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Melissa Rose Tupas, Coordinator of Scholarship Programs assure that

the free tuition program in all state universities was very efficient in all students
of Laguna State Polytechnic University Sta. Cruz, Main Campus.
After the President Duterte signed the law for Universal Access to Quality
Tertiary Education Act, Mrs. Tupas sworn that students and parents may lessen
their expenses for the school year of 2017.
In addition, this program can be avail by all students even they are
receiving scholarship grants from other government or municipal programs.
Students who avail full merit scholarship from CHED and DOST can be
exempted. But, for those students whose scholars of municipal program or
private scholarship are allowed to avail this program.
Based on the discussion to the seminar that we attended, Commission on
Higher Education (CHED) are working to stabilize this law until next year. Its
possible not just for the free tuition but also for the miscellaneous fee to be
Mrs. Tupas said that the LSPU-SCC was at the process of application to avail
this free tuition and not directly submitted to the CHED just to make sure that all
of the student may grant for this free education program.
By this successful program, students assure a victory for their future goals
by lessening not just their expenses but also the burden of their parents. This is
good news for those poor students who cant afford their educational fee.

-Carvin Justine Jorge