,must nft, assutne abridgedversionsjust ultl not db.
much morocredibility andirnportance thanhas
beenhithertoaccorded it. lhenagain,a ner - Michae]l4cllamara
tight of credibility hasbeenthro',,tn on that
* * r |
mostfamous of ail U.F.0.cases- the Betty
andBarney Hill abduction.
However, by far the mostinterestingandin- L DhritlrL Oil Il0 PLAlltIs by Phylos,
formativething in the book is the sectionin (RevienCopyby courtesyof lhomas C. Lothian
Chapter $ entitled Daemonialitas.I think Pty" Ltd. - Publishers'Representatives for
rnostpeopierill find it stostenlightening to the [nglish publishers,idvllle $pearman [td.
say the least, and if it doesnttconvert London. )
people to the belief that TheChurch knors
nore than itrs tellinq. I donrtknolrnhat
rill. Ihis book is oneof the nost, if not the
In conclusion, there is Just ore criticil'n mostspiritualiy uplifting that I haveever
that canbe nadeof the inglish edition. When read. Uhetheryouregardthe story as fact or
oneconesto the last part of Chapter 5, one fiction youcannotfail to be movedby it.
flnds refefsncesto various case nufiborso Thebook is dividedlnto threeparts andis
statedby the chapternotes to be iistsd in actuallythreebooksin one- eachonetelling
the lppandix. Horevern on looklngat the back a conpletestory.
of the bookfor the Appendlx,onafinds thare (to page20)

. "
R[ V iLH] NG (frc n p a g e1 !) mostof us. I am sure
tnai people
rr'any wiiL derive greatcomfort
Ihe first book tells the stcry 0l a rlan fromthis book, especially in timesof stress
calledZailym,an influential and polterful
anddepression.I commend the publishers,
citizenof Atlantis. Ihe second concerns an
for publishingthe bookfor
lleviile Spearman,
American, ',{alterPearsonand tha historyof so long andI urgethemto continueto do so.
Ilt. Shastra.Ihe third book returns to the I lookforwardto readingthe sequeltAn[arth
subJect of Atlantisagain. In fact' the books 0wellerrsReturnr.
tell the story of Phylosthroughvarious O _ MichaelMcl{anara
earthbound lives and progressivestagesof
Ihe book as a rhole is verydefinitely one
dealinguith the subject of reincarnation.
However, in no rlaycanit be classed rith the ACTMIY0VtRIASMANIA - 1971.
usualrun-of-the-millbook 0n this subject. (frornpage12)
It nustbe givenmorecdnsideration in viewof
in 189{and night (0ecernber 26). Ihe latest reportis of
the fact thit it vas copyrighted a iow-flyingobjectnhichmoved acrossthe sky
published in 1899. Ihis uasbeforemany of
near |t4argate.Shouldsightingscontinue,
the inventions mentioned ln the bookcame to rrill. print furtherdetails in a neus-
fruition andsome,for that matter' haveyet sheetearly in the t{evYear(19?2). O
to be perfectedin this so calledmodern
progressive uorld.
The book Has written by F.S.0liver'
allegedlyunderthe guidanceof Phylos. It
mentionssuch things as the electric cable
carl the changing of matter (by changing its IHi i,iIRRICKS
IIICIDiNI (fron page18)
atomicstructure), nuclear porer and anti-
gravity propulsion(especiallyin the formof visit, one $ich is often associatedt{ith
the vailx airshio vhlchrerninds ne so much of U.F.0.sightings,his I.V. andradioreception
ras non-existent because0f static' Another
the cigar-shaped' U.F.0s.),X-rays,televislon,
the laser. furthermore' in the unusualreaction Has his oyn - uhile the
not to mcntion he felt very calm but uhen
of the Pleiades obJectuasaround
second book,the constellation very scared.Mr. Meerton
as beinginhabitedrand re all it left he became
is mentioned becauset
believesthat the objectuasoccupied
knorrhat the bookrChariots of the Godstsays
as he put it, rllhatelse couldlandin suchan
Ihereare nanyinventionsin fA Duclleron
fuo Planetst,uhichI cannotnaltebecause they
deal specificallyrith physicsandchenistry.
However, I reconmend anyscientlst or engineer
rho hasnot readthe book to makethe affort Letters to lhe Editor shouldba sentto:-
to do so, for I arnsurehe rrouldfind it nost TLYING SAUCTRNIVTEW
illuminating and conduciveto gaining nel
ideasandneuinsightsinto his subJect which' P.0. Box4J, l''loorabbint
in turn, mayleadeventuallyto neuinventions
of Vic. J189'Australia.
and,evennoreimportantly,to ner,lconcepts
existence. lill
Unlessotheruisespecified, all cof,iltents
that everyone else in for publication,
be considered
I further recommend
the Societyreadthis book; especialiythose
seeking mental andspiritualgrouth and ful- * * t I * * t +rl + * * I * * + * * * i * * t t

victoria n

so cietY

reports on U.F.O.s.Please forward to
P.O.Box 43, Moorabbin,Vicloria,3189,